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Categories: Naruto
Characters: Jirobo, Kidomaru, Kimimaro, Reader, Sakon, Tayuya

Description: Someone please write a Kimimaro/reader fiction. The story should be about this:

There is a fesival near the Sound Village. The reader and Kimimaro go together. Somehow when they go in the haunted house, the ghosts, ghouls, demons, and whatever else you can think of that is normally found in a haunted house comes to life. Must be at least 1200 words.

The story can be up to you, as long as it completes every thing previously stated. No Sakura, either. Unless she gets bashed, preferably by the reader.

Thank you!!!!!!!

Posted: 11/04/08 | Deadline: None
Categories: Anime & Manga, Naruto
Characters: Original Character(s), Other, Reader, Various, You, Akatsuki, Hidan

Description: Idk. It's just as the title says:


I just thought about the akatsuki and have noticed that there is hardly any Hidan love.(Poor Hidan...)
Anywho, when you make one, just have fun, make it true and tell me when you've made one so I can enjoy somethin new.
Characters: just as it says: a OC/or y/n type of character who's in love with Hidan (whenever in the story) Hidan and the Akatsuki. Yes, there can be more characters
Genre and other stuff: I don't mind anything long as it's a romance. :P
Thank you!^_^

Posted: 04/10/10 | Deadline: None
Categories: Yu Yu Hakusho
Characters: Hiei

Description: Rules:
No crossovers
Is a reader Insert
Inserts are done like this, for your name, (y/n) and last name (l/n). Hair color (h/c) eyes, (e/c). And just for the sake of bulkyness (ex: (pale,tan,dark,etc.)) skin is healthy pale.
Characters are straight
No overpowering reader

Around just entering college age (exp: 18ish)
Going to college to be some sort of animator (could be a movie animator, video game u pick in that career choice)
Is a tall American (5 7"ish) we want a Lil above average but not freaky tall but not average. Tired of the Hiei liking short characters...he can like tall women!
Wants to learn martial arts, at first nothing crazy just enough to defend and not look stupid you guys can choose whether or not to progress it to her getting more interested in it or not. By interested in it to try and become a martial arts master, and you guys can choose the style...
Over 10,000words (tired of seeing those 100word challenges, I'm making you step up and take the 10,000)
Doesn't have a deadline...yet

I have never made a challenge before so tell me what you think of the challenge. I am a sucky writer and this has sorta stayed with me and I want to read a story with this sorta concept but I'm a scatterbrain and can't stay focused. Now I am friends with people who weren't straight I just want in this story for that to be absent.

Posted: 12/15/10 | Deadline: None
Categories: None
Characters: Original Character(s), Other, Reader, Various, You

Description: Your challenge is to celebrate a holiday with your favorite fictional character for every day of the year :)
Ideally, it should be ONE post PER DAY so it can last throughout the year.
You can choose whoever you want from whatever anime/video game/book/etc you want.
You can write drabbles to ficlets, to one-shots :) Whatever you choose to do.

* Most days have more than one holiday, so you can search around for a different holiday, if you wish (ie -- Black Friday on 11/25/11, Devil's Night/Mischief Night on 10/30/11).
* You may make up holidays or replace it with fictional holidays (ie -- Akuroku Day on 9/13/11 or Ultimate Wish Day on 11/11/11).
* Submit the challenge of your story on Lunaescence and have fun :)

1. New Year's Day
2. Run Up A Flagpole And See If Anyone Salutes Day
3. Fruitcake Toss Day
4. World Hypnotism Day
5. National Bird Day
6, Cuddle Up Day
7. I'm Not Going To Take It Anymore Day
8. Bubble Bath Day
9. Play God Day
10. Peculiar People Day
11. Step in a Puddle and Splash Your Friends Day
12. Feast of the Fabulous Wild Men Day
13. Rubber Duckie Day
14. Dress Up Your Pet Day
15. Champion of the Month Day
16. Appreciate a Dragon Day
17. Ditch a New Year's Resolution Day
18. Winnie the Pooh Day
19. International Sing-Out Day
20. Get to Know Your Customers Day
21. Squirrel Appreciation Day
22. Answer Your Cat's Questions Day
23. Measure Your Feet Day
24. Belly Laugh Day
25. Opposite Day
26. Toad Hollow Day of Encouragement Day
27. Thomas Crapper/Toilet Day
28. Bubble Wrap Appreciation Day
29. National Puzzle Day
30. Yodel for Your Neighbors Day
31. Backwards Day

1. Spunky Old Broads Day
2. Groundhog's Day
3. The Day Music Died
4, Thank a Mailman Day
5. Disaster Day
6. Lame Duck Day
7. Wave All Your Fingers At Your Neighbor Day
8. Kite Flying Day
9. Toothache Day
10. Umbrella Day
11. National Shut-In Visitation Day
12. Man Day
13. Get a Different Name Day
14. Valentine's Day
15. Singles Awareness Day
16. Do A Grouch A Favor Day
17. Random Act of Kindness Day
18. Thumb Appreciation Day
19. National Chocolate Mint Day
20. Cherry Pie Day
21. Single Tasking Day
22. Be Humble Day
23. Curling is Cool Day
24. Introduce A Girl to Engineering Day
25. Let's All Eat Right Day
26. For Pete's Sake Day
27. No Brainer Day
28. National Public Sleeping Day
29. (Optional) Leap Year

