Featured Stories for May~
Posted by crazydominodragongirl
05/01/10 - 07:52PM
HELLO ALL, and happy May! I can’t think of anything off the top of my head that requires a reminder right now (partially because I pretty thoroughly covered things last month, oops), unless any of the other mods has something to add~

…oh yeah, except that those of you who are still replying to the post made exactly one month ago are clearly still not reading the announcements. ♥

Anyway, on to featured stories. This month’s theme is old favorites, or stories that had their first chapter posted before 2008.

Millennium Bling by ArcheressOfApollo (Yu-Gi-Oh!, 13+)
One-Shot: A Dangerous Mind by BonitaWolfSpirit (Devil May Cry, 13+)
Syndetos by Tsula (Harry Potter/Labyrinth, 13+)
Turkish Delights by Renohotness (Final Fantasy VII, Adult)
When There's No In-Between by crazydominodragongirl (Gundam SEED, 13+)
Windows To The Soul by Isis san (FullMetal Alchemist, 17+)

Congratulations to all of you~

Nominations are now open for featured stories for June. The theme shall be kid-friendly stories, or in other words, stories with ratings of All or Youth. You can nominate over here on the forums, and this post is now open for questions/comments/what have you.


I just wanted to say a HUGE thank you to Samiekins17 for nominating me. I was floored. Wasn't expecting it at all. And can't believe it's been that long ago. My first ever story on Luna...and it's not finished yet. I am ashamed. Very much so. But thank you so, so much Samiekins17. Just in case you don't see this, I'll be sure to say it again when I post the next chapter. Gonna work on that right now because of you. :p *squeal*
- Renohotness on 05/01/10 - 09:54PM
I feel like I need to comment on the updates or we might get scolded again.. :3

Congratulations to all the nominees!! Good luck, ma petit amis!
- Skidd on 05/01/10 - 10:05PM
Oops! I meant: "mes petits amis!"

Stupid plurls..
- Skidd on 05/01/10 - 10:07PM
I read your posts~! *Smiles proudly*... Even though it took my like, 1 hour to read it? Yea I'm kinda slow, but it's only cause I want to remember everything! :D
- xoxLUNAESCENCExox on 05/02/10 - 07:53PM
I'm so happy to see that I actually remember some of these fics! Oh what an amazing flash back, I'm so thrilled to go back and read some of these stories. Congrats everyone, and great work! :)
- DomoLurv on 05/03/10 - 07:18AM
Congratulations guys! I think I actually do remember reading those stories *grins triumphantly*

- aikoga on 05/04/10 - 11:55AM
yayyyyy In-Between! :D And Windows! And Millennium Bling! Ahhh, I used to be fond of so many of these~ *cuddles stories* Congrats, guys!
- silver_neko_kitsune on 05/04/10 - 06:02PM
Love Dangerous Minds x3 Congrats BonitaWolfSpirit! I honestly feel I have to comment now to prove that I read these things >.>
- xChained_Dollx on 05/04/10 - 11:17PM
I saw I got nominated and actually blushed, xD. Didn't get featured but still nice to have been nominated. n.n.

Congrats to everyone featured! :)
- Rei on 05/05/10 - 11:37AM
Wow, this is so awesome! Thank you so much, guys; I'm totally doing a happy jig behind my computer here XD (It's so hard to believe... I only posted MB here in '06 but it's been five, maybe six years since I completed it. o.O)
- ArcheressOfApollo on 05/05/10 - 05:25PM
For the record, I read the announcements. I thought since it was an April fools joke that we didn't really need to respond....

- Crimsoncat on 05/14/10 - 03:13AM
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