SOS! We need moderators!
Posted by Sally
09/25/08 - 05:48PM

I'm sure everyone knows that submissions are often really slow here. I mean really slow. It takes a long time right now for stories to show up on the site simply because there's no way anyone can read that many stories in one night. The site has also been seriously neglected in other ways too. Basically, I've been busy with college, work, internships, and life in general and just haven't had the time to care for my own site.

I have several positions I need filled:

  1. Moderators Read over submissions to the archive and approve them if they meet our rules.
  2. Site Editor (1) Help us upgrade our informational pages.
  3. Event Coordinator (1) Your job: Plan and oversee fun things and events for the site!
  4. Newsletter Editor (1) Bring back our newsletter!

Thanks! ^_^

LAST CALL! I'll be closing the application addresses tomorrow night (October 3rd) at midnight eastern standard time.


I'm already a mod, but I'd be glad to fill in whatever you need me to. I'd be willing to sign on as the Site Editor or the Newsletter Editor.
- Tokyo the Glaive on 09/25/08 - 07:42PM
I know I haven't really posted anything on the site (Having Writer's Block is one of the torments of being an author), but I would be willing to a moderator to help lessen the burden. :] If you need my qualifications or anything like that, just ask. I'm a big grammar and spelling freak, so...
- Cordeux on 09/25/08 - 07:58PM
Hey, I'd love to be a mod. I can't always come on, but I'd damn well try!
- Katana on 09/25/08 - 08:18PM
Alright, I sent in my mod application... I'll hope for the best ^^;
- kappy-and-tea on 09/26/08 - 12:19AM
Man, I would really like to apply, but I haven't been on the site long enough, and I'm about three years too young. *sigh* I wish I had joined earlier. I am willing to be a moderator though, so if no one else applies you can always ask me.
- Chrys on 09/26/08 - 01:07AM
...I'd like to be a mod as well...I'm just not 18 yet (one and a forth year more!!!!) and I still do mistakes in my own stories as well.......;.;
- Celestial Sakura on 09/26/08 - 08:47AM
I could be a mod.

I'll read anything twice if I need to.
- Powdered Sugar on 09/26/08 - 11:16AM
Yes, my chance for moderator! xD Though, if I don't get that position, I'll settle for anything else that's listed below in the SOS.
- Obscure on 09/26/08 - 01:23PM
Woot! Finally something I might be able to do to help! ^^ awesome.
- LatonaSelene on 09/26/08 - 02:11PM
I could do the mod job, or do the newsletter. Was it monthly, or what?
- Dishrag1313 on 09/26/08 - 03:09PM
I'd like to be a mod. But then again I'm only fifteen. But I think I'm up for reading stories and stuff. c:
- BrokenHarmony on 09/26/08 - 03:53PM
I'd like to be a mod but I haven't been on the site long enough. That, and I just turned 17.
- Psyco on 09/26/08 - 04:35PM
I'm a moderator, but I just sent my applicaiton for newsletter editor. :D
- Sharp Shiny Pickle on 09/26/08 - 07:15PM
It is totally possible. 8| I did it once (possibly twice) in one night but my head exploded afterward and I had to repair it. D:

I'm suggesting the Moddy position to a friend. I hope she tries for it, she's wanted to be a mod here for a bit. :D
- TimeErase on 09/26/08 - 08:43PM
Back before I got moderators, I cleared the whole queue once but my eyes were threatening to melt when I was done.

Also guys, I will take consider applicants who are 17. My main reason is the adult stories, which is one of the big things I'm trying to decide on how to handle. It makes sense to have mods who are of legal age.
- Sally on 09/26/08 - 08:51PM
*ish legal* x3 Application SENT! Phwaha!
- KitsuneYoukai42490 on 09/26/08 - 09:42PM
Hahaha! I accidentally sent my application for moderator to the wrong email. D: My bad.
- Obscure on 09/26/08 - 10:16PM
...then I guess I wait 5 months until I am 17....
- Celestial Sakura on 09/27/08 - 11:16AM
Yes, I will love to apply. I have already. Hoping you will choose me. I believe I can do a lot to help out.
- xxromance on 09/27/08 - 05:42PM
If you didn't recieve the e-mail of mine applying for a Mod, please tell me so I can try to resend it, I'm still not sure if it made it through.
- xxromance on 09/27/08 - 05:50PM
When will you be selecting the new mods? If you don't mind me asking.
- xxromance on 09/28/08 - 03:29PM
I absolutely adore it when sites actually ask for member help; rather then paying some nobody who knows nothing about the site - or it's members, for that matter - to go in and do the "dirty work."

I was an admin for Animespiral, and it was one of the best experiences concerning literature.

