Featured Stories for September
Posted by crazydominodragongirl
09/06/09 - 11:45PM
Hi everyone~

We thought it would be fun to start up an old feature again, so every month, we'll be picking a theme and choosing to feature about four to six stories that fit that theme. Featured stories will be based on nominations from you, the users. :)

For September, the theme is chaptered stories. The featured stories are:

Daydreamer's Nightmare by DragonSilk
Jaharaan Love by Penguiduck
To Love the Wrong Woman by SoundofSapphire
Unlucky in Love..? by Halfbreed Maiden
When There is No Day-to-Day Life by Dark Ceray

Congratulations to all of you! =)

Nominations are now also open for October's featured stories. You have until the end of the month to get them in; the theme will be small categories, or stories in categories with 100 or fewer submissions at the time of nomination. You can nominate by going to the appropriate thread in the forums; no registration is required.

Also, for those of you who haven't answered yet, a link to Sally's poll about advertisements.


Really cool! I like this idea. And these stories are amazing, especially Unlucky In Love...?

Awesome idea!

- AnonymousSong on 09/07/09 - 02:03AM
Wow, this idea sounds great. I like it. :]
- PretendItsWine on 09/07/09 - 10:03AM
Great to see some life back in the site!

This is an awesome idea. XP Two of the featured stories are favs of mine.
- Anarnee on 09/07/09 - 12:46PM
O_O! I'm shocked and very flattered. I guess I'd better update soon then. =)
- DragonSilk on 09/08/09 - 03:04AM
Congratulations to all of the selected authors~
- chibi neko alchemist on 09/08/09 - 02:44PM
WOO. WIN. Congrats to everyone to the featured authors! <3
- TimeErase on 09/09/09 - 12:28AM
Yeah! ^_^ I like this selection, but have other fav's that I'd like to show for october. ^^

Congratulations everyone. That next spot it MINE! >:D lol
- Knight Z on 09/09/09 - 07:11PM
Oh wow. -blushblushblush- Thanks so much for featuring Jaharaan Love! ///
- Penguiduck on 09/10/09 - 04:00AM
I'm glad we've started this again. I love this feature because I think that it encourages writers to try their hardest and inprove their writing. I hope one day you guys will nominate me too! :)
- moonbeam9992 on 09/12/09 - 12:28AM
Oh wow... I had no idea this was up until the other day! :O So cool! Thanks for the feature on Unlucky in Love, it's really inspired me to write!
- Halfbreed Maiden on 09/12/09 - 03:44PM
Congratulations for the featured authors:)
I can't wait to read all the other stories once I get home (at school now). But, just wanted to say, congratulations, everyone:]
- AngelsEternity on 09/17/09 - 01:45PM
Hooray! Congrats to everyone for their featured stories. :3
- SubtleQuirk on 09/17/09 - 09:06PM
Yay for Nikki! *throws confetti on her* :D
- KarenaWilliams on 09/18/09 - 05:31PM
Congratulations to everyone. :D
I don't believe I've ever read those stories. Well, I'm going to now! lol
*Skips off to do so.*
- Rei on 09/20/09 - 10:09AM
Three of those stories are my favorite reads!! XD Yaaaaaay!! And congratulations, guys!!!
- crimsonxtearx5 on 09/28/09 - 02:08PM