Possible Downtime & Update News
Posted by Sally
06/19/10 - 09:43PM

EDIT 3: Okay, I'm playing the the code again. Please let me know if there's any problems. Theoretically, it shouldn't have impact on you if you're logged in. So far, it looks like you can review and swap chapters with no effect.

EDIT 2: Okay, I've totally removed the code. Looks like that was what was causing the errors with stories. I am so sorry about that! Should be all fixed now. ^_^;;;

EDIT: Okay, I think I might have it fixed. You might see some pages look like this until everything updates. What was happening was that I was having the new code save a "copy" of the website in plain HTML. What I didn't think about when I wrote it was that it might save it so it looked like you were logged in as someone else. ^_^;; Let me know if you have any other problems

In order to alleviate some of the database issues we've been having over the past couple weeks, I'm installing some code that will save sections of the site. There might be some intermittent downtime during the overnight hours while I work on this.

After I install the code, it may take up to 2 hours for some sections of the Archive to update. I have to do this, we've grown drastically over the past couple months and if I don't we might be shut down by my host.

The Statistics page is no longer live information. I currently have it set to update every day at 4:30am. You'll also notice that the number of stories in the queue are listed too. Only section on that page that's currently live is the newest members.

Author pages will update every 5 minutes.
Story pages will update every 2 hours.
Category pages will update every 2 hours.
Top Tens Pages will update every 12 hours.
Statistics Page will update every 24 hours.

I'll tweak those numbers if it looks like I have them set too aggressively. But in the meantime, please be patient with me. Once I know it's working (and that my host isn't likely to shoot me another nasty-gram) I'll add a button for authors to force an update to their stuff.


