Ads: Their Location & Content
Posted by Sally
07/07/09 - 05:37PM

I hope our American and Canadian readers had a safe and fun first week of July.

I think I've located an advertiser that I'd be willing to try. They basically auction off ad space for that day to the highest bidder. I get to chose the ads I allow should they win the bid. This advertiser seems to service many of the web comics I read and nothing I've seen is truly questionable. So... survey time!

What I need:
1.) Where DON'T you want to see an ad? (e.g. The story pages, your profiles)
2.) What types of ads would you like to see? (I see lots of ads for Web comics, anime stores, and fantasy/roleplaying stores.)
3.) What sorts of ads would you be dropping me a nasty-gram over? (No, I don't intend to allow porn or gambling... but what about an ad for someone's lemon, YAOI, or slash web comic?)

Any other concerns?


1.) I wouldn't like to see an ad on profiles or story pages. I'd prefer them in catagory pages and if nessecary the home page.
2.) Something that has to do with anime or gaming probably. Stuff this site has fanfiction for.
3.) I wouldn't really mind anything. I don't usually look at ads anyway, unless I'm bored. ^^;

And I think this sounds great. ^^ I can deal with seeing ads for the sake of the site.
- ForeverFornever on 07/07/09 - 06:26PM
Sounds like a good idea. I know advertising was one of the ideas thrown out there when we discussed keeping the site up.

1) Definitely don't mind it on the home page, category pages, or any of the Browse By... pages. I think profiles and stories shouldn't have ads though.
2) All of the types you mentioned are great. I guess it would make sense if it's related to the site.
3) I don't mind any of the things you mentioned, really. I don't know what I wouldn't like until I see it, actually. *^^

- shadowsirenv on 07/07/09 - 06:53PM
1.) I'd find it annoying to be reading a story then see an ad, so I'd prefer not to have them on the story pages. Nor would I like an ad on my profile. Anywhere else would be fine.
2.)Something this site has fanfiction for like anime, gaming, books, or even original fanfiction. Perhaps something about all the possible challenges you could take?
3.)I don't think having a lemon story on the ad would be a good thing. I can picture a little kid seeing the ad. But until I see the ad, I really don't have a good opinion on it. ^.^'

I like the ad idea, but would having an ad slow down the site? Some people, (like me) still have dial-up.
- Kamisori on 07/07/09 - 07:36PM
Profiles and story pages should remain ad-free. It minimizes the clutter. Remember, just because that ad won the bid it doesn't mean it's endorsed by a given user. Since profile and story pages are user-generated content, they're personal, as opposed to the main page and archive pages, which are site-generated, which are more public.

I know which advertizer you're talking about...they also do a lot of hand-made jewelry ads. I'd say no alcohol/tobacco ads either.

I think a lemon story would be OK as long as the ad itself doesn't show the lemon.

To Kamisori: The ads are typically small images with no animation. It wouldn't slow it down that much.
- Kerrigan Sheehan on 07/07/09 - 08:39PM
1.) Profile and stories no ads. Home page and anywhere else is fine.
2.) I like all those ads you mentioned. They should be good enough ^^
3.) Um... I don't think I wanna see a ad about someone's lemon, but it doesn't really matter since I don't really look up at ads. Lol, so anything would be fine I guess. =)
- KairixSora on 07/07/09 - 08:49PM
1] I don't want to see ads on profiles or stories. It'd be too much clutter and could distract the reader from whatever they might happen to be reading.
2] I'd like to see ads about cosplay stores or video game/manga/anime related material.
3] Erm... I wouldn't like to see stuff about lemons or yaoi, but I don't pay much attention to ads anyway and I know some people like that stuff, so I suppose those are alright. ^_^
- HPKHluver4life on 07/07/09 - 10:08PM
1) I don't want to see the ads on story and user profiles. That's for sure. I wouldn't mind them being on the main navigations pages listed. Could you possibly put them in the Nav bar? Or at the bottom of the page.

2) Web comics, stories, some RPG games would be nice (like Perfect World ads and Neo Steam).

