A Compromise
Posted by Sally
06/23/09 - 11:02PM

First of all, I'm very flattered by your response. I had no idea that my site was this much loved. ^_^

Secondly: I'm not selling my site. Pure and simple. It's named after my dog and my professional portfolio is hosted here as well.

So: I'll compromise. I'll try keeping the archive going for 3 more months as a trial. But I need help.

This site costs roughly $175 per year to keep going, excluding my coding. I pay roughly $40 - $45 (USD) every 3 months and it was the bill on the 19th that shell shocked me. Doesn't sound like much until you have to live on public assistance and have to worry about far much more important bills. (Cause seriously? Being homeless? Not high on my to-do list.) The Paypal banner has sat at the bottom of most of this site's layouts for a few years now. Aside from one donation attempt that got lost among the spam, it hasn't seen any use. Tomorrow, I'll edit this post with a big, shiny button here with an e-mail address all its own so e-mails don't get lost. If there's enough interest, I'll check into a PO box for postal donations.

Please don't say you'll donate if you don't actually intend to.

Next: Mods... please get with each other. For this 3 month trial, I'm just the owner. One of you will need to step up, please decide who that will be.

I'm sorry if I sound a little hostile, but the hateful, awful e-mails some of you have been sending me actually hasn't helped my outlook any better. You know who you are.


*hugs* ThankyouthankyouthankyouthankyouThankyou~! I hope I can help, but it's hard when you're 15 and without a credit card... so we'll see. Can't promise anything except I'll try...
Thanks so much! I've only been here a year but this is home to me~!
- Shade on 06/23/09 - 11:10PM
Oh crap. o_o Your site is an upgrade to the internet!

Maybe you need to work that Paypal banner into the top..? And put in big bold letters "HALP!!" xD *shrugs* Or maybe find a cheaper site/host/whatever?

I wish I could help, but unforunately I don't have the means to... You do have my moral support, if that counts. ^^
- Forgotten-Nobody on 06/23/09 - 11:12PM
So basically for 3 months it's about $45? I can donate about one month's worth now.

I also hope you don't think mine was hateful. I was just offering to buy the site. ._. I'd do almost anything short of cutting a limb off to keep the site up and running. We're all pretty tired of moving.

Donated now.
- KitsuneYoukai42490 on 06/23/09 - 11:12PM
No no no, your's wasn't. The offers to buy the site aren't what I'm complaining about. Those were fine. ^_^;;

Some of the drama from the comments on my closure post spilled over into my e-mail. I was being "lazy", "stupid", and a few other adjectives.
- Sally on 06/23/09 - 11:16PM
Oh my goodness. *GLOMPS* I'm extremely excited, even for the 3 month trial. I'll offer what I can in donations every month. In fact, I believe I'll start now. XD This is's only a chance, but I'm absolutely ecstatic. *loves on everyone*
- saykori on 06/23/09 - 11:16PM
Yes, this site is much loved, primarily because of the effort expended by you, Jasson, and the moderators you selected to keep things running smoothly.

Please don't let the whining of a few sour grapes get you upset. The vast majority of the members here are sympathetic to you and what is going on in your life.

I'm not really in a position to donate right now, but many have said they would. I hope they will do so, and that others will put their money where their mouth is and show how much they really enjoy the site you've built.

No matter what happens, Sally, do what is best for you. Fanfiction sites come and go; it's unfortunate but true. I know that, should you decide at last that you need to shut down, I'll cherish my time here at lunaescence.
- Tikatu on 06/23/09 - 11:17PM
Actually the lazy part WAS me. *sweatdrop* Sooo still sorry >>
- KitsuneYoukai42490 on 06/23/09 - 11:18PM
Wow I sure hope this works.

I'll even double my efforts on finding a job before I go back to college. I wish I could help and donate to the site, but I'm jobless right now as well.

And I honestly can't grasp that people were actually sending you hate mail.. that's horrible. Those people probably don't understand the amount of work and money it takes to keep a site like this running. I've seen bills for sites up in the 300+ dollar (USD) range.

