July, Baby!
Posted by Goodfellow
07/01/19 - 06:39PM
July has come storming in (though hopefully not literally!) and that means it’s time for July announcements!

Featured Stories

The nomination theme for July was "Underappreciated Faves." Congratulations to those of you that were nominated!

The Ledger by jumponthechandelier (Avengers/Captain America, 17+)
Autumnal Rites by crazydominodragongirl (Axis Powers Hetalia, 13+)
Ambuscade by Akira Mokona (Katekyo Hitman Reborn, Adult)

August’s featured story theme is "Oneshots" This month we are looking to nominate any oneshot over 1000 words in length. Is there a oneshot out there that you think is especially deserving of a shoutout? Now is your chance to give props to the author! To nominate a oneshot for August, head over to the forum thread.


Our challenge last month was Summertime Sensations! We had some fantastic entries! Excellent job both of you!!

Paradise on Earth by bobo-is-tha-bomb (Gundam Wing, 13+)
Libertine: Delight by DIA (Katekyo Hitman Reborn, Adult)

In celebration of International Friendship Day on the 2nd of August, this month’s featured challenge is "Friendship." For this challenge, you must write a piece depicting the bonds of friendship! More details on this prompt can be found HERE.

Development Blog

If you missed the DEV Blog update last month, you can visit the full post HERE. This post covers topics related to the fundraiser, the revamp, and what the community can expect within the coming months.

Volunteer For Lunaescence!

Ahead of the Revamp, we’re looking for Volunteers to give a hand around site. As a Volunteer, you’ll help shape the future of the site through the creation of original materials. You’ll provide suggestions and feedback, and be given an insider’s look at things to come. We’re looking for people of all backgrounds and skills sets. Whether you excel in writing page content, creating snazzy graphics, are a hobbyist coder, or just have an exceeding amount of free time on your hands—we’re sure we’ll find something you’re good at.
In short, Volunteers will have a close role in helping to usher in Lunaescence’s future, though without the full responsibilities of a Moderator.
There aren’t any rigid restrictions to apply, though preferably we’d love users have been a member of the site for at least 3 months, and thus, are likely familiar with our policies and standards. However, this isn’t a hard requirement. Tell us how or why you want to help and things you’re good at.

If there’s tasks suited to you, we’ll be sure to let you know.

Send an email to with the following:

Your Lunaescence Username:
Lunaescence Profile Link:
Why do you want to volunteer for Lunaescence?:
What are some of your skill(s) or strong suits?:
Do you have samples of past work related to your mentioned skill(s)?
Title your email “Volunteer 4 Lunaescence.”


Summer Greets You With Fond Wishes
Posted by DIA
06/02/19 - 06:36AM
It’s June and we here at Lunaescence hope you’ve been staying cool and enjoying your summer. For this month’s announcements we’ve got a lot of news to cover, including more details on the Revamp to come and an update on the site’s Fundraiser.

Featured Stories

The nomination theme for June was "Fun in the Sun." Congratulations to the nominee, phoenixrebirth88.

Summer Paradise by phoenixrebirth88 (Gundam Wing, 17+)

July's featured story theme is one everyone can get behind: "Underappreciated Faves." This month’s theme is all about nominating a story you think deserves more appreciation. To nominate a work to be featured on next month’s announcements, head over to the forum thread.


This month’s featured challenge is "Summertime Sensations." For this challenge, we want you to write a piece that embodies the season of Summer. This includes, but is not limited to: Imagery, Relationships, and Narratives. More details on this prompt can be found in the forum thread.

Development Blog

This month’s DEV Blog post covers a wealth of topics regarding Lunaescence, including the Revamp, the Fundraiser, and planned improvements. A highlight of the post is included below.

Behind the Scenes – A brief look at some of the things that have happened behind-the-scenes in the past months.
Current Affairs – An update on active Moderators and discussion of current site plans.
The Revamp – Why a complete Revamp as opposed to other routes? The process behind deciding on the Revamp is discussed, alongside reveals of proposed features and improvements. How will it look? What can users expect? Answers to those questions, and more, can be found under the corresponding section on the post. You can also follow @LunaescenceDev on Twitter for updates pertaining directly to the revamp.
The Fundraiser – We will be closing out the Fundraiser by the end of 2019. What this means for Lunaescence, as well as target dates for shipping, are covered in the ‘Fundraiser’ portion of the post.
Going Forward – We believe there’s always ways to learn and grow. In this section, we outline some of the positive changes and improvements we’re working on to benefit Lunaescence. Whether that be better organization behind-the-scenes, to more documentation on site policies, story warnings, and Queue standards—we’re committed to insuring Lunaescence becomes the best place for writers to learn and grow.
Volunteer 4 Luna – Ahead of the Revamp, we will be accepting applications for Volunteers. Would you like to help shape the future of Lunaescence? We sure hope you do! More information can be found on the post.

To view the post in full, please head over to the post on Lunaescence’s DEV Blog.

Bug Reports

Last month, we reported the issue of Outlook blocking emails from the domain. Please note that this issue prevents Outlook users from receiving email alerts for story updates, reviews and favorites, as well as account recovery emails such as ‘forgot password.’

We estimate that this problem will be officially resolved in 45 Days or less—dependent on troubleshooting and response times from Outlook. When all issues are resolved, we will be sure to inform users via announcements. In the meantime, we advise anyone with a Microsoft-based (,,,, etc.) email address associated with their Lunaescence account to consider temporarily changing the email on their account to one that uses a different domain, such as Gmail, until this problem is resolved. You can change the email associated with your account by going to "Your Account" and selecting "Edit Personal Information" under "Your Settings."

Regardless of which email provider you use, we recommend whitelisting archive[at] and moderators[at], as these are the addresses the site uses for automated messages and the site Moderators use for user correspondence, respectively.

Encounter a major bug on the Archive? Need help with an issue? Recovering your account or password? As a reminder, the best place to file a bug report on the official bug report thread in the forum. Alternatively, site staff can be reached by email via contacting moderators[at] We’re always happy to help.

Rule Reminders

We’re always excited to see new submissions in the Queue. To help potential submitters, we want to take a moment to remind everyone of two of the Archive’s submission guidelines:

• We do not allow multiple chapters of the same story to be submitted to the Queue at once. A reason for this is that if one chapter is found to have errors, the others will likely have them as well. To prevent writers from having to resubmit multiple chapters if they’re found to have errors, we ask that chapters are only submitted one at a time to the Queue. If you’d like to submit chapters without delay, consider becoming a Validated Author. Criteria for becoming a Validated Author can be found on the corresponding forum thread.

• We do not allow decorative titles. Stories on Lunaescence are ordered alphabetically. Decorative titles impact the way stories are organized on the Archive. Your story title should only contain the name of your story. That means no character pairings, symbols, or unnecessary punctuation. As a bonus tip, the best story titles are kept short and sweet: excessively long titles are not recommended.

It’s a pleasure to serve such a wonderful userbase, and we sincerely thank you for your constant support. We hope you enjoy the rest of your June!


My How Time Flies!
Kerrigan Sheehan
Posted by Kerrigan Sheehan
04/30/19 - 11:14PM
Welcome to May, everybody! I can't believe it's May already... Enough chatter. There's a lot to go over here.


Our April challenge was "Villainous." We have one submission:

And It All Comes Down To This by SweetDeath (Marvel Comics, Iron Man, The Avengers, 17+)

Do You Want to Build a Snowman? This month's challenge is "Disney Songs". Be Prepared to write some songfics that bring Honor To Us All! Be Our Guest and check out the details here.

Featured Stories

The nomination theme for May was "Revival" Unfortunately, there were no stories nominated.

June's featured story theme is "Fun in the Sun". To nominate something, go here!

Bug Reports

We are currently experiencing a problem with Outlook selectively blocking emails from the domain, which is what the moderators and admins use for official site business as well as what the site uses if you're trying to recover your user account data or if you've signed up for email alerts on reviews and/or favorite story updates.

Dia has begun the process of contacting them to fix this issue, but it's out of our hands at this point, and it could take a while. If you have an email address associated with your Lunaescence account, especially if you're an unvalidated author planning on submitting fics to the queue any time soon, please consider temporarily changing the email associated with your account to an email that uses a different domain, such as yahoo or gmail, until this problem is resolved. You can change the email associated with your account by going to "Your Account" and selecting "Edit Personal Information" under "Your Settings."

As far as we know, no other domains are affected, but regardless of which email provider you use, we recommend whitelisting moderators[at] and archive[at] These are the two addresses the site and its admins use for most non-queue business.

Just a reminder, the best place to file a bug report is either on the official bug report thread in the forum or, if that's not possible, to email moderators[at] Those are the two places it's most likely to be seen quickly by the site admin.

The Queue

We appreciate your ongoing patience with queue submissions. We are very shorthanded at the moment, and with just a couple of us working on it, real life disruptions affect queue wait times a lot more substantially. Thank you for your understanding.


Please consider donating to the fundraiser here or sharing it to keep Lunaescence around as long as possible. Site donors get beta access to the site revamp as well as other perks. More details on the

Site Revamp

Dia is totally rebuilding Lunaescence. If you'd like to see the countdown and progress bar or sign up to the mailing list please check out the landing page here. Expect more information from her here soon.

She is also working on a mobile-friendly theme for the current site to help in the meantime. Expect that in the near future.


April, April, April...
Goodfellow & DIA
Posted by Goodfellow & DIA
04/07/19 - 10:57PM
The months seem to have passed us by in a blur! As always, we are still looking to improve Lunaescence and keep it around for as long as we can, but we can’t do it alone! If you’re able, please consider donating to our fundraiser or sharing the page so that we can meet our goal! If you’re interested in learning more about the fundraiser, how you could help, or what sort of incentives we have for those that donate, click here!


Because our February and March announcements couldn't get uploaded due to certain circumstances, we’ll just skip along to April! Our January challenge was "First to Say." We had some awesome entries!

Spices and Teas by Penguiduck (Fire Emblem, 13+)
Pretty by Ladybird (My Hero Academia, 13+)

Excellent work you guys!! This month’s challenge is “Villainous." The goal is to write any piece of writing that is from the perspective of a villain! Click here to get more details!

Featured Stories

Our nomination theme for February was Kiss Kiss Fall in Love. Unfortunately, no stories were nominated. Maybe next month! The theme for May’s featured stories is "Revival." You may nominate any story that has been updated after a hiatus of a year or more.

Click here to nominate someone!

Downtime in March

Lunaescence experienced a period of downtime mid-March. This was entirely due to the site’s host. We have taken appropriate steps to insure this does not happen again in the future. This includes enlisting a third party service to monitor site-uptime so potential issues can be more quickly addressed, as well as moving to a different service provider. We sincerely apologize for any inconvenience this may have caused and thank users for their understanding.

Full Site Revamp

A revamp of Lunaescence Archives is in the process of being developed. New features and a updated, modern interface are just part of the improvements provided as part of this revamp. You can visit the landing page for the site’s revamp here. All accounts, stories, and content will be transferred to the updated website upon launch. Early Access to the site’s revamp will be provided to certain users during the revamp’s Closed and Open Beta periods. More information regarding features and dates will be covered in subsequent announcements.

Multiple Submissions

As a rule reminder, please be aware that we do not allow multiple chapters of the same story to be submitted to the Queue. Submitting multiple chapters of the same story in the Queue will result in the automatic deletion of the chapters in question. There are two main reasons for why we have this rule. For one, there is a risk that the chapters will not be read and validated in the correct order. Finally, if one chapter does not pass validation, it is unlikely the others will. Please only submit one chapter at a time.

As always, we sincerely thank you for visiting Lunaescence Archives and hope you'll enjoy the rest of your April!


New Year New Memes
Posted by Goodfellow
01/06/19 - 08:26PM
Happy New Year to you all! I hope everyone had a pleasant 2018! As we greet 2019 with hope and optimism, please keep the fundraiser in mind! We are still hoping to reach our goal in order to keep Lunaescence online for a long time to come, but we cannot do it without your help! If you’re interested in learning more about the fundraiser, how you could help, or what sort of incentives we have for those that donate, click here!


As many of you know, the last event we held was a Fic Trade! Thank you to those of you that participated, it was a lot of fun! To see what submissions were received click here! Keep an eye open for our next event!


Our December challenge was "12 Days of Winter Writing”. We had a single submission for this challenge, which can be found here:

Oh What Fun by dark_wing19 (Ouran High School Host Club, rated 13+)

Hopefully our next challenge will garner more interest! This month’s challenge is “First to Say”. The idea here is to write out the first time something big was said! For more information on what this challenge entails, click here!

Featured Stories

Our nomination theme for January was Best of 2018. Sadly no stories were nominated!

The theme for February’s featured stories is Kiss Kiss Fall in Love. As the title may suggest, this month’s theme is all about the lovely feelings involved with falling in love! Nominate any story where this is relevant here!


A Policy I'm Compelled To Mention For No Particular Reason
Kerrigan Sheehan
Posted by Kerrigan Sheehan
12/16/18 - 12:07PM
Lunaescence allows adult content.

This is a policy that has been passed down from Sally from the very beginning, and it's unlikely to change.

We've got some minor restrictions on adult content.
  • You may NOT post sexual content involving minors or real people (celebrities, for example).

  • ALL stories containing adult content MUST use the correct ratings and appropriate warnings. Explicit sexual content requires the Adult or Adult+ rating. If you know that your story is eventually going to contain adult content of any type, it's better to rate high now to warn potential readers. We won't ever punish you for rating too high, although we don't actually require the rating until the chapter containing said content is posted.

  • Adult content is ONLY allowed within story content itself. In other words, it can't be in a summary, in your username, or on your profile page. Some people view the site during breaks at school or work, so all parts of the site that aren't behind ratings and content warnings (anything that's not actual story content itself) have to stay safe for work, G-rated, clean, etc.

If you see anything you think violates these rules, let a moderator know.

Also, if, for whatever reason, a copyright holder or the original creator of a fandom requests restrictions on fanfiction for that fandom, we respect those requests.

Thank you for your understanding and happy whatever you celebrate.


What a Wintry December!
Posted by Shade
12/03/18 - 12:12AM
Welcome to December, Lunatics! Is your holiday season as hectic as mine? Life has just gotten away from me!

Let's take some time to bring the holiday spirit to Luna with some exciting things! But first… please donate if you are able! We are still slowly working our way towards our goal. If you love Luna and wish to see it continue on for years to come, click here to donate to our fundraiser.


The Holiday FicTrade is underway! If you didn't have a chance to participate, hopefully you'll have time next time! For those who are participating, happy writing! Our next event will be in the March-April time period!


Our November challenge was "NO Shame November", which was unfortunately not very inspiring… So let us try again!

This month, our challenge is taking on a different spin! It's called "12 Days of Winter Writing". If you are in need of some help getting those creative juices flowing, this is the challenge for you! Click here for more information!

Monthly Features

Our theme was "Happy Holidays", but nobody nominated! In the spirit of still having features, I will start randomly pulling a story from a different genre each month if there are no user nominations. So… here we go!

Just a Myth by Straw (the Avengers, 17+)

Next month, our theme will be "Best of 2018". Click here and nominate your favorite story from 2018!

We'll see you in the new year! :D


No Way it's November!
Posted by Goodfellow
11/01/18 - 06:34PM
Great news everyone! We are over halfway to our fundraising goal of $10,000! This is thanks to each person that has donated and shared the fundraiser. With your help, we will be able to reach our goal in no time. Don’t forget that we have incentives for those of you that donate. Click here to see what kind of goodies are being offered or to donate.


As we mentioned last month, we will be hosting a Fic Trade in December! We'll be doing a few things slightly differently. Mainly… you will have more time!

Holiday 2018 Fic Trade Timeline:

November 1st - Registration opens.
November 30th – Registration closes.
December 3rd - By this date, you should have received your recipient.
December 18th - All fics under 5,000 words due.
December 19th- IF NEEDED, Spares will be given their prompts.
January 5th - All fics over 5k due.

“What exactly is a fictrade?” you ask? Well, close your eyes. Picture a magical place where you could put out an idea for a fic, and a wonderful stranger over the internet would write it for you. Okay, now open your eyes. You could be at that place right now! Good on you! This is basically a gift exchange but with fics. Remember, to get one, you must write one. If you’re interested in joining in or learning more about it, you can pop in here! Registration begins November 1st and will close on November 30th, so you have lots of time to decide if you’d like to participate. It’s sure to be a blast! Hope to see you there. ;)


October's monthly challenge was Pumpkin Spice and Everything …Nice? Sadly, it seems nobody was able to meet the challenge this month.

November’s challenge is NO Shame NOvember. The idea of this challenge is to rewrite an old story you’ve shared. For more information, click here!

Featured Stories

Our nomination theme for November was Doubletake. Unfortunately no stories were nominated.

The theme for December’s featured stories is Happy Holidays. With all the holidays that are coming and going, this seems like a good time to celebrate ALL OF THEM. Nominate ANY HOLIDAY story here!


Spooktacular October
Posted by Shade
10/01/18 - 09:42PM
Have you heard of Trick-Or-Treating for a cause? Maybe your cause this year can be Luna! We are still working on our fundraiser for Luna! Please consider donating if you have some spare change! You can find out more about it: here. No amount is too small!


Firstly, there are some changes to these in the works! We will no longer be having monthly events. Instead, we're going to have roughly 4 events a year. 'Why?' you ask? Life has just been too crazy on our end to really go that extra mile for you guys during events. If we drop the number down, we can spend more time organizing the events to make sure they're a real pleasure to participate in and run as smoothly as possible!

In December, we will be having our Holiday FicTrade as always! With a few twists… most notably that registration for the FicTrade will run the entire month of November! This gives you guys more time to sign up… and also to write! Writing will be the entire month of December instead of just the 2.5 weeks it has been in past years.

Around March or April (we haven't pinned down an exact timeline yet), we will be having a Round Robin writing spree! Keep your eyes peeled for more details on that once the new year has rolled around.


'So… what about challenges?' you may ask. Have no fear! Monthly challenges are here to stay! As are the monthly features!

September's monthly challenge was the "Silver Linings" Challenge. Unfortunately… we forgot to post a forum link for responses! Please comment with the name of your challenge response and I will add it here!

October's monthly challenge is: "Pumpkin Spice and Everything …Nice?" For more info, check out our forum post: here. Please leave responses! :D

Featured Stories

Our nomination theme was "Doubletake" for October. However… we just really didn't feel like making a forum post for it last month. So we will ALSO be using "Doubletake" as our nomination theme for stories to be featured on the November announcements. Please go nominate on our forum post: here.

Closing Remarks

Everyone has been having a CRAZY 2018, it seems. So we understand that Luna has been a little slow. But WE ARE STILL HERE. Show us your love for Luna and nominate a feature, respond to the challenge, or eagerly await our next event! :D

We'll see you in November! Happy haunting until then~!


Don’t Disturb Greenday
Posted by Caraina
09/04/18 - 08:30PM
Hello Everyone!

September brings the first whiffs of autumn to the air~

With summer winding down, many of us are starting to get back into work mode. To those of you starting normal business hours or classes again, remember to pace yourselves as much as you can, and take time for yourselves every now and then. To those of you who never stopped working, you are incredible people and I hope you know that.

OUR FUNDRAISER could really use your help! Any amount of money would help us. Any amount. We just want to be free from the chains of expensive hosting sites, once and for all. Click here! to help us realize that dream. Please.

Events & Challenges!

Our nomination theme for September’s featured stories was Style. And here is our featured story:

You Are The Right One by SweetDeath (Katekyo Hitman Reborn!, 13+)

Our nomination theme for October’s featured stories is Doubletake. Nominate a story that made you look at something again~

Our featured challenge for August was the “It’s Getting Hot in Here” Challenge, but sadly, it seems it got too hot, burning up any potential responses.

Our featured challenge for September is the “Silver Linings” Challenge. All darkness needs a silver lining, and all silver linings need darkness to shine in.

Our event of the month is a Mystery Prompt challenge! Every Monday, a new prompt will be posted, and participants will have one week to write something for that prompt.

Closing remarks:

We hope you all had an excellent summer! Enjoy the changing of the seasons, continue to work hard, and also make time for yourself. Balance is important!

Have a great month, everyone!


Won't you be my Augustine?
Posted by Penguiduck
08/10/18 - 12:56PM
We all had a lazy July, so we can skip right ahead to August!

Please keep thinking about our fundraiser to get a new server! You can learn more about the fundraiser here! If you can't donate, you can help out by spreading the word!

Our nomination theme for July’s featured stories was Exposition. Check it out!

Neutrality by Akira Mokona (Bleach, 13+)

The nomination theme for September’s featured stories is "Style". Nominate any story that you feel expertly showcases the author’s skill in stylistic writing here!

Our featured challenge for August is the"It's Getting Hot in Here" Challenge! For more information click here!

Have a wonderful August! To those of you who are starting school, good luck!


June Bugs Me (lol)
Posted by Goodfellow
05/31/18 - 02:47PM
It's Already June?!

I hope you're all excited for June! Hopefully everyone gets some time off to enjoy themselves this month. And hopefully you're all keeping the fundraiser in the back of your mind. We are still hoping to obtain the necessary funds to keep Lunaescence up and running for years to come, however we'll need your help to so! You can learn more about the fundraiser here! If you can't donate, you can help out by spreading the word!

Our nomination theme for June’s featured stories was OC Appreciation. Sadly we received no nominations this month.

The nomination theme for July’s featured stories is "Exposition". Nominate any story that you feel expertly showcases the author’s skill in world-building here!

Our featured challenge for June is the"Class One There’s a Rotten Egg" Challenge! For more information click here!

Remember to take a rest every now and then; don’t push yourself too hard! Have a wonderful June everybody!


May-be I’ll Have Freetime Soon~
Posted by Caraina
05/02/18 - 06:23AM
May has arrived! Hopefully everyone is handling their allergies alright.

The fundraiser is still going on! We’ve been stalled at about half of our goal for a long time. We know that money is always tight, but truly every dollar helps! We need this money to become self sufficient so that we can be around for a long time! You can find information on the fundraiser and how you can help out here! If you cannot donate, you can help out by spreading the word!

Our nomination theme for May’s featured stories was Comfort Zones!

Unfortunately, it seems like we all decided to play it safe this month, as there were no nominations!

The nomination theme for June’s featured stories is "OC Appreciation". So much love and effort goes into these original characters. Nominate a story featuring your favorites by clicking here!

Our featured challenge for April was the Making the Most of It Challenge.

Unfortunately, we also didn’t receive any entries for this challenge. You guys must be hard at work out there!

Our featured challenge for May is the”Sad but Sweet" Challenge! For more information click here!

Have a lovely May everyone!


April challenges bring May-ny triumphs!
Posted by Shade
04/02/18 - 12:04PM
Happy April, everybody! Hopefully for those in school, you're having a break from exams before finals season starts. For those not in school, I hope that life is treating you kindly!

As the warm weather starts to appear (for those of us in the northern hemisphere), please keep the fundraiser in mind! You can find information on the fundraiser and how you can help out here! If you cannot donate, you can help out by spreading the word!

Our nomination theme for April’s featured stories was Reflection! Check out this lovely story that follow our theme:

Born to Die by Mrs_Anonymous (Katekyo Hitman Reborn!, 17+)

The nomination theme for May’s featured stories is "Comfort Zones". Nominate any story in which the characters are stretched outside of their comfort zone by clicking here!

Our featured challenge for March was Tale Me a Story. We had one amazing challenge response! Go check it out:

Little Red Sleeping Poorella by katsekala (Katekyo Hitman Reborn!, 13+)

Our featured challenge for April is the"Making the Most of It" Challenge! For more information click here!

For April's event, there will be a Fictrade! This is the place for signing up!!

Have a wonderful April! And we hope you enjoy our events & challenges!


Marching Through the Seasons
Posted by Goodfellow
03/02/18 - 08:39PM
Welcome to March everybody! I hope you all enjoyed winter, because spring is quickly on its way!

Please keep the fundraiser in mind! You can find information on the fundraiser and how you can help out here! If you cannot donate, you can help out by spreading the word!

Events & Challenges!

Our nomination theme for March’s featured stories was ANGST! Unfortunately, we received no nominations!

The nomination theme for April’s featured stories is "Reflection". Nominate any story that uses elements of introspection or flashbacks by clicking here!

Our featured challenge for February was Galentines. We received one wonderful submission which you can find below:

Can’t Always Be There to Protect You by Lukewarm_Yeti (Original, 13+)

Our featured challenge for March is Tale Me a Story Challenge! For more information click here!

For March’s event, we will have the LEVEL UP!! Writer’s Forum! There’s no need to sign up. Just jump in and comment where you can. This month is all about becoming better writers as a community! If you’re interested, click here!

Closing Comments

Words can bring us so much joy, whether you are writing them or reading them. If you are of the latter, please remember to take the time to share with the author what you enjoyed about their piece. Offering just a few words can inspire our wonderful authors to continue to share the stories they work hard on. Always be sure to show your appreciation to these hard-working and talented people! -


Fe-brewing up some love!
Posted by Caraina
02/01/18 - 09:32AM
Hello hello! It’s February on planet Earth, so let’s dive into some announcements!

I’ve heard through the grapevine that all of the cool kids are donating to our fundraiser. I’ve also heard that those same cool kids might be broke, so they’re telling people with money about our fundraiser. Obviously you are cool, so you are one of these people… right?

In all seriousness, no donation is too small. Finishing this fundraiser will mean having Lunaescence around for years to come. Thank you all for your generosity!
You can find information on the fundraiser and how you can help out here!

Events & Challenges!

Our nomination theme for February’s featured stories was LGBTQ+ stories! And here are our featured stories:

Whitecliff by Chellendora (Dragon Age: Inquisition, All)
Sapphic, Savvy? by SweetDeath (Katekyo Hitman Reborn, 13+)
Gankona, Unnachgiebig, Unità by KHfreak813 (Axis Powers Hetalia, All)

Look at these beauties!

Our nomination theme for March’s featured stories is "ANGST". Of course, everyone loves a happy ending, but how can you appreciate it without a bit of a struggle? Click here to nominate.

Our featured challenge for January was the Resolutions challenge. I assume you guys were all too busy kicking butt out there to respond to this challenge, resulting in us having no entries. Ah well!

Our featured challenge for February is the Galentines Challenge! For more information click here!

The event of the month is Mad Libs! For more information, or to sign up, click here!

Closing Comments
I know that Valentine's day is a big deal for a lot of people. I’m sure many of you have plans for that day, and many of you don’t. Maybe it’s the most important day of the year to you, and maybe you always forget about it until suddenly, there’s a ton of half price chocolate. However you spend it, please remember that, while there is a lot of pressure to spend this holiday the ‘right way’ or whatever, ultimately you should do what makes you happy.

Have a great month everyone!!


Bringing in the New Year with a Bang!
Posted by Shade
01/01/18 - 05:07PM
Welcome to 2018 Lunatics! Let's get this new year started off with a bang!

One way we can do that is by continuing to donate to our fundraiser! Find out more here and help us make sure that Luna sticks around for years to come!

Our featured stories for January will get this party started with the theme of Festivities! Congratulations to all of you for being featured!

Masquerade Mansion by Cleanvengeance (Axis Powers Hetalia, 17+)
Apple Cider by yami sango (Yu-Gi-Oh!, 13+)

Next month is LGBTQ+ History Month (celebrated in the UK in February and the US & Canada in October). As such, our nomination theme for February will be LGBTQ+ stories! Hop on over here to nominate your favorites!

Thank you to everyone who participated in the Anonymous Fictrade last month! All of the entries were amazing! Head on over to the Mysterious Anon account to guess who wrote what because come February they will be moved to their author's profile!

Thank you to bobo-is-tha-bomb for the contribution to December's featured challenge! Check out Desolate Melody (Gundam Wing, 17+).

This month, our featured challenge is Resolutions. For more information, hop on over to the forum.

Finally, we would like to remind you that decorative titles are not acceptable! This means any extra symbols (or use of symbols instead of letters) is not allowed. These symbols often don't display correctly across all platforms and pages of the site. It's also rude to our dyslexic and visually impaired readers who may being using audio-assistive technology that can't read them.

Additionally, do not put pairings or fandoms in your titles! We have categories and characters for a reason. It's much easier to find your story if you follow all the categories rather than put them in the title! So please, keep your titles simple!

Have a good one, Lunatics!


Snow Way Am I Passing Up On This Pun
Posted by Goodfellow
12/01/17 - 05:51PM
Alright lunatics, December is here, which means another month of cheer!

Please remember to spread some of that holiday cheer by donating to the fundraiser, if you can. It is only through the help of our lovely members that we’re able to bring Lunaescence to life! You can find information on the fundraiser and how you can help out here!

Events & Challenges!

Our nomination theme for December’s featured stories was All-Time Favourites! The nominations were the following:

Welcome to the MKSFC! by DragonSilk (Yu-Gi-Oh, 13+)
Ransom by AchievingEnterprise (Persona 5, All)
Unseen World by ShadowQueen1815 (Katekyo Hitman Reborn, 17+)

Excellent work everybody!

Our nomination theme for January’s featured stories is "Festivities!". Nominate any story that involves any kind of festivities or partying by clicking here!

Our featured challenge for November was the Look Twice challenge. Unfortunately I had to look twice to believe we had no submissions!

Our featured challenge for December is the New Leaf Challenge! For more information click here!

The event for this month will be an Anonymous Fic Trade! For more information, or to sign up, click here!

Closing Comments

With the holidays nearly upon us, and in some cases exams too, it is not uncommon for many of us to feel overwhelmed with life and all the stress that accompanies it. Remember that it’s important to take some time for yourself! Self care is vital to maintaining a healthy state of mind. Take a walk, sit in silence and breath, have a day off with a friend or on your own, but remember to slow down and take care of yourself. And remember, you can always reach out to Lunaescence as a community if you need support!

Shine on!


Sweater Weather is Best Weather
Posted by Caraina
11/03/17 - 08:12AM
November has come!
Autumn colors, warm clothes, and more holidays approach.

Our fundraiser is now one year old. Please please keep donating, spreading the word, and checking back. We’re not asking that you empty your wallets, but any little bit you can give will help. After a year, we are not even halfway to our goal ($4,513 out of $10,000), so please please keep donating!

As always, a hearty thank you to all of you who have been spreading the word and giving. We cannot do this without you guys (literally).
To donate, go check out our to our GoFundMe page here!
Keep in mind that those who donate will receive some special privileges on the site, as well as potentially some goodies! Please click here for more information on the fundraiser and how you can participate!

Front Desk

We hope everyone is enjoying the new Front Desk component of Lunaescence! If you haven’t checked it out yet, click here to take a look around! We have some shiny new features available in the Front Desk, such as a dictionary, author blogs, and the forums, in which everybody in the community is welcome to participate in.

Events & Challenges!

Our nomination theme for November’s featured stories was Feels Like Fall! Unfortunately, we did not receive any nominations this month.

Our nomination theme for December's featured stories is "All-Time Favorites". Have a story you desperately love? Time to let the world know! Click here to nominate a story!

Our featured challenge for October was the Haunt challenge. We had one response:

Just a Wisp of Hope by Lukewarm_Yeti (Fantasy, Supernatural & Horror, All)

Our featured challenge for November is the Look Twice Challenge! For more information click here!

The event for this month will be a Prompt Challenge! For more information, or to sign up, click here!

Closing Comments

The site was down for a moment there, as the email server had gotten backed up with a fair number of spam messages. We got it all sorted out now, but we had to reset to October 31st so we may have lost some content. Double check, if you have posted in the last few days, to make sure your posts are all there. If you can’t find it, it does need to be reposted.

Thank you for understanding!

Happy November, everyone!


Fallout Category Changes
Kerrigan Sheehan
Posted by Kerrigan Sheehan
10/11/17 - 12:09AM
I found out that the category for the Fallout games had three games with different characters and settings lumped together in one category, so I've split it up into Fallout 3, Fallout: New Vegas, and Fallout 4, putting it more in line with how the Elder Scrolls and Dragon Age games are treated.

I know this only affects a couple of people who are currently active and that this is not a scheduled announcement, but I don't like to make unannounced changes to existing categories.

All stories for Fallout: New Vegas and Fallout 4 have been moved into new categories, while the old category is now called Fallout 3.

If you have existing stories for Fallout 3, these changes should not affect you. All I did was rename the existing category and remove characters from other games.

If you have existing stories for Fallout: New Vegas or Fallout 4, your stories have been moved to the new categories, and your characters have been re-added or added in where they didn't exist. It should have gone smoothly. Every story I checked arrived intact. I may have missed a "Reader" or a "You" in character selection, so if you're worried about your stories' metadata (summary, characters, genre, rating, etc.), please check. I didn't touch anything other than category and characters, though.

Any future stories for the Fallout games should be sorted by game, and any other/future games in the series should be requested for category addition as needed.

Enjoy the rest of your October and don't forget to check out the regular monthly announcement below for links to the GoFundMe, featured stories, monthly challenge, and Prompt-Off.



Spooktacular Spooktober
Posted by Shade
10/01/17 - 06:22PM
Welcome to October! It's all about Halloween for us mods! We hope you're as excited for the upcoming holiday season as we are. This month we're hoping to scare up some fun!

First off, thank you to everyone new who has donated! And for the rest of you, please keep the fundraiser in mind, as we are still working on making our goal of $10,000. As of right now, we are at $4,513! Our donations are still steadily coming in! Great job everyone~! To donate, go check out our to our GoFundMe page here! If you can't spare any change this month, please consider supporting us in other ways, such as spreading the word and participating in site events. Keep in mind that those who donate will receive some special privileges on the site, as well as potentially some goodies! Please click here for more information on the fundraiser and how you can participate!

Front Desk

We hope everyone is enjoying the new Front Desk component of Lunaescence! If you haven’t checked it out yet, click here to take a look around! We have some shiny new features available in the Front Desk, such as a dictionary, author blogs, and the forums, in which everybody in the community is welcome to participate in.

The age validation account bug has been slain! Huzzah! If you have tried to create an account and were unable to get past the account validation, please try again. It should now work!

Events & Challenges!

Our nomination theme for October’s featured stories was supernatural! Here are the nominations:

Ocean Eyes by rubberducky1 (Twilight, 13+)

Wonderful work everyone!

Our nomination theme for November's featured stories is "Feels Like Fall". Click here to nominate a story!

Our featured challenge for September was Misfortune. Our misfortune is that nobody responded to the challenge. Hopefully this month's catches some eyes!

Our featured challenge for October is the Haunt Challenge! For more information click here!

The event for this month will be a Prompt Off! Earn street cred and the undying admiration of those around you by participating in this fun event. All participants will win an actual paper plate award that Caraina will meticulously make, and then photograph for you. For more information, or to sign up, click here!

Closing Comments

Something fun: The mods (primarily KS) have been working to restore the Lunaescence Dictionary! This nifty little resource has information on a wide variety of terms as well as information on things like weapons that are helpful for your writing. Go check out the hard work!

If you have any suggestions or ideas you would like us to consider for the site in the process, head on over here to drop a comment!

Spooktacular wishes to you all as we head towards Halloween!


Into September
Shade & Goodfellow
Posted by Shade & Goodfellow
09/03/17 - 06:17PM
SepTIMBER! (haha get it because leaves fall but also trees fall so... tough crowd)

Alright kiddos, we have a couple things to go over this month! As usual, please keep the fundraiser in mind, as we are still working on making our goal of $10,000. As of right now, we are at $4431! That’s almost our halfway point! Great job everyone~! To donate, hop on over to our GoFundMe page here! If you cannot spare any change this month, please consider supporting us in other ways, such as spreading the word. Keep in mind that those who donate will receive some special privileges on the site, as well as potentially some goodies! Please click here for more information on the fundraiser and how you can participate!

Front Desk
We hope everyone is enjoying the new Front Desk component of Lunaescence! If you haven’t checked it out yet, click here to take a look around! We have some shiny new features available in the Front Desk, such as a dictionary, author blogs, and the forums, in which everybody in the community is welcome to participate in.

Also the links in the side bar have been updated to now link to Front Desk instead of ProBoards. If the links don't seem to have updated for you, try clearing your cookies or deleting your browser history. This should fix the problem!

We do know about the birthday validation bug. Due to the inclement weather in Texas, work on the bug has temporarily been delayed. We apologize to the users affected by this error and will fix it as soon as we can.

If you have any suggestions or ideas you would like us to consider for the site, head on over here to drop a comment!

Social Media
For those of you that may not have heard, Lunaescence has some awesome social media sites that you can be a part of:

Official Facebook Page

There are a ton of cool things like aesthetics, member artwork, site news, writing prompts, and random stories from the site!

Events & Challenges!
Our nomination theme for September’s featured stories was Superheroes! Here are the nominations:

Ain’t No Place For a Hero by Liatris (One Punch Man, 13+)
Rule of Vanishing by Liatris (Batman, DC, 17+)
25 Years by Mai Blade (Boku no Hero Academia, 17+)

Heroic effort everybody!

Our nomination theme for October's featured stories is supernatural. Click here to nominate a story!

Our featured challenge for August was Last to First. The amazing responses were:

Signal: Signal by coffeerepublic (Boku no Hero Academia, 13+)
Number: Number by deltachye (Daredevil, 13+)

Our featured challenge for September is the Misfortune Challenge! For more information click here!

The monthly event is a Round Robin! For more information, or for registration, click here!

Closing Comments
Something of interest: there is a website called Hemingway App that assists in editing and understanding a piece of writing by breaking it down in a coherent and concise manner. It also offers an estimation of the general reading level. It seems to be a unique and helpful resource for writers, if you are interested!

If you have any questions or concerns, feel free to head over to the forums to share them, or find a moderator on our About Us page.

Have a great September!


August? Already?
Diamond April
Posted by Diamond April
08/01/17 - 01:26AM
Happy August Luna members! We hope you’re all doing well and enjoying some sunshine! Buckle down for lots of information this month.

We’d like to remind everyone that our fundraiser is still going on! We are currently sitting at $4,405 of $10,000! Great work everyone! Please consider donating to the fundraiser so that we may keep Lunaescence up and running for a long time to come! Please click here for more information on the fundraiser and how you can participate! If you can donate, please head over to our GoFundMe! We will be eternally grateful!! Click Here for the Fundraiser page.

Any unvalidated author who donates will have priority status in the queue for allowing us to continue to run! If you can’t donate, please still spread the word!

Front Desk
We are introducing a new area on Lunaescence, the Front Desk!

This new area of the site will serve a few familiar functions, as well as introduce new and improved features. Through there, you can view the site’s revamped Dictionary, the new Forums, or view Lunaescence’s newest feature: the Author Blogs!

