Featured stories + reminders!
Posted by crazydominodragongirl
04/05/10 - 11:54PM
Another long postÖ I expect everyone to read it thoroughly. Since a few days have passed since the last announcement, weíre starting to go through the members who didnít reply, and those who answered incorrectly, and are temporarily freezing posting privileges.

Öis what I would say, if the timestamp on that announcement wasnít on the first of April. Happy (belated) April Foolsí, guys~ we got quite a few laughs from your answers. =D We also learned who read the announcements, who stopped after the first paragraph (your answers were totally boring), who stopped after the first rule reminder (you missed the other important changes), and who only read the comments (because, uh, the substitutions were supposed to follow actual themes that were mentioned in the announcement, and some responses just didnít make sense). Anyway, hopefully that taught everyone an essential life lesson about looking at the new announcements and actually paying attention to them. As far as freezing, no, we were never actually planning to do that, but we have been considering it as a measure against people who consistently break rulesÖ you know, of the sort that are mentioned constantly in the announcements.

There are just two more things Iíd like to mention before going to the featured stories for this month. One is that there is an actual thread in the forums for you to request new categories and characters. This means you donít have to create a new forum post to ask, just reply in that thread. Please use the thread! Unless you ask there (or in the announcement comments, sometimes) your request will probably not be carried out.

The other is plagiarism. I shouldnít have to say this, but plagiarism is bad, guys, donít do it. Itís the type of thing that actually will get you kicked out of college. There have been a lot of reports recently of plagiarized stories on other sites, pretty much that someone is ripping off stories from Luna users and posting them as their own. If you see a story on another site that seems suspiciously familiar and is not posted by the same author as it is on here, please contact the original author! Thereís also a thread on the forums about plagiarism, so you might want to bring it up there with links. Also, itís generally better to report the plagiarizer, as quite a few are likely to claim that they didnít plagiarize but delete the story anyway to get rid of the evidence. This all summarizes to plagiarism = bad, donít do it, report people who do.

Now that Iím done lecturing, featured stories~ For April, the feature is one-shots (of 1,000 words or longer).

Black and Red by Ariadne (Original, 13+)
Drowning by littleduck (Kingdom Hearts, 17+)
Halves by crazydominodragongirl (Loveless/Prince of Tennis, 17+)
Mommy Angel and Daddy TrainÖ?!? by Halfbreed Maiden (Black Cat, 13+)
To Be Honest by crimsonxtearx5 (Naruto, 13+)
Tolerance for Stupidity by silver_neko_kitsune (Harry Potter/Howlís Moving Castle, Youth)

Congratulations to you~

Nominations are now open for Mayís featured stories. The theme will be older stories (posted before 2007), and you can nominate over here on the forums. Iím trying something new for how featured stories are selected, so make sure you read the rules~ Anyway, this post now open for questions/comments/complaints/how could you do that to us, I will never forgive you.


Love it....almost as good as the lickable section of the newspaper...

you got me guys!
- chibijess on 04/06/10 - 06:40AM
Love it....almost as good as the lickable section of the newspaper...

you got me guys!
- chibijess on 04/06/10 - 06:51AM
DG, DG... what a creative way to celebrate 1st April... And that Ryoma avatar? Completely mocking us, the unauthorized members of Luna. Gimme back my brownies D:
- Haruaki on 04/06/10 - 10:42AM
[she gasps dramatically] Chu got meh! x3 Oh the horrid humiliation.

That was freaking awesome, though! Totally fell for it.
- xChained_Dollx on 04/06/10 - 11:10AM
Ahahaha~ I thought it might be a joke, totally got me. Always better safe than sorry, neh? Good job. X3
- StrawChan on 04/06/10 - 11:26AM
How could you do that to us??? I will never forgive you. In fact, I'll even secretly slip pills into your drinks!

Sooooo, where do I get those pills that people often speak about again?
- Rhei on 04/06/10 - 11:53AM
- KilalaKurosaki on 04/06/10 - 11:59AM
You got me good! D: Oh, well, it was very well done, though. xD The theme for May's featured stories proves that I _should_ have gotten an account when I first thought of it. *sigh* Either way, have a nice day! :)
- YouKnowMe on 04/06/10 - 12:12PM
Damn. You got me. XD And I don't usually fall for this type of stuff. -Huff.-

Oh well. It got me to laugh. XD Nice job.
- Berserker Doll on 04/06/10 - 12:38PM
D8 And I just freaked out because I thought I was gonna lose them!

[Insert random cursey words]

Ok you got me. Good job. o3o
Awesome how I go in and fix it today and then read this one. *knocks self on noggin*
- Rei on 04/06/10 - 12:49PM
I was nervous, I didn't really understand... D8 But I fixed it and totally fell for it. It was a good way to get people's attention, though
It kind of got me to laugh to. :D
- Pudding616 on 04/06/10 - 02:15PM
April Fool's Day on Luna is always so lovely~ I think the sheep shearing is still my favorite, though. (it also suddenly occurs to me that Swedish Pancakes aren't necessarily baked and I feel like a genius. oh well).

