Please! One chapter at a time!
Posted by Sally
02/24/08 - 11:11AM

If you're not a validated author, please only upload one chapter at a time for your multi-chapter stories!

If there's something wrong with one chapter, there might be something wrong with the others. If we decline your chapter, we delete it!

Secondly, it takes time to read a whole multichapter fic before we post it. You'll get your story up faster if you submit a chapter at a time.

Thanks, everyone!


Yeah, this seems to be a reoccurring problem. There are times where I don't even get to read fics because I'm so busy sending e-mails to the authors asking them to wait, and deleting those chapters.
- shadowsirenv on 02/24/08 - 11:33AM
I agree, it's hard to get my other stories read when I have to worry about declining multi-chapters in a story. Oh and totally off the subject, but Sally since I'm a moderator now do you think you could pretty please validate me?
- moonbeam9992 on 02/24/08 - 01:09PM
Thanks for putting this up, Sally. ^^ I agree with shadowsirenv: we don't want to constantly send out letters to wait and not submit so many chapters at once.
- Tokyo the Glaive on 02/25/08 - 07:11PM
I was just curious, why is it going so slow? I mean, if I'm not mistaken I've submitted a chapter and it's been 2..-3 weeks and it's not yet validated? I was just curious to see why it's going so slow ^^;

sorry to bother.
- hoshi on 02/26/08 - 09:51AM
No bother, but it's probably because of the reason above. When people have so many mistakes you have to delete their chapters it takes up a lot of time.
- moonbeam9992 on 02/26/08 - 11:41AM
That, and/or some of us are lazy from time to time... and/or are *short* on time. See, if a story has some errors or goes against the rules, we have reject it... and us mods are obliged to send a "no letter" for each story we reject so that the writer in question knows why their works were rejected so that they may improve, fix, and resubmit. It may not sound like something time-consuming, but it is, especially when combined with actually doing all of the reading. Plus, for the more... picky mods, like me, we may find that several of the submissions in the queue aren't things we'd normally accept because they have errors that irk us but are still passable in the Luna community (since no one is perfect). When faced with that, we (I) usually just leave something in the queue and let another moderator decide whether or not it should be allowed into the archives, and this may take a while... And looking over these submissions is no easy feat, either; there are over 40 in the queue right now and I do believe that we get multiple submissions daily. Sometimes we can't keep up with the submissions and many of us go alphabetically rather than by the date submitted because that's how the queue lists them. Plus... I personally have a grudge against decorative titles so I don't know what to do with such stories and usually leave them alone. x_x

xD; Wow wall of text.
- SilvernFalcon on 02/26/08 - 06:09PM
I agree with SilvernFalcon.

I'm not familiar with some of the series that are submitted to. For example, we have a lot of Naruto fics coming our way. I, for one, don't watch the series, therefore, I'm inclined to look for a series I'm more familiar with and leave that other story to the other mods.
- shadowsirenv on 02/26/08 - 07:01PM
I, too, agree with SilvernFalcon. There are some categories that we don't watch, and sometimes, when we're short on time, we check the length of a story before starting reading. At least, I do. If it's long, I leave it along because I'm lazy and/or short on time. There are a lot of mistakes that bother me that some people validate anyway, and whenever I'm not sure of a story, I leave it be. There are some stories with pairings that I don't read, either, if only because I feel as if I'd be biased against it from the beginning.
- Tokyo the Glaive on 02/26/08 - 07:22PM
Haha, I thought I was the only one who skipped over stories like that. Now I don't feel as guilty as I have been. xD

I try to go in order of the date submitted because I understand that it can get a little frustrating to wait for so long.

As for pet peeves, a lot of titles and summaries are starting to bug me since people aren't taking the effort to use proper capitalization and such. These things are just as important as the story because they reflect what a person is about to read. However, I dont really want to reject a story just because of the title or summary when the content is fine
- Sharp Shiny Pickle on 02/26/08 - 09:18PM
Mm... well, staying on topic of what to do. Generally, submitting more than one chapter at a time makes me go "D:", not only because I hate having 51 New Story Alerts whenever I check my e-mail, but also because I shy away from having to check over multiple chapters of the same story at one time. I know I try to go by date (or, occasionally, category) to keep people not waiting that long, but lately I've been a bit short on time (for various reasons, some of which are much better excuses than others), so I haven't been doing as much.

