New Moderators
Posted by Sally
04/26/11 - 09:16AM

I'd first and foremost like to thank everyone who applied. We received an overwhelming response to our call for moderators. :) You guys are awesome.

Please give a warm welcome to our newest moderators:

Congratulations and thank you so much!

Edit: Holy Drama, Batman. *sigh* I'll be taking the donation button down this evening while I do a little soul searching regarding the future of this site. I made this archive because I wanted a place for my choice of self expression without the constraints over the content of my writing or the drama of the fansites. Instead, the previous months has yielded incredible amounts of drama both here and on the pages on social media sites like Facebook.

Thus, while the issues of financing this site has been resolved, the programming as well as administration continues to be ongoing issues.

I offer my most sincerest thanks to my mods for their dedication and help keeping my dream alive. I thank all of you, the most wonderful authors I have ever met, for sharing that dream with me. However, this latest round of drama has made me realize that I need to do some serious thinking.

Thank you.

EDIT #2: Should I decide to close the site, I will be refunding all donators until the Paypal fund is emptied. At that point, Luna would remain up until the current payment cycle is completed. >_>


Hey, Sally, can you give us an updated list of ALL the current moderators the site has? :) I'm not sure if this is mentioned somewhere on the site, but I haven't been able to find it and I'm curious who's active and whatnot. Thank you! :D
- NyxHarlot on 04/26/11 - 09:45AM
Oh and congratulations to you four! Sorry for not saying so before. xD -hearts-
- NyxHarlot on 04/26/11 - 10:24AM
Yaay, congratulations new mods!
- skid on 04/26/11 - 10:53AM
Hello, new moderators!:D Congrats and thank you in advance for all your hard work!:D Also big gracias to the older mods, I really appreciate all of you dudes! :) :) :)
- FrankieFerocious on 04/26/11 - 11:36AM
I'm rather disappointed in the group that were chosen to be moderators. I know many users who applied and were just as qualified to be selected as those people, but they are much nicer and outgoing people. I have never once had a decent conversation with Kerrigan Sheehan where she didn't come off as a self-centered bitch. She doesn't even write fanfiction, and has boasted about it in the past.

I have no doubts in my mind that DG had her say in who was picked. I understand that being a moderator is difficult and time consuming and that people aren't always the nicest. HOWEVER, I still fully believe that DG has divided Luna into two parts: Her friends and everyone else. She has been sour to people who do not worship the ground that she places her feet. It is unjust that people are punished for having a different opinion than her!

Sally, please, I beg you as a member of Luna since 2006, stop this tension. You have, and will continue to lose members out of frustration. The majority of Luna does not like how DG runs Luna while you are gone.
- Mrs Kitty Corpse on 04/26/11 - 01:38PM
I agree with Mrs Kitty Corpse. We just had problems with similar things -- regarding mods -- a few months ago. When did being something important in Luna not involve being in DG's clique?

Actually. When did Luna become about being in a clique at all? Every time I've talked to DG, she's come off as a bitch, and I know she's been saying shit about me, and this...well. It was the last straw.

The fact that at least three of the moderators that were chosen are friends with DG really bothers me. Was no one else considered? A good percentage of Luna, at this point, will say, "No."

And about Kerrigan Sheehan. She makes fun of people that write fanfiction. Why was she chosen? ...I can't even bring myself to care.

People I know are leaving left and right because of this decision. I am completely with MKC.

The tension is just going to continue. I'm sure none of the current mods need more stress. I've been a member since 2009, and have known this website since it began, and I hate what's happening to it.

Many people consider DG to be two-faced. My suggestion for bettering Luna? At the current point in time: get rid of DG. I apologize if that sounds rude, but she seems to be the source of much of the tension.

- ashestoroses018 on 04/26/11 - 02:05PM
wait, wait, wait....
the only two on that list who have more than like... five stories are Kerrigan Sheehan and silver_neko_kitsune?? And out of those two, only silver_neko_kitsune writes fanfiction? I just checked out Kerrigan Sheehan's profile and it says "I do not write fanfiction". How does this make sense when luna is primarily a fanfiction-based website? I can look over to the left and see the stats: 1470 original stories and 10605 anime & manga alone.
just wondering about the thought process that went into this decision...
- Cordeux on 04/26/11 - 02:08PM
I'm with the above three. If I wasn't picked because I wasn't good enough, then so be it. My writing isn't perfect, but the picking process does seem a bit shady. I'm tired of the infighting and the bickering, so I choose to go somewhere that I feel welcomed. That hasn't been Luna in a very long time. For those of you who read my stuff and wish to continue doing so, I'll post the site to my profile. Sorry everyone.
- Renohotness on 04/26/11 - 02:20PM
maybe we should all be allowed to vote on the final candidates for mods... then there might be less argument.
- Cordeux on 04/26/11 - 02:27PM
I'm with the above three. If I wasn't picked because I wasn't good enough, then so be it. My writing isn't perfect, but the picking process does seem a bit shady. I'm tired of the infighting and the bickering, so I choose to go somewhere that I feel welcomed. That hasn't been Luna in a very long time. For those of you who read my stuff and wish to continue doing so, I'll post the site to my profile. Sorry everyone.
- Renohotness on 04/26/11 - 02:31PM
Stupid refresh button and the accidental pushing of. xD I think voting would be an awesome idea, but I bet it never happens. That would yank the control away, wouldn't it? And then the people voted in might not feel welcome. I know I wouldn't.
- Renohotness on 04/26/11 - 02:35PM
I agree with Cordeux. Maybe have a little statement from all the candidates and why they believe they're capable to handle being a mod. If it's become a popularity contest, then some of us will be vastly disadvantaged. I personally felt disappointed when I saw that I didn't make the cut. Now I'm really wondering about my abilities as a writer, editor and overall person.
I'd hate to see people leaving Luna because of how it's run. I've always thought that it was a wonderful and supportive community, but maybe that's just me and my delusions.
- Broken Marionette on 04/26/11 - 02:36PM
I agree with you Broken Marionette. I've always thought Luna was a great community. This is really the first time I've heard of this ongoing tension. I'd also hate to see people leave for any reason. But maybe we're both just living in the same delusion? (Or the same non-confrontational corner of the site at least)
- Shade on 04/26/11 - 02:40PM
@ Shade. Yes, definitely. I like to think that I'm a nice person and that everyone else is to. Now, I don't care if people think that's idealistic or that I'm sheltered or naive. Trust me, I'm not. I've seen Hell. But Lunaescence has always been my sanctuary. When I posted stuff about my addiction, I got some really supportive reviews (actually, but anonymous reviewers, but I assumed the general community would feel the same even if they don't review).
@ ashestoroses018. I know we don't talk, or even read each other's stories (Hell, I've probably read yours but failed to review >.<), but I really don't want to see you leave. I know what I say probably won't change your mind. But it sucks. Leaving is like letting them win, isn't it? Maybe, maybe it's time to give up though... =/
@ Renohotness. I know if I got voted in, I wouldn't feel welcome after this. I think the best thing, perhaps something that should've been instilled a while ago, is having a turnaround. Understandably, people can get affected by the power of moderator status and feel superior. Sally said there was a huge turn out of applications, why not use them? Every six months (or appointed amount of time), switch the mods. There's probably enough of us willing to do that. That way, it seems fair to everyone. No one gets drunk on power and people can maintain civil relationships (or daresay, friendships).
The point is, I love Luna. I don't want to leave, because I've invested a lot of time and energy here. I don't want good authors to leave, 'cause that's why I stay. I want to fight to get back a Luna that everyone loves. If I'm alone in that and everyone else leaves, I'll still be fighting. This is my home, dammit and I don't want to leave!
- Broken Marionette on 04/26/11 - 02:51PM
I really have no words right now. While I am new to writing fanfiction on this site, I am not blind. I am utterly confused how people such as Renohotness, Broken Marionette, etc. did not make the cut. They are brilliant writers with good, solid grammar. I don't know the cliques around here, nor the drama, so I am a pretty unbiased person. However, this doesn't seem entirely fair in the slightest.

:/ Sorry if I come off rude, or harsh, but I'm just stating how I feel.
- ElleBelle on 04/26/11 - 02:51PM
I personally think the mods should be people who have experience at either being an author or an admin on other sites. I really don't know what to say about the mods though. My first story took awhile to be read by a mod but was rejected. Then my other stories were....sitting there. I don't know if it's because I'm friends with ashestoroses018 or what. But from what I hear, the new mods are all friends of DG and the others that attempted to be mods but were rejected, weren't on good terms with DG.
- lunaticxluuna on 04/26/11 - 02:52PM
I really have no words right now. While I am new to writing fanfiction on this site, I am not blind. I am utterly confused how people such as Renohotness, Broken Marionette, etc. did not make the cut. They are brilliant writers with good, solid grammar. I don't know the cliques around here, nor the drama, so I am a pretty unbiased person. However, this doesn't seem entirely fair in the slightest.

