Submissions Closed
Posted by Sally
04/23/08 - 01:44AM

In a nutshell: I don't have time to deal with this right now.

At length, I am extremely busy in real life with work, college, family issues, et cetera and I've gotten one flame too many, one question I've already answered in the FAQ too many, and one too many e-mails demanding a chapter/story be posted.

Frankly, I don't have the time to deal with this right now.

Sorry for the inconvenience.


I joined this site to be able to post my stories that fall under the Reader x Character category. Ah, well. Real life always comes first. Hope everything works out for you. ^^
- The Violent Princess on 04/23/08 - 10:07AM
You do what you need to, Sally. We understand that your a busy person. Take your time. There's no rush.
- shadowsirenv on 04/23/08 - 10:39AM
Just do what you need to. :) Real life is stressful enough without running an archiv e on the side, so don't worry about it. I hope you can work things out! Don't stress too much, though, okay?
- chibi neko alchemist on 04/23/08 - 10:51AM
Yeah, i kno how that feels. Good Luck on any exams... ;)
- Animegoth15 on 04/23/08 - 01:42PM
oh... no wonder my chappies haven't been put up.
Tis okay! Just take your time and settle everything out. ^_^
- SapphireBlaze426 on 04/23/08 - 04:33PM
So is that why the story I was waiting to get posted dissapeard?
That's fine, I thought there was somthing horribly wrong with it and you guys wouldn't even consider it or somthing XD I hope everything works out for you ^^
- Infiniti_Broken on 04/24/08 - 04:15AM
Take all the time you need. :)
- Mai Blade on 04/24/08 - 02:03PM
Take your time. We understand how it is. Exams are horrible. (speaking from experiences going on now...gah...) ^_^ We're supporting you.
- Enigma Ladies on 04/24/08 - 10:25PM
Yes, sorry for contacting. I'll leave ya alone. ^^
- Knight Z on 04/25/08 - 02:19PM
I understand and i'm fine with take your own sweet time :) Just one question........ any idea when we can start posting again? and what about stories that hadnt been validated yet?
- Monkey93 on 04/25/08 - 05:10PM
The stories that are going up right now are the ones that hadn't been validated - we're going through the queue and clearing up some of it right now, though that doesn't necessarily mean they'll all be accepted.

This is also something of a head's up, so you don't think it's a case of "everyone has posting access except you." :)
- crazydominodragongirl on 04/25/08 - 07:41PM
Real life comes first! I totally get that, because until today, I hadn't even considered updating or visiting this site since-- ... well... since-- maybe... 4 ish months ago? @_@
Good luck!
- Animefreak11 on 04/26/08 - 03:02PM
*bows* im sorry >.<
but totally understand at the same time.
SORRY again!!!!!
- moonlight_warrior on 04/26/08 - 08:17PM
Ouch. Hope the family issues get settled up first since those are normally the most hurtful and annoying problems a person can have.

Aw well, if you need to talk or just want to blow up, feel free to contact me. And if you need any help with anything I'll do what I can until you get everything straight. *heartheart*
- KitsuneYoukai42490 on 04/27/08 - 01:02PM
Thanks for the heads up, crazydominodragongirl. I did think it was a "everyone has posting access except me" case. ^^; Thanks again for clearing that up.
- Mai Blade on 04/30/08 - 05:48PM
It's fine Sally, just take your time with Exams. We can wait, I was just kind of confused for a moment. Thanks for clearing that up. ^^
- deidaras-darkangel on 04/30/08 - 07:58PM
Well, that clears up my question wonderfully! Good thing I looked at the news archive before asking about it...
Anyways, I hope life settles down a bit better for you as soon as possible Sally. We love you, and the site, of course.
- TallMidgetLover on 05/01/08 - 04:02PM
^-^ Don't worry about us, Sally. Our stories can wait to be posted, though your exams will stay.

=) So this is why there was no "Add Story" button on account. ^-^; I wast starting to get worried.

Anyway, take your time and ace your class!

=3 Good luck!
- Cheerfulhope on 05/01/08 - 04:50PM
Take all the time you need ma'am! I hope everything works out fabulously for you. :D

I wish you good luck as well~
- Vae Victis on 05/01/08 - 11:18PM
Isnt the point of having mods to make it so you arent overloaded with questions and stories and all that jazz? O.O

If it is, haha, maybe you should change your email and get more mods. xD

Anyway, I had an emotional break down today due to lifecrap and thought of you. (Not in the creepy way. Just in the 'aw Buddha now I know what shit she's going through' way and hoped you didnt have to put up with L.C. too much longer.)

