Prince of Tennis / Tennis no Oujisama
Posted by Sally
06/12/08 - 02:03AM

Okay, first item: Yes, submissions are open. ^^;; Sorry!

Second item: Due to an overwhelming number of e-mails, I've renamed "Tennis no Oujisama" to its more common, English name: "Prince of Tennis."

As for category additions; hang in there! I'm working on a way to hopefully make it easier for everyone. Just bear with me a couple more weeks!

Also, I'll be putting out the S.O.S for more moderators at that point too.

Thanks for putting up with me, everyone! Hopefully I'll have this internship thing dealt with soon and we can all get back to being creative.



One word:


I hope your intern stuff turns out okay :]
- kappy-and-tea on 06/12/08 - 11:31AM
YAY!! Sally's back!!
We all missed you, big time. I'm sure we're going to get flooded with submissions now, though...

Still, we're glad to finally see you back!
- Tokyo the Glaive on 06/12/08 - 07:25PM
=) I'm glad things are starting to (probably) look up for you! And it's ok; I may be arrogant to actually say this, because I'm one person, but I was behind you all the way on closing the submissions. Except for the mad deluge of emails wondering why. That was... a sad consequence.

We're all cheering you on, Sally! =) And we are glad to see you back. Like whoa.
- Kremlin_Dusk on 06/13/08 - 12:19AM
Good luck with everything, and we're glad to have you back! =^-^=
- moonbeam9992 on 06/13/08 - 02:16AM
Hope it's not a doctor's internship, cause those are awful.. Something I may be looking forward to at some point in time. XD

Glad things seem to have cleared up for you a bit though. :)

- Tsula on 06/13/08 - 05:27AM
I am glad you have cleared up the whole admissions thing. Also I wish you luck on your intern stuff and I hope evewrything goes well.
- Black Wolf Shinzu on 06/13/08 - 05:30AM
Yay!! Welcome back!!^_^
- TwilightNight on 06/14/08 - 05:42PM
Hooray! Glad to see things are starting to work out for you!

As for category additions, maybe I just missed it, but I don't seem to have that mod option. ^^; I would gladly help out if I could add categories.
- shadowsirenv on 06/15/08 - 05:47PM
Hey good luck with your life. I am glad to here submissions are open again.
- princessofhearts on 06/15/08 - 06:51PM
Heeeey awesome, you're back! *pumps fist* And I was going to ask you if you needed or wanted another mod, so I'm taking the SOS as a good thing. =P

Glad you're back!
- KitsuneYoukai42490 on 06/17/08 - 08:53AM
That's wonderful! I'm glad submissions are finally back.
- Fluorescent-X on 06/18/08 - 01:42AM
Yay! So happy to have you! ^^

Hope everything goes well, and thanks! :D
- Vae Victis on 06/21/08 - 01:45AM