:/ Sorry if I come off rude, or harsh, but I'm just stating how I feel.
- ElleBelle on 04/26/11 - 02:52PM
If the mods were willing to do that (which they're not. I know for a fact that it has been suggested before...), I'd be all for it. But they're not. It "takes too long to script, and we don't want to do that without Sally's strict approval," or some variant thereof.

Honestly, if it weren't for the fact that these are ALL DG's friends, I would give a flying fuck who's a mod.

I'm not confrontational, either. Most people on Luna AREN'T. But when pushed far enough, ANYONE will fight back. I'm completely prepared to be banned for the way I'm speaking about Her Royal Highness, Empress Crazydominodragongirl.

Anyway, I'm with Renohotness. I'm completely gone. I deleted everything from Luna, and as soon as I log off, I'm never logging back in.

I'm sure this makes DG happy, since she has a vendetta against me for what happened in February, but whatever.

I actually can't stand the way Luna is run, anymore. It's all about having ties to DG. Soooo...yeah.

If Sally/the mods accept that suggestion, I'm all for it. In fact, if just a few changes were to be made, I'd gladly come back. But I know they won't. It's "too much work."

- ashestoroses018 on 04/26/11 - 02:53PM
Wow. I had no idea that this many people were upset about the mod decisions.

Firstly, I honestly had/have no idea that DG has a "clique." If there is one, I'm not in it.

Secondly, the number of stories written was, as far as I know, NOT the only factor in the decisions, nor was it supposed to be. There were a lot of other questions applicants answered. A lot. And I'm glad, because I don't have many stories up. I want to post only my best work, and I'm picky about my own stories. But I am a decent editor, and I'm happy to have the chance.

Thirdly, not getting picked doesn't mean you're a bad writer. Really. Several of the questions I answered when I applied were about my availability and how I would accept/reject stories.

Fourth, I've kind of always liked Luna. I've felt welcome and happy on the site; like Shade and Broken Marionette, I thought it was a wonderful community. I hadn't even heard of the tension going on until now. I know and like a lot of the people who have been complaining; Renohotness in particular has been an idol of mine for a while now. It makes me sad that she and others want to leave.

Lastly, I applied to be a mod because I love Luna and because I believe I have enough time to help on the site. For those who were saying that the mods don't have time to do things, I'm perfectly willing to put in any time and work I have to in order to make Luna a community that people are happy to be in.

So... yeah. Sorry that was so long. All the anger kind of upset me, so I needed to say it.
- Wanderer on 04/26/11 - 03:12PM
Wanderer, I'd like to state that what I had to say was nothing towards you. I believe you'll be a good moderator. This is just the straw that broke the camel's back involving DG.

I would have applied and stated that I'd dedicate myself to Luna because I'm honestly online (and on luna) 12 hours a day, except that I am moving and beginning college, and just things trinkled down to the point that I knew I wouldn't have time to be as proactive as I'd like. Good luck with being a mod. I support you.
- Mrs Kitty Corpse on 04/26/11 - 03:17PM
@ Wanderer
Congrats on becoming a mod. And I don't mean that with any sarcasm. I really am happy for you, if not a little disappointed for myself. I'm a nice person and I don't wish unhappiness for anyone. So despite all this fuss, I hope you enjoy your new status.
I answered the same questions that you did. I don't know why I didn't make the cut. I spent a lot of time on responding to those questions and re-reading the stories I picked for my examples. I went through an extensive list of areas of improvement and wrote a sympathetic mock-letter to the person who I would've declined. In addition to that, I stated that becoming a mod would've meant a lot to me because it's my chance to give back to the community that helped me grow. Now if that doesn't qualify for becoming a mod, I really must've fell short of the mark. Oh well.
- Broken Marionette on 04/26/11 - 03:19PM
@Mrs Kitty Corpse: Thanks. I'm still not totally sure what's going on with DG vs people, but I do want to figure it out and fix it if I can.

@Broken Marionette: Thank you. I don't know why you weren't picked, because you're amazing, and I'm really sorry.

Yeesh. I barely even get what's going on anymore. A few hours ago I was shocked and excited at getting picked. Now I'm shocked and worried about the Lunaescence community.
- Wanderer on 04/26/11 - 03:32PM
@Wanderer: I forgot to congratulate you on becoming a mod. :) I've no hard feelings towards anyone on this site, and I hope you're not too bummed about all the tension that's arisen due to the mod selections. You sound like you'll be a great mod regardless of whether you get what's going on. And honestly, I don't know either. @.@
- Shade on 04/26/11 - 03:43PM
I don't know much considering I'm a relatively new author here, but I guess I'm just curious as to why only four were chosen out of the plethora that applied. You would think with as popular as Luna's archive is, we would need MORE mods. This is why I asked earlier for a list of current mods, also for a reference of who validates work. As for whom the mods in specific are, that I am neutral in considering I don't personally know anyone. A suggestion though is letting the authors who applied know why they were denied. I know that maybe seems like more/a lot of work, but I think that's whats, at the very least, they can see what they can improve upon and things can be settled just a bit more. :/
- NyxHarlot on 04/26/11 - 04:29PM
I'm going to be honest here. I'm not a confrontational person either.

Like BrokenMarionette and Shade, I'm really heartbroken that things have come to this point on Luna. I've been here only TWO YEARS after the site opened for the first time, so I think I can call myself a veteran. I was aware of the tension in February, but I didn't know about this whole DG vs. People :credit to Wanderer: thing. (God, I feel like I'm calling this a Supreme Court case). I'm really sad that these mods, especially the "innocent" ones are being welcomed in such a way. I'm not placing blame on those who are leaving for their behavior, as they know of these events personally and I don't.

I, too, use Luna as a sanctuary and I've found it to be great escape sometimes, especially when I've had a real crappy day in my life. To see that there's this cancer in the place I call my home and sanctuary upsets me, and, frankly, terrifies me.

Congrats to the mods who were picked and I hope you four do the best you can for Luna.

I just hope that all of this can be resolved and the metaphorical cancer can be removed before this site dies from it being untreated.

To those who weren't picked and have voiced their opinions here, I'm sorry. I know, in my personal life at least, what it feels like to be rejected time after time from something and feel like it's because of a clique that you didn't get picked. But rejection as well as acceptance makes you stronger and I would hope that you all would strive to become better at what you do best in order to prove to yourselves and to others that you are more than capable of being a mod (or any other leadership position really)

Sorry if there are any typos. I'm really depressed right now because of this. Call me a baby I don't care. I don't like seeing this, especially after being on Luna for so long.

There, I'm done. I've said my piece. Feel free to tear me apart.
- Isis san on 04/26/11 - 04:40PM
@Isis -- I don't particularly disagree with you, but I don't necessarily agree, either. I don't think that those that have been denied should just stay dormant and accept rejection. I don't think they should be immature about it, but I think that the current leaders of Lunaescence at least owe them an explanation for denial and an explanation for why they chose the four they did. Again, this may seem like more work, but then at least they can see WHY those were chosen and why they in specific were denied, so they can work on whatever needs to be worked on and this "so & so only got chosen because they're DG's friend!" crap can end or be addressed (again I leave a disclaimer: I don't really know what goes on behind the scenes since I'm not best friends with anyone here).

Also, on a different note, I think that there should be an area on Luna, or someone in specific we can contact, when we have a problem with a mod. Again this is why I asked for an updated, current list of mods, so I know who is validating my/others stories and who I can contact besides DG or Sally herself.
- NyxHarlot on 04/26/11 - 04:48PM
I pretty much agree with all that Isis san said. I don't really have a "say so" when it comes to DG, because I don't really know her. All I know is that she works hard to keep Luna in line for us.

