Featured Stories for March 2010
Posted by crazydominodragongirl
03/01/10 - 06:18PM
Before the featured stories, quick reminder!

DO NOT SUBMIT MORE THAN ONE CHAPTER OF THE SAME STORY TO THE VALIDATION QUEUE AT A TIME. Seriously. I stopped saying this because people stopped doing it, but this past month there have been multiple submissions again. If you do this, all chapters of that story in the queue will be deleted and we probably won't even look at it. So unless you want the mods to rage in your direction, one chapter of a story at a time, please.

And now that I've gone over the rule reminder about how you don't submit more than one chapter of the same story at a time (see what I did there?), featured stories. The theme for March is anti-romance, or stories without romantic... ness as the theme.

0:00 AM by Rosefox98 Lover (Original, Adult)
3 by doc (Final Fantasy XII, Youth)
Of Wolves and Rabbits by MagicalTear (Original, Youth)
Selling Point by Crimsoncat (Naruto, Adult)
Silver by cathrl (Thunderbirds, Youth)
Simply Proved Him Wrong by Rhei (Reborn!, All)

Congratulations to these authors.

Nominations are now open for April's featured stories. The theme is one-shots (and to qualify as a one-shot, it must be 1,000 words or more). You can nominate over on the forums with or without an account~


Just went through the queue and deleted some multiple submissions. -_- Seriously, guys, read the rules.
- shadowsirenv on 03/02/10 - 04:02PM
Congratulations to all the nominated authors!! *goes to read*
- AngelsEternity on 03/03/10 - 01:53PM
D= Why don't people listen?! It's been announced a million times before!!! You'd think they'd get it by now...
- KilalaKurosaki on 03/03/10 - 06:09PM
this is a very pleasant surprise. thanks, kitty corpse, for the nomination. c:
- doc on 03/04/10 - 01:26PM
Oh, just wondering how you know if you're on the "approved" list or not, I think I wasn't last time or something... (but I haven't been very "here" since... August >.>; ). Thanks!
- Animefreak11 on 03/12/10 - 12:18AM
I'm assuming you're wondering if you're validated or not (if you can post stories without the moderators having to look at it). If you go to "Your Stats"/"View Your Statistics," you should see something that reads "Validated:" and will say "Yes" or "No," depending on your status. Looking at your profile, though, I can see that you're validated since I'm a mod.
- Sharp Shiny Pickle on 03/12/10 - 10:45PM
I'm not sure if this is the right spot to propose this, but I'd like to suggest a (new?) way to do the Featured Stories.
Instead of the first six (or so) stories nominated being the ones chosen, I say we should let everyone get a chance to nominate a story. We do have an entire month to do so, why let the nominations stop after five minutes? When people who would like nominate see that six (or so) people have already nominated, they think their input does not matter and do not nominate. Everyone’s input is valued. At the end of the month the nominations should be tallied. The top six (or so) stories with the nominations shall be that month’s featured stories. If there are no two nominations for the same story, than the first six (or so) rule should be applied here. Or, if there is the same number of votes for more than six stories, than simply have the ones that were nominated first be that month’s featured stories.
I firmly believe that this would be a fairer way to do the featured stories and it would get the whole site involved.
Thank you for your time.
- Kamisori on 03/15/10 - 07:49PM
There are a couple problems with that... one is that the chances that more than one story will be nominated are extremely slim, considering how broad the featured story themes tend to be. Another is that the "most popular" way of doing things is really not fair to stories in categories that aren't as popular, which has been a concern before. Consistently seeing featured stories from, say, Naruto, Bleach, KHR, and KH alone wouldn't be very appealing to a number of readers.

Well, that and saying that nominations are closed within five minutes is an exaggeration. It takes anywhere between twenty-four hours and a week or so to get six nominations, which should be plenty of time, especially as nominations do open on the first of the month and are thus fairly predictable.

Keeping nominations open the whole month and just choosing randomly from those might be the best way, actually. I might try that next month and see how it works, but if it's too overwhelming I'll... have to figure something out. (Well, that and set some limits on what can be nominated so that, like, one author or category doesn't dominate the whole thing...)
- crazydominodragongirl on 03/15/10 - 11:57PM
Oh so thats why........My bad.....
- Hikari_Yumi-Chan on 03/28/10 - 02:07PM