Story Not Up Yet?
Posted by Sally
12/08/07 - 10:37PM

Have you submitted a story and it's not up yet? That's probably because we haven't gotten to you yet. ^_^; We are overflowing with submissions and have not been able to get to all of them yet.

We're trying our best to read through all of them, but it takes time. Sometime next week, I'll be putting out the SOS for more mods, but I need to get my final exams done first before I start the process.

Thank you for your continued patience. (You guys are saints! Thank you!)


*waits patiently in the background, until said SOS is put out... when she will pounce on the opportunity volunteer to help like the nice cookie she is... no, really. that's what I was going to say. I swear.*
- Kremlin_Dusk on 12/09/07 - 07:54PM, also, if I may add something. This really doesn't come up that often, though I've seen it at least a couple times, but if your story's taking a while to show up (or remaining in the validation queue for a while), please don't resubmit it as another new story? It really doesn't help in any way, plus we may have to delete copies of the same chapter/story. Thanks!
- crazydominodragongirl on 12/10/07 - 03:00AM
Ah... I know I'm new, but I could help... If you want me to, that is. ^^ If not, I'll just sit back and watch the submissions come in.
- Tokyo the Glaive on 12/10/07 - 08:27PM
It'll be interesting to see how many people leap on this proposal. [Of becoming a moderator, of course]

I will not lie, I am avidly interested in the possibility to flaunt volunteer my literacy and experience.

Let the bloodbath competition begin.
- Silver-Serenade on 12/10/07 - 10:52PM
Weeeew... I really hope that I do get a chance to become a moderator, because I've been here a while, and I've actually been wanting to become a mod for a while.
- Kremlin_Dusk on 12/11/07 - 06:51AM
I wouldn't mind being a moderator. I'm willing to give all the help you guys need.
- shadowsirenv on 12/11/07 - 10:12AM
=3 I wouldn't mind being a moderator, though I'll give those who's been on here longer than me, a chance to become one.

I certainly have a lot of time on my hands. o= *Neglecting homework.*
- Obscure on 12/11/07 - 10:44PM
If you need any help I'll help since I have plenty time on my hands, and I mean plenty.
- samiekins17 on 12/13/07 - 06:53PM
If you need any help, I'll be willing to offer. I have a lot of time on my hands most of the time, and usually I spend it reading fanfiction. My literacy skills aren't that bad, and I wouldn't mind helping out.

This will surely take up a lot of my time. I usually have several hours to use the computer, as I have a lot of free time. If you need any help, don't hesitate.
- Akiko on 12/14/07 - 04:26AM
I'll help!! Please I want my stories to be posted. They've been up for about 2 weeks!
- princessdianag on 12/18/07 - 03:04PM
I'll definitely help if anyone needs it! I know I want my stories up and other people do too
- princessdianag on 12/18/07 - 03:05PM
LOL. I'm actually quite willing just to wait until mine gets processed again. XD
- Audrac on 12/19/07 - 11:01AM
Me too. I just wanted people to read them so maybe I can get reviews for new stories!
- princessdianag on 12/19/07 - 01:26PM
It seems people are making a lot of mistakes here. I see a lot of strikes *tsk tsk tsk* Well, I would love to be a mod, but of course I'm grounded from computers on weekdays, but I guess I could get my friend Melissa to be my sub on weekdays if need be and if you would let me.

What am I talking about, being a mod is rabid crazy fun.
- Taintedangel212 on 12/23/07 - 10:51AM
Are you still needing mods? It's been over a week....
- Kremlin_Dusk on 12/23/07 - 08:19PM
Oh, be patient Dusk-chan! =)
I'm sure Sally's pretty bogged down with stuff, which is why I'm not looking forward to college life much...

Late note: I hope you do/did well with your finals Sally! I know I utterly bombed mine.
- Hikari_no_Kage on 12/23/07 - 08:22PM
True, true... =D Good luck, good luck, good luck! Hope you paaaaass~!~!~! =3
- Kremlin_Dusk on 12/23/07 - 10:04PM
uh srry to be unpatient nd all
but like im just waiting for mi story to be up...
- SapphireBlaze426 on 01/10/08 - 04:42PM
um, not to sound nitpicky... but did you use 'chatspeak' in your story? If so... then it's not likely to be validated.

And I'm not saying there's anything wrong with chatspeak, or textspeak, as I call it, but... it's just... generally not welcomed with open arms here. ^^;;
- Kremlin_Dusk on 01/10/08 - 07:07PM
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