When I first read this, I was upset to see people leaving the site. Excuse me rudeness, new mods, for not congratulating you. I hope you all work hard and I'm happy to see that you were accepted. :3
- ElleBelle on 04/26/11 - 04:50PM
First of all, I want to say that I'm not leaving because I wasn't picked. This isn't pre-school and I'm nowhere near that shallow. My writing has mistakes, which I'll unhappily be the first to admit. I'm simply tired of the fighting and the accusations. Maybe DG is a terrible person, maybe she isn't; I've never talked to her, but I've seen her replies and flinched at some of them for the way she answers. Then reading the post where it takes a long time to validate stories because they are ones that don't interest her...Are you kidding me? Luna has been my life since I joined. I have met so many amazing friends, laughed at so many awesome reviews, and my self-esteem as grown boundless limits since I started writing here. This has been like my second home and I don't want to leave, but I don't want to be part of a community that bickers and plays favorites. I congratulate all the new mods, regardless. No hard feelings toward any of you whatsoever, but I really do feel more welcome elsewhere, where my voice is heard and not judged, and I trust the people behind the scenes.
- Renohotness on 04/26/11 - 04:54PM
@ Renohotness -- I agree with you almost whole heartedly! I was going to address that issue earlier but I decided it wasn't pertinent. It once took my story two weeks to be updated, and it definitely wasn't because of grammatical errors (my other story got updated, though) as I checked it PLENTY of times. It just happened to be in a category that's not very popular. I wonder sometimes if the reason Luna is overwhelmed with Axis/Katekyo fics is because that's all the mods read. :/ This is why, AGAIN lol, I asked for a current list of mods. Reno, I personally don't know why they didn't choose have offered your time repeatedly, your writing is awesome, and no one can be perfect! I think they should really take into consideration explaining why they chose who they did and why they didn't choose the rest of you. I do think it's sort of curious that two of the mods are for sure DG's friends...more of a reason for them to explain, right? :/
- NyxHarlot on 04/26/11 - 04:59PM
Gosh, I'm with a lot of the people who had no idea of all the "Luna tension" until now. Like most people already posted, Luna always felt like a great community to me. It is sad to see once frequent authors leaving because of this ( also I hate to see ashestoroses018 leave because she reviewed my Tron fanfics the most D: ). However, I also wonder about Kerrigan Sheehan becoming a mod because she doesn't write fanfiction. I've never spoken to her, but just from her profile it seems like her attitude is something like "I'm too good to write fanfiction, that's for losers." How do we know she won't reject every fanfiction written? Anyway, congrats to the other mods and I hope Luna stays up.
- apples4ryuk on 04/26/11 - 05:09PM
@Nyx: I'm not saying that those who weren't picked should stay dormant. I completely and totally agree that they deserve to know why they weren't picked as it will help them grow.

But, at the same time, I must be honest. To use an example from experience, I applied to several of the most popular organizations/clubs on my college campus both last year and this year. These organizations/clubs get as many as 200-500 applicants (this is considering all three classes of freshmen, sophomores, and juniors) for only 55 positions or 30 positions or 20 positions, depending on the organization/club. When I got rejected in a letter or e-mail, all it said was, "We had a lot of applicants this year and there were many people who were qualified for the positions. Unfortunately, we regret to inform you that we cannot offer you a spot this year". Then it goes on to say that I should apply next year and all that junk.

The point is, these organizations that I applied to don't have the time or, really, ability to tell EVERY. SINGLE. PERSON. (this is for emphasis, not to belittle you) what was wrong with them/why they didn't make it. I don't know how many writers applied to be mods, but I'm assuming (and I know what happens when you assume) that it's basically the same concept. Unless the current mods, admins, and Sally all take notes on why this writer is qualified/not qualified, they don't have the time or capability to tell EVERY. SINGLE. APPLICANT. (again, this is for emphasis. As you can tell, I'm very cautious in my tone as I know the internet has a way of twisting words.) why they didn't get picked to be a mod. I'm not saying that the rejected writers shouldn't ask why they didn't get picked. They have every right to ask and to know. But that doesn't necessarily mean that they'll get an answer. I hope that makes my intentions a little more clear.

@Reno: I hope I don't sound arrogant in this, but if you're referring to what I wrote, I'm not saying that you left because you didn't get picked. I'm sure that there are several, most likely more personal, reasons that you are leaving. I respect you as a person and a writer and I'm sorry to see you go. I hope we meet again somewhere.

Again, sorry if there are any typos.
- Isis san on 04/26/11 - 05:13PM
Congratulations to the new moderators.

As for the masses, what's done is done. There's no use in complaining about it because it's not going to change. It's not up for debate and, obviously, never will be.

To those who want to know why they weren't picked, send an email to a moderator and ask but complaining about these people being picked over so and so will not solve anything. You have your opinions and the staff that chose these lucky people don't share the same one.

You're not a terrible writer if you weren't picked. Neither am I saying that the staff thinks so either. But everyone's grabbing at loose strings and you really don't even know how they came to the decisions they did. For all you know, Sally could have been the one to, in the end, choose.

If you want to complain, email the moderators. They are there to deal with it, clearly, as well as keep this site running smoothly. And, like I said, instead of complaints, be thankful that there ARE going to be more mods to make sure nothing icky gets onto the site.

Hell, be thankful the site is even still around. You recall the few times where it was almost lost.

Anyway, I'm done. Take it as you will, I'm going back to my corner.
- Crys-chan on 04/26/11 - 05:43PM
@ Isis san: I meant to add that my comment wasn't directed at anyone. I just wanted to make that point clear, is all.

And to be fair, DG has contacted me and asked if I would like to know why I wasn't picked. I would like to know and have told her so, just on the grounds of it helping me get better at writing.

This is about the fighting and the fact there doesn't seem to be an end in sight. Which is a shame.
- Renohotness on 04/26/11 - 05:44PM
@ Isis -- To be honest, that's a college organization, this is a moderated archive that is extremely personal when it comes to mods and leaders. It may be entirely more work, but if that's what it takes to run this site and make the community users happy, then I don't see a reason why it shouldn't at least be considered. I'm not sure of the number that applied, either, but I think that at the very least they owe the people that ASK why they got denied an explanation, and above all they need to explain why those FOUR that got picked did (just emphasis as well, lol! I understand the whole thing about how it may come out over the internet very well). I'm not disagreeing with you or trying to put you down, just having a conversation because conversations like this are what this site needs in order to stay alive and functioning while also respectfully listening to those users that frequent the site. I really want to know why only four were chosen...why that number? Why not five, or six? Again not asking for 20 or something, but with as little as the mods seem to be active on this site (other than DG, Sally and Sharp Shiny Pickle--because I honestly don't know of any more) I just don't see why we don't have more mods at the very least validating stories so they get through the queue faster.
- NyxHarlot on 04/26/11 - 05:46PM
@ Crys-chan -- I don't think anyone is complaining here. I think we're trying to discuss what we think as a community works and what's fair. I don't think that any respectable, good community just says "the mods say so and that's final; it's not up for debate". Where is the fairness in that? I don't think Luna aims to be like that. This has always been a homey community where people go to escape real life. No one said we aren't thankful for the decision to have more moderators...we are just, as a community, asking for more information. I don't see the harm in that.
- NyxHarlot on 04/26/11 - 05:51PM
Wow. People, I may not be all that good of a writer, and not that well-known, either, but as long as the mods are willing to do their work in an unbiased and efficient way, then I couldn't care less who gets the role! All we needed were some responsible individuals that could be mods, and well, I don't know any of those four, but I BELIEVE THAT LUNA'S OLD MODS can make GOOD descisions, and I believe in and trust whomever got, no... EARNED the title of mod. All of you out there who don't like the choices should either suck it up or keep it to yourself and congratulate those that were fortunate enough to be chosen! If you don't have anything nice to say, don't say anything at all.
Congrats, new mods!
- Skrip TYpo on 04/26/11 - 05:55PM
Iíd like to reinstate what I had originally meant when I originally posted. I was heated, and I wasnít able to properly express myself. Iíve had some time to think about this and actually develop my opinion on the matter.

I do not know Kay and therefore will not say anything about her becoming a mod. The same can be said about Wanderer. (and SNK will be a good mod If I'm not thinking of someone else, I'm pretty sure I used to be friends with her and she's always been a nice person. Whether or not she's DG's friend) In all honestly, my biggest concern is with Kerrigan Sheehan. As apples4ryuk said, Kerrigan Sheehanís attitude is very frightening. I have seen her posts on the forum, and I have read her profile. She is not someone I would want to go to with questions out of fear. Personally, I believe that mods should be friendly as well as available and well versed in grammar. Kerriganís posts on the forum do not come off as friendly and her profile does not come off as friendly.

I donít want the new users of luna to become frightened by the way Kerrigan types because then theyíll be so discouraged that they will never try writing fanfiction again. I feel that sometimes, Iím the only one who thinks about the younger writers. I remember when I was young; I was ignorant and rash. I didnít want to read the rules or read the updates because I just wanted to post my stories. (Iím still like that to a degree, Iíll admit it) And when I did ask a question to the mods, even if it had been asked a million times, it was because I wanted some attention and I wanted to feel welcome.

As for what I said about DG, I only speak to a small amount of people because Iím a terrible social butterfly. So when they complain, all of them complain and itís all I hear. Itís hard not to feel like everyone is complaining because to me it is everyone even though there are hundreds of members on Luna (or is it thousands?). Itís been made clear that maybe, I should remove myself from those people since the majority of these posts have been ďI didnít know about thisĒ and that just opens a whole new POV to the situation, you know?

Although it sounds like a shitty excuse, I truly, honestly want the best for Luna and I donít think Kerrigan is the best for Luna. She may be the best with her exquisite grammar but Lunaís supposed to be a friendly fanfiction community. How are we supposed to respect and obey a mod who has clearly given her opinion that fanfiction is beneath her? Is she going to limit herself to original work only? That seems to be a waste of a mod position because we need mods who will validate everything, happily. (Honestly, what is she doing on this website anyway?)

If I didn't care so much about Luna, I would have never said anything in the first place, and just congratulated the new moderators.

