Featured Stories for April
Posted by crazydominodragongirl
04/01/11 - 08:46PM
First off, a reminder about moderator applications -- see Sally's news post right below this.

Here are the featured stories for April; the theme is birthdays.

Birthday Surprise by Margarita (Original, 13+)
Happy Birthday by Norge_Luver (Axis Powers Hetalia, Adult)
Temper, Temper by Irony (FullMetal Alchemist, 13+)
Well Make It Last Forever by Fayloic (Final Fantasy VII, All)

Congratulations to you four.

Nominations are now open for featured stories for May; the theme is original works. Now that forum registration is open again, it's much preferred that you nominate over here, where the full rules are listed.

...though I don't know why I'm bothering. Your moderators are taking all the money they've embezzled off the site and heading to Vegas to get rich (and married). Have a nice life and all that, we are out of here.

Edit by Sharp Shiny Pickle: It turns out that we grossly underestimated the Lunaescence funds and squandered away all the money rather quickly. Also, the marriage thing didn't quite work out for legal reasons...

More importantly, though, I wanted to let everyone know that the deadline for moderator applications is Friday, April 8 at 11:59 pm in, let's say, whatever time zone you live in. Good luck everyone!


Oh dear, Vegas.

Happy April 1st, guys. :D
- choochooshoe on 04/01/11 - 08:59PM
Maybe it's an April Fool's joke? I don't think they'll just take all the money and go. XP
- Blossom3542100 on 04/01/11 - 09:02PM
- Stygian Pirate on 04/01/11 - 09:12PM
HA! Nice April Fool's joke DG! XD
- SunnyStormGuardian on 04/01/11 - 09:15PM
*falls for the trap, hugs Wobbuffet*
- Rei on 04/02/11 - 12:47AM
If you're going to Vegas, can you get me a lion plushie from the MGM casino? *.*
- WyndiWingfall on 04/02/11 - 01:23AM
LOLOL. Another April Fool's joke. :P

[/totally got fooled last year]
- Amaranthus on 04/02/11 - 02:29AM
What money? I thought the site was virtually broke.... Oh wait...

Love the wobuffet, DG. You've always got awesome avatars. :D
- Shade on 04/02/11 - 08:13PM
Can I come join the party in Vegas? ;)
- DragonSilk on 04/02/11 - 11:17PM
I'd like to nominate one of Jebus's stories - "The Angel's Predator." It's REALLY good. And underappreciated. And an original story. Her author page is here:
- mangamaniac48 on 04/03/11 - 10:59PM
DG! That was supposed to be a secret! We can't trust you wif nufin! D8
- Spirit Archer on 04/04/11 - 05:08AM
I just realized, but this news post was on April Fool's Day, so it would be extremely mean and also very hilarious if this whole biz about the mods was only an April Fool's joke! hahahaha. I know these mods aren't that mean, but they are on other sites (the mods, I mean)!
- Skrip TYpo on 04/09/11 - 10:22PM
@Skrip TYpo: Well, Sally posted about moderators being needed on March 29th, so...
- Stygian Pirate on 04/12/11 - 10:21PM