Featured Stories + How To Make Your Mods Happy
Posted by crazydominodragongirl
01/01/11 - 05:35AM
Happy New Year once again, everyone. I know this post is long, and I know a lot of you will probably skip to the end where featured stories are, but I'd appreciate it if you read through the entire thing so you know why it is long. To celebrate the new year (...or not), it's time for a special Q&A corner, titled YOUR MODS AND YOU (and why you should listen to them, and why your mods do not appreciate it when you do not).

Q: Who are the mods?
A: The Lunaescence mods are the people who validate stories and authors, take care of featured, add new categories and characters, reply to any questions you might have about the site, take care of any bugs you might experience with your profile/stories/what have you, deal with plagiarism concerns on the site, etc., etc.. Basically, they are the people you talk to if you want something done. What the mods cannot do is fix anything that requires changing the coding of the site. If you want your username to blink neon colors, I'm sorry, we can't do anything to help you.

Q: Yes, but who are they?
A: There's a partial list over here in the FAQ, though we've gotten more mods since then and quite a few of them are inactive. Newer mods include shadowsirenv, Sharp Shiny Pickle, Tokyo the Glaive, chibi neko alchemist ryuukari, Jesanae Tekani, Spirit Archer, and moonbeam9992.

Q: This person is telling me to do something! Can I ignore them?
A: Um, no. Also, no. Part of the reason for posting this now is the sheer frustration of the mods saying something and subsequently being ignored. We have rules, guys. We shouldn't have to parrot them in your faces ten times to get a point across.

Q: But where are these rules you're talking about? If I can't find them, it's not my fault if I break every last one of them, right?
A: To be fair, the rules most often broken aren't listed when you post a story or anything. If you were around during April of last year, your mods trolled gave you a kindly reminder that you should always read the announcements and that reading announcement comments often gives you a hint about what's going on when you're wondering why everyone else's stories have inexplicably morphed into chocolate cakes. You can't listen to the rules if you don't read the announcements and the comments. "But I spent an hour slaving away posting 100 chapters of my epic story and now they're all gone!" It's probably because you didn't read the mods' heartfelt pleas to only post one chapter at a time until the previous one has been validated. Because deleting multiple chapters from the queue to reduce its length by 20 submissions is so much fun, you know. As is repeating myself four times that the same author can't be nominated more than once per month for featured story.

Q: I think I exploded my story/profile/life. The Contact Us feature isn't working and neither is forum sign-up, so what do I do?
A: You contact one of the mods directly. We're authors just like you, so if you go to their author profile and click the "Contact Author" link, it will enable you to send an e-mail to one of the mods. If you receive a no letter or something in your inbox, you can also reply directly to that if you have any questions.

Here's a helpful partial list of mods who have said they are fine with being contacted, their contact link works, and have assured me they won't bite (yes, I asked):

Sharp Shiny Pickle
Spirit Archer

Other mods, feel free to add your own names to the list.

Q: I hate the mods.
A: That isn't a question. But they still won't bite. Probably.

Sorry, that was long... but I hope you read that and the rule reminder I sneakily buried in there. Anyway, featured stories for January! The theme was "Best of 2010."

The Devils You Know by Renohotness (Devil May Cry, Adult)
Lady Luck by Amplifire (Left 4 Dead II, 17+)
Race around the World by Akira Mokona (Axis Powers Hetalia, 17+)
Redcoats Rampage by Chloe Danvers (Original, 13+)
Rocks & Consequences by Bluewaters (Avatar: The Last Airbender, 13+)
Shounen Heart by Siruru (Katekyo Hitman Reborn!, 13+)

Congratulations to the six of you. :)

Nominations are open for February's featured stories. The theme is "sweets," or stories in which chocolate/Candygrams/cake/pie/etc. play a major role. A quick rundown of the rules: you can't nominate yourself; no nominating more than one story; if an author has been nominated already and you nominate them again, your nomination will be ignored; though multiple stories can be nominated from a given fandom, only one story from a fandom can be featured (in case you were wondering what happened to the five thousand KHR nominations this time around). That means yes, look at what's already been nominated as much as you are able before you nominate. You can nominate here on the forums where the full process is explained or in the comments of this announcement. With the requirement that you read said announcement and the comments before yours first...


Congrats to those who got featured! And it might be wrong, but I chuckled a bit when I read this Q&A. The mods are all very nice, nothing to be scared of~
- tempest on 01/01/11 - 06:46AM
...I have a featured story? *foams at mouth* GLAAH. THANK YOU SO MUCH. I still feel like a newbie here. =_= Happy New Year to everybody, and congratulations to the featured authors! I read most instructions on sites with a quite neurotic thoroughness because I'm deathly scared of doing something stupid or wrong. >_> And that fear increases doubly with Luna because I love this site to bits.

Helpful Q&A, DG (hope you don't mind that I call you that), and thanks for all the hard work that you guys put into this site to make it an awesome place for all users! :) Hurray for mods and the New Year!
- Bluewaters on 01/01/11 - 07:40AM

And no, I will not deny that I (the young frightened newbie that I was, and still am) fell for the April trolling. But you took care of that, and promptly bitch-slapped me back into place. I've been reading each and every announcement with fear ever since~ thank you for that ♥

