Heads Up: Spam!
Posted by Marohi
08/02/07 - 09:33PM

Ugh, the spammers have their sights on the reviews again. I deleted 43 spam reviews tonight from just ONE story.

Everyone please be on the lookout for this crap. It's pretty easy to recognize; theres almost no spaces in the comments, lots of links, and stuff about ringtones, porn, and crap.

The good news is that they're anonymous, so you should be able to delete them. This weekend, I'm going to take a look at the code and see how they're getting by everything.



I'm not good with I don't know what to say. I haven't been here too long but if one has an account is it possible to leave an anonymous review solely for spamming? Does an IP address get recorded when someone leaves any sort of review? I'm just wondering because I read the member's list of one other fanfiction site and noticed names like Gainax, Viz and so on. While it could be a blessing or a curse (depending on their motives) to have such big names as registered members-I somehow doubt legitimacy. I suspected false accounts maybe even created by the same person/ the accounts had zero activity (no reviews, stories, forum posts, etc.).
I'm sorry, I was just curious is all. I wanted to leave a comment because I found myself questioning a couple names recently. Thank you for your time!
- Saan on 08/05/07 - 12:53AM
I suppose it might be possible. It would take some hacking.

Those names aren't registered here, are they?

Yes, IP addresses are logged when anyone leaves a review and we have other spam prevention measures in place. The problem is that IP addresses can be faked or the spammer can have a relay set up so it spams from many different computer.

Hey, no problem. Curiosity is good. =)
- Marohi on 08/05/07 - 07:11PM
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