We also would like to announce that we’re retiring the Lunabackup Forums on Proboards. We now have brand new Forums on Front Desk. The Front Desk Forums are intended to replace the Proboards forums, so while those will continue to exist, we discourage you from creating new threads there. You can view the new Forums by clicking here.

To replace the Archive’s old concept of Author Forums -- where Validated Authors were provided their own Forum section to converse with readers -- we now have a new and improved solution: Author Blogs. If you’re a Validated Author, you can apply to have your own self-contained Blog on Front Desk.

You’ll be able to stay in-touch with your reader base, and watchers of your Blog will receive automatic updates when you post a new entry. Apply for a Blog by clicking here.

All of this is very much a work in progress, but we’re excited to introduce what’s the start of many improvements coming to Lunaescence! Because Front Desk is still brand new, content is sparse in some areas. We’ll be adding new content to Front Desk in the coming days and invite everyone to contribute their own ideas. We want you to help us shape it! You can view the thread for suggestions and contribute your own by clicking here.

New Moderators
To help you get to know the new mods, they've each selected a fun fact for you.

coffeerepublic is from Germany!
deltachye has been writing fanfiction since she was 9 years old!
fiaries loves being active, swimming, riding, running, playing sports and whatnot, but at the end of the day writing winds her down.
Goodfellow is a practicing bow hunter!
Lafrenze is working with a friend to make costumes of sufficient quality so that they can join the 501st Legion.
Shade loves mountaineering just as much as she loves writing!

Social Media
Our new social media mods are now running all of our social media accounts! Come follow us on one or all of them!

Calling all artists! The Lunaescence Team wants to feature YOUR art on our Instagram account alongside inspirational quotes and general aesthetics. Interested? Click here!

Head on over to our Tumblr for motivational quotes, Luna playlists, facts, fun, and so much more!

Our official Facebook page is the place to go if you want to talk with your fellow authors and get to know each other better!

There will also be a random story featured on the Twitter account every day along with inspirational quotes and prompts for that pesky writer's block! If you would like your story featured on Twitter, please check out the details here!

Events & Challenges!
Our nomination theme for August's featured stories was any story from our gaming fandom! Here are the nominations:
A Heartbeat for a Demon by SeasonalTea (Persona 5, 13+)
(Don't) Hold Your Breath by Straw (The Last of Us, 17+)
Here There Be Mages by Rei (Dragon Age, 17+)
Idiosyncrasy by Mozart (No More Heroes, 17+)
Proof by Penguiduck (Fire Emblem: Radiant Dawn, 13+)

Congratulations on being featured!

Our nomination theme for September's featured stories is Superheroes. This includes any story that involves superheroes, including original works! Click here to nominate a story!

Our featured challenge for July was Lost in Translation. The amazing responses were:
木漏れ日 by Kumi (Haikyuu!!, All)
The Man Who Shook the Earth by RedWinehouse (Sherlock (BBC), 17+)

Our featured challenge for August is the Last to First Challenge! For more information, click here!

The monthly event is a FicTrade as the last hurrah for summer! For more information, or for registration, click here!

Rule Reminders
We know that Luna has only been back up and running for a few months, but we've noticed several rules that users seem to have forgotten. As a reminder, please abide by these rules along with the others on the community.
  • Do not include the pairings for stories in titles. This belongs in your summary if you feel the need to include it.
  • Be cognizant of story ratings. They exist for a reason. If there is any form of sexual content in your story, "All" and "Youth" and "13+" are NOT appropriate ratings.
  • Do not submit multiple chapters of the same story to the queue. They will be deleted automatically. The reason why is that if one chapter does not pass validation, the rest of them likely will not either.

Closing Comments

If you have any suggestions for a particular theme, event, or challenge that you’d like to see featured in a coming month, you can head over here to throw ideas in the hat!

We realize that this announcement was heavy on information, so if you have any questions or concerns, please do not hesitate to reach out to one of the Moderators. Moderator contact information can now be found on the Archive’s About Us page.

Enjoy the rest of your August!


Welcome, New Moderators!
Posted by Penguiduck
07/23/17 - 08:26PM
Hello Lunaescence Community!

Hope you're all staying cool this summer! After three long months, I am proud to present our new moderators!

Queue Moderators

Community Moderators

Social Media Moderators

Please join me in offering our heartfelt congratulations! They are here to help Lunaescence run smoothly, especially in light of new, exciting changes that will be coming up as Diamond April continues to dig through years of old code to improve our beloved archive.

Over the next few months, our new moderators will be in training. If you have any pressing questions, for the time being, please address them to one of the senior moderators: Breezy, Caraina, Diamond April, Kerrigan Sheehan, Kumi, Mozart, and Penguiduck. We are happy to assist in any way we can!

Thank you for your patience! Our August announcement should be up soon!


My, My, Hello July
Posted by Caraina
07/03/17 - 09:45PM
Say hello to July!

As always, keep our fundraiser here, in your thoughts. We’re at 4,375 out of 10,000, so we’ve still got a ways to go, but we are so thankful for everything that we have received so far. Remember that if you donate, you will have priority in the queue as well as the opportunity to get cool Luna merch that you can use in your everyday life!

If you can’t donate, spreading the word helps just as much. We’re still trying to get the word out that Luna is back, as our traffic isn’t nearly what it used to be. We are so so thankful for everything you guys have already done, and we know that together we can get Lunaescence looking better than ever before!

Our nomination theme for June was Summer Reading, and here are the nominations:
Arioch One Shot by Konekochan07 ( Misc./ Eternal Champion Series/ Elric of Melnibone, 13+)
Liar, Liar, Pants Undergoing Spontaneous Combustion by deltachye (The Martian, 17+)
The Winter by Mozart (A Song of Ice and Fire, Youth)

Excellent work!

Our nomination theme for July will be Games For All. Any story from our “Gaming” category can be nominated here!

Our featured challenge for June was the Dialogue Challenge, and here is our entry:
Drive-In by Kumi ( Shingeki no Kyojin (Attack on Titan), 13+)

Please take a peek when you can!

Our featured challenge for July is the Lost in Translation challenge! For more information, click here!

This month’s event is a Rewrite! For more information, or for registration, click here!

We've noticed an uptick in issues with dialogue punctuation in the queue recently. If you need a quick refresher, this page here is an excellent resource to reference. Remember that doing a quick check when you aren't sure of something can make all the difference in the queue!

And finally, thank you to those who applied for a moderator position. We will be making our final decisions very soon, so keep an eye on the news here!

Thank you all, and enjoy your July~


Listen Like Spring, Talk Like June
Posted by Caraina
06/02/17 - 12:03AM
Welcome to June, Lunaescense!

Please keep donating to, and sharing our fundraiser (click here), if you are able! We’re at 4,215 out of 10,000, so we’ve still got a ways to go, but we are so thankful for everything that we have received so far.
Remember that if you donate, you will have priority in the queue, as well as the opportunity to get cool Luna merch that you can use in your everyday life!
If you can’t donate, spreading the word helps just as much. We’re still trying to get the word out that Luna is back, as our traffic isn’t nearly what it used to be.
We are so so thankful for everything you guys have already done, and we know that together we can get Lunaescence looking better than ever before!

Our nomination theme for May was May the force be with you. Here are our nominations:

Underneath the Sun-Swept Sky by Straw (Star Wars, All)

Never Say Never by Bleu Wales (Star Wars, 13+)

Great job!

Our nomination theme for June will be Summer Reading. Any story from our “Books” category can be nominated here!

Our featured challenge for May was the POV, and here are our entries:

T-MINUS by deltachye (The Martian, 17+)

Consumed by Mao (Bungou Stray Dogs, Adult)

Please take a look!

Our featured challenge for June is the dialogue challenge! For more information, click here!

This month’s event, is Mad Libs! For more information, or for registration, click here!

And finally, applications for moderator positions are closed! We will review the applications we’ve received, and get back to you all by the end of the month, so please watch for our email!

Thank you all, and enjoy your June~


What Do May Flowers Bring? Allergens.
Posted by Caraina
05/01/17 - 08:29AM
May has arrived!

Please keep donating to, and sharing our fundraiser, if you are able! We’re at 4,140 out of 10,000, so we’ve still got a ways to go, but we are so thankful for everything that we have received so far.
Remember that if you donate, you will have priority in the queue, as well as the opportunity to get cool Luna merch that you can use in your everyday life!
If you can’t donate, spreading the word helps just as much. We’re still trying to get the word out that Luna is back, as our traffic isn’t nearly what it used to be.
We are so so thankful for everything you guys have already done, and we know that together we can get Lunaescence looking better than ever before!

Our nomination theme for April was Revived! Here are our nominations:

Always by Cloudy Luminosity (Axis Powers Hetalia, 17+)

You & The Night by Mozart (Multiple Fandoms, Adult)


Our nomination theme for May will be May the force be with you. Our Star Wars section has some real gems that have really been underappreciated, so let us know what your favorites are here!

Our featured challenge for April was the shuffle challenge, and here are our entries:

It Would Be A Pun-tiful Relationship by Symphonic Fantasia (Voltron, All)

Empty Lies by Bobo-is-tha-bomb (Gundam Wing, All)

Great job, you two!

Our featured challenge for May is the POV challenge! For more information, click here!

This month’s event, will be a prompt off. Who will respond the quickest? Who will write the most? Find out by entering our prompt off! In a game of inspiration, managing to write anything is a win.

Click here to find out more and to sign up!

A few quick notes, please remember to look over the rules before posting! If you submit more than one chapter for the same story, all of the chapters for that story will be deleted without being looked at.

If you want to be able to post your writing quicker, try for author validation! Validated authors are authors that we know and trust to consistently use correct grammar and punctuation in their work. Because we know we can trust them, they are able to skip the queue altogether and post whenever they want.
Keep it in mind!

And finally, we will be extending the deadline for Moderation Applications until May 30th, so please keep them coming! We're so excited to see the responses that we've gotten so far, and can't wait for more!

And with that, I’ll wrap this up by wishing you all a lovely May~


Welcome, welcome, one and all!
Posted by Penguiduck
04/13/17 - 01:40AM
Hello, hello! Boy, are we glad to see all of you!

We are looking for new moderators to help support Lunaescence! If you feel that Lunaescence has played an important role in your development as a reader, writer, or even as a person, we encourage you to apply. We will be looking for queue moderators, community moderators, and social media moderators.

For our queue moderator positions, we are looking for people that are mature and able to handle member inquiries, able to sort through the queue, have a solid understanding of the English language, and are willing to dedicate their time and effort to Lunaescence. If you are interested, here are the basic requirements for those who are interested in becoming a queue moderator:

- You must be a validated author or currently eligible for author validation (at least 5 stories or chapters with at least 5,000 words total, and no denials in the past 60 days) to apply.
- You must also be a member of the site for at least six months and be a minimum of 16 years of age, 18+ preferred.
- Please also consider that you will be asked to read outside of your fandoms and will be asked (within reason) to read content that you may not like, such as lemons, original fiction, and OOC stories.

Requirements for community moderators are looser, but we do ask that you fulfill the time and age requirements from above. While we will not be screening you for how well you can find, correct, and explain grammatical errors and concepts, you will still need to have solid writing skills to represent the staff in communication with the members of Lunaescence.

For social media moderators, we are specifically looking for applicants who show proficiency in managing various forms of social media. While the focus will be keeping these platforms updated and assisting with communications, we do want social media moderators to be creative and timely in engaging in these relations. As with the community moderator position, we ask that you have solid writing skills for this position as well.

If you are interested, please send us an email at moderators[at]lunaescence[dot]com with "Moderator Application" as the subject title and include the following information:

- Your Lunaescence username
- Whether you're applying as a queue moderator, a community moderator, or a social media moderator (you can apply for a combination of the three as well)
- Roughly how much time you realistically feel you can dedicate to moderating and when you're available -- what responsibilities/commitments do you have that could interfere with being able to regularly help out?
- What you think the biggest problems with stories on the site are and what could be done to address them
- Links to 3 samples of your writing that you feel are your best work (only if you are applying as a queue moderator)
- Do you have social media experience with Facebook, Tumblr, Twitter, Instagram, Reddit, etc.? Can you provide us any links to personal, organizational, or other accounts for reference? These will not be shared publicly. (only if you are applying as a social media moderator)
- Do you have any experience moderating or working with people within a tightly knit community such as Lunaescence? This can be through online or in real-life interactions (for all positions).

Should your responses meet our requirements, we will be sending you another application for Round Two of this application process. Applications close on April 30, 2017.

Best of luck, fellow Lunatics!


Let's Get Writing!
Posted by Caraina
04/02/17 - 07:14AM
Welcome to April Everyone!

Things are still moving and shaking, so be sure to read all the way to the end.

We are still doing our fundraiser for a new server to ensure Luna’s longevity, so be sure to give that a look. Currently, we are at $4088 out of our $10,000 goal. Keep in mind that donors get priority in the queue, and you can elect to get cool rewards for certain benchmarks. One hundred dollars, two bucks, whatever you can afford will really help us in the long run! We wanted to personally thank a few of our donors, so thank you to:

Kyoyama Kita

If you don’t see your name here, but you did donate, please email Diamond April, as we want to make sure you all get the recognition you deserve! Of course, regardless of who you are, we are so incredibly thankful to receive everyone’s donations. We’ve got a ways more to go, but the support this community has shown is incredible. Thank you.

Our last theme was Totally Underrated.

And here are our nominations:
Armistice (Attack on Titan, 13+)
Some Kind of Trouble (Yu-Gi-Oh!, 13+)
Wildflowers (Naruto, 17+)

Congratulations you three!

The theme for May will be Revived!. If your favorite story was dormant, and is now updating again, nominate it here so everyone knows!

Our last featured challenge was the Blind Inspiration Challenge.
And here are the responses:
Wanted Poster (One Piece, 13+)
Life's Little Snippets (Original [Romance/Fantasy], 13+)

This month’s featured challenge is the Shuffle Challenge. For more information, click here.

We’re going to kick off our first return event with a classic fic trade! Roll up your sleeves, get your good writing pen out, and get ready to make some dreams come true everyone! Read the rules and sign up right here.

For a last few notes:
- We know that we still have many bugs to work out, so we really appreciate everyone’s patience and cooperation as we get everything sorted out. Providing screenshots and specifics on which skin you’re using and whatnot has made all the difference in getting things going quickly and effectively, and we really appreciate it! If you have a glitch that you’d like to report, let us know right here and we’ll take care of it as soon as possible.

- As a reminder, Lunaescence is now on social media! Check out our Twitter, Reddit, Instagram, and our revamped Tumbler.

- In the next few weeks we will be opening up applications for moderator positions! We are currently looking for
Queue Moderators, who focus on reading and validating stories, and validating authors
Community Moderators, who focus on site maintenance, writing announcements, and running events
And a new spot or two as Social Media Manager(s), who focus on taking care of and updating the social media accounts we now have. Keep your eyes peeled on the announcements if you are interested in any of these positions!

- And finally, the queue is open now, but we will be closing the queue for the last five days of this month so that the mods can have a chance to completely clear it out. The queue will be closed from 4/26 to 4/30, so get your stories in before then!

Happy April!


...And Lunaescence Returns!
Diamond April
Posted by Diamond April
03/15/17 - 07:24AM
Hello lovely Lunatics,

Today is March 15th, 2017 and I am pleased to say Lunaescence Archives is back online!

For those of you aware of the downtime, this is a very big, relieving moment, but for anyone else who may not have known, I will take a moment to explain the situation. Back in 2016, a hacking attempt resulted in us taking the site offline to address security vulnerabilities. Once the issues were addressed, an upgrade by our web host resulted in the administration options needed to return the site online becoming inaccessible.

With no response from the web host regarding the issue, it was with much consideration a fundraiser was launched to raise enough funds to purchase a server. Though the site is back online as of today, this does not mean we still should not aim to get the funding for a server. I am covering the costs for the site hosting for the time being, but if we all want to make sure the site can remain online for many years to come, it is crucial for us to secure an alternative to costly monthly hosting.

A further explanation on why a server is important for our beloved Lunaescence can be found here.

The Fundraiser
If you were one of the many generous contributors to the fundraiser, on behalf of Sally and all of the Lunaescence Moderation Team, I thank you. We sincerely appreciate all those who supported the fundraiser whether it be with a monetary contribution, spreading the word or just with kind words and encouragement. While the site may be up, we are still hoping to raise enough to solidify the online status of the site.

Please consider contributing to the fundraiser so we can get a server for Lunaescence and insure the site never goes offline again. As a thank you for contributing, you can select your pick of great Lunaescence branded merchandise like Messenger Bags, Writing Materials, Calendars, T-shirts and more.

Visit the fundraiser by clicking here.

Donor Status
For all contributors to the fundraiser, Donor Status, which gives your stories priority in the Queue, was offered as a reward. Though we do not have a formal feature for Donor Status yet, the Queue Moderators have been notified of which users have earned such status and the submissions of those users will be prioritized when the Moderators approve stories in the Queue. If you contributed and want to be sure I have your username, feel free to email me at diamondapril[at]

Registration has been fixed and is finally working so for all those who have been waiting to join the community, here is the moment you have been waiting for! If you are looking to make a new account here on, click here to go straight to the registration page.

Social Media Profiles
This year we have big plans for Lunaescence which include improvements to our online presence. Check out Lunaescence on Twitter, Reddit and on our revamped Tumblr. You can follow these pages for updates regarding the site, featured stories, prompts and writing tips.

Lunaescence Archives now has an official mailing list. Sign up to have the monthly announcements delivered straight to your inbox + plenty of extras. Sign up by clicking here.

Site Glitches
Some time was taken to update the site code prior to this relaunch. This is still a work in progress. The code updates should have fixed many of the errors mentioned by users in this thread, but if you still experience one of the listed errors or encounter any new ones, please post in the linked forum thread so I can keep track of all the issues that need attention. Notably, a lot of stories on the archive are showing up blank . If any of your stories appear blank, don’t worry. This is an ongoing issue we are addressing.

Queue Status
Currently the Queue is closed for new submissions. The Moderators will be using this time to clean out and moderate the stories that were in the Queue prior to the site going down. The good news is that if you submitted a work prior to the site going offline, there is no need for re-submission as the stories are still there and just in need of review. While everyone may not be able to post their wonderful work yet, think of this as a great opportunity to prep your stories for submission when the Queue opens once more.

We are proud to serve such an amazing community and sincerely thank everyone for sticking with Lunaescence despite the hardships. We have some great things planned for Lunaescence and are excited to share them with the community in the coming months.


Welcome to August
Diamond April
Posted by Diamond April
08/03/16 - 07:35PM
It's now August Lunatics and we here at Lunaescence hope your August is off to a great start!

Unfortunately, we have no nominations for this month, but that's okay because we have a new nomination theme that everyone can enjoy. Do you know a story that you think deserves more attention? Now is your chance to give a lucky writer the feature they deserve. The current nomination theme is Totally Underrated. Nominate a story that deserves a little extra attention over at the forums.

This month's Featured Challenge is Blind Inspiration. Try your hand at writing a story based on a mysterious prompt.

Back by popular demand , the Event of the Month for August is a Fic Trade. Sign ups will remain open until August 10th. Read all the details over at the forums.

Have a wonderful August!


Welcome to July
Diamond April
Posted by Diamond April
07/03/16 - 11:33PM
Welcome to July Lunatics!

This Month's theme was all about Adventure.

Check out the nominations:
Give Your Heart A Break (Rune Factory, 17+)
The Blue Moon (Saiyuki, 17+)

The current nomination theme is The End. Nominate a story that has recently been completed over at the forums.

For all the times things don't go as planned, this month's Featured Challenge is Summer Mishaps.

This month's Event is still a 'Telephone Round Robin'. In this Event writers will be putting their own creative spin on another writer's chapters, and three lucky individuals will be receiving a special prize. Learn more by clicking here.

Happy July and enjoy the rest of your Summer!


April Showers Bring May... Oh Wait
Diamond April
Posted by Diamond April
06/03/16 - 11:09PM
Can you believe it's June already? I could have sworn just yesterday it was May...

This Month's theme was Song Fics. Unfortunately we have no nominations, but that's okay because we have a new nomination Theme for you: Summer Adventure. Nominate your favorite Adventure story over in the forums.

Just in time for Summer, this month's Featured Challenge is Heat Wave.

Congratulations to Konekochan07, the winner of last month's Event. As part of her prize, Konekochan07 has chosen three stories for your enjoyment:

Darkness and Light (Once Upon A Time, All)
Should've Known Better (Once Upon A Time, Adult)
The Things We Do (And Say) For Love (Miscellaneous, 17+)

This month's Event is what we like to call a 'Telephone Round Robin'. In this month's Event writers will be putting their own creative spin on another writer's chapters, and three lucky individuals will be receiving a special prize. Learn more by clicking here.

Enjoy the rest of your June and Stay Cool!


Hello... It's May...
Posted by Caraina
05/03/16 - 05:25PM
The weather is getting nicer, school is winding down for a number of you academic- types, and summer is around the corner!
The theme for this month was Alternate Universes! We had one nomination:

Two to Tango by spookzz (Shingeki no Kyojin, 13+)

Excellent job~
For June, the theme will be song fics! Nominate your favorite song fic right here.

We also had an honorable mention for the Out of Place challenge:

MiM Series: The Heiress in Hunter x Hunter by Lunariasilver (all)

The featured challenge for May is the TURN IT UP TO 11! challenge. For more information/ to submit your responses, click here!

The event this month will be a response contest, once again! Participants will submit entries based around one central prompt (which has been changed for the new month). The last week of May, everyone will be able to vote for their favorite entries. Winner of the contest will have their top three stories featured in Junes announcements!
Rules and entries posted here.

Nothing new on the registration bug fix so far, but well keep you all posted!

And thats all we got for you this month! Happy writing, everyone!


It Is Now April
Posted by Caraina
04/03/16 - 12:42AM
April is here. No fooling.
The theme for this month was Original Characters! Our nominations were:

Where Not Even Gods Tread by LegatosServant (Original Story, 17+)
Paid in Blood by Jaded and Bacon (Skyrim, Adult)
Start to Shine by Bleu Wales (One Punch Man, 13+)

Congratulations, mdears! For May, the theme will be Alternate Universes, or stories featuring canon characters in non canon situations. Click here to nominate.

We also had two responses to the Third Person challenge:

Broken Promises by Symphonic Fantasia (Thor/Avengers, 13+)
Her by Mozart (Batman/ DC Comics, 13+)

Excellent job, you two! The featured challenge for April is the Out of Place challenge. Write a story in a completely different setting from where it is set canonically. Submit your responses here!

The winner of the fandom march madness was The Avengers!
This means that any fan of The Avengers now has bragging rights for eternity, as that is probably how march madness works.
Thank you to everyone who participated!

The event this month will be a response contest! Participants will submit entries based around one central prompt. The last week of April, everyone will be able to vote for their favorite entries. Winner of the contest will have their top three stories featured in Mays announcements!
Rules and entries posted here.

And thats it!
Happy April everyone!


Changing the Seasons
Posted by Caraina
03/02/16 - 12:05AM
Okay, Lunatics! Welcome to March!
The theme for this month was Introductory Stories, or stories that introduced you to a fandom or even Luna. Our nominations were:

The Keeper of Flame and the Master of Ice by UltraVioletSoul (Mortal Combat, 17+)
Monkey in the Middle by ElmireDolores (Star Wars, Adult)
Face Value by Jasminerva (Haikyuu!!, 17+)
Awkward Silences by Hakkyou Kaosu (Saiyuki, 17+)
Black Sun by Hikari Renge (Magi: The Labyrinth of Magic,17+)

Congrats, everyone! For April, the theme will be Original Characters! Stories featuring excellent original characters deserve some love, and this month, were gonna give it to them! Click here to nominate.

We also had one response to the Subtle Love challenge:
Away We Go by Mozart (Star Wars, 17+)

And an honorable mention to Bambina for her late entry:
Quietly, Now (Metal Gear, 13+)

Excellent job! The featured challenge for March is the Third Person challenge. Simply write a story in third person, and make it over 2,000 words long. Submit your responses here!

There will be two events for March!
First, we will be doing a fic trade! Be sure to sign up here before the 10th!
Second, starting tomorrow (March 2nd) I will be posting one poll every other day for our very own fandom march madness! Competing fandoms have been picked from the most popular titles in the anime/manga, books, games, cartoons/ comics, and movies/tv categories on Luna. Vote to make sure your favorites win!
Click here to go to the polls!

Lastly, were still getting questions about this, so I'll write it again in the hopes that everyone sees it this time. While you guys are allowed to use the main forums, Sally never really gave us the official go ahead to move back there. Until we do get Sally's approval, all of the mods will be using the backup forums exclusively. When we do move back to the main forums, we will make an official announcement right here in the news section on Luna, but until then, should you need to contact a mod for whatever reason, do so through email or the backup forums. Thank you so much for your cooperation!

Have a lovely March~


Love For People, Love For Pizza
Posted by Caraina
02/01/16 - 01:47PM
Be it for another human being or for your precious self, February is the month of love!
Reflecting that, the theme for this month was Storybook Romances. Our nominations were:

Our Last Dance by KarenaWilliams (Harry Potter, Adult)
A Single Thought by Blubeeny (Free!- Iwatobi Swim Club, All)

Congratulations, you two! For March, the theme will be Introductory Stories or the stories you read that introduced you to a fandom or to Luna. To nominate, click here.

We also had several responses to our featured challenge, The No Dialogue challenge.

Movement by Mozart (Star Wars, 13+)
Hold Me by fireofblood (One Punch Man, All)
Privacy by Tree_Of_Life (Star Wars, Adult)
Damning Evidence by Bleu Wales (Star Wars, 13+)
Undulate by brittle blossoms (Star Wars, 17+)

Nice work everyone! The featured challenge for February is the Subtle Love challenge, which can be found here.

This month's Event of the Month is an Interactive Story project with no shortage of romance. Click here to visit the post.

And thats about it! If you have any questions, feel free to email us or ask on the back up forums.
Have a lovely February!


Welcome to 2016!
Diamond April
Posted by Diamond April
01/01/16 - 06:28PM
Welcome to 2016, Lunaescence!

January 1st is the beginning of a new year in many places in the world, so if youre celebrating it, Happy New Years!

The theme for January was all about giving or receiving second chances. Check out the nominations below:

Reconfiguration by Byakko-chan (Dragon Ball Series, Adult)
Paradise Lost by SacredTear (Bleach, 13+)
Oh My Dear by Straw (Marvel Comics, Avengers, 17+)

In honor of Valentines Day commonly observed the 14th of February the current nomination theme is Storybook Romances! This theme is all about romances that seemed to have leapt from the pages of a fairytale. Click here to nominate.

Weve got a special new Featured Challenge for you: No Dialogue. The challenge is to write a story that doesnt utilize quotation marks.

The Event of the Month for December 2015, Story Wonderland, was a huge success. A big thank you to all the writers who participated. For Januarys Event of the Month weve got an exciting fic trade planned. Stay tuned for details!

Edit: Fic trade is now open for registration! Click here to sign up!

Happy 2016!


A Few Quick Notes
Caraina and Diamond April
Posted by Caraina and Diamond April
12/13/15 - 10:33PM
Hello all~
Just a few quick notes:

After a lot of hard work, the queue is now open! That's not to say we've seen all of the stories in the queue, but we have worked down the number of stories in the queue to a manageable amount.
That being said, please go easy on us as a number of the mods are wading through finals during this time of year (as are a number of you, I imagine).

We also wanted to remind everyone that, while the main forums are working, they are still buggy and in need of repair. You all are more than welcome to post in the main forums, but the moderators will not be checking them until we've been given the all clear to move back over there. In the mean time, if you have any need to get in touch with us about category requests, author validation, or really, anything you would need to talk to a mod about, please bring them up in the backup forums. Its free and easy to make an account! You are also always welcome to email any of the active mods (listed at the end of the last announcement).

And finally, we appreciate your continued patience with the registration glitch still on going. We are trying to get a hold of Sally so that we may have some updates for you on the various fixes that are still being worked on, but in the meantime, hang tight! We know how frustrating it is for you guys and we are beyond grateful for your understanding.

Thanks everyone and happy holidays!


We Come Bearing Gifts!
Caraina and Diamond April
Posted by Caraina and Diamond April
12/01/15 - 01:50AM
Hello Luna lovelies!
Announcements are a touch longer, so please bear with us and read to the end!
Your December announcements (and the announcements from now on) are brought to you from your new Community Moderators!
As a quick note, both of us (Caraina and Diamond April) are really excited to get to work, so please email us or send us a PM on the backup forums with your non- validation questions, ideas, dreams, aspirations, or whatever else.
Of course, you can still talk to the other mods about these same things, but as this is now our job specifically, they may lovingly pass your comments to us so that we can get back to you as quickly as possible.

To be clear, neither Caraina, nor Diamond April have the authority to validate anything, stories or authors.

Now, on to business!
Last month's theme was something that showcases what the holidays feel like to you, and here is our nomination:

The Distance of Forever by Isis san (Bleach, 17+)

The start of a new year is a chance for a fresh start, which is why the theme for January is Second Chances. You may nominate your favorite story as well as learn more about this theme over at the backup forum.

The Queue is not yet open, but we should be opening it soon. Just wait for us to announce it. Your patience is appreciated!

In the mean time, if you've ever wanted to collaborate with other writers on a story, now's your chance! There's a winter themed Round Robin going on over at the forum. As a special 'thank you' for participating, every participant will be receiving a special Holiday Gift on behalf of Lunaescence's Moderators. Click here to learn more and sign up.

Not interested in participating this time around? That's fine, because we also have a new featured challenge for you. Check out the Black is White and White is Black challenge by Vanilla over at the forum.
Unfortunately, no one replied to the Scented Candle challenge from last month.

Again, we have four new additions to Lunaescence's Moderating Team. The current moderators are:
Diamond April
Kerrigan Sheehan
Ruby Spice

Enjoy the rest of your December and see you in 2016!


New Moderators
Posted by Penguiduck
11/23/15 - 12:29AM
We're elated to introduce our new moderators!

Queue Moderators: Mozart and Breezy!

Community Moderators: Caraina and Diamond April!

Please join us in offering them our congratulations!

We will be working hard to train our new moderators this busy holiday season. For that reason, we will be locking the queue temporarily while we get some business straightened out.

If you have any pressing questions, for the time being, please address them to one of the senior moderators: perfect-to-stay, Kumi, Alastair, darkwing19, Kerrigan Sheehan, or Penguiduck.

Thank you for your patience, everyone!


Happy Holidays!
Posted by Penguiduck
11/01/15 - 10:55PM
Hello, Lunaescence!

The moderator selection process is still underway. We've just finished up Round 2 applications, so those of you who applied will be receiving an email within the next two weeks or so. For anyone else, get excited for some new moderators to help out with the queue and other events!

The theme for November was for nominations that you're thankful for:

Lovely Complex by Mozart (The Avengers, Youth)
Convalesce by Bleu Wales (The Avengers, 13+)
Compromising by Tsula (One Piece, 13+)
Trust by Suiren (Bleach, 13+)

Regardless of what or how you celebrate, the holiday season is a time for friends and family, laughter and warmth. Nominate a piece that features these themes and ideals, something that showcases what the holidays feel like to you. Click here to nominate.

Unfortunately, no entries were made for our featured challenge, but that's all right! We have something new for you: Scented Candle by History III

Have a wonderful November!


Posted by Penguiduck
10/01/15 - 11:40PM
Greetings, all of Lunaescence!

Moderator applications are officially closed! For those of you who applied, please hang tight for email responses! They shouldn't take more than a week, but we're trying our best to get them out as soon as possible.

The theme for October was something creepy, and here is your nomination:

The Butterfly Effect by UneAmieImaginaire (One Piece, 17+)

November's right around the corner! For November's nomination, let's start thinking of stories or pieces of writing that we are thankful for. This theme can be interpreted in any way you so choose. Pick a story that has stuck with you since your beginnings on Lunaescence. Or you can nominate poetry that gives you the feels every time you read it. Maybe you want to go with something that impacts you so deeply that you can't even take it. It's up to you! Click here to nominate!

We have two completed entries for our Pass a Smile challenge last month:

All Summer in a Day by Mozart (The Avengers, All)
Flu Season by AchievingEnterprise (One Piece, 13+)

We also have a new Featured Challenge in the works! Check out Safer Solution!

Enjoy your spooky, trick-and-treat-filled, pumpkin-spiced October!


Moderator Applications!
Posted by Penguiduck
09/20/15 - 12:22AM
Hello, Lunaescence Members!

As noted in our last announcement, we are opening up moderator applications!

Unlike past applications, however, we are looking for community moderators alongside our regular moderators. Our regular queue moderators will be helping out with keeping the queues down and educating members on grammatical/technical issues pertaining to submissions -- this is not to say that they cannot be involved in community activities as well because all of our moderators are welcome to pitch in when it comes to bringing Lunaescence members together. Community moderators, in particular, will be responsible for drafting announcements, running fic trades and challenges, maintaining categories/character requests, and addressing member issues and concerns about the site itself.

Realistically, we are looking for people who have time to dedicate to Lunaescence. We tend to be busier toward the ends/beginning of months since we're opening up new challenges and writing out announcements. The queue generally also moves quicker during these periods of time since we want to finish cleaning out older submissions.

For our queue moderator positions, we are looking for people that are mature and able to handle member inquiries, able to sort through the queue, have a solid understanding of the English language, and are willing to dedicate their time and effort to Lunaescence. If you are interested, here are the basic requirements for those who are interested in becoming a queue moderator:

� You must be a validated author or currently eligible for author validation (at least 5 stories or chapters with at least 5,000 words total, and no denials in the past 60 days) to apply.
� You must also be a member of the site for at least six months and be a minimum of 16 years of age, 18+ preferred.
� Please also consider that you will be asked to read outside of your fandoms and will be asked (within reason) to read content that you may not like, such as lemons, original fiction, and OOC stories.

Requirements for community moderators are much more slack, but we do ask that you fulfill the time and age requirements from above. While we will not be screening you for how well you can find, correct, and explain grammatical errors and concepts, you will still need to have solid writing skills to represent the staff in communication with the members of Lunaescence.

If you are interested, please send us an email at moderators.luna[at]gmail[dot]com with �Moderator Application� as the subject title and include the following information:

� Your Lunaescence username
� Whether you're applying as a queue moderator or a community moderator (you can apply for both)
� Roughly how much time you realistically feel you can dedicate to moderating and when you�re available -- what responsibilities/commitments do you have that could interfere with being able to regularly help out?
� What you think the biggest problems with stories on the site are and what could be done to address them
� Links to 3 samples of your writing that you feel are your best work (only if you are applying as a queue moderator)
� Do you have any experience moderating or working with people within a tightly knit community such as Lunaescence? This can be through online or in real-life interactions.

Should your responses meet our requirements, we will be sending you another application for Round Two of this application process.

The deadline for this application is October 1st. We ask all of you to remain respectful of the moderation process. Thank you for your cooperation, support, and patience.

We look forward to hearing from those of you who are interested! Again, if you have any questions about this process, feel free to reach out to me (Penguiduck). My contact information can be found this month's announcements.


Wham, Slam, Bam!
Posted by Penguiduck
09/02/15 - 12:23AM
Welcome to September, friends!

The theme for September was something sweet, and here are your selections:

A Not-So-Slight Misunderstanding by SHSL Fangirl (Ace Attorney, All)
The Pros and Cons of Silence by Seiragaki (Final Fantasy VII, All)
On Your Right by Lafrenze (Marvel, 13+)

Next we have October, so let's get CREEPY. Nominate anything that gives you chills or nightmares. It can be right out scary or something that makes your blood turn. This can represent the theme of a story or even just a scene in it.

We've concluded our August 2015 Fic Trades! Feel free to wander to the forums and take a look at those gems!

Here is a link to our new Featured Challenge: Pass a Smile! by Candy Shoppe. View for details! :)

Finally, we are looking for NEW MODERATORS.

We're going to try something a little different. Not only are we looking for the typical moderators to help sift through the queue, but we are also going to be adding at least one, potentially two, community moderators, whose sole duties are to help with Featured Challenges, forum maintenance, and other responsibilities other than the queue. If Lunaescence has ever been a regular part of your life, a place for you to build your confidence in writing, and a community to which you have felt a sense of belonging, please consider giving back!

One thing we ask you to consider very carefully is the amount of time you can realistically dedicate to Lunaescence.

Questions about the moderator selection process? Want to chat about your interest? Feel free to reach out to me (Penguiduck) -- you can either PM me on the forums or message me on Facebook (Yahtzee Penguiduck Dii). I'm friendly, I promise. :3

There will be another announcement with instructions for the application process in a week or two! Keep your eyes open!

Other than that, enjoy your September!


Just Keep Writing, Writing, Writing...
Posted by Penguiduck
08/02/15 - 02:22AM
Hello, August!

Here are our nominations! The theme for August is Friendship!

Like the Old Days by Symphonic Fantasia (Yu-Gi-Oh, All)
Jacob Have I Loved by cherno alpha (Fire Emblem: Awakening, 13+)

September is National Honey Month, so let's go with something sweet. Any story that has melted your heart or has given you those good feels is eligible for nomination! Head over to the backup forums to give us your nomination: Right here!

Our Featured Challenge for the month is Summer Sweethearts. Here is our one completed entry!

Reunion by Mozart (21 Jump Street, 13+)

We also want to give an honorable mention to Tsula, who made a noble effort but was unable to finish:

Absolution by Tsula (Castle, 13+)

This month, we have our August Fic Trade 2015. Fic Trades have always been very popular, so we thought we'd bring them back! Feel free to join! Click here!

Just as a final note, our active mods are:

Enjoy your August!


Posted by Penguiduck
07/03/15 - 03:40PM
--Alfred Austin

Welcome to July, folks! It's only getting hotter and hotter, and so are the challenges! Sadly, we had no nominations for this month's theme of Summer Reading, so I really don't have any suggested summer reading for you. :( Bad pun intended. That's how sad I feel about this.


Because August 2nd is National Friendship Day, the theme for August is Friendship! This means that we're looking for stories with a focus on friendships and platonic relationships. This is not to say that the nomination can't have any romantic involvement, but we'd like to see some friendship, too! Nominate here on the backup forums.

Now, some of you may have noticed that the forums are up! Whoo! That's great news! Until we get the "go ahead" from Sally, though, we'd like to stick with the backup one, just in case the site's forum gets glitchy again. :'D You're free to use it, but use at your own risk.

