Featured Stories and Author Validation
Posted by crazydominodragongirl
02/01/11 - 04:17PM
This month, for a change of pace, featured stories come before the announcement that a lot of people have been wondering about. The theme for February is ďsweets.Ē

90 Proof Sweets by VampirePumpkins (Death Note, 17+)
Absolute Perfection by ExpressoLatte (Katekyo Hitman Reborn!, 13+)
A Sandy Thanksgiving Festival by Sabishii (Naruto, 13+)
Very Sweet by Lafein (One Piece, Youth)

Congratulations to these four authors.

Nominations are now open for Marchís featured stories. The theme is ďrealism,Ē or stories with a setting and plot that could take place in the real world without too much stretching. You can nominate over here on the forums or in the comments of this announcement. Please make sure the story and author you are nominating have not already been nominated for this month!

A number of people have been asking lately, and we figured itís time to open up author validations for consideration again. Weíre more or less figured out a standard for what weíre looking for in story validations (minimal verb tense/agreement, spelling, and capitalization errors, for example), as well as some standards for author validation. You can now request to become a validated author.

The way this works:

-You must have at least five posted stories or five chapters and a total of at least 5,000 words written. If any of your submissions have been denied in the past two months, or if it hasnít yet been two months since you last requested validation, you canít ask again.

-Author validations will be stricter than story validations Ė itís the difference between a lifelong pass and a one-time thing.

-Request here on the forums, in the announcement comments, or e-mail one of us. Make sure you include your screenname, and that you check PMs (on the forums) and/or that you have a working e-mail address associated with your account so that we can get back to you.

-Two of the mods will decide whether or not you will be validated. If they are in agreement, then that decision will stand (you will be validated or your validation request will be rejected). If not, then a third mod will come in as tiebreaker.

-You will be contacted privately with the decision, including suggestions for improvement. If you arenít validated, you can ask again in a couple months.

And, just for the record, your mods have started a grammar guide here containing some of the most common errors we see in stories. Please take a look, since a large number of people really do mess up verb tenses, homophones, and dialogue punctuation!

If you have any questions, comments, etc., feel free to ask. :) Other mods, if I forgot something, please mention it, and donít forget to stalk the forums for discussion and whatnot.


Whoa, caught this just as it came out! I'd like to request author validation, please. I'm not on the forums, but I definitely have a working email address. (And on the off chance my screen name doesn't show, it's ice_water)
- ice_water on 02/01/11 - 04:54PM
Congrats to everyone who got nominated!

I too would like to request author validation, if its not too much trouble. I haven't signed up on the forums yet, but my email works.
(Screen name is Arue)

Thank you~
- Arue on 02/01/11 - 05:06PM
Aw~ talk about bad timing on my part! Just the other day I got something rejected because I was an idiot and didn't proof-read like I usually do! D:

However, since I read that we can ask again a couple months from now, I'll ask around May or so. :D
- SunnyStormGuardian on 02/01/11 - 05:08PM
Aah, we should probably mention the moderator grammar guide even though it's not complete, DG~ :]
- Sharp Shiny Pickle on 02/01/11 - 05:10PM
lolol I was going to do that but I forgot about it. 8D; Editing now, I guess.
- crazydominodragongirl on 02/01/11 - 05:14PM
If you guys could include a link to your profile page, that would be really helpful too~
- Sharp Shiny Pickle on 02/01/11 - 05:37PM
Ahh, I would very much like to apply for author validation, please. I don't believe I've had anything rejected since the site came back at least, so that shouldn't be a problem.
- BewareTheBunnys on 02/01/11 - 05:46PM
*GASP* I would LOVE to be a validated author~ :'3
For some reason, I can't make an account on the forums (The captcha is broken or something) But I check my email regularly~
- Momo-Deary on 02/01/11 - 05:48PM
I would like to be a validated author, if that would be possible~ :3

I haven't had anything sent back to me since early last year, since I've improved on my work.