I hope that's enough. I definitely don't want anything to happen to this site!
- Chellendora on 06/20/10 - 12:18AM
I'm not too sure I follow all of that, but I do wish you the best in all your hard work! This site is my favorite and amazing and like a drug as odd as that sounds ^^U It would be awful if anything were to happen to it. Thanks so much for all your hard work!
- TwilightEmpress on 06/20/10 - 02:20AM
You are amazing Sally! Thanks for everything you do.
- shadowsirenv on 06/20/10 - 10:34AM
Thanks for working on the site :) I'd be worried too if anything happened to Luna.
- Animeangel10632 on 06/20/10 - 11:14AM
I really hope everything will be all right. Sally, thank you so much for all of your effort and hard work!
- AlacraticAvarice on 06/20/10 - 01:04PM
I hope everything comes out alright Sally. Hey, have you noticed that every time you want to go to the next chapter of a story, it either stays at the same chapter or skips to the last one? That keeps happening and i want you to know! hope everything works out
- Babygirl251 on 06/20/10 - 03:40PM
I too hope everything works out alright-I love this sight and tend to come here instead of doing homework or getting some sleep for work lol. Any who, I also have noticed that it wont let me go to the next chapter in a story, it seems like after chapter 10, even if I jump a chapter or refresh the page.
- katiekakes on 06/20/10 - 11:23PM
I see you're working hard. Hang in there. As thanks, I'll try to offer some comforting words: When life throws you a curve ball, make lemonnade... Wait. No, when life gives you lemonade, make a homerun...? No, no I got it...When about baseballs and lemons. XD Anyway, laugh it up. I'm sure it'll work out just fine.
- Silent Sleeper on 06/21/10 - 10:18AM
I'm sorry you're having so many trouble and thank you so much for working so hard for this site. We all love it here and we all hope everything works out smoothly. We'd be lost without Luna.
- Suki-chan on 06/21/10 - 06:36PM
Something strange happened and I'm not sure if it's just a glitch, but a while ago the layout of Luna changed and I noticed that I had been logged into a different account. It doesn't bother me that much but I just wanted to let you know that something went a little wrong.
- RainbowCupcake on 06/21/10 - 08:22PM
Had the same problem as RainbowCupcake, and I was scared :/ Went back when I clicked on something though :D
- iLazy on 06/21/10 - 08:35PM
I know you're trying hard to keep this site up for us. Thank you kindly for your time and determination! I've been lucky and haven't encountered the problems other members have (yet). Maybe that's because I have slow internet. (Curse you dial-up!) Keep doing your best!!
- Kamisori on 06/21/10 - 09:01PM
thanks for all the hard work you put in! we all appreciate it! hang in there! :)
- lazykitsunechan on 06/22/10 - 12:30AM
Hey, iLazy and RainbowCupcake, I had the same problem. I thought I messed it up. It doesn't bug me, either, but I don't know if that's a problem or not?
- Suki-chan on 06/22/10 - 12:51AM
I had a slight problem idk if it was me or what but when I went onto a fic I went to the newest chapter but realized I hadn't read the last one, so I tried to go back to the previous one and it wouldnt let me, it kept dragging me back to the most recent chapter. I eventually had to click the back button until i was back on the home page. I appreciate all of the work you're doing to keep this site in tip top shape. I also have a question~ would you guys be able to make a function of being able to see all the review you've done. I know this feature is on, and its quite convienent. anyways, Lots of love, Respect and appreciation from me~. Bailie
- Bailie-chan on 06/22/10 - 01:48AM
Ya the site has been in plain-ness for me for a while all I see is text on the pages not the normal luna skin.
- Pyro on 06/22/10 - 02:57AM
Yeah, I've been having a few glitches. I was trying to read DesertRose's newly updated story "Hold my Heart" but it only let me go up to ten and when I clicked on it, it logged me out /: It wouldn't let me go past a certain amount of chapters. Thank you, Sally. I wuv you. -heart-
- Kotone on 06/22/10 - 08:56AM
mmm same problems as kotone. can't read past certain chapters on some stories! thanks for being so awesome :)
- sweetchaos on 06/22/10 - 04:29PM
Hopefully it solves these things, for sure^^
But, one problem I've been having, not sure for how long, though; I'd sign in, but when I open up a story, it says I'm not signed in, so I cannot favourite or review and whatnot.
Could this be due to the coding and so on? If not, is it a completely new problem? And, most important of all, can it be fixed?
- oLIVEgREENcRAYON on 06/22/10 - 08:12PM
I'm experiencing the same problems as sweetchaos & oLIVEgREENcRAYON. Just letting you know.
- Animeangel10632 on 06/22/10 - 08:18PM
I'm also having the same problem as a few other users who've commented; I can't get past chapter 10 of a story, no matter what chapter I click. The URL changes to fit the chapter, but the page stays the same.
- sd27 on 06/22/10 - 08:52PM
I'm also having the same problem as a few other users who've commented; I can't get past chapter 10 of a story, no matter what chapter I click. The URL changes to fit the chapter, but the page stays the same.
- sd27 on 06/22/10 - 08:55PM
I've been able to get a little farther then chapter ten, but not by much and if I try to go farther the page will reload and then load back to page 1 or just refresh the page.
- Arcana on 06/22/10 - 09:01PM
I've been having the same problems that the others have mentioned.
- animecrazypanda on 06/22/10 - 09:10PM
I've had the same problem as well. Also, every time I try to read a story, it says I've been logged out, but when I click on the home page, I'm suddenly logged back in.
- GloomyBear on 06/22/10 - 09:26PM
I've had the same problem as well. Also, every time I try to read a story, it says I've been logged out, but when I click on the home page, I'm suddenly logged back in.
- GloomyBear on 06/22/10 - 09:30PM
I didnt have any problems at first with being logged out when I tried to read a story...but now I am! Tis darn right frustrating that I cant review or favorite anything. And I can now get past chapter 10 but it skips -still- and it wont let me go to the previous or next chapter :(
I really hope everything gets fixed soon, cause like everyone else here, I love Luna.
- katiekakes on 06/22/10 - 10:27PM
okay I don't know if I'm the only one experiencing this but I can't even see the site on my computer. In fact I'm doing this from a phone! Every time I type the url into the bar ad hit enter, the screen says internet explorer can't display webpage!! Dx Someone help me please!
- crimsonxtearx5 on 06/22/10 - 11:00PM
It looks like the chapters are working right again, for me, at least. So, hurrah! Thank you so much for all your hard work~!
- Aileadh on 06/23/10 - 12:47PM
Hi, Sally, how are you? :)