Gute Nacht!
- KitsuneYoukai42490 on 05/02/08 - 10:25PM
I was starting to freak out when I found out that I couldn't post or edit chapters, but now that I've read this over several times, I finally understand. No prob. Take your time. ^^
- animeartist1 on 05/03/08 - 10:37AM
Iieeee... I'm sorry! I just sent you an email with the question why the manage stories button has dissapeared! Now I see why!

I'm sorry! ^^
- Bobo-is-tha-bomb on 05/03/08 - 12:03PM
Just curious: is there any way you can group-email all authors when the site's back up and running? Or put an item in the Newsletter saying so? Highly convenient for us if plausible for you.
- Ferrous Silvercraft on 05/04/08 - 05:54PM
I am so sorry for contacting...even after i read this =____=
I finally understand what it means>.<
Take your time ^.^
- Mizu_Kitsune on 05/06/08 - 09:58PM
>_< nuuuu, I'm a bad person!! sorry for contacting! (at least I'm not the only one)

hope everything works out
- satanic_sweetheart on 05/09/08 - 01:53PM
I understand completely, Sally. I'm currently taking a break as well until I finish high school, which is in just a few weeks. I'm sorry people have been selfish and bugged you so much. Take your time and do well in school. Have fun with your family and friends!!

- Estrella Nuvola on 05/13/08 - 10:00AM
I had just one little question. Above there is some mention of the 'manage stories' button being temporarily deleted from authors options, but I still have mine...Do all the other mods have their's and does that mean that mods can still post their stories or do we also have to wait?
- moonbeam9992 on 05/14/08 - 02:29PM
Actually, I'm not a mod and I have my 'add stories' options. I'm guessing that they're going to let in submissions once again, but haven't officially announced it. ^^;
- magerm on 05/14/08 - 06:44PM
magerm's hypothesis appears accurate to me.
- Ferrous Silvercraft on 05/14/08 - 06:58PM
Actually, I believe the submissions are only closed to non-validated authors. Validated authors wouldn't have any reason to complain about their stories not being posted, since they don't have to go through validation.
- shadowsirenv on 05/15/08 - 04:02PM
I don't think thats true, since I'm not a validated author but I have my 'add stories' and 'manage stories' buttons back

- chibijess on 05/15/08 - 04:11PM
@chibijess: I meant to say during the period, only validated authors could post (and they did, too). Now, I'm guessing everyone can post again. I would wait until we get some word, though, just to be safe.

Sorry for the confusion.
- shadowsirenv on 05/15/08 - 04:57PM
Actually, validated authors couldn't post either, just the mods and admin. ^^;; I had posting access, but a few friends who were validated but not mods didn't.
- crazydominodragongirl on 05/15/08 - 05:17PM
Question. Since submissions are closed, why are people still able to submit their stories? I just took a glance at the submissions list (Sorry guys, I haven't been working lately because Graduations getting way close and of course, finals are coming. ): ) and I saw submissions are still coming in. Some are dated today, ect. ect.

Whaaat is goin' on with this... ?
- TimeErase on 05/19/08 - 05:14AM
Because I got tired of the deluge of e-mails I got when it was closed.
- Sally on 05/19/08 - 08:48AM
Kerrigan Sheehan has noticed a sharp increase in fake spam accounts, in the form "[number]mazda" or [city]"escort", in the past few months. Perhaps spam cleanup is partly accountable for the recent slowdown of the site.
- Ferrous Silvercraft on 05/20/08 - 12:34PM
Does that mean mods can begin approving stories again, or not?

Hope things are going well with you, Sally. :D
- chibi neko alchemist on 05/21/08 - 12:43AM
So just to settle things....we can validate and post stories now right?
- moonbeam9992 on 05/22/08 - 03:19AM
Hopefully we're allowed.

...Seeing as I've posted two things in the past two days. <<;
- TallMidgetLover on 05/26/08 - 08:36AM
The addition of new categories would appear to have stopped or severely slowed. This could be a problem for postings by fanfiction authors. Does anyone have an estimate of when category addition will return to normal, or at what speed categories are likely to be added at present?
- Ferrous Silvercraft on 05/29/08 - 01:38PM
If you want new categories, one way is to ask for them in the appropriate thread in the forums. :/ Several of the mods have the ability to add categories themselves, so it's just a matter of asking.

And yes, you... probably are allowed? Many people seem to be posting, and we're still validating stuff as well.
- crazydominodragongirl on 05/29/08 - 05:26PM
So we aren't allowed to post a new story? ^_^ No worries, though. Take all the time you need :D
- Such Sunlight on 05/31/08 - 07:28PM