Featured Stories for January 2010!
Posted by crazydominodragongirl
01/01/10 - 05:35PM
Hello everyone, and happy New Year~ あけましておめでとう! Feliz Ao Nuevo! Bonne anne! Felice Anno Nuovo! ...okay, I'm done abusing Google Translate now.

Mods have been discussing modly business, so a couple different reminders this month~ First off, please try to make sure your author's notes, summaries, and titles (chapter and story) also follow basic spelling and grammar rules, not just the content! We won't decline anything based on mistakes there, but it's always nicer to see them done correctly, plus people are probably more likely to read if the summary doesn't have, say, five spelling errors. Another thing: the site does say that all fanfiction in this archive is copyright the owners of the original series, but it never hurts to reiterate that in your own stories. It's a good idea to add a disclaimer in your author's notes or something, if only to avoid potential legal trouble.

Now that I'm done lecturing at you all, features~ The theme for January is the "best of 2009," or stories that were started in the past year.

Bazooka Failure by ShadowQueen1815
Beginnings 1: Peacemaker by DoorTraveler
The Betrothed by lilsoapspudz
Proof by Chuckismyhero
Start Again by Little Black Wings
Subterfuge by Dishrag1313

Congratulations to these six authors~

Nominations are now open for February 2010 featured stories. The theme, I think, will be ~ROMANCE~, since February has a certain day of the year that makes candy sales spike almost as much as Halloween does. If you would like to nominate, please do so on the forum post and read the rules in the first post. Questions/comments/complaints/tomatoes/wishing each other happy New Year in languages I don't know goes here. :D


Feliz Ano Nuevo! And Congratulations to those who have been nomitated! ---And ummm I'm going to say that I am guilty for not putting the disclaimer thing *shifty eyes*.. I'll do that from now on! -BTW, I love your icon! Kanda is a beautiful princess!

- MissMarionette on 01/01/10 - 06:20PM
Happy New Year! Congrats to everyone who were nominated!! :D
- AngelsEternity on 01/01/10 - 08:39PM
Athbhliain faoi mhaise duit! - Irish Gaelic
Gutes neues Jahr! - German
Новым Годом! - Russian
Gott nytt r! - Swedish

(curtosy of Omniglot)
- Kerrigan Sheehan on 01/01/10 - 10:14PM
Hyv uutta vuotta from Finland! :D Though, I am being bit late... >_>'

Anyway, congrats to the people who got their stories nominated ^^
- Birdie on 01/02/10 - 09:08AM
Oh, wow... O////O Totally honored! Thanks so much for the nomination! Wouldn't be possible without all y'all. 8D Happy (belated, as per usual with me) New Year!
- Dishrag1313 on 01/02/10 - 10:17PM
Woohoo! 2010, here we come~ Congratulations to everyone who was nominated. :D
- SubtleQuirk on 01/02/10 - 10:50PM
Godt nyttr from Norway :DD Late but... Congrats to the nominated ^^
- Kespus on 01/03/10 - 07:08PM
Congrats to all nominated authors! Happy New Years from Australia!
- Yellow Gumboots on 01/03/10 - 08:20PM
Hau'oli Makahiki Hou [Happy New Year!] from the beautiful island of Oahu, Hawaii!~ Sorry its so late but congratulations to all those nominated! ;)
- crimsonxtearx5 on 01/04/10 - 02:55PM
Καλή χρονιά! (Kali hronia). Best wishes from Greece (even if it is a bit late), and congratulations to the nominated authors! :)
- YouKnowMe on 01/06/10 - 09:21AM