For our Fallen Fairytales challenge, we have an honorable mention:

Cinderella by Tsula (Law and Order, 17+)

And, of course, there is a new featured challenge: Summer Sweethearts!

So we all know rumors about summers and relationships. You meet people on vacation, at band camp, on a business trip, and even though the look in their eyes makes you swoon, you know the relationships will never last. Time to go back and dream.

Think of your favorite fictional character and write. It can be a reader-insert if you think there might be others who like this character or it can be told in any other perspective. It can have a happy ending or a sad ending. Go back to a time when you remember loving these characters and write for them as you have never written for them before.

Have fun with the challenge! Enjoy your August!


School's Out for Summer!
Posted by perfect-to-stay
06/05/15 - 10:45AM
Hello hello, Luna lovelies! Hope your school years are coming to a smooth conclusion (assuming youre in the northern hemisphere~)

The theme for June was Original Stories, and here are your picks:

Hit me I must be dreaming by BehindTheMask (Romance, et. al., 17+)
A Song, or The Lizard Story by agelade (Supernatural & Horror, et. al., All)
He Was Such a Sweet Boy by Murder-chan (Fantasy, 17+)

Julys theme is Summer Reading! Any story in the Books category is eligible. It doesnt have to be summer related, but bonus if it is. If youd like to nominate a story for featured, head over to the backup forums.

If you recall, last months featured challenge was Vivacious, Victorious, Vital Villains, and we have some participants! Woo! Check out their stories:

The Devil in Me by tsula (Far Cry 4, Adult)
Its Perspective by Chellendora (The Avengers/Thor, Adult)
Thoughts in the Dark by jozerr (Death Note, 13+)
Kiss at gunpoint by boboisthabomb (Gundam Wing, 13+)

Were also doing another featured challenge this month: crazynekokittens Fallen Fairytales Challenge. Respond to the challenge itself, and let us know here on the backup forums if you decide to write a story!

No announcements or anything for you this month, so carry on! Hope you have a wonderful June!


Can February March? NO BUT APRIL MAY.
Posted by Penguiduck
05/01/15 - 07:56PM
I'm so funny. c:

ANYWAY. Welcome to May!

Here comes May's story nominations. The theme was Ongoing Stories:

Colors of Love by Cleanvengeance (Axis Powers Hetalia, 17+)
There Are Whole Lives I've Destroyed by LegatosServant (Batman, Adult)
Zero Time by Kay (Final Fantasy, 13+)
Ruckus in Regence: A Sidekick's Story>Colors of Love by jimthejadeplant (Original, 13+)
Perks of Insanity by Ja_ne_chickie (Hunter X Hunter, 17+)
The Arrangement by Silver-Serenade (The Lord of the Rings, 13+)
Trippin' Balls by Rockinmuffin (Dragon Ball Series, 13+)
Job Application by AchievingEnterprise (Katekyo Hitman Reborn!, 17+)

For the month of June, the theme is Original Stories! This means that we're looking for stories that are original, 100% from the writer's mind. They can be of any genre, whether that's fantasy, science fiction, romance, mystery, adventure, etc. They can also be written in any POV and in any style (CYOA, WWYFF, play script, etc.). Nominate here in the backup forums!

Feel free to set up an account for the forums and use the Shoutbox to chat with your fellow Lunatics! There are threads set up there for new categories, author validation, technical issues, etc.

Remember our 28 Beautiful Words Featured Challenge? We have some winners!

Appellation by Tsula (Various, 13+)
Cover Your Eyes by Mozart (Marvel Comics, 13+)
By Any Other Name by AchievingEnterprise (One Piece, 13+)
The Story You Tell by Penguiduck (Various, 13+)

We also want to give an honorable mention to Chellendora, who made a noble effort but was unable to finish:

10 Beautiful Words by Chellendora (The Avengers, 13+)

We have a new Featured Challenge for you: Vivacious, Victorious, Vital Villains! Write a one-shot, a story, a poem (or anything else your heart desires) for someone who has played the role of the villain. Examples could include Izaya from Durarara!!, Sakyo from Yu Yu Hakusho, Loki from The Avengers, or Light from Death Note.

Just so you're aware, there is a roleplay called Moontide that is taking place in the forums. If you're feeling up for it, please hop in! The more the merrier! And, of course, you are welcome to start your own roleplays if you are interested.

That is all. Please let us know if you have any questions. Have a good May!


Spring Into Action!
Posted by Penguiduck
04/02/15 - 12:30AM
Welcome to April, fellow Lunatics! I hope all of your April Fools pranks went well. Feel free to share any of your April 1st adventures in the comments!

We're still working on getting the forums up and the registration issues fixed. We apologize for the delay and inconvenience. The server updated and messed up some of the coding, and Sally is very busy right now. We'll keep you updated, though!

Now, it doesn't look like there were any nominations for last month, so there are no featured stories. :( Sad.

Nonetheless, we move on! For the month of May, the theme is Ongoing Stories! You can nominate any story that is in the process of being completed. Nominate here in the backup forums!

Feel free to set up an account for the forums and use the Shoutbox to chat with your fellow Lunatics!

Also, I'd like to introduce to you a Featured Challenge! Click here for our 28 Beautiful Words challenge and details!

I have nothing else. Have a good April, lovelies!


No matter how long the winter, spring is sure to follow.
Posted by Penguiduck
03/07/15 - 03:27AM
Welcome to March! I hope everyone is looking forward to warmer weather!

We have good news and bad news. Which do you want to hear first?

Well, the bad news is that the forums are still down.

The good news is that we have a backup forum that we are in the process of ironing out right now just as a substitute until the official forum becomes available again. :)

See? That wasn't so terrible. You just have to register -- it's a quick process that will probably take no more than 60 seconds of your time.

Anyway, because the forums were not available at all through February, we're recycling the theme. It is still An Affair to Remember, and you may make the nomination here on the backup forum. Any story featuring some sort of infidelity or betrayal is up for nomination.

Unfortunately, we have no way of fetching February's nominations until the official forums come back up, so keep an eye out for that.

Otherwise, have a good March!


Keep Your Faith in Beautiful Things
Posted by Penguiduck
02/08/15 - 12:28AM
Welcome to February! Fun fact: In Old English, February was called Solmonath (mud month) or Kalemonath (cabbage month).

Let's hope our February is a little more eventful than mud or cabbage!

The theme for February is Same-Sex Couples!

Unfortunately, the forums are down right now, so we can't fetch the featured stories for you. :'D Be on the lookout for February's featured stories as soon as we can snag them!

Next month's theme will be An Affair to Remember~! Since Febrary is An Affair to Remember Month, any story featuring some sort of infidelity or betrayal up for nomination. A link shall be provided as soon as the forums are available. Meanwhile, start thinking!


Welcome to 2015!
Posted by perfect-to-stay
01/02/15 - 10:35PM
Happy New Year, everyone!

The theme for January is Best of 2014. Here are your featured stories:

Adventures in Babysitting by Meloxique (Haikyuu!!, 13+)
Keeper of the Gate by Chevalier (Romance, 17+)
Sunshine by WolfWarrior (Fruits Basket, 13+)

Congratulations to you all!

Next month's theme will be Same-Sex Couples!~♥ Any story in which a same-sex couple plays a significant role is up for nomination. You can nominate right here on the forums.

We're pleased to report that the ads and the previous donations to the site are plenty to keep it going for quite a while now. The donation button will reappear when donations are needed again, so rest easy for now.

Because it is a new year, I'll spare you your monthly dose of nagging. :) Have a great month!


Walking in a Winter Wonderland
Posted by Penguiduck
11/30/14 - 11:57PM
Its finally December! Whether or not you celebrate the holidays, it sure is a busy season!

The theme for December is Non-Reader-Inserts.

Even if I Dont by NineTailedFoxDemones (Fullmetal Alchemist, 13+)
Kiss by CuratioLethe (Loveless , 13+)

Congrats to Decembers winners!

And for the month of January, we are asking you to nominate the best of 2014! Any story that had its first chapter posted in the 2014 is eligible for this theme! To nominate and for a more detailed breakdown of the rules, please go here on the forums.

Now for some general reminders:

Please do not submit multiple chapters of the same story to the queue. We will delete them automatically, which wastes our time and yours. The reason why this is is because if one chapter is not validateable, the rest of them are likely not either. Also, with multiple mods working on the queue at a time, we may not validate them in order, which is problematic for obvious reasons.

Also, please do not add multiple categories to drabble/one-shot booklets unless the category has already been addressed. Otherwise, this only clutters categories and misleads readers.

Since were not running a fic trade for the month of December, we thought wed present another activity. We will be having our first Featured Challenge: Winter Wonderland by Aquamarine Shadows.

If you choose to participate, please feel free to post your entry in the comment section for the members of Luna to enjoy! As per the challenge, any fandom or character is welcome. Also, if you are an unvalidated author and need us to take a look at your story in the queue, please contact one of the mods. We'll be happy to help.

Have a wonderful December, everyone!


The wild November come at last!
Posted by perfect-to-stay
11/03/14 - 11:35PM
Welcome to November, y'all! Hope everyone's staying dry.

The theme of the month for November is fluff! Here are your featured stories:

End of Eden by Mao (Magi: The Labyrinth of Magic, 13+)
Nerves by Mrs_Anonymous (Ookiku Furikabutte, All)
Trigon by SubtleQuirk (Bleach, 13+)
Age comes with Emotions by lostHEAVENx (Baccano!, 13+)
Stupidity by Alexei (The Mortal Instruments, 13+)
Impossibility by Tsula (Yu Yu Hakusho, All)

Congratulations to all of you!

The theme for December is Non-Reader-Inserts. That's right, any story that is NOT a reader-insert is eligible. You can nominate here on the forums.

For once, we don't have any reminders for you! Everyone have a great month!


Nature is All Aglow
Posted by Penguiduck
10/01/14 - 11:58PM
And so autumn is here! Happy October, everyone! I hope you are reaping the benefits of the harvest, and enjoying the chill in the wind and the soon-to-be gold in the leaves!

This months theme is drabble booklets.

Sinbad by Gaarasgurl666 (Magi: The Labyrinth of Magic, 13+)
As The Years Go By... by Zecrea (Katekyo Hitman Reborn!, 13+)
Together Forever by Elsaa (Soul Eater, 17+)


Next month's theme will be fluff. Any story that contains something that makes you feel warm and fuzzy on the inside is eligible! Nominate here on the forums.

Next, we have a few notes wed like to make!

Backups: We strongly encourage you to backup your stories -- it is your responsibility. If you are not a validated author and we delete your story from the queue, it is gone forever. There is no way for us to get it back. Even if you are validated, the server could go down, and no one will have access to your writing, so please backup your stories on a jump drive, your own computer, another device, etc.

Also, please note that the mods are people, too! Well get to your email eventually if you choose to contact us, but allow a few days for us to respond! Bombarding us with emails day after day isnt exactly productive

Just out of curiosity, were wondering if Lunas members would be interested in grammar/writing workshops. This is something that is still a WIP, but were thinking about hosting these workshops every few months or so, probably on a Google Doc, at various times and on various dates. These workshops are especially targeted at those who are aiming for author validation, but anyone is welcome. If you like the idea, have any questions, or would like to provide feedback, feel free to comment on this post or even contact a moderator directly!

Have a great October! :D Enjoy the fall and the apples/pumpkins/candy/delicious goodness that comes with it!


Say, do you remember dancing in September?
Posted by perfect-to-stay
09/02/14 - 10:20PM
Welcome to September, everyone! I hope your fall term is getting off to a good start!

This months theme is School.

By Chance by aRLegOdDesS (Prince of Tennis, 13+)
His Homecoming by Amara Anon (Harry Potter, Youth)
Floating Castle by Penguiduck (Howls Moving Castle, All)
Twisted by Nocturnal (Naruto, Adult)

Congratulations to all of you. :)

Next month's theme will be Drabble Booklets. Any drabble booklet that contains more than three drabbles is eligible for nomination. You can nominate over here on the forums.

And now for the reminder of the month!

If you happen to receive an e-mail from a moderator that lists certain errors found in your story, remember that these are not the only errors--they are examples of the types of errors that were found. In order to save time, the mods won't point out every single error in your story like a beta reader would, so please make sure to double-check the entire story for errors before resubmitting.

Have a wonderful month!


Queue Open!
Posted by Alastair
08/13/14 - 07:12PM
Hello everyone~♥

The queue is officially open for submissions again! Thank you so much for your patience as we cleared the queue and trained our new mods~

That being said, as usual, please try to take it easy on us with the number of submissions you make in order to keep from flooding the queue. For a couple weeks, please try to limit yourselves to one or two stories per person. Itll help prevent the queue from clogging up again, and things will go much more smoothly~

Once again, thank you very much for your patience! Have a wonderful rest of the month~


Hot, Hot, Hot!
Posted by perfect-to-stay
08/01/14 - 09:13PM
Hey guys! Happy August!

This months theme is One-Shots~

69 by Sacred Tear (Bleach, Adult)
Aftermath by Raicho Kurubi (Dragon Age II, 17+)
Casual Affair by Dishrag (KHR!, 17+)
Helping Hand by Ria (Saiyuki, 13+)
A Horizon to Chase by Penguiduck (Legend of Zelda, All)

Congratulations to all of you~ Septembers theme is school. You can nominate any story that takes place in a school setting, whether thats elementary, middle, high school, or college. Nominate here in the forums.

Now, to answer the question youve all no doubt been wondering about: the queue is still closed as of this announcement, but we are a little over halfway done with emptying it. We plan on reopening the queue soon, though, so dont worry.

Next! This months announcement is mostly a link masterpost for your convenience~ Here are the threads we have in the forums for certain requests:

And here are links to things that could help speed up your storys time in the queue:

And thats all for August! Thank you all for being so patient with us, and we hope you all have a great month~♥


New Modlings~♥
Posted by Alastair
07/07/14 - 05:57PM
Hey everyone!

So I know its only been a couple days since the monthly announcement, but we have some exciting news~ We are very pleased to announce two new moderators: Kumi and Ruby Spice! Congratulations to you both~!

Now that evaluation of moderator applications is done with, we mods are now able to focus on getting the number of stories in the queue down. However, as usual, to give our two new modlings time to learn how to queue-nom, we will be closing the queue.

Now, for the next month or so, please don't ask them about stories in the queue. They have been instructed to ignore such emails while theyre learning how to be mods. If you need to ask about the status of a story, refer your questions to Kerrigan Sheehan, Penguiduck, perfect-to-stay, dark_wing19, or myself. You also have the option of posting in the story validation forum thread. Repeatedly poking the new mods may result in a temporary ban. (So dont do it!) (Though sending them congrats is fine, of course!)

Also, if you have any concerns or questions about our decision on the new mods, please email one of the older mods (previously mentioned in the paragraph above) privately to discuss things.

Thats it for now, everyone! Have a wonderful rest of the month~♥


Et tu, Brute?Then fall, Caesar!
Posted by Alastair
07/02/14 - 01:36AM
Happy July, everyone! (And happy birthday, Cana) (Yo guys! My birthday is in 3 days!! America interrupts, shouting excitedly.) Whats a Hetalia reference.

A-Anyway! Hahaha. This months theme is Chaptered Stories!

Give Your Heart A Break by SacredTear (Rune Factory, 17+)
Shades of Bizarre by lilforgetsalot (Marvel Comics/The Avengers, 13+)
Shattered Symphony by Penguiduck (Be My Princess, 13+)
Snapshots by Akira Mokona (Hetalia, 13+)
Words Whisper, Actions Scream by Shade (Pokemon, 17+)

Congratulations to all of you~ Now, in contrast to this months theme, next months theme will be One-Shots! Specifically, one-shots 1,000 words or longer. You can nominate here on the forums!

And now an important reminder from your mods!

Its extremely important that you have a valid email address associated with your Lunaescence account and that you check that email regularly. This is the only way we mods have to contact you in case of any problems. If there is another email address you check more frequently than the one associated with Luna, you can have emails forwarded automatically. Click here for instructions for Yahoo!, here for Gmail, or here for Microsoft/Hotmail/Live/Outlook.

Thats it for this months announcement~! For those of you in the northern hemisphere, I hope youre enjoying the summer so far! And for those of you in the southern hemisphere, I hope youre enjoying the cooler season~ (Winter is coming? lolol.) Have a great month, everyone! ♥


[Insert Title Here]
Kerrigan Sheehan
Posted by Kerrigan Sheehan
06/01/14 - 10:56PM
This month's theme is Summer Lovin.

Crush by Phoenix (Hetalia, Adult)
Hello Baby by WolfWarrior (KHR!, 13+)
Summer Skin by DragonSilk (Yu-Gi-Oh, Adult)

Congratulations to the three of you. Next month's theme is Chaptered Stories. Any story that isn't a poem, poem collection, drabble book, or one-shot is eligible. You can nominate here on the forum.

Additionally, those who were nominated last month are keeping their blue ribbons through June because they got them abnormally late due to a moderator error. (S-So sorry, Alastair chimes in, crying tears of shame.)

Before we get to your monthly dose of reminders, there are a couple of notes about upcoming events. I have some good news and some bad news. The bad news is that there will be a queuelock some time this summer when we finish moderator applications. The good news is that there will almost certainly be new moderators. Now onto more good news. There's a possibility that one of the other moderators will be able to run a fic trade, but this hasn't been confirmed yet.

And now for that monthly dose of reminders...

Because its summer and we have a fair number of new and seasonal authors and have seen some confusion on the subject, wed just like to remind everyone that we dont actually look at the content of a story when we consider whether or not to validate it. Were only looking at the grammar. In other words, a great story written with terrible grammar won't pass the queue.

That said, a lot of stories come through the queue, so if we see obvious problems like a multiple submission, a bad title (unnecessary special characters or pairing in the title), way more fandoms than chapters, or a bad rating, we will automatically deny it without looking at the content.

The currently active moderators are: Alastair, dark_wing19, DragonSilk, Kerrigan Sheehan, Penguiduck, and perfect-to-stay. You can contact us using the form on our profile pages or by emailing moderators[dot]luna[at]gmail[dot]com.

If you need a fandom added to the archive or a new character added to an existing fandom, the place to request that is this forum thread. Requests elsewhere are not likely to be seen. When making requests, please go to the last few pages of the thread and make sure that what you're requesting hasn't already been requested by someone else since the last post from a moderator stating that categories were added. We don't need three requests for the same fandom.

Wed also like to remind everyone that any on-screen sexual content in the story means that it needs to be rated either Adult or Adult+. Weve been cracking down on 17+ lemons because weve seen a lot of them lately.

Edit by dark_wing19
Indeed, we will be having a fic trade this summer! If you're interested in participating, pop on over here to sign up!


Posted by Alastair
05/02/14 - 03:09AM
ITS GONNA BE MAY. (Click the link for a stupid joke brought to you by Alastair.)

A-Anyway! Hahaha. Happy May, everyone! This months theme is New Beginnings~

The Game of Love by SubtleQuirk (Naruto, Adult)
Once Upon A Caterpie by Kamisori (Pokemon, Youth)
Stop by Siruru (Katekyo Hitman Reborn!, 13+)

Congratulations to you three! ♥ Next months theme is Summer Lovin! Any story that takes place during the summer is eligible for nomination! (Bonus points if theres some summer romancin~) Nominate over here in the forums~

This month, our only other announcement is that moderator applications are closed. Thank you to all those who applied!

And thats about it for this month! Hope youre all doing well~ (And to those of you who are in school, good luck with finals coming up!) Take care, everyone!


Opening Moderator Applications!
Posted by dark_wing19
04/17/14 - 10:42PM
Hello you wonderful members of the Lunaescence Archives!

Got some spare time? Ever wish you could be a bigger part of this lovely community? Do you want to be the very best like no one ever was?

All Pokmon jokes aside, we are, as promised, opening up moderator applications! But dont be fooled! Being a moderator is hard work. We are looking for people that are mature and able to handle member inquiries, able to sort through the queue, have a general understanding of the English language, and are willing to dedicate their time and effort to Lunaescence.

Still interested? Here are the basic requirements:

You must be a validated author or currently eligible for author validation (at least 5 stories or chapters with at least 5,000 words total, and no denials in the past 60 days) to apply.
You must also be a member of the site for at least six months and be a minimum of 16 years of age, 18+ preferred.
Please also consider that you will be asked to read outside of your fandoms and will be asked (within reason) to read content that you may not like, such as lemons, original fiction, and OOC stories.

Think you have what it takes? Then please send us an email at moderators.luna[at]gmail[dot]com with Moderator Application as the subject title and include the following information:

Your Lunaescence username
Roughly how much time you realistically feel you can dedicate to moderating and when youre available
What you think the biggest problems with stories on the site are
Links to 3 samples of your writing that you feel are your best work

I really want to help out, but the only times Im available are during summer and winter. I guess that means I cant apply... Having this thought? No worries! You are still more than welcome to apply for a moderator position. Although year round coverage is ideal, we also understand that life gets in the way (we completely understand--really). Thats why we are also offering part-time positions. We just ask that you please state you are only available during those specific times. After all, it never hurts to have a bit more help during the busiest times of the year!

The deadline for applications is May 1st. We ask that you all remain patient and respectful during the moderator process. And as always, we thank you for your cooperation and support.

We hope to hear from those who are interested!


Drip, drip, drop, little April Shower, beating a tune as you fall all around~!
Posted by Penguiduck
04/01/14 - 08:05PM
Drip, drip, drop, little April Shower, beating a tune as you fall all around~!

This months theme is April Antics!

Don't Hold the Wall by UneAmielmaginaire (One Piece, 17+)
Man's Best Friend by Kamisori (Naruto, 17+)
My Little Roomie by Cake (Katekyo Hitman Reborn!, 17+)
Darum Liebe Ich Dich by ErPo (Axis Powers Hetalia, Adult)
Ah...f*ck by littleduck (Yu Yu Hakusho, 17+)
Daily Lives of Military Boys by Paako (Shingeki no Kyojin, Youth)

Congrats to our nominated authors! Next months theme is New Beginnings -- anything that involves new life, a new start, new ideas, etc! Nominate here in the forum. were not really banning the word orbs. That was an April Fools joke. On the other hand...

Your friendly neighborhood mods would like to remind you all about submissions really quickly.

First, please DO NOT submit multiple chapters of the same story to the queue. We will delete them automatically, which wastes our time and yours. The reason why this is is because if one chapter is not validateable, the rest of them are likely not either. Also, with multiple mods working on the queue at a time, we may not validate them in order, which may cause problems.

Second, mind your ratings! If you need a brief summary of what each rating entails, please look at our rules section. If you have any specific questions, you can email the moderators. Just as a rule of thumb, its better to rate higher if youre unsure.

And finally, DO NOT add multiple categories to drabble/one-shot booklets unless the category has already been addressed. Otherwise, this only clutters categories and misleads readers.

With that said, onto more exciting news!

We are opening up moderator applications! We are looking for applicants who have the time to help with the queue, are mature and fair, and who have a solid understanding of the English language. Please be on the lookout for another post for more information and instructions for applying! If you have any questions, feel free to email a moderator or the joint moderator account at

Here is a list of currently active mods:

  • Alastair
  • dark_wing19
  • DragonSilk
  • Kerrigan Sheehan
  • Penguiduck
  • perfect-to-stay

And finally, as an update from Sally, we currently have $1,161.64 in the Paypal account.

Have a wonderful month of April, everyone!


"Orbs" Belong on Magic Staffs
The Moderators
Posted by The Moderators
04/01/14 - 07:04PM
It is our deep regret that we will be banning the word "orbs" from the archive when used in the context of eyeballs. Quite frankly, it makes the moderators roll their eyeballs when they see it. It's not cute, and it's not funny. It's really getting staler than Mary-Sue. You have 60 days to remove all instances of the word "orb" from your stories or you will receive a temporary ban that lasts exactly 2.56 seconds.

Thank you.

-The Moderators


March Onward!
Posted by Alastair
03/02/14 - 06:35AM
What?! Its already March?! I couldve sworn it was only February two days ago

A-Anyway! This months theme is Completed Stories!

Alike by SacredTear (Bleach, 17+)
Camaraderie by Mozart (Axis Powers Hetalia, 17+)
The Cranapple by Burning Cannoli (Original Stories, Youth)
For our Futures by dragonfly (Dragon Ball series, 17+)
Unintentionally Intentional by Mrs_Anonymous (Katekyo Hitman Reborn!, Adult)

Congratulations to you lovely blue ribbon winners~ Next months theme is April Antics! Any story marked under the genre comedy or humor (or both!) that made you laugh whether it be a quiet chuckle, a full-belly laugh, or even a HELP I CAN'T SEE IM CRYING BECAUSE IM LAUGHING SO HARD laugh is eligible for nomination. Nominate over in the forums~

And thats it! Look at how short that announcement was, wow. JUST LIKE HOW SHORT A MONTH FEBRUARY WAS. *flails* H-Have a great March, everyone~!


Featured Stories for February~
Posted by Alastair
02/01/14 - 08:24PM
Happy February, everyone! This month for featured stories we have a Free-For-All.

Aqua Pura by loki (Free! - Iwatobi Swim Club, Adult)
Barriers by Spirit Archer (Axis Powers Hetalia, Adult)
Loyal Dog by Suki-chan (Fullmetal Alchemist, 17+)
Shadows of Time by WindsOfSolitude (Legend of Zelda, 17+)
Snowy Love by lunaticxluuna (Hakuouki, 17+)
Unacceptable by almond-milk (Katekyo Hitman Reborn!, 13+)

Congratulations to all of you~!

Marchs theme is Completed Stories. Any story that has been marked as completed by the author and has never been featured in the past is eligible for nomination! Nominate here in the forum.

As usual, a couple of reminders from your mods~

Firstly, please remember to save and back up your work. Whether it be to your computers hard drive, a thumb/flash-drive, Google Docs, Dropbox, or any other method, it is important to save your work to a place where you can easily retrieve it. The site is not responsible for lost content. To those of you unvalidated authors, when your story is deleted from the queue, it is gone. Permanently. We will not be able to retrieve it for you, so remember to always keep a copy of your work to prevent any mishaps.

Next, please make sure to always run your work through a basic grammar and spellchecker. Microsoft Word has a built-in one, but for those of you who dont have MSWord, there are some online proofers you can find here, here, here, and here.

Additionally, if you need any more help, we suggest tracking down a beta reader! Luna has a section of the forum dedicated to finding beta readers, and of course, the site has a list of beta readers that can be narrowed down by going to a specific category and clicking the link that says Beta Readers at the top of the page.

Thats all for now, everyone! I hope you all have a supremely fabulous February!


January Funding Levels
Posted by Sally
01/05/14 - 12:51AM

Here's our funding update for January:

Ad Revenue:$65.00
Server Payment:-$129.00
Current Balance:$1,181.13

Frequently Asked Questions

Question: So how is advertising revenue generated?
Answer: We utilize an advertising service called Project Wonderful. Project Wonderful places your ad spaces into an open auction, allowing advertisers to bid for the chance to advertise on your site. Whoever has the highest bid is the ad that displays. The number of ad views is displayed to bidders, so the more views the more people may be willing to play the auctions.

Q: What determines what ads display?
A: I hand-pick every ad that displays and thus, all advertisers have to have my permission before their ad displays. I allow literature; art; education; webcomics; graphic novels; arts and crafts; hobby sites; video games; reference material; and writing tools and software. All must be safe for work (and humanity) and easy on the eyes. If the ad is annoying in any way, it doesnt go up.

Q: You promised funding levels would be displayed somewhere, when is that happening?
Soon. As in Sally-ism soon. (Sorry, Sally-time is different than time measured by other mortals. ^_^;;)

Q: You also promised something special for donors. *poke, prod*
A: Sally is a slacker.

Thanks to everyone who donated!

EDIT:Oops, wrong numbers in wrong columns. ^_^;;

EDIT 2: Attempting to fix my funky math


The Year...It's All...New...
Kerrigan Sheehan
Posted by Kerrigan Sheehan
12/31/13 - 10:00PM
Happy 2014, everybody!

This month's theme of the month is "Best of 2013."
A Blind Man's Heavy Gaze by Jury (Zero Escape, 17+)
Brightest by Straw (Iron Man, 17+)
Echo by Silver-Serenade (Star Trek, 13+)
Into the Zion by Kenway (The Last of Us, 17+)
No Use in Being Useless by LegatosServant (Hunger Games, 17+)
Under Duress by KarenaWilliams (South Park, 13+)

Congratulations to all of you.

In February, we're going to have a Free-For-All. This means that any story on the site that has never been featured before can be nominated. What are you waiting for? Go nominate something.

It wouldn't be a monthly news post without your moderators nagging you about something.

Please use a spell check before you submit your story to the queue. If your word processor and browser both lack English language spell check, you can always use a free spell check online. (We don't care if you use British or American spelling, just that you're consistent with which one you use.) Seriously, if there's one thing we shouldn't have to deny stories for, it's spelling because it's the easiest thing to fix.

You're responsible for backing up your work. Websites crash, and computers break. When we deny things from the queue, we delete them completely. We cannot recover them for you. Do yourself a favor and save your work to an online service like Google Docs or Dropbox, save it to to a USB memory stick or a disc, or simply email it to yourself. Your future self will thank you in the event that your regular working files are lost.

And, since January is as good a time as any, here's a list of currently active moderators:
  • Alastair
  • dark_wing19
  • DragonSilk
  • Kerrigan Sheehan
  • Penguiduck
  • perfect-to-stay


And Now, Back to Your Regularly Scheduled Announcements...
Kerrigan Sheehan
Posted by Kerrigan Sheehan
12/04/13 - 01:37AM
I hate to bump down Sally's wonderful news, but there are a couple of announcements that need to be made.

The theme of the month is Never Featured Authors.
150 Bottled Fairies by Rosebud (Legend of Zelda, 17+)
A Kunoichi at Heart by Chloryl (Naruto, 13+)
All You Are To Me by Suki-chan (Bleach, 17+)
Cracks Under the Surface by ElleBelle (Harry Potter, 13+)
Finding Common Ground by crazed pyschopath (Yu Yu Hakusho, 17+)
Spoiled Kids Next Door by Paper_Bullets (Ouran High School Host Club, 13+)

Congratulations to all of you. Next month, we'll be featuring The Best of 2013. Nominations are here.

There is an anonymous fic trade going on in December. Signups are on the forum and will be open until December 10th.

The queue is open again, and Sally is working on donor usergroups.

Just a reminder, if you use an adblocker, please go into the settings and disable it for (Yes, most adblockers will allow you to disable them for just one site.) The content of the ads themselves is safe for work, and they shouldn't cause any problems on slower computers or internet connections. They don't make any noise or pop up. Most of the people who advertise on this site are people with serial stories or webcomics or they're independent artisans, and the ad revenue helps keep the site running. If you would like more information about the ad service we use, it's Project Wonderful.

Edit by Kerrigan Sheehan: The moderators are experiencing a display issue with the queue that makes it look like your submissions are giant walls of text, even when they aren't. A few stories were wrongly denied for formatting errors before we figured out what was going on. If your story was denied in the past few days for formatting errors (and no other reason), but you think that the formatting was fine, please feel free to resubmit it as it was.

We're leaving the queue open, despite the issue, but it takes us a little longer per story with this issue. Otherwise, it shouldn't really affect users because it's purely a behind-the-scenes error. An email has been sent to Sally about this already.


December Funding Levels
Posted by Sally
11/30/13 - 01:35PM

Here's our funding update for December:

Advertising Revenue$64.72

Umm... WOW!

From here on out, please make sure you include the user name you want "Donor" status applied to. I'll begin work on the donor status yet this weekend.

Thanks to everyone who donated!


One More Try
Posted by Sally
11/26/13 - 09:48PM
The mods have persuaded me to give this one more try. The site costs $130 a month to run. Were going to start doing donation drives. Over the coming weeks, youll begin to see changes coming to Lunaescence.

Whats in store
  • To encourage donations, donators will:

    • Be placed in a special Donor user group and icon indicating the person has contributed to the site.

    • Donors will also receive priority validation status -- both stories AND author validation. It wont guarantee youll get validated, but it will place you automatically at the top.

    • Were exploring the idea of T-shirts, bracelets and other apparel as Thank You Gifts

  • Soon those blocking ads will see new messages asking them to please enable them or consider donating.

  • On logging in, users will see a notice regarding current funding levels. These notices will also be available in several places around the site.

Regarding Hosting
In the beginning, Lunaescence used to only cost $25 every three months.

However, it grew to the point it had to keep moving to new servers because we used too many resources. Im not entirely talking about bandwidth or actual storage space, but computing cycles / power. It takes a powerful system to run this website. Even taming the database queries and taking steps to install a caching system, the site still talks to the database many thousands of times to serve up stories, reviews, and everything else. We went from a tiny site with maybe 100 users to over 10,000 unique visitors a DAY visiting the site. As we hit that 10,000 people / day mark, we faced repeated hardware failures. To resolve those issues, we had to move and our costs jumped from $40 every three months to $130 each month.

Sure, we could go back to using a $10 a month server. But that would mean wed basically only be open for maybe the first week or two weeks of every month. (Thats about what we were averaging before wed overwhelm the system and crash the entire web server before we moved.)

Thank you to everyone who has already contributed. If your email address you used with paypal is the same one you have signed up with your account, you'll notice the changes automatically. Moving forward, please note the account you wish to have Donor status applied to.

Thanks again


Lunaescence Back Online
Posted by Sally
10/21/13 - 12:04AM

Lunaescence is back online.

So what happened? $5 in donations, $70 in ad revenue, for a grand total of $75 this month to pay $130 in server costs. I just paid it out of pocket. But I had to wait until my bills and groceries were paid for.

This isn't working, guys. I'm going to be very frank: I can not afford this website. I really thought I made that clear when we moved to the larger server.

After much consideration, I have decided to keep the site going through this month and then for November, but we will be closing December 6th.

Thank you so much to everyone for sticking with us for all this time. Thank you to all the mods for their hard work and dedication in keeping Lunaescence alive. Thank you, all of you, for all the great times.



October Already?!
Posted by Alastair
10/01/13 - 02:05AM
Waaah, its already October, everyone! Whos ready to start buying bags of candy for trick-or-treaters but instead eat them all yourselves? I know I am! Hahaha~

Anyway, this months theme is Alternate Universes!

Absolute Surreality by Mozart (Axis Powers Hetalia, 13+)
Breakable by Pepe Le Pew (Bleach, 17+)
Echo by Byakko-chan (D.Gray-Man, Adult)
Romancing the Sword by Bleu Wales (One Piece, 13+)
Shes a Rebel by Rougeberry (Naruto, 17+)
the things we could be by KarenaWilliams (South Park, 17+)

Congratulations to you all~! Now, November is Never-Featured Authors month. Its pretty self-explanatory~ Just nominate stories by authors who have never been featured before! You can nominate a story over here in the forums.

Now, for some good news and a couple reminders~

The queue has reopened! We thank you all very much for being so understanding and patient with us. But now that submissions are back up, please, please try not to swamp us with a crazy influx of stories. We know you guys have been waiting for a long while, but try to limit your submissions to maybe one or two per person at a time, at least until the first couple days of the queue reopening have passed. Were short on hands and spread thin on time for modding, but please bear with us.

Next, there is a fic trade going on this month! Signups can be found here in the forum.

As for reminders! Please make sure to space between your paragraphs. It makes our eyes sad to see huge walls made out of titans of text. A way to avoid this is to manually copy and paste your story into the text box and edit your HTML and formatting from there. Submitting your story by uploading it as a file usually results in your story looking funky, so try to avoid using it. Another way to avoid this is to preview your story before submitting it. That way, there are no surprises!

Thats about it for now! Hope you guys have a wonderful October! ♥


On Featured Stories and Queue Closures
Posted by DragonSilk
09/01/13 - 03:01AM
Happy September all around~!

First, we have our fabulous featured stories. The theme was Long and Done. So you dont have to worry about any cliffhangers with these stories!

(I Want) Your Delicate Salvation by ElmireDelores (D.Gray-Man, Adult)
Almost by Siruru (Katekyo Hitman Reborn!, 13+)
Bird in a Cage by Cleanvengeance (Axis Powers Hetalia, 17+)
Like Family by Lucky107 (Ao no Exorcist, Youth)

Next months theme will be Alternate Universes, and you can nominate your favorite theme-related story here.

Now, time for some monthly reminders.

1| Please remember that you need to have a valid, working email address in order to use the site. This is more important for unvalidated authors because we send letters every time we delete a story from the queue and sometimes when we validate them.

2| There are some copyright owners that dont allow fanfiction for the works they own. We cant add these as categories because it would leave the site open to a lawsuit if we hosted fanfiction for those works. Most of the affected fandoms are books, but the moderators arent necessarily familiar with who wrote every series. So if youre requesting a book fandom or a fandom for a movie or television show thats based on a book, please include the name of the books author.

3| Please consider the fact that some members do access Lunaescence from public computers. In order to keep Luna from being blocked by any filters, we ask that you please keep your summaries free of profanity. If your summary contains anything that would cause it to be rated higher than All, you need to change it.

I also have a bit of news that many of you may not be happy about. As some of you know, summer is a busy time on Lunaescence. The queue has inflated to a fairly decent size, and we have made the decision to close it for some end of the summer cleanup. Its not as huge as it has been in the past, but we would like to clean it out now that summer is over. Well let you guys know when it reopens.


Does This Newspost Really Need a Title?
Kerrigan Sheehan
Posted by Kerrigan Sheehan
08/01/13 - 08:25PM
Happy August. it August already? My, how time flies!

This months theme of the month is small fandoms, which we judged to be fifty stories or less this time.

Failsafe by lazykitsunechan (Young Justice, 13+)
Light the Fuse by iSherbika (Ookiku Furikabutte, 13+)
Little Things by Believer (+Anima, All)
Replacement by Mikari (Absolute Boyfriend, 13+)
Stitches of a Girl by IMNight (Psycho-Pass, 17+)
Superconvict! by Random Person (Superjail!, 13+)
The Breton and her Dragonborn by Astride (Skyrim, 13+)
You're Serious, Aren't You? by Leviathan Marionette (Kuroko no Basuke, 17+)

Yes, that's two more than usual, but there were a lot of nominations. Next months theme is Long and Done, which is any story that's complete and is also over 5,000 words long. (5k is pretty long for a one-shot or a drabble book.) You can nominate here in the forum.

Have a Vintage Prompt Trade! Recycle your favorite prompts from trades gone by. Not your prompt? Different fandom or pairing? Already written? Christmas in August? No problem! Unearth some hidden gems in the forum archive or pull the silliest things you can find.

Now to put on the serious face and give you some reminders.

