Downtime Saturday Morning
Posted by Sally
05/29/10 - 02:05PM

Lunaescence was taken down due to using too many system resources. So no, it wasn't your imagination that we were down for a bit on Saturday morning.

I don't think it's anything any of you did. I think one of our older sections that may have been hacked or was having a hacking attempt underway.

To this end, the dictionary, the Flea Fan listing, and a few unused sections have been removed. I'll reinstate a new dictionary, but it will be limited to strictly fanfiction-related terms.

The forums will be going down for upgrading and the archive will be undergoing an extensive security test over the following weeks.

To help you still get your Lunaescence fix while the upgrade is underway, you can chat with your fellow authors on Facebook, LiveJournal, and Gaia Online.


Good idea. I was just thinking about how this would happen the other day...
- Avgirl10 on 05/29/10 - 02:28PM
*SIGH OF RELIEF* I thought that my actual writing account had been blocked. I was in a state of SHOCK! I talked to Moonlit Dawn and when it happened, and when she said she the same thing happened to her, I figured something was wrong with the site. :(
- KilalaKurosaki on 05/29/10 - 02:30PM
*she said that--just fixing a typo
- KilalaKurosaki on 05/29/10 - 02:32PM
And at first I thought it was my account that got suspended. Lol.
- kaede_yuuki on 05/29/10 - 02:38PM
I had a mini moment of shock when I saw the "ACCOUNT SUSPENDED" redirection, haha. But after heading over to the Livejournal page, I figured out about that.

Phew, I'm quite thankful that the site is alright, though. Great job, Madame Sally. :D ♥
- MelloTheMorbid on 05/29/10 - 02:46PM
That "ACCOUNT SUSPENDED" page scared me to no end...Thank you very much for all the hard works, Sally X3
- Rhei on 05/29/10 - 02:54PM
Thanks for letting us know what happened, Sally.
- animecrazypanda on 05/29/10 - 03:11PM
Haha, it's good to see this site is back up. I was having a HUGE freak out about this and asking/e-mailing people if they got the same thing.

Thanks for clearing things up. :)

- Animeangel10632 on 05/29/10 - 03:36PM
To be completely honest, I knew you'd fix it and have this wonderful site back up in no time. I'm so glad everything's been resolved! Thank you so much! :3
- GuardianAngel07 on 05/29/10 - 03:49PM
Thanks for letting us know and for all your hard work! That was scary when the suspended page popped up!
- TwilightEmpress on 05/29/10 - 03:56PM
Ahem, to repeat something that's been said multiple times, muchas gracias, senorita <3 I don't know what I'd do without my Luna fix every day. It's my kryptonite at the moment :D
- ashestoroses018 on 05/29/10 - 05:24PM
Yeah, I freaked out and googled Luna to see. Ended up joining the Facebook page too. XD
Thanks for letting us know!
- Raen on 05/29/10 - 06:15PM
Oh, thank goodness! At first I thought my account was suspended, but then I figured it was some kind of glitch or something. Knew you'd have it fixed ASAP..'cause you're just that awesome! :D
- Skidd on 05/29/10 - 09:37PM
I died a little on the inside when that happened. xD
I'm glad to know that the site is back up. :D
- Adelida on 05/29/10 - 10:28PM
Thanks for updating on the live journal, and for creating the FB page. It was good to be kept in the loop about what was happening.
- Tikatu on 05/31/10 - 12:21AM
Hi, I know this is the wrong place but I've been right through the FAQ and you said to be told about any bugs.

None of the contact links on the contact us page work. All five are dead!

Sorry to give you yet more work...
- Worried Rabbit on 05/31/10 - 08:46AM