3) There are some RPG game ads out that have viruses in them. Usually through Zango. They are NarutoRPGs and PokemonRPGs. I usually see them on the forum I'm on. Also those IQ tests that are out that pop up when you don't click on them.

There's also an ad out there that pops up sometimes and tries to get you to download an anti-virus which is actually a computer crippling virus so I suggest not having ads for anti-virus since that little bugger could sneak in and ruin a few people's computers.

As for lemon stories, depending on what it's for I'd say whatever subject it's for. Yaoi would be Yaoi and so forth. Or you could just put in ads for baskets of lemons. :D Pun-pun-pun~.
- Rei on 07/07/09 - 10:34PM
1) I agree with what seems to be the basic consensus. No ads on profiles or stories.

2) It doesn't particularly matter.

3) It's all good as long as nothing vulgar. Also none of those sound ads, those are annoying. And those that pop up... that's about it.
- Dark Ceray on 07/07/09 - 10:37PM
1) Agreed on not wanting ads on story and user profiles. Home page, categories, places like that I don't mind. Also, maybe towards the bottom of the page? >.>

2) Web comics and anime/cosplay/manga or books and stories are fine with me.

3) As long as it doesn't have sound or pop ups, no problems here. XD Though I don't think you were intending on those types of ads. ;)

Thanks for asking for our input on all of this. That's really important to me in that it shows you genuinely care about the users in this community and the things that concern us/would like to see.
- saykori on 07/07/09 - 10:46PM
I was at AX for the first weekend of July~ it was loads of fun. :3 Anyway.

1. EVERYWHERE /o/ *is shot* which I mean, sure, I'll go along with everyone else. Everywhere but profiles and stories.

2. Anything on the archive, I think, would work. Books, anime/manga, video games, webcomics, stuff like that is fine~ though I agree that pop-ups and sounds are probably a bad idea.

3. I personally am fine with yaoi and slash ads, a little less so with lemons, though someone did bring up the issue of having kids on this site, so things that lead to PG-13... things... at most and/or come with a warning are probably best, I think. ^^

As for where, at the very bottom of the page or along the left-ish banner are unobtrusive enough. Maybe the top as well? I dunno.

Somehow I feel I'm repeating myself, but I might as well go SALLY I LOVE YOU again.
- crazydominodragongirl on 07/07/09 - 11:29PM
1.) I don't mind them anywhere. They could even be on profiles and stories - just as long as they're at the very bottom of those pages and aren't disruptive of the content. :D
2.) Anything relevant to the archive. Anime/manga, webcomics, books, video games, online games, etc.
3.) As long as it doesn't pass a kid-friendly PG-13 level, then anything. I am rarely offended by anything myself, but those kiddos and angry parents out there - who knows what crazy shenanigans we can get into if the ads aren't kid-friendly.

...heh heh. I love the word shenanigans.

Also, like everyone else said, pop-ups and sounds are icky. Thanks for taking the time to ask for our input, Sally!
- chibi neko alchemist on 07/08/09 - 01:58AM
1. I really hate it how ads are always at the top or the side. I think it's a nusance for the actual content you want to see. I'd love it if the ad space was at the bottom of each page. As everyone else said, I also don't like the idea of ad space in the stories and profiles.

2. I would like some Anime stores, video game things, mangas, movies, TV shows, ect. something that relates to the site.

3. As long as it's around PG (because I'm tired of those condom ads), doesn't give users any sort of virus, and isn't a pop-up, I'm fine with it.