Please read the rating and warnings of a story before you read the story itself. While constructive criticism is fine, no author wants to read your rant about how much you hate fluff, rape fics, lemons, etc. The rating and warning systems are there for a reason: to warn you about content you may not want to read. If the author labeled and rated the story correctly and you went ahead and read it anyway and got offended, its not the authors fault, and ranting at them is kind of spammy.

If you're going to email a moderator or post in the story validation request thread, please give the date of the most recent post, not the date of the first chapter you posted from that story or the date that the previously denied version of the current chapter was posted. We ask that you wait at least a week, preferably two weeks before asking, and we base whether or not you've waited on the date listed in the queue. Please also keep in mind that it's the end of the summer, and wait times at this time of year tend to run a bit longer than average.

Everybody hates plagiarism. Its bad for writers and bad for fandoms. Unfortunately, there have been recent cases of people making money off of plagiarized work by self-publishing plagiarized pieces. Think fanfiction authors arent affected? Amazon has a deal to allow fanfiction for certain fandoms to be published through its store, and OOC fics can easily just have names and details changed to disguise them as original fiction. So how can you report it?

1. Take screencaps of both the original and the plagiarized version. Be sure to get usernames and timestamps.Do this before reporting it or contacting anyone, just in case the plagiarizer deletes the evidence. If you arent the original author, let the original author know if possible.

2. If the illegitimate version is on another site, report it to that site. There are some great livejournal groups like fpwatchers and stop_plagiarism that can help you deal with the often daunting task of reporting plagiarized stories to larger sites like

3. If the illegitimate version is on Lunaescence, email one of the moderators directly or email the joint moderator account (moderators[dot]luna[at]gmail[dot]com) with either links to or screencaps of both the original and the illegitimate version. We take these reports very, very seriously.

Avatar by: shelzie on DeviantART.


Assassino! No, un Moderatore!
Kerrigan Sheehan
Posted by Kerrigan Sheehan
07/01/13 - 01:25AM
Happy July, everybody.

This month's theme of the month is Unvalidated Authors. Yes, every story listed here was written by an author who was not validated at the time of this announcement. These stories were each picked by a different moderator. I've included who nominated what because our nomination process was behind-the-scenes. (Usually, if you want to see who nominated something, you can just go to the nomination thread in the forums.)

Adventures of a Dragglehoof by Sioranth (Warcraft, 13+, nominated by Kerrigan Sheehan)
Happily Ever After by Hetalian (Axis Powers Hetalia, All, nominated by Alastair)
Megabytes, But I Bite Harder by LavenderMagik (Yu Yu Hakusho, 13+, nominated by dark_wing19)
Stages of Affinity by Khepri (Tales of Vesperia, 13+, nominated by perfect-to-stay)
The Player by Viska Vatten (Yu-Gi-Oh, 13+, nominated by DragonSilk)
Warm Woolen Mittens by ShayInWonderland (Original Fiction, 13+, nominated by Penguiduck)

Congratulations to all of you. Next month's theme of the month is small fandoms. This time, we're limiting the nominations to stories from fandoms with less than fifty stories total. You can nominate here in the forums.

There's also a fic trade going on in July. The signup thread is here in the forums.

Now...onto your scheduled monthly nagging...

  • Moderator Emails: Don't ignore moderator emails. I really shouldn't have to say this two months in a row...but if you resubmit your story without any editing, it will be denied again with a warning. If you keep doing it, your account will be locked. We really do mean this...
  • Multiple Submissions: If you aren't validated, don't submit multiple chapters of the same story to the queue. We don't always look at things in the order they were submitted, and when one chapter has an issue, the other is likely to as well. If you submit multiple chapters of the same story, all chapters in the queue are subject to automatic deletion.
  • Extra Categories: Your drabble books should only be listed for the categories they actually contain, not the ones you'll "eventually get around to writing." If we see a submission in the queue with more categories than chapters, we will deny it. If it's already validated or you're a validated author, you may log on to find the extra categories removed from the drabble book in question, and we may or may not send an email about this.
  • Category Requests: Please check if a category already exists before you request it. This also means checking other places where it might be. We generally put categories under the original medium, so a lot of movies and TV shows are listed under books or comics.
  • Character Requests: Please don't request more than 25 characters for a category at a time. The maximum number of characters that the site lets us add to a given fandom at a time is 25. Please also check which characters are already in the category before you request more.
  • Backups: You are responsible for keeping a backup copy of your story on a thumb drive, cloud service, or other form of storage. Websites get attacked or go down. For those of you who aren't validated, this is doubly important. When a story is denied from the queue, it is deleted from the site completely. We can't recover it for you.
  • Assassin's Creed: Some of you may have noticed that your stories were moved in the past few days. Thank you for your patience. The Assassin's Creed category has now been split into four categories by protagonist because the category as a whole was getting rather unweildy. Revelations stories containing both Altar and Ezio can either go in Ezio's category, which covers his whole trilogy, or in both categories as you see fit. Desmond stories can be posted under any game where he appears, though they should be categorized based on location and companions if possible. If you have any questions about the category change, ask here, send me a PM on the forums, or use my "Contact Author" form.

    Just Keep Writing...Writing...Writing...
    Kerrigan Sheehan
    Posted by Kerrigan Sheehan
    05/29/13 - 05:35PM
    Happy Ju- Oh wait! It's not quite June yet. Happy Almost-June, then.

    This month's theme is "Underappreciated Stories." In other words, stories that have surprisingly few reviews and just need more love.

    One Hundred Demons by Linyah (Katekyo Hitman Reborn!, 13+)
    Something in the Silence by slr2moons (Ghost Hunt, 13+)
    Tales of a Death Knight by Clara de Morra (Warcraft, 17+)

    Contratulations to the three of you.

    July's theme of the month is Unvalidated Authors, but there's a twist. Because authors can't view the validation status of other authors, there is no nomination thread. Instead, the moderators will choose the features from our favorite stories written by people who, as of the feature, are not yet validated. Think of it as a surprise.

    There is a fic trade going on this month. Signups are open until June 6th and can be found in the forums.

    The other exciting news is that the queue is now open to submissions again. Thank you for your patience while we gave our new moderators a crash course on the mechanics of the queue.

    Now, the painful bits. While emptying the queue, we discovered a few issues that we'd like to address:
  • Inappropriate Ratings: Please rate your story correctly. If it has swearing in it, it should be 13+ or higher. If it has explicit sexual content (yes, this means you, lemon writers), it should be Adult or Adult+.
  • Inappropriate Content: We don't allow Harry Potter or real-person lemons. We also don't allow lemons involving children. (These rules aren't new, and we don't want to censor you. We just wanted to remind everyone to cover our butts.) We also don't accept fanfiction for certain properties where the original copyright owner has explicitly banned fanfiction. (It's not personal. We swear. We're just covering our butts.)
  • No Means No: When a moderator tells you that your story is not appropriate, that your rating needs to be changed, or that you need to fix certain errors, please do it. (Please also look for more errors of the same type. We typically only list a few.) If your story was denied once and is resubmitted without editing, it will be denied again, and it slows down the queue for everybody when we have to deal with the same story with the same issues two or three times.

    Gadzooks, New Mods?!
    Posted by Alastair
    05/16/13 - 09:49PM
    Hello everyone~!

    I know, I know. Wut r u doin, its too early for a monthly announcement. But we have exciting news~ We are pleased to announce two lovely, new moderators~ They are dark_wing19 and perfect-to-stay! Congratulations to you both, and welcome to the mod team! Please be patient with them, everyone~

    Now that we have two new hands on deck, you can expect to see your wait times for story validations decrease if you are unvalidated, but its still going to take time for the queue to shrink! As of now, the queue will be temporarily closed until further notice for the convenience and education of our two new modlings~

    Please don't ask them about stories in the queue for the next month or so. They have been instructed to ignore such emails while theyre learning how to process things in the queue. If you need to ask about the status of a story, refer your questions to DragonSilk, Kerrigan Sheehan, Penguiduck, or myself, or post in the story validation forum thread. Repeatedly poking the new mods may result in a temporary ban. (Though sending them congrats is fine, of course!)

    Also, if you have any concerns or questions about our decision on the new mods, please email one of us (DragonSilk, Kerrigan Sheehan, Penguiduck, or Alastair) privately to discuss it.

    Thats all for now~ I hope you all have a wonderful rest of the month!


    Hey, Hey, Hey, It's May!
    Posted by Alastair
    05/01/13 - 02:45AM
    Oh hey, its May! This months announcements are short and sweet, so lets get right into it!

    This months theme is All-Time Favorites.

    Fire and Plants by honestlyrachel (Harry Potter, 17+)
    On Marriage and Relationships by apples4ryuk (Marvel, Iron Man, Thor, The Avengers, Adult)
    Red Cave Paintings by Chevalier (Original, 13+)
    Tribulation by SweetSymmetry (Silent Hill, 17+)
    A World of Gray by Fluorescent-X (Anime/Manga, D.Gray-Man, 17+)

    Congratulations to you all~!

    Junes theme of the month is Underappreciated Stories. Stories that fall under this category have an unbalanced review to word count ratio. These are stories that you adore but cant understand why they dont have more reviews! For example, a story that has up to 20,000 words but less than five reviews. Or a story that has 50,000+ words but less than ten reviews! You can nominate over here in the forums.

    Now, we have one other announcement: Lunaescence now has an official tumblr! I, Alastair, will be running it~ It mostly features writing advice and articles, funny writing/reading related reblogs, and perhaps in the future, fun activities like writing prompts and weekly events. The mods may also use it as another source for information like updates on the queue, intermittent announcements, and a place to ask questions for those of you who need answers. Though we warn you: dont ask us for love advice or anything related to math. The latter mostly for my sake and yours. Alastair is bad with math. ...But I suppose you can, though who knows how much help well be. You can find it by following the link here.

    Thats it for now, and I hope you all have a lovely May! (Summer is almost here, guys! ♥)


    We are looking for mods!
    Posted by Penguiduck
    04/02/13 - 04:42PM
    Hello, beautiful, wonderful, talented members of Lunaescence Archives!

    Kerrigan Sheehan mentioned this in the last post, but in case you have not noticed, we are starting up moderator applications again!

    Being a moderator is tough work. We're looking for people who are capable of sorting through submissions in the queue, are mature and able to handle member queries, and are simply willing to dedicate their time and efforts to Lunaescence.

    If you're interested, please email moderators[dot]luna[at]gmail[dot]com by April 15th with the following information:
  • Your Lunaescence username
  • Roughly how much time you realistically feel you can dedicate to moderating and when you're available
  • What you think the biggest problems with stories on the site are
  • Links to 3 samples of your writing that you feel are your best work

    As a note:
  • You must be a validated author or currently eligible for author validation (at least 5 stories or chapters with at least 5,000 words total, no denials in the past 60 days) to apply.
  • You must also have been a member of the site for at least six months and be at least 16 years old, 18+ preferred.
  • Please also consider that you will be asked to read outside of your fandoms and will be asked (within reason) to read content that you may not like, such as lemons, original fiction, and OOC stories.

    We ask all of you to remain respectful of the moderation process. Thank you for your cooperation, support, and patience.

    We look forward to hearing from those of you who are interested!

    The Weather is Playing a Prank on Us All
    Kerrigan Sheehan
    Posted by Kerrigan Sheehan
    03/31/13 - 09:39PM
    Happy April, everybody. Before we get to the featured stories, we'd like to introduce you to someone. You see, while the queue was closed in March, we picked a new moderator. Please be nice to Uncle Adolph, as he's new and has a hard time typing with his paws. Yes, he's a cat. (We're an equal-opportunities mod team.)

    The theme for April is long stories. Congratulations to those who are featured.
    Horoscope by perfect-to-stay (Original, 13+)
    Life Lessons by DragonSilk (Yu-Gi-Oh!, 17+)
    Nightingale by Connor Kenway (James Bond, 17+)
    Queen of Hearts, King of Spades by Akira Mokona (Bleach, 13+)
    Tales of the New Disciplinary Committee (Katekyo Hitman Reborn!, 17+)
    The Belief in Happy Endings by KarenaWilliams (Criminal Minds, 17+)

    May's theme of the month is All-Time Favorites. You may nominate here in the forums. (And yes, any story that has never been featured before is eligible.)

    Now for the incredibly boring and serious bits.

  • If you need a new category or need characters added to an existing category, the place to request that is in this forum thread. Before requesting a new category, please read back to the most recent post from a moderator. Requesting the same category twice won't result in it being added any faster. Please also limit character requests to 25 characters per fandom per request.
  • While certain HTML tags are allowed in stories, we don't allow an excessive amount of HTML or decorative content (ASCII art, emoticons, unnecessary special characters) in the body of a story. There shouldn't be any smilies or hearts in the body of a story or in the title. We alo sort stories by category and have lists for characters, so we don't allow the series or pairing name in the title of your story.
  • Every series should have at least two stories in it. Empty series will be removed.
  • Please take the time to make sure all of your stories are appropriately rated. All stories that contain explicit sexual content (lemons) should be rated Adult or Adult+. 17+ is not an acceptable rating for a lemon. Stories that contain strong language should be rated at least 13+. The All rating should only be used for stories that contain no questionable content. Please also use warnings that are appropriate to your story. You must have warnings at least up to the current chapter. If we find inappropriately rated stories or stories missing warnings, we will change and add what we need to without prior notice.

    Edit by Kerrigan Sheehan: OK, so the cat isn't actually a moderator, but we are actually looking for new moderators again. If you're interested, please email moderators[dot]luna[at]gmail[dot]com by April 15th with the following information:
  • Your Lunaescence username
  • Roughly how much time you realistically feel you can dedicate to moderating and when you're available
  • What you think the biggest problems with stories on the site are
  • Links to 3 samples of your writing that you feel are your best work

    You must be a validated author or currently eligible for author validation (at least 5 stories or chapters with at least 5,000 words total, no denials in the past 60 days) to apply. You must also have been a member of the site for at least six months and be at least 16 years old, 18+ preferred. Please also consider that you will be asked to read outside of your fandoms and will be asked (within reason) to read content that you may not like, such as lemons, original fiction, and OOC stories.

    And just to warn everybody...moderator applications take a long time to process, especially the second round. The queue may lock. The person you want picked may not get picked. Someone you don't like may get picked. While you are entitled to your opinion, drama and flaming will get you banned, whether that drama is on Luna or offsite. Sally has been very clear in the past that she doesn't want drama, especially regarding moderator selection, so please respect that.

    March Madness~
    Posted by DragonSilk
    03/01/13 - 09:52PM
    Happy March!

    Hopefully youve all been keeping up with the recent news posts about the site. We have a few more important announcements for you guys, but first, the featured stories! This months theme is Forever Alone.

    Home by YOSHINA (Sherlock (BBC), All)
    Wicked Games by Kelly Renee (Katekyo Hitman Reborn!, Adult)
    Words of the Wise by Crys-chan (Yu-Gi-Oh!, 17+)

    Congratulations to all of you!
    Next months theme will be "Long Stories," and you can nominate a story in this forum thread.

    Now, onto the important news!

    Weve recently become aware of a few validated authors who have become lax. We are going to start sending out warnings to authors who arent keeping up with the sites standards, but if you see a story that you dont think is up to the sites standards, please dont announce it publicly. In order to avoid drama, wed prefer it if you sent any reports to the group moderator account at moderators[dot]luna@gmail[dot]com

    When requesting a new category in the forum, please include a list of relevant characters. Were often unfamiliar with categories, and we dont know what characters youll need. So if you dont give us a list, there wont be any characters available in the new category.

    This is one that I cannot stress enough. Please make sure that the email address associated with your account is valid. When we cant contact you, we cant let you know why your work is denied (nor can we let you know if youre breaking any rules, so yes validated authors, this applies to you too). At some point, your account will end up locked.

    Since Im sure many of you have been reading Sallys announcements, Im sure youre all aware of the recent ads on the site. Id just like to take a moment to ask that you all disable your adblockers for Lunaescence. I promise that the ads dont flash, they dont make noise, and they wont kill your computer. So please help us out and allow them to be viewed.

    The queue is also currently closed. Last weekend we received a massive influx of stories. As a result, we had to close the queue before it got too large and started slowing things down. We hope to reopen it soon, but we don't have a specific time for that.

    Thank you for reading all of that! If you have any questions or concerns, feel free to leave a comment or email one of the moderators directly. (Or use the joint moderator account if you're unsure who to contact.)

    I hope you all have a lovely month!


    Migration complete and advertising
    Posted by Sally
    02/09/13 - 10:42AM

    If you're reading this message, you're on our new server! ^_^

    I'm beginning the process on placing advertisements on Lunaescence to offset the server costs. I can't avoid it any further; it costs $130 a month to run the site now. For more information and to weigh in on our advertising choices, please visit the forums.


    Back in Business
    Posted by Sally
    02/06/13 - 12:04PM

    Sorry about the downtime, folks. Our latest round of growing pains obliterated the server end of last month. We were up to 10,000 people a DAY visiting the site, which was way above our limits. Our host was very generous and allowed us to go over for a long time, but once the server crashed -- they had no choice but to shut us down.

    We're in the process of being migrated to a larger and more powerful server that should be able to handle the load for the time being. I ask everyone to please go easy on posting things while this move is underway.

    Since the site has been down for a bit, the mods have not been able to process the queue. Please be patient while we get back up to speed.

    Thanks for being so patient, folks!


    Hello 2013!
    Posted by DragonSilk
    01/01/13 - 07:31PM
    Happy New Year!

    Its a new year and a new month, and that means its time for our monthly announcements. Let's start off with the featured stories! The theme this month's featured stories is Best of 2012.

    A Risky Engagement by Mozart (Sherlock (BBC), Adult)
    Awesome Peppy Sunshine Hill by Rockinmuffin (Silent Hill, Adult)
    Blue Pineapples Are The Best by Rinnu500 (Katekyo Hitman Reborn!, 13+)
    Dont Worry Cause You Aint Alone by animecrazypanda (Durarara!!, 17+)
    In Hora Mortis by Little Raven (Original Fiction, 13+)
    Right To Life by Mentality_Project (Bleach, 17+)

    Congratulations to our featured authors!

    The theme for next months featured stories is Forever Alone, and you can nominate stories in this thread on our forums.

    Onto our friendly reminders~

    When you email any of the site's moderators, remember to include your username in the email. It's hard for us to answer your questions and help you when we don't know who you are.

    Please do not ignore emails from any of our moderators. If you have any questions about the email, just ask the moderator who sent it for clarification. Were always willing to work with people who want to improve. If you disagree with something, then be sure to respectfully bring it up with the moderator in question. Otherwise, we just assume that youre ignoring us.

    Ignoring rejection emails is especially bad. You will receive a warning for resubmitting chapters that are completely unedited. (This type of behavior slows down the queue for everyone.) If you continue to resubmit without editing, your account will be temporarily locked.

    In a similar vein, if you have any questions about grammar in general, always feel free to ask a moderator. There are many different guides to grammar out there, and we're all perfectly willing to point you in the direction of something that will help you out.

    There is the possibility that we might run a Valentines Day fic trade. Nothing is set in stone yet, and well be sure to edit this news post with any information about it if we do start one.

    Thank you for reading all of that~ May you all have a delightful new year!

    Edit by Kerrigan Sheehan: According to Sally, there might be a site outage coming up at the end of the month due to bandwidth. Please remember the following:

    -Moderators can't look at the queue when the site is down, so complaining that your story has been in queue for a week as soon as the site comes back from a one-week outage isn't going to result in that story being looked at any faster.

    -Site outages can cause issues with stories, especially stories submitted to the queue right before the outage occurs, so make sure that you have everything saved to your computer and backed up on a cloud storage service, USB stick, external hard drive, or disc. You should be doing this anyway, but now is a good time to make sure your backup files are up-to-date.


    Featured Stories and Announcements
    Posted by Alastair
    12/06/12 - 01:04AM
    Merry December, children of the interwebs! The theme for this month is Apocalypse Stories in honor of all of the 12/21/2012 paranoia~

    The Real Survivors by Lucky107 (Fragile: Farewell Ruins of the Moon, 13+)
    Remains by Helios (The Walking Dead, 17+)

    Congratulations to both of you! Next months theme is Best of 2012. You can nominate here on the forums.

    There is a fic trade this month. The deadline for signups is December 10th. You can sign up here on the forums.

    Now, for a few friendly reminders from your neighborhood mods~

    (1) Fanfiction doesnt belong in any of the original stories categories. Because original fiction is defined as fiction (plot, characters, etc.) that is created entirely by you, it cannot be fanfiction; you cant have both at the same time, except for drabble books that actually contain some of each.

    (2) Speaking of drabble books, if youre working on a drabble book that involves multiple categories, please only add a category when you post a chapter for it. We shouldnt be seeing drabble books with six chapters and thirty-six categories. This just places it in categories it doesnt contain. Its attention-seeking, and it annoys potential readers when they find that the fandom theyre looking to read isnt actually in the book yet.

    (3) Please save yourself some waiting time and preview your stories. Paragraphs should be evenly spaced, preferably with a line of space between each paragraph. Clumping your paragraphs together with no space makes your story look like a wall of text and hurts our eyes. Make sure youve closed your HTML tags. Also, youre better off learning HTML and doing it manually than using the document uploader. The uploader frequently causes problems, such as removing spaces between words, that would cause your story to be automatically denied.

    (4) Any form of taking someone elses story and passing it off as your own is considered plagiarism. This includes taking canon material and inserting OCs directly into a canon plot just as much as it includes taking another fans fic and changing the names. All plagiarism is, of course, banned from the archive for obvious reasons.

    Sallys Announcements

    Were changing the way we handle submissions from unvalidated authors. Previously, weve asked that you submit only one chapter or story at a time. When too many chapters are posted at once, a rejection letter is sent out asking the author not to submit more than one at a time. If we reject one chapter, theres a good chance there are problems with the others as well.

    Unfortunately, as the archive grows, many authors are either ignorant of that rule or choose to ignore it, which causes a backup in the queue for everyone who is following the rules.

    Unfortunately, were not the archive with under 100 authors and less than 1500 stories anymore. In just two weeks, we can easily have 200 submissions and 100 new members. At certain times of the year, those numbers can easily double or triple. Repeatedly telling authors they cant submit that many things at a time isnt working.

    Moving forward, unvalidated authors will be allowed to submit only three things at a time; these three things must be from three different stories. Once three things have been submitted, the archive will ask the author to wait before submitting anything else.

    Is this number perfect? Probably not. What is the right number? Not a clue. I ask you to bear with us as we figure out where our sweet spot is.

    Hate the queue? Hate being limited to only a small number of submissions at a time? Improve your writing. Authors who consistently demonstrate they have good writing can be nominated to become validated authors. Validated authors can post as much and as often as they wish, without waiting on the queue. Know someone you think deserves to be a validated author? Nominate them here.

    Thank you very much for reading and have a wonderful December~

    EDIT: I've fixed the flood control! Sorry about that folks! ^_^


    Queue Locked and Regarding Moderation
    Posted by Sally
    11/14/12 - 11:52AM
    Due to the volume of submissions and issues with authors repeatedly submitting stories that don't adhere to our submission rules, the queue is temporarily closed.

    This archive has always had submission rules. Granted, they were more lax in the past, but many of the rules have always been there. I imposed these rules to create an archive of stories that I would like to read.

    We don't care about your content, the story you tell; but, we do care that you use proper spelling, grammar, and punctuation.

    If the moderators ask you to revise a story due to spelling or grammatical issues please do it. If you feel it's correct, you may respectfully defend your position. I know it's easy to get into an "Us vs. Them" mentality, but abusive remarks are not cool.

    If you want your stories posted immediately or feel insulted by our rules, there are thousands of sites available that might be more to your liking. You even can start a story journal or your own fanfiction site.

    Thanks for reading and we'll let you know when the queue reopens. ^_^


    Featured Stories for November
    Posted by Penguiduck
    11/01/12 - 10:15PM
    Happy November, everybody. This month's theme is event favorites.

    No Sunlight by cigspiring (Inception, 17+)
    The Time Traveling Bookman by crazydominodragongirl (D.Gray-Man, 13+)
    You're Back by AnonymousSong (Original, All)

    Congratulations to you all. Because of all of the 12/21/2012 paranoia, as per a suggestion on the forum, next months theme is apocalypse and post-apocalypse stories. You can nominate here on the forum.

    Because of NaNoWriMo, there will be no fic trade this month. Now, onto your regularly scheduled monthly reminders.

    Decorative titles arent allowed on the archive because weve had complaints (and confirmed the claim) that they dont display properly on all devices used to access the site. Titles written in symbols or foreign characters are considered decorative and are not allowed, but titles that are written in a completely foreign language using characters appropriate to that language are perfectly acceptable. Titles containing the series and/or pairing are also considered decorative. Your pairing belongs in the summary, and readers can easily tell what series the story is from by glancing at the storys category.

    Emoticons and chatspeak are not allowed in stories. The only exception to this is for minimal use in the context. For example, you can have chatspeak in a text message sent from one character to another, but you cant have an emoticon in description.

    Thanks for reading and have a fantabulous November.


    Lunaescence Spooktoberfest 2012
    Kerrigan Sheehan
    Posted by Kerrigan Sheehan
    09/30/12 - 10:36PM
    Happy Spooktoberfest.

    Here are your featured stories. The theme this month was Lunaescence Spooktoberfest.

    A Fisherman's Tale by Purged of Sin (Original, 13+)
    Both Sides Now by Firefall Varuna (Warcraft, Adult)
    Factual Mythology by Wonderland-Dreamer-x (D. Gray-Man, 17+)
    God Bless Zombieland by Mozart (Hetalia, 17+)
    My name is Death and the end is here by always a dreamer (Yu Yu Hakusho, 13+)
    Tall, Deadly, and Handsome by Wanderer (Harry Potter, 13+)

    Congratulations to all of you.

    November's theme of the month is event favorites. You can nominate your favorite fic trade story or NaNoWriMo novel here on the forums.

    There is a themed fic trade this month. Signups will run through October 7th and can be found here in the forums. (There are some extra notes for some unvalidated authors, so please read the thread thoroughly before filling out your form.)

    Now for your regularly scheduled (and, unfortunately, long) reminders:

    All users need a valid email address linked to their site account. Authors who are not validated receive emails if their stories are denied from queue. If we get Mailer Daemon responses from your registered email and can't find a valid alternative on your profile, then you won't know if we delete your story from the queue.

    Please note that the story validation request thread was intended to be a resource for those authors whose stories sit in the queue for a substantial period of time without a decision, not a way to bypass the queue entirely. Please wait at least 24-48 hours after posting your story to make a request in that thread. Also, please do not copypaste the disclaimer in the thread. Please answer the questions yourself. This indicates that you've actually read what we're looking for.

    On a more serious note, we have had several incidents recently where users have ignored no letters from moderators. If we catch you regularly resubmitting stories unedited, your account will be locked. (For those of you who are trying to improve, but still take a few tries to get a story validated, don't worry. You're not in trouble.) Unedited submissions slow the queue down for everybody. When we send a no letter, we expect to see an improvement in the resubmission, not an angry author's note and all of the same issues. If our letters continue to be ignored, we will go to Sally, and she will be displeased.

    Now, for the part I shouldn't have to say... We've had some issues with plagiarism recently. If you find a Luna author plagiarizing your work, please send a PM or an email to an active moderator (or to the joint moderator email account) so that it can be investigated and dealt with privately. Throwing accusations around in the forum just leads to drama. The thread is a place for you to warn others when you find plagiarism of Luna authors on other sites.


    The Summer's Gone and All the Flowers Are Dying
    Kerrigan Sheehan
    Posted by Kerrigan Sheehan
    09/01/12 - 01:03PM
    First, your featured stories. The theme for September is Books in honor of Banned Books Week, which happens annually at the end of September and celebrates books that have been banned or challenged by encouraging students (and everyone else) to read them, despite the fact that they may not be found in the school library. More information is available on their website. Now onto your featured stories:

    1 Corinthians 13:4-7 by Mozart (Hunger Games, 17+)
    Perks and Perverts by Hakkyou Kaosu (Fruits Basket, 13+)
    Potatoes by Pendragon (Discworld, 13+)
    The Genius and Mediocrity by mangamaniac48 (Artemis Fowl, 17+)

    Congratulations to the four of you.

    The theme for October is Lunaescence Spooktoberfest. You can nominate stories in this thread on the forums.

    Additionally, there will not be a fic trade in September, due to the start of school for many of our users, but there will be one in October. Keep an eye out for signups in next month's announcements.

    There's just one little reminder this month. We have recently seen some issues where people who use the br or p tags to format some paragraphs and double space to format others have their stories turn into walls of text. They look fine on our validation page, and they probably look fine if you preview them. The issue seems to occur only after they are posted. In order to avoid this issue, you should either use only one method (either double spacing or using HTML tags, not the combination) or check your stories after they are posted/validated to make sure that this is not affecting you and edit if necessary.

    Have a lovely September.


    Queue Open
    Sharp Shiny Pickle
    Posted by Sharp Shiny Pickle
    08/20/12 - 10:48AM
    Hi, everyone! Now is the time to get excited because the queue is open for submissions again!

    That being said, though, please try to keep from getting too excited and flooding the queue with your updates since that will probably put us in the same situation that forced the queue lock. We would like you all to try to keep from making more than two or three submissions for a few weeks, though only one submission per author would be our ideal.

    Also, we have a new forum topic for story validation requests! Please check it out here, and be sure to read the first post about the guidelines for requesting.


    Featured Stories and Announcements for August
    Posted by DragonSilk
    08/11/12 - 06:03PM
    Happy August!

    Before you get too excited and run away to post, let me just say that the queue is still locked. I know we said wed put up the announcements when the queue unlocked, but its taking us a little longer than we planned.

    While youre waiting, have some featured stories! The theme is gaming.

    A Handful of Bullet Shells by DragonSilk (Yu-Gi-Oh!, 17+)
    A Realistic Pokmon Adventure by Penguiduck (Pokemon, 13+)
    Into the Legend of Zelda by perfect-to-stay (Legend of Zelda, 13+)
    King of Nothing by Rei (Dragon Age: Origins, 13+)
    Necessities of Life by Miss Chocobo (Death Note, 13+)
    Project V by MissMurder (Final Fantasy 7, 17+)

    Congratulations to our nominated authors!

    The theme for the next month will be books in celebration of Banned Books Week. You can nominate something in this forum thread.

    Now, for our announcements.
    1) The author validation policy for if you have been previously denied has changed. Please see this thread in the forum for the new rules.

    2) In order to help reduce the wait time for story validation, in some cases, we may be sending more generalized rejection letters that contain just a list of the types of errors found in the story. We will reserve these kinds of letters only for stories in which we feel it would be more efficient not to go into detailed explanations. If you receive a list and need clarification on anything, feel free to email the moderator back for details. We will do our best to avoid sending these types of letters, but we would like you all to be aware of them.

    3) Looking over the queue, weve noticed a few stories with typos that could have been caught by a beta reader. We have a section of the forum dedicated to helping writers find a beta. If youre interested in finding a beta or helping someone go over their work, you can find it here.

    4) If you email any of the moderators or the group email account, please dont forget to include your Luna username. We cant help you if we dont know who you are, and trying to figure it out based on your email or IP wastes time that we could have spent solving your problem.

    5) One of our very own authors, Relocation, has now been published! Congratulations to her! Heres what she has to say about it (please note that it is adult material):

    There's an author bio here.

    My short story 'Changing Swell' was released in Pink Petal Books' Boys of Summer anthology on July 5th, 2012 and is available on their website, on Amazon, at Barnes and Noble (at least online), and a few other places, both as ebook or paperback. The story alone will be released on ebook. The story is basically a coming-of-age self-discovery plot buried under fluffy romance and so on.

    Official Blurb:
    "On holiday between college terms, Jason spends a vacation with his friends, in hopes of surfing Tofino waves. But when he meets Casey, a cocky and handsome surfer, Jason learns more about himself in a few short days than in a lifetime. How will he handle the struggle with his sexuality-or his imminent departure? If he can't come to terms with Casey, he may be left in the shallows."


    Queue Downtime
    Posted by Hikari_no_Kage
    07/23/12 - 01:47PM
    Happy Aug-

    Oh, but I guess it's still a week (and then some) too early for that, huh. Anyway, this message is brought to you by your friendly neighborhood Lunaescence moderators, sponsored by the letter Q, and made possible by Sally and users like you!

    ...on a more serious note, weve run into something of a roadblock. Although we do have more moderators working the queue, there are simply too many new submissions coming in for us to make a noticeable dent. That is, even though the size of the queue has decreased by over 100 since the beginning of the month, were at a point where 1-5 (on average) new submissions come in by the time a moderator has finished looking at one, due to older submissions taking longer than average. Thus, our attention is divided between taking care of older submissions and keeping the new ones from piling up.

    For this reason, were planning to lock the queue for a short time, starting this Friday, July 27th*. This means that new submissions or updates from unvalidated authors will not be possible. Ideally, the lockdown will only last the weekend. We will still be looking at submissions in the meantime.

    Another announcement will be made (or a nice, bolded edit will be placed at the bottom of this one) once the lockdown is over. While we dont have a definite end date, the process should not take more than a week, so please bear with us! By the end of this, we should have the entire queue cleared and can start again with a clean slate.

    Questions? Concerns? Please send those to our joint moderator e-mail account (moderators[dot]luna[at]gmail[dot]com), so as to ensure that one of us sees it.

    *Depending on your timezone, you may find that this lockdown period begins a day earlier than noted. In the same vein, it could also begin a day later. It all depends on when Sally does it.

    Edit by KS: The site is back up...obviously...since you're reading this. Due to the unforeseen circumstance of the site being down for running out of bandwidth the exact weekend we were going to do this, the downtime is going to run a bit later than planned. A real monthly announcement (with features and everything) will happen when it unlocks.

    In the meantime...signups for a fic trade running through August can be found here in the forums. There will be no trade in September, due to the beginning of school. The next trade after this one will be in October and may or may not be Halloween-themed.


    Youve Got Mods!
    Kerrigan Sheehan
    Posted by Kerrigan Sheehan
    06/30/12 - 07:25PM
    Happy birthday, America and Canada!

    New Moderators:
    The most exciting news this month is that we have six new moderators. Please give a warm welcome to your new moderators.


    Congratulations to all of you, and welcome to the mod team.

    Site Revamp:
    Sally is rebuilding the site! If you want to join the discussion, go to this thread in the forums.

    Featured Stories:
    This month, we have two themes for featured stories: Non-Prolific Authors and Collaborative Works. The theme for August is Gaming. Go nominate stories here on the forums.

    Non-Prolific Authors
    Cold Hard Cash by Linyah (Teen Titans, 13+)
    Heads Will Roll by IHATECLOUD (Bleach, Adult)
    Here Be Dragons by karracaz (Star Trek, 13+)
    Paint it Purple by Aesthetica (Katekyo Hitman Reborn!, All)
    Kitchen Sink by Wanderer (Durarara!!, 17+)

    Collaborative Works
    Lunaescence Catharsis Round Robin (17+)
    Memoirs of Your Friendly Local Psychopathic Retail Worker Round Robin (13+)
    Victorian Vendetta by perfect-to-stay, Penguiduck, ShayInWonderland, and Sifl (OF, 13+)
    Writing Tips from Luna Authors Round Robin (All)

    Fic Trade:
    There will be a fic trade this month. It will be an open trade. Registrations will be open until July 7th and can be found here on the forums.

    Monthly Reminders:
    We have new moderators. Please be patient with them. You can expect to see your wait times for story validations decrease if you are unvalidated, but it's going to take time for the queue to shrink. Please don't ask them about stories in the queue in the next month. They have been instructed to ignore such emails while they're learning how to process things in the queue. If you need to ask about the status of a story in the next month, ask Hikari_no_Kage, Sharp Shiny Pickle, or me or simply ask in a forum thread. Repeatedly poking the new mods will result in a temporary ban. (Sending them congrats is fine, of course.)

    Also, if you have any concerns or questions about our decision on the new mods, please email one of us (Hikari_no_Kage, Sharp Shiny Pickle, or Kerrigan Sheehan) privately to discuss it, rather than leaving negative comments on a public page.


    Lunaescence Revamp
    Posted by Sally
    06/14/12 - 06:20PM
    Lunaescence was created in 2004, when started censoring storied based on content. Many of my friends had their stories deleted without warning.

    Not here. Not on my watch.

    And after eight years, it's pretty obvious others agree with me.

    That being said, the code is getting old and no longer performs well. The database dies a horrible death each and every Christmas vacation, Spring Break, etc. It just talks to the database far too much and gobbles up system resources. One of these days, our host will upgrade something and the code will totally die. Hackers and spammers attack the site constantly. Some day, theyll get in and really do more than just annoy me.

    Rather than continue to try branching Luna off again, its time to start from scratch. I'm throwing out the old code and rebuilding everything from the ground up.

    The archive will stay open, so don't worry about that. ^_^ We'll be keeping the new and old sites separate until everything is ready.

    Join me on on the forums to discuss the next version of Lunaescence! Have a say in our future!


    No More Drama
    Posted by Sally
    06/11/12 - 09:24PM

    No. More. Drama.

    I don't want to see it. I don't want to hear about it. I'm not dealing with it.

    I don't care who you are, who you're angry with, or what the circumstances are.

    Keep it off my website.

    I appreciate that many of you love this site and feel quite strongly about it. That passion is what I love about all of you. However, I will not tolerate drama.

    If you do not like the way this website is run, the way the mods approve stories, or the fact that we have a moderation queue in the first place, please... go elsewhere. Don't cause problems, don't whine, don't pitch a fit, don't raise your blood pressure and all of our's too. Simply post your stories on another website. There's tons to choose from.

    Thank you.


    June Announcements
    Sharp Shiny Pickle
    Posted by Sharp Shiny Pickle
    06/01/12 - 01:19AM
    Happy June, everyone! I hope you all are enjoying your summer!

    Because the forums were down, we will not have any featured stories for this month. Instead, the featured themes for June will now be the featured themes for July. That means we will still be accepting nominations for stories by non-prolific authors and for collaborative works. Please submit your nominations here.

    In addition, we have extended the deadlines for the two monthly challenges and the two fic trades. You can read more about the monthly challenges here and the two fic trades here and here.

    And now for a few points of interest!

    1.) We have a zero-tolerance policy in regards to harassment. Flaming, trolling, bashing, and harassing other members has no place here on Lunaescence. We are not hesitant to ban members who are hurtful to others.

