Hit Counters are here!
Posted by Marohi
08/16/07 - 04:13PM

I'm having a bit of insomnia, so I spent the day working on getting a hit counter for stories installed. Right now, it's counting per chapter, but I hope to have the rest of it installed tomorrow afternoon. (Mmm, coffee.)

Since popularity contests annoy Sally and I, these statistics are only available to the author.

To see how many times your story has been viewed, please go to your "Manage Stories" page in your user menu and select "View Chapters."

Have fun! =)


X3 wow, thankies so much!! It's good to be able to see that, even though they aren't reviewing, or favoritizing, or making their presence known in general, people do read my stories. X3 and, oddly enough, a few months ago, a friend had asked me if Luna had hit counters... XD I told them no, but now you do!! thankies again!!
- Kremlin_Dusk on 08/19/07 - 10:45PM
I totally agree! Knowing that people are actually there is certainly a confidence booster. I find it hard to write if I think people aren't enjoying it. Thank you for all the wonderful work you are doing, and I thank the others too! This is a great site and I'm glad I found it! XD
- Renovincenthotness on 08/20/07 - 06:20PM
I'm afraid I'm going to parrot what the two above me said, but it does feel nice to see that some people are clicking on my stories (if not reading them).

Good job on implementing it :)
- Katya Stevens on 08/21/07 - 08:02AM
>.>;; Call me crazy, but I think you have a hit... *reads back over what she just wrote* ...absolutely no pun intended. XD
- Kremlin_Dusk on 08/21/07 - 08:54PM
Thanks, Jasson, for doing this. I was beginning to think that no one read my stuff here at all! Now I know it's not true. I appreciate it.
- Tikatu on 08/22/07 - 01:42AM
Oh wow, you really did act on my emailed question!! *is delighted* Thank you so much for the effort to give us counters!! *does happy dance and runs off to record her statistics* YAY!!
- slr2moons on 08/23/07 - 02:35AM
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