ATTENTION, por favor
Posted by LeBeau
10/09/08 - 08:19PM
Hey guys and gals~

Please, please, PLEASE do not submit multiple chapters within five minutes of each other. WAIT until your first chapter has been approved before you submit multiple chapters as there may be something wrong in one chapter consistent with all the other chapters.

Beta readers (and spell check) are your friends! We have many people here willing to be your beta if you just ask them. Also, please check out our helpful essays by authors of the site and our dictionary, grammar usage, and spelling for any questions.

If you don't do these things, it creates such a hassle for the staff of this site as we have to read over and approve all your submissions. We do have lives, just like you.

Edit by moonbeam9992:We should not have to tell you guys this as we have said this many times. It is difficult and time consuming to delete and/or sift through multiple, unacceptable chapters.


This may seem like a silly question, but what about submitting two or more stories at a time? Would you rather us submit one story, wait until that one is validated, then submit the other one?
- Helter Skelter on 10/10/08 - 04:38AM
If it is another story, that is fine, just don't go overboard with that. Thanks for checking though, =]
- LeBeau on 10/10/08 - 02:58PM
Ah! I hate to admit myself guilty of this since I'm pretty much new to this archive. I'll remember this rule from now on. C:
- A-San on 10/11/08 - 02:28AM
Yes ma'am! *salutes* I have to confess though, I've never been unlazy enough to get myself a beta reader. ^_^U I probably should try to, if at least for my chaptered fics.
- Chrys on 10/11/08 - 04:22PM
Well, you beat me to it, but I was going to post something like this.

Anyhoo, I think we need to do something to prevent this other than sending an e-mail. I know we can't physically force everyone to read the rules and FAQs but maybe we could have a locking system of some sort. A story is locked into the queue, and the author cannot add to the story until it is validated. Of course, this could only apply to non-validated authors.

I'm not too savvy with computers--I can perform basic stuff, of course--so I don't know if something like that can be done.
- shadowsirenv on 10/11/08 - 07:43PM
Agreed with Siren. But would there be a way that we could do that without preventing people from uploading from multiple stories? I'm illiterate in pretty much anything except the general HTML tags. .__.;
- Dishrag1313 on 10/11/08 - 09:18PM
Could we be mean and delete the multiple chapters (except the earliest one) and validate 'em like that? Like if they put in 2, 3, 4 and 5, we delete 3, 4 and 5 and only validate 2. If they do 3, 4, ect. We only do 3. So it's validating one chapter at a time without the hassle of validating them /all/.

A little mean but I'm getting fed up with multiple chapters. D: I wrote an email to someone in the accepted form saying 'You need to submit only one chapter at a time' and they submitted three chapters of the same story the next day so I didn't even touch that story again.

:c I like Sirens idea though. We need CSS monkeys.
- TimeErase on 10/12/08 - 03:31PM

I've been doing something like that for a while, now. The authors I e-mail never seem to do it again afterwards. However, it does not stop brand-spanking new authors, who haven't read the rules quite yet, from doing it.
- shadowsirenv on 10/12/08 - 06:00PM
Before I was validated, and I was still new-born-baby new, I only submitted one chapter until that one got validated. This is because I read the rules of the site [mostly because I didn't want to get kicked out].

I mean, if you want to know something, you should just ask, or find out, right? Rules are numero three on the navigation board. Just one click..
- Alastair on 10/17/08 - 10:52PM
I never really had a problem with waiting to get my chapters validated before I myself was validated. It gave me time to write the next chapter and get sufficient feedback before I posted the next one. Then again, I've been writing fanfiction for years... *shrug*

It's been a while since I joined, but is there way to put the most frequently broken rules on the page where new people sign up? In big, bold letters? Not every rule, 'cause then people wouldn't read them, but this one in particular? Just an idea.
- Dishrag1313 on 10/22/08 - 03:11PM
Uh, my friend is a bit shy in asking questions so I'm going to ask for her. She wants to know why it's taking so long for her story to be approve? The first time she sent it she waited a week and discover it was delete for no reason. Second time she tried again and she finally got the email telling her that she just needed to fix the past tenses. Then she fixed it and sent it again and it's been two weeks and counting. She knows the rules and understand that everyone has a life outside of fics for it to take a while. But she's just wondering why her story is taking so when it's not very long and stuff.

