Spam E-mails
Posted by Sally
07/01/08 - 12:53AM

I've gotten several complaints while I was at work about people getting multiple e-mails titled "Your writing" or "Your fanfic" advertising a new fanfiction script or site.

I've already e-mailed the person asking them to stop, but I'd like to know right now how many members have actually gotten this spam. -_-;; If you've gotten it, please post a comment and let me know.

EDIT: Would those of you who have one of these spam e-mails dated today (July 01, 2008) please forward them to me at archive[at] I asked them to stop last night, if they're still sending them today, then I'm going to pursue further action.

EDIT 2: First order of business: All e-mail forms now check for common spam keywords as well as the recent spammer. Hopefully I have it set up so it doesn't catch normal e-mail. (Unlike my quickie, knee-jerk checks I wrote yesterday, which kept catching nearly everyone. ^^;; Sorry!)

Secondly, I shot a spam complaint off to the offender's ISP and the sites they're advertising. I also did a bit of research and apparently this person has been doing this sort of thing for at least a year.


I have gotten said spam, e-mail thing. ~.~ I ignored it though.
- Black Wolf Shinzu on 07/01/08 - 12:58AM
I received one as well, but it showed up in my junk file and I just trashed it...
- Hanami on 07/01/08 - 01:01AM
I got one too, but I just deleted it.
- Tenteki on 07/01/08 - 01:04AM
I've also received one.
- Hikari_no_Kage on 07/01/08 - 01:07AM
I just got one. o_O
- TimeErase on 07/01/08 - 01:09AM
I've gotten it about... two or three times? Its really annoying. D:
- Lime on 07/01/08 - 01:12AM
I got one, and checked it out. It was odd, but didn't strike me as spam. I guess I'm either gullible or not bothered as easily as I might should be.
- Kremlin_Dusk on 07/01/08 - 01:15AM
I've received one too.
- Teh Writer Squirrel on 07/01/08 - 01:22AM
I got it too. I read it, and I did get a little suspicious.
- Kisara Yoshida on 07/01/08 - 01:23AM
Me~ it appears I'm not unique or special in any way. Aww. :P In all seriousness, though, I just glanced at it and ignored it.
- crazydominodragongirl on 07/01/08 - 01:26AM
I got one~I was really suspicious about it though and deleted it.
- AnimeKittyGirl13 on 07/01/08 - 01:27AM
I also got the email advertising the two fanfiction sites. I checked that the sites were secure too, so it's nothing more than someone spamming people on this site. No trojan or virus or anything, just annoying.
- DomoLurv on 07/01/08 - 01:46AM
I received it twice.
- Dark Ceray on 07/01/08 - 02:09AM
I received one. D:
- chibi neko alchemist on 07/01/08 - 02:10AM
I recieved one as well. XD
- saykori on 07/01/08 - 02:53AM
I received one too. O_o I still have in my inbox in case the email needed to be saved. ^^:;;
- LatonaSelene on 07/01/08 - 03:25AM
I've gotten it. I looked at it and thought it was someone talking about my fics, but when I saw it was just that, I got disappointed. ^^;; So yeah, I got it. >.>
- Ale on 07/01/08 - 03:34AM
Just got one today, but to be honest it sounded complicated so I ignored it. -_-'
- moonbeam9992 on 07/01/08 - 04:19AM
I got one too. >.> Bet they didn't even really read my fanfics....
- VampirePumpkins on 07/01/08 - 04:39AM
I've received one.
- Akiko on 07/01/08 - 05:22AM
I received one as well. Man how annoying. D:
- Tainted Soul on 07/01/08 - 06:18AM two, but ignoring it is fine, I guess.
- Celestial Sakura on 07/01/08 - 07:01AM
I got one too.
- Sakura_Kiri on 07/01/08 - 07:51AM
I received one too, but I just deleted it. ^^;;
- Aiko-chan on 07/01/08 - 09:34AM
- azelli on 07/01/08 - 09:44AM
I got about three of these emails. I deleted all of them.
- Bobo-is-tha-bomb on 07/01/08 - 09:48AM
I recieved one, but I just deleted it.
- PersephoneXXEris on 07/01/08 - 10:18AM
I've gotten one as well~ D;
