Spelling and grammar!
Posted by crazydominodragongirl
07/16/08 - 10:22PM
Guys, this reminder really shouldn't be necessary, but Lunaescence is a moderated archive. What this means is that every story (by a non-validated author) that comes in is checked for proper spelling/grammar/punctuation/etc., and if it doesn't meet certain standards, it is deleted. You become a validated author only after it's been shown that you have a proper grasp of said spelling/grammar/punctuation. Frankly, quite a number of recent submissions have not met up to those standards.

If you're not completely confident that your mechanics are up to speed, there are several things you should do:

1. Use a spellcheck. Actually, it doesn't matter if you think your mechanics are perfect. Use a spellcheck anyway, because it can often point out typos.

2. Read over it. I can't stress this point enough. It's often obvious if an author doesn't check over their work, because there are blatant mistakes that wouldn't be missed otherwise.

3. Get a beta-reader. We have a list of beta-readers here. Alternately, go to whatever category you want and click the "beta reader" link at the top to find people willing to beta-read for that category.

4. Know your homophones! Use capitalization and punctuation correctly, especially around quotations! Etc., etc.. We even have a Writer's Guide category for more information on what specifically to look out for.

And to make this a multipurpose post: Once again, do not submit multiple chapters of a story at a time if you aren't a validated author. If we end up declining them for mechanics, then usually, we end up declining all of them. It saves all of us time - us checking over the stories, and you posting them - if you wait until the current chapter is validated before you try posting another.

Thank you. If any of the other mods have anything to add, or if anyone has any questions, fire away.


Amen to that, sister. I'm not perfect myself, but I see some of these mistakes, and it really makes me wonder. I know Microsoft Word checks both spelling and grammar as you go along--so does TextEdit, and I'm pretty sure other programs do, too. Check and see if you have the spelling/grammar checks selected as happening automatically.

I'm guilty of this, but #2, read over your work, is probably key here. Going over your stories at least once--twice or thrice is usually enough, but hey, everyon'e different--and you'll be sure to pick up your mistakes. So you don't post as often. Big deal; most people here want to read something good, not something really big and not necessarily as good.

Well, there's my two cents (more like fifty). Anyone else have comments?
- Tokyo the Glaive on 07/16/08 - 10:53PM
I have a question, that didn't get answered before, but I know I'm not a validated author yet, but one of my stories was validated before, and now the site keeps saying that I cant see it because it isn't validated, and I know it was because the first chapter has like, 37 hits and there were 7 chapters, and each of them have been hit at least 4 times.
- XxXxAURORAxXxX on 07/16/08 - 10:58PM

...well, that was odd. XD For some reason, it looked like your first chapter had been moved "up," so that it wasn't chapter one, but chapter zero instead, and since there IS no such thing as chapter zero and you didn't have a chapter one, nothing was showing up. I moved it down to chapter one, and it works for me; what about you?
- crazydominodragongirl on 07/16/08 - 11:14PM
Thank you!! It works again!! >< That was really bothering me, you all rock, now I feel bad for cursing the site all day.
- XxXxAURORAxXxX on 07/16/08 - 11:19PM
Good grammar applies to summaries and titles too. D: I find that people will take the time to use proper grammar throughout their story and then not capitalize "I" in the summary.

It makes me very sad.
- Sharp Shiny Pickle on 07/17/08 - 02:26AM
Another method for catching mistakes, although it's very time consuming, it works great: reading your story backwards. All my teachers tell me to do this when checking over my work.

When you read a composition forward, it's hard to pick up some mistakes if they're not glaring at you in the face (because you become engulfed in your own story).

Now, it isn't 100% perfect, and you won't catch every little thing, but it does help quite a bit.
- shadowsirenv on 07/17/08 - 09:37AM
I understand the whole process and everything but I'm curious about becoming a validated author.

I know it's when the author's stories show that they have an understanding of spelling, grammar, and so on. But, what I want to know is, when do they become validated? Once they have over 4 stories or 5, which are all good?
- DamnBlackHeart on 07/17/08 - 02:05PM
@ DamnBlackHeart:

There's really no set number. *cough* It's sort of when we feel like it, or when we figure you have a good grasp of mechanics. It varies somewhat from author to author (once again, differences in how good their mechanics are), and also since we have a number of mods who may be validating your stories, it may take a while for any one of them to become familiar enough with your name to validate you, or check your other already-posted stories for quality as well.

tl;dr in my experience, it's sort of arbitrary, especially with the number of new stories coming in that have to be validated. XD;; We do occasionally miss people who deserve to be validated for some time, generally BECAUSE their stories are validated by different people and so forth.
- crazydominodragongirl on 07/17/08 - 04:43PM
Oh, okay. I understand. Hehe, along with anyone else who was wondering about that too.

