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Q: How do I submit something for the newsletter?
Q: How do I get my news or announcement posted on the front page?

Answer: E-mail us or post to the forums. ^_^ Be sure to include all information you need included, such as dates, times, any URLs, etc.

If your announcement has a set date and time, be sure to let us know far enough ahead of time so it can be announced soon enough so anyone interested can make plans to attend. We accept most anything, including: RPG announcements, chat parties, anything involving conventions, conventions reports, cosplay information, reviews of anime, manga, or gaming titles, Japanese culture tidbits or holidays, and more.

The deadline for newsletter items is always the 3rd day of the month.

Q: How do you choose a feature of the month?

Answer: We choose based on nominations, suggestions, recent forum posts, and at random.

Nominations and suggestions are given first priority. If we receive multiple ones, then we put them into a hat and have someone unbiased draw the features. We seldom get more than one, though.

Recent Forum posts are given next priority. If no one nominates or suggests anything, we look at recent posts made in the Shameless Advertising forum and in our other forums.

Finally, if we receive nothing -- we begin randomly choosing authors, stories, and other features. Usually we'll start out with a theme or fandom and then draw random numbers.

Q: How do I suggest or nominate a feature of the month?
Answer: On or around the 25th of each month, one of us will put up a post on the forums announcing that the next newsletter is being written. At that point, you can contact us with your nominations and suggestions.

Nominate via:
The Forums
Gaia Online Guild

Q: Can I nominate myself?
Answer: Sure can! ^_^

Q: What happens if no one nominates anything?
Answer: If no one nominates anything and if there's no new posts in the shamless advertising forum, we make a choice: Keep the previous month's features OR randomly choose.

Q: Can my story or I be featured again?
Answer: We generally won't feature the same story again in the same year, though we might be sweet-talked into featuring it with the theme or fandom of the month. Authors generally won't be featured ever again in order to give someone else a chance to be in the spotlight.

Q: What are you looking for in a featured fandom?
Answer: Anime or manga (or anything really), something cool. *shrugs* I suck at writing up the summaries for them, so I'll leave that up to you too.

Q: Can I suggest a poll? Can you edit your current poll?
Answer: Having a bi-weekly poll can be difficult, since you have to come up with something different every other week. Feel free to suggest a poll or suggest how we could change a current one. We won't be upset if you tell us it sucks.

Q: One of my stories is the story of the month, but it's no longer featured, how do I get it back?
Answer: That's a bug that usually happens if you edit your story settings. Contact us and let us know, we'll fix it.

Q: Other stories are being featured, does that mean they're also story of the month?
Answer: Yes and no. Those other stories are part of the theme or fandom of the month.

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