Featured Stories for December
Posted by crazydominodragongirl
12/01/10 - 05:11AM
Happy December, everyone. Not much to say this time, so we’ll move right on to featured stories. This month’s theme is snow.

A Moment of Failure! by Fluorescent-X (Devil May Cry, 17+)
Снег by KilalaKurosaki (Axis Powers Hetalia, 13+)
Desire of the Soul by GuardianAngel07 (Bleach, 13+)
The Snow by Momo-Deary (Left 4 Dead 2, 17+)

Congratulations to you four~

Nominations are open for January’s featured stories. The theme is “best of 2010,” stories that have been first posted on Luna (and, as far as anyone can tell, on other sites, so they’re new stories) in 2010, so go nominate either over here on the forums.

P.S. Click the Paypal button on the left over there in the holiday spirit if you can and you haven’t already. ♥


First and foremost, I would like to thank squeakyazn for nominating me~ *makes heart with hands* :D Thank yooou~

Secondly, I'd like to nominate "The Life and Times of the Eternal Sidekick" by AlacraticAvarice
- KilalaKurosaki on 12/01/10 - 09:38AM
Hey, DG... I had a suggestion. Would it be at all feasible to maybe put a little icon next to the names of people who have donated? You might even get more donations this way, too. (I know it sounds stupid, but there are probably people who would donate just to get the icon by their name.)

Just an idea! :)
- MissMurder on 12/01/10 - 09:41AM
I love the Souji icons. /sobs
- Cordeux on 12/01/10 - 12:03PM
I like MissMurders' suggestion, also, is there any way to let us know just how much has been donated? If not an exact dollar amount then just an idea? Like maybe say "hey guys, we have enough donations to get us through to February" or "we're running low and only have enough for another month" or something like that. That way we know where we are and when we need to donate. I plan to donate as soon as I get my paycheck this week, but it would be nice to know where we are donation wise and how much of a need Luna has right now.
- Kiryn on 12/01/10 - 02:59PM
KilalaKurosaki you took a head start on me I wanted to nominate that... can I nominate ''World Domination'' by AlacraticAvarice
- AirashiiReaper on 12/01/10 - 04:50PM
@MissMurder and Kiryn: Well, generally stuff like that (both ideas) requires coding the archive... which isn't really something the mods can do. ^_^; It's something Sally would have to do, and she's busy and kind of hard to get ahold of. Adding icons is a coding thing. I figure if we're really about to run out of money there will be a notice, but I'm not sure about other times.

@Cordeux: I LOVE MY SOUJI ICONS TOO, THAT'S WHY I USE THEM. :'D he is my favorite. Well, him and Kaoru, but Kaoru is... an entirely different sort of special.
- crazydominodragongirl on 12/01/10 - 05:26PM
:'D Oh wow!! Thanks so much for the feature!!!
Happy Holidays, everyone!
- Momo-Deary on 12/01/10 - 05:56PM
I'd like to nominate "A Wish That Spans The Ages" by TwilightEmpress
- animecrazypanda on 12/01/10 - 06:11PM
@DG C-COULD WE ADD A HAKUOUKI SHINSENGUMI KITEN CATEGORY? I'm making karenawilliams watch it too.
P.S. Souji is at the top of my list too. :D
- Cordeux on 12/01/10 - 06:17PM
WAIT NVM I found it. :| I forgot it was orginally a game (that I want to play).
- Cordeux on 12/01/10 - 06:21PM
...And I want to nominate "The Spitting Image" by AlacraticAvarice. Popular, isn't she? :)
- StrawChan on 12/01/10 - 07:36PM
Uh, guys, I prefer nominating on the forums if at all possible because the full list of rules is over there. >.>; If someone has a story already nominated for the coming month, you can't nominate them again. It's just not fair to everyone else.
- crazydominodragongirl on 12/01/10 - 10:00PM
YAY! I finally got a spot on there! ♥

Oi, DG, I can't access the forums and I forget whether or not it's a rule that after a person is nominated and featured if they can't be nominated and featured again for a set amount of time?
- Fluorescent-X on 12/01/10 - 10:13PM
@Fluorescent-X: It's not a rule... just that you can't be nominated more than once for the same month, since it gives you a better chance of getting nominated overall. Or something.

@Cordeux: THE GAME IS SO MUCH BETTER THAN THE ANIME. For one thing, I get to play Okita route. :> Okitaaaa.
- crazydominodragongirl on 12/01/10 - 10:48PM
Ahh I'm having trouble registering for the forums. I'm not really sure who to contact about this but every time i attempt to register my confirmation code won't appear. T,T Can anyone help me?
- lazykitsunechan on 12/02/10 - 11:13PM
@DG AHHH I WANT IT SO BAD YOU HAVE NO IDEA. I want to play the Okita route. So.... Bad.... But it's like 77 bucks to ship it here from Japan...
- Cordeux on 12/04/10 - 12:02AM
I apologize in advance for not nominating on the forums, and I've tried in various instances to register, but have been unable to do so thus far. Moving along, if she hasn't already been nominted, I'd like to nominate Akira Mokona's "Race around the World".
- AlacraticAvarice on 12/09/10 - 09:55PM
So, sorry to bother anyone, but Luna's rerouting some stories to other stories. It's happened to me about twice this week and I just figured that someone ought to know about it. Thanks in advance to anyone who solves it! =D
- Broken Marionette on 12/11/10 - 08:58PM
@Broken Marionette

yeah its been a problem for a while now-- many stories are doing that no matter what happens. I'm not so sure what they can do about it but sometimes if I just wait a bit it ends up going to the right chapter so that might help? ^^U
- TwilightEmpress on 12/11/10 - 09:30PM
@TwilightEmpress Yeah, that's what I usually do, not many other solutions. I know it was happening before, but it's only recently happened again to me so I was just curious. Ah, well! XP
- Broken Marionette on 12/11/10 - 11:27PM
I actually thought that had been fixed, lmao. It hasn't happened to me in a while, but sometimes when I log in and go to a story I get logged out. I have to wait around and keep trying just so I can add the story to my favorites or comment while logged in.
- Rei on 12/13/10 - 08:10AM
I don't mean to nag or anything, just thought you should know, but the options in the Contact Us page are only giving 'Not Found' errors. I've checked the forums/site FAQs for solutions but to no avail.

