Spammers... again
Posted by Sally
10/05/07 - 09:14AM

No, it is not your imagination -- many of you are getting a ton of reviews in the past few days. Nope, they have nothing to say about your story. It's porn, cellphones, ringtones, viagra, and more porn.

This time, it looks our lovely crop of spammers are using what is called a "relay", so I can't ban their butts. I'm deleting the spam at least twice a day, but they keep coming. They're anonymous, so you should be able to delete their reviews yourself. You can also switch your reviews to "Members Only" in your profile area, which should stop them too.

Really sorry about this, everyone.


Iunno about this, but would it be possible to put a human comfirmation code for the non-membered people?
I think that it might be a bit troublesome, but if they're using bots, this might stop them?
*doesn't understand technical stuff*
Maybe, just leave it up for a while till they get tired of it or something? Or maybe even a filter of sorts?
- magerm on 10/06/07 - 10:30PM
I agree... I should be possible to block them out somehow, even if they are using anonymous reviews. Like how guest have to type in a code on certain forums before their post can be submitted. You could try adding that to the Anonymous reviews.

I doubt they will get too tired of sending out porn stuff to this site. I wish there was some way to get them in some type of legal trouble since this site does have some minors on it.
- Rei on 10/08/07 - 10:44PM
Actually, Jasson is working on making one of those picture-code things. But since he doesn't have much time to play around until the weekend, it's taking a while. ^^;;
- Sally on 10/09/07 - 12:36AM
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