Moderators Wanted & Other Notes
Posted by Sally
03/29/11 - 09:19PM
  1. Moderators Wanted
    The queue is getting a little high, so I think it's time to seek out some more folks to help approve stories. If you're interested, please see my post on the forums.

  2. Bugs
    I'm trying to track down some of the more annoying bugs. I removed some code I put in to help with our server load to see if that was the cause. Please let me know.

  3. Forum Registrations
    I upgraded the forums and played with a few settings to see if that would allow people to register again. Please let me know if you're able to register.

I think that's about it for now. As usual, please let me know if the problems persist. I'm still trying to track down the e-mail issues.


I see the title but no content.
o n o;;
- Little Black Wings on 03/29/11 - 09:25PM
Yeah, my cat bumped my mouse as I was filling it in. ^_^;;
- Sally on 03/29/11 - 09:26PM
Erm, I would gladly be a mod, but it won't let me sign up for the forums. Still. It doesn't show me the "code" to sign up. Everything else seems to work. ._.;;
- ashestoroses018 on 03/29/11 - 09:36PM
I don't think I could handle the responsibility of being a mod. .__.

Also, I cannot see the code in the forum registry either. Thank you so much for all your efforts Sally!
- SunnyStormGuardian on 03/29/11 - 09:52PM
Oops! I meant "and it.." xD
- ashestoroses018 on 03/29/11 - 09:56PM
I got onto the forums just fine. ^^U However, though I am somewhat notorious for being an 'unofficial' beta to some people, I feel like it would be a bad idea for me to be a mod since I am also pretty picky about things.

However, I'm super happy to see a post from you Sally! ^_^ Thank you for helping us out!

It might help, MIGHT help if we lessen registration for a while, since we get so many new members that it possibly overwhelms the server?

Erm, if Mods are still needed though I can help out. I wouldn't mind, really. ^_^
- TwilightEmpress on 03/29/11 - 11:16PM
When I first saw this, I allow had a heartattack (and not a Death Note induced one either lol). I spent like an hour prepping my app and sent it five minutes ago. I feel like I'm applying for a jobwhich I guess, it essentially is. (; Goshdarn I hope I get chosen. Although, I wouldn't be surprised if I didn't... *goes off to mull over worthiness*
- Alastair on 03/29/11 - 11:55PM
I have filled out my application to become a moderator.
I will be happy to hear back from you soon!
- Kiki Riley on 03/30/11 - 12:10AM
Is it alright if I have mod status back onto my forum account (Spirit Archer)? I couldn't log into my other account for the longest time and that was the one with mod status. B(
- Spirit Archer on 03/30/11 - 03:34AM
Erm, I would gladly be a mod, but it won't let me sign up for the forums. Still. It doesn't show me the "code" to sign up. Everything else seems to work. ._.;;
- ashestoroses018 on 03/30/11 - 05:14AM
Seems you fixed the bug with forums Sally, I got signed up and logged in. Good luck to every applying to be mods!
- Esamonia on 03/30/11 - 06:01AM
Probably one of the more annoying bugs is the one that sends you to a completely different story when you click to go to the next chapter of one you're reading. I've had it happen several times, and they're never by the same author or even within the same fandom. Sometimes going back to the very first chapter of the story and then choosing the one you wanted from the drop-down menu works - but not always. (I've also had it happen when trying to access the very first chapter of a story from someone's profile.)

Good to see you're back, Sally. Hope RL is treating you a bit better, now.
- MissMurder on 03/30/11 - 07:30AM
Oh, I would love to apply for the mod position -- thing is, I don't think I can step up to the challenge nor can I balance being a mod with my studies.

Although, good luck to those applying! And, thank you, Sally, for doing your best to improve the site~♥
- Amaranthus on 03/30/11 - 09:15AM
Agreeing with MissMurder; that bug had me wonder quite a few times.

My respect and good luck for anyone applying as moderator. I don't think I would have the patience and the time for that.
- Obscure Guardian on 03/30/11 - 10:04AM
I just wanted to post and say I was just able to successfully register in the forums. :)
- SunnyStormGuardian on 03/30/11 - 01:30PM
As was I. Thanks for all your hard work and effort, Sally!
- ashestoroses018 on 03/30/11 - 02:32PM
Oh my goodness, Sally! You're back! :D I hope things have improved since we've last seen you... I would love to be a moderator... But I'm a but too lazy. Heh.
- GloomyBear on 03/30/11 - 05:26PM
I really am willing to become a Mod, but sadly, I'm not 18 yet... T^T
- RyuseiStreamGirl on 03/30/11 - 08:49PM
So glad to see you return Sally! I'd love to be a mod, but any stories I've ever put up, I took down because I was insecure. xD Oh well. Good luck to anyone else applying! It'll be very helpful for this site!
- Stygian Pirate on 03/30/11 - 09:55PM
I was able to register fine for the forums. :] And I just sent off my application~ Thanks for all the hard work, Sally!
- sesshoumarusmoonbeam on 03/30/11 - 10:33PM
I wanted to go onto the forum (to apply for mod ><) but when I click on the forum, I get the 404 error. :/

Either way, good luck with all the work you have to do Sally! :3
- Megumi on 03/31/11 - 05:39AM
Thank you for making such a prompt return, Sally. (: Hope you have luck with those tweaks you've mentioned, and best of wishes to people applying to be mods! I'm very sure that with a round of fresh hands & eyes, Luna will run smoother than before. Again, thanks to everyone who works hard for this site to be kept up! Your efforts are greatly appreciated.
- Bluewaters on 03/31/11 - 12:06PM
I'd love to be a mod...BUT my grammar sucks >_> in anycase i find you mods amazing, thank you for taking such care into approving our stories~ even though we glare at the emails when we realise how sucky out grammar and spelling is~
- Rainbowribbon on 03/31/11 - 07:56PM
Do you think a mobile version of the website for the iPad and other tablets of the sort would ever be a possibility? The site works fine on my iPad, but it would be cool if there were a condensed version (similar to how has a mobile version).
- Stygian Pirate on 03/31/11 - 08:50PM
Hmm, I will definitely look into this further.
- Suki-chan on 03/31/11 - 11:58PM
About the mobile version of the site, I think that it's actually pretty fine. I don't know how the site actually works on smaller phones like my own, but the site works wonderfully on my PSP if that's any consideration.
- Spirit Archer on 04/01/11 - 02:11AM
@Spirit Archer: It works fine on my iPad, so it's not necessary, but it would still be kinda neat so that I don't have to zoom or move around the page or anything. *shrugs*
- Stygian Pirate on 04/01/11 - 08:43AM
I just wanted to say thank you to Sally for all of her hard work! I was able to get onto the forums, and I've noticed I'm being logged out far, far less. Thank you very much! :)
- AlacraticAvarice on 04/01/11 - 01:31PM
Thank you very much Sally, for the wonderful job you do! ❤ Thanks also to the mods and future mods for their time ♥ :) I managed to successfully register on the forum. Glad there's a question to answer instead of the code that I'd never see ;D
- Dragonstar on 04/02/11 - 11:11PM
There is one bug in particular that annoys me. It doesn't seem to cause any actual problems, but it certainly is an eyesore. D:

When you go to the challenges page, there are several lines of coding in the background that say: Warning: date() expects parameter 2 to be long, string given in /home/lunaesce/public_html/fics/challenges.php on line 383.

- Tsula on 04/06/11 - 06:48AM
Whatever you did, it fixed the link to my story. Thank you very much!
- Skrip TYpo on 04/09/11 - 10:19PM