Featured Stories + Announcements for March
Posted by crazydominodragongirl
03/01/11 - 09:15PM
Happy March, everyone. Before we get on to featured stories, there are a few things that have come up lately that Iíd like to address.

1) Yes, story validation has slowed down. This is due in part to author validations (which take a really really long time) and in part to real life attempting to prove itís more important than the Internet. Please keep in mind: your mods are human too, and things happen that make them less inclined to touch Lunaescence for a while. ♥ As always, what you can do is proofread your work or ask someone else to look over it if you think itís taking a while. If your story has solid grammar, mechanics, punctuation, spelling, etc., itís more likely to be validated quickly.

2) Speaking of which, author validations have also slowed down; like I said, it takes forever (and at least two mods) to look at even one author. Five posted stories or chapters and 5,000 words does not mean youíll automatically be validated! If you feel you have a lot to improve on, please wait until a later time before requesting validation. The line right now is pretty long and moving pretty slowly. :)

3) Weíve been asked a few times lately about getting more mods, or what it takes to be a mod. We appreciate the offers, but weíre reluctant to make any changes to the mod team without Sallyís approval. There will be an announcement if moderator applications open again, so please keep that in mind! Until then, if you find any problems, please do e-mail one of us. Thereís a partial list of active mods who are okay with being contacted in an announcement from a couple months ago.

4) If you have any issues at all with how the archive is being run, or with certain stories and/or authors being validated, please contact the mods directly. Things can only get done if you point out specific problems and contribute to helping them be fixed. Civil discussion will lead to more being accomplished than arguing, and when it concerns a third party, itís always better to take these things to a private forum so their name doesnít get spread all over the place. Iíve said previously that none of the mods will bite; that includes banning for speaking your opinions. Tempers are also less likely to flare if thereís direct communication going on.

With that said, thanks for putting up with yet another tl;dr post.

Featured stories~ the theme is stories that could plausibly take place in the real world.

Avian Compos Mentis by MadHatter (Original, All)
The Crooked Cross by Bluewaters (Original, All)
Listen to Teacher by AlacraticAvarice (Axis Powers Hetalia, 17+)
Never Land by Xestricn (Original, All)

Congratulations to you four.

Nominations are now open, in the comments of this post and in the forums, for featured stories for April. The theme will be birthday stories~ or stories in which one of the main characters has a birthday. Once again, only nominate one story, and if that author already has a story nominated for the coming month, please donít nominate them again. If you have any questions (about featured or otherwise), please feel free to ask!

Edit by Hikari_no_Kage: If you're using the Contact Author feature to get in touch with one of us, please make sure to double check that the e-mail address you write down is correct. And, um, please include your username somewhere in the message. :D


Waaah~! Thank you so much for nominating me! I'm so happy! And congratulations to the other winners as well! If I may, I'd like to nominate "roses." by anarchy in the uk. Thank you again!
- AlacraticAvarice on 03/01/11 - 10:21PM
Yaay, way to go, Ava! And congratulations to everyone, as well! I think there are a few new fics I have to check out! And, not to copy, but.. I'll have to second Ava's motion to nominate 'roses.' - if I'm even aloud to do so..? Definintely one of my favorite authors by far! :]
- skid on 03/01/11 - 10:47PM
Ooh... oh, dear. I really should remind myself to check the announcements on the first day so I don't comment on things late. First and foremost: THANK YOU SO MUCH. :D Never thought The Crooked Cross would be recognized like this, it being an original & all, and I'm very happy someone liked it enough to put it forward! Thank you again, and congratulations to the featured authors! You all deserve it. (:
- Bluewaters on 03/02/11 - 09:27AM
Haa, ohmygosh.. I just realized I used the wrong 'allowed!' Epic fail! I'm sick, I blame it on that.. lol.
- skid on 03/02/11 - 10:55AM
Yes, yes, you are all very slow. Excruciatingly so; it vexes me to no end, this agonizing period of validation. You're just lucky I don't know you in real life...!!

Nah, just kidding. Good work; real life is a pain in the ass. Jeez. I want my "unreal" life now, please. With ketchup. -Lots- of ketchup.
- Mizuho on 03/02/11 - 07:03PM
Congrats everyone~!

I would like to nominate Irony's story, "Temper, Temper" here's the link

And it's okay, we are planning a riot as we speak understand!
- Miktasuki Dice on 03/02/11 - 07:57PM
You mods are the best. :) Thanks so much for taking validation requests, even if it is a slow, arduous ordeal for you guys! It's worth the wait since you guys are so thorough about it.

