Database Overload
Posted by Sally
06/17/10 - 09:33AM

We're encountering some issues with the database that may lead to downtime. I'm asking that you take it easy on the site until I can take a proper look at the site this weekend.

So far, it looks like the recently added page and the random stories page are being excessively refreshed. If I can't figure out how to ease the load from those pages, I'll have to remove them.

Sorry about any downtime, everyone!


Good luck! I hope you can fix everything alright.
- morbid_kitten on 06/18/10 - 04:27PM
I hate to complain, but I think the forums may be down as well. Or, you know, my computer's being a spazz. (Sorry if I'm wrong...)
- SakuraiDesu on 06/18/10 - 08:19PM
No worries! I'm sure we all understand! Good luck with your work!
- TwilightEmpress on 06/18/10 - 09:29PM
Oh, I'm sorry you're having so much trouble. I hope everything works out well!
- Suki-chan on 06/18/10 - 09:56PM
I sure hope everything will work out. Gook luck.
- Cry on 06/19/10 - 11:40AM