I really do hope everything works out with Luna and with your job hunt Sally. Wishing you the best of luck!
- Rei on 06/23/09 - 11:19PM

And although I'm not a mod, I'd be very happy to help in anyway I can. ^_^
- Jubilee on 06/23/09 - 11:19PM
Wow I sure hope this works.

I'll even double my efforts on finding a job before I go back to college. I wish I could help and donate to the site, but I'm jobless right now as well.

And I honestly can't grasp that people were actually sending you hate mail.. that's horrible. Those people probably don't understand the amount of work and money it takes to keep a site like this running. I've seen bills for sites up in the 300+ dollar (USD) range.

I really do hope everything works out with Luna and with your job hunt Sally. Wishing you the best of luck!
- Rei on 06/23/09 - 11:21PM
I don't have a credit card, but I would donate if I was able to send cash through the mail or something. (Because seriously, I doubt my parents would notice a little more vanishing from my bank account in addition to what I spend on manga anyway...)

Thank you so much, Sally. And don't worry, you don't come off as hostile at all, even though it would be perfectly understandable. XD;;

- crazydominodragongirl on 06/23/09 - 11:22PM
And the other girl I was defending didnt call you stupid. She said not handing it over was stupid. Not that that's much better, but I really doubt that she'd call you stupid in your own post. ^^U
- KitsuneYoukai42490 on 06/23/09 - 11:22PM
Well crap. I posted twice. Sorry about that.
- Rei on 06/23/09 - 11:22PM
My lack of a job enables me to donate, sadly. As much as I would love, love, LOVE too, Sally! But I'm thoroughly glad you decided to give it a try with donations and the like.

Though, actually, in August, I can surely put in some money by using my birthday money. But right now, I'd have to check my fundings. Credit cards and the like.

Ah~ hate mail? Seriously? Some people are so immature. I hope it didn't get you down so much ): You're a wonderful person~
- Crys-chan on 06/23/09 - 11:22PM
I'll donate in August. I am relying on my FAFSA when it kicks in next semester. I hope the government doesn't read this. . . shifty eyes But I will donate. I solemnly swear I will donate. :)
- crazed psychopath on 06/23/09 - 11:23PM
I can't donate. There's no way I could. (tuition is bad enough)However, all I can do right now is hope for this place to not die and hope that this can be beaten! (lol sounds like Luna's in the hospital).

Let's do the hyper attack, everyone! GO FOR THE GOAL! *cheers and gives her support*
- Lime on 06/23/09 - 11:25PM
This is what I miss when my internet internet isn't working!

I'm definitely not the most active of users, but Luna is my fanfiction haven. I've just donated roughly one month's worth of the cost you mentioned above. I may be able to donate more later on, but I don't know for sure.

Best of luck for the future!
- Jessi-chan on 06/23/09 - 11:27PM
Sally, thank you so much for taking all of our opinions into consideration. You have been nothing but a wonderful site-mistress, and I greatly appreciate the effort and work that you have put into this site. It was your genius that created Lunaescence and changed the lives of hundreds of writers. For that, I am eternally grateful. You know, after you posted your initial announcement, I literally spent /hours/ searching for another fanfiction site-- I must have found dozens, but none of them could even hold a candle to Lunaescence. Be proud.

I am sincerely sorry, but since I'm putting myself through college, I don't have the means to donate... if I do in the future, I most certainly will. Until then, you have my support. If you ever need any help, please don't hesitate to let me know.

I wish you the best of luck, Sally! For wonderful people like you, I know everything will work out in the end. <3 Thank you again for everything.
- Penguiduck on 06/23/09 - 11:28PM
Donated! XD Not as much as I'd like to be able to offer, but hopefully it will help. ;) Maybe in the next few months I'LL get a job and be able to donate more.
- saykori on 06/23/09 - 11:29PM
*jumps about singing* I am so very very happy right now~! It's great that you decided to do this, Sally; your site IS very loved and we'd all be devastated to see it go.