Thanks! ^-^ That just means I have to keep writing and eventually I'll get validated.
- DamnBlackHeart on 07/17/08 - 05:27PM
I was wondering about when you become validated. That answered my question. :D

But I know what you mean. It's actually kind of why I come here instead of I'm a bit of a grammar bug, so it really does bug (bad pun, yes) me when I see a story somewhere that is using the wrong 'there/their/they're' of all things. It's actually one of the two easiest ones to pick apart (the other being to/too/two)

but I've started ranting..
- littleme381 on 07/17/08 - 08:49PM
I was wondering about when you become validated. That answered my question. :D

But I know what you mean. It's actually kind of why I come here instead of I'm a bit of a grammar bug, so it really does bug (bad pun, yes) me when I see a story somewhere that is using the wrong 'there/their/they're' of all things. It's actually one of the two easiest ones to pick apart (the other being to/too/two)

but I've started ranting..
- littleme381 on 07/17/08 - 08:50PM
Hello. Thank you for posting this up.

Um... was this an answer to my question?
- never_say_goodbye on 07/17/08 - 10:05PM
Ne... If I could, I would put two beta readers to people. Sometimes I have to decline a story because the spelling or punctuation is off (by a lot) and then I'll see it again a while later and almost nothing or very few changes have been made. D:

I honestly have no CLUE how we validate. The site is growing and there are so many different moderators who look at the stories that we can't say whose who. I would suggest to go to the forums after maybe five of your stories have been validated and ask for validation. I was validated after five different stories were validated, so maybe that works? I'm unsure! @_@
- TimeErase on 07/18/08 - 03:01AM
- XxXxAURORAxXxX on 07/18/08 - 09:23PM
First of all, I must stress that there is no set number before a mod validates your account. It's just as DG said in an earlier comment, it all depends on when we see that you have a good grasp of mechanics.

As for chapters or stories, we look at both. Again, there is no set number for how many chapters you must have either. Just please be patient with us and continue writing (with good mechanics). =]
- Hikari_no_Kage on 07/18/08 - 10:48PM
What Hikari said. :D
- TimeErase on 07/19/08 - 01:32AM
At least one of the people I validated... had only a couple of chapters up when I did. |D;; But I saw her work on a different fanfiction site a long while ago, and her grammar/spelling (when excluding typos) was flawless, so...
- SilvernFalcon on 07/19/08 - 10:28PM
YES. Reading over one's stories is crucial. I don't let anything leave my word processor until I've read it through at least four times, no matter how long it is. And, while I loathe the grammar check on MS Word (made of a great deal of fail, mostly because it doesn't have any inkling what I'm actually attempting to say), the spelling check is a lifesaver. Now if only there were a punctuation check . . .
- Jesanae Tekani on 07/19/08 - 11:45PM
lol, I hate that little paper clip... sometimes I want to shove him up his own butt so far that he makes a rip in the space time continuum and just disappears ...I just now realized how weird that sounds...
- XxXxAURORAxXxX on 07/20/08 - 02:52PM
Ok so you've told us how you become validated but how does the person or writer know that they've become validated? Cause latetly i've been posting up stories and when i return the next they they're already validated but i'm not sure if thats because i'm validated or because the moderators are ging really fast in reading them...
- Monkey93 on 07/20/08 - 11:02PM
Oh and one more thing.... How do you become a beta reader???
- Monkey93 on 07/20/08 - 11:07PM

No, you're not validated. If you post a new story, it'll give you a "Thanks! Your story has been added" message or something along those lines, which I think is slightly different than if you're not validated. Alternately, you can check to see if it's posted immediately.

To become a beta-reader, you go to your user account page, choose "Beta Reader Preferences," and enter that information. :)
- crazydominodragongirl on 07/20/08 - 11:57PM
- Monkey93 on 07/21/08 - 12:05AM
Ok, I know that this has nothing to do with the current topic; but it's the only way i know how to contact the moderators. I've noticed that some authors on here can put their writings in bold, italics, and underline... how do i do that. Cause a lot of my stories contain italics but it never shows on here...
- Monkey93 on 07/26/08 - 02:41PM
I can understand this myself since I've gotten out of my rut, major writers block, and began to write again.

