Featured Stories for July
Posted by crazydominodragongirl
07/01/10 - 08:40AM
HAPPY JULY. I hope you all are enjoying your summer!

I would be enjoying my summer a bit more if people would just remember certain rules: more specifically, the rule to not submit more than one chapter at a time of the same story if you’re not a validated author~ The queue is long, multiple submissions make it even longer, and if there are errors in one chapter and we deny them, they will likely be in all chapters. We’ll also delete all multiple chapter submissions, so save us and yourself some time and only submit one at a time. Please. Or else I’ll have to start pulling out the angry icons.

Here are this month’s featured stories! (I know I say only one story from a given category will be chosen, but I made a bit of a mistake this month and I don’t think the other nominations qualify, so enjoy your double dose of DMC or something.) This month’s theme is alternate universes.

As Clear as Mud by pronker (Star Wars, 17+)
Diverse Elements by stagnantkiss (Wolf’s Rain, Adult)
The Embodiment of Darkness by kniferomance (Kingdom Hearts, 17+)
Insomniac by Siruru (Katekyo Hitman Reborn!, 13+)
māu anō e rapu he orange by Mrs Kitty Corpse (Devil May Cry, 17+)
Tag--You're It by Renohotness (Devil May Cry, Adult)

Congratulations to you all~

Nominations are now open for featured stories for August. The theme, I think, shall be underappreciated stories. I’ll leave it up to your own discretion what “underappreciated” means, but if I think it has too many reviews it’ll get vetoed. ♥ Nominations go here on the forums, or I guess in the comments to this post since you still can’t access that section of the forum unless you’re logged in. The most important rules boil down to one nomination per person and no nominating yourself. Questions/comments/etc. go here.


I would like to volunteer one! It's my own story, but I still think it fits the underappreciated description (maybe I'm just cocky). It's here.
The Greatest Battle Between Pure Good and Purer Evil. Currently awaiting approval for the 24th chapter, with 1 review :/
- The Wolf Sage on 07/01/10 - 08:49AM
Sorry, it's one of the rules (and has been for several months) that you can't nominate your own story. >>; Something about self-advertising, and it means more when someone else does it for you. You can see if anyone else will nominate it for you, otherwise it doesn't count.
- crazydominodragongirl on 07/01/10 - 09:20AM
I can't make an account on the forums because the box with the letter for the confirmation code won't show up. It hasn't been letting me make an account there for a while. So I wasn't able to vote for July but I'd like to I guess, not to be annoying or anything but I'll vote here?

"Forever or Never" by -Fodora-

It's adult but sweet and in my opinion under appreciated. It only has 14 reviews.
- TwilightEmpress on 07/01/10 - 12:20PM
"Destiny" by-Semiramis_Tomaniki

Only has a few over fifteen reviews, and it's written and plotted rather lovely.
- Xylia on 07/01/10 - 01:15PM
Oooh! Oooh! I'd like to nominate! *waves arm like a penguin trying to fly ;_; poor penguin crazy female dog maniac.

"Byakuran's Prophecies " by omgpink
In the KHR! section!