1. Re-fired, Not Retired Day
2. Dr. Seuss' Birthday/Cat in the Hat Day
3. I Want You To Be Happy Day
4. Courageous Follower Day
5. Multiple Personality Day
6. Fun Facts About Names Day
7. National Be Heard Day
8. Be Nasty Day
9. Panic Day
10. International Day of Awesomeness
11. Worship of Tools Day
12. Plant a Flower Day
13. National Open An Umbrella Indoors Day
14. Pi Day
15. Everything You Think Is Wrong Day
16. Everything You Think Is Right Day
17. Saint Patrick's Day
18. Supreme Sacrifice Day
19. National Chocolate Caramel Day
20. Extraterrestrial Abduction Day
21. Spring Fairy Fun Day
22. As Young As You Feel Day
23. Near Miss Day
24. Kick Butts Day
25. National Waffle Day
26. Make Up Your Own Holiday Day
27. Quirky Country Music Song Title Day
28. Something on a Stick Day
29. Smoke and Mirrors Day
30. The Grass Is Always Browner On The Other Side Of The Fence Day
31. National "She's Funny That Way" Day

1. April Fool's Day
2. Tangible Karma Day
3. Don't Go To Work Unless It's Fun Day
4. Walk Around Things Day
5. One Day Without Shoes
6. Plan Your Epitaph Day
7. No Housework Day
8. All Is Ours Day
9. Name Yourself Day
10. National Siblings Day
11. Big Wind Day
12. D. E. A. R. (Drop Everything And Read) Day
13. Blame Someone Else Day
14. International Moment of Laughter Day
15. Titanic Remembrance Day
16. Wear Your Pajamas To Work Day
17. Blah, Blah, Blah Day
18. National Stress Awareness Day
19. Humorous Day
20. Look-Alike Day
21. National High-Five Day
22. Earth Day
23. Talk Like Shakespeare Day
24. National Puppetry Day
25. East Meets West Day
26. Hug a Friend Day
27. Tell a Story Day
28. Kiss Your Mate Day
29. National Hairball Awareness Day
30. National Honesty Day

1. May Day
2. National Play Your Ukulele Day
3. Paranormal Day
4. Intergalactic Star Wars Day (May the Fourth Be With You)
5. Cinco de Mayo
6. No Pants Day
7. Free Comic Book Day
8. No Socks Day
9. Lost Sock Memorial Day
10. Trust Your Intuition Day
11. Eat What You Want All Day
12. Fatigue Syndrome Day
13. Friday the Thirteenth
14. National Dance Like A Chicken Day
15. Nylon Stockings Day
16. Wear Purple for Peace Day
17. Turn Beauty Inside Out Day
18. Visit Your Relatives Day
19. National Bike To Work Day
20. Be A Millionaire Day
21. I Need An Eye Patch For That Day
22. Buy A Musical Instrument Day
23. Lucky Penny Day
24. Hug Your Cat Day
25. Nerd/Geek Pride Day
26. Backyard Game Day
27. National Wig Out Day
28. Morning Radio Day
29. Honor Your Ancestors Day
30. Memorial Day
31. World No Tobacco Day

1. Heimlich Maneuver Day
2. Dare Day
3. Repeat Day
4. Do-Dah Day (Salute to Silliness)
5. Hot Air Balloon Day
6. Drive-In Movie Day
7. National Chocolate Ice Cream Day
8. Name Your Poison Day
9. Best Friend Day
10. Ball Point Pen Day
11. National Hug Holiday
12. Red Rose Day
13. Kitchen Klutzes of America Day
14. Flag Day
15. Smile Power Day
16. National Hollering Contest Day
17. Eat Your Vegetables Day
18. National Splurge Day
19. World Sauntering Day
20. Motorcycle to Work Day
21. Go Skate Day
22. Stupid Guy Thing Day
23. National Pink Day
24. Take Your Dog to Work Day
25. Log Cabin Day
26. Forgiveness Day
27. Sunglasses Day
28. Handshake Day
29. Camera Day
30. Meteor Day

1. Canada Day
2. I Forgot Day
3. Compliment Your Mirror Day
4. Fourth of July
5. Workaholics Day
6. Bikini Day
7. Chocolate Day
8. Video Games Day
9. Sugar Cookie Day
10. Teddy Bear Picnic Day
11. Cheer Up the Lonely Day
12. Swimming Pool Day
13. Gruntled Worker's Day
14. National Nude Day
15. Be A Dork Day
16. Hot Dog Night
17. Wrong Way Day
18. National Get Out of the Doghouse Day
19. Stick Out Your Tongue Day
20. Moon Day
21. National Tug-of-War Tournament Day
22. Hammock Day
23. National Day of the Cowboy
24. Tell An Old Joke Day
25. Carousel/Merry-Go-Round Day
26. All Or Nothing Day
27. Walk on Stilts Day
28. National Chocolate Milk Day
29. National Talk in an Elevator Day
30. Comedy Day
31. Harry Potter/Wizard Day

1. Girlfriend's Day
2. National Night Out
3. National Watermelon Day
4. National Chocolate Chip Day
5. International Beer Day
6. Wiggle Your Toes Day
7. Particularly Preposterous Packaging Day
8. Sneak Some Zucchini On Your Neighbor's Porch Day
9. National Hand-Holding Day
10. Lazy Day
11. Annual Medical Check-Up Day
12. International Youth Day
13. International Left Hander's Day
14. Victory Day
15. Failure's Day
16. Tell a Joke Day
17. National Thrift Shop Day
18. Bad Poetry Day
19. Sandcastle and Sculpture Day
20. Summer Cool-Off/Lemonade Day
21. Poet's Day
22. Be An Angel Day
23. Ride the Wind Day
24. Shooting Star Day
25. Kiss and Make Up Day
26. Lucky You/Make Your Own Luck Day
27. Just Because Day
28. Race Your Mouse Around The Icons Day
29. More Herbs, Less Salt Day
30. National Toasted Marshmallow Day

