Please check your spelling!
Posted by Marohi
08/25/07 - 09:36PM

Guys... please, please, PLEASE check your spelling and grammar. I can't believe how many fics and chapters I deleted tonight for really silly spelling and grammar mistakes.

Even if your word processing program doesn't have spell-check, the internet is full of online dictionaries and spell-checkers.

So many of these stories had a LOT of great potential; I really hated having to delete them. Q_Q

EDIT: Kremlin_Dusk reminded me... (Thanks!)

Remember, we also have a whole list of friendly, ever-helpful betas! No matter if you can or can't use a spell-checker or online dictionary; a beta is always a really great idea for any type of writing. They can often catch errors that you can't!


*adding to Marohi's train of thought* and even if you, for some reason, can't view these sites, THERE ARE BETA READERS. there are A BUNCH of really good betas on this site, and, even if they're not on at that exact moment, they will get back to you. *to Marohi* some people might not be able to view these sites because of stuff like parental control blocks or something.
- Kremlin_Dusk on 08/25/07 - 11:11PM
I'm good. I always spell check anything that I make that's to be submitted to something. My grammar may be off but mah spellin' isn't. D< Spelling can drive me insane sometimes. .__.
- Spirit Archer on 08/25/07 - 11:43PM
eh... I've gotten... one piece out of all of mine that I've posted betad... I don't believe there's been a real problem with mine, other than typos and formatting... not to mention I have spell/grammar check on Word, and I was in Gifted Language Arts for ... um, 6 years, was it? *shrug* Anyway, I'm just handy with grammar and spelling and punctuation and such.
- Kremlin_Dusk on 08/26/07 - 01:26AM
I need to beta mine... >_>; I have a hard time finding a beta. I found one though >_> But I like the idea of having two. 8]
- Spirit Archer on 08/26/07 - 07:36PM
*o* I'm always free to beta.
- Kremlin_Dusk on 08/27/07 - 06:09PM
Lawl, the comments are now a messaging space. Mind Naruto? >__>;
- Spirit Archer on 08/28/07 - 12:36AM
*thumbs up* I should probably take more action with that on Freedom of Speech and FictionZone...

I sure do hope people listen :D

- Crys-chan on 08/31/07 - 08:41PM
I love Naruto! X3
- Kremlin_Dusk on 09/01/07 - 03:15PM
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