Thanks to the mods, for taking the time to validate our work in the meantime.
- Shira23 on 02/01/11 - 05:50PM
(Sorry about posting again, just leaving my profile link like you asked. :3)
- Arue on 02/01/11 - 06:04PM
Oh, I would love to apply for validation! I can't get on the forums, but I have a working email:)

(and because everybody else did it, just in case, my screen name is sketchit!)
- sketchit on 02/01/11 - 06:25PM
You forgot the link to the author validation on the forums...

(Here it is :3)
- Shade on 02/01/11 - 06:35PM
Something to maybe help with the grammar guide (if it's going to be a public thing). I have a dialog punctuation guide at my blog. Part 1 is here and part 2 is here. If you want to use it, feel free.
- Tikatu on 02/01/11 - 07:01PM
First off, congrats featured! :D

Second, is it okay if I apply for validation? I'm not on the forums but my email works perfectly fine.

And since everyone else is doing it...
- puu-chan on 02/01/11 - 07:08PM
I'd like to be considered for validation, please. c: My email's working as of right this very second~!
- SoNovember on 02/01/11 - 07:46PM
Congrats to everyone who were feature ^^~!
Also, I'd like to be considered for validation as well. Not on the forums, but my email is working awesomely :D.
- Satsuki on 02/01/11 - 08:02PM
... I am an idiot... I just found the link... -.-'
- Shade on 02/01/11 - 08:16PM
congratulations to everyone who received the feature~ ♥

i'd like to request author validation, if that's alright? i check my email regularly, and in case it doesn't show up, my username is 'anarchy in the uk.' thank you! C:
- anarchy in the uk on 02/01/11 - 09:18PM
I would like to request author validation as well. I have a working email and I check it often, but I'm not on the forums. Here is the link to my page:
- BurntSienna on 02/01/11 - 09:40PM
Oh, I forgot to type my screenname. It's "BurntSienna". Thanks.
- BurntSienna on 02/01/11 - 09:43PM
Including your username is really for the forum since you can have a different name there than on the archive. :]
- Sharp Shiny Pickle on 02/01/11 - 09:47PM
I would like to be validated. I do having a working email address, since I'm not on the forums.

Here is the link->

Username: Krimskii
- Krimskii on 02/01/11 - 09:54PM
I would like to risk embarrassing myself and apply for validation. For some reason I can't get on the forums, but I do have a working email.
- Phoenix on 02/01/11 - 11:11PM
I'd like to be validated :)

Username: Noctiluca

I have both a working email, and access to the forums (but I prefer email if that's alright).
- Noctiluca on 02/01/11 - 11:13PM
One: Could I place a request to become a validated author?


Username: Jensea

I don't have working access to the forums at the moment, but I do have a working e-mail connected to my account here that I check regularly; basically, please contact me there if needed.

Two: I'm having a difficult time reading the captcha when I'm logged out while attempting to review... Was there a change in the captcha we use on the site? Itís strangely difficult to read (and I've had this situation occur on multiple computers as well).

Thanks! ~Jensea
- Jensea on 02/02/11 - 12:52AM
I would like to validated. :)
I can't seem to access the forums, but I do have a working email that I check regularly.

Username: RusticSpine

Thank you~
- RusticSpine on 02/02/11 - 03:32AM
I think it is really great that there's a way to know if one can actually even considering asking to become a validated author.

And I think DG really explained it well too, which probably leaves you guys with a lot less confusing questions.

Hehe, I guess I don't really have much to say except congratulations to everyone who has been nominated and good luck to the mods with their new task ahead.

You guys are really great.
- Pepe Le Pew on 02/02/11 - 03:41AM
Thank you so much for the feature, and congratulations to the others as well! :D And I would love to be validated!

Screenname: Lafein
- Lafein on 02/02/11 - 07:48AM
Whoo! I would like to please be validated. :3 I tried to sign up for the forums but the registration page is broken or something. :/
But I check my email religiously and my screen name is AnonymousSong. Thank you!
- AnonymousSong on 02/02/11 - 09:42AM
Hello! I thank you for taking the time to glance over this request. I'd like to request to be validated.