- TimeErase on 07/08/09 - 03:51AM
1.) In all honesty, this doesn't matter to me. I think that most of these ad companies will want their ads to be along the side or at the top anyway. I'm ok with them in profiles and stories... if they have to be there, then that's fine.
2.) Anything that's relevant to the written material here-- anime, games, manga, RPGs, etc.
3.) I agree with the PG rating. Although I'm not offended personally by yaoi or slash or even lemons, I do believe that there are some younger audiences here. The ads should be something that's family-friendly.
- Penguiduck on 07/08/09 - 03:17PM
1.) I pretty much agree with the majority on as long it's not in stories or profiles, then I'm fine with it.
2.) It doesn't matter, really.
3.) As long as they're not pop-ups, a possible virus, and still family-friendly, then it's fine.
- dragonfly on 07/08/09 - 03:40PM
1) Just stories, I think. It's pretty annoying to see something flashing and trying to get your attention when you're attempting to read.
2) I'm not too picky about this one. C: I think anything's okay, if it helps the site.
3) I also think it should be PG-13 at least, that'd be most appropriate.

Thank you again Sally!
- PockyRulez on 07/08/09 - 09:02PM
1.) I agree with the others. Not on stories or profiles. That's rather annoying and distracting.
2.) I don't care what type. I love ads for web comics and such. They are always interesting.
3.) Agreed with the others PG-13 to PG.

Thanks, Sally.
- hyper-colourful-soul on 07/09/09 - 10:25AM
1) No adds in stories or categories. A sensible place I wouldn't mind is the home page. I especially don't want adds on the Most Recent page.

2) I'm fine with anything related to games, anime, tv/book series. But not web comics.

3) No, I would not like to see an add about a yoai, lemon or slash web comic. I think what the ads are advertising (not just the ad itself) should be at a safe PG (maybe PG-13) level.
- powerful tenderness on 07/09/09 - 02:04PM
oo1.) Not on stories or profiles, lol. I'm going with the flow.
oo2.) I think the ads should be based on the majority of what's already posted on the site. If it's really popular here, there's a good chance that it's popular with others.
oo3.) I agree with powerful tenderness. We should keep the ads between PG and PG-13 just to be safe.
- Raicho Kurubi on 07/09/09 - 02:58PM
o1) Not on stories. I don't mind it on profiles or the main page.
02) Things related to the site.
03) No pop-ups, re-directs or viruses and family friendly. One of the things I really don't like about is the way they have you redirected to ads every now and then when you click to a new category or a new story.

Glad you found a good ad service~

- Murder-chan on 07/09/09 - 06:45PM
-- 1.) I don't mind if you had them on every page. But preferably if they're in the stories and profiles, I would like them at the bottom of the page, that would be less distracting to the page contents, I would think.

-- 2.) The sorts of adds you mentioned are all ones that would be fine with me, and I would like to see.
-- 3.) I have to agree with Raicho and Powerful Tenderness, I wouldn't like to see any adds over PG-13.

Also none of those adds that make noise... o uo;


Thank you! > u<
- Red-Eyed Ryuu on 07/09/09 - 06:49PM
01) Please, don't put ads on the story pages or the profile pages. Maybe, put it on the homepage, that way everyone will see it when they come to the site.

02) Those ads would be fine. I like seeing ads for the anime sites and things.

03) I would rather not see those stupid ads about cell phones or food or anything. And, maybe, get the ads that don't move because the animated ads make the site take a while to load which would turn people away from the site.

Those are just my views. =3

- AnonymousSong on 07/10/09 - 11:47AM
There's a sight where they have one rectangular add space that periodically shows different adds when pages change and whatnot. If it's just in one spot at the top where you have all that blank space it might not be so bad, it won't get in anyone's way then and it'll always be there. The site is Adult Fan Fiction.Net if you'd like to look and see what I'm talking about.
- Byakko on 07/10/09 - 01:02PM
1. I would really prefer not to have adds on the story pages or on profiles. There won't be adds when you go to your little 'domain' will there?

2. I'd like the adds to have to do with what we have fanfictions for; movies and gaming and manga and anime. :)

3. I just dont like animated ad's. it causes the site to slow down and spam-up.
- Penguins_Go_Rawr on 07/11/09 - 10:33AM
1) I don't want to see an ad on stories or profile pages...but if they need to be there then that's fine. Anywhere else is A-okay with me.

2) Pretty much anything is fine with me, but if it had to do with what's on the site that's even better (ie manga, anime, roleplaying, gaming, etc. sites).