1. No Rhyme (Nor Reason) Day
2. National Beheading Day
3. Uncle Sam's Birthday
4. Eat an Extra Dessert Day
5. Be Late for Something Day
6. Do It!/Fight Procrastination Day
7. "Neither Rain nor Snow" Day
8. International Literacy Day
9. Wonderful Weirdoes Day
10. Swap Ideas Day
11. No News Is Good News Day
12. National Chocolate Milkshake Day
13. Defy Superstition Day
14. National Cream-Filled Donut Day
15. National Thank-You Day
16. Wrinkled Raincoat Day
17. International Eat an Apple Day
18. Respect Day
19. International Talk Like A Pirate Day
20.National Punch Day
21. International Peace Day
22. Elephant Appreciation Day
23. Checkers Day
24. National Bluebird of Happiness Day
25. One-Hit Wonder Day
26. Family/Eat With Your Kids Day
27. Crush a Can Day
28. Ask A Stupid Question Day
29. Confucius/Fortune Cookie Day
30. National Mud Pack Day

1. International Frugal Fun Day
2. Name Your Car Day
3. Techies/Virus Appreciation Day
4. Toot Your Own Flute
5. Do Something Nice Day
6. "Come and Take It" Day
7. World Smile Day
8. American Touch-Tag Day
9. Moldy Cheese Day
10. World Mental Health Day
11. National Coming Out Day
12. International Moment of Frustration Scream Day
13. Skeptics Day
14. Bald is Beautiful/Bald and Free Day
15. Sweetest Day
16. Dictionary Day
17. Wear Something Gaudy Day
18. No Beard/World Menopause Day
19. Evaluate Your Life Day
20. Information Overload Day
21. Babbling Day
22. Make a Difference Day
23. TV Talk Host Day
24. Naional Bologna Day
25. Sourest Day
26. Horseless Carriage Day
27. Cranky Co-Workers' Day
28. Frankenstein Friday
29. Interne Day
30. Haunted Refrigerator Day
31. Halloween

1. Men Make Dinner Day
2. Look for Circles Day
3. Clichť Day
4. Use Your Common Sense Day
5. Guy Fawkes Day (Bonfire & Fireworks Night)
6. Marooned Without A Compass Day
7. Hug a Bear Day
8. Cook Something Bold And Pungent/Try A New Recipe Day
9. Chaos Never Dies Day
10. Forget-Me-Not Day
11. Remembrance Day (Canada)
12. Chicken Soup For The Soul Day
13. International Tongue Twister Day
14. Loosen Up, Lighten Up Day
15. I Love to Write Day
16. Button Day
17. Take a Hike Day
18. Push-Button Phone Day
19. "Have A Bad Day" Day
20. Absurdity/Beautiful Day
21. World Hello Day
22. False Confession Day
23. Tie One On Day
24. Thanksgiving
25. Your Welcome Day
26. Buy Nothing Day
27. National Day of Listening
28. Make Your Own Head Day
29. Throw Out the Leftovers Day
30. Play Hooky/Stay At Home Because You're Well Day

1. Day With(out) Art
2. Science Fiction Day
3. Roof Over Your Head Day
4. Santa's List Day
5. Bathtub Fun/Bathtub Party Day
6. Put On Your Own Shoes Day
7. National Cotton Candy Day
8. Take It In The Ear Day
9. Christmas Card Day
10. Human Rights Day
11. International Mountain Day
12. Gingerbread House Day
13. Hot Cocoa Day
14. Monkey Day
15. Cat Herders Day
16. National Chocolate-Covered Anything Day
17. Saturnalia (Roman holiday where social classes switch roles)
18. Bake Cookies Day
19. Look for an Evergreen Day
20. Go Caroling Day
21. Humbug/Don't Be A Scrooge Day
22. National Haiku Poetry Day
23. A'phabet/No "L" Day
24. Christmas Eve
25. Christmas Day
26. National Whiner's Day
27. Make Cut-Out Snowflakes Day
28. National Chocolate Day (28th & 29th)
29. Tick Tock Day
30. Falling Needles Family Fest Day
31. New Year's Eve

Posted: 12/07/10 | Deadline: None
Categories: Final Fantasy 9, Dissidia: Final Fantasy
Characters: Kuja, Original Character(s), Reader, You

Description: The weak lose their freedom to the strong. Such is the way of the strong. And it is the providence of nature that only the strong survive. That is why I needed strength.

Kuja Fic Challenge!

Kuja gets very little love. Art-wise, yes, but fanfiction-wise, no. Just because he is narcissistic doesn't mean he doesn't deserve some fics!

The Rules.
- He must be In Character*.
- Must be either a Reader Insert or an Original Character.
- Romance is optional! Doesn't necessarily have to be in there.
- No Yaoi, please! I've seen enough! Hetero is mandatory!
- Can be based During Game Plot, After Game Plot, or in the Dissidia Plot.
- Oneshot, Novel, Drabble, Ficlet, or Viglette is acceptable.
- Extra Bonus Points if someone drives into his S&M side~ (If you don't know what S&M is then don't bother.)

* There is an exception for the After Game Plot: he DOES comes to his senses at the end of FFIX so his personality alters in this.

Alright, you Kuja fans (because I know you are out there)! Time to get to workin' on those fics! =D

Posted: 05/16/10 | Deadline: None
Categories: Yu-Gi-Oh
Characters: Original Character(s), Reader, Anzu, Bakura, Seto Kaiba, Yami, Yami Bakura

Description: So I don't think that there is enough stories out there about Millennium World in Yu-Gi-Oh. My challenge is to write Cannon x Reader stories to all the people from 3,000 years ago in the world of Duel Monsters. It can romantic, sad, happy or even sadistic. Anything you want goes, just be creative!