...Unfortunatly, I don't have a credit card and therefore can't donate. However, you have my moral support, and even though I'm not a mod, I'd be happy to help in any way possible.

Thank you again! We love you! :D
- HPKHluver4life on 06/23/09 - 11:29PM
AWESOME SAUCE! :D I would donate but I don't have a credit card sadly. If there's another way, I'll gladly do it.

Thank you so much Sally! You gave me hope again about keeping Luna alive! *Goes off dancing*
- Shiotashi on 06/23/09 - 11:32PM
i know i'm not active in writing or anything, but i've been lurking and stalking luna for a little over three years. ^^;

i'm terribly sorry about your circumstances sally, and i hope that things turn around and all.

although i don't have a job or credit card, i could possibly send money through snail mail if that's okay? i would love to donate. ;;
- Samayou on 06/23/09 - 11:33PM
This is nice to hear!

And that is completely understandable. Obviously people who have complained or sent you hate mail do not understand the desperation of being unemployed (and having to live off of this)! So really unless they're in the same boat as you they have no right to complain. And I really wish you the best of luck finding a job!

In the meantime thank for all that you have done for this site. I, and of course many others, am very grateful. It really has been a great experience on here and I congratulate you at creating such as awesome site! Again, good luck!
- DesertRose on 06/23/09 - 11:35PM
...Sally, I think you might want to open that PO box at this rate. XD I know I would probably donate enough to more than break even on its cost. ($30 for half a year near my home, is what the site tells me.)

Um, and everyone else? This means... you can stop posting "this is where I'll be going" notices now... please. The queue is kind of full enough without them... but I'm working on it...
- crazydominodragongirl on 06/23/09 - 11:37PM
I wish I can help too. I really am trying hard to search for a job. I just don't really want to come home smelling like McDonald's. I would love to donate but I have no money. V.V I love this site to death and the only site besides fanfiction that doesn't ban lemons. Stories suck when they aren't at their fullest.
- AriWazHere on 06/23/09 - 11:37PM
*facepalm* 'No credit card' ... lol I forgot a lot of people on here aren't old enough. I think someone else paid one month's worth too, soooo we're obviously getting close! =3
- KitsuneYoukai42490 on 06/23/09 - 11:37PM
Oh man, you don't know how happy this makes me right now. -squeals and claps-

My family doesn't have a bank account, but I am willing to make one just to donate to keep this site up and running. I'll probably send in about thirty dollars at the beginning of the month.

Thank you SO much for everything you've done for us authors and readers. I wish you the best and I hope everything works out for the better for everyone.
- SarahWeasley on 06/23/09 - 11:37PM
For the people who want to donate but don't have a credit card.. there are these cash visa cards you can buy now. Buy it and put however much money you wish to donate on it and then keep the card. You can put more money on it later. It's like a credit card, but it's just useless unless you have money on them.

I'm not sure if there is an age limit on them though. I've never bought one for myself.

Just an idea. Younger kids will want to get parental permission for that kind of stuff.
- Rei on 06/23/09 - 11:43PM
I have attempted to donate as well, but I have to wait until PayPal validates my card XD. I can at least donate a steady $35 once a month if my paycheck holds up [my hours are really wacky - such is the misery of retail]. I would definitely be willing to do that to help keep Luna online, even if it is just for a 3-month trial.
- Resurii on 06/23/09 - 11:44PM
I love you so much Sally~ T^T I got all sad thinking that I'd never see this site again, but this idea is wonderful. Just got to make sure to put the word out all around to be sure everyone donates. :D
- Tsula on 06/23/09 - 11:45PM If you guys that don't have jobs lived in my state, I'd GLADLY hire all of you in my department that's closing down in August (but at least you're guarenteed a job after it closes~!) And I'd give Sally the management position and then we'd all be happy and life would be good XD But sadly, that isn't possible due to gepgraphical situations, but it is nice to day dream about XD

I am really happy that you decided to re-introduce the PayPal option, Sally, and I will surely donate as soon as tomorrow when I get my paycheck. It'll be the first thing I do upon waking.