It only has 5 reviews (including mine). Writted very nicely with accuracy on the character's personality. Especially the angst. I love that the most! ^_^
- PhoenixGem on 07/01/10 - 02:29PM
I want to nominate 'Shades of Gray' by poisonedsanity! ^-^
- Snow_Wolf_1800 on 07/01/10 - 03:36PM
Haha, just realized that I may have been one of the people you were talking about with the whole "don't submit more than one chapter while being validated" thing... Sorry about that! ^^; Just got a little carried away, I guess~
- Momo-Deary on 07/01/10 - 04:33PM
I'd like to nominate "Absolutely No Chance" by Fluorescent-X
- skaruux on 07/01/10 - 07:22PM
Congrats on all the writers! Can't wait to read them! :DD♥
- AngelsEternity on 07/01/10 - 10:12PM
Hmmm... I'm going to need to think on that one. There are more than enough unappreciated stories out there.
- xChained_Dollx on 07/02/10 - 03:09AM
Vetoed on "Forever or Never" -- fourteen reviews on one chapter isn't really underappreciated. I'm thinking more a per-chapter count than total, since there are stories with like a hundred chapters but less than one review per chapter... probably. Sorry about that.
- crazydominodragongirl on 07/02/10 - 05:32AM
oooh, ok then! No problem! ^_^
- TwilightEmpress on 07/02/10 - 10:29AM
I would like to nominate "The Misadventures of Freckles and Pals!" by animecrazypanda.
- GuardianAngel07 on 07/02/10 - 01:05PM
I would like to nominate "The Misadventures of Freckles and Pals!" by animecrazypanda.
- GuardianAngel07 on 07/02/10 - 01:05PM
Hey I just realized that the thing had submitted 3 copies of the latest chapter I wrote and I'm sorry about that! It was an accident! I kept refreshing and for some reason it kept sumitting. ^^U
- TwilightEmpress on 07/02/10 - 06:51PM
I'd like to nominate "The Last Stop" by Midnight Dragon.
- Byakko-chan on 07/03/10 - 04:43PM
>_> Thanks to whoever nominated me. This was a very unexpected surprise for me. Haha!
- kniferomance on 07/03/10 - 05:07PM
Still mulling over who to nominate, but it's good to see that those who work hard and don't get much notice regardless are finally being noticed.
- Jensea on 07/05/10 - 12:58AM
I would like to nominate "Lady Luck" by Amplifire. Only 28 reviews and this story has 11 chapters already. It's a great reader insert and it has a mixture of sadness and all the other feelings one would experience during a zombie apocalypse. Not too mention good twists. :)
- Shira23 on 07/05/10 - 06:56PM
"Show Me What I'm Looking For" by x0xPuppyLuhve, it only has 10 reviews with 13 chapters.

...Nine of them are mine. ^_^;

A great reader-insert collection. The chapters are only drabbles but, I feel that the author describes emotions very well, in only a few sentences.
- Pudding616 on 07/06/10 - 04:54PM
Sorry, forgot the link...
- Pudding616 on 07/06/10 - 04:55PM
I know that you repeatedly mention to not submit more than one chapter, but does that mean just more than one chapter to one story or multiple updates to different stories? i.e. I submit a story and then submit a chapter to an already existing story. Sorry if this has already been asked ^^;;
- Mikan Ri-ten on 07/07/10 - 10:53PM
Of the "same story," I said, so you can submit more than one of different stories.
- crazydominodragongirl on 07/08/10 - 07:45AM
I don't know if I'm in the wrong place but the "Contact Us" page wouldn't work so here I am...

Um, I recently noticed that my fic, "Daydreamer's Nightmare" no longer has the pretty past featured fic ribbon next to it and I was thinking that that was probably some sort of glitch or something?
- DragonSilk on 07/11/10 - 06:45AM
You're clearly seeing things. ♥

(P.S. If you look on the forums, these things happen if you edit story summaries.)
- crazydominodragongirl on 07/11/10 - 07:56AM
(Posting this here since I can't get on the forums)

What exactly is the problem keeping me from seeing the image with the verification code when I try to sign up on the forums?

Also, can we please get an option to stay permanently logged in? I'm tired of trying to write a story chapter and accidentally refreshing the page or clicking a link, and when I bring it back it's a blank page that says "Please Log In."

ALSO: Last point. No offense, but does it really make sense to have a month for "under-appreciated stories" where you can't nominate your own? I understand the rule, but the MOST under-appreciated stories have nobody to nominate them ^_^;;.
- The Wolf Sage on 07/11/10 - 02:51PM
I'd like to nominate "Tenth Time's the Charm" by Zelos. Thank you~
- Mentality_Project on 07/12/10 - 05:03AM

...might have helped for me to put this in too...=_=
- Mentality_Project on 07/12/10 - 05:07AM
@The Wolf Sage: I don't know, Sally said she got rid of them. I know it's still there, though. D:

There is an option to stay logged in if you click on Log In. It's not forever, but it is a couple of weeks at least. >>; Refreshing the page would get rid of it whether or not you were logged in. You might consider writing stories on a word processor or getting a browser plugin (such as Lazarus) that does form recovery for you.

