General Questions                              

Q: Do I need an account to use this site?
Answer: No, you only need an account in order to post stories, challenges, and to read stories rated [Adult+]. Everything else in the library is open to visitors.

Q: How do I get my fics on here?
Answer: You have to have an account to post stories on this archive. To join, you have to have a working e-mail address. Your first password needs to be sent to you, so if you put in a fake one you won't be able to join.

Q: Why is this site moderated?

Answer: I created this site because I was tired of trying to find good fan fiction on sites like Media Miner and I decided that my archives would be moderated so we only accepted stories that we would like to read ourselves. From previous experience with fan fiction archives, we had discovered most of the "bad" fics all contained certain technical and mechanical errors. We decided that if authors took the time to check for these kinds of errors, they would also have taken time to check their story for other kinds of problems too.

Q: Do you accept CYOA fan fiction?

Answer: Yes, we accept true CYOA or "Choose Your Own Adventure" fan fiction. These are stories that offer the reader at least two options on what the character(s) does next. The reader chooses an option and then jumps to another part of the story to continue reading. The way the story evolves and concludes is based on the reader's decisions.

We enjoyed reading these types of stories as kids and see no reason why CYOAs should be refused. ^_^ Just be sure you choose CYOA in the Story Type menu.

Q: Do you accept stories in other languages?
Answer: Yes, we will accept stories in other languages so long as you provide an English translation when you submit it.

For short entries, such as poems, you can write the translation after the original version (Example 1, Example 2) or you can submit the translation as a new chapter. For longer entries, such as full stories, you can provide the translation as a new story. (Though you might want to drop Jasson or Sally a note to let them know.)

Q: Do you accept Original Stories?
Answer: Yes, we do.

Q: Do you accept stories that aren't anime, manga, or gaming fan fiction?
Answer: Yes, we do. ^_^ We actually have a growing collection of original stories and poetry along with fan fiction for novels, TV shows, movies, comics, and cartoons.

Q: Do you accept Insert You or Reader Insert fan fiction?
Answer: Yes, we do. =) When you go to upload them, be sure you choose to choose Insert You or Reader Insert in the Story Type menu. We also have "You" and "Reader" available as characters.

Q: Are Reader Insert blanks okay here?
Answer: Yes, they're fine here. ^_^

Q: How should we format our Reader Insert stories?
Answer: Do them however works best for you. If a group of our Reader Insert authors would like to create a standard in the future, that will be up to them.

As of right now, anything goes so long as your readers (and the moderator checking your story) understand what they're supposed to be doing.

Q: Do you accept collections or books of one shots?

Answer: Yes, we do. But we ask that you have at least one story to put in them before you submit it to our site. If you would like to start one and need some ideas, please feel free to ask in the Writers' Help Center or the Coffee House.

Q: Can I post my idea for a collection story?

Answer: Yes, so long as you have one story to put into it. Just posting something saying "tell me what to write" and having nothing else to go in it is considered an ad and will not be allowed in. If you would like to start one and need some ideas, please feel free to ask in the Writers' Help Center or the Coffee House.

Q: Do you accept stories with sex in them?

Answer: Stories with sexual content are fine here. The fact is, 99% of the lemons out there are no worse than harlequin romance novels you find at your local grocery store. Most are actually pretty tame or non-explicit.

Just be sure you rate your story appropriately and include any warnings you think match your content.

Q: How do you feel about specific pairings?
Q: What pairings do you accept?

Answer: As in gender? Anything.

As in a specific relationship between two characters? Again, we accept anything. Since not everyone is familiar with pairing names that combine the couple's name like "Naruhina" or "Zutarra", I do ask you to avoid them.

See rule #3 as per my thoughts on "ship wars."

Q: Do you accept YAOI and Slash fan fiction?
Answer: Of course! Just make sure you rate it appropriately and include any warnings you think match your story's content.

Q: Do you accept Yuri and Femslash fan fiction?
Answer: Yes, we do. ^_^ Just like Yaoi and Slash, be sure you rate it appropriately and include any warning that you think are necessary.

Q: Do you accept Real Person fan fiction?

Answer: Yes, we do, but with stipulations. We're already calling a few bluffs out by freely allowing adult fan fiction; this edges into an iffy area for us. We accept Real Person fan fiction so long as the author doesn't place the person in a sexual situation, explicit or otherwise.

Q: Do you accept stories with swearing in them?

