Thank you for the Donations!
Posted by Sally
06/25/09 - 12:26PM

Donations received: $186.60 USD

All of you have truly made me eat my words. Enough has been donated to keep Lunaescence running for the next year. O_o I'm speechless and touched by your generosity. You guys ROCK!

Thank you to everyone who donated from the bottom of my heart! You have no idea how relieved this makes me feel! Much love to all of you!

*deep breath* Okay. What follows now is kind of a restructuring, to make sure this site can keep running even while I'm out looking for work and for The Move later this year. Mods will be given new powers to make this happen, including being able to bring in new mods and more.

Again, thank you so much everyone! You're the best!


Thank you, Sally, for reconsidering. That was very sweet of you, especially as you didn't have to do that.

I hope everything works out for you; good luck job hunting~! :D
- Mlle Kagome on 06/25/09 - 12:49PM
Sally, Sally, Sally~ ♥

Of course we couldn't let this site disappear. :O! I'm sorry I couldn't donate (underage), but I'm very happy! It just goes to show how much this site and you mean to us!

Thanks for the compromise and everything~!

Best of luck for your move and finding a new job! We're supporting you~ ♥
- magerm on 06/25/09 - 12:55PM
Yay! See? The site shouldn't close! It is destiny it stays open! *Wields shiny sword*

Best of luck to you! Thank you from the bottom of my writer's heart to you for opening this site and having it run this long. We all salute you!

-Song from AnonymousSong
- AnonymousSong on 06/25/09 - 01:01PM
Thank you, Sally, for everything from the bottom of my heart. :) And thank you to all of those that donated.

Best of luck to you all.~ ^_^
- Seishi on 06/25/09 - 01:06PM
This is part of why I love this community so much. ;o; And you, Sally. I FEEL THE NEED TO REITERATE MY LOVE FOR YOU AT EVERY OPPORTUNITY. I dunno why.

But I'm sure we can manage it~ <3 I mean, we clearly all love Luna, so you know we'll do our best to make things work. Good luck~ ♥

(Also, I still want to donate. >: )
- crazydominodragongirl on 06/25/09 - 01:08PM
^ QFE DG ♥ x 1000

ILU too, Sally. <3 Thank you for creating Luna, for allowing authors of second-person stories to join the Luna community, and for keeping Luna running for so, so long. <333!

If you open up a postal. Box. Thing. I'll be donating sometime. :3

ALSO good luck with everything in the future. <3 We'll be watchful.
- SilvernFalcon on 06/25/09 - 01:20PM
Aww, yay! :) Thanks for donating, everyone!! This is awesome. I was so worried that this site was going to close.
- Helter Skelter on 06/25/09 - 01:22PM
Yay! But I will donate at one point... One point... Anyway, yay! This is a good sign, yes?
- Dark Ceray on 06/25/09 - 01:27PM
Yay! That's awesome, good luck with everything!
- Neraida on 06/25/09 - 02:01PM
:D omg yay! Thats so wonderful. Thank you Sally and everyone that donated! <3 ;_; *tears of joy*
- Anarnee on 06/25/09 - 02:10PM
I knew we could pull through! -fist pump- thank you so much for giving us a chance when you didn't have to. I still plan on donating at the beginning of the month. Who knows, maybe if we keep on donating we can have this site secured for the next TWO years ;]
- SarahWeasley on 06/25/09 - 02:15PM
-explodes from happiness-

Sally, I can't describe how happy I am right now! :'D You're the best for giving Lunaescence this chance, and it looks like everyone pulled through for at least the next year! Thank you so much for being such a wonderful site mistress! <3 Again, I wish you the best of luck in all you endeavors. I believe that you'll find that job soon and everything will work out just fine.

And thank you to everyone who donated! I'll be sure to donate what I have left after my tuition is taken care of and my college expenses are secured. Good job, everybody!
- Penguiduck on 06/25/09 - 03:16PM

This is the most fabulous thing that's happened to me since summer vacation--aw, hell, who am I kidding?--it's BETTER than summer vacation!

I'm getting money myself, so the good news is, you'll be getting a donation from me yet! I'm a terrible person for forgetting to ask my mother. -bangs head against the wall-

...On another note, it's good to hear that Luna will be up for at least the next year. <3 Thank you all donators!
- Tokyo the Glaive on 06/25/09 - 03:28PM
I had a feeling that once the donations started coming in, they would surpass your expectations.