I keep getting blank emails when a new story is added ): Just wanted to let you know!
- Crys-chan on 06/24/10 - 02:48AM
Everytime I try to go to the next chapter in a story, it randomly switches to some other random person's fanfic. which got me totally confused. xD also when I get a new email for an updated favourite, the link in it doesn't lead me to the correct fanfic. Plus the logging out and in problem still exists for me.
- cigspiring on 06/26/10 - 09:09PM
Same as cigspring... it still randomly logs me out.
- GloomyBear on 06/26/10 - 09:30PM
Um, every time I try to go read a story, it takes me to a completely different story all together.
- Kerai on 06/26/10 - 09:32PM
Okay, I just wanted to say thank you! I found it kinda bothersome when I would click the link to an updated story when I got an e-mail, and it would take me to two completely different stories every-time. I would have to go through my favorites and find the story just to read one chapter. It was quite a hassle. Today, I was happy to find when I got an update e-mail, that I was brought to the right story. Thank you again! :)
- aegis on 06/26/10 - 10:49PM
Hi Sally, I log in and sometimes after I've clicked on a story and I get to the bottom it shows me as logged out but yet if I were to click 'Home' or "Most Recent" I'm shown as logged in.

Just thought I'd let you know!
- Keeper_of_Halloween on 06/26/10 - 11:24PM
Hey Sally, just wanted to let you know a glitch of some sort.

I'm reading a story, but when I try to go to chapter 3 of that story, it takes to me chapter 4 of another story.
Just saying~
- Kohane-chan on 06/27/10 - 12:52AM
I've been having the same problem as Keeper_of_Halloween. It's keeping me from reviewing some stories. Also, reviews get cut off a lot.
- Riks on 06/27/10 - 01:43AM
Hmm, same thing. I'm logged in, go to most recent page and click on a story and it takes me in as logged out. I then went to the home page to come here and I was logged in again without doing anything. I also noticed that I lost a review that I had an hour ago. Thanks for putting up with so much frustration for us!
- Renohotness on 06/27/10 - 02:05AM
I'm seeing codes all over the place on the challenge page. Something with a string on line 383. o:
And I'm also experiencing the log-in log-out problems.

Hope you can get it fixed! =O
- DrawnCherry on 06/27/10 - 02:20PM
I was reading a story and when I clicked next to go to the next chapter, it suddenly took me to another story entirely. even when I clicked on the chapter via drop down menu it still took me to another fic.

Thanks for trying you best.
- Bailie-chan on 06/27/10 - 03:31PM
Wacky code is wacky. D': Thanks for your hard work, Sally! You're the best webmistress in the world!
- KilalaKurosaki on 06/27/10 - 03:39PM
Yes, I'm having the same problem as Keeper_of_Halloween. Everytime I get into a story to review, I'm logged out for some reason (no matter how many times I refresh).
- DesertRose on 06/27/10 - 06:52PM
I'm having the same problem as Keeper_of_Halloween... When I click on a Most Recent story, the page shows I'm logged out, but if I go back to the Most Recent page, I'm logged in again.
Anyway, good luck!
- BurntSienna on 06/27/10 - 07:31PM
Ditto the others. I get logged out whenever I click onto a story in the most recents. When I review too. Sigh, sorry to be a problem. Best of luck, and thank you for all of your hard work :)
- AlacraticAvarice on 06/27/10 - 09:01PM
Same here. Also, when I go to check one of my own stories, it redirects it to another author's story despite of how I navigate to find my story (this is even happening in manage stories mode).
- Jensea on 06/27/10 - 10:26PM
Well, as crazy with everything is, I sure do appreciate the time and effort you're putting into keeping this site together, Sally. I just hope that you can figure out what's going on so Luna won't be so glitchy. :V In the meantime, the rest of us will endure like we always do in times of crisis because we love the site so much~
- SubtleQuirk on 06/27/10 - 11:10PM
>.< Sorry to complain but I'm having pretty bad problems too! I'm logging out even though I've only been on for 2 seconds and yeah I'm having similar problems shown above. ^^; I hope you can fix this!! =D So we can be happily reading our por-FANFICTION =D
- AngelYukiri on 06/28/10 - 07:20PM
When I click on a story that is #1 on most recent, it brings me to a random part in another persons for instant I was clicking trying to read
"Redux" by Re-L124C41 and it would send me to "2010" by Kitty Corpse...on like page 100 of her's happened a few other times too. =/
- Arcana on 06/29/10 - 12:37AM
I haven't been having any problems.. lol *knock on wood*
- Skidd on 06/29/10 - 11:03AM
I have been having one problem. A few times I have been reading a story and when I go to the next chapter I'm either taken to a chapter of a different story by the same author or to a different story completely.
- poisonedsanity on 06/29/10 - 03:50PM
Hmm... Not sure if someone's had this problem, but I was reading the first few chapters of a story, and when I tried to go to the next one, it gave me a "fatal error." It kept coming up for the rest of the chapters for that story. I haven't found another story with that problem, though.

