Thanks, Everyone!
Posted by Sally
01/12/08 - 05:46PM

I'd like to thank everyone who applied for the moderator position. ^_^ I wasn't expecting to get a huge response like we did! 22 people applied for the position. I'll try to start getting back with everyone this evening after I finish my homework.



(yaay, first person to respond) Welcome welcome~! =D
- Kremlin_Dusk on 01/12/08 - 09:05PM
Ooh, the suspense is killing me! Good luck to everyone!
- shadowsirenv on 01/13/08 - 09:07AM
I'm excited XD
- jeanbaggins on 01/13/08 - 10:57AM
Urgh... Nervousness is taking over....
- Tokyo the Glaive on 01/13/08 - 11:08AM
Sooooo Nervous! =^-^=
- moonbeam9992 on 01/13/08 - 05:09PM
If it isn't too much trouble could you maybe put up a list of the new moderators, because my e-mail is doing something weird?
- moonbeam9992 on 01/13/08 - 10:03PM
She most likely will. =) But...methinks that maybe she didn't finish replying? Because I've also recieved no corrospondence. =) But it'll get done, so no worries.
- Kremlin_Dusk on 01/13/08 - 10:51PM
lol. Okay, thanks KD...didn't mean to rush anyone!
- moonbeam9992 on 01/13/08 - 11:50PM
Nerrrvouuuus... xox;;
- TimeErase on 01/14/08 - 03:15AM
I'm working on it! I haven't finished e-mailing everyone, I'll get to everyone as soon as I can.
- Sally on 01/14/08 - 06:13PM
Sally's a superheroooo~
- Crys-chan on 01/16/08 - 01:49AM
=D With the cape and everything!
- Cheerfulhope on 01/16/08 - 10:36PM
now all she needs is a theme song! lol =^-^=
- moonbeam9992 on 01/16/08 - 11:55PM
XD And a chibi sidekick!
- Cheerfulhope on 01/17/08 - 12:54AM
I just had to join the party. ._.
- immaninjalol on 01/19/08 - 02:14PM
Wow, I just now read the comment about me being adventurous. Thanks Cheerfulhope, though I guess my tastes do tend to be a little mainstream. m(_ _)'m When you're out in the middle of nowhere with dail-up, there's not a lot of options...*sigh*...Oh, I was also wondering, how many moderators were you looking for Sally? Just one? I got confuzzled @o@...
- jeanbaggins on 01/22/08 - 07:04PM
Uhh, not sure how many I am/was looking for... definitely not 23! ^^; I'm still trying to narrow down all the applications I received.
- Sally on 01/22/08 - 09:46PM
Alrighty, thank you. ^.^
- jeanbaggins on 01/23/08 - 06:45PM
Well, whatever Sally finds would be the best to help her with the site and can trust with being able to review peoples' submissions. :)
- Seishi on 01/24/08 - 06:52PM
any decisions yet Sally? =^-^=
- moonbeam9992 on 01/26/08 - 12:44PM
Oooh, we're getting closer to knowing? Best of luck to everyone who applied. Wewt~! :33
- key on 01/28/08 - 10:24PM
I see that I have admin/mod options now. I didn't receive an e-mail though; I don't think. I hope I didn't send it to my bulk folder.
- DowncastMercy on 01/29/08 - 06:06PM
@DowncastMercy: Uhh...congrats? Maybe? =)

Well, go check your bulk folder! If you didn't get anything, just wait and don't touch anything? A-anyway, I hope you make it! Wew.
- Hikari_no_Kage on 01/31/08 - 03:02AM
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