The thing with nominations is also that we have a better chance of getting stories that deserve to be nominated if, you know, the author doesn't nominate his or her own stories. Even in the case of under-appreciated stories, yes. I could write the most horribly cliche Mary Sue fic in the history of ever, get no reviews for obvious reasons, and win it as a featured story if I could nominate myself. I'm sure no one wants that. (Well, unless they do, in which case I could do the writing part at least... I already nominated someone for this month anyway.)
- crazydominodragongirl on 07/12/10 - 07:48AM
Yeah, I guess I just can't sign up for the forums. T_T.

I'll just write it in notepad from now on I suppose. Thanks anyway!
- The Wolf Sage on 07/12/10 - 10:25AM
I nominate "Bloccato in Retromarcia..." by Noctiluca. Two chapters, seven reviews.

Category: Gaming > Assassin's Creed

Link :

Most of the stories in the Assassin's Creed are under-appreciated in my opinion... But I can only pick one and it might as well be a Federico story :D
- iLazy on 07/13/10 - 11:34PM
Hey! I don't have a nomination (well, actually, I do!) but I also have another question! Is the queue slow recently? I ask because I sumbitted stuff over a week ago and nothing has been updated -_-; I know that you're all busy and all, but it's never taken this long before, so I started worrying I did something wrong! Thanks so much!

And here's the nomination!:
"Ink", by Eklipt
- PurpleElephants on 07/14/10 - 07:12PM
Hey! I don't have a nomination (well, actually, I do!) but I also have another question! Is the queue slow recently? I ask because I sumbitted stuff over a week ago and nothing has been updated -_-; I know that you're all busy and all, but it's never taken this long before, so I started worrying I did something wrong! Thanks so much!

And here's the nomination!:
"Ink", by Eklipt
- PurpleElephants on 07/14/10 - 07:15PM

This has been your public service announcement. Addendum: your mods are (probably) busy and crying at the queue. I myself work late most weekdays and spend my weekends partying in Kyoto or Osaka. ...anyway. Seriously, if you think it's been there for a while, you probably have a number of errors. :x
- crazydominodragongirl on 07/15/10 - 05:13AM
Ah, I wonder if I can respond... I'll try anyways ;) Two things: On the Site Stats, it always says that 100 stories are awaiting validation. Does it not reach past that number? Also, I'll check over my entires, I don't think there're too many mistakes...
By the way, thank you SO MUCH for doing all of this since you're all so busy! It's much appreciated :D
- PurpleElephants on 07/15/10 - 08:17AM
I would like to nominate: When The Clock Strikes by Rhei

It's a great chapter fic with a really good plotline. It doesn't have as much reviews as it deserved in my opinion ;)
- Sakura_Kura on 07/15/10 - 10:46AM
360 stories? *pheewww* Are you guys in need of more beta-readers/admins? Or how does it work, if you'd like to get your story published when there aren't any current admins available?
- Momo-Deary on 07/15/10 - 06:48PM
Here’s a Mini-Announcement of My Own~: My brain hurts a lot right now, but I've just finished going through all stories up until one week ago, or July 10th. Out of the stories that are currently in the queue, about 50 of them from July 10th and before are still there, meaning I've looked at them and did not validate them. This means I would have most likely deleted them if I had more time/more energy/not just gone through about 250 stories in two days, so to all of you out there who have been waiting longer than a week...well, you should go back and edit your story.

