Backup Again!!
Posted by LeBeau
09/09/07 - 11:07AM
This is the third time this has been posted.

DO NOT POST NUMEROUS CHAPTERS OF THE SAME STORY!!!! WAIT until one has been cleared. There may be an error with one chapter and it may pertain to ALL the chapters. YOU KNOW WHO YOU ARE if you are submitting numerous chapters of the same story. WAIT until the admins have cleared one chapter. It is not funny/amusing/cute to try and get all the chapters of a story submitted. It is aggravating to the admins to have to read 14 chapters of one story for errors that appeared in the first.


Thank you!

An edit by SilvernFalcon:
Also guys -- come on, we want to see the rules of grammar being followed! D:

If I don't see anything at the end of your quotes, whether it's a comma or a period or a some other form of punctuation, I won't validate your story. If you switch between 1st and 3rd person in every other sentence or paragraph, I won't validate it, either. If I see multiple comma splices, I definitely won't validate it. I am seeing so many errors it isn't even remotely funny. Don't we have an online grammar guide around here somewhere...? Counting the number of errors I see in some stories requires me to use more than two hands when it shouldn't take one. Please look over your stories or get a Beta to check for errors!


Is there any way the moderation queue can be cleared of those surplus chapters by a mod when they see multiple chapters of a fic posted at once? Perhaps a little email sent to the offending author stating that their story won't be validated when they post multiple chapters, and that it has been dropped from the moderation queue entirely? Giving a penalty for uploading like this is the only way I can see to get the idea of "one chapter at a time" through the offenders' heads.
- Tikatu on 09/09/07 - 12:16PM
May I suggest that everyone get a copy of this handy little book called "The Elements of Style"? It helps with writing. You know like, simple stuff. Periods, commas, and more.
- devilneko on 09/09/07 - 04:13PM
*shrug* But some people might not be able to find a copy of said handy little book. *shrugs again* I would suggest that everyone make the concious effort to make sure that their spelling and grammar is correct, whether that be a spell-check program, beta, or book. *shrugs for a third and final time* But, yes, I agree with Tikatu. Some form of penalty is what it takes for some types of people. Is it in Da Rules? Because some newcomers might not know it... Well, anyway, I hope my input helps/ed.
- Kremlin_Dusk on 09/09/07 - 09:03PM
Contents of said little book is available for free online at
- Tikatu on 09/10/07 - 12:40AM
Excuse my own poor grammar here, contents of said little book ARE available online at, along with a host of other fine reference materials. Definitely worth bookmarking.
- Tikatu on 09/10/07 - 12:45AM
*sigh* Made a direct link to the Elements of Style. Suppose I should make a few direct links to Bartleby's other grammar books too.

We might need to make a rule upgrade. We've had to ban one newcomer because they got pissed off when we deleted their story. I guess we need to put it right in the rules that they need to post one chapter at a time and exactly what we do to stories that aren't accepted.
- Marohi on 09/10/07 - 08:46PM
There are online sites that people can go to if they need a little help or checklist for their grammer and writing. I have a few suggestions, but since I'm at work right now, I'll share that later since all of that information is on my computer under my bookmarks. Anyway, I also think it would be a good idea to create a penalty system for those who continously upload the same chapters/stories, etc without waiting.
- Nobahdee on 09/17/07 - 02:33PM
I've just noticed this recently, but if any of you have Mozilla Firefox, it uses a spell check for you. At first I thought I was just imagining things, but then I started noticing little red squiggles under things I misspelled more often, and then figured out that Mozilla has a feature that spell checks ^.^ Though, I don't think it checks grammar *sweatdrops* I hope this helps/helped.
- BonitaWolfSpirit on 09/18/07 - 05:42PM
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