Congratulations to anyone who receives the position!
- DarkxAngel on 09/28/08 - 09:40PM
I'd like to be a mod ^^ Just tell me what I need to do!
- freyathedark on 09/29/08 - 12:37PM
Sally, I think maybe the submission process would go a little faster of the submission queue was arranged by date posted and not alphabetically. Just saying because I've heard from a few other mods that they just start at the top of list, regardless of the date posted.
- shadowsirenv on 09/30/08 - 09:39AM
I'd be happy to be a mod (not original enough to be the other ones) I already sent you me application. Do you email us if where accepted or rejected?
- Monkey93 on 09/30/08 - 05:54PM
Something that would probably make the submission process go faster would be if more authors were validated. I'm pretty sure that a lot of authors that deserve to be aren't, or at least not as far as I can see.
- Dishrag1313 on 09/30/08 - 06:05PM
Hey! I'd be stoked if I could be a moderator, I actually just sent my application. I'd also be happy with an event coordinator or help out with organizing a news letter if you think i'd be better suited. ^^
- SugarSuicide on 09/30/08 - 11:37PM
Hey, Sally, I agree with what Siren said about the submission process. I have a habit of looking at the top submissions first but then after a while, I usually do the ones that were on the list the longest. I think it'd be nicer and a bit more fair if it were done that way.
- TimeErase on 10/01/08 - 08:35PM
Sorting the queue by date is a really tiny change. :-) I'll do that right now.
- Sally on 10/01/08 - 11:07PM
Whoa, seems like everyone's askin' to be a Moderator. Lolz, I don't blame them, though; I'd like to be one, too! I got loads of free time on my hands and nothin' to do. Need anything, I can help!
- AiNoKeA_0okami on 10/01/08 - 11:54PM
I think by doing that change, it'd will not be quicker, but easier for mods to review.
- xxromance on 10/02/08 - 03:46PM
When will you be choosing who will be able to be one?
- xxromance on 10/02/08 - 03:46PM
I'll probably stop taking applications tomorrow night and begin reading everything over the weekend. I don't want to sit too long on this like I have before.

Hopefully by Monday, I'll be able to announce my choices.
- Sally on 10/02/08 - 04:11PM
That's great. Thank you.
- xxromance on 10/02/08 - 04:30PM
Tiny? Really? Well, I guess it would be since what we need are more hands to help us out. But still, it does help a little.
- shadowsirenv on 10/02/08 - 04:43PM
I think it would make it faster not in terms of stories, but in terms of stories that would have otherwise been validated later. I know that sometimes I'll get something validated I posted after something else that hasn't been validated yet. But more hands will definitely be what'll help most.
- Dishrag1313 on 10/02/08 - 06:29PM
The one thing I know is that I've been pretty useless for a while now thanks to work and college.

The change to the sort order is a small change in terms of code. The big thing is having more people to help. My free time has shrunk and keeps on shrinking.
- Sally on 10/03/08 - 12:45PM
i would be happy to assist in being a mod. i am on everyday.
- devilneko on 10/03/08 - 07:54PM
Thanks, Sally! That change really helps. :D
- TimeErase on 10/04/08 - 03:02AM
Lately everytime I been sent a mail telling me an update has happen with my favorite stories, nothing appears in the mail.

It's blank and I'm wondering if something is wrong with the site sending updates. Or is it a minor glitch?
- xxromance on 10/05/08 - 10:41AM
I hope I get the event coordinator position.
And I've been having problems too. I update my story and the updates dont show up unless you click the next button.
- DarkCrucifix on 10/05/08 - 07:46PM
I got an email regarding an update to my favorites, and it was blank. However, when I came back onto the site just to check up on other shtuff, I saw that one of my favorites had actually updated. I hope that helps, in some little way?
- Dishrag1313 on 10/05/08 - 09:18PM
When are you going to annouce the new Mods, if you don't mind me asking?
- xxromance on 10/07/08 - 08:30PM
I knowww. I'm really anxious Dx
- kappy-and-tea on 10/08/08 - 12:09AM
Wow, xxromance. xD Calm your jitters.

You posted frequently saying basically the same thing.

Sally will announce when she has time.

I know you're excited and anxious, but wow. xD
- Obscure on 10/08/08 - 12:21AM
I'm excited too! I cant wait!
But I shall wait....
- DarkCrucifix on 10/08/08 - 04:03PM
Update, please?
- Mister Pseudonymous on 11/02/08 - 11:02AM
- xxromance on 12/07/08 - 06:06PM
Maybe they don't want to reveal any results until their sure about whos going to do what. But I must admit, an update would be nice. Perhaps an update saying at least who the top choices are?
- DarkCrucifix on 12/10/08 - 03:51PM