Screen Name: NuitNoire

I check my email regularly. Thank you very much!
- NuitNoire on 02/02/11 - 10:36AM
I would like to nominate "Listen to Teacher" by AlacraticAvarice.
- petite gateau on 02/02/11 - 12:01PM
Oh and also, I'm not sure if it has been nominated on the forums, but I would like to nominate Bluewaters' The Crooked Cross.
- Pepe Le Pew on 02/02/11 - 12:38PM
May I try for author validation also?
username: fangirl

I check my email regularly~
- fangirl on 02/02/11 - 10:51PM
I know that this isn't exactly the best place to ask this, but may I ask what counts as "spam words" for the spam filter for the reviews. I've been having difficulty reviewing anything, even when my reviews are free of emoticons or HTML or anything of the sort.
- WyndiWingfall on 02/02/11 - 11:04PM
@WyndiWingfall:...I didn't even know there were review filters that checked for spam words. :O Aah, I guess a filter would probably not like the kind of words you'd see in those spam email titles, but I can't really say anything for sure, haha. That's more of a coding issue, which only Sally is knowledgeable about. Sorry for not being much help~ 8D;;
- Sharp Shiny Pickle on 02/02/11 - 11:54PM
Oh wow. Can I please be validated?

I haven't been refused something since the end of 2009, I believe. :3

Screen name: mangamaniac48

I haven't been able to get on the forums, either.

- mangamaniac48 on 02/03/11 - 02:13AM
Congrats to the featured ;)

Could you consider validating me, too? I don't think I've had anything rejected in awhile, but then again I haven't updated much since Luna's been back up >.<

My username is Miktasuki Dice.
Link's right here
And I do have an account on the forums, but I don't get on it that often. I do, however, have a perfectly working e-mail address that I check almost daily.

Thank you~~
- Miktasuki Dice on 02/03/11 - 01:28PM
Oo!! I would like to be a validated author~ SagurnLeRamenCountry
I check my emai daily!
I appreciate you taking your time for this~
- SagurnLeRamenCountry on 02/03/11 - 04:19PM
I would also like to apply for validation.

screen name: Chaoticlogic

and yes i have a working email that I check more often than is healthy.
- ChaoticLogic on 02/03/11 - 04:58PM
@ Sharp Shiny Pickle: I didn't know we had filters either, which was what confused me. There was nothing spammy about my review [which was for "Tournament Troubles," incidentally]. No one else seems to be having this problem, so I guess I'll try switching browsers or something first.
- WyndiWingfall on 02/03/11 - 10:15PM
I'll be away from a computer this coming Wednesday to Friday, btw.
- mangamaniac48 on 02/03/11 - 11:37PM
Is it possible I apply for validation?

User: cigspiring

Haven't been able to sign up on the forums, but I check my email daily.
- cigspiring on 02/04/11 - 03:13AM
This is not productive whatsoever, but I love your icon~
- Celestial Sakura on 02/04/11 - 08:11AM
To all the people asking to be validated (which I am, too xD) the forums have a broken reCaptcha, which is why nobody can register. This was found out way before even the server change. Back when we were having the first problems. Sally says she's working on getting it fixed. But she's busy, too, and has a life outside of Luna :3

And DG, your icon is pretty :D I agree with Celestial Sakura :3 ...Unless she's not talking about you...In which case, I digress.
- ashestoroses018 on 02/04/11 - 09:42PM
(And again an unproductive comment,, whatever~)

I'm talking about DG-chan'a icon BECAUSE IT HAS NAOI IN IT, amongst others. Ahahaha, I'm so biased!
- Celestial Sakura on 02/05/11 - 08:05AM
Sharp Shiny Pickle and other mods: Thanks so much!
- BurntSienna on 02/05/11 - 09:02AM
I have a question. I don't know if it's been asked before but, just to be on the safe side.

If you have a story waiting to be validated and a chapter of one of your other stories all ready to go, do you have to wait until the unvalidated story has been approved or can you also add the ready chapter while waiting for the other story to be mod approved?

