Spam Reviews & Favorite E-mails
Posted by Sally
09/21/08 - 06:05PM

I believe I have the favorite alert e-mails working correctly now. Since some alerts may have already sent and are working their way through the system, you may get a few more of the strange alerts. Let me know if the problems continue and I'll have to take another look at the code.

Also thanks for letting me know about the spam reviews, I'll take care of them after dinner.

Sorry about that!

EDIT: Okay, I've set a trap for the spammers. Lets see if this doesn't spike their guns!

EDIT 2: Since I've put so much more code into the review checks, all error messages associated with reviews will now give you an error code. When writing to tell me about a bug or glitch, please be sure to supply the code that appears. (For example, the newest spam check will now return "Error Code: 0003-review" in small letters below the message.) This way, I'll hopefully be able to better pinpoint where the error occured in the code. ^_^


Mmmm didnt know anything about the spam reviews, but thanks for fixing the alert emails! =D
- KitsuneYoukai42490 on 09/21/08 - 06:26PM
Yes, same here. Thanks for all your hard work. We really appreciate it. :)
- Mai Blade on 09/21/08 - 11:58PM
Yaaaay. /o/ Thanks Sally! Hopefully this will keep the reviews spam-free. :3
- crazydominodragongirl on 09/22/08 - 04:05AM