In any case, congrats to everyone who made featured stories this month!
- Aileadh on 04/06/10 - 02:30PM
D'oh! It's because I wasn't on April 1st. Okay, I LOGGED ON, but I wasn't ON ON.

You would've gotten me. *chu*
- Solstice Rouge on 04/06/10 - 02:59PM
Aw. Shook me! =)
- kowsgomoo on 04/06/10 - 03:25PM
You guys are terrible, I tell you! xDDDDDD Definitely had me freaking out.

And I've already heard about the plagiarism ordeal, it's been resolved for now, thankfully. I wish people wouldn't do such ridiculous things like that. *rubs forehead*
- Fluorescent-X on 04/06/10 - 03:46PM
XDDD I was half-expecting it to turn out like this, but still, OWNED. orz

Great April Fools' joke, guys! And a nice way to get people's attention. Double win! : D I'll be sure to keep an eye out for plagiarized stories from Luna. People doing that really pisses me off... >.>
- BlackRabbit on 04/06/10 - 04:50PM
... And are you poking fun at us with that Ryoma avatar? Either way, it's appropriate. XD
- BlackRabbit on 04/06/10 - 04:51PM
I pretty much figured that would be the case, but, seeing as it was an excuse to prove that I actually do read the announcements, it was worth it. It's kinda funny that I got dismembered body parts when I did a story in German class about Frankenstein only a couple days before.

If I see anything that looks suspicious, I'll let you know, but I'm not on the big sites where you'd expect to find it, and I pretty much only read Original Fiction or wierd, tiny fandoms, so I probably won't find anything.

I like the comprimise with the featured stories. I also think that suspending people's posting abilities as a response to, and only as a response to, repeated rule-breaking is perfectly fair.
- Kerrigan Sheehan on 04/06/10 - 05:59PM
I feel embarressed now >/////<
- Black Wolf Shinzu on 04/06/10 - 06:32PM
Haha, I thought as much, but I thought I should comment just to show that I read them too~ :D I swear I do, yo. Congrats to all of the authors who were featured!
- SubtleQuirk on 04/06/10 - 07:24PM
Damn, you got me good! *whistles*

A very cute April Fools joke. :D

Anyhoo~ I'll definitely be on lookout for plagiarism from Luna. Thanks for the warning!
- Silent_Lullaby on 04/06/10 - 07:57PM
Oh wow I feel like an! Good joke though since I read this through...
- Rikku23 on 04/06/10 - 07:58PM
Nice one, DG. You guys got a lot of us good!

And as for plagiarism, I'll be on the lookout.
- animecrazypanda on 04/06/10 - 08:16PM
As for plagiarizing... Taking a screen shot will make permanent evidence. :D

Or you can save the page. As in "File-Save Page As..."
- Mister Pseudonymous on 04/06/10 - 09:04PM
...I had no idea! :/ Wow. Ya got me. I just thought it'd be a funny way to see who reads announcements. Jeez, now I feel like an idiot. XD Like that's any different from my normal state of mind! Love you guys.
- FireDemonessJaganshi on 04/06/10 - 10:28PM
Ahaha, are you serious? Ohmagosh, that's funny..cruel, but funny. xP
- Skidd on 04/06/10 - 10:56PM

Okay, so I didn't. [steals my glasses back from Ryoma]
- WyndiWingfall on 04/06/10 - 11:23PM
I'll agree with Pudding616. The sheep shearing thing was my favorite April Fools on Luna. Not that this one wasn't cute, it's just that logging on so rarely means I miss out on all the fun stuff. :( Plagiarism is dumb. It's for people with lazy brains who can't think of good stories themselves.
- Alky on 04/07/10 - 04:25PM
And here I even warned you about people not taking the post seriously because it was posted on April Fools' Day! You totally had me. lol. I just about killed myself when I fell off my chair laughing. XD

*salutes* Should I ever return to the sites I used to post on, I shall be sure to keep an eye out. Funny how some things work though...

Story Time. :)
I remember stumbling across Luna because one of my favorite authors on Quizilla was commenting on how there was an author that was posting her work on Luna after making some alterations.

So I went investigating the plagurizer, and the author had already been banned. And I thought to myself, "Wow, author banned same day YHR reported. They're worth a longer look!'