I've a question though, i've uploaded a new installment to my current series and it hasn't been validated yet. It's been a while since i've put it up. Hopefully the mods will validate it soon so I can continue on in my works.

Back on track, i've been in the same position where I sucked with my grammer and what not though i'm working on it.
- LunaDeMusica on 07/26/08 - 06:18PM
@Monkey93: We also have separate @lunaescence e-mail addresses, normally it's our but commenting is fine too~ As for the bold, italics, and underline. You need to use html tags to to do that. Basically, just place the letter between two carrot brackets (less than, greater than signs). One at the front of the word you want to be affected (bolded, italicized...) and one after. But the closing html tag must have a / before the letter. So [b]word[/b] as en example for bold (b= bold, i= italics, u= underline). Just use the carrots instead of the brackets.

@LunaDeMusica: Most of the time, getting through the validation process is lengthy because of the problem mentioned in DG's post: submissions of multiple chapters. There are some other factors, like real-life problems and such.
- Hikari_no_Kage on 07/27/08 - 01:02AM
- Monkey93 on 07/27/08 - 01:27AM
...I almost forgot, you can also check out the Luna forums if you have any questions. And, no problem. =] If you have any other questions, don't hesitate to ask.
- Hikari_no_Kage on 07/27/08 - 01:33AM
Hey. I'm back.

It just clicked...

Well, if the moderators(?) suggest that we should get beta readers, do we get validated right away?

For example...

Let's say I get a beta-reader, right? And then I post up stories that has good grammar and everything...

do I get validated?
- never_say_goodbye on 07/28/08 - 04:04PM
It says I'm an author but under the validated part it says I'm not. What does that mean? Am I a validated author or not?
- Haylle on 07/28/08 - 08:07PM
@never_say_goodbye: Even if you do get a beta reader, validation is not going to be instant. If you continue to post things up that have good mechanics, then you'll end up validated. But, it still depends (as DG said in an earlier comment) on the moderators. If more than one takes to looking at your story, it'll take longer for any one to become familiar enough with your writing and name.

@Haylle: You're not validated. The author part just means that you're a member of Lunaescence and that you have stories posted up on the site.
- Hikari_no_Kage on 07/28/08 - 09:41PM
Oh yeah. Also, this is out of the topic but, what is a writer's block and how do you get it?

Is it a bad thing (it sure sounds like it)?
- never_say_goodbye on 08/08/08 - 01:45AM
That's the first time that's ever been asked...

Writer's block is when you're in a slump and can't think of anything to write and have no inspiration.
You can get it whenever, whereever. Maybe it depends on luck or yourself.
- Koreangirlme on 08/08/08 - 04:36AM

I thought it was something like

"You suck! You can't write anymore! (Until further notice)"

haha. Im kidding. Anyway, thank you for answering. x]
- never_say_goodbye on 08/08/08 - 03:05PM
If anyone can help me, I've been wondering. I've added Chapter 5 of one of my stories twice. And both times when posted, it was in huge paragraph form. No spaces. So I deleted it both times, because it bothered me how ugly it looked without the proper format. I'm pretty sure it's not my html-ing, because on former stories, I've never messed up before, but if anyone can tell me what's up, I'd appreciate it. =/
- Alastair on 08/14/08 - 02:25PM
@Alastair, which story is it that you're having the problem with? If you'll do me a favor and try posting the chapter again, I will over it and see if I can't figure out why this is happening to the chapter.
- ArcheressOfApollo on 08/15/08 - 11:37PM
Thank you ArcheressofApollo! I've posted two stories since then, so it might work the next time I post it. But in case it doesn't, I'd be super-happy if you'd look it over. =]
- Alastair on 08/17/08 - 08:27PM
Okay, utterly random, gomen. But how does the whole nomination thing on the front desk page work? I can tell it hasn't been updated since Feb. But can anyone nominate, or do you have to be a mod, or what?
- Chrys on 08/17/08 - 09:57PM
@Chrys: Anyone can nominate, as far as I remember. It's just that lately, Luna hasn't been asking for nominations. Hopefully sometime soon, they'll post up an announcement and you can nominate by posting it under the news article, in the forums, or by PMs (in forums) or e-mails? The last two I'm not quite sure about.

Hope that helps. :3
- magerm on 08/18/08 - 10:49AM
@Alastair~ Absolutely ^^ I will keep my eyes peeled.
- ArcheressOfApollo on 08/18/08 - 06:40PM
I've posted it Archeress. Thank you! =D
- Alastair on 08/22/08 - 02:20PM