(Also, I'd like to extend my hand out to DG and ask for a chance to get to know her and actually understand her without the garbage that's been said because I seriously can't sit here anymore and act like I know everything when I clearly don't.)
- Mrs Kitty Corpse on 04/26/11 - 06:08PM
@Nyx: Sorry, I should've been more specific. These organizations/clubs on campus are for official school roles, such as tour guides, student leaders who show potential students around/first people to see freshmen and the like. The applications are just as personal as the mod applications, from what I can remember.

But, like you said, there's a difference between being a mod on a writing site and applying for a student leader position at college.

I see this as a conversation too. Not a debate. I'm not offended or upset in any way as everyone is entilted to their opinion. Again, I agree that they should know if asked. :nods: They may have picked four just for a consolidation of power or a balance. Too many hands can get things dirty sometimes.

@Reno: That's good. I'm glad you were able to enter a dialogue with her. (is in college mode sorry)
- Isis san on 04/26/11 - 06:14PM
Wow. Well, I really had no clue about all the shenanigans going behind the scenes - I'm not going to poke my nose into it. I hope things get sorted out as soon as possible, I'm fairly certain many other authors have been waiting long for their chapters to be read through as well.

However so, congratulations to the new mods!
- cigspiring on 04/26/11 - 06:32PM
I'm sorry Broken Marionette and RenoHotness you are two of my favorite authors and I would have enjoyed you two as mods. I don't want to complain but it just seems like the mods can get a bit rude every now and again so I was hoping to see some new people whom I was sure wouldn't be. I'm not familiar with the new mods so I don't what to expect hopefully better than what I've been seeing. I'm a member of Valentchamber an archive with a similar layout as this only it's for interracial stories. The point I'm making with it is they have mods and administrators willing to work with you and they are never rude. The majority of them are women out of college with jobs and so yes they HAVE LIVES too (as is repeated a million times here) but they manage to run a good site. I don't want to complain as I stated before I'm just a little annoyed with it all. Also once aging BM and RH I was really rooting for you<3.
- Aqua4044 on 04/26/11 - 06:36PM
Okay, first, CONGRATS to the new mods. (Especially Wanderer because I've read her Tom Riddle fic so I know she's pretty awesome at writing. ;D )

I wanted very very much to not get involved with this. I'm not in any of the cliques and so I actually have no clue at all what's happening but this is kind of alarming. More like "Noooo, Renohotness! Why must you leave when I enjoy your work so much? =O" But also, from an impartial point of view, it IS a bit odd that one of the four mods shows distaste for fanfiction in her bio on a fanfiction site. But I don't know anything past what's said in these posts so I don't want to voice any more on that.

In any case, I'm saddened that people are leaving because of this. I'd kind of like to ask them to please stay. I mean, for me, the site has never been about whoever is in charge. I've been here for YEARS and I think I've maybe exchanged all of five emails with the mods (less probably). It's about your readers, your fellow authors. Getting feedback for your work and your skills.
Heck, the mods on FOSFF leave a very bad taste in my mouth and I still post/read over there (not so much now that it's dead but you know) because of the lovely authors and reviewers over there. A community is more than the people in charge. =) It's everyone.

And now I sound like a sap. Ignore me. (I clearly have no clue what's going on anyway.) >.>
- DragonSilk on 04/26/11 - 06:45PM
Le sigh. I'm done with this (the discussion, not Luna). Am I disappointed? Sure. I wanted to be a mod and I'm not. It's like when you want a chocolate cake, but you don't have enough money on you. It's like that kind of disappointment. 'Cept the money is probably skills or something. Whatever. I'm over it.

Um, thanks to the new mods. Thanks to everyone who's made this feel like home. I'm not going anywhere anytime soon as long as Lunaescence is up. I just really hope for the best with the stories in the queue (damn, it was long!). And for the newer authors. I know what it's like and they need empathy from their mods.

It's like a prof that I had once. No matter HOW much improvement you needed (because she would never discourage you with saying you were "flat out bad" [not that anyone here that I know of has said that]), she always encouraged her students. She was marking like 70-80+ essays from students and accepting redos of past assignments and she always had a wonderful attitude. It's a process that you practise and get better at. God knows how terrible I was when I started. Her philosophy was that we can learn something from everyone. I find myself jealous of newer, younger writers. They may not have the solid writing skills of a more experienced author, but they can have some DAMN good ideas that I sometimes feel tempted to steal (not that I would, of course ^.~).

My point is (what? I had a point?) that I probably overreacted because of a hurt pride/feelings/"I have emotional issues, yes, I'm working on them." I'm happy with the selection, with Luna and our community. I know all this "fuss" is just because everyone cares so gosh-darned much! *wibbles* And I'd hug you all if I could.

@ Aqua4044 You're too sweet! I appreciate the love. Is people like you that make me feel at home here. (Really, I'm always shocked when I realize that people know my name. XD)

So, cool. Sorry that this is so long. Um, best wishes and confetti for everyone! No, I am not high. Did you not see? I can't afford cake, let alone drugs.
- Broken Marionette on 04/26/11 - 06:56PM
It really is saddening to see several good writers leaving the site like this. However I do understand your feelings and wish you well.

There are a lot of people upset by this choice, though it seems that most of the majority just want to understand why these people were chosen. Which, wouldn't be a bad idea honestly given all the controversy.

I can't say that I have any issues with the choices, as I don't recall having any problems with the people listed. And I am not really bothered by not being chosen as a moderator either. I did expect more than four people though, given how far behind the validation has been known to get.

However, I think we shall just have to give it time and see how things progress. Best not to jump to early conclusions.

Congratulations to the four of you, and good luck!

- Tsula on 04/26/11 - 06:57PM
Whoo, click on the comments page and suddenly it's a whole new world. No one told me there were sides to Luna... Ahem. Anywho. I do think that it would be nice to at least know why the people who were picked to be mods were chosen; perhaps a small excerpt that explains their qualities that made them stand out from the rest of the crowd that doubtless piled in the applications (and I admit that I was part of the crowd and felt the bite of disappointment at not being chosen).

There's clearly a lot of "politcal" unrest moving through this place that I didn't even notice before, and it does make me unhappy to see what I thought of as a calm and wonderful sanctuary to be filled with the unhappiness and biased words that come with misunderstanding and miscommunication. I will not go to the extremes of leaving the site though, seeing as I have yet to be truly embroiled in the conflict, but I would dearly love to see things settled down. Luna has been a comfort to me in hard times, brought me one of my closest friends to date, and allowed me to better express my imagination through writing, as a way of helping me become a better writer and, dare I say it, a better person.

So truly, it is heartbreaking for me to see that so many of you are willing to leave this internet home that I hold so dear and think so highly of. After all, if something appears broken to you, why don't you try to fix it? I could well be overstepping my bounds here, but more than anything I don't want the site to be torn apart or left as a broken wing that cannot fix itself without everyone pitching together and trying to get along.

And thus, I have rambled to myself long enough and shall now shut up.
- Chrys on 04/26/11 - 07:37PM
My own two cents on a topic that should not have exploded to something like this.

It sounds more like those who have been rejected (I have no issues against you 'nor do I mean to sound rude) are just throwing a temporary temper tantrum. It obviously happens to the best of us but I think it's rude to call DG out because she has a social 'clique' on Luna. I've never heard of this until now so it makes me think that it was just made up on the spot. When I was chosen to be a mod during the second rounds (three years ago now?), I didn't know DG. I didn't know anyone. I answered the questions as truthful as I could and the only background experience I had was that I attempted to become a mod at FoSFF but failed. However it seems like a pattern has risen.

When I hadn't made the cut for FoSFF, many users stood and said that those who were chosen were part of a clique and were friends with the current mods (I, too, said the same thing at the time) but that was not the case, more than likely. Mods are chosen on their abilities, not because they're friends. I can see the potential that Kerrigan Sheehan has since she doesn't write fanfiction and the potential in the rest of the chosen mods. But basically, what had happened on FoSFF is happening on Luna the exact same way.

Those who leave the site, I don't understand why they would do so, just because they are angry because of the chosen mods?. Ultimately, more mods means faster validations and we need more mods because the que is just overloaded with stories. Help is help, regardless of who it is.

I hope everyone's calmed down by now about this issue. Congratulations to the new mods!
- Spirit Archer on 04/26/11 - 07:38PM
I'm going to post the reasons I was given for not being chosen. The fact that I was turned down partly due to opinions that were asked of me, that were asked to help the site, just chokes my goat even more. I love all of you ladies, and I don't expect anyone to chase after me. Not at all. I simply don't wish to write on a site where I'm not happy. I'm no longer motivated to do so. I wish the mods all the best.
- Renohotness on 04/26/11 - 07:57PM
First off, congrats to all the mods! I'm sure you guys'll be great, and good luck!