It seems like there are many people willing to help you and the site out, so I hope everything goes well on the site, but most importantly, your current situation in life.

And I hope for Sally and all you unempolyed you all find jobs very soon! Like I said, I'd gladly give you mine XD I have enough hours to spare @.@ But don't give up hope; eventually something comes along.

Thank you, Sally~! <3333 We all love you and appreciate everything you've done/are doing for us~! Good luck with everything!
- BonitaWolfSpirit on 06/23/09 - 11:47PM
8D I'm pretty much an ecstatic puddle of goo right now! Hopefully this works out, I'll keep my fingers crossed.

And as for those haters, they must have little to no heart for saying what they've said. Your survival is more important than a (awesome!) fanfiction site. So, yeah...=D
- Bishie_Luva92 on 06/23/09 - 11:48PM
Oh, btw, something that crossed my mind for those of you with no credit cards. XD Paypal, meaning your own account on it, can connect directly to your bank account. And the site is safe, my mom and I have been using it for years.
- Tsula on 06/23/09 - 11:48PM
Well, forgive my posting again but I checked my credit card, and I was surprised to find a pleasing amount on it!

So, I donated ten dollars to your cause, Sally! Yay~!
- Crys-chan on 06/23/09 - 11:53PM
I know this is a rather painful thought but maybe allowing Ads on the site? You could shove them down to the bottom or keep them to the side. I'm not sure how those work though. xD *lacks knowledge in those areas*
- Rei on 06/23/09 - 11:55PM
Heh, as much as I'd love to say I'd donate, I currently join the unemployed range.

But thank you so very much for giving Luna a chance to stay open! I appreciate it!
- SubmissiveIngenuity on 06/24/09 - 12:03AM
I've actually had several companies interested in putting ads on this site, but I've had reservations.

I know one gentleman who runs a gaming related site who's owed more than $17,000 (USD) from his advertisers... and hasn't seen a dime. Likely never will. The marketing company hasn't been paid, so they can't pay him. :-/
- Sally on 06/24/09 - 12:14AM
Thank you for being willing to give this a try! *bow* We're all very, very grateful for this and your patience. If I can, I'll try to donate soon.

Again, thank you!
- Aileadh on 06/24/09 - 12:15AM
17,000?! O_O wow... Yeah that would really... really suck.

Ok we'll put that idea in file 13 :D
*shoves ads at LJ's Frank*
- Rei on 06/24/09 - 12:18AM
SALLY, YOU ROCK! I SWEAR THAT I WILL TRY TO GET SOME CASH TO HELP! This site is a haven for me~I'd hate to see it go!
- KilalaKurosaki on 06/24/09 - 12:25AM
I'll send the donation tomorrow, but I have to go unlock my pin first. -_-;;; touch screen phones are such a pain in the butt...
- Semiramis_Tomaniki on 06/24/09 - 12:45AM
Oh my goodness... I'm very happy to hear that there's a way to keep the site up! :D

Unfortunately, I'm not in the position to donate. But I really would if I could. Honest.

I'm just really happy that there's a way to keep this site up. I hope for the best :)
- Animeangel10632 on 06/24/09 - 12:56AM
I'm so happy to hear this! I'll try to help, but I can't promise anything. Like many of us have said or think, this is like a second home.
- CourageAngel on 06/24/09 - 12:57AM
I personally can't donate since I'm jobless and am in college but if I still had my job, I would donate to this wonderful site.

Sally, where ever you go, I hope good fortune falls upon you. c:
- TimeErase on 06/24/09 - 01:38AM
Sally, you have no idea how ecstatic we all are about this compromise! I wish I could donate, but I doubt my parents would let me break into THEIR back account since mine has about...a dime.