    2.) If you are not validated, please try to keep your amount of submissions to no more than 3 at a time. We realized that it is very time-consuming when we have to go through several stories from one author with the same kinds of errors and delete them all. Im sure it is equally unpleasant for an author to receive an abundance of denial letters all listing the same problems. This is especially suggested to those who are posting here for the first time since you may not be familiar with our standards.

    3.) Finally, we are no longer accepting requests for moderator applications. For those who have received the application, please remember that your response is due June 4. If you have yet to receive an application because you are not a validated author, then we will be contacting you soon and will give you an extension if you meet the requirements for author validation. Thank you to everyone who applied!

    Edit by KS: We have some new warnings. Read about them here.
    Edit by KS (again): Since this seems to be an issue... Please only submit one chapter per story at a time and no more than three total.


    Moderators Wanted
    Sharp Shiny Pickle
    Posted by Sharp Shiny Pickle
    05/22/12 - 02:26AM
    Hi, everyone! We are needing some more moderators, so please read the information below if youre interested!

    Position: Moderator

    Job Description: Read over stories that have been submitted to the site for correct spelling, grammar, punctuation and other writing mechanics. We grade stories here at, about, or above the 10th grade level. So were asking that only those with sound writing and grammar skills apply.

    As a moderator, you will come across stories written for fandoms that you are unfamiliar with, be it for some really obscure game/novel/anime/etc. or original fiction. You will not be checking for characterization or plot, so we also ask that you are open to the idea of reading outside of your familiar fandoms.

    Applicant Restrictions:
    - At least 16 at the time of application; however, 18 or older is preferred.
    - Author on the site for at least six months.
    - Validated author, currently awaiting decision on author validation, OR able to ask for author validation at the time of application. (Requirements for inquiring about author validation can be found here.)

    If you are interested and meet the requirements listed above, please send an e-mail to moderators.luna[at]gmail[dot]com by June 1, and we will forward you a copy of the application. Be sure to include your username somewhere in the e-mail, along with a link to your profile.

    Edit by Kerrigan Sheehan:
  • Yes, we know the forums are down. They're back! Deadlines have been extended, and features will happen late. The appropriate forum threads have been changed.
  • Please keep your summaries and titles PG-13. We request that you don't pick pennames with curse words in them (We will ask you to change them. Failure to comply will result in account deletion.) and that you keep your profile free of any severe profanity. Why? We have users as young as 13, and we also have people who can only access the site at school or work or on public computers at libraries. Having that content in front of the warning pages can cause those computers to block it, making the site inaccessible to some users. We don't want to censor you, but we feel that it's important to have those people here as well. We will never ask you to censor story content, just to rate it appropriately.
  • We've been attacked by the spambot fairy again. Don't check for most recent users. Just don't do it...we are human and can't keep up with all of the inappropriate names.
  • If you are a real person who did register recently and your account was deleted by mistake, please let us know and/or simply reregister.
  • Please don't troll, flame, bash, spam, or otherwise harass people on this site or people from this site on any other site, such as Facebook, LiveJournal, or Tumblr. We've had an incident recently, and it makes us sad when we have to ban users for it. This is doubly true in regards to new moderator selection. None of us want to deal with a repeat of last year's drama, so please keep any negative or rude comments to yourself and contact a current (as of this announcement) moderator directly (in other words, privately) if you have any issues.

    April Showers Bring May Flowers...
    Kerrigan Sheehan
    Posted by Kerrigan Sheehan
    05/01/12 - 03:15AM
    ...and May flowers make people sneeze.

    The featured theme for May was not, in fact, Moderator Appreciation Month. It was actually stories involving animals.

    A (not quite) Traditional Faerie Tale by DragonSilk (Original Fiction, All, dragons)
    Feathers and the Like by Circe (Katekyo Hitman Reborn, 13+, birds)
    Frog Prince by Animeangel10632 (Kingdom Hearts, 17+, talking frogs)
    Put a Stethescope to my Heart by CelticWolf (D. Gray-Man, 13+, dogs)
    Real Men Love Kittens by Kitsuchan (YuYuHakusho, All, cats)

    Next month, as part of Summer Double Header Month, we're going to have two featured themes, each of which can have up to six stories featured. The first theme is non-prolific authors, and the second theme is collaborative works, including round robins and cowritten stories. For more information about what qualifies and to nominate, go here on the forums. Because of the fact that there are two featured themes, please use the form provided in that thread when nominating to keep things simpler for the mod writing June's announcements.

    Hikari_no_Kage and I decided it might be fun to bring back monthly writing challenges, so in May, we'd like you to write (or at least start) a story about heroes or summer. Once you have at least one chapter, link it here on the forums. (There are more details about the challenges in the posting thread, so please read that before you start writing.) At the end of the month, the challenge stories will be gathered into a series and the series will be linked in the next monthly announcements.

    There are also two fic trades starting soon. You can sign up for one or both. These fic trades are somewhat different from past rounds, so check here and here on the forums for registrations and more details. Registration lasts until May 10th.

    We would also like you to submit your suggestions for featured themes and monthly challenges on the forums. See here for details.

    Now, for your monthly public service announcements.

    1. Your moderators would like to take this opportunity to kindly remind you that the site is not responsible for lost content. Also, when things are deleted from the queue, they're actually deleted completely from the site, not put into some backroom file bin. We can't retrieve them for you. It is your responsibility to back up your own work.

    2. When writing multifandom books, please refrain from putting all of your categories in at once. This is misleading. We have had several complaints about drabble books that have many fandoms listed and only one or two stories posted, so we ask, on behalf of those in the community who have complained about this, both publically and privately, that you add categories to your works only when you add stories to that piece for that fandom. (Note that this does not apply to actual crossover fics, which usually only have two or three categories anyway, just to books containing separate stories of any length that use different fandoms.)

    On a related note, we respectfully request that if you already have such a piece posted, you remove the categories that have not been used yet. Thank you for your cooperation.

    3. Lastly, the OF category is not an appropriate place for fanfiction of any kind, even if the fandom hasn't been added yet. You should request any fandoms and characters you need to have added to the archive in this thread in the forums. If, for some reason, the forums don't work properly for you, email me (kerrigansheehan [at] yahoo [dot] com) directly, since I've been doing most of the category additions lately.

    Edit by KS: Due to the ongoing forum error (Yes, we know about it. Yes, Sally knows about it.), fic trade registrations will be extended. The date for the end of registrations will be specified when the forums come back up. Thank you for your patience.


    Featured Stories and Something Exciting~
    Posted by crazydominodragongirl
    04/01/12 - 04:01PM
    Happy April all! Weve got a few exciting announcements this time around, so do please stick through to the end. :3 First off is featured stories! The theme of the month is unhappy endings.

    And Then The Snow Fell by Little_Soap (Yu Yu Hakusho, Adult)
    but the scars of love run deep by Hikari_no_Kage (Original Fiction, 13+)
    Jedi Destiny 1: Hate of the Jedi by Mikells (Star Wars, 13+)
    Lying So Still by Ria (Kingdom Hearts, 13+)
    To Have Simply Loved by Mai Blade (Katekyo Hitman Reborn!, 13+)

    Congratulations to you~

    And now for the exciting thing we promised~ We know some of you have been wanting new skins, or some way of making the site look more interesting, so were very pleased to show off a new way to experience Lunaescence. Make sure to turn on your sound to high volume for maximum enjoyment! Of course, you can continue using the regular version of the site if you prefer~ but who would, really~

    Finally, nominations are now open for featured stories for May. Your mods have been feeling sad/overworked/abused/neglected/(pity-inducing adjective of choice) lately, so by executive decision, the theme for May is MOD APPRECIATION MONTH. This of course means that there are necessary changes being made to the rules of featureds, so be sure to read them before you start whining about how you dont appreciate us at all~ You can nominate over here on the forums!

    Questions/comments/UNADULTERATED PRAISE is, as always, welcome~ (and tomatoes, but only if they are delicious.)

    APRIL 2 EDIT: Okay, not really, to Lunyanescence and Mod Appreciation Month both. :'D HAPPY APRIL FOOL'S. Thanks for humoring us, guys. The real theme of the month is animals, in tribute to nyancat, and the nomination link, if you want to skip past the mods being nonsensical, is here. Hope you didn't get too trolled yesterday~ ♥


    Featured Stories for March
    Posted by Hikari_no_Kage
    03/01/12 - 05:28AM
    Happy March, everyone~

    This month's announcement will be fairly short, I think. It's just featured stories and a few reminders. Speaking of featured stories...

    The theme for this month is It's Over 9000 (Words)~

    A Supernatural Kind of Thing by Resurii (Supernatural, Adult)
    Breaking the Fourth Wall by silver_neko_kitsune (Prince of Tennis, 13+)
    Hello Heartbreaker. by Alastair (Yu-Gi-Oh!, 13+)
    Italy is for Lovers by Clara de Morra (Assassin's Creed, 13+)
    Lessons by Bluewaters (Devil May Cry, 17+)
    Set Fire to the Rain by Pepe Le Pew (Bleach & Katekyo Hitman Reborn!, 17+)

    Congratulations to the six of you~

    Um, as for next month's featured nominations, please see this thread on the forums. The theme is Unhappy Endings. Make of that what you will~

    With that said, here are those reminders I promised:

    1. Do not submit more than one chapter of the same story to the queue before the previous chapter has been validated. Failure to comply will result in the deletion of all the chapters of that story that are in the queue.

    2. Mods are not betas, nor are they editors.

    3. Do not ignore our e-mails. (On that note, please make sure you have a working e-mail address listed in the Personal Info section of your settings.)

    On a lighter note~ If you're wondering about the troll!round of fic trade that DG mentioned earlier... it will possibly exist later, so keep your eyes open! In any case, we'll let you know if and when it happens. :'3

    EDIT by DG: Registration for trollround of fictrade is now open! It closes on the eleventh, so sign up soon if you plan to participate~


    Featured Stories for February~
    Posted by crazydominodragongirl
    02/01/12 - 08:06PM
    Hallo all and happy February~ Since there are quite a few things to say, we'll start with featured and then go to general reminders. Please read the reminders! Mods don't like it when they are ignored. :(

    The theme this month is best of 2011! And the winners are...

    Cheer Up by Invalid_Secret (Saiyuki, 13+)
    Departing Letters by sheenagoesRAWR (Naruto, 13+)
    Diary of a Square Survival by Knightsnipe (Minecraft, Youth)
    Restart, With Love by Mrs_Anonymous (Harry Potter, Adult+)
    Refusal by Wingtip Sparrow (Bleach, Adult)
    Scene by Scene by Jemmers (Katekyo Hitman Reborn!, 13+)

    Congratulations to you~

    Nominations for next month's featured are open over here on the forums. The theme is It's Over 9000 (Words). Go forth and nominate~

    And now for your semi-regular reminder of rules!!!1one Once again, do not submit more than one chapter of the same story to the queue before the previous chapter has been validated. If you do, all chapters of that story in the queue will be deleted, often without even glancing at the story. Save us and yourself time and just submit one chapter, please. Slightly related, but please listen when the mods say things! We don't like repeating ourselves.

    Another thing, since this seems to, er, be a common misconception lately. The mods do not act as betas for your stories. If we send a no letter with a list of errors, they will not be all of the errors. It is up to you to find everything and fix it. We are not going to hunt down every mistake for your convenience, so don't limit yourself to what we pointed out. We really shouldn't be denying the same chapter three or four times. It is also up to you to edit when asked to edit, not submit the same chapter unchanged or ignore e-mails sent about stories already on the archive. Being ignored makes us sad. :(

    That's all for this month. Questions/comments/concerns/praise for finally getting the queue down to zero! go here.


    Yay! The Site is Back! Now What?
    Kerrigan Sheehan
    Posted by Kerrigan Sheehan
    01/17/12 - 09:57PM
    I know that a lot of people have really missed the site in the month or so it's been down. I know I have several thousand words to post myself. The mods have missed you too. Seriously, with no queue, we don't know who to send yes and no letters to. (Landlords don't like it when you point out that they used the wrong homophone in their Christmas letter.) But I'm sure you're all eager to get posting, so I'll try to keep this brief, or as brief as someone who tends to write terribly long novels can make it.

    1. Featured Stories. As DG mentioned on the forums, by mod consensus, or the consensus of the mods she could reach immediately at the time, there are no featured stories in this announcement. Suggestions for the theme "Best of 2011" can be submitted on the forums until the end of January and will be featured in February's announcments. The links are in the post below this one, but in case you don't feel like scrolling, the submission thread is here.

    2. Queue Delays As some of you might have guessed, it could take a bit longer than normal to get things through the queue right now. This is because the site has been down for about a month, including a few major holidays, and that means that a lot of people probably have massive amounts of things to post. (As always, the one chapter at a time rule applies to unvalidated authors.) Please be patient. The queue is bound to get very long, and it could take up to about a month to return to its normal length.

    3. Valentine Fic Trade. I am running a Valentine fic trade. The signup thread is here. I'm leaving it up to the majority of participants as to whether this will be an anon round or an open round.

    Let the chapterdumping begin! (Seriously, what else is everybody going to do while Cheezburger Network and Wikipedia are blacked out to protest PIPA/SOPA?)

    Edit by Kerrigan Sheehan: A couple of users have reported bugs since the site came back online, so there are a couple additions to the announcements. Please read them.

    4. Categories. A few categories were reported as showing up in the archive but not in the dropdown list. If you run across a category that doesn't show up in the dropdown, let a mod know about it or post it in the forums in the category request thread or bug report thread so it can be fixed. Thank you, DestinedXDreams, for reporting this.

    5. Story Ratings. It seems that a small number of stories have had their ratings reverted to "All" recently. Please check through the list of stories on your profile and fix any ratings that need fixing. If you find something in the archive that seems to be rated "All" when it shouldn't be, either contact the author directly and ask them to fix it or contact a mod so we can do this for them. Thank you, Zesty, for bringing this to my attention.


    Featured Stories for December
    Posted by shadowsirenv
    11/30/11 - 11:03PM
    Seasons Greetings! Hope you all had a good November, and for those who participated in NaNoWriMo: I hope it went well for you! Now for our regularly scheduled announcements:

    The December theme for featured stories is Winter Holidays. We had only two winners this month.

    Christmas Decorating by NuitNoire (Nabari no Ou, 13+)
    Christmas Story by StrawChan (Katekyo Hitman Reborn!, All)

    Congratulations to all these authors! Next months theme is Best of 2011. That means nominated stories must have been first published on the site at some point in 2011. You can nominate stories on the forum in this thread.

    We also have some things wed like to address (prepare for excessive use of bold, italics, and underlines):

    1) Working e-mail addresses: We ask that you please provide us with a working e-mail address when you use the site. This way, we can get in contact with you without getting a reply from a mailer daemon and having to hunt you down in other ways. If you provided a working e-mail but are not receiving anything, please check to see that your e-mail address is correct in the Personal Info section of your settings or that our e-mails arent getting sent to a spam/junk folder. Also, please, please, please check your e-mail in general! If your story has suddenly disappeared from the queue, its probably because we deleted it. Moderators always send a letter explaining why your story has been denied, so if youre not sure, that should be the first place you check. You guys dont really know how many Where did my story go?!11!?!?11! e-mails we get after we just spent a good amount of time writing you a letter explaining everything.

    Users who continue to ignore moderator e-mails will have their accounts locked.

    2) Authors Notes: We think you guys tend to forget that moderators do read your authors notes when validating stories since we have to check for disclaimers and such. If you have a complaint about the site, please contact a moderator directly or post it in the forums. Its much more effective than complaining about it in your authors notes and having us forget as we move on to your actual story. Please be tactful if you do decide to use the Authors Notes as a place to vent. We have feelings too

    3) Story Quality: Weve noticed that story qualityby that we mean grammar and spelling and NOT actual content, plot, character, etc.has declined on part of both non-validated and validated authors. Validation does not grant you immunity from using proper grammar and spelling. Were going to start cracking down on this, so please do check over your stories and edit them promptly whether you are a validated author or not. We will begin to revoke validation and delete stories if this problem continues. These wont be random, though; were getting in contact with those authors who weve noticed have been slacking off with their editing. So, if youre always checking your e-mail or PMs on the forum and havent heard from any of us, then youre probably fine, although, it wouldnt hurt to check over your stories again just in case. There are tons of resources that you can use to help you out: the moderators have assembled a grammar guide which we will continue to add articles to, a simple Google search for grammar guides yields tons of results, free spell check programs are available online, and there are plenty of beta-readers available here who are more than willing to help you out.

    Also, if you want to help a fellow author out and notice some mistakes in their stories, let them know politely in a review, through e-mail, etc. Its a great way to give authors some constructive feedback, maybe even get to know each other and make some friends on the site! You never know when a Hey, I just wanted to let you know you missed a comma in this sentence could lead to a beautiful friendship.

    tl;dr Make sure your e-mail address works, be nice in your authors notes, check your grammar and spelling, and help each other out.

    If you have any questions, leave a comment here or in the forums, or contact one of us directly.

    Now, enough of me being harsh. I hope you all have a wonderful December, and if youre celebrating something this month, I hope you have a good one!


    Another thing I forgot to mention: there may or may not be another fic trade this month! If you enjoyed the summer ones as much as we did or you'd like to join it this time around, keep an eye out for it. We'll keep you posted.

    Edit by Kerrigan Sheehan: There shall be a Holday Fic Trade! Yes, I finally got the threads posted! I'm running it this round because everybody else has tons of schoolwork and finals coming up, and I have free time. It took so long to post because I was waiting on an OK and some information. Anyhow, the registrations are starting immediately, so the registration thread is here. The discussion thread is here.


    Featured Stories for November
    Sharp Shiny Pickle
    Posted by Sharp Shiny Pickle
    11/01/11 - 12:21AM
    Happy November, everyone! I hope you had a pleasant October~ The theme for November is Summer Fic Trade Favorites.

    A Teddy for Your Thoughts by Purged of Sin (Gundam 00, 17+)
    Little Dingy Apartment by Mrs_Anonymous (Final Fantasy VII, 13+)
    Love Magicially Blossoms by crazydominodragongirl (Harry Potter, 13+)
    Misconceptions by Shade (Fantasy, School, 13+)
    Of Kittens and Red Herrings by Alastair (Kuroshitsuji, 13+)

    Congratulations to the authors of these featured stories~! Next months theme is winter holidays. Please submit your nominations on the forum here.

    We have a few remarks to go along with this months announcements as well!

    1.) HTML Tags When formatting your story, please remember to close your HTML tags by adding a / to the second tag. The backslash indicates that this is a closing tag that marks where you want the bold, italics, underline, etc. to stop. We often see stories where a few words were meant to be formatted, but since there was no closing tab, the entire story past these words was affected. An easy way to make sure this isnt happening is to click the Preview button before adding a new chapter or story.

    2.) NaNoWriMo Amongst many great traditions that come with November is National Novel Writing Month! You can enter by following this link and discuss with your fellow Lunaescence members on the forum here. Its a really fun and rewarding thing to do, so we hope you find time to participate!

    3.) Past Rules and Announcements If you are new to Lunaescence, first off, welcome! Second, please be sure to check out some of the older news posts where we cover our rules about multiple submissions, decorative titles, category requests, etc., so that you are aware of all of our policies. We do not always repeat these rules in the newest announcements, though they still apply!

    Please let us know if you need anything to be further clarified and have a particularly lovely November~


    Featured Stories for October!
    Kerrigan Sheehan
    Posted by Kerrigan Sheehan
    09/30/11 - 10:52PM
    Happy Owltober, Everybody!

    This month's theme is impending doom.

    Fact of the Day by Hametsu e no Rondo (D. Gray-Man, 13+)
    Infection by silver_neko_kitsune (Devil May Cry, 13+)
    Mafia Life by crazydominodragongirl (Katekyo Hitman Reborn!, 13+)
    So Ordinary by Kay (Durarara!!, 17+)
    Standards of the Doomed by AlacraticAvarice (Invader Zim, 13+)
    The Belief in Happy Endings by KarenaWilliams (Criminal Minds, 17+)

    Congratulations to everyone featured and thanks to everyone who nominated!

    Nominations for next month's featured stories are now open on the forums. The category is Fic-Trade Favorites. You can nominate here!

    A Few Notes:

    1. Tabbed indents aren't supported on e-fiction, which is the script that Lunaescence uses. This means that hitting "enter" and "tab" will not produce the result you're looking for. You can use the "p" tag, put a space between paragraphs, or use multiple "nbsp" to make a space that looks like the tab. If you want to make sure that your story is formatted correctly, there's a "Preview" button next to "Submit" in the story editor.

    2. Save your work. Never trust a website with the only copy of your story. Save it in your documents, put it on a CD, USB memory stick, or external hard drive, or use an online backup like Dropbox or Google Docs. For those of you who aren't validated, please be aware that if a chapter is denied, the mods will delete it from the site, so you need to have your own copy of everything so you can edit and resubmit.

    3. Contacting the mods is easier than you think. Seriously, we don't bite. Use any contact method on our profiles (including the "Contact Author" form) or send us a PM through the forums. Please refrain from asking a mod about the status of a story in the queue unless it's been there a couple weeks. Just because one chapter gets approved in a day doesn't mean that the next will because some moderators pick a day and go down the list, and others go through the queue randomly.


    Featured Stories for September~
    Posted by crazydominodragongirl
    09/01/11 - 10:56PM
    Happy September, everyone~ This months theme is war stories.

    Appropriate Measures by MidiMarch (Axis Powers Hetalia, 13+)
    Handle With Care by Fluorescent-X (Axis Powers Hetalia, 17+)
    Holy War by Purged of Sin (Original, 17+)
    Sancta Quies by Nemure (Original, All)
    Stille Nacht by silver_neko_kitsune (Axis Powers Hetalia, 13+)
    The War by Kerrigan Sheehan (Original, Adult+)

    Congratulations to all of you. :3

    Nominations for next months featured stories are now open on the forums~ The theme shall be impending doom, appropriate for October. You can nominate over here!

    And now for your monthly dose of things the mods would like you to know. New categories/characters can be requested in this thread on the forums. Its a sticky under Information Desk, if you ever need to find it. Please try to limit your character lists to a maximum of 25, and character groups or classes dont count as characters (for instance, the Heartless or Prinnies). They need to have a defined personality to be added. Also, please put things in the proper category! Anything thats classified under Original Fiction should be your own work, not fanfiction of any sort. Pick the proper genres, such as Fantasy or Romance, and please do not add those stories under Original Fiction -> Romance if they arent, well, original fiction.

    The last thing is a definition of what constitutes a valid submission, and thus is allowed on the archive. As a general rule, we dont allow submissions that dont contain any story content that means tables of contents where the first chapter of story isnt included, or character profiles, or challenges (which have their own separate section; use it, please!), or notes that youll write this chapter later, or first chapters that consist solely of authors notes (though those are sometimes acceptable later in the story). Lists of updates, rants, and such can go on your profile. Diaries are not allowed either, unless they fall into the category of memoir, which are more a depiction of events in your past than, say, a summary of how you feel on a particular day. Please use your profile or an offsite journal for those.

    If you have any questions, concerns, comments, complaints, or anything at all to say, productive or unproductive, feel free~


    Restricted Category Sweeps
    Kerrigan Sheehan
    Posted by Kerrigan Sheehan
    08/06/11 - 12:07AM
    NOTICE: The moderators will be doing a rule compliance sweep in the coming weeks for categories with restrictions on them. Only the following categories will be affected: Real Person and Harry Potter.

    These are NOT new rules. They've been on the archive from the beginning and can be seen in the FAQ and at top of those sections in the archive.

    J. K. Rowling has requested that there be no explicitly sexual fanworks made from her stories. The site does not want to risk legal action regarding hosting fanfiction depicting real people in sexual situations or fanfiction that goes against J.K. Rowling's wishes.

    Authors of stories in the Real Person and Harry Potter categories rated 17+ or above and stories with certain warnings regarding sexual situations will be sent an email by the mods, two weeks after which the stories will be reviewed. If the stories are not removed or edited to comply with the information sent in the email, they will be subject to deletion.

    No other categories will be affected.

    If you have any questions, comment on this announcement or contact a mod. Information on that can be found in the post directly below this one.

    Edit by shadowsirenv: E-mails have been sent to authors with stories in those categories that fall under those warnings. Please check your e-mails, for you may have received one. If you have not received an e-mail and you have stories that fall under these categories and warnings, please edit or delete your story accordingly and let one of the mods know or drop a comment here. You'll have until August 22nd to do whatever you need to before we begin sweeps.

    EDIT by Sally: Guys, e-mailing me won't get you a stay of execution. We've operated on the honor system since we opened. Every few years, we see a flood of legal action taken against fanfiction sites. So far, we have never been subject to that and I'd like it to stay that way. They don't play around. :-(

    Fanfiction, in all technicality, falls under copyright and trademark infringement. Most entities, authors, etc. tend to be extremely lenient and some even love fanfiction. It doesn't make Ms. Rowling or any other author mean, it's within her legal right.


    August Announcements
    Posted by silver_neko_kitsune
    08/01/11 - 10:07PM
    Merry August! Id like to begin this months update with something fun, because this is going to be a long post. So, here are all the featured stories of the month! The theme is music.

    Black Velvet and Southern Comfort by SoundofSapphire (Yu-Gi-Oh!, Adult)
    In Step by Byakko-chan (Devil May Cry, 17+)
    Snap on Me by ViViD Eminence (Kingdom Hearts, Youth)
    Then I Did by Perfect-to-stay (Fruits Basket, Youth)
    Vampires, Villains and Violins by Penguiduck (Original, 17+)
    White Keys, Red Satin by Isis san (Katekyo Hitman Reborn!, 17+)

    Congrats to all the winners! Nominations are now open for Septembers featured stories. The theme this month is war stories.

    Now, I want to take the opportunity to welcome all of our new members! :) Its good to see you all! Heres a bit of an overview on the site. Lunaescence is a moderated archive, meaning that we screen all stories from unvalidated authors for grammar, spelling, and punctuation. If your story is not accepted, you will get an email explaining why, so be sure to check the email linked to your Lunaescence account as often as possible!

    Additionally, if you ever want to contact us about anything whatsoever, heres a list of active mods:

    Kerrigan Sheehan
    Sharp Shiny Pickle

    A number have contact information on their profiles, or you can use the Contact Us feature there, though its not always guaranteed to work.

    If you like it here, decide to stay, and want to apply for author validation in a few months, you can find information on that here.

    Our last message to new members is that Lunaescence has proper categories and spaces for summaries. As such, you should not indicate the fandom or pairing of your story in your title. Furthermore, please avoid using decorative symbols in titles. Besides looking unprofessional, decorative titles often do not display properly on certain computers or phones, resulting in a bunch of boxes that nobody can understand. Please, stick to regular titles!

    Sorry to hammer you with all that information! Guess well finish off with something entertaining, which is Round 3 of the 2011 Summer Fic Trade. This round will be a little bit different, as all fics will be posted anonymously and a guessing game will be made of it. Go check it out!


    Featured Stories for July
    Posted by crazydominodragongirl
    07/01/11 - 03:54AM
    Hello and happy July~ July is sort of like a redux of June, except hotter and with more conventions. The announcements follow a certain parallel, anyway. First off is featured stories. The theme is summer~

    But Uh-oh those Summer Nights by StrawChan (Katekyo Hitman Reborn!, 13+)

    Congratulations to you. :)

    Nominations are now open for Augusts featured stories. The theme shall be music. Nominations go in this thread on the forums.

    Lastly, round two of summer fic trade will be running throughout the month of July. The registration thread can be found here. As there are some edits and clarifications to the rules, please make sure to read them. Registration for round two ends July 10. For reference, all stories submitted to the trade are/will be listed under their respective rounds series on the Fic Trade author page. Most of the round one fics are up, so do check them out!

    Questions/comments/spontaneous bursting into song go here.

    Edit by Kerrigan Sheehan: There have been several recent reports of someone spamming Luna users with public email addresses. If you make your email address public in a story, author's notes, signature, profile, news comment, or forum thread you might want to type it out like this: NAME[at]SITE[dot]com

    This means that a potential spammer can't just click the link or copypaste. An email sent using the "Contact Author" form or sent by a moderator through the queue will always contain a "sent from Lunaescence" footer.

    Further edit by DG! We seem to be getting a lot of new users. Hi to all of you! However, this does mean a reiteration of a certain rule that we haven't had to mention in a while. It is against the rules of the archive to submit more than one chapter of the same story to the queue at a time if you are not a validated author. If you have one chapter of a story in the queue, please wait for it to be approved before you submit the next. Thanks!


    Featured Stories for June and Fic Trade!
    Posted by Kay
    06/01/11 - 04:15AM
    June has finally arrived! For some of you, school will end soon (or has ended already), so it's almost time to relax and play or slack around. So happy June everyone~ as it's the best month of the year! (In my opinion, at least.)

    So without further ado, here are the featured stories for June! The theme this month is crossovers.

    Collision Course by SaBe (D.Gray-Man, Katekyo Hitman Reborn!, 13+)
    To Plead the Fifth by crazydominodragongirl (Kingdom Hearts, Final Fantasy 7, Advent Children, 13+)
    Vying by Redline (Final Fantasy 7, Devil May Cry, Adult+)

    Congratulations to the three of you! :)

    Nominations are now open for featured stories for July; the theme is summer fun. Please nominate over on the forums, where the full rules are listed.

    As we all know that it's summer (I think I said this one too many times already), silver_neko_kitsune and I have set up a Fic Trade! It's an activity that is (hopefully) going to last all summer long. The Information and Registration Thread for Round One can be found here! We encourage everyone to participate, because, as they say, the more the merrier! :D Registration ends on June 11th, so come one, come all!


    Featured Stories for May
    Posted by Hikari_no_Kage
    05/01/11 - 04:02AM
    Happy May, everyone~ But before I get into this months featured stories, please take some time to check out Sallys post in the forum. Theres a link to it in her news post right below this one.

    That being said, here are the featured stories for May! The theme is original works~

    43 of May by Lavie (All)
    fatal flaws by anarchy in the uk (17+)
    Life to Live by Prophet Lexicon (13+)
    Moments by DoorTraveler (13+)
    Summer Songs by Bluewaters (13+)
    The Angels Predator by Jebus (13+)

    Congratulations to the six of you!

    Nominations are now open for featured stories for June; the theme is crossovers! Please nominate over on the forums, where the full rules are listed.

    and last, but certainly not least, I have an announcement about choochooshoes CreateSpace project!

    In a nutshell, choochooshoe volunteered her CreateSpace code from NaNoWriMo in order to publish a book put together by us, the Lunaescence community. This book will be something of an author directory, and anyone who has something posted on the site is encouraged to contribute a few lines.

    Some of the finer details are still being worked out, but the idea is to use the profits made from selling this book to give to Lunaescence. More information can be found in her article, here!


    Lunaescence Staying Open
    Posted by Sally
    04/29/11 - 01:43PM

    I'm keeping the site open, but I need to be very frank with all of you.

    Read my Post on the Forums


    New Moderators
    Posted by Sally
    04/26/11 - 09:16AM

    I'd first and foremost like to thank everyone who applied. We received an overwhelming response to our call for moderators. :) You guys are awesome.

    Please give a warm welcome to our newest moderators:

    Congratulations and thank you so much!

    Edit: Holy Drama, Batman. *sigh* I'll be taking the donation button down this evening while I do a little soul searching regarding the future of this site. I made this archive because I wanted a place for my choice of self expression without the constraints over the content of my writing or the drama of the fansites. Instead, the previous months has yielded incredible amounts of drama both here and on the pages on social media sites like Facebook.

    Thus, while the issues of financing this site has been resolved, the programming as well as administration continues to be ongoing issues.

    I offer my most sincerest thanks to my mods for their dedication and help keeping my dream alive. I thank all of you, the most wonderful authors I have ever met, for sharing that dream with me. However, this latest round of drama has made me realize that I need to do some serious thinking.

    Thank you.

    EDIT #2: Should I decide to close the site, I will be refunding all donators until the Paypal fund is emptied. At that point, Luna would remain up until the current payment cycle is completed. >_>


    Featured Stories for April
    Posted by crazydominodragongirl
    04/01/11 - 08:46PM
    First off, a reminder about moderator applications -- see Sally's news post right below this.

    Here are the featured stories for April; the theme is birthdays.

    Birthday Surprise by Margarita (Original, 13+)
    Happy Birthday by Norge_Luver (Axis Powers Hetalia, Adult)
    Temper, Temper by Irony (FullMetal Alchemist, 13+)
    Well Make It Last Forever by Fayloic (Final Fantasy VII, All)

    Congratulations to you four.

    Nominations are now open for featured stories for May; the theme is original works. Now that forum registration is open again, it's much preferred that you nominate over here, where the full rules are listed.

    ...though I don't know why I'm bothering. Your moderators are taking all the money they've embezzled off the site and heading to Vegas to get rich (and married). Have a nice life and all that, we are out of here.

    Edit by Sharp Shiny Pickle: It turns out that we grossly underestimated the Lunaescence funds and squandered away all the money rather quickly. Also, the marriage thing didn't quite work out for legal reasons...

    More importantly, though, I wanted to let everyone know that the deadline for moderator applications is Friday, April 8 at 11:59 pm in, let's say, whatever time zone you live in. Good luck everyone!


    Moderators Wanted & Other Notes
    Posted by Sally
    03/29/11 - 09:19PM
    1. Moderators Wanted
      The queue is getting a little high, so I think it's time to seek out some more folks to help approve stories. If you're interested, please see my post on the forums.

    2. Bugs
      I'm trying to track down some of the more annoying bugs. I removed some code I put in to help with our server load to see if that was the cause. Please let me know.

    3. Forum Registrations
      I upgraded the forums and played with a few settings to see if that would allow people to register again. Please let me know if you're able to register.

    I think that's about it for now. As usual, please let me know if the problems persist. I'm still trying to track down the e-mail issues.


    Featured Stories + Announcements for March
    Posted by crazydominodragongirl
    03/01/11 - 09:15PM
    Happy March, everyone. Before we get on to featured stories, there are a few things that have come up lately that Id like to address.

    1) Yes, story validation has slowed down. This is due in part to author validations (which take a really really long time) and in part to real life attempting to prove its more important than the Internet. Please keep in mind: your mods are human too, and things happen that make them less inclined to touch Lunaescence for a while. ♥ As always, what you can do is proofread your work or ask someone else to look over it if you think its taking a while. If your story has solid grammar, mechanics, punctuation, spelling, etc., its more likely to be validated quickly.

    2) Speaking of which, author validations have also slowed down; like I said, it takes forever (and at least two mods) to look at even one author. Five posted stories or chapters and 5,000 words does not mean youll automatically be validated! If you feel you have a lot to improve on, please wait until a later time before requesting validation. The line right now is pretty long and moving pretty slowly. :)

    3) Weve been asked a few times lately about getting more mods, or what it takes to be a mod. We appreciate the offers, but were reluctant to make any changes to the mod team without Sallys approval. There will be an announcement if moderator applications open again, so please keep that in mind! Until then, if you find any problems, please do e-mail one of us. Theres a partial list of active mods who are okay with being contacted in an announcement from a couple months ago.

    4) If you have any issues at all with how the archive is being run, or with certain stories and/or authors being validated, please contact the mods directly. Things can only get done if you point out specific problems and contribute to helping them be fixed. Civil discussion will lead to more being accomplished than arguing, and when it concerns a third party, its always better to take these things to a private forum so their name doesnt get spread all over the place. Ive said previously that none of the mods will bite; that includes banning for speaking your opinions. Tempers are also less likely to flare if theres direct communication going on.

    With that said, thanks for putting up with yet another tl;dr post.

    Featured stories~ the theme is stories that could plausibly take place in the real world.

    Avian Compos Mentis by MadHatter (Original, All)
    The Crooked Cross by Bluewaters (Original, All)
    Listen to Teacher by AlacraticAvarice (Axis Powers Hetalia, 17+)
    Never Land by Xestricn (Original, All)

    Congratulations to you four.

    Nominations are now open, in the comments of this post and in the forums, for featured stories for April. The theme will be birthday stories~ or stories in which one of the main characters has a birthday. Once again, only nominate one story, and if that author already has a story nominated for the coming month, please dont nominate them again. If you have any questions (about featured or otherwise), please feel free to ask!

    Edit by Hikari_no_Kage: If you're using the Contact Author feature to get in touch with one of us, please make sure to double check that the e-mail address you write down is correct. And, um, please include your username somewhere in the message. :D


    Featured Stories and Author Validation
    Posted by crazydominodragongirl
    02/01/11 - 04:17PM
    This month, for a change of pace, featured stories come before the announcement that a lot of people have been wondering about. The theme for February is sweets.

    90 Proof Sweets by VampirePumpkins (Death Note, 17+)
    Absolute Perfection by ExpressoLatte (Katekyo Hitman Reborn!, 13+)
    A Sandy Thanksgiving Festival by Sabishii (Naruto, 13+)
    Very Sweet by Lafein (One Piece, Youth)

    Congratulations to these four authors.

    Nominations are now open for Marchs featured stories. The theme is realism, or stories with a setting and plot that could take place in the real world without too much stretching. You can nominate over here on the forums or in the comments of this announcement. Please make sure the story and author you are nominating have not already been nominated for this month!

    A number of people have been asking lately, and we figured its time to open up author validations for consideration again. Were more or less figured out a standard for what were looking for in story validations (minimal verb tense/agreement, spelling, and capitalization errors, for example), as well as some standards for author validation. You can now request to become a validated author.

    The way this works:

    -You must have at least five posted stories or five chapters and a total of at least 5,000 words written. If any of your submissions have been denied in the past two months, or if it hasnt yet been two months since you last requested validation, you cant ask again.

    -Author validations will be stricter than story validations its the difference between a lifelong pass and a one-time thing.

    -Request here on the forums, in the announcement comments, or e-mail one of us. Make sure you include your screenname, and that you check PMs (on the forums) and/or that you have a working e-mail address associated with your account so that we can get back to you.

    -Two of the mods will decide whether or not you will be validated. If they are in agreement, then that decision will stand (you will be validated or your validation request will be rejected). If not, then a third mod will come in as tiebreaker.

    -You will be contacted privately with the decision, including suggestions for improvement. If you arent validated, you can ask again in a couple months.

    And, just for the record, your mods have started a grammar guide here containing some of the most common errors we see in stories. Please take a look, since a large number of people really do mess up verb tenses, homophones, and dialogue punctuation!

    If you have any questions, comments, etc., feel free to ask. :) Other mods, if I forgot something, please mention it, and dont forget to stalk the forums for discussion and whatnot.