Answer: Swearing is fine, especially when used in dialogue. We won't censor you -- the most we might do is adjust your rating or warnings if we feel you've rated things too low. (As in you dropped an F-bomb and then rated your story as [All].)

Our primary stance is that there are over 1,000,000 words in the English language for you to choose from, plus whatever you've picked up as an anime, manga, or gaming fan. Sometimes swearing is completely unnecessary, other times it's absolutely necessary. Since you know yourself and your story the best, we have chosen to allow you to determine when those times are.

As with everything that might be considered objectionable, please rate your story appropriately and include any warnings if necessary.

Q: Are stories censored here?

Answer: No, never. The most we might do is adjust your rating or warnings if you've rated things too low, but we will never censor you. If swearing or other questionable content disturbs you, we have plenty of material that contains nothing questionable.

Q: Are there any categories with special rules on these?

Answer: Harry Potter and Real Person fanfiction are the only categories that have any specific stipulations.

With Harry Potter, this is mainly because the author, JK Rowling, has requested that HP fan fiction be kept reasonably clean. This means no major swearing and no truly explicit stories.

With Real Person fan fics, I ask that you avoid putting the person in a sexual situations -- explicit or otherwise.. Since we're already calling a few bluffs by not censoring stories, I don't want to risk possible legal action by that person or their agents.

Q: Are stories with Original Characters allowed here?
Answer: Yes, we do. ^_^ We've even have "Original Character(s)" available as one of our site-wide characters.

Q: Will having an OC count against me?
Answer: Heck no! Besides, if we refused stories just because they have OCs, we'd have to ban ourselves. ^^;

Q: Do you allow single chapter author notes?
Answer: Yes. =) We encourage you to be prudent about where you put them, but otherwise we don't care.

Q: What HTML tags do you allow?
Answer: We allow <strong>, <em>, <br>, <br />, <blockquote>, <strike>, <s>, <b>, <i>, <u>, <center>, <a>, <hr>, <p>, <ul>, <li>, and <ol>.

Q: Do you allow the Image tag?
Answer: The only place we allow the <img> tag is inside your author bio. We ask that you only post images within reason. If your image warps the page or otherwise causes problems, we'll remove it.

Q: Do you allow pictures in stories or summaries?
Answer: No, we don't. We once did, but too many people abused it and used super huge pictures that took forever to load. Now, the only place we allow them is inside your author bio.


Q: Do you accept donations?
Answer: Yes, we do. ^_^ At this time, we can only accept donations via Paypal.

Q: Do you use Cookies?

Answer: Yes, we do. Our cookies don't store any personally identifiable information, they mainly just keep you logged into the site if you're a member. The forum's cookies also tell the site what topics you've already viewed, but not much more. All these should be labeled with our site name or at least have "lunaes" as part of the name.

Q: Why do you need my e-mail address?
Answer: In order to prove you're a human, we require that all accounts be registered using a valid (aka "real") e-mail address. We send your password to you, rather than having you create one yourself when you sign up.

Q: What do you do to protect my Contact Info?

Answer: All e-mail addresses are hidden by default. No one can see your e-mail address, though they can send you an e-mail using our e-mail form. We generally won't even look at your e-mail address unless we have to.

We also won't share you contact information under any circumstances, unless required by law.

Q: Are you going to spam me if I sign up?
Answer: I hope not! Aside from sending you your initial password and an e-mail if we've declined a story you submitted, you shouldn't receive many e-mails from us unless you've indicated you wanted them.

As we're said before, this archive is a work in progress so you may occasionally get an e-mail because of a glitch of some sort.

Q: When do we get e-mail from you guys?

Answer: Here's a rundown of when we e-mail you:

Sign-up: You'll get a welcome e-mail with your initial password.
Story Submittal: We'll e-mail you to let you know if your story was accepted or declined. (Sometimes only if we declined it.) Once your account has been validated, these will stop.

The next are optional e-mails you can opt-in for in your profile:

New Review: In your profile, you can select whether you want to get an e-mail anytime you get a new review.
Favorite Story: You can choose to receive e-mail when your favorite story updates.
Favorite Author: You can choose to receive e-mail whenever your favorite author publishes a new story or chapter.
Monthly Newsletter: Our updates newsletter, usually sent out in the first or second week of the month.

Q: Do you have a mailing list?
Answer: Yes, we do. At this time, it's only available to members, though we hope to have a working mailing list for non-members soon. To subscribe, simply select "Send me the Monthly Newsletter" in your profile.