Oh, her story is N.I.N.E by Danni_Iceblades
- DamnBlackHeart on 10/25/08 - 04:37PM

The main reason for why it's taking so long to validate is because there are so many submissions, it's hard to weed through them all. There are currently about 185 stories up for validation, and several of them are multiple chapters (since some people still donít read the rules). Her story is probably just buried somewhere in the list of submissions.

Because a good amount of the submissions have problems and because we try to write rejection letters for each one, it takes a long time to even reject them. Therefore, stories pile up and the ones that should be approved get lost in the ones that should not.

Iíll go look over your friendís story, though. :]
- Sharp Shiny Pickle on 10/25/08 - 06:19PM
I see. Thank you! I will let her know that and I'm sure she'll be happy too. ^-^
- DamnBlackHeart on 10/25/08 - 07:54PM
Once Sally gets the new Mods up, I'm sure things will get a lot faster. I think we should maybe try and have some incentives for beta'd stories. Maybe have a certain note attached to stories that have been Beta'd, and have them validated faster? Iunno. .__.;
- Dishrag1313 on 10/25/08 - 09:57PM
I'm not sure how much that will help Dishrag, some betas... aren't that good, or lie to you about how the story is/are too soft. When I first posted my story that was beta'd but was rejected because of tense problems. :( I had to find a new one, specifically that could help with that problem before it was approved.
Though it has taught me to get my stuff beta'd at least twice, and be very critical in looking for betas. I wish there was some sort of rating for betas on this site, but I know it would be abused! >_<:
- LatonaSelene on 10/25/08 - 10:38PM
Hm. Maybe, as lame as it sounds, have a certification thing for betas? Like we have for moderators?

xD I'm fishing for solutions, now... >.>
- Dishrag1313 on 10/25/08 - 11:18PM
O_O That's not lame, >_>, that sounds like it could work. You hooked a good one. (^_^)b
- LatonaSelene on 10/25/08 - 11:41PM
I agree with Latona Dishrag. That sounds like a pretty good idea. It would cut back on the people who don't do as good of a job.

I've never had a beta, but I probably would if I updated regularly, (like I should >>).

The rating system, I don't think it would be abused. Perhaps if someone disliked the beta (personal grudge) but I would hope no one would do that.
- Rei on 10/27/08 - 04:26PM
Well, the problem has certainly not stopped. I just spent a good 45 minutes or so just deleting multi-chaptered stories in the validation queue. I think I read about one story in total.

Maybe submissions should be shut down for a little bit. It's November and a lot of us, mostly mods, are participating in National Novel Writing Month. I barely have time w/out NaNo to read through submissions, let alone in all of November. I can only imagine it's pretty much the same situation for the other mods.

If submissions were shut down just for a little bit, just until we get through all 120+ stories waiting in the queue, that would be awesome. I would read through one or two stories a day if I somehow managed to find the time.
- shadowsirenv on 11/02/08 - 10:36PM
Eeek! Closing submissions always knocks me off my update schedule, so I for one am reluctant to agree with that.

Someone want to nudge Sally about the new mod updates? It's been a month, and I'm sure more mods would help with the sheer quantity.

Is there anyway that we could prevent certain people, i.e. repeat offendors, from submitting, like a temporary ban sort of thing? Again, with the fishing. .__.;
- Dishrag1313 on 11/02/08 - 10:45PM
Well, when I said close submissions, I didn't mean to all users, if that's what you were thinking. I really just meant for non-validated authors.

So far, I haven't really seen any repeat offenders. It's mostly just newbies who haven't really read the FAQs and rules.
- shadowsirenv on 11/03/08 - 07:22AM
Actually... I'm not sure if closing submissions would be of much help (and I'm not just saying this because I'm non-validated). Sure, shutting it down for a little bit would help the mods get through the piled up stories, but once you open submissions again, you'll probably get a mob of stories that people wrote while submissions were closed, and you'll be right back where you were.
- Helter Skelter on 11/03/08 - 12:54PM
Hmm... I like some of the ideas here (dishrag, siren).

By the way, I'm guilty of doing this, but it was with my first story posted and I felt really guilty once I read the rules.... and I can't remember if I deleted them or if a mod did...
I'm also pretty bad in the ways of getting a beta because I have faith in the way I write. Now, however, I've noticed I tend do do... weird things when I type. So I try to proofread/ have people beta.
- PoultryAlchemist on 11/09/08 - 01:30PM
I try to get my friends to beta when I actual write because I weary of giving complete strangers a fiction I've worked hard on.