    Featured Stories + How To Make Your Mods Happy
    Posted by crazydominodragongirl
    01/01/11 - 05:35AM
    Happy New Year once again, everyone. I know this post is long, and I know a lot of you will probably skip to the end where featured stories are, but I'd appreciate it if you read through the entire thing so you know why it is long. To celebrate the new year (...or not), it's time for a special Q&A corner, titled YOUR MODS AND YOU (and why you should listen to them, and why your mods do not appreciate it when you do not).

    Q: Who are the mods?
    A: The Lunaescence mods are the people who validate stories and authors, take care of featured, add new categories and characters, reply to any questions you might have about the site, take care of any bugs you might experience with your profile/stories/what have you, deal with plagiarism concerns on the site, etc., etc.. Basically, they are the people you talk to if you want something done. What the mods cannot do is fix anything that requires changing the coding of the site. If you want your username to blink neon colors, I'm sorry, we can't do anything to help you.

    Q: Yes, but who are they?
    A: There's a partial list over here in the FAQ, though we've gotten more mods since then and quite a few of them are inactive. Newer mods include shadowsirenv, Sharp Shiny Pickle, Tokyo the Glaive, chibi neko alchemist ryuukari, Jesanae Tekani, Spirit Archer, and moonbeam9992.

    Q: This person is telling me to do something! Can I ignore them?
    A: Um, no. Also, no. Part of the reason for posting this now is the sheer frustration of the mods saying something and subsequently being ignored. We have rules, guys. We shouldn't have to parrot them in your faces ten times to get a point across.

    Q: But where are these rules you're talking about? If I can't find them, it's not my fault if I break every last one of them, right?
    A: To be fair, the rules most often broken aren't listed when you post a story or anything. If you were around during April of last year, your mods trolled gave you a kindly reminder that you should always read the announcements and that reading announcement comments often gives you a hint about what's going on when you're wondering why everyone else's stories have inexplicably morphed into chocolate cakes. You can't listen to the rules if you don't read the announcements and the comments. "But I spent an hour slaving away posting 100 chapters of my epic story and now they're all gone!" It's probably because you didn't read the mods' heartfelt pleas to only post one chapter at a time until the previous one has been validated. Because deleting multiple chapters from the queue to reduce its length by 20 submissions is so much fun, you know. As is repeating myself four times that the same author can't be nominated more than once per month for featured story.

    Q: I think I exploded my story/profile/life. The Contact Us feature isn't working and neither is forum sign-up, so what do I do?
    A: You contact one of the mods directly. We're authors just like you, so if you go to their author profile and click the "Contact Author" link, it will enable you to send an e-mail to one of the mods. If you receive a no letter or something in your inbox, you can also reply directly to that if you have any questions.

    Here's a helpful partial list of mods who have said they are fine with being contacted, their contact link works, and have assured me they won't bite (yes, I asked):

    Sharp Shiny Pickle
    Spirit Archer

    Other mods, feel free to add your own names to the list.

    Q: I hate the mods.
    A: That isn't a question. But they still won't bite. Probably.

    Sorry, that was long... but I hope you read that and the rule reminder I sneakily buried in there. Anyway, featured stories for January! The theme was "Best of 2010."

    The Devils You Know by Renohotness (Devil May Cry, Adult)
    Lady Luck by Amplifire (Left 4 Dead II, 17+)
    Race around the World by Akira Mokona (Axis Powers Hetalia, 17+)
    Redcoats Rampage by Chloe Danvers (Original, 13+)
    Rocks & Consequences by Bluewaters (Avatar: The Last Airbender, 13+)
    Shounen Heart by Siruru (Katekyo Hitman Reborn!, 13+)

    Congratulations to the six of you. :)

    Nominations are open for February's featured stories. The theme is "sweets," or stories in which chocolate/Candygrams/cake/pie/etc. play a major role. A quick rundown of the rules: you can't nominate yourself; no nominating more than one story; if an author has been nominated already and you nominate them again, your nomination will be ignored; though multiple stories can be nominated from a given fandom, only one story from a fandom can be featured (in case you were wondering what happened to the five thousand KHR nominations this time around). That means yes, look at what's already been nominated as much as you are able before you nominate. You can nominate here on the forums where the full process is explained or in the comments of this announcement. With the requirement that you read said announcement and the comments before yours first...


    Featured Stories for December
    Posted by crazydominodragongirl
    12/01/10 - 05:11AM
    Happy December, everyone. Not much to say this time, so well move right on to featured stories. This months theme is snow.

    A Moment of Failure! by Fluorescent-X (Devil May Cry, 17+)
    Снег by KilalaKurosaki (Axis Powers Hetalia, 13+)
    Desire of the Soul by GuardianAngel07 (Bleach, 13+)
    The Snow by Momo-Deary (Left 4 Dead 2, 17+)

    Congratulations to you four~

    Nominations are open for Januarys featured stories. The theme is best of 2010, stories that have been first posted on Luna (and, as far as anyone can tell, on other sites, so theyre new stories) in 2010, so go nominate either over here on the forums.

    P.S. Click the Paypal button on the left over there in the holiday spirit if you can and you havent already. ♥


    Featured Stories for November
    Posted by crazydominodragongirl
    11/02/10 - 02:45AM
    1. Go donate moneys to keep Luna alive, guys. There is a Paypal button down there.

    2. It's November, which means a number of your mods (>2, in all likelihood) will be doing NaNoWriMo. There is a thread on the forums for it. You should do it too. Go forth and write a novel.

    3. Featured stories for November: theme is school stories.

    Heart of Glass, Heart of Stone by MissMurder (Ouran High School Host Club, 13+)
    ∞ It's a Mad, Mad, Mad, Mad World ∞ by GuardianAngel07 (Katekyo Hitman Reborn!, 13+)
    Substitute Creature by Rockinmuffin (Naruto, 13+)
    Thunder and Lightening by Bleu Wales (Yu-Gi-Oh! GX, 13+)
    The Universal Language by littleduck (Kingdom Hearts, 17+)

    Congratulations to all of you.

    Nominations are now open for December's featured stories; the theme is "snow." Make of that what you will. Nominate over here on the forums or in the comments of this post.

    A Reminder to All by Sharp Shiny Pickle: Multiple chapter submissions are not allowed. Please wait until one chapter has been validated before adding the next. I imagine the majority of you already know this as we have practically drilled it into your skulls, but this is still a problem with several people, so another reminder is needed. Also, have a nice November!


    Luna's back~
    Posted by crazydominodragongirl
    10/18/10 - 09:41PM
    As you have doubtless noticed since you're here, the site is back up. It is time for a CELEBRATION and a few quick things that should probably be mentioned before we start to have problems!

    1. Don't know how many of you follow Luna's Facebook, but I personally was using the Luna LJ for updates during the downtime. Before you panic or ask one of your lovely mods what's going on, you can look there. This also brings me to my second point -- as you can see from the (currently) most recent post, Luna now needs a dedicated server to run, and this costs $$$ -- 50 a month, to be exact. As such, please please please donate if you can! The Paypal button in the post itself doesn't seem to be working IS NOW WORKING, as is the one on the site, on the left side underneath all the menus, so if you have Paypal and can afford to donate, please do!

    2. Featured stories, as I mentioned on the LJ comm, are being delayed for a little while. I'll pick the new features and announce a new theme at the end of OCTOBER, so you have until then to nominate. Once again, the theme is school-centric stories, and you can nominate either in the comments or here on the forums. You can also find more information/rules/selection process in that thread.

    3. Guys guys GUYS I know it's super-tempting to want to upload all you wrote over downtime right now, but please hold off for a little while, especially if you're not a validated author! The queue luckily isn't too long yet, but we're fully expecting a flood of stories, and you'll be waiting quite a while if we have to wade through several hundred submissions a day. Therefore, I ask that you please limit yourselves to one update a day, at least until things slow down a little. This is not a rule, per se, since we won't be deleting for it (unless it's multiple-chapter submission), but it will help keep things easier and you won't have the issue of having your updates lost in a huuuuge flood. Supposedly validated authors can do what they want, but you might also find it worthwhile to space out updates a bit, as your stories will probably get lost too and you do tend to get more readers/reviews if you don't update twenty things at a time.

    4. Please donate?


    Featured Stories for August
    Posted by crazydominodragongirl
    07/31/10 - 10:47AM
    Wow, I think I just exploded going through the nominations. So many this time~ perhaps I should try to set a few more limits next time I decide on underappreciated stories as a theme. Also, it is past midnight where I am right now (Japantime), so I am totally allowed to make this post now.

    First off is a VERY IMPORTANT ANNOUNCEMENT, GUYS. A VERY IMPORTANT ANNOUNCEMENT. READ THE ANNOUNCEMENTS! READ THE ANNOUNCEMENT COMMENTS! IF APPLICABLE, READ THE FORUMS, TOO! Especially if you are asking a question! It is MOST LIKELY that it has been PREVIOUSLY ANSWERED ELSEWHERE. Seriously, I cant remember the last time I saw a question that was not answered in an announcement, in announcement comments, or on the forums. So before you ask why your stories are getting deleted and youre not getting letters, or why youre being redirected to wrong chapters, or why its been n weeks and your story is still sitting in the queue, or ANYTHING AT ALL, check to see that it hasnt already been answered! Only then do you ask in comments or on forums or e-mail the mods. There was even an April Fools post about this, guys. That was supposed to teach something. I apologize for the abuse of HTML and capslock, but hopefully this (and the global forum post I plan to put up in a little bit) will catch peoples attention.

    Anyway, to everyone else, thanks for putting up with that. Featured this time are underappreciated stories.

    Blinded by PurpleElephants (Naruto, 13+)
    Broken Promises by hieisdarkdragonchick (Yu Yu Hakusho, All)
    Byakuran's Prophecies by omgpink (Katekyo Hitman Reborn!, 13+)
    Crimson Taint by Jensea (Yu-Gi-Oh!, 13+)
    Set Your Girl On Fire by Miss Ellie (Kingdom Hearts, 13+)
    Stalinism by silver_neko_kitsune (Hetalia, 17+)

    Congratulations to the six of you.

    Nominations are now open for Septembers featured stories. The theme shall be, I think, stories that take place in a school setting in celebration or not of back-to-school. You can nominate over here on the forums or in the comments to this post, but please only nominate in one place! Full rules are on the forums, but basics are that you can only nominate one story and dont nominate yourself. You may now go back to your regularly-scheduled archive.


    Featured Stories for July
    Posted by crazydominodragongirl
    07/01/10 - 08:40AM
    HAPPY JULY. I hope you all are enjoying your summer!

    I would be enjoying my summer a bit more if people would just remember certain rules: more specifically, the rule to not submit more than one chapter at a time of the same story if youre not a validated author~ The queue is long, multiple submissions make it even longer, and if there are errors in one chapter and we deny them, they will likely be in all chapters. Well also delete all multiple chapter submissions, so save us and yourself some time and only submit one at a time. Please. Or else Ill have to start pulling out the angry icons.

    Here are this months featured stories! (I know I say only one story from a given category will be chosen, but I made a bit of a mistake this month and I dont think the other nominations qualify, so enjoy your double dose of DMC or something.) This months theme is alternate universes.

    As Clear as Mud by pronker (Star Wars, 17+)
    Diverse Elements by stagnantkiss (Wolfs Rain, Adult)
    The Embodiment of Darkness by kniferomance (Kingdom Hearts, 17+)
    Insomniac by Siruru (Katekyo Hitman Reborn!, 13+)
    māu anō e rapu he orange by Mrs Kitty Corpse (Devil May Cry, 17+)
    Tag--You're It by Renohotness (Devil May Cry, Adult)

    Congratulations to you all~

    Nominations are now open for featured stories for August. The theme, I think, shall be underappreciated stories. Ill leave it up to your own discretion what underappreciated means, but if I think it has too many reviews itll get vetoed. ♥ Nominations go here on the forums, or I guess in the comments to this post since you still cant access that section of the forum unless youre logged in. The most important rules boil down to one nomination per person and no nominating yourself. Questions/comments/etc. go here.


    Possible Downtime & Update News
    Posted by Sally
    06/19/10 - 09:43PM

    EDIT 3: Okay, I'm playing the the code again. Please let me know if there's any problems. Theoretically, it shouldn't have impact on you if you're logged in. So far, it looks like you can review and swap chapters with no effect.

    EDIT 2: Okay, I've totally removed the code. Looks like that was what was causing the errors with stories. I am so sorry about that! Should be all fixed now. ^_^;;;

    EDIT: Okay, I think I might have it fixed. You might see some pages look like this until everything updates. What was happening was that I was having the new code save a "copy" of the website in plain HTML. What I didn't think about when I wrote it was that it might save it so it looked like you were logged in as someone else. ^_^;; Let me know if you have any other problems

    In order to alleviate some of the database issues we've been having over the past couple weeks, I'm installing some code that will save sections of the site. There might be some intermittent downtime during the overnight hours while I work on this.

    After I install the code, it may take up to 2 hours for some sections of the Archive to update. I have to do this, we've grown drastically over the past couple months and if I don't we might be shut down by my host.

    The Statistics page is no longer live information. I currently have it set to update every day at 4:30am. You'll also notice that the number of stories in the queue are listed too. Only section on that page that's currently live is the newest members.

    Author pages will update every 5 minutes.
    Story pages will update every 2 hours.
    Category pages will update every 2 hours.
    Top Tens Pages will update every 12 hours.
    Statistics Page will update every 24 hours.

    I'll tweak those numbers if it looks like I have them set too aggressively. But in the meantime, please be patient with me. Once I know it's working (and that my host isn't likely to shoot me another nasty-gram) I'll add a button for authors to force an update to their stuff.


    Database Overload
    Posted by Sally
    06/17/10 - 09:33AM

    We're encountering some issues with the database that may lead to downtime. I'm asking that you take it easy on the site until I can take a proper look at the site this weekend.

    So far, it looks like the recently added page and the random stories page are being excessively refreshed. If I can't figure out how to ease the load from those pages, I'll have to remove them.

    Sorry about any downtime, everyone!


    Featured Stories for June
    Posted by crazydominodragongirl
    06/02/10 - 12:33AM
    MERRY JUNE and you didn't see me typing the month wrong in the title for the second month in a row. Just a couple reminders before we get started~ first is IF YOU ARENT A VALIDATED AUTHOR, ONLY SUBMIT ONE CHAPTER OF THE SAME STORY TO THE QUEUE AT A TIME. Seriously. The queue is ridiculously long as it is (was up to 250-some a few days ago), and if theres a problem in one chapter, theres likely to be a problem in all of them. It saves all of us time if you wait until the previous chapter has been validated before posting the new one.

    Another is new categories/characters! Its fine if you request them, but please do so here on the forums, or else your request is likely to be ignored. Make sure the category you want doesnt already exist before you request it; sometimes, in the case of books-turned-movies and whatnot, it might be in a different section than you expect, so check those too. And dont request a category if you dont already have stories written for it; otherwise, the archive just gets filled with unused categories, which is kind of messy.

    Anyway, on to featured stories. This months theme is kid-friendly stories, or those rated All or Youth~

    Charmed by kuro_kitsune (Yu-Gi-Oh GX, Youth)
    Mirror Image by Crys-chan (Saiyuki, All)
    Pretty by Kamisori (Naruto, All)
    Teddy Bear by Schwarze Sonne (+Anima, All)
    To Catch A Thief by SweetSymmetry (Avatar: The Last Airbender, All)
    Tournament Troubles by Sharp Shiny Pickle (Yu Yu Hakusho, Youth)

    Congratulations to you~

    Nominations are now open for featured stories for July. The theme is alternate universe stories, or those that take place in a non-canon setting. You can nominate over here on the forums. Questions/comments/complaints/delicious tomatoes?

    P.S. I know the forum links give an error if you arent logged in. Ive notified Sally, so if you dont have an account and dont want to sign up for one, please be patient. Thanks! ♥


    Forums Back Up
    Posted by Sally
    05/29/10 - 06:41PM

    Forums have been fully upgraded! Working on making them look pretty and re-doing all those settings everyone is used to.

    Please let me know if anything looks funky.


    EDIT: I'm receiving some reports of password problems on the forums. It doesn't look like passwords were properly transferred in the upgrade. You might have to get a new password to log in.


    Downtime Saturday Morning
    Posted by Sally
    05/29/10 - 02:05PM

    Lunaescence was taken down due to using too many system resources. So no, it wasn't your imagination that we were down for a bit on Saturday morning.

    I don't think it's anything any of you did. I think one of our older sections that may have been hacked or was having a hacking attempt underway.

    To this end, the dictionary, the Flea Fan listing, and a few unused sections have been removed. I'll reinstate a new dictionary, but it will be limited to strictly fanfiction-related terms.

    The forums will be going down for upgrading and the archive will be undergoing an extensive security test over the following weeks.

    To help you still get your Lunaescence fix while the upgrade is underway, you can chat with your fellow authors on Facebook, LiveJournal, and Gaia Online.


    Featured Stories for May~
    Posted by crazydominodragongirl
    05/01/10 - 07:52PM
    HELLO ALL, and happy May! I cant think of anything off the top of my head that requires a reminder right now (partially because I pretty thoroughly covered things last month, oops), unless any of the other mods has something to add~

    oh yeah, except that those of you who are still replying to the post made exactly one month ago are clearly still not reading the announcements. ♥

    Anyway, on to featured stories. This months theme is old favorites, or stories that had their first chapter posted before 2008.

    Millennium Bling by ArcheressOfApollo (Yu-Gi-Oh!, 13+)
    One-Shot: A Dangerous Mind by BonitaWolfSpirit (Devil May Cry, 13+)
    Syndetos by Tsula (Harry Potter/Labyrinth, 13+)
    Turkish Delights by Renohotness (Final Fantasy VII, Adult)
    When There's No In-Between by crazydominodragongirl (Gundam SEED, 13+)
    Windows To The Soul by Isis san (FullMetal Alchemist, 17+)

    Congratulations to all of you~

    Nominations are now open for featured stories for June. The theme shall be kid-friendly stories, or in other words, stories with ratings of All or Youth. You can nominate over here on the forums, and this post is now open for questions/comments/what have you.


    Featured stories + reminders!
    Posted by crazydominodragongirl
    04/05/10 - 11:54PM
    Another long post I expect everyone to read it thoroughly. Since a few days have passed since the last announcement, were starting to go through the members who didnt reply, and those who answered incorrectly, and are temporarily freezing posting privileges.

    is what I would say, if the timestamp on that announcement wasnt on the first of April. Happy (belated) April Fools, guys~ we got quite a few laughs from your answers. =D We also learned who read the announcements, who stopped after the first paragraph (your answers were totally boring), who stopped after the first rule reminder (you missed the other important changes), and who only read the comments (because, uh, the substitutions were supposed to follow actual themes that were mentioned in the announcement, and some responses just didnt make sense). Anyway, hopefully that taught everyone an essential life lesson about looking at the new announcements and actually paying attention to them. As far as freezing, no, we were never actually planning to do that, but we have been considering it as a measure against people who consistently break rules you know, of the sort that are mentioned constantly in the announcements.

    There are just two more things Id like to mention before going to the featured stories for this month. One is that there is an actual thread in the forums for you to request new categories and characters. This means you dont have to create a new forum post to ask, just reply in that thread. Please use the thread! Unless you ask there (or in the announcement comments, sometimes) your request will probably not be carried out.

    The other is plagiarism. I shouldnt have to say this, but plagiarism is bad, guys, dont do it. Its the type of thing that actually will get you kicked out of college. There have been a lot of reports recently of plagiarized stories on other sites, pretty much that someone is ripping off stories from Luna users and posting them as their own. If you see a story on another site that seems suspiciously familiar and is not posted by the same author as it is on here, please contact the original author! Theres also a thread on the forums about plagiarism, so you might want to bring it up there with links. Also, its generally better to report the plagiarizer, as quite a few are likely to claim that they didnt plagiarize but delete the story anyway to get rid of the evidence. This all summarizes to plagiarism = bad, dont do it, report people who do.

    Now that Im done lecturing, featured stories~ For April, the feature is one-shots (of 1,000 words or longer).

    Black and Red by Ariadne (Original, 13+)
    Drowning by littleduck (Kingdom Hearts, 17+)
    Halves by crazydominodragongirl (Loveless/Prince of Tennis, 17+)
    Mommy Angel and Daddy Train?!? by Halfbreed Maiden (Black Cat, 13+)
    To Be Honest by crimsonxtearx5 (Naruto, 13+)
    Tolerance for Stupidity by silver_neko_kitsune (Harry Potter/Howls Moving Castle, Youth)

    Congratulations to you~

    Nominations are now open for Mays featured stories. The theme will be older stories (posted before 2007), and you can nominate over here on the forums. Im trying something new for how featured stories are selected, so make sure you read the rules~ Anyway, this post now open for questions/comments/complaints/how could you do that to us, I will never forgive you.


    Please read the announcements!
    Posted by crazydominodragongirl
    04/01/10 - 09:42PM
    Okay, this is something that people really shouldve paid attention to from the very beginning, but if youve ever had any questions about the rules and the like, or why your story was deleted or whatever, it would really, really help you to read the announcements. Were getting a biiiit tired of repeating the same things over and over, so in the interest of only having to say all this one more time, this will be a long RULES!!! post. Also of note is that Im delaying the new featured stories for a few days, since I want to try out something new. Of greater importance, though: please respond to this announcement with the date you joined Luna, the number of stories you have posted, and the number of series you have, whether or not you have any stories up, so we know you read the post. In other words, write I joined on xx/xx/xx, I have posted xx stories, and I have xx series. Otherwise, starting five days from now, your posting privileges will be suspended until youve proven that youre actually paying attention to what the mods have to say. This is so we know how many people read the announcements, and so that people actually do read the announcements, because its often the only way to communicate with the userbase as a whole.

    All right, now for a quick reminder of what you should and should not do.

    -If you are not a validated author, do NOT POST ANOTHER CHAPTER OF THE SAME STORY BEFORE THE PREVIOUS CHAPTER HAS BEEN VALIDATED. Im sorry, but the capslock is completely warranted. I should be able to walk away from my computer for twelve hours and not come back to find 122 new-story-in-the-queue alerts in my inbox. If you do this, all those chapters will be immediately deleted. No excuses. When you reply to this, replace I joined on with I started invading peoples minds on, so we know you read the whole announcement. Also, when submitting the first chapter of a story to the queue, make sure it has some actual writing in it in other words, if it consists only of a profile or a list/background information, it will be declined. It should have actual story content.

    -This only happens on occasion, but you really dont need to submit placeholders to the queue, either. This means nothing with story text that consists entirely of Ill write this later. There is absolutely no point in doing so. We dont always go through the queue in order, so those submissions will just end up being deleted.

    -If a mod rejects your story, please go easy on them. Were still working on validation standards also, yelling at someone for declining your story has really never helped matters. If your story is declined, check your e-mail; we usually send letters that explain why it was declined and what you can do to improve, though we are aware that sometimes the letters dont go through or turn up blank. If your username starts with a number or any letter from A-J, replace stories and series with different baked goods in your reply. Feel free to e-mail the mods back for any clarification if youre still confused as to why your story was rejected.

    -Use a spellcheck. This is one of the things were cracking down on the most, just because spelling errors are really, really easy to avoid. Seriously, you should not have more than five spelling errors, fewer for shorter pieces. Many word processors come with spellcheck built in, as do a number of Internet browsers, and you can find some online as well. There are no excuses to have spelling errors. If your username starts with a letter from K-R, replace stories and series with different body parts.

    -Please please please preview your stories before you post them! This will help you catch any HTML errors that might mess up how it looks, and the format of the story; youll also be able to see if anything gets cut off, which is usually due to errors in HTML coding anyway. If your username starts with S-Z, replace stories and series with different dinosaurs. If there is an open beginning bracket anywhere in the story text (<) and no closing bracket (>), the story will end up cut off.

    Thats all for now, but you might expect a few more reminders whenever I get around to doing features. Questions/comments/complaints?


    Featured Stories for March 2010
    Posted by crazydominodragongirl
    03/01/10 - 06:18PM
    Before the featured stories, quick reminder!

    DO NOT SUBMIT MORE THAN ONE CHAPTER OF THE SAME STORY TO THE VALIDATION QUEUE AT A TIME. Seriously. I stopped saying this because people stopped doing it, but this past month there have been multiple submissions again. If you do this, all chapters of that story in the queue will be deleted and we probably won't even look at it. So unless you want the mods to rage in your direction, one chapter of a story at a time, please.

    And now that I've gone over the rule reminder about how you don't submit more than one chapter of the same story at a time (see what I did there?), featured stories. The theme for March is anti-romance, or stories without romantic... ness as the theme.

    0:00 AM by Rosefox98 Lover (Original, Adult)
    3 by doc (Final Fantasy XII, Youth)
    Of Wolves and Rabbits by MagicalTear (Original, Youth)
    Selling Point by Crimsoncat (Naruto, Adult)
    Silver by cathrl (Thunderbirds, Youth)
    Simply Proved Him Wrong by Rhei (Reborn!, All)

    Congratulations to these authors.

    Nominations are now open for April's featured stories. The theme is one-shots (and to qualify as a one-shot, it must be 1,000 words or more). You can nominate over on the forums with or without an account~


    Featured Stories for February 2010
    Posted by crazydominodragongirl
    02/01/10 - 06:39PM
    Happy Monday, and happy February, too. =D Once again, before featured stories, a quick reminder from the mods: if you post in the forums with a question or a request, please please please make sure you're posting it in the right forum! Also make sure the question hasn't been asked before, or if it's a category/character request, there are specific threads for those, too. They exist to keep the forum neat and consolidate related things in one place, so please use them.

    ...featured stories! The theme for February is ~ROMANCE~.

    Carmine by Resurii (Saiyuki, 13+)
    Dancing With Prince Charming by Animeangel10632 (Kingdom Hearts, 17+)
    Deadly Sin by Timeless_Serenade (Original, 17+)
    Jealousy by Dark-heart (Twilight, 17+)
    No Prey, No Pay by Butterflyy (One Piece, 13+)
    Unrequited by akahey (D.Gray-man, 13+)

    Congratulations to these six authors~

    Nominations for featured stories for March are now open. Since February has been the month of love and all that, March will be the ANTI-ROMANCE month, meaning stories that do not feature romance as a theme. You can nominate over here on the forums~

    As always, questions/comments/complaints go here.

    EDIT: P.S. Mods, check the forum. We'd like your input on something. ♥


    Featured Stories for January 2010!
    Posted by crazydominodragongirl
    01/01/10 - 05:35PM
    Hello everyone, and happy New Year~ あけましておめでとう! Feliz Ao Nuevo! Bonne anne! Felice Anno Nuovo! ...okay, I'm done abusing Google Translate now.

    Mods have been discussing modly business, so a couple different reminders this month~ First off, please try to make sure your author's notes, summaries, and titles (chapter and story) also follow basic spelling and grammar rules, not just the content! We won't decline anything based on mistakes there, but it's always nicer to see them done correctly, plus people are probably more likely to read if the summary doesn't have, say, five spelling errors. Another thing: the site does say that all fanfiction in this archive is copyright the owners of the original series, but it never hurts to reiterate that in your own stories. It's a good idea to add a disclaimer in your author's notes or something, if only to avoid potential legal trouble.

    Now that I'm done lecturing at you all, features~ The theme for January is the "best of 2009," or stories that were started in the past year.

    Bazooka Failure by ShadowQueen1815
    Beginnings 1: Peacemaker by DoorTraveler
    The Betrothed by lilsoapspudz
    Proof by Chuckismyhero
    Start Again by Little Black Wings
    Subterfuge by Dishrag1313

    Congratulations to these six authors~

    Nominations are now open for February 2010 featured stories. The theme, I think, will be ~ROMANCE~, since February has a certain day of the year that makes candy sales spike almost as much as Halloween does. If you would like to nominate, please do so on the forum post and read the rules in the first post. Questions/comments/complaints/tomatoes/wishing each other happy New Year in languages I don't know goes here. :D


    Featured stories for December!
    Posted by crazydominodragongirl
    12/02/09 - 02:24AM
    Hello hello~ You should all be surprised that I actually remembered to do this on the first this time. Once again, before we actually get to announcements, a couple things the mods would like to remind you of:

    -Don't post more than one chapter of the same story at a time, before the previous chapter has been approved. If you do, those chapters will be automatically deleted. It clogs up the queue, and if there's a problem with one chapter, it's likely a problem with all of them.

    -We do not edit your stories for you. We look at them and, if we decline them, we tell you what to fix. We do not change anything; that part is up to you.

    Please guys, don't make me copy/paste this into every announcement. D:

    Anyway, without further ado: featured stories for December! The theme is holiday stories.

    Christmas Beauty by Ria
    No Courage by PlayboyManson
    Yuletide Wishes by LatonaSelene
    You're All I Want For Christmas by AlchemicBeauty309

    Congratulations to those four authors~

    Nominations for featured stories for January are now open on the forums; you don't need an account to post. The theme is "best of 2009," or pretty much stories posted in the past year~ More information is located there if you want to nominate. :3


    Featured Stories for November!
    Posted by crazydominodragongirl
    11/04/09 - 07:34PM
    Once upon a time, November started, and DG realized this signaled the start of NaNo. What she did not realize was that this meant November started, and she was supposed to change the features. That's why this is late. Sorry, guys! |D;;

    On a related, but no less important note, before we get to features: the queue for submitted stories is really, really long at the moment, for a number of reasons. We're still getting lots of submissions, and with the start of November, a few of the mods are probably doing NaNoWriMo, a giant time-eater. (You should do it too. It's a good experience, gives you something be proud about, and is a good use for all those ideas floating around your head. It also gives us less work if you're too busy writing a novel to post anything.) Add that to the normal load of schoolwork, and it bears repeating that stories may take as long as two weeks to be validated, maybe longer, though we haven't reached that point yet. To help speed things along, a quick reminder of the rules: if you're not a validated author, do not submit the next chapter of a story before the previous chapter has been validated. Also, as a general guideline, if you feel your story has been in the queue for a long while, it might be a good idea to review it again and fix any errors you find; if it's sort of borderline, it's likely to hang around in the queue longer.

    After that entirely too long speech... featured stories! The theme for November is non-reader-inserts~

    Blood of the Moon by kniferomance
    Hope's Demise by Kitsuchan
    Ordinary Escape by Tsula
    Running, Returning - A Yamato Story by Silver-Serenade
    The Sexy Jutsu by Miri_Ryu
    Xanthippe by Kitty Corpse

    Congratulations to all of you~ ^^

    Nominations for featured stories for December are now being accepted; the theme will be holiday stories~ You can nominate (and listen to me ramble more) over here. Please keep in mind that the rules have been changed slightly, so read the post~

    Questions, comments, complaints, pointing out stupid errors on my part, or throwing tomatoes for the late post go here or in the forums. I like tomatoes. 8D


    Registrations Now Open!
    Posted by Sally
    10/10/09 - 03:41PM

    Registrations are open! ^_^

    Thanks to everyone who sent in e-mails and test reviews. Stay tuned over the rest of the weekend for more updates.

    Avatars for Everyone!
    I just installed Gravatar support for the site. This is a service that associates your e-mail address with an avatar of your choice. This means avatars are now open to EVERYONE, not just validated members.

    This way, you can have the pretty avatar next to your name and I have peace of mind knowing I can remove the old, hack-prone script from the site. ^_^

    I'll work on adding other avatar services later. To enable Gravatars, go to your profile and look for "Avatar" under your bio.

    Edit: Okay, by popular request I added in a place for you just to link to a remote avatar from PhotoBucket or some other site. Just go into your options to choose the avatar type that works for you. I also located these really cool, randomly generated avatars that I'll work on installing tomorrow.

    Log In With Penname or E-mail
    You can now log into the site with either your penname OR with the e-mail you signed up with. ^_^ Thanks to Jasson for helping me get that figured out!


    Our Emails
    Posted by Sally
    10/06/09 - 11:54AM

    All site e-mails have been disabled. Look, if you don't want to receive any e-mail from us:


    Because someone couldn't just turn them off, I am now having to convince my host we are not spammers. Thanks!


    Edit (Oct 07): No one broke anything but me more than likely. ^_^; Favorite alerts and review alerts should be disabled, but it looks like it did nothing but force everyone to redo their e-mail settings. Which means I probably did something.

    Yes, it was a member who complained which is why I said "Change your settings." I've banned them and will be removing all reason for them to receive future e-mails.


    EDIT #2: Mods, please check the message board. I need a little info, por favor. ^_^


    Featured Stories for October
    Posted by crazydominodragongirl
    10/02/09 - 05:54AM
    I am totally capable of remembering to do this when the month changes.

    Hi again, everyone~ For the month of October, the theme for featured stories is small categories, or fics located in categories with fewer than a hundred submissions. There were more than enough nominations this time, so I had to go with the first few only, unfortunately; the stories (and accompanying categories) are:

    Digital Destinies by GuardianAngel07 (Digimon)
    You're All I Want For Christmas by AlchemicBeauty309 (Shaman King)
    Becoming is Half the Story by Aileadh (Black Cat)
    Silver Lining by KilalaKurosaki (GetBackers)
    Crossdressing Is His Habit... Or Not by Chrys (+Anima)
    A Bat Out of Hell by Bender (Good Omens)

    Congratulations to all of you~ :3

    For the month of November, the theme will be non-reader-inserts! Suggestions can be made in the appropriate thread in the forums; any questions can be directed there as well, or in response to this announcement.

    And once again, link to Sally's poll, for those who didn't already answer. :3


    Featured Stories for September
    Posted by crazydominodragongirl
    09/06/09 - 11:45PM
    Hi everyone~

    We thought it would be fun to start up an old feature again, so every month, we'll be picking a theme and choosing to feature about four to six stories that fit that theme. Featured stories will be based on nominations from you, the users. :)

    For September, the theme is chaptered stories. The featured stories are:

    Daydreamer's Nightmare by DragonSilk
    Jaharaan Love by Penguiduck
    To Love the Wrong Woman by SoundofSapphire
    Unlucky in Love..? by Halfbreed Maiden
    When There is No Day-to-Day Life by Dark Ceray

    Congratulations to all of you! =)

    Nominations are now also open for October's featured stories. You have until the end of the month to get them in; the theme will be small categories, or stories in categories with 100 or fewer submissions at the time of nomination. You can nominate by going to the appropriate thread in the forums; no registration is required.

    Also, for those of you who haven't answered yet, a link to Sally's poll about advertisements.


    Ads: Their Location & Content
    Posted by Sally
    07/07/09 - 05:37PM

    I hope our American and Canadian readers had a safe and fun first week of July.

    I think I've located an advertiser that I'd be willing to try. They basically auction off ad space for that day to the highest bidder. I get to chose the ads I allow should they win the bid. This advertiser seems to service many of the web comics I read and nothing I've seen is truly questionable. So... survey time!

    What I need:
    1.) Where DON'T you want to see an ad? (e.g. The story pages, your profiles)
    2.) What types of ads would you like to see? (I see lots of ads for Web comics, anime stores, and fantasy/roleplaying stores.)
    3.) What sorts of ads would you be dropping me a nasty-gram over? (No, I don't intend to allow porn or gambling... but what about an ad for someone's lemon, YAOI, or slash web comic?)

    Any other concerns?


    Thank you for the Donations!
    Posted by Sally
    06/25/09 - 12:26PM

    Donations received: $186.60 USD

    All of you have truly made me eat my words. Enough has been donated to keep Lunaescence running for the next year. O_o I'm speechless and touched by your generosity. You guys ROCK!

    Thank you to everyone who donated from the bottom of my heart! You have no idea how relieved this makes me feel! Much love to all of you!

    *deep breath* Okay. What follows now is kind of a restructuring, to make sure this site can keep running even while I'm out looking for work and for The Move later this year. Mods will be given new powers to make this happen, including being able to bring in new mods and more.

    Again, thank you so much everyone! You're the best!


    A Compromise
    Posted by Sally
    06/23/09 - 11:02PM

    First of all, I'm very flattered by your response. I had no idea that my site was this much loved. ^_^

    Secondly: I'm not selling my site. Pure and simple. It's named after my dog and my professional portfolio is hosted here as well.

    So: I'll compromise. I'll try keeping the archive going for 3 more months as a trial. But I need help.

    This site costs roughly $175 per year to keep going, excluding my coding. I pay roughly $40 - $45 (USD) every 3 months and it was the bill on the 19th that shell shocked me. Doesn't sound like much until you have to live on public assistance and have to worry about far much more important bills. (Cause seriously? Being homeless? Not high on my to-do list.) The Paypal banner has sat at the bottom of most of this site's layouts for a few years now. Aside from one donation attempt that got lost among the spam, it hasn't seen any use. Tomorrow, I'll edit this post with a big, shiny button here with an e-mail address all its own so e-mails don't get lost. If there's enough interest, I'll check into a PO box for postal donations.

    Please don't say you'll donate if you don't actually intend to.

    Next: Mods... please get with each other. For this 3 month trial, I'm just the owner. One of you will need to step up, please decide who that will be.

    I'm sorry if I sound a little hostile, but the hateful, awful e-mails some of you have been sending me actually hasn't helped my outlook any better. You know who you are.


    Lunaescence Closing
    Posted by Sally
    06/22/09 - 01:13PM

    I'm sorry to do this, but due to continuing circumstances... I'm going to be closing Lunaescence at the end of July.

    I just don't have the time or money to keep this up anymore. As you've noticed, I've been away more than I've been here. I'm looking at an interstate move very soon if I expect to do anything with my career. I've been unemployed for over 8 months now with no job prospects whatsoever.

    Please back up your stories and pass the message onward to anyone who might not check the news frequently. I'll be deleting the archive entirely the first week of August. This will be permanent.

    I'm sorry, everyone... I'm truly sorry. Thank you so much for your support over the years and for being so awesome.

    I wish you all the best.


    Explanation, Downtime, and Notices
    Posted by Sally
    01/05/09 - 12:23AM

    Sorry, I've been busy and not busy at the same time. I was laid off from my job and I've been trying to find a new job before anything worse happens. Since I've been worrying about how the bills are going to be paid and whether I'll have a roof over my head, I really have had zero interest in the site. And for that, I do apologize.

    Downtime: We're being moved to a new server to improve performance, which means you should expect some downtime in the near future. Please don't panic, please don't e-mail me -- I know all about it.

    Notice #1: Please do not send Forwards, chain letters, or invites to places like Gaia Online, MySpace, Facebook, etc. I get more than enough spam and I have no time to dedicate to yet another site. Ones sent before I posted this message are forgiven, but from now on realize this is a quick way to banning.

    Notice #2: Complaining to me that your story hasn't been validated yet really won't do you any good. Nor will complaining that you have to fix a mistake. I will side with my moderators (if I actually have any left after all this) every time. If you want to have your story posted instantly without any checks or balances, I would suggest you go to or one of the other archives.