Oh, and congrats to all the authors who got nominated and won! *throws confetti*
- Lenaellie on 02/05/11 - 09:11AM
@BurntSienna: You are quite welcome~

@Lenaellie: We don't allow multiple submissions for the same story, so as long as the chapters are of different stories, it's all right.
- Sharp Shiny Pickle on 02/05/11 - 01:39PM
Umm.. This may sound stupid, but what exactly does a Validated Author do?

- RyuseiStreamGirl on 02/05/11 - 03:53PM
@RyuseiStreamGirl: If you are a validated author, it means you can post stories without having to go through the process of a moderator looking over your work. Your stories will be automatically updated to the archive. We give this status to authors who have shown that they are competent in their grammar.
- Sharp Shiny Pickle on 02/05/11 - 04:09PM
@Sharp Shiny Pickle: Thank you~!

@/To Mods:
(Then) I'd like to apply for Validation, too!

Username: RyuseiStreamGirl

E-mail: I have a working e-mail that I check everyday ^^

Thanks for taking your time to read!
- RyuseiStreamGirl on 02/05/11 - 04:18PM
Okay, so this isn't exactly relative to the current conversation. But I feel it needs to be brought to attention. And so do several other people (some of whom haven't responded yet, but agree). I feel like I sound kind of snarky, but this is a big deal. So, please click it, and if you agree, please do respond. If not, well, respond anyway. Give us a reason why. Thanks for your time :3!/topic.php?uid=131426543538752&topic=332

Thanks for taking the time, and I hope you all don't feel like I spammed or anything. But we all love this site, right? Let's not see it go down the drain D:
- ashestoroses018 on 02/05/11 - 10:24PM
Thanks for being so very civil about it, guys, and bringing me from calm to murderous in about two seconds flat. I'm really sorry, but I don't really appreciate criticism without suggestions for improvement, if you have no idea what goes on behind the scenes. Asking for validation doesn't mean you'll be validated immediately. Wondering why it's taking us forever to go through the list? Because we are actually looking at the stories of people asking for validation, and right now, we're bordering on more people being rejected than not. You can say what you wish, that so-and-so shouldn't be asking for validation, but do keep in mind that asking is different from having the request granted. If you have any issues with certain stories being validated, why don't you come up with a list of the most recent and send it to a moderator or something? There's an action log on the site, so we should be able to find out who did what when and figure something out. That's what you should be doing, rather than vague complaints that help no one.

And before you talk about the mods validating things because they're lazy, do think about how long the queue is (hint: that 100 number is, 90% of the time, a gross underestimate), and that a large number of stories submitted are, in fact, rejected, or hang around the queue for a long while because the quality is low enough that we're not sure how to deal with them. If you want to compare the site to or Quizilla, you'd let us auto-validate the dozens of stories that come through every day without a glance. Please don't exaggerate; it's honestly insulting.

What would you suggest to make things better? Constructive criticism is what you should be giving, not insults. And I'm really sorry for losing my temper, but honestly, do put some thought into the time that goes into this site.
- crazydominodragongirl on 02/05/11 - 11:20PM
Thanks for opening up validation, among the many other things you do to keep this site running. I'd like to be considered for it. My screen name is WindsofSolitude. Thanks again.
- WindsofSolitude on 02/06/11 - 01:24AM
I'd like to apply for validation if it's not too late already. =)

My email for that account should work fine!
- Kubera on 02/06/11 - 03:45PM
Ahahaha... I have a feeling that part of what DG-san said goes to me... XD (But I was only wondering on what "Validated Authors" do (like, what their jobs are). I'm not applying for Validation just because our stories will automatically get posted. I was wondering if they had something like a "job" over the web, and I didn't want to sign up for something I can't do.)

But I do appreciate how the Mods are going through the stories and make sure they're good.

I've been on FFnet for quite a while, but they never have good stories. I guess I can say some of the stories summary sound interesting, but their chapters always disappoint me. They're either half chat-spoken (both the short-handed way and goes like it was done over chat), 90% run-on sentences long paragraphs, or just plain not good. It's really hard to find decent chapter-ed stories (and sometimes, the chapters are okay, but the story line isn't).

