Our Emails
Posted by Sally
10/06/09 - 11:54AM

All site e-mails have been disabled. Look, if you don't want to receive any e-mail from us:


Because someone couldn't just turn them off, I am now having to convince my host we are not spammers. Thanks!


Edit (Oct 07): No one broke anything but me more than likely. ^_^; Favorite alerts and review alerts should be disabled, but it looks like it did nothing but force everyone to redo their e-mail settings. Which means I probably did something.

Yes, it was a member who complained which is why I said "Change your settings." I've banned them and will be removing all reason for them to receive future e-mails.


EDIT #2: Mods, please check the message board. I need a little info, por favor. ^_^


Oh dear . . .
Not you guys too! If this site were to ever have a 403 Error, I'd die. Too bad FoS suffered from it. Thank you for informing us! : )
- crazed psychopath on 10/06/09 - 04:13PM
That's not good. I hope things get sorted out soon, I'd hate to lose this site too. Thank you for informing us, though!
- dragonfly on 10/06/09 - 04:22PM
Wow. Biggest dick-move ever. I hope things get sorted out soon. :
- kniferomance on 10/06/09 - 04:51PM
Dang, that really sucks. D: Baww. But if it's for the good of Luna, we shall survive~
- SubtleQuirk on 10/06/09 - 06:01PM
Ugh, that's so stupid. >__< Who would do something like that? Thanks for the info, Sally; we're cheering for you!
- Halfbreed Maiden on 10/06/09 - 06:04PM
Sweet Cheez-it's...what a wonderful world we've come to. Honestly, this nearly crosses the line of the imbecilic. Hope it works out!
- Raicho Kurubi on 10/06/09 - 06:13PM
Oh, crap. I hope you convince them that we're not a huge spam bot or we'll end up like Fosff. D:

I hope you get this sorted out soon. You shouldn't have to deal with stupid things like this just because someone was an idiot. -hugs-
- TimeErase on 10/06/09 - 06:33PM
Holy crap. That's terrible! I'm really, really hoping things won't turn out like they did on FoS... *crosses fingers*
- Fluorescent-X on 10/06/09 - 06:45PM
wow seriously? wth, people it's like they don't have a brain... but that terrible, and if you need people to back up your claims go ahead and tell us! we got your back!!
- TwilightNight on 10/06/09 - 07:08PM
Oh no! I don't want Luna to kick to the bucket. D:

I'm so sorry you're having to do this Sally, but I'm glad you are! Thank you!
- Kitty Corpse on 10/06/09 - 07:10PM
Yep, I was wondering if Luna was going to end up with this problem too. Turning off the emails entirely is probably the safest bet too, so that way they won't shut the account down like FoS.

It's still just one big pain in the neck either way though.

- Tsula on 10/06/09 - 07:34PM
1. It's great to see you back, even if it's just to deal with an annoying problem.

2. Thanks for taking care of it!

3. WHY would ANYONE do that? I could see maybe hitting "spam" instead of "delete" by mistake, but still...who would mark all of a site's emails as spam if they signed up an account on that site and knew where they were coming from???

Some people are so rude!

4. Since nobody else suggested it yet: Do you think it might just be someone targeting sites running efiction scripts?

Is there any way to check with the owners of FoS-FF to see if it's the same person?
- Kerrigan Sheehan on 10/06/09 - 08:53PM
What a load. Whoever did this is... well, several choice words I'm not going to dirty the comments with. Wow.l I hope things with the host are worked out and nothing too bad comes of this aside from the trouble of it happening in the first place. If it were to 403 like FosFF... :(
- chibi neko alchemist on 10/06/09 - 11:00PM
Daaamn that sucks. But whenever I get emails from Luna, half goes to spam, half goes to my inbox. (I know this because I always check spam to make sure emails from my professors don't end up there.)

So because someone marks them spam intentionally the host is having a hissy?
- KitsuneYoukai42490 on 10/06/09 - 11:44PM
Waaaait, does that mean the update emails as well?!
- KitsuneYoukai42490 on 10/06/09 - 11:47PM
=/ Geez. Whoever is doing this really sucks.

