Featured Stories for November
Posted by crazydominodragongirl
11/02/10 - 02:45AM
1. Go donate moneys to keep Luna alive, guys. There is a Paypal button down there.

2. It's November, which means a number of your mods (>2, in all likelihood) will be doing NaNoWriMo. There is a thread on the forums for it. You should do it too. Go forth and write a novel.

3. Featured stories for November: theme is school stories.

Heart of Glass, Heart of Stone by MissMurder (Ouran High School Host Club, 13+)
∞ It's a Mad, Mad, Mad, Mad World ∞ by GuardianAngel07 (Katekyo Hitman Reborn!, 13+)
Substitute Creature by Rockinmuffin (Naruto, 13+)
Thunder and Lightening by Bleu Wales (Yu-Gi-Oh! GX, 13+)
The Universal Language by littleduck (Kingdom Hearts, 17+)

Congratulations to all of you.

Nominations are now open for December's featured stories; the theme is "snow." Make of that what you will. Nominate over here on the forums or in the comments of this post.

A Reminder to All by Sharp Shiny Pickle: Multiple chapter submissions are not allowed. Please wait until one chapter has been validated before adding the next. I imagine the majority of you already know this as we have practically drilled it into your skulls, but this is still a problem with several people, so another reminder is needed. Also, have a nice November!


DG, did you seriously post this at 2:45 AM? o_O
- Lady Water on 11/02/10 - 04:14AM
Difference between Luna's timezone and my timezone, no da. 12:45. It was a little late since I exploded pretty epically during lab today, but totally still on time in later time zones. Or something. And now it's almost 2:45 and I'm up.
- crazydominodragongirl on 11/02/10 - 04:43AM
I donated yesterday~ <3
- Yellow Gumboots on 11/02/10 - 06:51AM
Makes sense; I'm just too much of a wimp to stay up late during "school nights". I become a zombie if I don't receive eight-nine hours of sleep, haha.
- Lady Water on 11/02/10 - 07:29AM
I would like to nominate Fluorescent-X's "A Moment of Failure!" in the Devil May Cry category.
- SunnyStormGuardian on 11/02/10 - 01:39PM
If only I was cool enough to do NaNo this year. DX I really want to...and as soon as I get my bank statement with my little Paypal code, you can expect a donation from me! Congrats to all of the authors and I hope we get some awesome nominations for this month~
- SubtleQuirk on 11/02/10 - 02:56PM
HOMG! I never thought one of my stories would ever make it to the front-page! O___O Oh wow, thank you guys so much, and thank you to whoever nominated me.
- Rockinmuffin on 11/02/10 - 05:27PM
Hey guys, SoundofSaphire had an awesome idea to help with raising money for the site. Check out her vlog!

I know I would go for it. If enough people are interested, I'd volunteer to help coordinate if someone will help with the design.

- Jensea on 11/02/10 - 05:46PM
Wow! This was a much-needed dose of good news, today. (My family's dog was hit by a car and killed this morning, and I'm waiting to hear back on another transplant I probably won't get.)

So thank you to whoever nominated my story!

And as soon as my check goes in this week, I'll be donating, too.
- MissMurder on 11/03/10 - 10:19AM
I nominate Momo-deary's "The Snow" from the Left 4 Dead 2 category.
- Shira23 on 11/04/10 - 10:43PM
As soon as I get my pay check I am totally donating some money.

Also, I wanted to inform you that the link to request a new category leads to no where. And i'm really like to request something.
- Lenaellie on 11/06/10 - 08:35PM
yeah, it's in the contact us.

and thank you crazydominodragongirl, i didn't know there was a thread. :)
- Lenaellie on 11/07/10 - 01:30AM
There's... a link for that? There's a thread in the forums to request new categories/characters, which is usually where that goes. Or you can e-mail one of the mods. O.o
- crazydominodragongirl on 11/07/10 - 01:50AM
I nominate Снег by KilalaKourasaki in the Axis Powers Hetalia category :3
- squeakyazn on 11/07/10 - 11:17AM
I donated a couple of bucks. U; Congrats to everyone that got their stories featured! c: Duurrrr...wish I was awesome enough to do the NaNo and actually come close to finishing...I never get passed that first 10k... = 3=;
- Irony on 11/07/10 - 07:54PM
...Is there a way to donate without creating a paypal? I dun wanna make a paypal account (my spending habits are horrible enough as it is without expanding my online shopping options).
Like, is there a P.O. box?
- powerful tenderness on 11/07/10 - 11:15PM
So, I'm having that problem where you try to go to a later chapter of one fic and end up on entirely another. O_o

Is there somewhere we're supposed to report these?
- DragonSilk on 11/16/10 - 01:14AM
I donated :D

It wasn't much, but hopefully I'll be able to give more at the end of this month once I get my bills straightened out.

Also, thanks to Jensea up there who is totally pulling for my idea to try and help raise money for the site :3
- SoundofSapphire on 11/16/10 - 01:39AM
Donated some money. Hope it helps! Thanks for getting the site running again!
- Crimsoncat on 11/26/10 - 09:48PM