Posted: 10/27/10 | Deadline: None
Categories: Katekyo Hitman Reborn!
Characters: Reader

Description: Requirements?
Write a fanfiction on your favourite Reborn character x the reader.
It must contain a 'time jump', time play must be involved. (Cos i rarely read time play)
try to be as romantic as possible.
Prefarably 17+ (/shot, i usually write 17+ so yea......./doubleshot) :D
NO DEADLINE!~ Take your time to write it...cos this kind of fanfic aint easy...
AND THATS ALL!~ :D Simple?

Posted: 06/08/11 | Deadline: None
Categories: Katekyo Hitman Reborn!
Characters: Reader, Various, You

Description: Requirements?
Write a fanfiction on your favourite Reborn character x the reader.
It must contain a 'time jump', time play must be involved. (Cos i rarely read time play)
try to be as romantic as possible.
Prefarably 17+ (/shot, i usually write 17+ so yea......./doubleshot) :D
NO DEADLINE!~ Take your time to write it...cos this kind of fanfic aint easy...
AND THATS ALL!~ :D Simple?

Posted: 06/08/11 | Deadline: None
Categories: Kingdom Hearts
Characters: Other

Description: I got the idea from an dream I had. the only rules I have is all Org. members must be vampiers and the person (Reader insert or oc) must say at the castle. If you have ANY questions at all please contact me...Also if you wish contact me about your details on the story. Ps you could be any rating.

A good idea would be that the person could be a Vampire hunter XD

Posted: 12/26/07 | Deadline: None
Categories: Death Note
Characters: Reader, You, L

Description: I never found many L and reader fanfiction on Deathnote in awhile. The Challenge is to write any type of L and Reader pairing story and have fun doing so.

Posted: 01/28/08 | Deadline: None
Categories: Gaming, Kingdom Hearts
Characters: Original Character(s), Other, Reader, Various, You, Roxas

Description: Dude! I love all of the stories that make me laugh! I'm just not creative enough to do it myself so I am challenging you! Doesn't matter what KH character you do but I like roxas. No deadline. Have fun with it! More power to ya! Let the hilarity ensue!

Posted: 12/11/08 | Deadline: None
Categories: D.Gray-Man
Characters: Other, Reader, Various, You

Description: Er...the title says all. Will someone please make a Lavi/Reader/Kanda lemon/romance? I haven't had much luck in finding Lavi/Reader/Kanda lemons...Or D.Gray-man lemons at all for that matter.

Posted: 08/02/11 | Deadline: None
Categories: Anime & Manga
Characters: Original Character(s), Reader, You

Description: Okk peeps.... its hard to find good fanfictioon on Lelouch of Code Geass so.... I isssue a challenge to anyone who can write a nice long Lelouch lemon! game on bitches lol!

Posted: 11/21/08 | Deadline: None
Categories: Original Stories, Anime & Manga, Books, Cartoons & Comics, Gaming, Movies & TV, Real Person, Miscellaneous
Characters: None

Description: No rules or requirements~ How fun is that?

I've learned that you cannot make someone love you. All you can do is be someone who can be loved. The rest is up to them.

I've learned that no matter how much I care some people just don't care back.

I've learned that just because someone doesn't love you the way you want them to doesn't mean they don't love you with all they have.

I've learned that it takes years to build up trust, and only seconds to destroy it.

I've learned that it's not what you have in your life, but whom you have in your life that counts.

I've learned that our background and circumstances may have influenced who we are, but we are responsible for who we become.

I've learned that we are responsible for what we do, no matter how we feel.

I've learned that either you control your attitude or it controls you.

I've learned that sometimes when I'm angry I have the right to be angry, but that doesn't give me the right to be cruel.

I've learned that maturity has more to do with what types of experiences you've had and what you've learned from them and less to do with how many birthdays youíve celebrated.

I've learned that two people can look at the exact same thing and see something totally different.

I've learned that no matter how good a friend is, they're going to hurt you every once in a while and you must forgive them for that.

I've learned that it isn't always enough to be forgiven by others. Sometimes you have to learn to forgive yourself.

I've learned that just because two people argue, it doesn't mean they don't love each other. And, just because they don't argue, it doesn't mean they do.

Iíve learned that no matter how bad your heart is broken the world doesnít stop for your grief.

Iíve learned that no matter how you try to protect your children, they will eventually get hurt, and you will hurt in the process.

I've learned that you should never tell a child their dreams are unlikely or outlandish. Few things are more humiliating, and what a tragedy it would be if they believed it.

I've learned that heroes are people who do what has to be done when it needs to be done, regardless of the consequences.

Iíve learned that you can keep going long after you canít.
^ this list was found at

Posted: 03/22/10 | Deadline: None
Categories: Vampire Knight, La Corda D'Oro, Naruto, Bleach, D.Gray-Man, Katekyo Hitman Reborn!, Nabari no Ou, Axis Powers Hetalia
Characters: None

Description: Use these Italian music term prompts to write a collection or series about one character or multiple characters. While not necessary, it can be centered around music. Titles do not need to include the definition/translation of the prompts.

The challenge: try to write each chapter/oneshot in the style of the prompt! It's your own interpretation of each prompt.

1. A Prima Vista (at first sight)
2. Lento (slowly)
3. Brilliante (brilliantly, with sparkle)
4. Risoluto (resolutely)
5. Con Anima (with feeling/with animation)
6. Dolento (sorrowfully)
7. Feroce (ferociously)
8. Dolcissimo (very sweetly)
9. Vivo (lively)
10. Calando (falling away)
11. Segue (carry on without a pause)
12. Grazioso (gracefully)
13. Penseroso (thoughtfully)
14. Presto (very quickly)
15. Fine (the end)

No limits on length, characters, or genre.