On the other hand, I can always trust to find good stories on Luna. The Mods takes their time and goes over the submitted chapters, unlike FFnet (I don't know about Quizilla...). I really do appreciate (unlike some people) the hard work the Mods are doing, even probably right this moment, too!

And I'd like to Thank DG-san for pointing out that there are hundreds of stories waiting to be validated, because it seems like I (and a lot of people) forget that there are hundreds of users on this site. Getting this information back into my head, I really am going to go over all my work with a beta-reader (my Friend).

I'm wishing the Mods a good luck (with many things).
- RyuseiStreamGirl on 02/06/11 - 05:49PM
@RyuseiStreamGirl: It was really that Facebook thread that DG was addressing, so I don't think you need to worry. Thank you, though~ :]
- Sharp Shiny Pickle on 02/06/11 - 06:28PM
@Sharp Shiny Pickle: Ahhh.... I'm relieved! (At least partially that I'm not one of the people DG-san is mad at.)

And You're Welcome~ :3
- RyuseiStreamGirl on 02/06/11 - 09:27PM
I don't know if this is Sally's domain, but I think getting more mods would help. I mean, I'd definitely be willing to pitch in with the load, you guys are totally overworked as it is. Whatever the cause, I'll support our mods through it! They seriously rock and no one gets how much work they do. I cringe at reading terrible work, and these people do it willingly and offer feedback!
- Broken Marionette on 02/07/11 - 01:41PM
Personally, I respect and admire the mods for all they are doing. If I don't want to read through my just typed up chapter, then it's got to take dedication to be a mod here.

This site shouldn't even be mentioned near Quizilla or Luna is much better, if not just for the awesome stories, then just for the mods! ;) <3
- AnonymousSong on 02/07/11 - 08:47PM
Yea, I just realized that the link to my profile got cut off. Sorry. Here it is again.
- WindsofSolitude on 02/07/11 - 10:09PM
Yea, I just realized that the link to my profile got cut off. Sorry. Here it is again.
- WindsofSolitude on 02/07/11 - 10:09PM
P.S. sorry for the double post. My computer's been acting up. That's the reason my link got cut off to begin with.
- WindsofSolitude on 02/07/11 - 10:10PM
I would like to put my name down for author validation.
Screenname: Lady Inari
Working E-mail: (Which is the e-mail for that account but I included it again just in case.)
- Lady Inari on 02/09/11 - 01:38PM
I would like to request an author validation.
Screen name: rainingtears
the email associated with this account is working and I check it several times a day.
Thank you for doing this.
- rainingtears on 02/09/11 - 01:57PM
I would like to request an author validation.
Screen name: Elmire Dolores
User profile:
Working e-mail: (This is the e-mail associated with my Luna account)
Thank you for your time and consideration.
- ElmireDolores on 02/13/11 - 06:38PM
Hello! I'd like to apply for author validation. :)

Username: Kay
E-mail:[at] (the same e-mail associated with my account)

Feel free to PM me on the forums, although my handle there is kureyuki.
Thank you for all your hard work! ♥
- Kay on 02/13/11 - 10:32PM
Is this surge of people wanting author validation the reason why story validation has been so slow since this announcement? If so, you might want to work on that.
- Stygian Pirate on 02/14/11 - 10:07PM
@Stygian Pirate
There are only so many mods and there is only so much time in a day. They have lives away from Luna, so be patient and don't rush them. They were kind enough to offer to validate authors which will help with story submissions in the long run to.
- Rei on 02/15/11 - 06:38PM
@Rei: I'm well aware that they have lives away from Luna, but it just seems like they're prioritizing the author validation. The least they could do is divide up the mods into groups: those in charge of author validation and those in charge of story validation. It seems like a perfectly logical way to increase overall productivity, especially since I think DG said that the majority of people requesting author validation were ultimately turned down. Author validation will help in the long run, but not if very few people are getting validated and the story queue gets impossibly large.
- Stygian Pirate on 02/15/11 - 10:13PM
Hello! I'm posting to apply for validation!