I'm not all that guilty of this. xD I actually remember asking two of my friends about how it would run and if I should wait. I was worried about making one of the mods mad or something. I just ended up putting one chapter up at a time (one per day, if they were accepted each day I don't remember) of a story I had already finished so I could go ahead and be validated in time to start putting up my unfinished stories.

Perhaps there could be a type of limit you could force for un-validated authors? Say, when they submit one story it locks their ability to submit for either 24 or 48 hours (1-2 days) to give the mods a chance to get to it. I've seen something similar done on game sites where you can only play a game once every day.
That and having a type of 'certified beta reader' like Dishrag suggested might help with the mayhem.
- Rei on 11/09/08 - 02:09PM
I think the limit would be effective, but that would interfere with the fact that technically, it isn't against the rules to post chapters of different stories.

I'm not exactly how we'd work the beta reader test, but I do think it would help since apparently, some of the beta readers aren't exactly qualified. Or maybe only enable validated authors change their status to an avaliable beta reader? *shrug*
- Dishrag1313 on 11/12/08 - 03:15PM
Perhaps a limit should be considered then? Because it doesn't matter if the submissions are submitted for different stories or the same one, don't they still flood the mods with them? (I may be wrong, I've never seen how this works behind the scenes xD So correct me if I'm wrong.)
- Rei on 11/13/08 - 12:53AM
...hey! I like your icon *.* It is...great! It tells a lot about misspelling. Might have added 'quite' and 'quiet'...oh well, there are too many typos to mention.

...totally off-topic, ne? I will definantly(xD) keep the do-not-submit-multiple-chapter in life.
- Celestial Sakura on 11/13/08 - 01:25PM
Gosh it's taking weeks to approve my stories, ones been left hanging for too long, I daren't upload anything else in fear of loosing my membership. o-O
- ElatedAntipathy on 11/21/08 - 06:16PM
I don't want to get off topic, but I just recieved another email telling me there was a new story, but nothing was on the email. Just thought I'd let you know. Thanks!
- Moonlit_Dawn on 11/22/08 - 04:35PM
Considering it's almost December, has Sally been able to look at those mod-submissions? It's just that she said she was going to look the weekend after the submissions closed, and we haven't heard a word since--not even to say it got delayed. :/
- Mister Pseudonymous on 11/24/08 - 03:32PM
Does this only apply to non-validated authors I presume? If so, then I have a question...and you guys are probably going to get mad at me but ...I just want to ask X_X;

How many chapters/stories must one submit in order to be validated as an author? I know I've asked this before and I've been given the answer that I must submit enough to show my writing prowess. I've submitted quite a few (and they're long and it's a good example of how I write so nothing is really going to change) and I'm not validated yet. I'm moving stories over from Freedom of Speech and I want to wait until I'm validated before I flood you already busy mods with a billion chapters ^^;

But if I have to wait between chapter uploads if I'm validated anyway in order for someone to read them I suppose it doesn't matter. But I would just like to know. I don't mean to come off as...pushy or impatient but as I said, just wanna know ^^; Thanks for any help x3
- SacredTear on 11/25/08 - 10:07AM
I think it might be different for each person. Once they are confident you won't be making a large amount of errors and such they will probably validate you.
- Rei on 11/25/08 - 03:53PM
It took me a really, really long time to get validated and I know for a fact that I have good grammar. Not to be arrogant about it or anything, but grammar is just one thing that has always been my pet peeve. Honestly, I think that the validation process here is really weak, which is the main reason why I applied for the mod position. I feel that there are many authors who are not validated who deserve to be validated more than others who have been.

And yes, this only applies to non-validated authors. Validated authors' chapters automatically update, and so they do not have to go through the validation line, thus removing the problem of multiple chapter validation.
- Dishrag1313 on 11/25/08 - 06:20PM
...I don't even think I can validate authors. D: There isn't an obvious button to do so and Sally never mentioned anything to me, therefore, I assumed that it was beyond my mod powers.
- Sharp Shiny Pickle on 11/26/08 - 01:50PM
I had several stories that I moved over from another site. I updated once a day or the day after my chapter was posted.

After about twelve chapters I was validated. It took about a month I think. So yeah, depending on the statistics of your writing, it'll probably be either quick or long. Depends on what the mods think I guess. xD
- Rei on 11/27/08 - 08:45AM
Okay, great. I guess I'll just keep moving my stories over then ^^; Thanks for the input and help guys :)
- SacredTear on 11/27/08 - 08:06PM
*sigh* Complaint. (It's 3 in the morning and I seriously dont have the patience to find where to put this.)