Oh, random, just wanted to say that named my seventh poodle DG (she loves it, really).
- Nanaii on 01/01/11 - 08:54AM
GAHHH! That post was so long, but I made it! I read everything, and uh... Yea... :D Anyway, Happy New Year and congratulations to the featured authors~!
- xoxLUNAESCENCExox on 01/01/11 - 12:35PM
Congratulations! Happy New Year!
- Comatose Bunny on 01/01/11 - 02:31PM
Haha ^^ I'm rather happy that I read that entire thing = though i'm slightly irritated that whenever I read it you guys have to repeat stuff. I'm not irritated at you guys or nuthin I'm just irritated at the people who can't seem to follow instructions... v-v; Not that I have a perfect track record of course. ^^;
- AngelYukiri on 01/01/11 - 03:42PM
Congrats to the six who were nominated! And happy new year~!
- skidd on 01/01/11 - 03:48PM
Oh, wow. That wasn't that long, it was totally appropriate! The Mods are very nice, actually. They've always helped me out and I don't think I've been bit once...o.O'

Congrats to the nominated authors/stories! And Happy new Year everyone!
- Suki-chan on 01/01/11 - 04:03PM
...why am I logged out randomly? Do something, DG-chan! *pouts* ....kidding. (Though I AM logged out randomly, Luna hates meh T_T) I wish you a happy new year as well. may it be an awesome year for more reader-inserts Lunaescence and everyone associated with it.

And I did read through it *nods nods* ...though I skipped some questiosn and answers that are kinda obvious...oh wait, you don't bite? *shot*

Thanks for your hard work, mods~
- Celestial Sakura on 01/01/11 - 04:23PM
chibi neko alchemist here. :D Feel free to contact me should you need any help, too.

Seriously, people, read this - and announcements of the past. So much time and effort could be saved all around that way.
- ryuukari on 01/01/11 - 07:08PM
Congrats to the featured authors!

I would like to say, it might be useful to have an idea of which mods we can contact for various problems?
(Like that pesky problem with the next chapter link leading to an entirely different fic. It's been happening a lot lately to me.)
- DragonSilk on 01/01/11 - 07:38PM
*And by which mods I mean I don't think all the mods deal with the technical problems?
- DragonSilk on 01/01/11 - 07:39PM
Well, most technical problems fall under the category of coding, which as stated above, can only be fixed by Sally. A lot of people have reported that problem previously, so Sally should know about it, but I can't say when she'll have the time to address it. :O

But to address your question, all moderators have the exact same powers, so contacting any of them for whatever reason is fine~
- Sharp Shiny Pickle on 01/01/11 - 08:21PM
That's what I get for skimming~. Bad me.

But at least I know if I have any problems I won't get redirected around.
- DragonSilk on 01/01/11 - 09:34PM
I would like to nominate A Sandy Thanksgiving Festival by Sabishii
- teeheexoxo on 01/01/11 - 10:42PM
Lol'd a little bit at the "five thousand KHR nominations" part. Congrats to everyone who got their story featured! (Also, wut. "I hate the mods"? Man, that's just messed up, yo. Without you guys I wouldn't have a place to live. Haha.)
- SubtleQuirk on 01/02/11 - 01:16AM
(head-slap) I got featured? Arg! I'm glad! Thank you so much! :)On another note, good newsletter like always. I love Luna no matter what bugs it has, so you guys take your time and fix as you go--no rush :)
- Amplifire on 01/02/11 - 01:38AM
Omnom. Personally, the mods are all evil vampires who love to suck out the souls of bishies and nom on their bodies.

. . . chibi neko alchemist is one. :D

. . . obviously I'm kidding. ♥

They are all amazing people who work very hard for us, let's bow for them.

This was extremely long, DG. No, again I'm kidding. :c

Although, I don't think everyone understands that. Anyways, without mods, where would we be?

No where, that's what! Happy New Years to everyone and congratulations to all that were featured~

Fighting~ ♥
- burywrekgemysoul on 01/02/11 - 04:02AM
Noted! I shall try my very hardest to adhere to the rules. I hope I do not fail you! *determined pose* Anywho~ If I may make a nomination? "Very Sweet" by Lafein. :3 Happy New Year all~! :D
- AlacraticAvarice on 01/02/11 - 06:58PM
If it hasn't been nominated on the forums I would like to nominate "Absolute Perfection" by Expresso-Latte!

- VietnamSpider on 01/03/11 - 10:43AM
I got featured~ Thank you to all who read, review, and favourite~
Except, when I look at the Featured list, my "Race around the World" is not on the list...
- Akira Mokona on 01/04/11 - 08:00PM
Hmm, the action log said DG featured it, so it must have just been a glitch. I think some people have had this problem before. :O At any rate, I went a head and featured it again, so it should be good now~
- Sharp Shiny Pickle on 01/04/11 - 08:17PM
I noticed it wasn't featured before (like on the day I featured it) and fixed it too. It happens when you edit summary/story information... or characters. Which it seems like you're doing a lot...
- crazydominodragongirl on 01/04/11 - 11:18PM
I wanted to say... that I can be contacted too, I don't mind and would be more than happy to help anyone out if they'd like. ' A' My email is spiritarcher [@] yahoo
- Spirit Archer on 01/05/11 - 12:00AM
Eh, every time i try to get onto the forums and register, the confirmation code does not appear, and if i click onto the link for 'author forums' it says '404 not found'. O.o Er,,, could someone please help me out here? And, I was wondering if stories with a rating of Adult+ are allowed to be nominated.
- mangamaniac48 on 01/16/11 - 09:51PM
I have no idea how I read all of that...I must be bored. First large post not related to manga I've read in several months. Other than bank contracts.
- Mizuho on 01/17/11 - 05:08PM
Congrats, featured offers! ^_^b Also, thanks for the mods Q&A. To be honest I had no idea who they really were, figuring they were mystical beings that haunted Luna. Who'd a' thunk it? The more you know~!
- Nobodys Damsel on 01/20/11 - 10:04PM