Second off, what in the world, guys? This is the first I've heard of any sides on Luna. I don't want to take any sides, and I think we all just need to take a deep breath right quick. We're all acting like the arguing parents, and Luna is the child. We all love Luna and want what's best for it, right? Let's try to work out some kind of compromise or something, ja? (Sorry, couldn't resist) For the most part, I agree with Crys-chan and Tsula. Deep breathing guys XD

And once again, congrats, new mods~!
- Miktasuki Dice on 04/26/11 - 08:43PM
I wasn't sure if I should comment here or not. I originally had a really long explanation clearing up the misinformation I saw here, but I think it might be better for one of the older mods to deal with the controversy about the applications. However, I would like to say that out of all the new mods, only I've been friends with DG for a significant length of time. Plus, Sally had the final say in all decisions. As a result, I feel like these accusations of "cliques" are unfounded.

Anyway, I think many of the unhappy comments were based on misconceptions, so I do hope that people who've expressed anger will reserve judgment until SSP clears things up. It's sucky to see Luna imploding over confusion. ;o;

To those whose applications didn't make the cut: the older mods are entirely willing to explain their decisions if contacted about them, so I would just like to emphasize this option to those who are angry or confused.

Also, "silver_neko_kitsune" is really long and stupid. You can just call me SNK, or Mao. Not only do I like cats, but I also like people, so never feel afraid to talk to me (or any of the mods, for that matter). Thanks to everyone who offered their congrats, and congrats to the other new mods! o3o
- silver_neko_kitsune on 04/26/11 - 08:57PM
- Solitudinarian on 04/26/11 - 09:08PM
Woah. I started to read what the 50 comments were all about, and.... Well.. I never knew that Luna had two sides! This is the first time I was ever 'notified' about this!

I only skimmed through the first couple posts, so I'm not so sure on what happened by now, but I really do hope that things do get resolved. I hate taking sides when it comes to these kind of arguments, so I'm not going to say anything, but I really do hate reading comments about people hating each other AND people saying they're going to leave Luna.

Ever since my friend showed me Luna, it's one of the only places I can trust to read a good fanfiction. I rarely find mistakes in the stories while reading them because the mods takes their time to read each chapter and makes sure that there aren't any mistakes. All the authors here are awesome, and it makes me feel sad to read that some of the awesome authors are planning on leaving...

Sometimes, we just have to cooperate with others we don't really like to make things work. We can always try to ignore the people we don't like on the site, so please let's keep this site a peaceful and good site..?

Sorry it became last, but Congrats to the New Mods!
- RyuseiStreamGirl on 04/26/11 - 09:43PM
You say there is not favoritisim? You say that you're oblivious to the 'clique' and 'taking sides' issues that have been here on Luna for quite some time?

Well, let me educate you, my dears:

The comments on there were nasty, made by both the defenders and the accusers. While reading this, I continued to see it stressed that this needed to be addressed on the forms or in a private matter. But according to some, there has been NO response from the moderators or DG through private means. Secondly, this ugly battle would've gone NO better if started/taken/ or moved to the 'proper place'. Thirdly, the facebook page was created to keep us updated on Lunaescene. In all honesty, I see it valid and correct, it reached out to many luna lovers and gave them a chance to give their two cents. Luna, by many mouths of authors and readers, was adored because of it's strict story validation requirements. Not because suddenly died. And not because of the drama that started there. And those of you that spewed nasty comments in your defense find it insulting that we were concerned?

And, before someone feels falsely accused, this response is not to all moderators. I appauld you all for trying your best...but this has gotten too far out of hand and shame on you for letting this, 'taking sides' continue. You above all else know what's going on behind the scenes better than any of us do.

Fourthly, they had a REASON to bitch and moan to see the horrendous decline in Luna's written standards with the recent story validations. Why? That is because some of us actually paid to keep this site running. It's still adored. It was fought for.

Next, I would like to address what all I've seen tonight and what I am about to say, I know quite a few would agree with me. I saw the email from DG to Renohotness, and being a fan of both of these author's works, I was appalled at what was picked apart.

Firstly, that was a slap in the face. Half of what's passing through story validation have paragraphs FULL of those errors. What I found more insulting is that two of the newest moderators, make those mistakes frequently in their current works.

And DG, I say this directly to you: It was shallow of you to do that, and you should know, above all else, that you weren't the best writer from the beginning. None of us were.

Also, if I may be so bold, I see favoritism in the selection of moderators. Silver_Neko_Kitsune fought for CrazyDominioDragonGirl on the facebook argument, constantly quoting remarks from her. And now she's a moderator? While I do not doubt her ability, with everything Iíve listed, heard and seen for myself, I cannot be blamed for my suspicions. That and I find it cowardly that DG complains as much as she does when she hides behind others.

Goodbye, Lunaescence.


A former best friend.
- Xylia on 04/26/11 - 09:54PM
Uhm, I worked every single day. I got paid $6.17/hour, and only got 3 hours of work. In 1.5 hours, I had to serve up to 9 tables. All of which were elderly people, who I had to memorize and learn who couldn't have what because of an illness or diabetes. The rest of the time I had to clean the shit and escort them to their rooms.

I was in high school. I took insults from other wait staff and crazy old people. I cried. I sweat. I worked hard for my money, and I put that money into the lunaescence donations BOTH times (Yeah, that time about three years ago and then back in, what? December?) that it was going downhill because SALLY couldn't afford it.

We paid to keep this site going. Some of us were kids, some of us are adults. But we all worked, and a lot of us donated. We have every right to bitch if we feel like we're being attacked and/or insulted and/or ignored because of unfair discrimination based on past work or relationships with people that DG clearly does not like.

We paid. We care. Try to get your panties out of your cracks.

This is Kelly Brown from the facebook thread. The one who STARTED the facebook thread. I told DG to make an announcement that if people found it insulting, to comment me. But she didn't. Instead, she let people attack Ri. Why?

"I've been talking to her, and tbh my opinion of her has gone down the drain. A number of the most insulting comments were from her, and when I asked she claimed she meant no offense to the mods. Right now my opinion of her is not very high if she won't even own up to actions and comments that everyone can see.Ē

Thanks for doing what the person who started it asked you to do, asshat. You let members attack a child because your 'opinion of her has gone down the drain'.

Way to be an unbiased mod.

I did not apply to be moderator for this site, because frankly, I could never work with such a pigheaded bitch. I confronted her when she told me to come to her about problems, and all she did was bitch that users were stupid and that users always asked the same questions and that users never read updates and that basically, the writers and users were too stupid to take seriously.

Since others have posted their conversations with DG, then I will, too.
- KitsuneYoukai42490 on 04/26/11 - 09:54PM
And, I apologize if you see any errors in my opinion and factual statements. Right now, I could honestly careless about them.
- Xylia on 04/26/11 - 09:55PM
Apparently the site agreed with Xylia and decided to post her comment multiple times to express it's approval.
- KitsuneYoukai42490 on 04/26/11 - 10:03PM
- KitsuneYoukai42490 on 04/26/11 - 10:03PM
First and foremost, I'd like to give a hearty congratulations to all the new moderators! I know that all of you will do your best and I hope that you'll treat us well xD

I don't believe I've ever posted a comment on one of these threads, but there is always a first time. So now I shall contribute.

Although I've caught glimpses of "the darker side" of Luna in the past, this is the first time it's really been brought to light for me, as it were. So now I shall say this: I don't want to form a personal opinion of any of the mods, new or old, based solely on what I hear about them. I wish to see for myself what kind of people they are, first hand. I am not condemning anyone now, whether they have wronged others or been wronged themselves. Please allow me this freedom.

I am quite new to this site still, despite that I have been writing original and fan works for at least five years now. As such, I do not know very many people here yet and understand that I am not the prolific or well-known author such as DG or SNK (thank you for allowing me to call you that, by the way) are. I hope that people will be patient with me as I come to understand their grievances with one another better. Please judge me as you will; I would far rather be friends than enemies.

I discovered Luna by accident late last year and before a month's time had passed I'd decided to join and contribute my own works. It's grown on me immensely and I've made friends because of it in this short time- not even six months- so I'm quite put out to find out just how strained things have been. Seeing several of my favorite authors throw in the towel the way they did makes me more than a little sad. I do, however, understand that even the most patient of people have a breaking point, so will wish them good luck in their endeavors with a prayer that they can come to terms with whatever their reason for leaving was.

Finally, a repeat of what I said before: congrats everyone!
- NuitNoire on 04/26/11 - 10:07PM
*very long and extensive sigh*
- Xylia on 04/26/11 - 10:08PM

That's what's doing it. X_x
- Xylia on 04/26/11 - 10:14PM
Yeah, don't refresh. Go to 'home' then just reclick the comments link.
- KitsuneYoukai42490 on 04/26/11 - 10:15PM
Wow! I'm kind of surprised that Wanderer and I have the same opinion. True enough, I'm a bit shocked at the backlash against those who were chosen. But, what can I say?

