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Posted by Sally
09/09/08 - 12:10PM

Since I didn't get much of a response in the forums, I thought I might as well put it in the news.

Right now, we use warning pop-ups for guiding people about the ratings on stories. Frankly, this way sucks.

A.) I can't really set it up so you can turn it off.
B.) It stumps most browsers blind people can use.
C.) It prevents Google and most other search engines from accessing stories rated 13+ and above.

What I can do is move away from the pop-ups to an actual page that appears before the story.

I could make it so you could opt out of them (they'd still be manditory for people not-logged in trying to view stories 17+ and above). Authors could also use them to post a table of contents, possibly a longer summary, a disclaimer, brief character guide, etc.

What do you think?


I think that sounds like a grand idea, since my internet is questionable at best and the pop-ups sometimes do their worst to break it. D: Though, I guess they don't really bother me.
- Dishrag1313 on 09/09/08 - 02:48PM
I think the opt out is a fantastic idea! It's a little annoying now, so anything that gets rid of them is okay by me!
- freyathedark on 09/09/08 - 03:39PM
I really like the opting out idea. I don't see why people have a problem with stories rated 17+ and above. If they're choosing to look at them there is nothing the site can do about it. If they're complaining about them it's immature and rude. I think giving logged-in members a way to turn them off would be brilliant.
- Kerrigan Sheehan on 09/09/08 - 04:39PM
Sounds like a great idea to me!
- Shade on 09/09/08 - 05:29PM
OMG that sounds like an awesome idea! ^^
- XxXxAURORAxXxX on 09/09/08 - 06:42PM
Wicked idea. = ] Pop ups kind of get on my nerves, but this sounds great. Especially this: Authors could also use them to post a table of contents, possibly a longer summary, a disclaimer, brief character guide, etc.
- Phantom_Daydream on 09/09/08 - 09:41PM
Sounds good.
- Mister Pseudonymous on 09/10/08 - 01:16AM
That sounds great! I love the idea of the additional setting for authors and the opting out idea does seem like it would be a lot better. So, whatever you think improves the system, I'm all for.
- Aileadh on 09/10/08 - 01:58PM
That sounds pretty awesome. The pop ups are kinda annoying.
- BrokenHarmony on 09/10/08 - 03:49PM
I opt for this idea, not only are pop-ups annoying, but when I'm mass selecting fics to read I go this and ctrl-click to open the story in a new tab, but the pop-ups won't allow this.
- litome on 09/10/08 - 07:59PM
- Shade on 09/10/08 - 09:29PM
I think that'd be a great idea. It would help moves things along more smoothly and let us add more information if we wanted. Good idea, Sally. :]
- PretendItsWine on 09/10/08 - 09:52PM
I think it sounds like a good idea. :3
- Dark Ceray on 09/10/08 - 10:42PM
Phenomenal idea! I can finally open things in different tabs :'D
- kappy-and-tea on 09/10/08 - 11:32PM
I think this is a great idea. FOS-FF does something similar, doesn't it?
You should do it.
- ShadowsAndLight on 09/11/08 - 01:33AM
Sounds like a great idea! =)
- HPKHluver4life on 09/11/08 - 10:19PM
i think u should do that
- FirstLady09 on 09/12/08 - 05:58PM
Once again, I love you, Sally.

- Tokyo the Glaive on 09/12/08 - 07:51PM
Sounds good to me. :)
- shadowsirenv on 09/12/08 - 08:11PM
Personally, I think its a wonderful idea. It always takes me forever to read stories I search for since I can't always right click on links so I don't have to navigate away from the search page. Giving freedom to turn them off would be awesome, and I love the idea of authors being able to edit them. Very good ideas! :)
- Halfbreed Maiden on 09/15/08 - 12:42AM
totally agree~! I've always wanted to open stories in new tabs D:! haha =D
- ChibiChi on 09/15/08 - 01:43AM
I very much like this idea.

However, I don't get one part.

When you say What I can do is move away from the pop-ups to an actual page that appears before the story, are you saying that if someone clicks a story title, then a new page comes out? Or, a new tab, et cetera?

But overall, yes. I totally agree to this. I think having pop-ups are very useful in stopping some young readers before they read something over their age.

However, they are very irritating at times and can cause lags. Thus, new pages are better. =D
- never_say_goodbye on 09/16/08 - 01:30AM
I can dig this idea. =) As long as it proves useful, I'm all for it. And here I was starting to wonder what happened to the pop-ups before hand
- Nobahdee on 09/16/08 - 02:05PM
@never_say_goodbye; I think Sally means it opens in the same window, just gives you a warning that you consent to before you can proceed to the actual story.

Correct me if I'm wrong xD;

Anyway, I like this idea. :) *thumbs up*
- Rei on 09/17/08 - 06:21PM
oh. thanks for the explantion, Rei. xD
- never_say_goodbye on 09/20/08 - 02:14AM
I think that it could work really well, if you're unsure try it out for a while and see how it works out and if it doesn't receive the desired result then you can always change it back, right?
I think thats the best solution.
- SugarSuicide on 09/24/08 - 03:35PM