New! and Updated!
Posted by Marohi
07/07/07 - 08:56PM

Just to prove to everyone that I'm still alive, I've gone and played with the archive again. (And managed not to break it - wow! =]P )

Next to all new and updated stories, you'll now see "New!" or "Updated!" depending on which it is. Right now, they're rather plain but I'll leave it up to Sally to make some pretty ones that pop. =)

Also, to make it clearer, I've changed some of the wording on the story sorter on our category pages. You've always been able to change the sort order so new fics are on top, now it just says it clearer.

So as Sally says: Enjoy!

EDIT: Changed some more things around. Adding chapters should now record dates, though I haven't finished the display for them. Let me know if you run into anything.


He lives! *gasp* Hehe, I love the "New!" and "Updated!" graphics! Much kudos!
- shadowsirenv on 07/08/07 - 06:28PM
^-^ Thanks a bunch! The signs do make the stories pop out. XD Now I don't have to worry about getting lost and forgetting what I was going to read. Thanks to both you and Sally!
- Cheerfulhope on 07/08/07 - 06:36PM
The new system is great--it's awesome, don't get me wrong--but when do the little graphics go away? I love them, because they let me know what I should look at, but I get a lot of them on my favorites list because I have it set up to receive the alert email. Do I have to go in from the profile, or do they go away on their own?
- Kremlin_Dusk on 07/12/07 - 01:04AM
The little graphics should stay up for 14 days, since it uses the same setting as the Most Recent page. If it's bothering you, we can change it to 7 or something.
- Sally on 07/12/07 - 08:22AM
Oh, no no, it's not bothering me or anything, I just didn't know if they went away on their own or not. ^.^ Thank you for telling me this, and thank you for making them!! They really are convinient.
- Kremlin_Dusk on 07/14/07 - 09:57PM
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