There's not much for me to say in my current position. My response is pretty much a carbon copy of Wanderer's (I do believe we think alike, at least in our opinion of Luna). Just to clear things up, the only person on the current roster of mods that I've known for an extensive amount of time is Mao/SNK. She's more or less the only person I've been friends with for a very long time on Luna (and FOSFF if you count that). I'm not sure where the accusations relating to "DG's clique" stem from, but I am sure that I am not part of it. Or, at least, I hope I am not. I've only known DG for about two weeks or so due to mod applications, and I'm pretty sure that doesn't count.

To be honest, I'd also like to know why I was picked as mod. So, if you'd like to follow my lead and go ask them why you were not chosen (or chosen for the rest of us that did get accepted), I'm sure the older mods would happily oblige. From what I've seen, none of the mods bite; they're friendly, and maybe you caught them at a bad time? Who knows. It's always best to go ask them yourself. :)

In any case, I congratulate the rest of the new mods for being chosen. I look forward to working with you all, mods and authors alike. As for the mods, let's do our best with the queue! :D

P.S. To Xylia, KitsuneYoukai42490, and NuitNoire: If you'd like, I can clean up the double/triple posts for you. Do you mind? :)
- Kay on 04/26/11 - 10:27PM
@ Xylia: Thank you for the information. I'll remember now ^^"

@ Kay: Yes please take out the extra posts :)
- NuitNoire on 04/26/11 - 10:34PM
My stuff never double posted. But thanks anyway.
- KitsuneYoukai42490 on 04/26/11 - 10:38PM
The only thing as of right now that I have an explicit problem with as far as DG is concerned (I don't know much behind the scenes crap since I am relatively new here and don't keep up with much) is the article Renohotness just posted where she relayed her and DG's emails back and forth to each other in, what I'm assuming, is word for word.

DG said: "Also, regarding the infighting, I've been pretty close to leaving too, as have at least two of the other mods. The only problem is that Luna is a moderated archive and wouldn't survive without moderation, so we couldn't go. If the majority really wants me to leave, then I'll go; I'm not actually power-hungry and that invested in the site anyway."

Not that invested in the site? She is probably one of the main moderators, especially when Sally is gone, and she says she is not that invested in the site? Does anyone else find something wrong with this? Obviously mods can't be godly creatures or anything, but to act like you don't give a damn about the site, the community, whatever--that's a hit below the belt for me. It makes me really wonder about the mods and their interest/dedication here.

The community itself is great...the readers are nice, and the authors that get lucky enough to get through validation are a joy to read. I just don't see how this is going to be handled. Other than that, congrats to the new mods...although I will agree with some other users here that I am a bit skeptical about Kerrigan Sheehan...she doesn't come off all that friendly on here or other sites. I think that a mod's job is to not only be great at grammar, but also be friendly, too. I think she could strike fear into the heart of new authors with the attitude she expresses online, and that's just something I think she should be weary of, not saying she doesn't deserve it.
- NyxHarlot on 04/26/11 - 10:38PM
Woah. Explosion. I know no one particularly wants to hear my opinion on the matter. I saw the original comment thread on Facebook and, while I didn't agree with what was being said about newer authors (myself included, as I have a lot to learn), I thought it was a good idea to open up more moderator position, what with the influx of people joining.

From what I can tell, the issue is these people aren't universally agreed to be good choices for moderators. I agree, voting probably would have been a better idea, but how are we to know that wouldn't have been someone else's clique getting the position?

All of this sudden breaking apart saddens me. I haven't been on Luna long and it's true I don't always contribute stellar work (if ever). But I've learned more about writing here than I ever have anywhere else and I've managed to make tons of friends that are willing to help me to become better.

That being said, I don't plan to leave the site. No, I'm not a Big Name Writer, but this is home. I'm sorry to see those that are leaving do so-- and yeah, I understand where they're coming from. And some of the things being said about the people running this site ARE concerning. If there's a site members here make to moderate, I'd probably join.

But I myself have had no trouble with the moderating or the staff here and I sincerely appreciated when they stood up for those of us who might not have been here as long or be as talented as some of the people voicing complaints.

To all the new moderators, thanks for applying. I know you'll try your hardest, especially after all of the complaints. To all of those who didn't get it, I'm sorry, and I wish you luck as you go off.

But to me, more than anything, it's about the community. And since I had barely an idea of how angry some people were at it, I'm staying. It's home. And I thank every single person that's been a part of that.
- StrawChan on 04/26/11 - 10:53PM
Woah, sorry for the massive breaks there. Clearly formatting is not my forte.

Also for the double post. *shuts up now*
- StrawChan on 04/26/11 - 10:54PM
@NuitNoire: There you go. :)

@KitsuneYoukai42490: I took the liberty of deleting things related to the double posts that were irrelevant to the topic at hand. Hope that's okay! :)
- Kay on 04/26/11 - 10:58PM
Alright people.

Let's not forget that Sally is the CREATOR of this site. She could read all of this and say, "Fuck it. I don't need to deal with this shit." and just delete the site.

She's put hard work into this site, she's the one who's been maintaining it from the beginning and, as far as I'm concerned, is doing her best to make sure it runs as smoothly as she can with the limited time she has.

Bringing up that Facebook link is just reopening old wounds and a hellhole of negativity. I understand that you're trying to inform those who were unaware, but it just looks like everything is just going back to square one. The arguing, as I see it, is counterproductive and Sally doesn't need this stress added to her, I'm sure, already hectic life.

How is she going to look at this? All she's gonna see is a post about new mods being selected, followed by more than several comments giving, I'll be gentle here, criticism about her main admin/mod and how the system is "rigged" apparently.

How do you think she's going to react to that? I'm praying that she doesn't decide to just delete Luna to solve the problem.

The "discussion" may not be over privately, but that Facebook thread is what it is. THE PAST. It's over. Move on. Try and find other solutions to solving your grievances before lashing out.

Only the Sally and the current mods know how the selection processs works. Only Sally and the current mods know what REALLY goes on in the validation, non-validated story editing process. To attack the main representative personally about her, even with personal experiences in talking with her, is a logical fallacy in an argument. It doesn't convince people to look at the main point of your argument. It doesn't solve anything in the long run of your argument. You can say what you want about DG and the other mods all you like, it doesn't solve the problem you have with the site.

I hope I haven't come off as arrogant, as I clearly don't know everything that goes on in the private lives of Sally, the mods, and these authors who are voicing their grievances. But seriously, after reading all of these posts, I'm tired of this.

I'm sorry Sally if anything I have said is insulting to you or is out of turn.

I end with a question.


Because, with the exception of a select few here in this discussion, and you know who you are, I DON'T SEE ANY.
- Isis san on 04/26/11 - 11:00PM
Oh lord. "The" Sally. Sorry for the typos.
- Isis san on 04/26/11 - 11:01PM
Hahah, I knew this FB thing would come up eventually. So much for passing math tomorrow. 8D

I don't have time to address all the points that Xylia and KitsuneYoukai42490 made. For now, I'll just address the point made about favouritism and me.

On FB, I'm Karen. Was I acting like a dickwad in that thread? Yes. Do I sincerely regret acting like a dick? Absolutely, although I still believe in the points that I was making. I agree, it does look suspicious that I was made a mod after arduously defending the Luna mods. However, I ask you to consider that it is possible for someone to be both well-qualified and a friend of DG. If you still find my case suspicious, I will even post my full application and you can decide for yourself if I'm worthy of modhood. Kay has offered to do the same.

Umm... This post is already too long, but Xylia, who are the new mods that are making these errors? Because that's something that should be addressed quickly if it is an actual issue.

Lastly, NuitNoire, that was a lovely comment. o3o Thank you for reserving judgment, and to anyone else who is doing the same. I hope that you aren't too offput by these recent events.

P.S. Um, I'm making an edit to ask people avoid any name-calling or insults. So please, nothing like "pigheaded bitch", etc. It's against the rules. Seriously. It is on the rules page. It also makes a civil discussion way harder.
- silver_neko_kitsune on 04/26/11 - 11:01PM
First, congrats to the people who made mods.

However I'm saddened. Since apparently the site takes over a month to update anything, shouldn't there have been more mods chosen? Not to mention people who write and read fanfiction alike. I don't like the idea of people's fanfiction being picked over just because someone doesn't like fanfiction or write it.

Makes me happy I'm a validated author.

I've been on this site since 2007, and applied to be a mod before when we were asked, though I do not believe anyone was picked from that batch. A year or two later I figure I'll try again. I'm on this site every day, if I'm signed in or not.

I know my grammar and stuff isn't the best, so I'm not hurt over not being picked. I would have liked to of helped out the archive, but I'm sure Sally tried to pick who was best.

This mod thing really shouldn't be a popularity contest however. Be they DG's friends or popular authors, I don't think that is necessarily fair. I've seen people who were extremely popular with a lot of reviews on stories, but that doesn't mean they would make good mods. You need people who are friendly and open.

