Help Wanted!
Posted by Sally
12/23/07 - 11:15PM

Hi everyone!
This is the SOS I promised a couple weeks ago; we need more moderators to help read over incoming stories and chapters. (Sorry for the wait. It's been a hectic week.)


The Job: Moderators read over incoming chapters and stories for problems with spelling, punctuation, and/or grammar. If the submission is okay, they validate the story or chapter so it appears on the site. If there is problems, they send the author an e-mail explaining what was wrong and then deletes the chapter or story. You can choose to maintain only certain areas of the archive or you can choose to handle anything that comes in.

Moderators can also post News and Announcements on the front page.

Once you're comfortable with the job and I'm comfortable with your knowledge of the archive, I'll expand your abilities so you can add categories and characters.

Limitations: I'm asking that only people who have been on Lunaescence 6 months or longer please apply.

Hours/Time/Quota: Anything you can give me or feel like giving me. Real life always comes first.

To apply: You have two options for applying:

Applications Closed!

I'll be accepting applications until January 10th and will e-mail everyone back on January 13th.

Thanks! Happy Holidays, everyone! Take care and be safe.


I'm willing to help out. I have lots of time on my hands and love to read over othe peoples stories and things.
- samiekins17 on 12/24/07 - 10:16AM
Could you elaborate on the 'certain areas of the archive'? Do you mean just one category or a folder (for example, the Avatar: The Last Airbender series) within a category?
- xsilent_screamx on 12/26/07 - 10:06PM
Could you elaborate on the 'certain areas of the archive'? Do you mean just one category or a folder (for example, the Avatar: The Last Airbender series) within a category?
- xsilent_screamx on 12/26/07 - 10:42PM
If you become a moderator you can choose between watching certain categories or everything that comes in. So, using your example, you could choose to watch Avatar: The Last Airbender series.

Though if you're picking which category to watch, you're not limited to a set amount.

I hope this answers your question! =)
- Hikari_no_Kage on 12/27/07 - 05:09AM
I'd help out but I haven't been here for six months xD Oh well, maybe next time :)
- Rei on 12/29/07 - 02:13PM
xD Same, I haven't been here for six months, but I really would help. =]
- Obscure on 12/29/07 - 09:24PM
*waves hand around* I will! I will! :D
- TimeErase on 12/30/07 - 05:14AM
I will! ^_^ I've been on for seven months and I'd really love to help. Could I please watch the Naruto section?
- jeanbaggins on 12/30/07 - 04:18PM
Oh my, quite the adventurous one, aren't you, jeanbaggins? The Naruto section is the most popular section right now with probably at least three fanfictions coming in every week [totally clueless as to what the real statistic is]. Good luck! =3
- Cheerfulhope on 12/30/07 - 06:49PM
Uh, yeah. =) Really adventurous.

Actually, I think thats pretty close to the real statistics for the Naruto section.
- Marohi on 12/30/07 - 09:38PM
I feel really bad! =( I'm no good at spelling or gramma, yet, I post storys. You guys are doing a great job so please, anybody out there, help these kind people and I promise to try harder with my spelling and gramma.
- Snow-fox on 12/31/07 - 07:45PM
>.< I wish I could help as you've suggested, but I'd probably screw it up. I can't even get my stories in on time these days. x.x

Don't worry! ^-^ The spelling and grammar should improve a lot in time if you continue to write and go to school. =)
- Cheerfulhope on 01/01/08 - 12:01AM
i'll help on any section it doesn't really matter to me... which ever one you really need help on the most
- samiekins17 on 01/02/08 - 02:10PM
I'd apply but I've only had my account for a few months. v_v

Oh well, I'll pounce the next time the opportunity arises.
- DragonSilk on 01/03/08 - 09:52PM
Drat. I would have loved to help out, but I've not been here for six months, yet. I really do love helping out with this, but sadly I'm only available 3-4 hours on weekdays. Too bad. ;____; Perhaps this will happen again in a while so I can apply. Oh, well. Love you, guys.
- Blue Velvet Dark on 01/04/08 - 01:13AM
ehe...i would try to help..but i don't have much time on the comp..I only get at least 1/2 hour that's it...T_T gomen gomen...
- SapphireBlaze426 on 01/04/08 - 05:27PM
I would to be glad to help out you guess and I've been here well over six months...though I haven't posted a story ^_^; but I'm getting to it! Any way this would be good because I am on the computer almost all the time and I love to read so it's perfect!! Also I don't care really which section I get....actually i kina of do... preferably with the Naruto and Ouran Highschool Host Club section and anyothers that need looking over . Ja'ne!
- Black Wolf Shinzu on 01/05/08 - 10:50AM
I'd help but I haven't been here for six months (I'd have loved to do the Beyblade section). Ah, well, perhaps some other time. I hope you get the help you need. :)
- Mai Blade on 01/09/08 - 04:05PM
I'd like to sign up for the job. I barely make the line, but if there is anything I can do to help. I mostly like the games and anime, but I'll do anything to help you out. Its just taken me this long to decide if I wanted the job.
- DeadlyCheshireSmile on 01/10/08 - 08:33PM
Good luck, all.
- Crys-chan on 01/11/08 - 03:42AM
did you apply Kaa-san?
- moonbeam9992 on 01/14/08 - 12:34AM
No, I didn't. I have personal reasons along with FOSFF and FZ as towhy I didn't apply. :/ I hardly update here anyway XD
- Crys-chan on 01/16/08 - 01:47AM you know when they're coming back online?
- moonbeam9992 on 01/16/08 - 04:04PM
XP Yeah, sorry to pester, but I have a couple of fanfictions I wanted to get up soon.

Is there a glitch or something with the sites?
- Cheerfulhope on 01/16/08 - 10:38PM