I'm glad to see that luna is still in business. It's one of the very few moderated fanfiction archives out there, and it occupies a unique niche.

I'm so glad you're able to keep it running for another year. Hopefully I can donate something towards a second year very soon.
- Tikatu on 06/25/09 - 04:04PM
Yay! -jumps around and spins with joy-

OMG, I'm so glad that Lunaescence is staying for a while ♥♥♥

Seriously, this is my favorite fanfiction site by far. I'm so happy, I'm just speechless.

-continues jumping around- xD
- Animeangel10632 on 06/25/09 - 04:29PM
Awesomeness ♥

Glad you feel relieved and good to see you eat those words. Hooray for donations and the generosity of everyone on Luna.

*SUPER GLOMPS* Sal we love ya, and I'm so glad to see Luna will stick around for at least another year. I'm kind of attatched ya know?

Love ya long time girl. -Crim
- Crimson on 06/25/09 - 04:42PM
WOO! Thanks donators! :D
- TimeErase on 06/25/09 - 05:08PM

Oh, you don't know how relieved I am. THANK SO MUCH TO EVERYONE WHO DONATED!!!

Another year of this beautiful site!!! Another year of wonderful 2nd-person fics!!! JOY! ♥♥♥♥♥
- Miss Chocobo on 06/25/09 - 06:13PM
WHOOOT! That's awesome! *dances around* Luna's staying for the next year!

Thanks to donators and for Sally for not shutting down the site!

I'll donate as soon as some kind of postal...thingy is opened. x3 I hope everything works out for you Sally!

- Shiotashi on 06/25/09 - 06:27PM
Donators out there, I love you so much I cannot express it in words. I swear.

And you too, Sally, for giving us a chance to work for what we wanted and help you out! And in such a short notice, too!

I'm still sorta trying to fix that little problem with the debit card thing.
- ShadowsAndLight on 06/25/09 - 07:11PM
*Thumbs up* My ten dollars went for a good cause, I'm glad! :D

Also, wow, I'm glad enough was donated for the year! That's an amazing feat~ The donators here sure are incredible, ne?

I'm glad you decided to compromise and reconsider! Aren't you glad you did though? Heehee, it turned out good in the end! :D Wheeeee!
- Crys-chan on 06/25/09 - 07:23PM
This is so AMAZING!! I'm so glad this site is staying up! Thank you Sally and everyone who contributed! =] *does happy dance*
- Socratz87 on 06/25/09 - 08:21PM
Thank you Sally and all the awesome donators! I will find a way to donate one of these days and jump past the hurdle known as credit cards and paypal!
- SaBe on 06/25/09 - 09:04PM
This is absolutely terrific! :D *joins in the happy dancing* After all the sites we have moved from, I couldn't stand to lose this one. Lunaescence is waaaay too epic for that. I probably wouldn't have donated for any of the previous sites I've been a part of, but this one is worth every donation I can manage. Hopefully I'll be able to continue donating, even if only in small increments at a time. It adds up in the end. XD

Thank you so, so very much for giving us the chance to try and make this work. Pathetic though it may be, I don't think the thought of a site closing down has ever depressed me so much. I'm attached. Lunaescence has some sort of strange magical powers that bind me here. 8D

Best of luck in the future, Sally. I sincerely hope things get better.
- saykori on 06/25/09 - 09:13PM
Congrats, Sally! When I get a job and a credit card later this year I'll be sure to donate! Best of luck in your job finding~

And thank you to everyone who donated!
- DaikonTaiko on 06/25/09 - 09:15PM
This is great news! Thanks to Sally and everyone who donated.

Btw, how does one donate? I realise you need to to press the Paypal button on the left, but after that I'm lost. Do we enter the information on top? Or make an account if we don't have one?

Thanks in advance for any help!
- Jemmers on 06/25/09 - 10:34PM
XD I think news of the site closing was just what we writers needed to get our butts into gear with the donating. Im sorry I couldn't, but if a snail mail form of donating comes about I'll be sure to send some money that way.

I'm sure if we keep it up we will be able to keep Luna for years to come. Good Luck, Sally in your job search and all your future endeavors. Now you know how much we care about the amazing website you've created, and how utterly devastated we would be if it left us. (Really, I almost cried)
- BewareTheBunnys on 06/25/09 - 10:36PM
This is great news! Thanks to Sally and everyone who donated.