Posted: 12/14/10 | Deadline: None
Categories: Harry Potter
Characters: Original Character(s), You, Blaise Zabini, Oliver Wood, Viktor Krum

Description: So many Harry Potter-side characters are unloved :'C

Show me your best romance/humor/dramatic fanfictions with people such as Blaise Zabini or Viktor Krum!

Posted: 08/20/11 | Deadline: None
Categories: Anime & Manga, +Anima
Characters: Original Character(s)

Description: I haven't seen any good +Anima storys out there so i am challenging all you writers to write a really good one.
1.must have 125+words
2have fun

Posted: 08/29/08 | Deadline: None
Categories: None
Characters: Original Character(s), Other, Reader, Various, You

Go in any order you please~!
Peeled off/Picked off
Ticked off/Pissed off
Knocked off/Pushed off
Dance off/Sing off
Lights off
Send off
Clothes off
Screw off/Piss off (go away)
Get off
Get it off
Wash it off
Take it off
Knock it off
Turn it off
On and off
Off and on
Off with their heads
Off your rocker

Posted: 10/20/15 | Deadline: None
Categories: Death Note
Characters: Reader, Tota Matsuda

Description: Since there seems to be no Tota Matsuda fics, I would love for someone to write fic with the adorable detective as the star. The only other thing I ask is that the main pairing would be Reader/Matsuda. :3

Posted: 12/03/07 | Deadline: None
Categories: Anime & Manga, Loveless
Characters: Original Character(s), Reader, Various, Kaidoh Kio

Description: Boundless
...because nothing is impossible with him.

...because you could only feared for him.

...because he is everything that you need.

...because he will always catch you when you fall.

...because you were one and the same.

...because he showed you what your eyes could not.

...because you'll never forget what he did.

...because words are unimportant between you.

...because you would do anything for him.

...because he showed you a new way to live.

Ten true names, ten true stories waiting to be told and heard. Feel free to choose one or all ten. Be it drabble book or fic. My only restriction is that you include the words following the name. Anything else is fair game.

Whether you'd like to include OCs, self-insert, reader-insert, yaoi, shounen-ai, crossovers... Have fun~

Posted: 10/18/09 | Deadline: None
Categories: Anime & Manga
Characters: Reader, You

Description: requirements: No cyoas or drabbles no sasuke or itachi madara is ok 8 -10 chapters i dont care how many words just not to short. written in 2nd person if thats the one written in ( yous) no yuris or yaois reader must be a girl and can be descrie who ever you want jut a reasonable height. and that is it oh yeah if no mention must have a lemon cant wait to read it thanks

Posted: 04/11/10 | Deadline: None
Categories: Anime & Manga
Characters: Original Character(s), Reader, Various, You

Description: requirements: No cyoas or drabbles no sasuke or itachi madara is ok 8 -10 chapters i dont care how many words just not to short. written in 2nd person if thats the one written in ( yous) no yuris or yaois reader must be a girl and can be descrie who ever you want jut a reasonable height. and that is it oh yeah if no mention must have a lemon cant wait to read it thanks

Posted: 04/11/10 | Deadline: None
Categories: Harry Potter
Characters: Reader

Description: Lame title, right? Oh, well. Okay, what I am looking for is someone to make a lemon with Severus Snape. Here are the requirements:

1. Please, for the love of us all, keep Snape in character!
2. This can be a one-shot or a booklet of one-shots, but each shot must be 2500 words or more. I want to read as much as possible.
3. While I do enjoy a little smut, I want romance too, so remember that.
4. I also would like equal dominance; having one person being pleasured the entire story is just boring, so share!
5. I prefer if you had Snape as an adult, but if you wish to have him still a student, then he has to be seventeen.

Most of all, have fun! Severus Snape doesn't have as much as attention as I believe he deserves, so if you agree with me, what are you waiting for? Get typing!

Posted: 03/25/10 | Deadline: None
Categories: None
Characters: None

Description: Hello, denizens of the Lunaescence challenge forum! Are you tired of challenges that require drabbles and/or collections of some kind? Do you want to write an actual story from beginning to end, with chapters and everything? Then I have a challenge for you!

So what do you do?

1. Pick a bookóany book.

2. Open your book up to the table of contents.

3. Use the chapter titles as chapter titles for your own fan fiction.

The Catches?

1. Make sure your fan fiction fandom and the book are dissimilar enough to make things interesting.

For example:

Good: An Avengers fan fiction using the chapter titles from The Golden Compass.

Bad: A House of Night fan fiction using the chapter titles from Twilight.

Now obviously, I canít stop you from doing this, but I think in the latter case it would be tempting to just write Twilight with House of Night characters.

2. No crossovers.

Donít write a Katekyo Hitman Reborn! fan fiction using Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire chapters while using both fandoms and/or settings. The point is to write something of your own while using these chapter titles as inspiration not basis for a story.

3. No AUs.

This is fairly similar to Catch #2, but it still needs to be said. Your story must be set in the fandom of the story you are writingís world, not the story of the book. For example, if you chose to write an Avengers fan fiction based on chapter titles from The Golden Compass, nobody should have daemons.

Any Other Rules?

1. Make sure not to copy the plot of novel you are working with, or what happens in a given chapter. Give things your own spin.

2. Still, make sure the chapter titles actually make sense with what happens in the chapter. It doesnít have to fit perfectly, but it should make sense if the reader gives it some thought.

