Reviews Fixed
Posted by Sally
06/16/07 - 05:54PM

Don't quote me on this, but I think I have the reviews fixed. ^_^ I'm going to continue testing, just to be sure.

If you run into any further glitches, I'll likely be online and logged in for the rest of the day. If Jasson has trouble sleeping like he did last night, he might be on for most of the night too.

Thanks so much!


Yay! *claps* Thanks so much, Sally! ^_^ Everything seems to be working perfectly now. ♥
- Ria on 06/16/07 - 06:28PM
Um, what was wrong with the reviews? Because I've been having trouble viewing the reviews from the story itself. I have to go to the author's profile and look at the story's reviews from the link there. >.>;; when I try viewing from the story, it always has the two little 'leave review' links one atop the other, like it is when there are no reviews for that story or chapter... Except there are. Is this what was glitching before, or is this new?
- Kremlin_Dusk on 07/12/07 - 01:14AM
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