I've never had a problem with DG, sometimes her comments make me flinch a bit, but you know everyone has moments of anger. I've only spoken to her once or twice and she was helpful then, so I won't speak ill of her.

Perhaps opening more mod positions should be considered since as far as I'm aware only 2 or 3 mods even come to the site still, and with this sudden outburst of anger, I don't know how many will honestly stay. I know there are a lot of stories to go through, so I see no reason not to have more than just 4 new mods added. Especially when a lot of people have problems with some of the new mods added.
- Rei on 04/26/11 - 11:08PM
@ Kay: Thank you!

I have been looking up what people posted of their conversations with DG, their thoughts, and have been scanning the FB thread (here I'm using the definition of "scan" as in to look over quickly and not very carefully :/) to get a better view of what is actually going on here. What I'm seeing is exactly what StrawChan said: an explosion. An explosion of emotions that have been brewing for a good while, an explosion of thoughts on this, an explosion of comments. I'm barely staying afloat here with all that's going on, haha.

Another I agree with StrawChan on is that this website is like home for me. I love it. I've learned so much about writing since I joined Luna and I have no intention of leaving, no matter what happens. I don't care how well I'm known or what people think of me (at least to an extent); I'm going to stay.

I can only hope to understand how hard it is for the moderators. I want to respect them and my fellow authors. Personally I've not had troubles with them, so... once again, I shan't judge.

That being said, I have one last comment. This issue is going to change Lunaescence. How much, I have no idea. But it won't stay completely the same.

*dry smile* I do hope that I didn't just jinx everything.
- NuitNoire on 04/26/11 - 11:10PM
Kay, SNK, I believe you are both wonderful, genuinely nice people who will add to this archive (not to say the other two mods won't, you're just the two discussing right now). You seem down to Earth and friendly, which is just what Luna needs right now. I'm glad you are both trying to solve this big explosion civilly and listening to those of us that just want to talk, not complain (there is a difference, and I hope I have made it--I don't want to seem like all I am doing is whining; I'm only trying to be helpful). What I will say is that this current fight is causing a lot of users to migrate and leave Luna...which isn't a great thing for the community, although I'm sure some people will say "ah screw it, they can leave, who cares!". It's not necessarily who is leaving as much as it is that people feel the need to leave. I think that says enough in itself (and it's not just those that were denied mod positions).

@Noire-- I agree with you. Both in the explosion aspect and with the change in Luna. I'm not sure if I know how this will affect it, but I hope it turns out well in the end.

@Isis-- I understand this is unfair for Sally, as she is EXTREMELY helpful and considerate and does what she can to keep this site up and running. There's a reason there are no complaints about her. But we can't just override our worries with other mods because of her, as selfish and rude as that may come across at first. She needs to be apart of this as much as the next person in the community, as it was her wonderful mind that started this gift. Bottling up concerns and frustration won't get the archive anywhere, and I'm glad that some are taking the opportunity to express their worries now in a civil manner (those that are, anyway).

Again, I am happy for the new mods. Just want a few questions answered, is all. Such as why there are only four, why they got the position and others didn't,'s all been discussed here. :)
- NyxHarlot on 04/26/11 - 11:18PM
So... I'm just curious. How are people uploading conversations and things that they've had with DG if she's the main mod? I mean, I know there are other mods, but doesn't she monitor everything?
- Solitudinarian on 04/26/11 - 11:20PM
Well, the people posting stuff are all validated and DG isn't actually censoring what they're posting. (Which does say something positive about her IMO.)
- DragonSilk on 04/26/11 - 11:26PM
Oh. Okay, thanks.
- Solitudinarian on 04/26/11 - 11:28PM
No problem. (AKA I'm watching all of this far too closely for someone so uninvolved. xD)
- DragonSilk on 04/26/11 - 11:29PM
@NyxHarlot: Don't worry, I don't find your posts annoying at all. Of course, you also just complimented Kay and I, so I will admit to bias here, lol. Um, anyway, that's a totally valid question! Renohotness inadvertently answered it when she posted her emails with DG.

DG stated:

"The second round [of applications], we mostly looked at the decisions people gave on the two stories they were asked to review from the queue and what they noticed about each story. This was where we were disappointed; some of the applicants, though they had good initial applications, didn't notice some of the major errors. Initially, we were hoping to have about seven new mods, but that number went down to five after the first round, and we only ended up admitting four people."

@Solitudinarian: Well, she's noticed them, but that doesn't necessitate them being deleted. (Although, ashestoroses' post was pretty offensive...)
- silver_neko_kitsune on 04/26/11 - 11:29PM
I don't think people have a right to complain about quality, honestly. That's just, to me, such a non-legit (making up words here, lol) complaint. Luna has NEVER been like, it has always prided itself in having authors with quality, but not everyone can be perfect. I don't think that's something worth bringing to the table, as now the mods have bumped up the validation process to such strict passings that it's hard to post a story without worrying how badly it's going to be nitpicked (which has, admittedly, only happened to me twice, but it was for extremely small things like a comma in the wrong place). I read once that Luna bases its validation process on 10th grade grammar...and sorry, but I don't think that the English language is mastered in the 10th grade. There are going to be mistakes. Sometimes I feel that the mods are too strict when it comes to submissions. I understand that they are being pulled in two directions here, those that think it should be regulated more and those that don't, but...blah. I just think some times validation is too strict here. I don't see why the mods are being forced to have to review submissions this that I think about it, perhaps that's why validation is as slow as it is, because they are all trying to please those of you that said fics with lower quality were being submitted here. That just sort of frustrates me, because I have NEVER seen a fic posted on Luna that didn't have quality if not just a few errors (things not revolving around one wrongly placed comma or accidental capitalization). I'm sorry the mods felt they had to up the process that much because of what happened some odd months ago... :( Perhaps I am completely off target though, in which case someone feel free to correct me, lol, as I said earlier I'm fairly new to this place.
- NyxHarlot on 04/26/11 - 11:39PM
Also to SNK, thank you. :)
- NyxHarlot on 04/26/11 - 11:40PM
Time to diffuse with funnies!
Did anyone else giggle at the lovely SNK's use of the word "modhood?" ;D
Pure genius. That's all I've got to say.

And super congrats to the new mods and everyone who's on the site. ILU guys so much. I have a lot of fun on the site due to the people here. I'm sorry for my bitching earlier. Please forgive. =D
- Broken Marionette on 04/26/11 - 11:42PM

This is getting so out of hand. Maybe DG plays favorites, maybe not. I don't know, and I don't care. As long as the stories are good, I could give a rat's ass.

Although I do think it's fascinating that, somehow, a person who mocks fanfiction is now going to moderate it. Good luck, there.

Knock off the fighting. It's the internet. Get over yourselves.
- Cake on 04/26/11 - 11:42PM
Haha, back to make points's what I do.

I have to say I agree with NyxHarlot. Of course, I was validated a few weeks after I joined, back when that was just a random thing, but...I've never seen a huge problem with submissions. Sure, I see some that I wonder how it passed, but then...I'm used to the stellar quality of the rest of the works that are the norm here. There are some the need a lot of work, but that's FAR from being " quality."

I myself arrived and BURIED myself in typos. I'm STILL trying to go back and correct and re-write everything I posted. The thing is that I didn't learn through validation, I learned through people kind enough to point that I was wrong and from reading the other submissions here.

Like the saying goes "Only you can prevent wild fires." Both in regards to rampant grammar-slash-spelling errors and any flaming going on here (hypocritical of me say, obviously).

I, for one, think moderation IS important and it must be done. But not to a ridiculous extent that it makes simply submitting something difficult (I was not, however, aware this was an issue, might not be?). That doesn't encourage people to learn.
- StrawChan on 04/26/11 - 11:45PM
I agree with this:
"now the mods have bumped up the validation process to such strict passings that it's hard to post a story without worrying how badly it's going to be nitpicked"
I mean, I'm a validated author so I haven't had to deal with their current standards BUT I know for a fact that some of my older stuff (I've been here since '07) would never get through validation nowadays. (I edit it and cringe sometimes.) It's just such a mess I don't even know how it cleared in the first place. xD
But I don't think there will ever be a way to please anyone on that front. >.>
- DragonSilk on 04/26/11 - 11:47PM
I would have liked if all the applicants had been given letters back to their email addresses to allow them to know why they weren't chosen.

You want good mods and good stories on the site. You should give feed back to the applicants as to why they weren't chosen. This could make them better in the long run, produce better mods if they know where they are going wrong.

I doubt very seriously if anyone here is an English Major, if you are then my apologies to you. What I'm trying to say is nit-picking over every application so must that you go from originally wanting 7 new mods to just 4 is kind of much. The site needs help with story validation, we need stories with good grammar and good spelling, not college essay level articles that are going to be published in the New York Times.
- Rei on 04/26/11 - 11:48PM
Dear Cake,
Your post made me giggle inappropriately. I don't know why. Thought I should share (I'm a fan of oversharing.)
- DragonSilk on 04/26/11 - 11:50PM
@Rei: I'm not a mod, but I AM an English Major! :D

@DragonSilk: I straight out cackled. Don't worry about it.