Thanks for your patience everyone!
- Sharp Shiny Pickle on 07/17/10 - 01:59AM
Thanks for fixing it for me! =) I guess I should lurk on the forums more often.
- DragonSilk on 07/17/10 - 11:05PM
@Sharp You're like... my hero. I've just been staring at the que grow and grow because I haven't had the time to validate myself (I've been in California and now I'm back in school). After my homework, I'll validate as much as I can. +___+
- Spirit Archer on 07/19/10 - 01:23AM
I still don't understand why people update more than one story at a time and don't just wait patiently before adding another chapter. :
- Lenaellie on 07/20/10 - 07:13PM
I have a concern: I just put one chapter each for two stories up for validation, but they got deleted. I only posted one at a time. I also didn't get a email stating why they may have been rejected. Can anyone clarify this for me please? ^_^;
- BurntSienna on 07/21/10 - 08:29PM
Um, let me rephrase my last comment. Well, I put one chapter each for four stories that were to be validated, like I'm supposed to. And three of the chapters for three of the stories were deleted. I didn't get emails saying why they may have been rejected, so could someone clarify this for me please? ^_^;
- BurntSienna on 07/21/10 - 08:41PM
Well, really only the moderator who looked over your story can tell you what's wrong, but if you didn't get a letter, it might be for an array of reasons: the site didn't send the letter, the mod might have forgotten to send it, your email service might not have accepted it thinking it was spam, etc. Your best bet would be to look over your stories again for something you might have missed and to try submitting again.
- Sharp Shiny Pickle on 07/22/10 - 02:49AM
Oh, thanks :) Er...for some reason, I submitted them again, but didn't change anything. And they got accepted...but that's fine. ^_^
- BurntSienna on 07/22/10 - 11:03AM
I'd like to nominate someone...
Jensea's "Crimson Taint"

She's got four chapters and only one review other than mine. She updates frequently and has been asking for readers to review, but isn't getting anything on any of her stories.

- MajorBaka on 07/22/10 - 12:21PM
I nominate GuiltyRose's "Identity". It's 17+. It has 28 comments, but the majority of them are mine (before I got an account) and only a couple of other people commenting on every chapter. xD
- generallor on 07/23/10 - 01:38AM
I can't get on the 'I have another problem' page so i'll put it here.

I've been trying to update one of my stories and it was deleted the first time, no email as to why, so I went through and re-did it, and then submitted it again and it has been deleted STILL with no rejection letter. May I please know what's wrong with my chapter? Cause I'd like to fix it. :/
- TwilightEmpress on 07/26/10 - 08:00PM
@Twilight: Have you checked your spam folder? Sometimes the rejection letters are sent there and sometimes the mods forget (as SSP said in an above comment). All I can suggest is to re-submit it and hope that another mod gets it (I'll look out for it tonight~) otherwise, I do suggest checking your spam folder just in case.
- Spirit Archer on 07/26/10 - 09:03PM
Thanks Spirit Archer. And yes I do, frequently (as in every hour if not 20 min. ^^U I have no life, what can I say?) but yeah...thanks again!
- TwilightEmpress on 07/26/10 - 09:22PM
Welcome. Lol, that sounds like me. 8D;; Btw, it was validated. c:
- Spirit Archer on 07/26/10 - 09:47PM
THANK YOU! <3 And thanks for actually telling me what was up. ^^U owe you one!
- TwilightEmpress on 07/26/10 - 09:47PM
I would like to nominate "Broken Promises" by hieisdarkdragonchick
- Vorestrix_Dragon on 07/27/10 - 11:54PM
Oh yeah and I would like to nominate Do Not Disturb by Psyco.
- Vorestrix_Dragon on 07/28/10 - 04:37AM
Er...I've noticed a pattern when my chapters are deleted...When I only have one chapter - overall, in all my fics - it's validated. But when there's more than one chapter overall (i have one chapter per story for validation), they all get deleted. No offense, but is there a possibility there's a moderator who's confused? Sorry, I keep complaining... T_T
- BurntSienna on 07/29/10 - 01:54PM
@Burnt: It is possible that a mod is having a mix up. There are generally two options when deleting fics, either you you into the story to delete the fic or you use the delete button which is next to the validation button. The delete button next to the validation one generally deletes the entire thing while going into the story allows us to delete just one (or a few more) chapters. And it's okay. ^^ It's good that you bring these things up, though but your story shouldn't be deleted once it's been validated, only the chapter.
- Spirit Archer on 07/31/10 - 02:51AM
Ah, okay! :) Thanks, I understand now. I really appreciate everything that the mods and admin have been doing. ^-^
- BurntSienna on 07/31/10 - 11:18AM