Anyway, guys, as a general rule, if your story has been in the queue for a week or so and it hasn't been validated, check over it and then edit/resubmit it. The ones with nearly perfect spelling/grammar tend to be validated immediately; if yours waits a while, you can do something like try to improve it. (By saying this, I don't mean submit it as another story entirely without deleting the first submission; just edit said first submission or something). That's not to say that you shouldn't get a beta-reader or something in general; just that, if you're waiting for a while, it means that the mods are probably unsure exactly what to do with it and are just leaving it be for the time being. And, for a while, I've had the general impression that most of us (read: me included) just leave a story in the queue if we find it "borderline" and leave it up to someone else's judgment. So try to improve it! You get better, it gets validated, everyone is happier in general, the end.
- crazydominodragongirl on 02/27/08 - 03:15PM
Also, another thing to add:

Authors should check their bulk/spam folders for our e-mails. I know that some people say that they don't recieve the e-mails sent to them and it ends up being in those kind of folders. So everyone should check to make sure.
- shadowsirenv on 03/16/08 - 09:36AM
So I just joined the site and submitted a story...sometime last week. So I know you guys probably haven't had time to look it over, but I'm just a bit worried about the time overall. Most of my chapters and stories tend to be really LONG. My stories are posted on Freedom of Speech (where I'm a validated author) and Quizilla so I was just going to move them all over here. I was planning on waiting until I became validated before I started flooding with all sorts of updates...but what should I do? Does each story/chapter of mine need to be validated? Or once I'm a validated author, do you guys not need to check anymore or what?

I just have a lot to move over and I don't want to flood you what would be the best course of action? ^^;
- SacredTear on 04/01/08 - 11:29AM
Well, regardless of your status on other sites, we need to check over your stories. However, once you become a validated author, you can submit as much as you like without us having to check them.

It takes 2 weeks, at the most, for a story and/or chapter to be validated (mostly because we are very busy people). I haven't actually counted, but I believe we have about 40+ stories waiting to be validated in the queue right now.

Just as long as you follow the rules (especially the one chapter at a time one), you should be fine.
- shadowsirenv on 04/01/08 - 04:04PM
Oh yeah, well I knew I still had to be validated. I just didn't want to flood you all with all of my chapters :P

And don't worry about taking awhile, I completely understand. I'm really busy too so I can only imagine what fellow college students are like. I can be patient! Thanks for the help!
- SacredTear on 04/02/08 - 11:15AM
I have a question that came to mind with SacredTear's comment how long does it take before I can become validated? Like do i have to turn in a certain number of stories that are all valideted the first time? Or can you validate me for a certain category cause im new at writting stories but i'm a soon to be published poet so i have confidence that my poems are good but i have to wait before i can put each of them in. So then while i wait for one to come out i write three more and it's madning to have to wait for each of my stories (or poems at least) to be validated before i can get feedback on them or for them to be officialy posted....
- Monkey93 on 04/02/08 - 09:34PM
All of my chapters are really long, so does that mean it's going to take longer for them to be validated? I think it's been over 2 weeks since I've submitted my first chapter. Also, am I gonna get an e-mail if it's validated? Or if it's not? I know it won't explain WHY it wasn't validated, but will it still let me know that it wasn't?

Sorry to keep posting, but I'm new here and am still just a bit confused on how it works... ^^; (And I also have the same question Monkey93 does: how long does it take before I'm validated?) Thanks guys, and sorry again!...
- SacredTear on 04/09/08 - 04:40PM
ops, I just posted several chapters to two og my stories. Sorry, I wasn't aware of this, just read this message.
Besides, I'm new here.
- Raven Hallowryn on 06/06/08 - 05:08PM