My username is RemDeRosier

Here's the link to my page:

And the email set up with my account is my correct email! :)
- RemDeRosier on 02/15/11 - 11:24PM

I would like to apply to be validated on the site. I currently have four stories posted, one with 12 chapters. I have another chapter and story waiting to be looked at. I have had no problems or stories returned. Please have a look and consider me.

Thanks so much and have a great day

Lauren aka Lillehafrue
- Lillehafrue on 02/16/11 - 11:56AM
Okay, I have a bit of a bone to pick here. It says in the validation criteria that a writer must have "at least five posted stories and/or chapters and a total of at least 5,000 words written." I know personally of at least one author who emailed you for validation when she had at least 5 chapters and well over 5000 words that had been approved on their first posting. But, the "5 stories and/or chapters" seems to have morphed into "5 stories" only. So, she's been frustrated because she has to post more stories, and wonders if there's something wrong with them because y'all are backed up with more submissions, and aren't moving as quickly as before. (And I get this, I really do. Both of us understand y'all have lives outside of Luna.)

If the criteria says "stories and/or chapters" then you should consider people who have put up 5 chapters and 5000+ words, regardless of how many stories they have posted. Or, if 5 stories is really what you want, make that clear by editing (and marking your edit) on the original post here. Don't say one thing, then expect another.
- Tikatu on 02/16/11 - 03:37PM
Our requirement is supposed to be a minimum of five stories or five chapters. I only know of one author that has been denied because they did not meet the word limit, but I'm not aware of anyone who has been told that they did not have enough stories.

Has this person been contacted directly by a moderator telling her that she has not posted enough stories, or is she just worried because it is taking a while for her validation request to be processed? If it is the former, then please have her email me with her username and a copy of what she received, and I will try to sort things out. If the latter, then please let her know that the process takes a while because two separate moderators have to carefully examine an author's work.

We aren't trying to go back on our word. If your friend was wrongly denied, then the moderator who did so was probably confused. I'll go ahead and change the wording in the announcement anyway, though, to avoid any misunderstandings in the future.
- Sharp Shiny Pickle on 02/16/11 - 04:08PM
Congratulations to the the nominated authors. :) Also, I would like to apply for validation. It's about time I did so, I think. Hehehe. Anyway, my username is MidnightRaven. I don't think I'm registered on the forums but I just tried to and because my computer can't seem to load the captcha thingy I'm unable to register at this time. :( But I will keep trying!
But my e-mail associated with my account is checked at least three times daily and I currently have twenty stories on this site. Thanks for your consideration~
- MidnightRaven on 02/16/11 - 08:54PM
@Stygian Pirate: You're right that does make sense, but that would also cause the problem of both processes going slower than usual (even if they did eventually get done).

I have a suggestion though, why not cut off requests for author validations by the end of February (or middle of March if you prefer). That would have given people a month (or longer) to request which means they are active members and/or check the home page (like they should). That way the Mods can sift through the validations without worrying about them piling up while handling the stories which I'm sure they get several (hundred) a day. Then they could split the responsibilities like Stygian Pirate suggested to keep the stories from piling to a ridiculous amount?

Just a thought! *crawls back off to her hermit cave*
- Rei on 02/17/11 - 12:24AM
Sooo...I was trying to register on the forums, but the Captcha code (I think it was Captcha at least...) hates my guts, so I'll just pretend that didn't happen. In any case, I wanted to apply for validation as well. Sorry, I realize I'm adding more work for you, but it is quite enticing and somebody I know personally managed it, making it seem that much more attainable. I'm such an opportunist...
- Mizuho on 02/17/11 - 12:25AM
=/ Luna is not being nice to me tonight. I keep getting this error:
"Error A fatal MySQL error was encountered.
Query: SELECT n.*, DATE_FORMAT(n.time, '%m/%d/%y - %h:%i%p') as date, count(c.cid) as comments FROM fanfiction_news as n LEFT JOIN fanfiction_comments as c ON n.nid = c.nid GROUP BY n.nid ORDER BY n.time DESC LIMIT 10
Error: (1) Can't create/write to file '/tmp/#sql_41a3_0.MYI' (Errcode: 28)"
Or similar versions of it. I'm hoping it's not a bad omen but on an off chance I'm posting it here.
It's just from browsing around the site. Nothing specific is causing it I believe.
- DragonSilk on 02/17/11 - 02:20AM
@DragonSilk: That happened to be for about a half an hour sometime yesterday afternoon or evening, but it eventually stopped for me. Perhaps it will just randomly stop for you too
- Stygian Pirate on 02/17/11 - 07:40AM
I'd like to be considered for author validation.