As for the ads, why not try researching which companies sponsor fairly successful websites?
- Hametsu e no Rondo on 06/24/09 - 01:49AM
Sally, I'm so glad you came up with this compromise. I love this site, and even though I'm not the most active member here, (I blame RL for that >_<) I would really hate to see it go. So, I just donated~ And I intend to donate as often as I can. :3 I hope everything works out for you!
- Niquie on 06/24/09 - 02:30AM
Oh my goodness! This is great news! I don't have a job at the moment, but any excess funds I have, I would be more than willing to donate to this site!

I would hate to see this magnificent site disappear, it is such a nice community with friendly authors, beautifully written stories and moderators who actually listen to the users!

You've done a great job with creating this place, and I just can't stand to see it go!

I understand the circumstances behind your initial decision to close the site down, but with this new development I'll hold on to my hope! > 0<
- Red-Eyed Ryuu on 06/24/09 - 02:38AM
Oh mai! I didn't have time to comment on your last annocument. But this is great news, thank you thank you for trying and giving us this trial and if everything works for me... I will be donating from in the middle of July and forward... To eternity! XD
- lyrial on 06/24/09 - 03:45AM
well i can't donate at the moment cause the current money i have is for tuition but when i come back from another country i can prolly donate....10 dollars at the most T^T I'm so ashamed...i wish i could give more but i don't have a job, i'm gonna find one when i come back

i hope the site lives =) but you've been an excellent creator and keeper of Lunaescence, but there is nothing you can do especially with the no job thing and you would need the money for other things

I'll be sad to see it go but i completely understand the situation
- Kyoyama Kita on 06/24/09 - 04:20AM
Oh, I'm so glad that you've come up with this compromise. It's great that the site won't be closing down, at least for the next three months. It's also so nice that everyone is coming together to offer you their help... You guys are all so awesome. :)

I will be able to donate around $20 sometime in the middle of July. I'll get money around the first and then I'll need to put it into my bank account and transfer it to paypal, but I'll get it to you. August and onwards, I'll probably be able to donate more.

Thanks so much, Sally.
- chibi neko alchemist on 06/24/09 - 08:01AM
The compromise is good news to hear. Unfortunately I'm in no position to donate because of tuition and I currently lack a job.

I hope that the site remains and I'm keeping my fingers crossed. If I can find a way to donate in the future I will, but I cannot make promises at the moment.

Good luck with everything.
- PersephoneXXEris on 06/24/09 - 08:16AM
This is great!

I wouldn't mind soon as I figure out how to get money into my PayPal account. o.O


I'm only seventeen, so I don't own a credit card and have to work with my debit...which I find a little troubling. LOLs.

I'll try my best to support Luna in any way I can!

I'm a new graduate and I still have to worry about my tuition and the pretty penny I have to spend on a MAC book for my program next year.

But Luna is my break from stress and life~, so I would still donate, even if it's only a couple of dollars a month. Every little thing is worth it.

And I think, if everybody in Luna can have this outlook, every little couple of dollars will grow into huge amounts!

I'm glad to know I have three months to figure out some stuff so I can also contribute to Luna!
- SHIxCHAN on 06/24/09 - 08:48AM
Thank you so much, Sally! This is the best fanfiction site on the web, and you're just an all-around awesome person. And don't worry, you weren't hostile at all -- stupid people sending you those kind of emails... >_>

Um, no promises to donate, cuz like everyone else I'm a poor college kid, but I'll try to if I can. :)

Once again, thank you! Best of luck to you!
- Ria on 06/24/09 - 09:03AM
As soon as I get my money from this new job thing I'm doing, I promise to donate what I can.. Hopefully if all goes well, I can slip in $50 the first time and more later on. Just have to take care fo a few things at home before I can go spending my money willy nilly.
- Empty_Lies on 06/24/09 - 11:55AM
What an incredible relief! Thank you Sally, for doing this even though you're in a pinch yourself.

*sigh* I would love to help, I have some cash I have no current use for, but I have no credit card. Even if I did, all my funds are in Canadian dollars, and... I'm not all too sure if that'd be useful at all. *sweatdrop* I feel so useless.

