Featured Stories for August
Posted by crazydominodragongirl
07/31/10 - 10:47AM
Wow, I think I just exploded going through the nominations. So many this time~ perhaps I should try to set a few more limits next time I decide on underappreciated stories as a theme. Also, it is past midnight where I am right now (Japantime), so I am totally allowed to make this post now.

First off is a VERY IMPORTANT ANNOUNCEMENT, GUYS. A VERY IMPORTANT ANNOUNCEMENT. READ THE ANNOUNCEMENTS! READ THE ANNOUNCEMENT COMMENTS! IF APPLICABLE, READ THE FORUMS, TOO! Especially if you are asking a question! It is MOST LIKELY that it has been PREVIOUSLY ANSWERED ELSEWHERE. Seriously, I canít remember the last time I saw a question that was not answered in an announcement, in announcement comments, or on the forums. So before you ask why your stories are getting deleted and youíre not getting letters, or why youíre being redirected to wrong chapters, or why itís been n weeks and your story is still sitting in the queue, or ANYTHING AT ALL, check to see that it hasnít already been answered! Only then do you ask in comments or on forums or e-mail the mods. There was even an April Foolís post about this, guys. That was supposed to teach something. I apologize for the abuse of HTML and capslock, but hopefully this (and the global forum post I plan to put up in a little bit) will catch peopleís attention.

Anyway, to everyone else, thanks for putting up with that. Featured this time are underappreciated stories.

Blinded by PurpleElephants (Naruto, 13+)
Broken Promises by hieisdarkdragonchick (Yu Yu Hakusho, All)
Byakuran's Prophecies by omgpink (Katekyo Hitman Reborn!, 13+)
Crimson Taint by Jensea (Yu-Gi-Oh!, 13+)
Set Your Girl On Fire by Miss Ellie (Kingdom Hearts, 13+)
Stalinism by silver_neko_kitsune (Hetalia, 17+)

Congratulations to the six of you.

Nominations are now open for Septemberís featured stories. The theme shall be, I think, stories that take place in a school setting in celebrationÖ or notÖ of back-to-school. You can nominate over here on the forums or in the comments to this post, but please only nominate in one place! Full rules are on the forums, but basics are that you can only nominate one story and donít nominate yourself. You may now go back to your regularly-scheduled archive.


o///o Oh, I'm blushing, I was nominated~ Thanks to, er, whoever! :D

Oh, so I wasn't the only one experiencing being directed to a different story, and there's already and answer to that? Awesome. I shall go find it now.
- Miss Ellie on 07/31/10 - 11:53AM
I'd like to nominate tellin_a_story's "Katekyo Academy"!
- Shorti-hime on 07/31/10 - 01:00PM
AHAHAHAHA SO I TOTALLY JUST LOGGED IN TO COMMENT ON YOUR EARLY (in the States) POST xD So now I'm gonna go back to talking to you lololol xD
- BonitaWolfSpirit on 07/31/10 - 01:25PM
Wow, thank you! Thank you!

I'd like to nominate some one for September. Seeing as the Host Club is what it is, I find this one appropriate (even if it's not about celebrating back-to-school, so to say...).

"Heart of Glass, Heart of Stone" by MissMurder
- Jensea on 07/31/10 - 02:21PM
I'd like to nominate 'The Universal Language' by littleduck BUT I can't remember if it has been nominated already. There isn't a little award by it so I'm guessing it hasn't been. So here is the link!
- TwilightEmpress on 07/31/10 - 02:35PM
So, I just gotta ask...

The fellow in your icon...
Did he throw a refrigerator? Cause if he did, then that is so kick ass. I was getting hungry |D
- Crys-chan on 07/31/10 - 11:15PM
It is Heiwajima Shizuo from Durarara!!, and it's not a refrigerator but a vending machine. Which I guess is like the same thing unless you're unlucky enough to get a vending machine that sells cigarettes. :D
- crazydominodragongirl on 08/01/10 - 12:41AM
:O MY STORY IS FEATURED?! *passes out* And there's so many plotholes too... *blushes* Well, I'm just going to wrk even harder now! Thank you whoever nominated me! I'll do my best to keep it interesting for all of you!
- PurpleElephants on 08/01/10 - 11:28AM
l-lol thank you for nominating Stalinism, DG. Also, your Shizuo icon is oddly fitting for the rage of this post. :D Mmm, Shizu-chan~~
- silver_neko_kitsune on 08/01/10 - 12:19PM
wow!!! I was nominated ;D and picked after being nominated (double ;D) How awesome s that!
- omgpink on 08/02/10 - 03:38PM
Hmmm, more stories more!!! xD
- xChained_Dollx on 08/03/10 - 03:48AM
I know I mentioned this problem before, but it actually was working fine up until a day or two ago... My stories are directing people to another author's story once more, regardless of my being logged in or not. I just was curious: is this still a repair in progress then?
- Jensea on 08/03/10 - 09:54AM
Congratulations to the featured authors~ :3
- cigspiring on 08/03/10 - 09:56AM
I am so guilty of what you were warning us for, DG. I'm sorry for it, and it's a very bad habit.

That aside, congratulations to all of you!
- Relocation on 08/03/10 - 04:37PM
I'd like to nominate (if it hasn't already been done) "It's a Mad, Mad, Mad, Mad World" by GuardianAngel07
- animecrazypanda on 08/06/10 - 07:55PM
i was trying to conact someone about adding a category but the link is broken.
- gunit on 08/10/10 - 09:10PM
I would like to nominate "Homecoming" by Miss-Misery for September! :3
- Raen on 08/13/10 - 12:41PM
T_T I feel really, really stupid right now...I don't know where else I'm supposed to put this. But, if I go onto the forums, and try to register, I can do everything, but see the registration code...It just won't come up...ah, how do I fix this or where do I go with this problem?

Please forgive my ignorance...

Also, I would like to nominate Katekyo Academy by tellin_a_story
- Pepe Le Pew on 08/16/10 - 12:06PM
I was just curious to see who else was experiencing this, but for some reason Luna seems to fail to connect to the server every now and again. It's only happened twice to me, but there are times when the site doesn't load. The first time it said there was a fatal MySQL error before it...lost the server, so to speak. @___@;
- radicalsick on 08/23/10 - 02:52PM