I don't have an account on the forums, but my email is in working order. I check it daily.

Thanks for your time.
- animecrazypanda on 02/17/11 - 01:11PM
Ahh, of course I find this after my story gets denied because I sent in too many at once. D:

- Koneko Mizuki on 02/17/11 - 05:38PM
Thanks for the validation, mods! :3 Thank youuuuu *ish shot*
- mangamaniac48 on 02/17/11 - 08:17PM
As is typical, I don't post a comment for ages...Now that the month is already half over, I'm going to do what Tikatu did and point those remaining to something userful. I made a gigantic homophone dictionary for reference a while back.

- Kerrigan Sheehan on 02/18/11 - 02:31AM
Hi, my username is Whitemacabre001. I know that I have not been on this site for very long, but could I be considered for an author validation? If it's not too much trouble of course. My email has the same name as my penname, I check it many times a day. Thank you!
- Whitemacabre001 on 02/19/11 - 12:04PM
I have a question...
(Just an honest question)
It seems as though some people has been validated. When you are, do you get an e-mail saying you've been validated?
I'm just wondering, since I know you get an e-mail when you're denied (well.. at least with the stories/chapters), but I wasn't sure if you still do get an e-mail saying you've been validated...

Hopefully, someone can answer that :3

P.S: Good luck for the Mods who's taking their time on validating the stories and the authors~! I LOVE YOU MODS!
- RyuseiStreamGirl on 02/21/11 - 05:44PM
@RyuseiStreamGirl: You'll receive an email stating whether you've been validated or denied after we make a decision. If you're denied, we'll include a detailed explanation of the errors we saw. Weíll point out any minor mistakes that we noticed even if you are approved too.

And thank you~ :D
- Sharp Shiny Pickle on 02/21/11 - 06:06PM
I hope right now is the right time where I have to clear the air about something that has definitely been on my mind for a while:

I love you mods like I love my mom :) You are too great for keeping up with Luna and for that, thanks.
- Lolita-chan on 02/21/11 - 07:03PM
I'm sure my comment might not be found, but I had a quick question.

Sometimes it seems that when I click on a chapter to a story, it takes me elsewhere. And one of my readers said they were trying to read my story but it linked them to a different story. Has anyone else had this problem? And does anyone know what might cause it? :/

I just wanted to bring it to someone's attention! D:
- SacredTear on 02/21/11 - 07:42PM
That's been a recurring problem for a while and may have been a side effect of some changes in the site's code that Sally was working on. Unfortunately, we can't do anything about it until Sally finds the time to address it. :O
- Sharp Shiny Pickle on 02/21/11 - 08:03PM
I would like to be validated. My email is working and my username is sanzos_lover
- sanzos_lover on 02/21/11 - 08:44PM
@Sharp Shiny Pickle: Thanks!
And you're welcome :D
- RyuseiStreamGirl on 02/22/11 - 01:48PM
I love Luna, but I don't think it's fair to compare all fanfiction sites together--there are widely different people on each site, and no one's better than the other, no matter what high standards people can think about themselves. Can't we just get along? :/
- Koneko Mizuki on 02/22/11 - 06:05PM
The drama ended forever ago. >_>;;
- petite gateau on 02/23/11 - 01:23AM
0_o I don't know how "within the month" was "forever ago," but if it makes you happy, then yes, the drama is over, forever ago.
- Koneko Mizuki on 02/23/11 - 02:19PM
Hey, hon. You're about to get somemore started. Let's not fling attitudes, kay? I simply meant the parties involved have grown silent and have been since the day of or maybe after all the drama broke out. No, it doesn't make me "happy" to point out the obvious. It makes me happy to have the shit in the past Nd move on, kay. On the Internet forever ago can be an hour. Once something is dead. Do. Not. Bring. It. Up. For the most part we DO all get along. This is a writing COMMUNITY remember? So a some tempers flared. Shit happens but it was handled across the board. In the forums. Here. On Facebook. Forever. Ago.
- petite gateau on 02/23/11 - 04:07PM
Please calm down. I dislike conflicts.
- Koneko Mizuki on 02/23/11 - 04:13PM
Man, what's with all the aggression this month? D: Is everyone stressing out over school or something?

