Check your bulk/spam folders, please!
Posted by shadowsirenv
03/23/08 - 05:13PM
I see just about everywhere on the internet that someone is waiting for an e-mail. It usually ends up being in their bulk or spam folders.

It's very important that you check your bulk and/or spam folders whenever you check your e-mail. We contact you via e-mail and if all of our letters are being sent there, we ask that you check them.

Thanks, everyone, for you cooperation.


Agreed. Spam folders are important to check.

I know this doesn't really belong here, but I HAVE to say this again:
Do. Not. Submit. More. Than. One. Chapter. To. A. Story. At. A. Time.
I'm currently looking at 10+ chapters of the same story. I don't care that it has already been submitted once and all that jazz, just DON'T DO IT. You know who you are! I personally am going to delete ALL of the chapters to those stories, not even saving one to look at. Hold your horses, take a pill, whatever. Just wait to submit multiple chapters, even if they are oneshots. Okay? Okay.
- Tokyo the Glaive on 03/23/08 - 08:17PM

I stand corrected. There were 71+ chapters of the same story (a oneshot story) up for validation. Even though this is an extreme, please don't do this.
- Tokyo the Glaive on 03/23/08 - 08:23PM
O.O I think I've already e-mailed that author once about that.

- shadowsirenv on 03/23/08 - 08:27PM
I have been checking my bulk folder every day but I still haven't seen an e-mail, but I have admin/mod options on my account.
- DowncastMercy on 03/23/08 - 09:19PM
I think everyone who applied for the moderator job was given those options. Sally will ask you to choose a story to look over during the application process.
- Sharp Shiny Pickle on 03/23/08 - 09:52PM
Tokyo, are you for real?! Auugh. I haven't been on in a while to validate stories. Mostly, school has been driving me into a wall and I've had to get projects done and stress slightly about work. But so many chapters at once?! Very.... scary.... *goes to validate* 8D
- TimeErase on 03/26/08 - 02:44AM
Dead serious. I was like, O.O What's going on?!
There aren't as many left now. (Not nearly).

ANYWAY. Check spam folders. My letter was in one, someone else's probably was, too.
- Tokyo the Glaive on 03/26/08 - 04:13PM
I don't want to rush anyone at all, I'm just very curious of what I need to do. I've been waiting for a response for some time.
- DowncastMercy on 03/31/08 - 11:49PM
Well, that's something you'd wanna take up with Sally. We mods don't control that kind of stuff.
- shadowsirenv on 04/01/08 - 03:50PM