- key on 07/01/08 - 10:32AM
*raises hand* Yup. I got one too.
- Ria on 07/01/08 - 10:47AM
Yup i've gotten like 5 or 6. they wont leave me alone!!!
- XxBlack-RosexX on 07/01/08 - 10:58AM
I got it a couple weeks ago. Never looked at it. Plan on deleting it.
- Isis san on 07/01/08 - 11:30AM
I had gotten one this morning as well.
- moonlightnights on 07/01/08 - 11:40AM
I got one too... it's weird o.o'
- queendolfin on 07/01/08 - 11:54AM
I got one and I rarely go on here. lol. It was craziness. xD
- KarenaWilliams on 07/01/08 - 01:49PM
I received got one yesterday. I looked around but one was for software and the other one had a low selection. . .
- Murder-chan on 07/01/08 - 01:51PM
Yup. I got one yesterday but I still have the copy if you need it. It sounds like a scam to make money to me...
- Shade on 07/01/08 - 02:04PM
Yeah, I've gotten one too. >.>
- BrokenHarmony on 07/01/08 - 02:30PM
I got one yesterday. :/
- See_A_Little_Light on 07/01/08 - 02:30PM
I received one a couple of days ago.
- GuiltyRose on 07/01/08 - 02:37PM
yeah i got another today! its so annoying
- XxBlack-RosexX on 07/01/08 - 02:41PM
Yeah, I've gotten one a few days ago.
- MariksInkpen92 on 07/01/08 - 03:31PM
I got them too, just a few days ago. (-__- Annoying buggers.)
- KitsuneYoukai42490 on 07/01/08 - 03:48PM
I got one yesterday and forwarded it to Jasson.
- Tikatu on 07/01/08 - 06:42PM
I recieved one, and checked out the two sites also. They seemed secure enough, so I didn't think anymore about it and just deleted it.
- bkl on 07/01/08 - 06:57PM
So, I'm not the only one who got this, huh? I was wondering why someone would email me that. I got it a few days ago and deleted it a few hours ago.
- Phantom_Daydream on 07/01/08 - 07:10PM
I got it. I asked for explanations. It was a little annoying, but at LEAST the spammer was polite...
- Kerrigan Sheehan on 07/01/08 - 07:36PM
I too have recieved these e-mails. I ignored and deleted them though.
- Sin_Me_Not on 07/01/08 - 08:03PM
I recieved one of these e-mails about a week ago, but I ignored it. I'm happy posting my writing here, thank you~! I figured it was spam, unfortunately >.>
- BonitaWolfSpirit on 07/01/08 - 08:26PM
I got one a few days ago, but it didn't interest me much. I just deleted it. *shrug*
- Halfbreed Maiden on 07/01/08 - 09:07PM
...oops, I missed this news post. But yes, I did get one yesterday. And like most other people, I ignored it. 8D;
- silver_neko_kitsune on 07/01/08 - 10:49PM
I got one about a week ago, deleted it just as fast. Silly thing got my hopes up too *cries*
- Aquashadow13 on 07/01/08 - 10:52PM
I got one too. ^^ I thought it looked really phony, so I didn't pay it any attention.
- Vae Victis on 07/01/08 - 11:17PM
Thanks for being so quick to take action! =D Hopefully that'll take care of that.
- KitsuneYoukai42490 on 07/02/08 - 12:56AM
^_^ Thank you Sally! *hugs*
- LatonaSelene on 07/02/08 - 01:17AM
Sally's a superhero who protects all the innocent(?) occupants of Lunaescence from mean ol' spammers. <3 Thanks, Sally.
- Kremlin_Dusk on 07/02/08 - 01:21AM
I received one a few days ago... Checked out the links, but the sites didn't interest me, so just deleted the message.
- Eleanora_Hoshi on 07/02/08 - 02:36AM
Just received one today.
Deleted it. It was really silly.
- Unknown on 07/02/08 - 02:48AM
yep, got one a while ago. Deleted it pretty quickly D:
- Eviemeli on 07/02/08 - 04:39AM
yep. add me to the list as well. I've been spammed x.x
- One last wish on 07/02/08 - 05:38AM
I received one too, but I just deleted it.
- dragonfly on 07/02/08 - 01:59PM
I receieved it a week or two ago. Deleted it as soon as I replied haha.

I think someone stated this already, but the links didn't contain any viruses or trojans (thank god). I'm kinda surprised at hoy many people have gotten it though. O_O
- Hametsu e no Rondo on 07/02/08 - 02:15PM
Got one two days ago.