I'll see if I can drag my parents into helping. ^^; Thank you so much for this!
- PockyRulez on 06/24/09 - 12:01PM
I absolutely love this site and when I found out it was closing I was devestated. I'm crossing my fingers that the job I applied for will hire me and I can donate as well.
- BehindTheMask on 06/24/09 - 12:22PM
I didn't even get a chance to reply to that last message you posted (went to sleep with the idea that Luna was doomed) and you have a solution (temporary as it may be) already!

Thank you, thank you so much. It's sad that you have to resort to this but where there's a will there's a way. We'll find a way to save Luna and all I can do is thank you for making an effort to make that possible.

I can't promise I can donate because it's a little difficult with me being barely of age, jobless and foreign. I'm not sure how to send money from Mexico to the US other than paypal and I'm having a few troubles with it. I'll try my hardest, but no promises.
- ShadowsAndLight on 06/24/09 - 12:24PM
I have to say it's pretty awesome to basically go in hiatus for a few months because of school and personal reason only to return and find out that Luna might be closing!

I'm really sorry about how poorly people have been taking the news and it almost shocks me as to how ignorant some people can be sometimes at the plight of the individual, but I wish you all the luck in the world in keeping this site going and getting donations. Unfortunately I've had issues in the past with paypal, so I don't know how much use I can be, I will however try :)
- SugarSuicide on 06/24/09 - 12:38PM
0.0 Wow, thank you. I wish you the best of luck and I hope things turn out how you want them to. I can understand where you're coming from in not wanting to hand the site over, I'd feel the same if I had a site with a name holding sentimental value to it. :)

You're truly an amazing person, and I wish you the best of luck in getting the donations needed to keep the site funded. I'll try to contribute, but I'm kind of reluctant to give personal info like bank account numbers over the net.
- dragonfly on 06/24/09 - 01:01PM
*throws confetti* SWEET~! Thankyouthankyouthankyouthankyou~!~! Sally you're the best! No, really you are! I'm so glad this site is sticking around!

Although I'm annoyed with myself that I can't donate right now. I lost my job a few months ago >_< Damn.

Any how, lots of love and blessings!
- Raicho Kurubi on 06/24/09 - 01:06PM
It's a relief to see that we all get a 3 month trial on us to help you, but I'm sorry to say that I'm one of those who have to cross my fingers and pray for it to work. I don't have a credit card since I'm too young to have one and my parents isn't so happy about my idea to give money... (And they don't really like the paypal thing since they don't trust it...) *sighs* But I will pray and hope that everything works out! I haven't been here for so long, but I don't want it to disappear like that since it's a second home to me. I hope everything works out, and I wish you good luck with everything! I'll pray for all of you, so we have to see if someone wants to answer my prayers. ^___^
- xAnruixNoxKetsuekix on 06/24/09 - 01:13PM
YOU'RE AMAZING!! I'm glad we get a few more months...

Gah, I'm a high school student with no money. I can't guarantee anything at all, but I'll do my best to convince my mom to donate something--hey, she forced me to quit spending money on iTunes AND GaiaOnline, so I think I'm due for a little spending. ^^ Best of luck!

As for being a mod... 0.0 Don't look at me. I'm definitely not a first choice for anything.
- Tokyo the Glaive on 06/24/09 - 01:31PM
orz. I can't really donate right now because I'm jobless and poor, nor do I know if I can in the future... However! I do hope that everything goes well and Luna is saved. It really is a very nice place (besides, I really do think everyone's tired of moving).
- Dark Ceray on 06/24/09 - 01:46PM
Yay! I will try to donate but I can't make promises. Maybe 15 dollars or more.

Um... Quick question...

Are stories still being validated? Because, if there is a chance the site isn't going to die, which I hope and pray it will not die, I'd rather like to have my story parts put up.