So, I stuck around to explore since I was looking for a new home anyway, and... two years later you can't get rid of me, neh? ;P

So, as evil and vile a thing as plaguism is, I must thank it for showing me Luna. :D

And now, I shall fight to destory it! That's the thanks I'll give it. XD
- Shade on 04/07/10 - 06:21PM
Good God! I usually do read the posts here, just. .never comment much >w<'
but I did get a chuckle out of this one. Good one!
*laughs nervously while sipping tea*
- aikoga on 04/07/10 - 07:41PM
I totally got owned by you guys XP I'm ashamed to say I didn't read it thoroughly enough...But next time you won't get me that easy! I hope... >:D
- oOMissSweetheartOo on 04/07/10 - 10:46PM

Well better safe than sorry. (Youguystotallysuck.) But all that scrolling to make sure I did it properly for nothing!
- DragonSilk on 04/08/10 - 11:43AM
You got me~ I totally messed up three times too. .___.;
Failure on my part~

And I read through this one! (:
- burywrekgemysoul on 04/08/10 - 01:38PM
>.> DANG! Here I thought that you guys would really kill my account! T.T Scared the B**P out of meh! Good one though! :D
- Kazumi-Senpai on 04/08/10 - 02:58PM
My only regret is that I wrote validated instead of baked :D Good April's Fools nonetheless :D

Though the icon mocks me >.<
- iLazy on 04/08/10 - 04:29PM
I love the icon, DG~.
♥3♥ Ryoma~ ♥

That faker. ;D!
- burywrekgemysoul on 04/09/10 - 01:01AM
HAHAHAHAHAHAH okay that's hilarious!! im a total tool since i replied to that few days after fool's day. cheers for the laughs ^___^ xoxox
- Mei-Xing on 04/09/10 - 01:04AM
:P And I actually went and changed my answer when I realized I did it wrong.

Next year I will not be fooled!
- DomoLurv on 04/09/10 - 01:36AM! Seeing that I didn't get on until three or four days AFTER April Fool's Day, I never even thought of the announcement as a joke....


And, DANGIT! I had to get a notebook and a pen so I could write down the initial message, then cross things out and re-word them! That was after reading everything three times through and STILL not understanding!

Anywhos, good job on scaring the hell out of everyone and making us, more or less, read the announcements (though I already do that).

Oh, and congrats on those who made the Featured Stories list. =D
- Sethrine on 04/09/10 - 01:24PM
Man, I'm always falling for April Fool's pranks xD

Congrats to everyone who has a Featured Story :D
- Animeangel10632 on 04/09/10 - 07:57PM
Ha, and there are still people commenting on the last post, even some from today..
- Skidd on 04/09/10 - 09:07PM
you know, i was vaguely wondering if it was an april fool's day post, but then i figured that what you were asking did actually seem logical, if not time consuming. so, ya got me. good job--i usually don't get fooled so easy. heh.

anyway, i'm glad you people at least try to do something against plagiarism. i've had my stories plagiarized a few times on and the admins still haven't taken the stolen stories down...years later (despite the many reports from various people). it's one of the many reasons why i left that place.
- doc on 04/10/10 - 10:30AM
Plagiarism... -shudder- As someone who has had her work stolen before, I know how awful it is. >.< It's low, and people who do it should just go die in a fire. Just thought I'd comment on that aspect.
- Penguiduck on 04/10/10 - 10:26PM
xD So cruel. I totally forgot it was April Fools, silly me. And I thought on that day only I did the pranking! No one else pranked me until I went on Luna!

Yeah, I've seen a bunch of Copied and Pasted work, specifically on Quizilla and Blogspot. What I do is I post my stories on there and say, "These are from my account Lunaescence." No one on those two sites will copy and paste it there, I still get credit, AND I'm publicizing Luna. Yay me :D
- Emi of the Amused on 04/13/10 - 01:49PM
O_O I come back to this... I thought it was serious. I read the first sentence of this one and immediately went to the announcement below. Bleeehhhh XP
- ranger-kaname on 04/13/10 - 05:17PM
I hate you for making me fall off my rickety chair as I laughed my ass off. Despite the annoyance, I must admit that I did make a fool out of myself. Had fun though. XD
- coryne on 04/14/10 - 11:37AM
I feelz stoopid. Wow. -_-; But nice April Fools! :D You gotted meeee.
- Schwarze Sonne on 04/16/10 - 06:42PM
I came on here to procrastinate my giant essay and read Dinofics and instead I got this post and... just... wat.

Also, I thought you guys were totally serious until I realized that 04 was the month, not day. OTL OTL
- silver_neko_kitsune on 04/18/10 - 06:17PM
I had to read the last announcement and this one few times before i got the fact that it was a joke. At least you know I read the announcements (not like I post anything anyways ahaha....).
- devilneko on 04/20/10 - 06:56AM
I hate when I read things and they just don't register. xD You're just mindlessly reading.
- Comatose Bunny on 04/22/10 - 06:44AM
lol What's funny is I actually read most of the last announcement, but missed those word replacement things. I just skim over paragraphs that are about people not obeying the rules they are supposed to rather than reading the entire thing because I see it too often. Sometimes I wish that I actually kept track of holidays and other such days. Nice joke, though. Only one that actually got me that day. XD

And now I think I am going to make a list in my Luna profile of other sites that I have posted stories on.
- Eleanora_Hoshi on 04/23/10 - 12:35AM