Thank you for all your efforts though, Sally! =) It's much appreciated!
- Zeffie on 06/29/10 - 08:05PM
Well, the glitches that I've come across are pretty much the same: I can't get to a certain chapter in a story - it redirects me to another one by a different author in a different category. Other than that, I can't seem to stay logged in. I log in and then click to redirect to the homepage and I'm out again.

Thank you for your hard work, Sally! I may be silent, but I always have appreciated the dedication of the mods. Luna's one of my favorite sites, and I don't think that'll change any time soon. :)
- Bluewaters on 06/30/10 - 01:24PM
...I made a rather embarrassing mistake. Instead of clicking to redirect to the homepage, I meant the story. xD; I click on a story and I'm logged out again. >_> Sorry about that.
- Bluewaters on 06/30/10 - 01:25PM
I know other people have already told you this, but imma tell you anyways~ XD
Sometimes when I go to read another chapter of a story, it will take me to a chapter from a different fic.

Thanks so much for all your hard work! Much appreciated! =D
- Yellow Gumboots on 06/30/10 - 05:37PM
Yup. Same as YG. I just did that with KarenaWilliams story Wedded Bliss. I tried to go to chapter 18 and it took me to random sections of her story 115 HeartBeats instead. D:
- Kotone on 06/30/10 - 10:10PM
So, looks like I'm not the only one... Yeah, was reading a D.Gray-Man fic, tried to go to the next chapter, ended up getting the first chapter of the fic of a different anime by Starletta instead. Oh, and it also signed me out in the process.
- Mentality_Project on 06/30/10 - 10:21PM
I wish you good luck Sally! :)
- poisonedsanity on 07/01/10 - 11:34AM
I keep having issues with changing chapters within a story. I'll click the next button and end up on a completely different story altogether and be logged out Dx
- SukaiAi on 07/01/10 - 01:51PM
I'm not sure if this has anything to do with the coding changes that have been going on, but I recently noticed that Daydreamer's Nightmare (one of my fics) no longer has its pretty 'past featured' ribbon anymore. =O
- DragonSilk on 07/02/10 - 06:31AM
I hadn't been having any glitches but recently when I go to view a story and around chapter 5 or 6 I am sent to another persons story of that same chapter, or in some cases only chapter 1 if they don't have others. xD

I also noticed that every other page it logs me in and out. If I'm logged in on chapter 6, if I click to chapter 7 I got to a different author, but if I'm logged out in chapter 6 and click, I got to chapter 7 of that same author.

Took and 30 minutes messing around to get it to work right. xD;
- Rei on 07/03/10 - 10:51PM
I know you must be sick of hearing this by now but I too share the same troubles as the others.

Wanting to read one story and ending up with another story and the changing chapters in a story.

I hope everything goes well. I really appreciate all your hard work!
- ToonyTwilight on 07/05/10 - 03:45PM
I didn't have the aforementioned problem until recently -- that is within the past couple of days. Suddenly I am re-directed to another story, and logged out. D:
- radicalsick on 07/15/10 - 05:06PM
Haven't seen any comments on it, and I don't know if this is because of this update or something else because I haven't been on in a while, but some of the search things keep messing up/not finding what they are supposed to. I tried looking up some characters that I know there a many stories of, and only one or two pops up. Whatever genre I select to be included in my search ends up auto-selecting the same genre to be excluded when I submit. The other parts of the search settings seem to be okay.

Thanks for all your hard work to keep this site running smoothly, Sally, I really appreciate it.
- Eleanora_Hoshi on 08/10/10 - 12:45AM