3. No skipping chapter titles. You must use every single one in your selected book.

4. No adding chapters. If you want a longer fan fiction, pick a longer book.

5. HOWEVER, this does not apply to prologues or epilogues. You may add these where there are none, or ignore them in books that have them.

6. You may use a manga for the chapter titles source, but only if the manga is completely finished. This is because you need to use every chapter.

7. You donít have to give your fan fiction the same title as the book you are using as a chapter title source.

8. Make sure to give credit to your selected book in the authorís note of your first chapter.

9. Any sort of pairing goes. By that, I mean you can do heterosexual, homosexual, bisexual, asexual, or any other type sexuality you wish.

10. You may use canon characters, reader characters, OCs, or any combination that you like.

11. You may use any point of view you prefer.

12. You may use any fandom you wantómovies, anime, television, books, whatever you want!

13. You work has to be a story. No collections.

I think thatís it. If I havenít been very clear, please feel free to e-mail me with any questions you may have! My e-mail can be found on my profile.

Thereís no deadlineóand do try to have fun!

Posted: 04/09/13 | Deadline: None
Categories: None
Characters: Original Character(s), Other, Reader, Various, You

Description: I was browsing Photobucket and found a cute picture with a list of things a guy should do for his girl (or his guy? or she should for her girl?). I thought it was cute and after having an "Awes~" moment, I thought to myself. "Hmm...could make an interesting story..." Being the generous person I am, I decided to share the idea with you all in a challenge XD *shot*

°oʎ 'ssǝuǝɯosǝʍɐ ɟo ʇsıl ǝɥʇ (...the list of awesomeness, yo!)

1.) Listen to her secrets.
2.) Take her out to dinner.
3.) Call her first.
4.) Label her as yours.
5.) Understand her feelings.
6.) Tell her she's gorgeous.
7.) Write her a song.
8.) Talk to her like a human being.
9.) Ask her to dance with you.
10.) Never imagine life without her.
11.) Kiss her in the rain.
12.) Hold her hand at anytime.
13.) Pass her love letters.
14.) Say "I love you".
15.) Never forget her birthday.
16.) Tell her she's always right.
17.) Be her escape.
18.) Tell her you believe this is a fairytale.
19.) Give her gummy worms.
20.) Remember her favorite color.
21.) Hold her books in school.
22.) Give her hugs and kisses.
23.) Show her off to your friends.
24.) Hold her hand just because.
25.) Treat her like a star.
26.) Dream about her.
27.) Tell her she's super nifty.
28.) Say she has the key to your heart.
29.) Watch her walk home - so she's safe.
30.) Play her favorite game.
31.) Have a song - that reminds you of her.
32.) Kiss her on the forehead.
33.) Dance together like retards.
34.) Stay together - let love last

°oʎ 'ʇuǝɯuǝʇɥƃıluǝ ɟo sʇuǝɯǝɹınbǝɹ ǝɥʇ (...the requirements of enlightenment, yo!)

1.) Any pairing goes (canon, yoai/shonen-ai, yuri/shoujo-ai, reader-insert, OC-insert, OC/OC, etc...). I prefer reader-inserts and OC's but it's all up to you :D
2.) Pretty much any rating goes, too. I'm not a picky person when it comes to stuff like that.
3.) Any fandom is welcome. I'll even take original stories! Although, if you choose a fandom, I'm pretty hooked on Katekyo Hitman Reborn and Vampire Knight. I like Harvest Moon stories as well (they need more love!).
4.) Any genre goes.
5.) Any length goes as well. I have a feeling drabbles and ficlets are the most probable choice.

˙˙˙ɥʇıʍ pǝqıɹq ǝq uɐɔ (...can be bribed with...)

1.) KHR FTW ;D
2.) AC I or II!
3.) Anything pertaining to Primo's Storm Guardian (c'mon guys! I can't be the only fangirl here!)
3.) The word persnickety makes me giggle shamelessly xD
4.) Anything Gaara flavored makes me drool.
5.) I'm a twisted person, oh yus. So if you can mesh angst and smut, I will be your slave (you can whip me if I misbehave >;DDDD).

That's about it. Oh and I noticed some of the prompts can be combined or changed. For instance, maybe you like pie more than gummy worms? So feel free to use your creativity. I really do mean it when I say I'm not picky. Happy writing~!

Posted: 03/01/10 | Deadline: None
Categories: One Piece
Characters: Don Quixote Doflamingo, Franky, Original Character(s), Other, Rob Lucci, Trafalgar Law, You

Description: I'm issuing a One Piece specific challenge. What I am requesting may be difficult for some of you. I want a lemon/hentai that involves the reader and one of the following characters:
Trafalgar Law
Franky/Cutty Flam
X Drake
Donquixote Doflamingo
Rob Lucci

1. MUST be as close to the characters personality as possible
2. must be at least 300 words
3. The more descriptive the better
4. You can use any sort of kinky foreplay and intercourse you wish

You can just jump into the 'main event' and skip the 'leading up to' part if you wish, but of course it's kinda interesting to read that part as well. There's no deadline per say but I really would like someone to at least try my challenge...

Posted: 06/19/12 | Deadline: None
Categories: Anime & Manga
Characters: None

Description: Greetings and salutations, brave challenger.

I am EnsignIago, as you can see from reading my name. Although I doubt you care very much, because learning my name is not why you are here. No, you are here to undertake a challenge that will test your body, mind and soul to it's very limits... Or at least inspire you to something for me.

The rules are simple;

Using a single picture, be it original work or fanart, you must write me a drabble/one-shot. Don't worry about showing the picture, as I doubt this isn't allowed, but if you really feel it necessery than send me a link in a PM. Don't worry about deadlines; THERE ARE NONE.

