Spam Attack
Posted by Sally
09/07/08 - 11:00AM

All authors who use Japanese characters in the titles of their stories are advised to close or disallow anonymous reviews. I just had to clean 375 spam reviews from just one story, and several others had 10 - 20 spam reviews on them.

The one common factor is the presence of Japanese characters in their titles.

Until they decide to leave us alone again, it looks like it's something we'll have to put up with.

Also, Favorite Alert e-mails are currently BROKEN. I already know about this, there's no need to e-mail me. I'm trying to add ratings and perhaps other content warnings to the alerts.

EDIT: Favorite alert e-mails are back working again. If an author on your favorites list submits a new story, you'll now see the rating for that story following the summary.

EDIT 2: Favorite Alert e-mails for updated / new chapters now also include a rating too. ^_^


Awesome! I'm glad you decided to do this instead of making us move to another site again. =D Much appreciation!!!
- KitsuneYoukai42490 on 09/09/08 - 03:08AM
You are made of win for doing this. It's just great. THIS is why I love you guys.
-Much Love
- ShadowsAndLight on 09/11/08 - 01:35AM
I love you, Sally.
- Tokyo the Glaive on 09/12/08 - 07:50PM