Forums Back Up
Posted by Sally
05/29/10 - 06:41PM

Forums have been fully upgraded! Working on making them look pretty and re-doing all those settings everyone is used to.

Please let me know if anything looks funky.


EDIT: I'm receiving some reports of password problems on the forums. It doesn't look like passwords were properly transferred in the upgrade. You might have to get a new password to log in.


Got the password error as well, but when I try to get a new one it it says: "The e-mail/username information submitted could not be found." There are only two emails I would have used and I have tried them both. D: My account is still on there, cause I looked up "Tsula" and found posts I had made. So, I dunno what's up with it not taking my email.
- Tsula on 05/30/10 - 12:23AM
Tsula, check your yahoo account. I changed your password and sent it there.
- Sally on 05/30/10 - 11:45AM
Thankies, I got it~ Though, when I tried to log in this time it said: "You exceeded the maximum allowed number of login attempts. In addition to your username and password you now also have to enter the confirm code from the image you see below." But there was no image anywhere. D:
- Tsula on 05/30/10 - 02:12PM
Arg, stupid message board. Okay, will disable image confirmation now.
- Sally on 05/30/10 - 04:01PM
All right, got in and set my new password! Thanks~ ♥
- Tsula on 05/30/10 - 05:40PM
To be honest I didn't even know there was an author forum before I read your posts, but when I click on it it says 404 file not found, anything I can do about this?
- Miss-Misery on 06/01/10 - 03:19PM