And congrats everyone who is featured! Especially since they're mostly original sotries. You don't see that very often. :3
- Shade on 03/02/11 - 09:18PM
Out of curiosity, when was the last time any of the mods got into contact with Sally? It just seems so strange that she has been completely MIA since November.
- Stygian Pirate on 03/04/11 - 07:18AM
I'm curious about Sally's absence, too. Also, no matter what link I click on to contact someone about the progress of my story, I get the fatal error page. I also can't go on the forum because I can't see the security code to register. It's been a week since I posted my story, and even though I see some indication that it may have been added when I look at my stats, I don't see the story uploaded anywhere. And on top of that, my current listed e-mail was hacked so if there were any messages, I can't check them.

So how long is this validation going to take for my new story? I submitted the first chapter on the 28th.
- Catus_Felis on 03/04/11 - 11:32AM
As someone who has gone through the validation process with a lot of different stuff I have to say you really shouldn't be worrying yet. Your fic really hasn't been up a week. The 28th was just this past Monday and validation NEVER moves quickly during the week. Things really get validated on weekends. If I'd put something up on a Monday, especially if it were a long chapter, I wouldn't expect it to be posted until Saturdayish.
- DragonSilk on 03/04/11 - 12:34PM
Well, my comment was bypassed last time, so I'll try again this time I guess DX:

Sometimes it seems that when I click on a chapter to a story, it takes me elsewhere (like to a different story). And one of my readers said they were trying to read my story but it linked them to elsewhere. Has anyone else had this problem? And does anyone know what might cause it? :/
- SacredTear on 03/06/11 - 12:09AM
@SacredTear: Aah, actually, I left a comment after yours on the last news post addressing this. :) This is a problem that has been happening to many people, but can only be fixed by Sally who is unavailable at this time.
- Sharp Shiny Pickle on 03/06/11 - 03:36AM
@Sharp Shiny Pickle: Oh my lord, you're right, you did! I could've sworn I checked before I posted again here but it seemed it was a mild flame war over there X_X Sorry about that! ^^; But thanks for the response; good to know I'm not the only one!
- SacredTear on 03/06/11 - 09:37PM
hello =D congrats to the winners and thank you for all your hard work mods XD lol we really do appreciate it, even if there are some people who don't seem too. ;p

anyway, i'd like to nominate 'We'll Make It Last' by Fayloic

here's the link

I apologize if it's on the forums-- I unfortunately can't get over there XP
- TwilightEmpress on 03/08/11 - 02:16AM
Completely unrelated to this topic, but for anyone able to answer, is there a section on the site to make suggestions for new features? I'm aware of the forum, but unfortunately, and for whatever reason, I can't seem to log in the forum. I end up getting a Fatal Error message. I have some ideas that I've wanted to toss to the administrators and mods that could enhance the site. Of course, I'm sure that is the least of everyone's concern right now.

Also, anyone know what is with Luna randomly logging folks out? If that information was in a past post, my baaaaad that I missed it. I don't come on often, so I miss aLOT. lol

- Nobahdee on 03/08/11 - 08:12PM
Congrats to the featured stories!

There's no problem with me with the Validation. I'm patient. You have lifes too <3

Now, i'd like to nominate "Happy Birthday" by Norge_Luver :3
- Fushizen Na Candy Cutie on 03/08/11 - 08:17PM
@Stygian Pirate: ...yeah, actually, that's about right. ...I really don't know what else to say.

@Nobahdee: Yeah, there's an error with forum registration that's been around for a while, so no one can sign up for new accounts. If it's just logging in to an existing account, though, I have no idea. O.o; Any ideas would be appreciated~ the problem is mostly that we can't change the coding of the site, so most anything you could think of to suggest would be impossible to implement at this time. And the logging-out thing is also a known bug... It's not really logging out, since if you go to a different page you'll be logged in again, but I dunno what to call it. Meh. Anyway, there was a post a couple months ago with mod contact information if you want to suggest things.
- crazydominodragongirl on 03/08/11 - 11:52PM
Looks like Freedom of Speech is down again. Has anyone heard anything from Idaten?
- Stygian Pirate on 03/20/11 - 07:38PM
I'd like to nominate "Birthday Surprise" by Margarita
- Kerrigan Sheehan on 03/21/11 - 03:08AM

It still hasn't been validated yet, and it's ALMOST been a month now. I also haven't received any e-mails regarding my story.

I'm just impatient. xD This is taking so much longer than I hoped it would. I'm a validated author at FFOS, so I'm not use to having to wait.