Emails regarding updates almost always direct us to: Jinx and Jedi poems. Always. I got 6 emails for 6 different fanfics, and each one sent me to one of Jinx and Jedi's work.

Good night. *mumblegrumble*
- KitsuneYoukai42490 on 12/03/08 - 03:02AM
@Kitsune Youkai- Same here...
- PoultryAlchemist on 12/03/08 - 07:15PM
@KitsuneYoukai42490 and Poultry Alchemist: E-mail Sally about that. She'll know how to fix it.

I feel pretty melancholic that I have not accepted a story in a long time, but then again, my standards are set pretty high. I've begun suggesting in the "No" e-mails that a person should consider getting a beta-reader if their grammar was that horrendous (I did it nicely though, have no fear. I'm not mean. XD). I had to do this a few times already and it takes me a very long time to write up those e-mails. *sighs* This problem is obviously not getting better. Although, I have seen less multi-chapter submission, but I only mod over select categories; I only see a portion of the queue.
- shadowsirenv on 12/08/08 - 04:28PM
Thank you, Siren.

Mm... I would hope by now some people would be getting the point. It has been on the front page for a while now... but in any case, I suppose not everyone reads the front page and some are plain ignorant.
- PoultryAlchemist on 12/08/08 - 11:28PM
I dont want to bug her since she's obviously busy. =/ I'm waiting for signs of life before I email her about anything.
- KitsuneYoukai42490 on 12/10/08 - 01:47AM
Mm, I just wanted to let the mods know that I just read over the Rules and and FAQ topics that seemed to have to do with this topic, and there actually are NO rules or FAQs on this topic.

Just letting you know, so you can add them if you think that'll help the situation. =3
- daintyxfirefly on 12/14/08 - 02:33PM
Hey also, I was wondering...

I submitted like fifteen chapters at once (I didn't knooow T~T), and five of them were validated and the rest weren't, so I just deleted the other chapters I uploaded except the sixth one, so it could get vaildated later...

...Does that help any? Deleting the chapters and waiting for the next one to be validated, I mean?
- daintyxfirefly on 12/14/08 - 04:12PM
Totally unrealted... but I can't think of any other place for this so... What's with the tags on some of the Writer's Guide stories? They're next to the Author's name like the Round Robin & Holiday symbols... but when you hover over them they read 'Vote Now!' What's it want us to vote for?
- Shade on 12/21/08 - 11:50PM
Ok I will admit I've done this. I have noticed that some people have multiple chapters accepted in a DAY. Like this one particular story I follow (not that I'm complaining..) has had about 7 updates today...where as mine, which I know should go through...still waits. I think that if this rule is going to be in place then something must be done about validating multiple chapters for sure...or a limit at least. Because although this rule is up, someone is validating multiple chapters obviously where as others are left sitting and waiting for a very long time to be approved. I posted multiples because that seems to be the only way to get your things through. I won't do it anymore, though. If any of that even made sense...hahah >.< My brain is mush. So little sleep
- animeangelfish on 12/28/08 - 06:00PM
Excuse my stupidity above >.> WOW. I realized on my new account I hadn't been validated. that explains why it takes so long to get approved! MY BAD. Yikes. Now I'll never get validated >.>
- animeangelfish on 12/28/08 - 06:13PM
Well, a suggestion for the mods, perhaps when you reject a story you could suggest a specific beta-reader, one that knew the category and/or problem well, and I think even though that might slow the process down a little, it would help the quality of the stories.
- ForeverFornever on 12/29/08 - 12:01AM
@ForeverFornever: I've been doing something along those lines for a while now. Although, I don't usually suggest specific beta-readers because it would be unfair if they are unable to do so at the time. I usually just suggest to the authors that they just get a beta-reader in general. I usually only make this suggestion to the ones with really horrific grammar; most other authors just have one consistent problem with their story, like periods instead commas after dialogue, that can easily be fixed into a validated-ready story after another go.
- shadowsirenv on 12/29/08 - 12:39AM
A lot of chapters and reviews were deleted from multiple stories by multiple authors today.

What was with that?
- KitsuneYoukai42490 on 01/01/09 - 04:07PM
There's a thread in the forums discussing that right now. We're guessing it's a site glitch and only appears to have affected chapters/reviews for several hours last night.
- crazydominodragongirl on 01/01/09 - 06:15PM