Just wondering. =3

-Song from AnonymousSong
- AnonymousSong on 06/24/09 - 02:21PM
Just donated. I know every little bit helps.
- shadowsirenv on 06/24/09 - 02:27PM
O_O Hate mail? What are we supporters or haters? I'm a supporter. Thanks for all you've done! Hopefully things will work out! I wish I could donate but I'm sort of broke and credit card less. You could always move to Livejournal and create a community there. You would still validate stories but it will be a more drastic change. Sadly it's are only other option besides Quizilla. Lemons are banned there. *_*
- timidperson on 06/24/09 - 03:28PM
My dear Sally and Jass, I suppose I'm one of those "mods" that has disappeared and truly I am sorry, but life can take you all sorts of places...not always good.

Hil told me about the site being closed in three months. Truly sad as I've known you for many years now (omg, has its been like 10. oh snap!) and I adore Lunaescence. But like all domains and real life, there comes a time when you have to make choices- and real life comes first.

Plus hell, we all know domains are freakin expensive. So I know I haven't always been here, but I've been a supporter of Luna since day one and love it here.

Thanks Sally (and Jas) for all your hard work through the years. It's great to see how far Luna has come, you guys did an excellent job. Hopefully things will work out with you and a job, an income, with everything in the future- I'm thinking of you and cross my fingers that all goes well.

If you need anything you know where to find me. <3 always! Super glomps! -Crim

- Crimson on 06/24/09 - 04:47PM
I'm am really happy to hear you're giving us (or going to try to) three more months to see if we can make a difference and keep the site up, and to mentally prepare our selves if the worst comes. Unfortunately, I'm underaged, without a job and am not allowed to have a credit card, so I can't be of any help when it comes to donating, which makes me sad. I wish the best to this site and all of the people on it.
- Fluorescent-X on 06/24/09 - 05:11PM
Maybe someone can post how much total was donated every few days, just to kind of monitor ourselves. If more money is being put into luna than the 3 months worth and it still shuts down that's kinda not fair.

Just a thought. =)
- KitsuneYoukai42490 on 06/24/09 - 05:31PM
And I think 6 months ago there were supposed to be new mods picked. Maybe someone can go through all those applications and pick out a few, because I thought a lot of mods just kind of... disappeared?
- KitsuneYoukai42490 on 06/24/09 - 05:32PM
Thank you for trying to keep the site up! I really do appreciate it.

And I'll try to donate one of these days, but I don't know if I will be able to. >:
- Lussuria on 06/24/09 - 07:33PM
D: Of course your site is loved!
Thank you so much for keeping it up a bit longer. I hope all goes well.

D: I think I've got a few cents on my paypal... and I'm willing to donate that T__T;;; Seems there are plenty of people needing jobs... My only income right now is from art commissions XD and I've only gotten one thus far since I've started

Maybe there are some other artist... and for big donations they can offer our talents. D: I don't know if I'd have the time to do it... Job hunting is a must. Maybe someone else has some just ideas?

People sent you hate mail? WTF? Some people need to stop being childish.
- Anarnee on 06/24/09 - 08:46PM
Oh my gosh, oh my gosh, oh my gosh~~~~~~~!

-squeals- SALLY~ YOU'RE THE BEST!!!!! ♥♥♥♥

I am not in any way spamming you with my love....I hope.

I'm so excited that Luna isn't closing now! It's amazing! I wish I could donate but as it is, I have no credit card. If you were to post up some sort of address I could send cash too though, I would totally send you some money. :D


- burywrekgemysoul on 06/24/09 - 09:28PM
^_^ I just sent in a donation! I hope it helps and thanks again for keeping the site up just a little longer!
- Semiramis_Tomaniki on 06/24/09 - 11:53PM
Oh man, oh man, oh man..! I want to help so badly! College plus horrible job opportunities (as in none in my area...) make my funds close to the negatives. But I'm more then willing to help if I can! Thanks so much for considering this; I know what a drain it must be on you these days. You're amazing!!
- Halfbreed Maiden on 06/25/09 - 03:30AM
I can donate through snail mail if it will help.
- RandomPerson on 06/25/09 - 09:37AM