@Stygian Pirate. I haven't been on FFOS for a loooooong time because I get tired of waiting for pages to load which take half an hour on my computer (most of the time). I haven't heard anything about what's going on with the site. But I thought I read somewhere to Idaten was working on FFOS, but is busy with school right now.
- Catus_Felis on 03/21/11 - 06:12PM
How exactly do we request becoming a validated author?
- The Wolf Sage on 03/21/11 - 09:58PM
@The Wolf Sage: The previous news announcement explains the criteria you have to meet and what you need to do.
- Stygian Pirate on 03/22/11 - 07:17AM
Well, I'm not sure if you meant that announcement specifically or all future announcements, but I cannot see the "Verification image" to register on the forums, so I'll put it here.

I would like to request becoming a validated author.
- The Wolf Sage on 03/22/11 - 07:09PM
@TheWolfSage - The problem with the forums is known. It's been that way for a while, but Sally is the only one who can fix the coding, and she has real life things to deal with right now. This has been mentioned in several announcements already.
- Kerrigan Sheehan on 03/23/11 - 07:23PM
arg...i wont lie i am getting a little bit frustrated with the process...BUT thats only cause the story i posted has been waiting for a month =3=
- Rainbowribbon on 03/25/11 - 06:22PM
I'm not exactly sure if this is the right place to put this; however, I am having trouble with links.
Whenever I click a link within a story or to a story, I am transferred to a whole different story.
- StinaxSays on 03/25/11 - 09:43PM
@StinaxSays: It's been a problem for a while now. Only Sally can fix coding problems and she hasn't been around since November.
- Stygian Pirate on 03/25/11 - 11:15PM
Ohh. Okay. I haven't been here in almost 2 years. I did not know if it was brought up already. I found a way around it though. So for now, i'll just use the shortcut I found. :)
- StinaxSays on 03/26/11 - 07:18PM
Please don't take this the wrong way, mods, but perhaps it's time to find another coder. I'm not saying you should replace Sally, because she's done a great job, but she's been gone almost six months now and as long as she's gone the problems with the site and forum aren't getting fixed - and you'll continue to be annoyed by people repeatedly telling you of the problems.

My suggestion: Find a second coder who can help alleviate some of the burden that is currently solely being placed upon Sally. Then when Real Life interferes, as it has been known to do, we don't have to worry about problems going on for months and months because our only coder has gone AWOL to deal with said RL issues.

Another option would be for one of the current mods to learn the coding themselves, so they can go in and fix the problem instead of merely saying, "That's Sally's job and she's not here to do it so just deal with the problem."

Now, before anyone goes off-the-handle about this post, let me give you this analogy to think about: If you buy a new car and the windshield wipers don't work and you take it to the dealer and they say, "We can't fix those because the guy who does them is out until further notice." - That's not acceptable. Nor is it acceptable to keep saying over and over that problems which have been going on for months can't be fixed because there's only ONE person who can do it and she's not around until who-knows-when.
- MissMurder on 03/29/11 - 08:26AM
@MissMurder: I think you've misunderstood what we mean when we say that Sally is the only one who can solve the coding problems. Yes, she is the only one who has the technical skills to do so, but more importantly, she literally is the only one who has access to the site's code. Even if we knew how to fix the problems, we wouldn't be able to.
- Sharp Shiny Pickle on 03/29/11 - 11:28AM
@Sharp Shiny Pickle: And that is why I think that there should be an assistant administrator who's knowledgable in scripts and coding.

Sally hasn't actually tended to this site since she mentioned that donations would be needed to keep the site running. She literally has not signed on since November which was about six months ago. While I understand that life happens and life comes before virtual reality, it seems somewhat irresponsible especially since she's paying so much for this domain (and anybody whose donated for that matter) and nothing is being done about the hiccups in the system. It's just bad "business."

I have nothing against Sally, but with fosff down (possibly even for good due to mysterious scripting coding issues that seem to be invisible), this is one of the few good fanfiction communities and it's starting to fall apart. We need leadership.
- Stygian Pirate on 03/29/11 - 02:09PM
@Stygian Pirate: I think you're missing my point as well. The problem is that Sally has been unreachable for an extended amount of time. While it is a valid suggestion to find someone else to help with the site maintenance, they wouldn't even be able to do anything until we get in touch with Sally because she has to give this person access to the site's code. In the end, even if you have these opinions about the archive, we, the moderators, can't do anything about it, which brings me back to the main problem of Sally being unreachable.
- Sharp Shiny Pickle on 03/29/11 - 02:38PM
@SSP: I'm not implying that you guys are able to do anything about it, I was making suggestions (which cannot not be fulfilled at all in Sally's absence) and pointing something out. So really, I think you misunderstood my point.
- Stygian Pirate on 03/29/11 - 03:27PM
@Stygian Pirate: Aah, well that's what I interpreted from your post since it was addressed towards me, and what I had written had to do with the fact that we can't do anything at the moment. Sorry to have misinterpreted.
- Sharp Shiny Pickle on 03/29/11 - 03:49PM