Now go out into the cyberworld, find yourself a picture that will stimulate your imagination and get your creative juices flowing and WRITE.

P.S. Brownie points for anyone who writes about these particular characters from these particular anime/manga:

Ichigo Kurosaki - Bleach
Renji Abarai - Bleach
Shuhei Hisagi - Bleach

Shikamaru Nara - Naruto
Itachi Uchiha - Naruto

Zoro Roronoa - One Piece

Shizuo Heiwajima - Durarara!!

Hibari Kyouya - Katekyo Hitman Reborn!
Gokudera Hayato - Katekyo Hitman Reborn!
Alaude - Katekyo Hitman Reborn!
G. - Katekyo Hitman Reborn!
Fon - Katekyo Hitman Reborn!

Posted: 06/12/11 | Deadline: None
Categories: Pirates of the Caribbean
Characters: Reader, Various, Jack Sparrow

Description: Write a one-shot reader insert as a sequel for the story, 'Stowaway' by neko_hime. Reviewers on this site as well as others have asked for a sequel and I just don't have the time to do it. So hopefully some of you can please the needs of those reviewers by writing your own sequel. It can be any type of one shot, any length, any deal better than mine (lol), and any rating. Just make sure that readers know it is a sequel, or whatever.

Posted: 04/07/08 | Deadline: None
Categories: Original Stories, Anime & Manga, Books, Cartoons & Comics, Gaming, Movies & TV, Nonfiction, Poetry & Song, Real Person, Miscellaneous
Characters: Original Character(s), Other, Reader, Various, You

Description: I am a diehard fan of Ellen Hopkins and I love how she writes in poem form. So that is the challenge here. Write a fanfiction in poem form. Sadly, there are rules to follow.

1. It must be longer than a oneshot. Sadly I don't think a oneshot would be appropriate for this challenge. It would be a HUGE poem and I don't think anyone could read it like that.
2. It does not have to rhyme, though it would be cool if you could do that. =]
3. Just for my Zeezy-kins, you may use OCs or Reader-Inserts! =] Isn't that wonderful?!

That is it! =] Now you can use any kind of poem in this challenge. You can use ALL the types if you like. And if you have not read Ellen Hopkins, you MUST. =] She is an amazing author and messes with your heads.

But enough is said. Write!

Posted: 06/10/09 | Deadline: None
Categories: D.Gray-Man
Characters: Allen Walker, Reader, Various, You

Description: Challenge: Someone write an Allen x Reader oneshot (if they want to make it into a story they can, doesn't matter as it will only further my entertainment).
-No Yaoi
-No Yuri
-Has to have a severe thunder and lightning storm present somewhere in the story so no one can go outside.
-It has to be inside somewhere. (Anywhere, it could be a bomb shelter for all I care.)
-Has to include these two quotes:
"The greatest pleasure in life is doing what people say you cannot do. "
"The only reason people get lost in thought is because it is unfamiliar territory."
-Allen has to trip over something at least once. (Bonus if it's something that'll make everyone go silent and become awkward.)
-Kanda, Lavi and Timcanpy are somewhere in it.
Reason: Because I'm bored and I don't know the anime well enough yet to write it myself.

Posted: 07/12/08 | Deadline: None
Categories: Anime & Manga
Characters: Reader, Various, You

Description: Create a total of 10 one-shots starring the reader and popular anime guys.
I don't care who you use as long as Jiro Mochizuki from Black Blood Brothers is in one of them. Make sure to add my name in the summary so I can find it later. Good luck!

Posted: 12/05/11 | Deadline: None
Categories: Jak and Daxter
Characters: Original Character(s), Reader, Various, You

Description: There's hardly any Jak and Daxter fan fictions anywhere. Even if you do find one, it's rarely about Torn. I think he's too left out... Someone please respond!!!

Thank you! And by the way, no rules, just reader and Torn.

Posted: 04/16/09 | Deadline: None
Categories: Gundam Seed Destiny, Gundam Seed
Characters: Athrun, Athrun, Auel, Cagalli, Cagalli, Dearka, Gilbert Dullindal, Heine Westenfluss, Kira, Kira, Lacus, Lacus, Luna, Meyrin Hawke, Mu La Flaga, Nicol, Original Character(s), Other, Rau Le Creuset, Reader, You, Yzak

Description: Hence the title, tomorrow's Remembrance Day so I thought:

'Wouldn't it be great if there were a Gundam SEED/Destiny/Stargazer challenge that had something to do with Remembrance Day?'

I know this is a very a bit late but anyone who can write something for this challenge will have one very happy author on their hands.

Guide Lines:
1. It can be written in any genre
2. It can be a drabble/ficlet/one-shot/chapter story
3. It has to somehow include characters from the series Gundam SEED Stargazer because I know the series isn't getting much love...

Well Good Luck and best wished to you all! :)

Posted: Unknown | Deadline: None
Categories: Naruto
Characters: Choji, Sakura, Shikamaru

Description: Sakura is constantly rejected right? Well, I want to see a Sakura/Choji story and here is the catch, have Shikamaru hook them up. It's fun, unique, and cute.

Posted: Unknown | Deadline: None
Categories: Gaming
Characters: Other, Reader, Various, You

Description: OK. So I randomly came up with this idea so here's the challenge: Write a lemon about the reader and Demyx from KH2! Yeah I got boerd and just thought there wasn't enough romances about Demyx.


1. Must have fluff

2. (Got this idea in math) (opitional) Have a jelous Axel, Sora, or Roxas

3. HAVE FUN!!!!!!

4. No dying! (I'm still crying over Demyx and Zexion).

5. (I ran out of rules) I NEED A HUG! WAHHHHHHHHHHH!