    Notice #3: Yes, new registrations are down due to obscene amounts of spam. I have no idea when I'll be bringing them back up. There was over 1500 robotic registrations in just one weekend. That takes a huge toll on the database and leaves me with at least double that number in "Return to Sender" e-mails coming into my e-mail. There's also the people who register with bad e-mail addresses and others who join thinking this is another rehash. I need to find a way to address all of this before I will feel okay opening them up, especially with me not being around.

    Thanks everyone.

    Edit from chibi neko alchemist: I hate to edit Sally's message to add this, but it needs to be done. Despite multiple reminders from moderators (just below this very news entry!) people still continue to submit multiple chapters for a story at a time. Please, please remember that you should only submit one chapter at a time for validation. It shouldn't have to be said this many times.

    Another persistent problem seems to be with grammar. Like others have said before, beta readers really are your friends. Even just using spell check and doing a careful look through yourself can drastically improve the quality of your writing, so please keep this in mind.


    ATTENTION, por favor
    Posted by LeBeau
    10/09/08 - 08:19PM
    Hey guys and gals~

    Please, please, PLEASE do not submit multiple chapters within five minutes of each other. WAIT until your first chapter has been approved before you submit multiple chapters as there may be something wrong in one chapter consistent with all the other chapters.

    Beta readers (and spell check) are your friends! We have many people here willing to be your beta if you just ask them. Also, please check out our helpful essays by authors of the site and our dictionary, grammar usage, and spelling for any questions.

    If you don't do these things, it creates such a hassle for the staff of this site as we have to read over and approve all your submissions. We do have lives, just like you.

    Edit by moonbeam9992:We should not have to tell you guys this as we have said this many times. It is difficult and time consuming to delete and/or sift through multiple, unacceptable chapters.


    SOS! We need moderators!
    Posted by Sally
    09/25/08 - 05:48PM

    I'm sure everyone knows that submissions are often really slow here. I mean really slow. It takes a long time right now for stories to show up on the site simply because there's no way anyone can read that many stories in one night. The site has also been seriously neglected in other ways too. Basically, I've been busy with college, work, internships, and life in general and just haven't had the time to care for my own site.

    I have several positions I need filled:

    1. Moderators Read over submissions to the archive and approve them if they meet our rules.
    2. Site Editor (1) Help us upgrade our informational pages.
    3. Event Coordinator (1) Your job: Plan and oversee fun things and events for the site!
    4. Newsletter Editor (1) Bring back our newsletter!

    Thanks! ^_^

    LAST CALL! I'll be closing the application addresses tomorrow night (October 3rd) at midnight eastern standard time.


    Spam Reviews & Favorite E-mails
    Posted by Sally
    09/21/08 - 06:05PM

    I believe I have the favorite alert e-mails working correctly now. Since some alerts may have already sent and are working their way through the system, you may get a few more of the strange alerts. Let me know if the problems continue and I'll have to take another look at the code.

    Also thanks for letting me know about the spam reviews, I'll take care of them after dinner.

    Sorry about that!

    EDIT: Okay, I've set a trap for the spammers. Lets see if this doesn't spike their guns!

    EDIT 2: Since I've put so much more code into the review checks, all error messages associated with reviews will now give you an error code. When writing to tell me about a bug or glitch, please be sure to supply the code that appears. (For example, the newest spam check will now return "Error Code: 0003-review" in small letters below the message.) This way, I'll hopefully be able to better pinpoint where the error occured in the code. ^_^


    Cover Sheets
    Posted by Sally
    09/09/08 - 12:10PM

    Since I didn't get much of a response in the forums, I thought I might as well put it in the news.

    Right now, we use warning pop-ups for guiding people about the ratings on stories. Frankly, this way sucks.

    A.) I can't really set it up so you can turn it off.
    B.) It stumps most browsers blind people can use.
    C.) It prevents Google and most other search engines from accessing stories rated 13+ and above.

    What I can do is move away from the pop-ups to an actual page that appears before the story.

    I could make it so you could opt out of them (they'd still be manditory for people not-logged in trying to view stories 17+ and above). Authors could also use them to post a table of contents, possibly a longer summary, a disclaimer, brief character guide, etc.

    What do you think?


    Spam Attack
    Posted by Sally
    09/07/08 - 11:00AM

    All authors who use Japanese characters in the titles of their stories are advised to close or disallow anonymous reviews. I just had to clean 375 spam reviews from just one story, and several others had 10 - 20 spam reviews on them.

    The one common factor is the presence of Japanese characters in their titles.

    Until they decide to leave us alone again, it looks like it's something we'll have to put up with.

    Also, Favorite Alert e-mails are currently BROKEN. I already know about this, there's no need to e-mail me. I'm trying to add ratings and perhaps other content warnings to the alerts.

    EDIT: Favorite alert e-mails are back working again. If an author on your favorites list submits a new story, you'll now see the rating for that story following the summary.

    EDIT 2: Favorite Alert e-mails for updated / new chapters now also include a rating too. ^_^


    Tokyo the Glaive
    Posted by Tokyo the Glaive
    08/29/08 - 12:04PM
    Stories have specific ratings for reasons, guys. If there's a story listed as Adult+ and you're only 16, guess what: you shouldn't read it. About a year ago, an influential and amazing author actually left Lunaescence Archives, taking all of her fantastic work with her, because of these problems. People who were younger than 18 were reviewing her Adult and Adult+ stories. I have to admit, I side with her opinion on this matter. Until there is a better system of checking everyone for ages, she won't put her stories back.

    Still. The people here, at least, should be responsible enough to read stories for their ages. It's one thing if your parents let you buy books that have adult themes or happen to be explicit--but don't bring that here. It just shows a complete lack of maturity, especially when it is so blatantly advertised your real ages.

    In short: don't read stories that don't belong in your age range. Thanks for reading this, for everyone who has done so. If anyone has anything to add about this--most of us have had this experience, I'm pretty sure--go ahead and fire away. I'm sure any questions anyone has can be answered here as well.


    Spelling and grammar!
    Posted by crazydominodragongirl
    07/16/08 - 10:22PM
    Guys, this reminder really shouldn't be necessary, but Lunaescence is a moderated archive. What this means is that every story (by a non-validated author) that comes in is checked for proper spelling/grammar/punctuation/etc., and if it doesn't meet certain standards, it is deleted. You become a validated author only after it's been shown that you have a proper grasp of said spelling/grammar/punctuation. Frankly, quite a number of recent submissions have not met up to those standards.

    If you're not completely confident that your mechanics are up to speed, there are several things you should do:

    1. Use a spellcheck. Actually, it doesn't matter if you think your mechanics are perfect. Use a spellcheck anyway, because it can often point out typos.

    2. Read over it. I can't stress this point enough. It's often obvious if an author doesn't check over their work, because there are blatant mistakes that wouldn't be missed otherwise.

    3. Get a beta-reader. We have a list of beta-readers here. Alternately, go to whatever category you want and click the "beta reader" link at the top to find people willing to beta-read for that category.

    4. Know your homophones! Use capitalization and punctuation correctly, especially around quotations! Etc., etc.. We even have a Writer's Guide category for more information on what specifically to look out for.

    And to make this a multipurpose post: Once again, do not submit multiple chapters of a story at a time if you aren't a validated author. If we end up declining them for mechanics, then usually, we end up declining all of them. It saves all of us time - us checking over the stories, and you posting them - if you wait until the current chapter is validated before you try posting another.

    Thank you. If any of the other mods have anything to add, or if anyone has any questions, fire away.


    Spam E-mails
    Posted by Sally
    07/01/08 - 12:53AM

    I've gotten several complaints while I was at work about people getting multiple e-mails titled "Your writing" or "Your fanfic" advertising a new fanfiction script or site.

    I've already e-mailed the person asking them to stop, but I'd like to know right now how many members have actually gotten this spam. -_-;; If you've gotten it, please post a comment and let me know.

    EDIT: Would those of you who have one of these spam e-mails dated today (July 01, 2008) please forward them to me at archive[at] I asked them to stop last night, if they're still sending them today, then I'm going to pursue further action.

    EDIT 2: First order of business: All e-mail forms now check for common spam keywords as well as the recent spammer. Hopefully I have it set up so it doesn't catch normal e-mail. (Unlike my quickie, knee-jerk checks I wrote yesterday, which kept catching nearly everyone. ^^;; Sorry!)

    Secondly, I shot a spam complaint off to the offender's ISP and the sites they're advertising. I also did a bit of research and apparently this person has been doing this sort of thing for at least a year.


    Multiple Submissions
    Posted by moonbeam9992
    06/27/08 - 12:49AM
    It has come to my attention that the rule of submitting one chapter of a story at a time has obviously not been taken seriously. There are some authors *you know who you are* that have been continuously posting chapters. I didn't want to make a big deal out of it, but it seriously gets tiring deleting fifteen chapters of a story when you can't let them pass because of mistakes. So please be considerate and only submit one chapter at a time. That way, we can get your story up much faster.

    An edit by Hikari_no_Kage:
    If in case you don't know if you are a validated author or not, you can find out by following the "Your Stats" link in the top right corner (when you're logged in). On the page it shall tell you if you are validated or not.

    All new members start out as unvalidated. To find out more, you can check the site FAQ.

    Edit by ArcheressOfApollo
    In case anyone isn't sure what we mean by "one chapter at a time", it means that you should submit ONLY one chapter, wait for it to be validated and then submit the next chapter. Thank you. :)


    Prince of Tennis / Tennis no Oujisama
    Posted by Sally
    06/12/08 - 02:03AM

    Okay, first item: Yes, submissions are open. ^^;; Sorry!

    Second item: Due to an overwhelming number of e-mails, I've renamed "Tennis no Oujisama" to its more common, English name: "Prince of Tennis."

    As for category additions; hang in there! I'm working on a way to hopefully make it easier for everyone. Just bear with me a couple more weeks!

    Also, I'll be putting out the S.O.S for more moderators at that point too.

    Thanks for putting up with me, everyone! Hopefully I'll have this internship thing dealt with soon and we can all get back to being creative.



    Submissions Closed
    Posted by Sally
    04/23/08 - 01:44AM

    In a nutshell: I don't have time to deal with this right now.

    At length, I am extremely busy in real life with work, college, family issues, et cetera and I've gotten one flame too many, one question I've already answered in the FAQ too many, and one too many e-mails demanding a chapter/story be posted.

    Frankly, I don't have the time to deal with this right now.

    Sorry for the inconvenience.


    Check your bulk/spam folders, please!
    Posted by shadowsirenv
    03/23/08 - 05:13PM
    I see just about everywhere on the internet that someone is waiting for an e-mail. It usually ends up being in their bulk or spam folders.

    It's very important that you check your bulk and/or spam folders whenever you check your e-mail. We contact you via e-mail and if all of our letters are being sent there, we ask that you check them.

    Thanks, everyone, for you cooperation.


    Please! One chapter at a time!
    Posted by Sally
    02/24/08 - 11:11AM

    If you're not a validated author, please only upload one chapter at a time for your multi-chapter stories!

    If there's something wrong with one chapter, there might be something wrong with the others. If we decline your chapter, we delete it!

    Secondly, it takes time to read a whole multichapter fic before we post it. You'll get your story up faster if you submit a chapter at a time.

    Thanks, everyone!


    New Moderators!
    Posted by Sally
    02/02/08 - 10:24PM

    Hi everyone! I'd like to announce the first wave of new moderators! ^_^

    • shadowsirenv
    • Sharp Shiny Pickle
    • Tokyo the Glaive
    • chibi neko alchemist
    • Jesanae Tekani
    • TimeErase
    • moonbeam9992

    Thanks so much! Everyone, please be nice to them (not that all of you aren't already) as they get used to things.

    Expect another announcement or two in the coming weeks as I finish going through the rest of the applications. ^_^


    EDIT: Sorry, everyone! This week has been one drama after the other.

    I'll e-mail the next wave of moderators tomorrow (Friday).

    Thanks again for being so patient and sorry for the wait!


    Thanks, Everyone!
    Posted by Sally
    01/12/08 - 05:46PM

    I'd like to thank everyone who applied for the moderator position. ^_^ I wasn't expecting to get a huge response like we did! 22 people applied for the position. I'll try to start getting back with everyone this evening after I finish my homework.



    Help Wanted!
    Posted by Sally
    12/23/07 - 11:15PM

    Hi everyone!
    This is the SOS I promised a couple weeks ago; we need more moderators to help read over incoming stories and chapters. (Sorry for the wait. It's been a hectic week.)


    The Job: Moderators read over incoming chapters and stories for problems with spelling, punctuation, and/or grammar. If the submission is okay, they validate the story or chapter so it appears on the site. If there is problems, they send the author an e-mail explaining what was wrong and then deletes the chapter or story. You can choose to maintain only certain areas of the archive or you can choose to handle anything that comes in.

    Moderators can also post News and Announcements on the front page.

    Once you're comfortable with the job and I'm comfortable with your knowledge of the archive, I'll expand your abilities so you can add categories and characters.

    Limitations: I'm asking that only people who have been on Lunaescence 6 months or longer please apply.

    Hours/Time/Quota: Anything you can give me or feel like giving me. Real life always comes first.

    To apply: You have two options for applying:

    Applications Closed!

    I'll be accepting applications until January 10th and will e-mail everyone back on January 13th.

    Thanks! Happy Holidays, everyone! Take care and be safe.


    Again with the multiple chapters.
    Posted by LeBeau
    12/11/07 - 08:07PM
    Attention all authors!

    Please, please, PLEASE wait until one chapter of a multi-chaptered story has been cleared before submitting any more chapters. Please only submit one chapter at a time if you do! We are human beings and lives. Some of us also have college to attend to. We can't stay on here day and night attending your stories.

    Please also check your grammar, spelling, punctuation, etc. There seems to be a lack of this in the submitted stories. Thank you!


    Story Not Up Yet?
    Posted by Sally
    12/08/07 - 10:37PM

    Have you submitted a story and it's not up yet? That's probably because we haven't gotten to you yet. ^_^; We are overflowing with submissions and have not been able to get to all of them yet.

    We're trying our best to read through all of them, but it takes time. Sometime next week, I'll be putting out the SOS for more mods, but I need to get my final exams done first before I start the process.

    Thank you for your continued patience. (You guys are saints! Thank you!)


    Posted by Sally
    11/12/07 - 09:43PM

    DJ_Man has been published!

    Heart of Souls is "...A story set in a brand new fantasy world. Two countries are ready to go to war while a man, scorned by hate, manipulates the world to heal the wounds he has suffered." ~ From

    You can offer your congratulations here.

    Or better yet, you can buy his book here and show your support.

    Congratulations! You deserve it!


    Spammers... again
    Posted by Sally
    10/05/07 - 09:14AM

    No, it is not your imagination -- many of you are getting a ton of reviews in the past few days. Nope, they have nothing to say about your story. It's porn, cellphones, ringtones, viagra, and more porn.

    This time, it looks our lovely crop of spammers are using what is called a "relay", so I can't ban their butts. I'm deleting the spam at least twice a day, but they keep coming. They're anonymous, so you should be able to delete their reviews yourself. You can also switch your reviews to "Members Only" in your profile area, which should stop them too.

    Really sorry about this, everyone.


    Hit Counters Fixed
    Posted by Sally
    09/29/07 - 05:53PM

    Okay, I'm done for the day. Hit counters have been fixed yet again.

    Now they're counting your average hits based on the number of chapters you have in each story. You can hit "View Chapters" to see your exact count for each chapter. I can't say you'll won't get some wierd numbers, since it just counts how many times a page is viewed -- not by who views it.

    Next order of business, you can now manually reset your hit counters. Just go to "Manage Stories" and it will be towards the bottom.

    I will now leave you to your regularly scheduled program so I can do my homework. ^^;



    Help Wanted: A Sweeps Team
    Posted by Sally
    09/28/07 - 09:15PM

    Well, ladies and gentlemen. It's time for sweeps again!

    Here at Lunaescence, "Sweeps" is a mass cleaning of stories with issues that have somehow made it in, despite our rules for spelling, grammar, and punctuation. Unfortunately, I don't have time to do it myself this year.

    I'm seeking a team of individuals with good skills in spelling and grammar and are willing to spend a weekend or two helping me clean. You will basically be moderators, but the only job I'm asking you to do will be cleaning.

    I do ask that only those who have been on Luna 6 months or longer apply.

    If you're interested, please e-mail me at [*snip* removed *snip*]



    EDIT: In light of what's happening on other archives, Sweeps have been postponed for now. Thank you to everyone who expressed interest.


    Reviews Fixed
    Posted by Sally
    09/28/07 - 08:48PM

    Don't quote me on this, but I think I have the reviews fixed. They had been displaying an error message when you tried to view reviews for each chapter. I think I have it fixed, but I can't be sure until I test it further.

    Sorry I took so long to fix it.

    Thanks, Kremlin_Dusk, for pointing this out to me!

    EDIT: Okay, now reviews for series have been fixed too. I don't know how long that's been broken, probably a long time the way I go. ^^;;;


    Backup Again!!
    Posted by LeBeau
    09/09/07 - 11:07AM
    This is the third time this has been posted.

    DO NOT POST NUMEROUS CHAPTERS OF THE SAME STORY!!!! WAIT until one has been cleared. There may be an error with one chapter and it may pertain to ALL the chapters. YOU KNOW WHO YOU ARE if you are submitting numerous chapters of the same story. WAIT until the admins have cleared one chapter. It is not funny/amusing/cute to try and get all the chapters of a story submitted. It is aggravating to the admins to have to read 14 chapters of one story for errors that appeared in the first.


    Thank you!

    An edit by SilvernFalcon:
    Also guys -- come on, we want to see the rules of grammar being followed! D:

    If I don't see anything at the end of your quotes, whether it's a comma or a period or a some other form of punctuation, I won't validate your story. If you switch between 1st and 3rd person in every other sentence or paragraph, I won't validate it, either. If I see multiple comma splices, I definitely won't validate it. I am seeing so many errors it isn't even remotely funny. Don't we have an online grammar guide around here somewhere...? Counting the number of errors I see in some stories requires me to use more than two hands when it shouldn't take one. Please look over your stories or get a Beta to check for errors!


    E-mails blocked by Comcast
    Posted by Sally
    09/02/07 - 02:36PM

    People using e-mail addresses will no longer be able to receive our e-mails. Comcast has decided that all e-mail from our host is spam and is no longer allowed.

    We're talking with our hosts right now to see if they can fix this, but there's not too much that can be done in the meantime on our end.

    In the meantime, existing authors who use an e-mail address should change their e-mail address if they wish to receive e-mails from us. Recent members who registered, but didn't get their signup e-mails can contact us and we'll get a new password set up for you. (Be sure to include your comcast address and your new address.)

    I'm really sorry about this.


    Newsletter Submissions!
    Posted by Marohi
    08/26/07 - 08:21PM

    It's that time of month again! We need things for our September newsletter.

    We already have our Author of the Month and our Featured Theme, but we still need our Story of the Month and our other featured stories!

    How do you nominate/suggest someone? Reply to this news post, post to the forums, or e-mail us! It's that easy! =)



    Please check your spelling!
    Posted by Marohi
    08/25/07 - 09:36PM

    Guys... please, please, PLEASE check your spelling and grammar. I can't believe how many fics and chapters I deleted tonight for really silly spelling and grammar mistakes.

    Even if your word processing program doesn't have spell-check, the internet is full of online dictionaries and spell-checkers.

    So many of these stories had a LOT of great potential; I really hated having to delete them. Q_Q

    EDIT: Kremlin_Dusk reminded me... (Thanks!)

    Remember, we also have a whole list of friendly, ever-helpful betas! No matter if you can or can't use a spell-checker or online dictionary; a beta is always a really great idea for any type of writing. They can often catch errors that you can't!


    Hit Counters are here!
    Posted by Marohi
    08/16/07 - 04:13PM

    I'm having a bit of insomnia, so I spent the day working on getting a hit counter for stories installed. Right now, it's counting per chapter, but I hope to have the rest of it installed tomorrow afternoon. (Mmm, coffee.)

    Since popularity contests annoy Sally and I, these statistics are only available to the author.

    To see how many times your story has been viewed, please go to your "Manage Stories" page in your user menu and select "View Chapters."

    Have fun! =)


    Musicals Category
    Posted by Marohi
    08/15/07 - 09:20PM

    Hey guys! Gotta go get ready for work, but wanted to let you know that I've added a Musicals category to the archive as requested. For now, it has Hairspray, RENT, and Wicked. Look for it under the new (kind of new) Miscellaneous category.

    I'm not familiar with these musicals, so if someone could shoot me a list of characters, I would appreciate it. =)



    August Newsletter
    Posted by Sally
    08/14/07 - 07:46PM

    Sorry for the lateness. Work has been killing us lately.

    This month's newsletter includes:
    - New! and Updated!
    - Story help: Summaries
    - Story Submissions
    - 5 new categories

    - Featured Story: Turkish Delights by Renovincenthotness
    - Featured Author: DT Stickybuns
    - Featured Theme/Fandom: Full Metal Alchemist

    You can read the full newsletter on our forums or on our LiveJournal.


    Heads Up: Spam!
    Posted by Marohi
    08/02/07 - 09:33PM

    Ugh, the spammers have their sights on the reviews again. I deleted 43 spam reviews tonight from just ONE story.

    Everyone please be on the lookout for this crap. It's pretty easy to recognize; theres almost no spaces in the comments, lots of links, and stuff about ringtones, porn, and crap.

    The good news is that they're anonymous, so you should be able to delete them. This weekend, I'm going to take a look at the code and see how they're getting by everything.



    Newsletter Submissions
    Posted by Sally
    07/25/07 - 08:35PM

    It's that time of month again! ^_^ Time for nominations for Author of the Month, Story of the Month, Featured Theme, Featured Fandom, and featured stories that demonstrate the featured theme or fandom. If you're feeling creative, you can also suggest a new poll! (I'm out of ideas, personally. ^^;)

    Remember, with the Author of the Month and featured Fandom, we need a short blurb to go with it. (You can see an example of the blurb on the Front Desk.)

    How do you nominate someone, you ask? Reply to this news post, post on our LiveJournal, post on the forums, or even drop us an e-mail. This is on a first-come, first-feature basis, so if we receive more than one nomination, then they'll just be used next month.

    Our newsletter e-mailer took an unexpected dirt nap for July, but I think we have it fixed for August's. *crosses fingers*

    Thanks! Take care and be safe! ^_^


    July Newsletter
    Posted by Sally
    07/15/07 - 02:08PM

    Hope everyone's summer is going well. We've a little busy, but otherwise we're doing great. ^_^

    This month's newsletter includes:
    - New! and Updated!
    - Story help: Summaries
    - Story Submissions
    - 21 new categories

    - Featured Story: Make a wish... by Alky
    - Featured Author: DT Stickybuns
    - Featured Theme: Love for the Unloved

    You can read the full newsletter on our forums or on our LiveJournal.


    New! and Updated!
    Posted by Marohi
    07/07/07 - 08:56PM

    Just to prove to everyone that I'm still alive, I've gone and played with the archive again. (And managed not to break it - wow! =]P )

    Next to all new and updated stories, you'll now see "New!" or "Updated!" depending on which it is. Right now, they're rather plain but I'll leave it up to Sally to make some pretty ones that pop. =)

    Also, to make it clearer, I've changed some of the wording on the story sorter on our category pages. You've always been able to change the sort order so new fics are on top, now it just says it clearer.

    So as Sally says: Enjoy!

    EDIT: Changed some more things around. Adding chapters should now record dates, though I haven't finished the display for them. Let me know if you run into anything.


    Newsleter Submissions & A Plea
    Posted by Sally
    06/24/07 - 11:44AM

    It's that time of month again! ^_^ Time for nominations for Author of the Month, Story of the Month, Featured Theme, Featured Fandom, and featured stories that demonstrate the featured theme or fandom. If you're creative, you can also suggest a new poll!

    Remember, with the Author of the Month and featured Fandom, we need a short blurb to go with it. (You can see an example of the blurb on the Front Desk.)

    How do you nominate someone, you ask? Reply to this news post, post on our LiveJournal, post on the forums, or even drop us an e-mail. This is on a first-come, first-feature basis, so if we receive more than one nomination, then they'll just be used next month.


    Now, for a plea. Guys: Please, please, please! Please check your spelling and grammar! I really hate having to turn stories away for having relatively minor spelling and grammar problems.

    Thanks! Take care and be safe! ^_^


    Reviews Fixed
    Posted by Sally
    06/16/07 - 05:54PM

    Don't quote me on this, but I think I have the reviews fixed. ^_^ I'm going to continue testing, just to be sure.

    If you run into any further glitches, I'll likely be online and logged in for the rest of the day. If Jasson has trouble sleeping like he did last night, he might be on for most of the night too.

    Thanks so much!


    June Newsletter
    Posted by Sally
    06/15/07 - 11:36PM

    I have some good news or bad news depending on how you look at it. Both Jasson and I have located jobs, which means we'll have more money to spend on the site and related things. The bad news is that we're going to be juggling a lot of things, including this site because we're working the night shift.

    This month's newsletter includes:
    - New Options
    - Story help: Summaries
    - Category Formats
    - 16 new categories

    - Featured Story: "Nightshade" by ShadTig
    - Featured Author: DarkNinja246
    - Featured Theme: Angst

    You can read the full newsletter on our forums or on our LiveJournal.


    New Option
    Posted by Sally
    06/14/07 - 05:52PM

    We're in the process of adding a new option for our members: Disallowing Reviews.

    School hasn't been out for the summer that long and already we're having a problem with flamers. The new option will allow you to disallow all reviews or just anonymous ones. We have it added to your user options page, but it will be the weekend before we will have the chance to add it to the reviews.

    Until then, now is your chance to pick your new settings. ^^


    EDIT: It's all installed. Let me know if you find any bugs and I'll squish them for you. ^_~

    EDIT #2: I've added privacy controls for the author contact form too. Beta readers should note they need to provide an alternative way for authors to contact them if they turn the form off.


    Story help
    Posted by LeBeau
    06/14/07 - 02:33PM
    If you are wondering why people won't read your stories, take a look at the structure of the summary and the way the story is presented. One of the biggest ways to turn readers off a story is a bad summary.

    A bad summary includes phrases like: "R&R", "I'm not good at these, so read anyways, plzkthnks", and the classic "No summary, just read."

    A summary is a brief overview of your story and how well it is written. Proper grammar, punctuation, spelling and capitalization will help have people interested in your stories.


    April / May Newsletter
    Posted by Sally
    05/15/07 - 07:35AM

    I'm really sorry for vanishing on everyone for April and now most of May. College and serious real-life issues made April a very difficult month for us. I can't promise that we're back 100%, but we will give it our all.

    This month's newsletter includes:
    - Plagiarism
    - Ria Published!
    - Author Forums

    - Featured Story: "Existence" by Hikari_no_Kage
    - Featured Author: Tsula
    - Featured Theme: April Fools' Sheep Shearing Essays

    You can read the full newsletter on our forums or on our LiveJournal.


    Plagiarism -- again
    Posted by Sally
    05/03/07 - 02:02PM

    I guess I have to say this again: Plagiarism is a Zero-Tolerance offense.

    Plagiarism is defined as taking someone else's story, poem, or other writing and claiming it as your own. Taking what doesn't belong to you is called "stealing."

    Thank you to everyone who reported the latest theft; you know who you are.

    FAQ: How do I report plagiarism?


    Story Submissions
    Posted by LeBeau
    04/18/07 - 03:38PM

    I've posted this before and it's happening again: When you submit a chapter of a chaptered story, please wait until it is cleared BEFORE submitting another chapter. If there are problems with one chapter, then there may be problems with the others, so WAIT. Problems can then be fixed based on feedback given.

    Submitting multiple one-shots is ok, but don't do it to the extreme. Thanks guys!


    Important Announcement
    Posted by crazydominodragongirl
    04/04/07 - 02:29PM
    Dear everyone,

    Thank you for your submissions to the quality check. They were all amazing.

    While we're at it, happy late April Fool's Day. :D

    Sheep-shearing was chosen as the topic, not for the challenge it would provide, but because it was the first random thing that came to mind. No one was expected to know much about it, but you all did brilliantly. =^^=

    Feel free to keep, post, or delete your sheep-shearing pieces as you like. They're actually rather amusing, so go and read them if you have the time!

    We love you all. ♥


    Quality Check
    Posted by crazydominodragongirl
    04/01/07 - 03:45AM
    Hey everyone,

    We have discussed and decided that there are too many people submitting stories with the following problems: grammar, punctuation, homonym confusion, spelling errors, and verb tenses. Since many of these can be easily spotted by using a basic spelling or grammar checker, not to mention a beta-reader, we will now require all authors, validated or not, to submit a short piece to show their proficiency.

    To keep this orderly we have decided that authors who want to continue submitting stories to the archive must write a paragraph (minimum of 250 words) on the topic of sheep shearing. This topic is of moderate difficulty so that any obvious, recurring errors can easily be spotted. Please indicate in the summary that the paragraph is for the quality check. The piece should also be in your own words, since plagiarism is another major problem that will not be tolerated. After we look it over and decide if it meets our standards you'll receive an okay-e-mail letting you know that you can resume submitting stories to the archive.

    Happy writing.


    Writing the April Newsletter
    Posted by Marohi
    03/25/07 - 04:44PM

    It's time to begin writing the April newsletter.

    We need:
    - Author of the Month
    - Story of the Month
    - Theme of the Month
    - Featured Fandom
    - 2 Poll topics
    - And more.

    Please have all submissions for the newsletter or monthly features in by April 3rd.

    You can see our previous stories and authors of the month here. Remember, you can nominate something by replying to this news post, our news thread, our LiveJournal, our Gaia Online Guild, or by e-mail.


    Spam Controls & Challenge Series
    Posted by Jasson
    03/15/07 - 08:01PM

    Sorry, everyone! Hopefully you should be able to post reviews again. I updated the spam filters last night and something got messed up.

    Also star ratings are back for the Challenge Series. Just keep in mind that I don't go by the stars, but by a report I print up directly from database. I can see who votes repeatedly.

    You have ONE vote and one vote ONLY.

    Also something to keep in mind: Star ratings are determined by figuring your average score, then dividing it by 2. If someone reviewed your story before I turned voting on, your score will be averaged including those non-scoring reviews. So if your score looks low, consider the reviews you already have.

    Alrighty then, let me know if you have any more troubles.


    A note about the challenge
    Posted by Marohi
    03/11/07 - 09:42PM

    Just so everyone knows, once voting is over, I'll be adding up the points manually. Bonus points will be awarded for stories that included any of the bonus items I listed in each challenge.

    Also, the process will involve completely disregarding any stuffed votes. So that means that if you spammed a story to raise or lower it's star rating, ALL of your votes will be completely disregarded.

    To discourage further spamming/stuffing, the star ratings have all been hidden.


    Category and Character Update
    Posted by Jasson
    03/01/07 - 08:30PM

    Hey everyone! I get insomnia, we get categories and characters. XD

    The following categories have had their characters list massively updated:
    - Power Rangers
    - Death Note
    - Teen Titans
    - Xaiolin Showdown
    - Utena
    - Gargoyles
    - Stargate

    Also, we've changed the Movies & TV section around a little as an experiment. Movie and TV franchises have been grouped together. This includes:
    - Star Wars
    - Pitch Black/Riddick
    - CSI
    - Firefly
    - Stargate

    Also, we've added a load of new categories. If you're interested in seeing what was added, click here. Thanks!


    Posted by LeBeau
    02/26/07 - 05:00PM
    Not to be mean or annoying, but those of you who submit ten or so chapters of a story that the admins have not reviewed yet, could you kindly wait until one chapter has been approved? It would reduce the amount of stories in the queue and it would be a help to you, as the author.

    So in short, please, if you have multi-chaptered stories, submit the first chapter of the story, then wait until it's approved. That would be a great help!



    Writing the March Newsletter
    Posted by Jasson
    02/23/07 - 12:58PM

    It's time to begin writing the March newsletter.

    We need:
    - Author of the Month
    - Story of the Month
    - Theme of the Month
    - Featured Fandom
    - 2 Poll topics
    - And more.

    We would also like to have another challenge series for March. We're looking for 3 - 6 challenges with a March, White's Day, or other seasonal theme.

    Please have all submissions for the newsletter or monthly features in by March 3rd.

    You can see our previous stories and authors of the month here. Remember, you can nominate something by replying to this news post, our news thread, our LJ post, our Gaia Online Guild, or by e-mail.


    Regarding Flaming
    Posted by Sally
    02/10/07 - 08:38PM

    Lately, we've been noticing more people are flaming stories because they're "boring", "disgusting", "stupid", "dumb", "gross," or for whatever other stupid reason.

    Three people have been banned so far, others have been suspended, and a few more are pushing it. We will not bother to send warnings out before we ban, so be forewarned. We don't have time or interest in babysitting.


    Beta Reader Profiles
    Posted by Jasson
    02/08/07 - 09:20PM

    Everyone's beta reader profiles have been reset.

    Based on everyone's feedback, I've added in a space to fully explain what you absolutely will not read. This is still a work in progress, so I would appreciate any and all feedback.

    Also, you'll notice there's a new menu called "Improve." No more hunting for the beta reader listing!

    EDIT: I have hooked the beta readers up to the categories. =) So when you click on "# Beta Readers", you'll now be taken to a list of betas for that category. It's still buggy, so bear with me until I can figure out what I've done wrong.


    February Newsletter
    Posted by Sally
    02/08/07 - 05:39PM

    It's been an interesting past couple months. With the site going down shortly after Christmas and not getting back up until mid-January really threw us all off. Hopefully that won't happen again. *crosses fingers*

    This month's newsletter includes:
    - A warning about flaming
    - Author Forums
    - Seasonal and Holiday Stories
    - Challenge: February Challenge Series
    - Beta Reader Profile
    - 16 New Categories!

    - Featured Fandom: Saiyuki
    - Featured Story: "Life is Just a Game" by KawaiiTenshi110
    - Featured Author: Nashi

    You can read the full newsletter on our forums or on our LiveJournal.


    Watch the flames, kids
    Posted by Jasson
    01/30/07 - 08:49PM

    I just laid down a few bans for flaming.

    Remember, we have ratings and warnings for a reason. Scan those lists before you read. If words like "yaoi" or "sex" causes you to develop an acute case of rabies, I strongly suggest you stick to things more your speed.

    - Jasson


    Author Forums
    Posted by Jasson
    01/25/07 - 04:54PM

    Some of you have requested your own guestbook or shoutbox on your profile. Well, I'm not quite up to that level yet. ^^;

    But what I can offer validated authors is their own forum on the message board. We'll make you admin of your forums, so you can have the total control you need.

    Interested? Head on over to The Coffee House



    Posted by LeBeau
    01/23/07 - 05:56PM
    Guys, for the umpteenth time, please, please, PLEASE get a Beta. Betas help with spelling, punctuation, grammar, and all that stuff that should be taught in school.

    Please check out the beta list and ask someone to beta your stories before you submit them!


    Writing the Feb. 2007 Newsletter
    Posted by Sally
    01/21/07 - 07:30PM

    Thanks everyone! We're glad to be back. For a while, we were scared we weren't coming back too. ^^;

    Since we missed the January newsletter, we're accepting submissions for the February newsletter and monthly features a little early.

    We need:
    - Author of the Month
    - Story of the Month
    - Theme of the Month
    - Featured Fandom
    - 2 Poll topics
    - And more.

    We would also like to have a challenge series for February. We're looking for 3 - 6 challenges with a February, Valentine's, romance, or seasonal theme. (We'll also accept White's day, even though it's in March.)

    Please have all submissions for the newsletter or monthly features in by February 3rd.

    You can see our previous stories and authors of the month here. Remember, you can nominate something by replying to this news post, our news thread, our LJ post, our Gaia Online Guild, or by e-mail.


    We're back!
    Posted by Sally
    01/14/07 - 07:09PM

    Welcome back, everyone! It's been too long. ^^;

    If you're wondering about why this happened, here's the long story:

    Sometime in either November or December, the bank decided to freeze / cancel our credit card because at some point our credit card information was lost or stolen from a gas station we visited at some point. (We don't even remember using a Wesco station, but apparently we did.) As a precation, Mastercard and our bank froze / canceled our credit card.

    Since we pay for our domain every three months, December was the month we had to pay.

    So, our domain has been down this whole time while we waited for the bank to send us a new card.

    So far, all stories, reviews, etc. appear to be completely intact. Please let me know if anything is missing. Also, since the domain was down, my mail was also down. That means that it will take me a bit to sort through the several week backlog

    Thanks for being so patient, everyone.


    Happy Holidays!
    Posted by Kitkaze
    12/21/06 - 10:39PM
    Just a little something on Gaia for Luna in honor of the season! Enjoy!

    Lunaescence Archives Guild


    Beta Reader Profile
    Posted by Jasson
    12/21/06 - 06:44PM

    The beta reader profile is now open to all members for testing.

    To use:
    1.) Go to your User Account Menu and edit your account information.
    2.) Select "I would like to volunteer to be a beta-reader for others."
    3.) Return to your account menu. You should now see "Beta Reader Profile" in your options.

    Please note that the profile is still in the testing stage and is incomplete. If you encounter any errors please either e-mail us or post to the forums.


    Reviews Fixed
    Posted by Sally
    12/17/06 - 06:38PM

    Reviews have been fixed so you can now reply to them again. We made a bit of a typo while making some changes to that part of the code.

    Sorry, everyone!


    Shuriken Fixed
    Posted by Sally
    12/15/06 - 12:11AM

    Sorry, everyone. There was a problem with Shuriken that was causing the Submit Story page to mess up in certain browsers. I've located the error and fixed it.

    Please let me know if there are any further problems.

    Thank you.


    December Update
    Posted by Sally
    12/08/06 - 03:57PM

    Happy December, minna! ^_^

    This month's newsletter includes:
    - National Novel Writing Month 2006 Wrapup
    - Seasonal and Holiday Stories
    - Challenge: "6 Beverage Drabble challenge!" by Tikatu
    - Beta Reader Profile
    - 29 New Categories!

    - Featured Fandom: Yu Yu Hakusho
    - Featured Story: "Broken Lives, Broken Dreams, Broken Hearts" by Priestess of Camazotz
    - Featured Author: Nomadic Spirit

    You can read the full newsletter on our forums or on our LiveJournal.


    Bug fix and Spam Check
    Posted by Jasson
    12/01/06 - 08:29AM

    Just finished fixing a few possible bugs in the story upload feature. Not sure if it is solved, since my test stories all posted without a problem.