3) Eh, I'm good with anything. Oh, but I hate ads that have sound that you can't turn off! Pop-ups are also annoying.
- DesertRose on 07/11/09 - 02:01PM
Yeah, I am going to agree about not wanting the ads on the profiles or in the stories. And top or bottom would be the best placement for them, since they get so annoying on the sides.

Pop ups are a pest, and as for content, I don't really mind either way.

- Tsula on 07/11/09 - 04:28PM
Thanks, I had a great 4th and appreciate the well wishing! ^_^

1) I wouldn't mind seeing them at the bottom or side of profile pages, but I would appreciate it if they were left out of story chapters just for loading purposes. Personally I think they'd be fine anywhere if you position them correctly, which I'm sure you will. ^_^
2) Other fanfiction places, anime and manga selling places, links to MMORPG sites, and the like... I think anything along those lines would generate a lot more business for those sites at a place like this.
3) As long as it's a tasteful add, I wouldn't be messaging you about anything. If I click onto this page and just see a big picture of boobs or something like that I'd be a little disgusted, but that's just me. Tasteful is the key here, I think...

I think this sounds like a wonderful idea, Sally! I really hope it helps!
- Halfbreed Maiden on 07/12/09 - 02:25AM
I agree with pretty much everyone on here -- nothing on stories especially, and probably not on profiles either.

Would there be a way to set up more mature rated ads for people who don't mind it? I know that would be helpful for you, but at the same time you have to take into consideration the people who like the PG-13 rating. So if there was an option, then the people who it wouldn't mind would get it, and the people who don't, don't :D
- kappy-and-tea on 07/12/09 - 01:14PM
Have I mentioned how mucuh I aodre you lately? I don't think I have,but I do.

Anyways, here go my answers, but I think thye're pretty much like everyone else's:

1)Stories and profiles are bad places for ads. Everywhere else is a go.
2)Anything that is supported by the site (and by supported I mean that it's mentioned or has common interest with the categories or something like that.) is fine by my standards. Anime/manga, comic and videogame stores and things like that sound interesting.
3)Uhm, while those things you mentioned make me queasy, as I don't presonally support them, I won't mind them at all if they are decent enough and don't have graphic stuff all over the place. Uhm... let's put it like this: if any of my family memers can see it without freaking out, I'm fine with whatever it is.
- ShadowsAndLight on 07/13/09 - 02:11AM
1) As long as they're not in the stories, then I'm fine with wherever they are. Personally I think the ones on the top and bottoms are less distracting than the side ones.

2) Anything that you approve of and seems relevant.

3) Ads with sounds, pop-ups, and triggers some type of virus. As for the yaoi, lemons, and webcomics I'm fine with it as long as it stays around PG-13ish. Actually I'd be fine with anything if a little "you're leaving Luna" warning pops up when it's clicked.
- SaBe on 07/13/09 - 04:59PM
I agree with the general view,

1- at the bottom, not on stories and profiles. But perhaps at the forums?? I don' think many would be too bothered with ad placements there.

2- Other writing sites, anime, writing help sites. Maybe publishing sites where authors can branch out from fandoms and maybe begin a career in writing.

3- I wouldn't particularly care, I'm mature enough to know if I don't like something, I don't have to view/click/read it. But distracting motion adds, pop ups and those ANNOYING SMILIES that make sounds (or any other audio ad) that I can't NOT stop even ignore would upset me (coughcough also I'm in places like job seeknig areas and I would get kicked off most likely XD)

Thank you for asking us Sally! ^__^
- Knight Z on 07/14/09 - 01:23PM
I personally think that whatever it takes to keep Lunaescence up and running, is what should be done. We all have to sacrifice, and if that means ads have to be on our profile and on our story pages, then so be it. I support whatever decision that gets made. Because I love Lunaescence and would cry if it ever got taken down. x_x
- bottledxfairy on 07/17/09 - 03:11PM
I think you should place ads wherever, as long as they're not on the story pages... That would definitely get annoying. But on the bottom of the pages most definitely.