6.Doesn't have to be lemon, but must be romance.

7.I would be very happy if one or more of these characters got pushed off a cliff: Axel, Sora, and thats pretty much it.

8. You can have Marluxia as the readers older brother! (Had that idea for a while)

9. Reader must be girl, but you may have gay or lesbianess.

That's it have fun! I love you all!

Posted: 03/02/11 | Deadline: None
Categories: Gaming
Characters: None

Description: Inspired by my latest obsession with songs by Bryan Adams. Now, I don't know how many of you listen to his stuff, but to those who listen (and like 'em), here's my challenge to you:

Write a fic that uses at least one of these following songs as a plot:
1) Run To You
2) (Everything I Do) I Do It For You
3) Have You Ever Really Loved a Woman?
4) When You're Gone
5) Why Do You Have To Be So Hard To Love?
6) You're Still Beautiful To Me

You can, of course, differ a little from the songs, but just as long as the basic idea is saved. The story can be a one-shot or a multi-chapter excursion, it can be sweet and fluffy or just plain lime-and-lemon-flavoured. Play with parts, play with POVs, everything's pretty free, so long as you stick to the songs pretty faithfully. Hm. I suppose that's all, folks. Happy writing, people!

Posted: 03/31/08 | Deadline: None
Categories: Naruto
Characters: Reader, Sakon

Description: I can't find any fanfics with the pairing Sakon/reader. If someone could write one, I'd be very thankful. Maybe one that doesn't include death of Sakon or the reader. I know Sakon has died in the series, but try to act like he didn't. Thank you very much if someone does accept my challenge. Requirements:

The pairing must be Sakon/reader- None of the characters can be Sakura- The story must be at least 1000 words

Once again, thanks if you respond to my challenge!!!!

Posted: 11/04/08 | Deadline: None
Categories: Doctor Who
Characters: Captain Jack, Original Character(s), Other, Reader, Rose, The Doctor, Various, You

Reader-Insert Objective:

Using the song Savior by Skillet, Chris Issak's Wicked Game, and/or Sweet Dreams (Are Made of These) by Eurythmics (You might want to come up with your own title, though... and you really don't have to use these songs - they were just the ones that have been stuck in my head as of late, associating my thoughts to Doctor Who...) as a crutch, create a conflictin-induced romance between the reader and the Tenth Doctor, while friction occurs with the Doctor's current companion (Rose, Martha, Donna, etc.), resolved only by a turn towards sibling-like relationship between the two with the interest of the Doctor's happiness at heart. Eventually, the reader will win the Doctor over the companion (who should be replaced by the reader as the companion or somehow fade away into the story). The reader can be human or alien, although human-like in appearance (for concept's sake) and must be rescued by the Doctor to introduce the characters. A drama/romance and maybe comedy genre will probably work best; however, the overall plot is your choice, the manifestation of your ingenuity, and can be of any length.

You may give the reader a name and a description, but name- and descriptive blanks are acceptable (though, I do prefer themÖ *wink*), and a lemon/lime is always welcome *crosses her fingers*. Additionally, I hope that David Tennant's version of the Doctor fits well into this fanfiction - his personality and overall style are my favourites of all the doctors. Also, I don't know if crossovers will work, but I can't stop you. Good Luck! (Edited: 12.29.007)

Posted: 10/02/07 | Deadline: None
Categories: Twilight Series
Characters: None

Description: Awhile ago i had this dream that has very much intrigued me. I am nowhere near a writer so i was hoping one of you can write it =]

The story would be that the reader is with Edward but is secretly in love with (and cheating) with Jacob. The reader really cares about Edward and doesnt want to hurt him. To also add to the pressure of staying with him, her friends and family think her and Edward are great together. Does the reader make Edward and everyone else happy by staying with him? or does she follow her heart and be with Jacob?

In my dreams there are lemon moments with Jacob but its entirely up to you if you wanna do that.

If you like this plot and wanna write about then great! i look forward to reading it! =D

Posted: 05/18/10 | Deadline: None
Categories: Anime & Manga
Characters: Reader, Various

Description: 'Thought I'd give it a try at handing out a challenge for people of lunaescence to give a shot at for the fun of it.

Okay; I challenge you to start a collection based off of the first type of thoughts that fill your mind whenever you think about certain characters. They can be depressing (angst), romantic/sweet (fluff), comical (humor) and even lewd (lime/lemon) or whatever else you want~

Requirements that you might want to know:
-One thought only for each character/chapter
-Word limit: Drabble length (0-100) to however long you want, though I suggest not making each chapter too long, unless it's got a real strong plot to it or something
-Chapter limit: 10-50 chapters, or if you really wish to, I don't mind if you either exceed the limit or go under - whatever works for you
-Any Anime you wish to write for
-Can be multiple categories or just one category, I don't mind
-Reader Insert considering they seem more likable
-Mention in the summary that it's for this challenge so that way I will immediately know, or message me too so that way I can remember to check your response out without completely missing it

Personally, I'd love to see some for KHR, Naruto, Fairy Tail, Ouran, D. Gray-Man, Bleach, Durarara!! ... And you get the drift, ne? =3

Erm... If any of you would like a little help, I'll give an example then for what I first think about some characters from KHR.

Gokudera: Temperamental ('Nuff said)
Tsuna: Confusing (he freaks out over putting contact lenses on when he just escaped a battle with robotic monsters...)
Yamamoto: Deceiving (Who's to say that his obliviousness isn't just a cover-up for something~)

Well, what are you waiting for? I would love to see if people out there will actually respond to this challenge, so I shall be awaiting~ Ciao~

Posted: 06/28/10 | Deadline: None