    As a reminder, the archive can ONLY handle Plain Text (.txt) and Web Page (.html, .htm) files. The archive can not handle Microsoft Word documents.

    Also, this morning I installed a primitive spam check on new user registrations. It seems to be working properly, but I'll test it further once I recover a bit from my almost-all-nighter. =)

    Zzzzz... *


    eFiction Skins
    Posted by Sally
    11/26/06 - 07:49PM

    Sorry to anyone who may be using Shinigami Blue or Shuriken skins for your personal fan fiction sites. I found out there's some problems I didn't find when I tested both of them.

    I've updated the .zip file for Shinigami Blue with the right CSS so the links in the header should show up.

    I'm still trying to track down what's happening to the news comments in the Shuriken skin, since it's working right on all my sites.

    I'm so sorry about that!


    New Skin: Shuriken
    Posted by Sally
    11/22/06 - 02:07AM

    I finished my English 321 homework early, so a new skin called "Shuriken" is now available. ^_^ Registered users may select this new skin from your author bio.

    As usual, it is still technically incomplete, but safe to use. Please let us know if you find anything strange or have any suggestions for its improvement.

    For those of you who may be running your own copy of eFiction, the standard version of this skin is available for download on our forums.


    Sorry!!! I broke it!
    Posted by Jasson
    11/10/06 - 08:20PM

    Ack, I'm really sorry everyone!!

    I made the site hiccup somehow, though I'm not sure what I did.

    Would NightGrace please re-register and resubmit your stories? Anyone who submitted a story, review, challenge, or series between 8pm and 8:30pm (eastern) on November 10th might want to check to make sure I didn't lose those too.

    Again, I'm really sorry about that!


    November Newsletter
    Posted by Jasson
    11/08/06 - 12:49AM

    I hope eveyone had a safe and happy Halloween! For those of you living in the US, I bet you're as thankful as we are that those stupid political commericals commercials are done now. Not much news came in during October and November, so this is going to be a very short newsletter.

    This month's newsletter includes:
    - Real Names in Reviews
    - Challenge: "6 Beverage Drabble challenge!" by Tikatu
    - Seasonal Stories

    - Featured Fandom: Legend of Zelda
    - Featured Story: "The Bond" by cmar
    - Featured Author: Crimson

    You can read the full newsletter on our forums or on our LiveJournal.


    Real Names in Reviews
    Posted by Jasson
    11/07/06 - 09:35PM

    This really should be common sense, but I guess I have to say it anyway:


    This is not cool. This is dangerous. Anyone -- and I do mean anyone -- can read reviews.

    I've already had to ban someone calling themselves "KITTY" and Sally and I will not hesitate to ban anyone else.

    Got it?


    Contacting Authors
    Posted by Jasson
    11/02/06 - 04:47PM

    Until further notice, you're going to have to have to have an account and be logged in to use the "Contact Author" links in everyone's user profiles.

    It seems that some spammers have discovered the "contact author" links and have sent some people spam for perscription meds (among other things).

    Hopefully I can get something set up over the weekend and the links will return. In the meantime, you can still review or contact Sally or I no matter if you're logged in or not.

    Sorry for any inconveniences this may cause. =(

    EDIT: Okay, the links are back. It won't stop the spammers from bothering anyone, but if you send me a copy of the e-mail they send you I'll be able to ban them.


    Halloween 2006
    Posted by Jasson
    10/23/06 - 07:46PM
    All Halloween stories that have been clearly marked are now featured. =) You can browse them by clicking on the link above or by checking out our featured stories page.

    If we've missed anyone, please let me know.

    Happy Halloween! I have to work that night, so get lots of candy for me!


    Last call for Halloween fics
    Posted by Jasson
    10/22/06 - 11:23PM
    Tomorrow is the deadline for any Halloween fics! Once Sally and I get back from class tomorrow evening, we'll be featuring Halloween-themed stories.

    We'll be starting with any stories with the word "Halloween" in the title or summary. Feel free to e-mail us tomorrow and point out any Halloween stories that you think we may miss or to suggest any that aren't overtly Halloween.



    October Newsletter
    Posted by Jasson
    10/07/06 - 02:48AM

    Don't you love it when life suddenly takes away every second of your free time? Sally and I are back in class and busier than ever, so things haven't been getting done around the site. ^^;; Sorry in advance.

    Has fall caught anyone else by surprise? It seems only yesterday I was setting out some pots with tomatoes and stuff, now I'm planning on disposing of the plants and putting the pots into storage for the winter. Time flies?

    This month's newsletter includes:
    - Some Interesting Figures
    - Beta Readers
    - 2006 Reader's Choice Awards
    - Account Changes
    - POLL: Donations?

    - Featured Anime/Manga: Buffy, The Vampire Slayer
    - Featured Story: "Vampire Tales" by Ariadne
    - Featured Author: Athena Phoenix

    You can read the full newsletter on our forums or on our LiveJournal.


    Writing the October Newsletter
    Posted by Sally
    09/27/06 - 01:59PM
    It's that time of month again! I need:

    Author of the Month
    Story of the Month
    Featured Stories or Theme

    And anything else that needs to be included. ^_^


    Beta Readers
    Posted by Kitkaze
    09/17/06 - 11:36PM

    Beta Readers are your friend....find them and use them!

    Alright I've noticed a huge influx of fics that have simple spelling and grammatical mistakes.

    Authors please please PLEASE find yourself a beta reader, there are many around the forums as well as on the website. Email them, message them, find them and use them.

    Most of the mistakes are easily made, and even easier to fix. Nothing makes me sadder then turning away a fic with an amazing concept that has too many spelling and grammatical mistakes.


    September Newsletter
    Posted by Jasson
    09/14/06 - 11:32PM

    Where the heck did the summer go? It barely seems like summer started and now the leaves are starting to turn up by us. ^^;

    This month's newsletter includes:
    - Account Changes
    - Beta Readers
    - 2006 Reader's Choice Awards
    - New Skin: Pink

    - Featured Anime/Manga: Loveless
    - Featured Story: "Forensic Fantasy VII" by Eagleheart
    - Featured Author: Hakkyou Kaosu

    You can read the full newsletter on our forums or on our LiveJournal.


    New Skin Available
    Posted by Jasson
    09/13/06 - 08:06PM

    Hey folks. This is just a quick note to let you know that a new skin called "Pink" is now available.

    There are still a few bugs I need to work out, so things may look a little strange. However, it's working well enough that it can be used. Please let me know if you find anything weird.

    I've made a topic on the forums if anyone wants to toss me any feedback. I can still change anything anyone doesn't like. (Seriously, I won't bite if you do.)

    Okay, now to get that newsletter out... *blush*


    Your Nominees!
    Posted by Jasson
    09/01/06 - 12:34AM

    The list of current nominees for the 2006 Readers Choice Awards has been updated!

    Thanks and congratulations to our current nominees.


    Last Chance for Nominations
    Posted by Sally
    08/31/06 - 12:04AM

    Today is your last chance to nominate someone for the 2006 Readers Choice Awards!

    We still have plenty of award categories and nominees to choose from. So nominate your favorite story or author today!


    Login fixed
    Posted by Jasson
    08/29/06 - 08:45PM

    Eh - sorry about that, folks. ^^; I kind of messed something up. You should be able to log in now.

    Sorry again!


    More Security Updates
    Posted by Jasson
    08/26/06 - 11:29PM

    I just finished installing some more security modifications. (Yeah, I'm paranoid. =]P) Since these only affect the admin end of things, they should be transparent to most of you.

    As usual, if you notice any weirdness, give me a holler.


    Edit: Fixed my spelling. =]P Thanks, BlackMystique.


    Security Update
    Posted by Jasson
    08/25/06 - 09:46PM

    In light of the recent hackings on other fan fiction sites, I just installed the latest update. It adds a few more security checks to the site as a whole.

    As usual, let me know if you encounter any weirdness.


    Downtime Tonight
    Posted by Jasson
    08/22/06 - 09:34PM

    Tonight we might experience a little downtime. Our host is upgrading our server to make us possibly run a little faster. They assure us it shouldn't be down for more than a few minutes.


    Also, some of you have reported the hacking over at Since they use the same program we do, we're keeping a close watch on the server for any malicious activity and have downloaded full backups to make sure nothing is lost.

    Thanks! =)

    Posted by Sally
    08/20/06 - 02:13PM

    I thought a note about this on the registration page would be enough. But obviously anything I put on that page is going to be ignored...

    For the past 3 - 4 months anyone using has been having trouble getting their registration e-mails. It looks like our e-mail has been labeled as spam for some reason, and we don't know why.

    If you are a hotmail user, you will either need to make sure archive{at} is in your whitelist OR get a new e-mail address.



    Edit: After testing, it doesn't matter what you do: white list, safe list, address book... users WILL NOT get their welcome messages.

    *sigh* I'm really sorry for being so snippy. Until further notice, new users should avoid using a e-mail address to sign up with.


    The Naruto RPG
    Posted by SagaraKitsune
    08/10/06 - 08:30PM

    I'm organizing a Naruto RPG!

    Come join in the fun! It was made just today, so you havn't missed a THING, Characters are still open, and OC's are welcome!

    NightLife_Ninja on Yahoo Groups


    Naruto Characters fixed
    Posted by Sally
    08/09/06 - 12:18AM

    Naruto was one of the early categories on this site and after looking at the character list, I realized how many mistakes either the original request contained or one of us made.

    Those authors publishing Naruto fan fiction here may wish to check their main characters and update accordingly.

    If any of our other categories have mistakes in the character list, please let us know.


    August Newsletter
    Posted by Sally
    08/03/06 - 09:42PM

    Yikes, it's been hot lately! I hope everyone is doing okay with all the heat that's been hanging around lately.

    This month's newsletter includes:
    - Ratings Disabled
    - New account changes
    - 2006 Reader's Choice Awards
    - Random Sweeps

    - Featured Anime/Manga: Death Note
    - Featured Story: "Letterbox" by Chrystaline
    - Featured Author: Hakkyou Kaosu

    You can read the full newsletter on our forums or on our LiveJournal.


    Ratings Disabled
    Posted by Sally
    08/02/06 - 10:11PM

    Until further notice star ratings have been removed from this site. Lately, it seems people have had way too much time on their hands and have either been repeatedly rating their own or their friends stories to inflate their rating OR to lower someone else's.

    I realize you want your story to appear in the best way possible, but this is absolutely ridiculous.

    I may bring them back eventually. If I feel like it.


    Current Nominations
    Posted by Jasson
    07/23/06 - 10:52PM

    Hello everyone!
    I've updated the forums as well as the Readers Choice Awards page with the current nominees. The nominees have also been contacted to let them know and I will be marking their accounts with an icon of some sort sometime during the next week.

    Also, I need a few people to contact me back regarding their nominations. If you submitted your nomination anonymously and do not see your nominee on the list, please contact me back ASAP.

    Thanks and congratulations to our current nominees.


    Spam Attack
    Posted by Sally
    07/22/06 - 11:55PM

    Hey everyone, just so you know our reviews are being hit by spammers right now. What they're doing is trying to post a few hundred links into their review in an attempt to raise their ranking with Google.

    We're trying to make the review form more secure, but it may take a while. In the meantime, feel free to report a review that you think is spam. If the review is on one of your stories, you should be able to delete it.

    Sorry about this!


    EDIT: I meant on your story, not you spamming. *blush*


    Nominations Deadline Extended
    Posted by Jasson
    07/21/06 - 09:58PM

    Due to a lack of nominations, we're giving everyone until next month to nominate authors and stories for the first annual Reader's Choice Awards.

    I'll be announcing the current nominees tomorrow night on the Forums.

    Thanks! =)


    Sweeps and a note regarding plagiarism
    Posted by Sally
    07/19/06 - 02:06AM

    Hello everyone,

    Sometime before the end of summer we're going to conduct a random sweep of the archive for stories that violate our rules.

    We will be looking for:

    • Spelling
    • Grammar
    • Proper use of paragraphs
    • Excessive formatting
    • Proper capitalization
    • Chat Shorthand in stories
    • Problems with words like there, they're, and their
    • Story tense
    • Stories posted to wrong location
    • Plagiarism, theft, and abuse
    • And more...

    Please note that validated authors may also be included in this. Now is a good time to find yourself a beta reader to make sure your stories won't be caught up in this sweep.

    Also, I have to remind everyone that we have a strict Zero Tolerance policy for plagiarism. Any accounts found violating this rule will be instantly banned from this web site forever.

    Seriously folks, this isn't a difficult concept. If you can't comprehend that copying someone's work and claiming it for your own is theft -- you seriously need to go somewhere else.


    Story Placement
    Posted by Sally
    07/08/06 - 05:15PM

    Unless there is a very good reason for doing so, fan fiction DOES NOT belong in the Original Stories section. Why? You didn't create the fandom you're writing for. If your story contains characters from a TV show, anime, manga, movie, book, or game -- it belongs in one of the fan fiction categories.

    If I don't have the category you need, contact me and ask for it! Do not stuff it in another category. That includes the Miscellaneous section.

    You have until this time next weekend to move your stories or they will be deleted.


    July Newsletter
    Posted by Sally
    07/07/06 - 11:45PM

    I hope everyone had a happy holiday over the first week. ^_^ I think I ate my weight in bratwurst, burgers, and hotdogs.

    In this month's newsletter, we bring up the update to the possible rule upgrades, two new additions to our convention schedule, and the Reader's Choice Awards.

    This month's newsletter includes:
    - An update on the rule upgrade we dicussed last month
    - 2006 Reader's Choice Awards
    - Anaheim Anime Expo
    - San Diego Comic-Con
    - Two new web site skins, plus two more in development

    - Featured Anime: Ronin Warriors
    - Featured Manga: One Piece
    - Featured Story: Life, Death, and Renewal - The Birth of a Villain by tarrin4ever
    - Featured Author: katicalocke

    You can read the full newsletter on our forums or on our LiveJournal.


    2006 Readers Choice Award Nominations
    Posted by Sally
    07/05/06 - 09:50PM

    Hi everyone! Just a quick note to let you know that nominations for the 2006 Readers Choice Awards are now open.

    Awards categories are posted on our forums but we'll try to have a link to a more permanent list up by tomorrow. You can submit your nominations either by e-mail, on the message board, or as a comment on our LiveJournal.

    Please be sure to include your name, the name of the person you're nominating, and the title of the story in your nomination.

    Please remember that this contest is ONLY for stories hosted on this web site.

    Thanks! Have fun! ^_^


    Another new skin
    Posted by Jasson
    07/04/06 - 03:41PM

    By request, we've created a lighter-weight version of our "Shinigami_Blues" skin, called "Shingami_HPB." Registered users can select this from your author bio.

    Hopefully with the toned-down graphics, it should load faster for those of you on slower connections. Sally and I are still working out some of the kinks, but it works pretty well. In fact (unless she opts to kill me) I think I'll make this the default layout so we can get rid of the old Autumn_Red skin.

    More skins to come!



    Writing the July Newsletter
    Posted by Jasson
    06/22/06 - 04:50PM

    Hey folks, =)

    Sally and I are now preparing to write the July 2006 Newsletter.

    We're accepting nominations for:

    • Author of the Month
    • Story or Story Theme of the Month
    • Challenge of the Month
    • July Poll or Polls
    • Featured Anime and Manga

    We also accept con reports and attendence notifications, announcements, upcoming events, articles on writing, and more.

    If you're interested in contributing to the newsletter, please have it in to us no later than 11:59pm Eastern on July 1st.



    New Layout?
    Posted by Sally
    06/19/06 - 12:12PM

    I'm almost done with my next layout. ^_^

    I'm releasing the default version for download for archives running eFiction 2.0 and 3.0 and will have a picture of a kiwi fruit at the top. However, since I still have my raw files, I can easily alter our version with seriously causing any other major changes.

    Do we want to keep the kiwi, or would you like to see something a little different?

    The final choice is still mine based on availability of images and how much work it'll take me to edit. But I would really appreciate your opinion.



    Profile update
    Posted by Sally
    06/16/06 - 06:43PM
    This is just a quick note to let you know that Jasson and I are going to be messing around with a profile update later this evening.

    When we're done, the user page should be much more organized and easier to understand.

    We're going to be making test accounts and checking the lost password link throughout the update just to make sure we don't mess anything up.


    Jasson's edit: 10:39pm eastern I think we've taken it as far as we're going to go before the next version of eFiction comes out. Enjoy!


    Forum Upgrade
    Posted by Jasson
    06/13/06 - 10:40AM

    Tomorrow morning, starting at 8am, the forums will be down for at least a couple hours for a much-needed upgrade.

    During this time, I'll have it in maintenance mode so nothing gets changed while I'm applying the updates.


    EDIT: All done, and I'm ahead of schedule too. =)


    New Skin Available
    Posted by Sally
    06/12/06 - 03:18PM

    Hi everyone! This is just a quick note to let you know that a new skin called "Shinigami Blue" is now available.

    There are still a few bugs I need to work out, so things may look a little "off." However, it's working well enough that it can be used. Please let me know if you find anything weird.

    We have three more skins in the works, so we can give Autumn Red and Maruaders a break, at least for a little while. ^^;;



    Moderators Wanted
    Posted by Sally
    06/10/06 - 12:54PM

    Edit: Positions Filled! Thank you so much to everyone who applied! I'm waiting on responses from everyone and then I'll announce the new moderators.

    We're looking for moderators again! As a moderator, you'll screen incoming stories and chapters for technical issues such as spelling and grammar.

    Knowledge of basic spelling and grammar is required, as is knowledge of at least a few anime, manga, or game titles. We ask that that only authors who have been a member of the site for at least 3 - 4 months and have at least one story posted apply.

    We will accept applications to oversee specific categories, but we ask that you choose a minimum of three to oversee.

    We need the most help in the following categories:

    • Final Fantasy 7
    • Fruits Basket
    • Full Metal Alchemist
    • Inuyasha
    • Kingdom Hearts (All)
    • Naruto
    • Yu-Gi-Oh
    • Yu-Gi-Oh GX
    • Yu Yu Hakusho

    It's completely up to you on how much you want to help. We'd even take help overhauling the FAQ and creating a better help page.

    If you're interested in becoming a Moderator, please contact me.


    Posted by Jasson
    06/09/06 - 12:09AM
    Yet another of our wonderful bugs raised its ugly head and the mailing list sent to the wrong people.

    Instead of going to subscribers it went out to all authors, regardless of whether or not they wanted the newsletter.

    I'm so sorry about that! I didn't mean for that to happen. I sincerely hope I didn't spam too many of you.


    June Newsletter
    Posted by Jasson
    06/08/06 - 08:38PM
    Welcome to summer! We have a lot in this month's newsletter ranging from the announcement of another major contest to a possible rule upgrade to a con report of Anime Boston.

    We're also begging you for your help in deciding the future of this site. We really do read your comments, complaints, and thoughts and we want to hear them.

    This month's newsletter includes:
    - A possible rule update
    - Reader's Choice Awards
    - Anime Boston Con Report

    - Featured Anime: Ronin Warriors
    - Featured Manga: One Piece
    - Featured Story: Death of a Rose by VampiricPhoenix
    - Featured Author: Indefatigable42

    You can read the full newsletter on our forums or on our LiveJournal.


    Passwords Fixed
    Posted by Sally
    06/01/06 - 09:05PM
    The lost password function is finally fixed!

    Sorry for the trouble. I couldn't figure out what was going on. It's fixed now, so you should be able to get your passwords okay.

    Let me know if you have any further problems.

    Thanks so much to Steve for his help in fixing the error.


    Lost Password Function Down
    Posted by Sally
    06/01/06 - 06:27PM
    I'm not sure why, but the lost password function DOES NOT WORK.

    If you need a new password, please contact Jasson and I using the Contact Us link on your left.

    One of us will send a confirmation e-mail using the e-mail you signed up with us as. We will then either send you a reminder OR change it to something else for you.



    May Newsletter
    Posted by Sally
    05/12/06 - 10:44AM
    The May Newsletter is out!

    This month's newsletter includes:
    - Anime: Azumanga Diaoh
    - Manga: Shin Shirayuki

    - Poll: What technical errors bug you the most?

    - Story: 'Beyond the Mirror' by Amara Anon.
    - Author: Tikatu
    - Challenge: The 1000 Word Battle
    - Challenge: Yu-Gi-Oh GX Challenge

    - And more!

    To read and discuss the full story, please visit our LiveJournal Community or our Forums.


    Small Update
    Posted by Jasson
    05/11/06 - 11:27PM
    Tonight I performed a small update on the site to address bugs in the reviews, search, and challenges sections.

    Hopefully you should receive your new review notifications. Sorry about that!

    Also, I need some feedback. I know that some of you don't care much for anonymous reviews and ratings. To address this, I'm planning a modification that will give you more control over your reviews. Right now, authors are free to delete anonymous reviews, but any ratings remain.

    I need to know what you'd like.

    What I can do:
    I can see about giving you control over whether or not you accept anonymous reviews, ratings, or both.

    I can also see about requiring a rating to have a matching review.

    I can see about extending the ratings, so readers can rate your story on overall impression, how much they enjoyed it, technical elements, etc.

    I can also offer a simple cleaning of the ratings or reviews database.

    But those only address what I've heard over the past 6 months. I don't write much fan fiction anymore, so I don't know what the common complaints are anymore. So I really need your help.

    I start my next round of classes soon, but I should have at least a week where I'm not horrifically busy and can get this done. Please let me know.


    Composing May Newsletter
    Posted by Sally
    05/01/06 - 09:52PM
    Last call for any news, announcements, or items for the May Newsletter.

    Large or small, it's welcome in our newsletter. ^_^

    I'll also try to have a Mailing list ready to join tomorrow so people who aren't members can receive our monthly updates.



    New Feature
    Posted by Jasson
    04/23/06 - 08:58PM
    Today, I was going through the many fanfiction communities and forums I lurk on when I noticed a post about our site.

    Someone was ranting that they had to sort through stories of a type or genre they didn't like on Lunaescence.

    While I know the art of ranting is sacred, it's about the only feedback I get on this thing.

    I just finished writing a new function so you can now EXCLUDE genres and story types when you're viewing the story listing. I'm still working on doing the same thing for the rest of the menu.

    It's finished for Autumn Red and I'm adding the changes to Marauders now.


    Sally's edit: I'm going to warn you, it's still a little buggy. Sometimes you'll still end up with a genre or type you may not want.


    April Newsletter
    Posted by Sally
    04/07/06 - 09:05PM
    Happy belated April Fool's Day everyone! I hope you made it through your day without being caught by too many.

    We had a joke ourselves, thanks to Arametha. It's easy to find, but just so you know: You don't have to join the message board OR say You're naked in your introductory message to post stories. ^_^ (Though we'd be really thrilled if you joined us on the new message board!)

    Since there's been so little time since the last newsletter, this issue is a little sparse. (More...)


    Happy April Fool's Day
    Posted by Arametha
    04/02/06 - 01:58PM
    Yeah, uh, I was just kidding. Special thanks to baka kozo, Hikari no Kage, Ria, Kairi Lupin, and Tikatu for falling for it, and Indefatigable42 for co-operating even though she knew we were kidding. You are now immortalized in the news.

    Seriuosly, ya'll join the forum. It's a blast!


    New Requirements For Submissions
    Posted by Arametha
    04/01/06 - 07:32PM
    The Knights and I have discussed this at length, and we have decided to make some changes to the site.

    In the interests of the site and keeping it active, we have decided to require you join the message board before submitting a story. You must introduce yourself and request submitting privelages. To request, you must post: "I am naked," on your new member's thread. This is for humors sake and to keep the site happy.

    That is all.


    April Update
    Posted by Sally
    03/31/06 - 09:05PM

    New Features
    Lunaescence Archives Community Center

    Our new forums are now open! Talk with friends, gossip, discuss the ins and outs of fan fiction, spam -- it's all good.

    Upcoming Features

    Now that finals are over, we're getting back to improving the site and the upcoming "Shinigami Blues" layout.

    We also need help in deciding what series is going to top the upcoming Spring 2006 layout. Spring 2005 featured Martian Successor Nadesico, Fall 2005 Ed and Winry from Full Metal Alchemist took the stage.

    Please speak up, let us know who you want!

    Thanks! ^_^


    We're Back!
    Posted by Jasson
    03/25/06 - 02:26AM
    We're back and ready for takeoff! =)

    Sorry for that garbled e-mail I sent earlier, apparently caused by another error. I'll post the March Newsletter to our Livejournal tomorrow morning.

    I've fixed all the errors and added in all the categories that have been requested over the past month. I also fixed the Loveless character names; let me know if I missed any. The new forums and the oekaki should be up sometime next week and the new layout should be as well.

    As usual, let us know if you need anything. Happy Posting! =)


    Submissions temporarily open
    Posted by Jasson
    03/22/06 - 01:04AM
    Well, it looks like I can make a final backup once the actual link goes down.

    I've won back a little space for posting stories and reviews, but please go easy on the system. We have basically run out of space. (In other words, please wait until next week to post your epic novel. ^^;)

    Please bear with us, this whole process is new to us.



    Move Progress
    Posted by Jasson
    03/22/06 - 12:19AM
    Nope, we're not back yet. It looks like the transfer is taking longer than expected.

    Everything added or updated before March 18th 2006 have already been safely moved over to the new site. The sames goes for the Oekaki bbbs.

    I'm going to check some things tomorrow so maybe we can reopen at least until the domain finishes transferring. I'm guessing it's possible, since we haven't canceled this account yet.

    Until then, thanks for being patient with us.


    Submissions Closed!
    Posted by Jasson
    03/16/06 - 08:31PM
    Tomorrow we're going to begin the process of transferring to another host.

    Our current host has done several things we don't agree with in recent weeks. For one thing, there was that two or three day downtime earlier this month. Then, just this week, they shrunk our available space down to just 100MB without any warning. This means we went from having TONS of room for stories to getting warnings that we were out of space overnight. There's more, but I'll probably come out sounding like some kind of emo. (Well, more than usual. XD)

    To make my job easier, the archives are now set to read-only status. That means no one can submit new stories, regardless of whether they're validated or not. Mods and admin, don't worry: everyone's admin status has been temporarily removed to prevent us from messing up your database info. Once the move is complete, we'll be back open for business.

    The site will probably be down for about 72 hours or until the transfer is complete. Then probably another 24 and I'll have submissions back open. We'll send out the March newsletter when it's done to bring everyone back up to date.

    Until we're back, you're free to visit our Livejournal or our temporary message board. Talk, gripe, posts stories -- it's all good.


    Site Problems
    Posted by Sally
    03/14/06 - 08:16AM
    I'm really sorry to do this to everyone, but the new host has changed some settings and basically -- we're out of space.

    I'm working to secure a new host for us. Please be patient and I'll try to have the domain back up ASAP. I promise, you'll all get an explanation when this is all over.

    Thank you!


    Submission Problem Fixed
    Posted by Arametha
    03/04/06 - 02:38PM
    The submissions magically fixed themselves. That is all I know. Okay, ya'll that have been saving or holding back submissions, hit us with your worst (and best). ;)


    Extremely Important Trivia
    Posted by Arametha
    02/27/06 - 01:57PM
    This is the first and only time you should hear me say this: STOP SUBMITTING. It's pointless; we can't read what you write.

    What I mean to say (now that I have your attention) is to re-direct your submissions. Until further notice, e-mail your submissions to Use a text attachment or just cut & paste directly to the e-mail- it don't matter.

    The server is down- we're moving. I should be able to approve and add stories from a foriegn address.

    Also, Danodas Morr and Hikari_no_Kage, please re-submit your stories.

    Finally, any of you other mods want to jump in with me on this until the servers back up, please do. Simply edit my post and add your e-mail.

    In Sanity,


    From SilvernFalcon:
    I can help out with this, too, so if you don't send your submission to Arametha, you can send it to me at

    [EDIT: I still need Welcome Commitee members. This invitation is open to all experianced members. Read my user page for more info. -Arametha]


    Welcome Commitee
    Posted by Arametha
    02/18/06 - 11:08PM
    Those of you who have been here awhile will notice that there has been a drastic rise in the number of members. Like, really mindblowin' big. Like, we need a Welcome Commitee big.

    So, I'm sending an open invatation for applications for that position. Apply at Here's how:

    Write a personal e-mail welcoming me (Arametha) to Lunaescence. Be creative, but effective. An example can soon be found at my page on this site.



    Error Fixed
    Posted by Jasson
    02/15/06 - 11:28PM
    Sorry to everyone who had problems registering. Err... I'm not sure why it happened, but I played around until I was able to register a test account.

    Sorry about that.


    Sally Doesn't Know!
    Posted by Arametha
    02/04/06 - 01:03PM
    Okay guys (and gals), here is your very secret Valantine's Day Challenge: write a piece of fan fic showing your appreciation to Sally, Jasson, and Crimson for building and running such a wonderful site. Keep it straight, (please, nothing homosexual) and make them feel special. Winner gets braggin' rights.

    Oh yeah, rules.

    Because this challenge is a secret challenge (none of my Higher-Ups knew this was coming) not only will you have to put on your fic "Valintine's Challenge" but you will also have to send me an e-mail, in case I didn't edit your fic. My address is Don't send me the story in the e-mail- just send me a notice saying, "Hey, I got a V-Day challenge entitled Such-n-Such," and I'll go look. This is to make I get sure your story.

    {EDIT: On a final thought, I am going to set a word limit. The magic numbers are 1,000 to 2,500 words. Deadline: Febuary 28.}


    Otakon 2006 - F.Y.I
    Posted by Kitkaze
    02/04/06 - 02:23AM
    Alright all you Otaku out there, it has begun! The Pre-Registration for Otakon 06 began just two short hours ago, at midnight on Febuary 4th. I myself plan on attending. If you feel the need to congregate with 25,000 other screaming anime fans you'd better secure your ticket!


    February Update
    Posted by Sally
    02/03/06 - 07:15PM
    My apologies to everyone that received another copy of December's newsletter! I was using it to write this month's and I somehow copied and pasted it into the e-mail field. Please disregard that last e-mail. I am SO sorry everyone! *blushes!!*

    Jasson's and my college classes are keeping us busy, so we've been pretty bad about responding to much of anything short of a poke from a cattle prod. ^^;; Unfortunately, we're likely going to become even more unresponsive since we're getting ready to move in real life.

    We're still working on restoring a few final authors when we get the chance in between classes. Sorry we haven't finished that up yet.



    New Year's Day!
    Posted by Arametha
    01/01/06 - 01:00AM
    I'm currently breaking in the New Year by working here, approving ya'lls stories. I love doing this, but why now isn't real clear to me. It was either this or Rook with my grandparents. Since I knew the outcome of the game, I chose this. (Never, never NEVER play Rook, rummy or spades with people who have a forty year advantage on you. You will lose, every time ;)

    Anywho, hello 2006! *sniffs air* Doesn't... seem any different. You'd expect the air to be more ominuos. We are, after all, one year closer to Armageddon.

    Hmm... I gotta finish doing what I do, so I can go to bed, sleep, go to church, then sleep some more. (Pun intended)

    Have a blessed and happy New Year,

    From the Administrators


    Happy Holidays
    Posted by Sally
    12/27/05 - 08:41PM
    I want to wish everyone a belated Merry Christmas and a very happy holiday season!

    Sorry about the lack of the Holiday layout; my life has been absolutely crazy lately! ^^;; (I haven't had a Christmas this busy since I was in High School!)

    I'll have more news by the end of the week. Thank you so much!


    New Host and Moderators
    Posted by Sally
    12/14/05 - 12:27PM
    I've received 5 applications for moderators and I'll be making my final choices by the beginning of next week. I'll likely be e-mailing everyone more information and some questions later today.

    A huge thanks to everyone who applied! ^_^

    I'm also beginning my search for a new Web host.

    While I like what my current host offers, their speed, and reliability, their customer service is absolutely pathetic. Since most of my family uses my site for at least their e-mail, they're willing to chip in to help me get something new when tax returns arrive.

    If you're interested in helping me look, I'm looking for... (More...)


    Some Changes
    Posted by Sally
    12/12/05 - 07:31PM
    Jasson's fanlisting for Adult Humor has been permanently deleted. The script was exploited by a spammer who was using it to send out a phishing scam.

    My apologies to anyone who was a member and any inconvience this may have caused.

    Also, the poll has changed so you must be a member in order to vote. Our poll script hasn't been working well with the new setup, so I switched to a poll plugin offered by Tammy over at the eFiction site.

    Hopefully with all these changes, things will hopefully begin returning to normal.


    Moderators Wanted
    Posted by Sally
    12/05/05 - 01:38PM

    Jasson and I will be graduating from college within the next 6 to 9 months and will be starting our internships well before that. I've come to the conclusion that it's time to see about making some moderators.As a moderator, you'll screen submitted stories and chapters for quality based on our submissions policy and rules. You'll also receive admin e-mails such as category requests, questions, new story alerts, etc.

    Knowledge of proper spelling and grammar is required. We'd also prefer that at least one Moderator be familair with the CYOA and Reader Insert story types.

    Global Moderators (the whole archive) are preferred, though we'll also accept Category Moderators.

    Global Moderators should have knowledge of multiple anime and manga titles along with at least some knowledge of popular game titles. In addition to screening stories, you'll also have the ability to add categories, characters, site news, edit existing stories, add stories from other authors, and edit some of the minor archive settings such as genres, warnings, story types, etc.

    Category Moderators are only responsible will be to their assigned categories. They can add edit existing stories, add stories from other authors, and screen submitted stories, but not much else.

    As of right now, we'll only accept Category Mods for these categories: (You must be able to at least watch 3)

    Fruits Basket
    Fullmetal Alchemist
    Gundam (Seed / Seed Destiny / Wing)
    Ronin Warriors
    Yoroiden: Samurai Troopers
    Yu Yu Hakusho

    I'd prefer to only accept applicants who have been here since at least September or October of this year and have at least two stories published.

    If you're interested in becoming a Moderator, please contact me at sally[AT]lunaescence[DOT]com.


    December Update
    Posted by Sally
    12/03/05 - 08:44PM
    Happy Holidays! I hope everyone is having a safe and happy winter so far. ^_^

    Nearly everyone's stories and reviews have been successfully restored with few problems. There are couple authors who we need help from, but we'll be contacting them privately once our finals are over.

    Also, just to let you know this will be the final Newsletter e-mail sent out to all members. Jasson has completed the mailing list control in your author bios, which will allow you to turn on and off these newsletters right from your bio. By default, they're set to off. To opt in, simply check the box next to "Send me the Monthly Newsletter."

    Finally, I'm not sure everyone is aware of this, but towards the end of November, some hackers discovered vulnerabilities in the eFiction script, which is what we use. As a result of trying to fix the holes they were using, we've been experiencing many more bugs than usual. I think we have most of them fixed now, but please let us know if you run into any more problems. (More...)


    Posted by Sally
    11/29/05 - 12:10AM
    For anyone who tried to register -- I'm so sorry! ^^;

    Don't worry, it wasn't you or your computer. We had a bit of bugged code in the registration form.

    I fixed it so new accounts are working again. Thanks and sorry again for the trouble!


    Some new stuff
    Posted by Jasson
    11/27/05 - 11:25PM
    Since we're done with the restoration, aside from the few things we need to wrap up, we've begun adding modifications to the archive once again.

    1.) Avatars.

    This is an experiment that isn't available to everyone. This will allow you to place a 100x100 avatar in the right hand corner of your profile. Right now we're limiting it to authors who have been here for a while and who we know we can trust. If the experiment goes well, we'll open it up to more authors.

    2.) The Mailing List

    I've finally made the mailing list modification to your profile. You may now opt in and out of our Monthly Newsletters from your author profile. Thus, December's Update will be truly be the LAST update sent out to everyone. We may be making a new portion of your account area dedicated to mail options later on, just to keep your profile clean.

    3.) Gender

    You can now set your gender in your profile. We have Male, Female, and Undisclosed (aka "Not telling!") available for you to choose from.

    4.) Story Type

    This has made the story submission page a little more cluttered, but we're going to give it a try. Sally has come up with a mod that will allow authors to designate if their story is one of the special types like "Song-fics" and "CYOAs"

    This way, visitors can sort the category pages by story type, in case they're looking for just those special types of fics. If your story doesn't fall into any of the special categories, just ignore that field for now.

    If the experiment works out, we'll keep it and remove any story types from the warnings and genres menus.

    Finally, the contest. Sally forgot to explain how to enter. Basically, just write in the author note or summary what contest the story is for. Until we get a few more classes under our belts, the Trophy case (and related parts) is on the back-burner.


    Restoration Complete
    Posted by Jasson
    11/25/05 - 07:03PM
    Okay, all authors should be restored now with the exception of the Admin and Admin maintained accounts.

    I'm also going through and checking to make certain all bugged reviews have been either deleted or moved to the proper story.

    Please let me know if I've missed anyone. =)


    Restoration Update
    Posted by Jasson
    11/25/05 - 06:31PM
    I hope everyone has had a Happy Thanksgiving! =)

    The restoration is going well and I'm working as fast as I can to get everyone restored tonight. We also had it pointed out that some of the reviews are bugged. Reviews that don't belong to you may appear on your stories or your own reviews may appear on your stories. Sally and I know; we're trying our best to return those to their proper stories.

    What's going on is those bugged reviews actually belong to bugged stories. For some odd reason, the script is looking at the review information (chapter, reviewer, etc) and is attaching them to a story with similar info. Those should start disappearing as I restore stories.

    Anyway, I have sucessfully restored everyone who's name begins with these letters: A - B - C - D - E - F - H - I - J - K - M - N - O - P - R - S - T

    I'm working on the letters U and Y right now, which should go quickly and then I'll begin restoring the Admin maintained authors. Once I'm done restoring, I'll send out a quick e-mail to let everyone know.

    Thanks! =)


    Restoration Progress
    Posted by Jasson
    11/21/05 - 06:58PM
    EDIT 25 Nov. 2005: Restoration complete on the letter S. I'm also trying to see what I can do about the bugged reviews.

    Working on: ---

    Next Up: Letter T

    Restored: Saph Yuuki, seraphim, Shima, Silver, Silver Mouri, Silver Rain, SilvernFalcon, silver_neko_kitsune, SlyKitsune, Something Like Human, SparklingEmeralds, Star Princess Meesa, Starzie, Super Zero, super_jm

    Also, you may have to repost images in your author profiles. With the new system came a new way to control HTML tags. I forgot to include one of Sally's tiny mods to the bio area when I uploaded a patch, which removed all images. Sorry!!! =(


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