Featured Stories for June
Posted by crazydominodragongirl
06/02/10 - 12:33AM
MERRY JUNE and you didn't see me typing the month wrong in the title for the second month in a row. Just a couple reminders before we get started~ first is IF YOU ARENíT A VALIDATED AUTHOR, ONLY SUBMIT ONE CHAPTER OF THE SAME STORY TO THE QUEUE AT A TIME. Seriously. The queue is ridiculously long as it is (was up to 250-some a few days ago), and if thereís a problem in one chapter, thereís likely to be a problem in all of them. It saves all of us time if you wait until the previous chapter has been validated before posting the new one.

Another is new categories/characters! Itís fine if you request them, but please do so here on the forums, or else your request is likely to be ignored. Make sure the category you want doesnít already exist before you request it; sometimes, in the case of books-turned-movies and whatnot, it might be in a different section than you expect, so check those too. And donít request a category if you donít already have stories written for it; otherwise, the archive just gets filled with unused categories, which is kind of messy.

Anyway, on to featured stories. This monthís theme is kid-friendly stories, or those rated All or Youth~

Charmed by kuro_kitsune (Yu-Gi-Oh GX, Youth)
Mirror Image by Crys-chan (Saiyuki, All)
Pretty by Kamisori (Naruto, All)
Teddy Bear by Schwarze Sonne (+Anima, All)
To Catch A Thief by SweetSymmetry (Avatar: The Last Airbender, All)
Tournament Troubles by Sharp Shiny Pickle (Yu Yu Hakusho, Youth)

Congratulations to you~

Nominations are now open for featured stories for July. The theme is alternate universe stories, or those that take place in a non-canon setting. You can nominate over here on the forums. Questions/comments/complaints/delicious tomatoes?

P.S. I know the forum links give an error if you arenít logged in. Iíve notified Sally, so if you donít have an account and donít want to sign up for one, please be patient. Thanks! ♥


Um I know it says it gives error if you aren't logged in, but it's not letting me in even though I have logged in. Just thought you should know. I tried it a couple of times too.
- TwilightEmpress on 06/02/10 - 02:29AM
When I tried to sign up (cause I've been all lazy-like and put it off. A lot.) it, like, doesn't have the little picture thingy. I sent an email...but that was several days ago, and I haven't gotten a response.
I usually don't exactly like to complain on a news-place-thing, but yeah :/
- ashestoroses018 on 06/02/10 - 05:03AM
Okies. New Categories Yay!!! xD Is Vampire Diaries one of them? ... [runs off to go check]
- xChained_Dollx on 06/02/10 - 11:22AM
Okies. New Categories Yay!!! xD Is Vampire Diaries one of them? ... [runs off to go check]
- xChained_Dollx on 06/02/10 - 11:22AM
I browsed around for a bit in hopes of finding the answer myself but alas, I have failed. T_T Not that I have posted any stories here, but I was curious as to how long it takes before one becomes a validated author? I suppose, how many validated chapters/stories will it take until validation? lol it's almost phrased like the "How many licks does it take to get to the center of a tootsie pop?" Oh boy, I crack myself up. Well, thank you for your time.
- always a dreamer on 06/02/10 - 12:15PM
It's kind of hard not to post more than one chapters at a time to the same story, especially if the wait for one of them to be validated is almost a week or more. :S

But I restrained myself, and waited patiently. xD I can imagine how frustrating it can be just looking at the long line of things to be validated.

I'm also curious on how long it takes for someone to become a validated author.
- Eklipt on 06/02/10 - 02:49PM
If you constantly produce work with little or no errors, the mods will take notice and validate you themselves. It took me over a year to get validated, but that's because I never proof-read my work. Depending on the quality of the work, it can take less than that.
- KilalaKurosaki on 06/02/10 - 03:41PM
@TwilightEmpress: You have to have a forum account to see things on the forums, which is separate from a site account. Though apparently there's also an issue with signing up for the forums right now.

@ashestoroses018: Yeah, the images weren't working, so Sally took them down, but apparently she missed the registration ones. I told her about it so it should be fixed eventually.

@always a dreamer: We are in the process of setting validation standards; there was a thread on the forums for requesting validation and it has been mentioned there that requests for validation are on hold. Please wait a little longer while we get things figured out.
- crazydominodragongirl on 06/02/10 - 11:11PM
Sorry, honey, won't happen again.
- Hirai on 06/03/10 - 01:36AM
If I could make a suggestion, you see I'm rather forgetful and it gets worse when I'm excited. Can you add a reminder about the submitting more chapters in a story rule every time we submit, and make the reminder big and pink? :))

The reminder could really save you a hand of problems and save the writers the heartache of deleted stories that they poured their heart out on.

:D Love ya~!
- Hirai on 06/03/10 - 02:42AM
Honey, I can't seem to log into the forums and the activation code just won't appear. I might be lacking a certain program or something unrelated.

Can you make it easier for me to register in the forums? :D Use your almighty powers, maybe?
- Hirai on 06/03/10 - 03:02AM
Hey I was trying to get into the forum but there says there's a error is the link changed I read your other posts up it doesn't say so yeah just wondering sorry to bug ya.
- Animawolf on 06/03/10 - 02:22PM
Congrats to the featured winners! :D
- Zeffie on 06/03/10 - 08:54PM
Just wanted to say the staff here is absolutely lovely for getting to all these little hiccups as quickly as they have been. <3 Thank you!
- world end dominator on 06/04/10 - 06:45AM
Aaah, thanks for the feature and whoever nominated me (I'm thinking Tsula, did, probably since she told me I was featured)!
- Crys-chan on 06/06/10 - 02:50AM
Ehehe.. I'm definitely guilty of requesting categories and not filling them.. so sorry! I just get ahead of myself, I guess.. Won't happen again!

Congrats to the featured authors, by the way! :D
- Skidd on 06/07/10 - 10:28AM
small comment. I accidentally clicked 'add story' when I had one in queue. ;_; I apologize!
- cigspiring on 06/11/10 - 01:42PM
Greetings, i don't know if im the only one who has this problem but ocassionaly when i come here i get either and error message, with a bunch of words some in red or it says that internet can't connect, and i know its fine because i can visit other sites and stuff. just letting you know.
- Bailie-chan on 06/16/10 - 10:54PM