Btw, how does one donate? I realise you need to to press the Paypal button on the left, but after that I'm lost. Do we enter the information on top? Or make an account if we don't have one?

Thanks in advance for any help!
- Jemmers on 06/25/09 - 10:37PM
This really is great news. I really wish that I could donate, but yeah. Money troubles suck...monkey balls...and all that evil known to all of us aka life.
- Dark Night on 06/25/09 - 10:47PM
-sighs- Seriously, this is delighting. I was so afraid that it will closed down. A big part of my world would disappear with this site.

I'm sorry I couldn't donate through... -doesn't have a credit card- ...And I just couldn't... well, ask my sis to lend me hers. My family is complicate...
- Megumi on 06/26/09 - 04:16AM
I'm so glad it all worked out! Thank you Sally, and all my fellow donators! We get to keep Luna around for at least another year! *dances*

- Niquie on 06/26/09 - 01:38PM
@ Jemmers
Click on the PayPal button on the side to make your donation. If you don't have an account already, fill out the whole page- top part and the bottom part- and it will automatically create an account and send the donation you made. If you do have an account, sign in first, then make your donation.
I hope that helps. ^_^
- Niquie on 06/26/09 - 01:51PM
I love this place. I've just discovered it a couple months ago and I would hate to see it shutdown. So, I've donated so money with my brother's PP account. Hope it helps, :)

Best wishes,

Shiera @;-
- Razzleteddy on 06/26/09 - 02:25PM
Yay~! Thank you Sally! I wish you the best of luck job hunting and I hope it all works out for you!
- Raicho Kurubi on 06/26/09 - 04:39PM
Thanks so much Niquie! Much appreciated.
- Jemmers on 06/27/09 - 02:52AM
Oh wow, that's awesome! Thanks so much Sally and everyone who donated! This place is amazing and I would have been very upset were it to close down! You all are so awesome! Keep up the good work and remember we members want to help in any way we can!
- Halfbreed Maiden on 06/27/09 - 03:51AM
Aww! Thank you, Sally! Thank you, everyone! ^^ I'm so glad Luna is staying open! It's awesomeness is way too high to shut it down! And thanks to everyone who donated! Yay! I wish the best for everyone on Luna!
- Broken Marionette on 06/28/09 - 09:47AM
Hooray! *dances* I'm so glad you got enough donations, Sally! I feel bad that I couldn't donate myself, but thank you so much to everyone who did! I don't think I could stand it if the site closed. You guys are awesome! :D
- HPKHluver4life on 06/28/09 - 05:11PM
SALLY I LOVE YOU. <3 <3 <3.
- kappy-and-tea on 06/28/09 - 05:32PM

- chibi neko alchemist on 06/29/09 - 03:29PM
O_O YES!!!! I love this site. I'm so happy to see that it'll be here for at least a year...perhaps even longer? I only wish I could have donated...alas I have to save up for blasted college.
- Phantom_Daydream on 06/29/09 - 11:17PM
This has to be one of the strongest communities I've ever seen and I'm so glad I could be a part of it for the near 2 years that I have been. n_n

I read this and I actually teared up a bit. xD I may not update my stories a lot, but this place is a big part of my life. I come here nearly every day and I'm so glad everyone was able to donate enough to keep it up and running. I'll try my best to help out in anyway I can in the future as well. When I have the money (and job) I'll send some to this site for sure.
- Rei on 06/29/09 - 11:39PM
Nearly 200 bucks!? O_o HOLY CRAP THAT'S AWESOME! 8D The members here rock so hard for donating so much. |D So very happy that the site won't be going down, not only do I totally ADORE this place, but moving stories to other sites is so much work. X_x; bleh
- Irony on 06/30/09 - 11:44PM
That's great, Sally! I'm really glad the site will being staying for at least another year. Thank you for all that you've done and to those who donated. :D
- dragonfly on 07/01/09 - 02:25PM
Wow, a little late replying to this, but, Yay~!! X3
I was freaking out about Luna closing!
This is the ONLY fanfiction site I post on (at the moment, at least).
I hope to see years of this site to come~! <3
- Spade_and_Water on 08/04/09 - 10:44AM