I'm glad you're dealing with it before it becomes tragic like FSOFF. =) Thanks!
- DragonSilk on 10/07/09 - 12:31AM
whee apparent clarification things.

Probably it's no one targeting eFic scripts, since they would have to be a member of the site to do so, and since registration has been closed for a while... *shrug*

Also, Sally says site e-mails have been disabled, but a couple things of note: I've still been receiving new story e-mails, though that's from things added to the queue and I'm not sure it holds for favorite story/author updates. In addition, in my own account preferences, the "e-mail alert for new reviews" or whatever box was now unchecked; I checked it again and then got review alerts.

Not sure if it's supposed to work this way for everyone (since I'm a mod), or if I inadvertently broke something, or if I'm not supposed to do this... orz;; IF I DID SOMETHING WRONG, SALLY, PLEASE YELL AT ME. For everyone else, you might still be able to get review alerts that way, though I'm not sure about favorite alerts. Hope that helps.
- crazydominodragongirl on 10/07/09 - 01:12AM
Wha??? D:

I hope this gets straightened out and I really hope its not the same person that got FosFF... ;___;

After already goin' through a scare of loosing the site, I can't believe someone would do this.

So sorry that something like this happened!
- Anarnee on 10/07/09 - 03:01AM
Sheez, when FosFF went down, I almost had a heart attack. T.T I think someone's going after these sites. >.> Too much of a coincedence, you know.

- BlackCheshireCat on 10/07/09 - 09:16PM
I agree, sorry to hear you've had to put up with this. Glad to hear you were able to find out who did it and ban them before anything else could happen.

I did get my review alerts back, though I'm still without favorite alerts in my settings. Don't know if anyone else is in the same boat.
- dragonfly on 10/07/09 - 11:43PM
OMG! >_< HI sally! sorry to meet again on such retarded terms. But glad to know you're ok and still dealing with us lunatics (get it?) We luv ya. yea some of it goes spam, but I never mark it. Ugh. I don't want Luna going down either! i love this site too much!
- Knight Z on 10/08/09 - 12:24AM
So that's what happened to FOSFF. Oh crap, whyyyyy... I don't want Luna to go down. Thank you so much for doing everything you can to avoid such a fate. Luna is the only thing I have left.

I think I still receive Reviews. Favorites are a no no.
- ShadowsAndLight on 10/08/09 - 02:42PM
Yeah, it was the favorite e-mails that got us in trouble. -_-;

We seem to be fine... my host's abuse department isn't exactly the most communicative. This was the first offense, so it was a warning this time.

Either way, I'll be making some major changes over the weekend to make the E-mail and Privacy Options more obvious.

Are people still getting bugged e-mails from JinxandJedi? (Which happens to be my old penname / fanfic account.)
- Sally on 10/08/09 - 04:43PM
Yeah, I'm still getting the bugged emails. *wrinkles nose* But less of them, at least.I mean, I was, before the emails were turned off. =(
- KitsuneYoukai42490 on 10/08/09 - 07:12PM
Hmm? I don't remember ever getting those. *glomps* Sally! Your'e like Hibari on KHR! So few not enough cameo shots but the one that makes ALL the difference! Glad you're okay! T_T
- Knight Z on 10/08/09 - 09:14PM
Oh, that's what happened to FOSFF... I never really had an account there so I just now realized. Whoever was complaining was an idiot, they could have just changed their settings, sheesh. I actually never got any of those emails (thank goodness) :D But thanks for taking your time to make sure Luna stays safe! ^_^
- Pudding616 on 10/09/09 - 08:39PM
Have people seriously lost so much intelligence that they can't even see the simple check box next to those settings?

Wow. Just wow. Well, thank you Sally for taking the time to fix it, even though it was just one person being a complete dolt. We know you're really busy with real life things, I'm glad to see you still around.

Though I have to say, I have several people on here that I've faved, but none of my e-mails were bugged or anything, which is kinda weird I guess? lol. Anyway, I'm glad this was nipped in the bum before it got out of hand.

We love you Sally! <333
- Rei on 10/09/09 - 11:34PM