I would sign up for an account in the forums to report it, but the verification code image doesn't appear for me.
- cigspiring on 12/20/10 - 02:02AM
Since it won't let me sign up on the forums I guess I'll do it here! I would liek to nominate Poison Girl's "Varial Relationships"!

- VietnamSpider on 12/20/10 - 10:41PM
Like* Sorry about that =]
- VietnamSpider on 12/20/10 - 11:21PM
Since everyone seems to voting here... I will be nominating Poison Girl's "Association" :D
- Oncyra on 12/22/10 - 03:29PM
See what I said earlier in the comments about an author only being able to be nominated once per month. >>;

Besides that, it's been known for a while that the Contact Us page isn't working, as well as forum sign-ups. You can go to one of the mods' profiles for contact information anyway...
- crazydominodragongirl on 12/22/10 - 09:00PM
...its because people are being silly and not reading the older posts like they should.

Since the sign ups aren't working how are we supposed to vote on forums? We're kinda stuck voting here if we can't get onto forums...
- TwilightEmpress on 12/23/10 - 05:33PM
That's why I said "if at all possible"... since I know people can't sign up. But the full list of rules is there and I really would appreciate it if people would listen when I tell them something can't be nominated. -_-;
- crazydominodragongirl on 12/23/10 - 07:12PM
mk. i see what you mean. =/ unfortunately there's too many people to repeat to. sorry about that. I've tried to telling people too but they tell me they know and -whup!- i see them doing the very thing next day. -_- anyways! enough ranting. I'll try to keep helping out.
- TwilightEmpress on 12/23/10 - 08:34PM
I'm totally nominating Poison Girl's "Varial Relationships" :D
- kenai48 on 12/24/10 - 02:58PM
@kenai48: read the comments, that story has already been nominated, you can't nominate it OR that author again for this month.

Seriously everyone please stop proving my point about people not listening to me.
- crazydominodragongirl on 12/24/10 - 08:41PM


The following authors have already been nominated:

AlacraticAvarice, myself and Poison Girl. Since I am unable to get onto the forums I cannot tell you what has been nominated there.
- TwilightEmpress on 12/24/10 - 11:11PM
Authors nominated on the forums:

Myself, Siruru, Rhei, MissMurder, ShadowQueen1815, Chloe Danvers, Bluewaters, and LaraWalker.

I don't think I missed anyone.

- Renohotness on 12/24/10 - 11:59PM
MissMurder revoked the nomination for herself, pointing out that that story was originally posted in '06. ^^; Thanks, guys.
- crazydominodragongirl on 12/25/10 - 01:25AM
I would like to nominate Psychosis by Wisp of Reality

Happy holidays you guys! :D
- sketchit on 12/25/10 - 05:02PM
Hey, DG, I'd like to request a catagory, but as you already know the "contact us" thing isn't working. So, would you want me to "contact" you or one of the other mods? Or would it be already just to put the info in another post on this?
- Fluorescent-X on 12/28/10 - 11:56PM
If you have access to the forums, you can post all the information there~

And if not (and if it's easier for you) please go ahead and e-mail me the category (and which it fits under) and then any characters you need. :3 My e-mail is just
- Hikari_no_Kage on 12/29/10 - 01:13AM

I sent you the message. Lemme know if I didn't provide all the info needed. xD
- Fluorescent-X on 12/29/10 - 01:39AM
I'm not sure if the whole "nomination thing" is still going on, but, if it is, I'd like to nominate Dantya Noire's "Sweetheart Syndrome".

Is that okay?
- Irasshai on 12/29/10 - 05:45AM
It's ok to nominate but we've already reached the 6 spots. Normally its the first 6 that get the nomination so... I don't know if new nominations are still going. ^^U

- TwilightEmpress on 12/29/10 - 02:03PM
@Irasshai: nominations are open all month, so it's okay~

@TwilightEmpress: actually, it's not the first six that get featured. To be fair, six submissions are drawn out of a "hat" which decides the featured stories for the month.
- Hikari_no_Kage on 12/29/10 - 02:23PM
That was the old rules. We've now been having nominations go on all month, and six are chosen at random in the end~
- Sharp Shiny Pickle on 12/29/10 - 02:24PM
OHHH okay thanks for clearing that up!

My bad! ^_^
- TwilightEmpress on 12/29/10 - 03:05PM
-- it cut me off;

but " I thought I was forgetting something" was supposed to be in that too. lol
- TwilightEmpress on 12/29/10 - 03:06PM
Nominating "Lady Luck" by Amplifire.
Started that story in January, and continued on its amazing twists and turns 'til late July. It deserves MUCH more recognition~ :3
- Momo-Deary on 12/29/10 - 04:41PM
@Hikari_no_Kage: okay, just wanted that cleared up. Thanks! :)
- Irasshai on 12/30/10 - 12:08AM