I opened it, read over it and ignored it.
- RokubiThunder on 07/02/08 - 03:38PM
i got one, i took one look at it then deleted it... x3
- SapphireBlaze426 on 07/02/08 - 06:51PM
I too, have recieved this e-mail, and promptly ignored it
- Aubreys_girl on 07/02/08 - 06:56PM
I just received one today and deleted it. Quite bothersome of that person to do it. *sigh*
- RoyalRuse on 07/02/08 - 07:20PM
I got one just now. DeleteDeleteDelete! ^^
- Penguins_Go_Rawr on 07/02/08 - 07:24PM
I got one too, I ignored it.
- starlighteclipse on 07/02/08 - 09:44PM
I got one as well, but it was more like last week D:
- ChibiChi on 07/03/08 - 08:13AM
I got one like 3 days ago I think.
I don't think I deleted yet though.
- Raven Hallowryn on 07/03/08 - 04:23PM
I got it like a week or so ago
- Monkey93 on 07/03/08 - 05:13PM
I got it a few days ago.
- WyndiWingfall on 07/03/08 - 08:07PM
I got it, I wasn't sure what to do with it, I replied and checked the site but didn't download anything...Thanks for the straight facts ^^
- Sabaku no Ai on 07/03/08 - 11:39PM
I got it a few days ago as well ^^;
- SacredTear on 07/03/08 - 11:52PM
I got it a few days ago. xD

It had a flattering comment, but very fishy.
- Obscure on 07/04/08 - 04:32AM
i got one as well, but i just trashed it.
- deidaras-darkangel on 07/04/08 - 10:13AM
I got one of those e-mails as well, but I deleted it so I don't remember the date. (Sorry I didn't comment sooner, I just today saw this. ^^; )
- DowncastMercy on 07/06/08 - 01:56PM
i got it a few days ago.
- xnickx on 07/06/08 - 07:32PM
Yeah, I got it a week ago, too. And incase my friend hasn't gotten it-

kireiryuumegami is also targeted. *She's grounded right now* X__X
- Knight Z on 07/07/08 - 12:54PM
I got it about a week ago, and I'd forward it but I think I deleted it. I'll check.
- Dishrag1313 on 07/07/08 - 05:15PM
Just forwarded it to you! Hope this helps.
- Dishrag1313 on 07/07/08 - 05:18PM
i got one and i kinda stared at it going "wtf" and then ignored it.
- devilneko on 07/08/08 - 02:55AM
I got one... I didn't really pay attention to it though
- ajcj1 on 07/09/08 - 02:19AM
yeah, i just got it today.
- TwilightNight on 07/09/08 - 01:05PM
I got one a couple weeks ago, but I just ignored it. I deleted it though.
- neko_hime on 07/09/08 - 06:51PM
I was away and I just checked my e-mail a few minutes before coming here. I just deleted it, though.
- shadowsirenv on 07/10/08 - 09:20AM
I got one back in May or maybe a little before. I glanced around the site. Didn't interest me all that much and just dumped the e-mail in my spam folder.
- Rei on 07/10/08 - 09:49AM
I got one, too.
But I deleted it.
- Sick-O on 07/11/08 - 11:40AM
I've received this email about...six times? I believe that would be the number. I'm not aware of where it's coming from, but I do know that this person is trying to promote a certain website.

Thank you Sally. :)
- Seishi on 07/12/08 - 02:33PM
i received one of them advertising like fanficfan and stuff. is that the one everyone got??
I didn't know it was a spam shite thing tho. Lucky i ignored it cuz it looked sad.

thanks for saying this otherwise :) its notifies us. cheers ^___^
- Mei-Xing on 07/13/08 - 01:39AM
Got one, read it, scowled and then deleted it.
- Fluorescent-X on 07/14/08 - 10:59PM
Whoa.. this is what I get for taking an enrichment course. o.o

I got on too. I didn't have time to really go over it farther than the part about the website.

As soon as I saw that, I just left it in my inbox for a couple of weeks until just recently when I had the pleasure of cleaning out over two hundred e-mails. -_- I don't appreciate spam. Especially when I can barely find time to think of fanfiction ideas anymore.
- Cheerfulhope on 07/18/08 - 01:06AM