:D Happy thoughts everyone! For the gamers, several new video games are coming out in March!

For the comic book nuts, some of the new volumes are coming out soon. And if you read online, tomorrow some chapters will be updated!

:D LETS BE HAPPY GUYS! DON'T MAKE ME POST LINKS TO FUNNY YOUTUBE VIDEOS (on the forums because this isn't the appropriate place!)
- Rei on 02/23/11 - 04:30PM
>:D I have an arsenal of funny youtube videos.
- petite gateau on 02/23/11 - 05:05PM
>w< *shakes fist in dramatic rage*
How dare you out youtube me!
- Rei on 02/23/11 - 06:40PM
After having read the announcement and the comments and double-checked myself a million times...

I'd like to be put up for validation, if you have a moment, please :3


(I know there's some atrocious spelling in my author bio update section, but it's intentional. /captain obvious)

Thanks so much for your hard work guys!
- crazynekokitten on 02/24/11 - 01:01PM
I'm so sorry to bug, especially when the mods are so busy. But I was wondering if I could be considered for validation? Iím pretty sure I meet the requirements, after reading over the announcement several timesÖ ^_^;;

My link:

I donít have an account on the forums (my dial-up internet and forums donít tend to get along) but my e-mail is working fine.

And Iím sure I speak for everyone thatís asking for validations when I say thank you for taking out so much of your time to do this.

~Junsui Kokoro
- Junsui Kokoro on 02/24/11 - 06:51PM
Considering how many times I've read this post the past month, I should've sent in a validation request, but being the coward that I am, I waited until the end of the month -- and it's when the mods are busier, especially with all the validation requests. OTL

I don't think I've had any of my works have been denied, so here goes.

Username: Amaranthus

The email(s) associated with this account are working fine.

I don't think this is the appropriate place to ask, but what qualifications do you need to become a mod? Just a question out of curiosity, I suppose. :)

Thanks for your hard work~♥!
- Amaranthus on 02/24/11 - 07:51PM
Augh, I feel so bad for doing this so late in the month T__T
Anyways, could I be validated? ^^

Username: squeakyazn
And the associated with the account works just fine ^^

Thanks for looking at it <3
- squeakyazn on 02/26/11 - 08:39PM
I wanted to request Author Validation :3 Thanks for all of your hardwork, much appreciated. ^_^
- Ely_Kitt on 03/05/11 - 08:20PM
I was wondering if I could still apply for author validations? If I could that would be great!
- xhimawarix on 03/26/11 - 10:32PM
I would like to request author validation. My screenname is Bobo-is-tha-bomb and I have a working e-mail. (I don't have access to the forums though.)
- Bobo-is-tha-bomb on 04/21/11 - 06:46AM
Hi, I would like to request validation. My username is crackleviolet and my page is here:

thanks for all of your hard work :)
- crackleviolet on 05/29/12 - 02:36PM
Hi, I would like to request validation. My username is crackleviolet and my page is here:

thanks for all of your hard work :)
- crackleviolet on 05/29/12 - 02:37PM
Hi, I would like to request validation. My username is crackleviolet and my page is here:

thanks for all of your hard work :)
- crackleviolet on 05/29/12 - 02:38PM
I hope I'm not too late to be considered for validation considering I'll probably have a lot of updates I owe everyone incoming.
My username is sunsetshrine and here is my page:
- sunsetshrine on 05/30/12 - 09:00PM