I agree with Knight Z as well with many other things. The forums is a good idea. But anything goes for me. I'm smart enough not to click ads too. Just for the yaoi stuff and lemons, it may promote other spammers, even though you have this site protected very well. Do you think you could do one of those type in things that people have to be able to read/hear the letters/numbers to confirm things? But only if they're anonymous? Like FOSFF?

And if you can, could you make sure the ads don't have noise, or pop-ups? And try not to get the smiley ones. God, I HATE them x3 But if it comes down to it, do what is good for the site. I'd hate to see Lunaescence go. I perfected my writings style to what it is now thanks to this site. I think I'd breakdown if this site was lost ^_^U

But I do thank you for asking us what we'd like. Sorry that this response is late....
- Moonlit_Dawn on 07/19/09 - 05:16PM
I'm fine with ads, just please don't have any of those annoying pop-up ones.

Essentially I agree with Moonlit_Dawn.
- xxRoyalBluexx on 07/24/09 - 09:43AM
Thank you for asking us about it.

I agree with most of the people here, such as:

I don't mind where the ads are as long as they're not in the story area and towards the bottom, the general consensus about that.

RPGS or other anime themes. It could also be to like: Mangafox or other manga reading places.

And yeah, as long as they don't give my computer a virus/are the ads with noise/ family friendly.

Maybe I should have just written I agree with everyone else here. XD; But yeah, seriously, thanks again for having this little survey.
- Shiotashi on 07/26/09 - 07:42PM
1.) I don't really mind them anywhere.

2.) I like browser RPGs... and I like RPG video games. -shrugs- basically anything RPG.

3.) I'm not much of a Yaoi/Shonen Ai/BL fan, so seeing a yaoi ad would kind of get old after a while. :c But if you absolutely have to, then go for it.
- Squalo_Obsession on 08/01/09 - 10:00AM
I think anything that can connect to the site is fine. (Anime, gaming, etc.)

As long as they are kept PG-13, I think it's safe, and no legal matters would arise either.

For location wise, I think it's fine on any search pages and such (like categories, etc.). As long as it is kept out of story pages, and profiles, I can't think of any complaints I would have.
- SHIxCHAN on 08/06/09 - 01:47PM
Wonderful idea! ^__^

1) I don't really want to see ads in the profile page. Although it would be cool if you could make it into a way that "premium" members who have payed don't have to see ads.
2) Web comic ads are okay. Love looking up new ones.
3) I normally ignore ads, so all ads are welcome.
- Annabelle Roades on 08/15/09 - 05:27PM
1.) Definitely not ads on story pages, and one tiny one would be okay on profiles. Any where else would be fine to have some.
2.) Web comics and Anime stores would be nice.
3.) A few lemon/yaoi ads would be okay, but maybe it's best to keep it in the Pg-13 range.

I appreciate you didn't just throw in some ads with out telling us and it's great you set up a poll to!

~Ciao! ^_^
- Pudding616 on 09/09/09 - 05:47PM
1.) The only place I'd hate to see ads would be on the story pages. Otherwise I don't mind.

2.) Anime stores, video games, shows, etc. Basically anything along those lines!

3.) I don't mind anything, really. Probably it's best to make sure the ads are PG-13, as others have said, but that's more of a suggestion than a personal request.
- SereneShadow on 09/09/09 - 09:41PM
1.) I wouldn't like to see it on the profile pages and the story pages. Otherwise, everywhere else is okay... I mean, as long as it doesn't pop out TOO much, it's alright:)
2.) Agreed with everyone else. Anime, games, etc, stuff that represents this site:)
3.) Again, agreed with most of the others. I do think the ads should be appropriate for the younger viewers. Otherwise, everything else is absolutely fine:)
- AngelsEternity on 09/17/09 - 01:49PM
I think a tall tower ad would go great below the navigation bar and donation button. That would go on all pages. :D
- Cake on 10/03/09 - 12:51AM