@Cake: I love you. Your response made me cackle/giggle. Thank you for being able to say what I didn't have the (metaphorical) balls to say. Marry me please. :holds out ring pop on one knee:
- Isis san on 04/26/11 - 11:56PM
I agree with you, Rei...I don't think it should have been graded so harshly as to go down from 7 to 4. :/

And DragonSilk, I know...I was just expressing an opinion. ): It just sucks that this place has gone sort of...I don't know. All I know is that it takes forever to get through validation not only because of the long line, but the mods are forced to nit-pick every story now after the whole "quality" argument. That's not fair to them or to the rest of us. It just stinks. :(
- NyxHarlot on 04/26/11 - 11:57PM
(O_O) Oh my god, I had no idea things had gotten this bad. I am extremely upset that some of my favorite authors are leaving, and yes, I do in a way blame the internal conflicts going on, but at the same time - how old are we??

I want to help everyone sort this out, but now I feel very conflicted and uncomfortable to see just how divided this community has become while I had my head stuck in the clouds. Sure, I may completely agree with some people like Reno, MKC, and BM - like my surprise over the new mod selection - but what can I say? Every Mod interaction I'd even had (except one mod) hasn't exactly been nice, but I overlooked that because, I am one of the veteran writers and I have been on this site for a loong time, as well as, fosff, and more.

But this civil dispute is a few levels more disturbing that I had expected. I understand why people are angry - when I got denied for author validations, it made me feel so worthless and unaccomplished I would have left the site all together if I had somewhere else to go; especially when I had been approved no problem for over 6 months, so I had assumed I was at least up to standards - but must it really go this far?

I think there definitely needs to be some reform in the Mod and Admin areas of the site. For example, something I posted earlier got excepted and it was full of typos - but there must also be compromise from the writers as well. I know there is no way for everyone to be completely satisfied, but where in the world are we ever able to get that kind of peace? As fans, we should be able to at least ACT like adults (and I say this knowing that there are some people that are vastly young and immature) and try to work this out with a little more grace than what is being thrown back and forth now.

I say this because this has unsettled me badly, and that I don't want to see my beloved home being torn apart because of petty favoritism and misplaced acceptance.

I pray the authors I idolize return, but either way, I will continue to write here and try to improve this site with everything I have.

As a side note - this is not directed at anyone in specific, so I hope I don't rile anyone up by speaking my peace.

P.s. If there are spelling errors in this - sorry but I am dyslexic and that's just how it goes. Bite me.
- Poison Girl on 04/27/11 - 12:01AM
@Isis: Oh! My hat is off to you then! xD I always saw English majors as like.. my High School English teacher. o_o

8D Do you wear suits? (JK xD)

@NyxHarlot: Thank you. A lot of people on here are High School age, if not younger. I still think maybe they took the grading a little to far this time around. I kind of wish I knew how mine was graded, but after reading some things, it makes me feel like I might want to kick myself in the face and not write anymore.

Actually I just got offered to seet them. Time to see if I'm going to be eating my foot I suppose.
- Rei on 04/27/11 - 12:05AM
@Poison Girl: :raises hand: May I bite you anyway even if I don't mind your possible spelling errors? :shot: Sorry. I've reached that point in fatigue where I become an crazy mess. Don't worry. I agree and you're not alone. :hugs:
- Isis san on 04/27/11 - 12:06AM
NyxHarlot, oh don't get me wrong. I agree with your opinion, I just also think that the people who think it needs to be -SUPER REGULATE!- around here happen to be very... loud. (No aggression here. =D )
- DragonSilk on 04/27/11 - 12:06AM
@Rei: What kind of hat is it? May I have it? :shot: It's ok. English majors don't get no respect no more, yo. S'ok. Haha. xD And no, I don't wear suits. ...Yet. (Kidding)
- Isis san on 04/27/11 - 12:07AM
@ Poison Girl -- It's only a few that are acting immature and not simply discussing, so really this isn't such a horrible thing we are doing here. We are just discussing as a community. Other than that, I agree with your post. No pure peace will ever be made, but the mods want us to talk to them about issues and such so, I guess we are even if this isn't the most appropriate place. It's on the site, and I still think they should recognize it. Which SNK & Kay are definitely doing, thankfully. :)

The same thing goes to those of you that are saying to stop far as I'm aware, the majority of us commenting aren't fighting, we are simply discussing. There were only a VERY few amount that said nasty things. :(
- NyxHarlot on 04/27/11 - 12:08AM
I'd really like to see that email between DG and renohot :( I missed out, (I guess from arriving too late.... ;_; )

SSP Is my favorite mod :) She's kind enough to show you exactly what needs to be corrected and is both warm-hearted and patient. I think she genuinely likes to help people and am glad she's still around :3

My friends and I have had stories sent back with emails that simply state "revise, you have mistakes" without actually pointing them out. :( We've looked over each other's to help out, which works, but I prefer the way SSP handles things ♥
In addition, I've had my chapter in the queue for 2 months now, and people are demanding an update! Haha~ I wish I was a little more patient with my own writing, without the few mistakes I have made, I could be a validated author, and not care about any of this.

I also understand that it's a huge job for all the mods, especially around holidays. But please don't allow people that make a mockery of fan fiction to critique what I post. If anything, I'd like to see a mod that prefers video game-related fandom over anime!

Us vidya-folk get the poop-end of the stick sometimes. (It's especially clear when the "newest" list is full of the same 3 animes over and over....)

Aside from the sadness of everyone leaving, I'm really glad everyone is sticking up for the community as a hole :)

We're DOING something about it!

Oh, and Kudos to most of the new mods :3 You seem like pretty cool chicks!!
- Momo-Deary on 04/27/11 - 12:13AM
lol nobody's said anything nasty here but me for the pigheaded bitch remark. Everyone else has had their opinion. Stating that one believes there is favoritism going on isn't nasty, it's an opinion based off of past personal conversations that they've had with DG.
- KitsuneYoukai42490 on 04/27/11 - 12:13AM
@Isis The first question I get as an English major is: "So, you're going into teaching?"
Wtf, why's it always about teaching? Enlighten me, dear. XD
- Broken Marionette on 04/27/11 - 12:13AM
@Isis: it was a top hat *wiggles eyebrows* I have a Guy Fawkes mask under it *goes to cause mayhem*
- Rei on 04/27/11 - 12:14AM
@ DragonSilk: English majors don't get love anymore? Aw, that's sad, I'm seriously considering changing my major to English... xD

@ NyxHarlot: There can be a fine line between fighting and discussing, although I think everyone is doing a good job of staying closer to the safe side of "discussion." And yes, thank you SNK and Kay!
- NuitNoire on 04/27/11 - 12:16AM
@BM: ME TOO! OMG! And don't you get the strange awkward look/silence where they're just like, "...Oh." Haha.

Apparently English majors don't know how to do anything except analyze literature, write papers, and bitch/squee over books that they hate/love. Lol. And since teaching is basically that job description, there you do. Haha.

@Rei: SWEET! I love top hats! They'll go with my penguin suit! :meaning tux: :wears:

@Noire: Did you mean me? Don't worry. The English major is just as much of a misunderstood creature as a hippogriff is. :D Change your major to English anyway. We're more fun. ;D
- Isis san on 04/27/11 - 12:22AM
@Isis: I bitch and squee over books anyway and I'm a Graphic Design Major. xD

I do love me some reading...
And the smell of fresh book...
And the sound of the spine as it snaps when you open a new book...
*rambles on*
- Rei on 04/27/11 - 12:28AM
@KitsuneYoukai -- I never stated that was what I was referring to. Yes, I was referring to your bitch remark, and there were a few others but I don't feel like picking through 100 comments. Sorry.

@Noire -- Yes! Mostly everyone. :) I hope the mods recognize this.

@Momo -- I agree with you. It was the same with my RE fanfic, in the videogame category. :( I think the process of selecting mods should also include perhaps one for each specific category? So that way it's specialized. xD I know that's maybe a bit more work and requires more mods, This is a HUGE site now and perhaps it requires a lot more mods! :)
- NyxHarlot on 04/27/11 - 12:29AM
@Rei: I know, but English majors are seeing as making a living out of it. Lol.

I love all those things too~ That's why I remain primitive and refuse to get an e-reader. Less extreme result of Fahrenheit 451 coming to pass anyone?
- Isis san on 04/27/11 - 12:31AM
@ Isis san: I was originally replying to DragonSilk, because I typed slowly and hadn't read your latest reply lol. So it goes to both of you. As for teaching, I'm planning to aim more for editing or copywriting rather than teaching. Teaching isn't for me, I've learned this year.

@ BM & Isis san: When it comes to reactions you get when you tell people what your major is, as a (soon-to-be) former Music Education major I've gotten a lot of "What are you going to be teaching?" My reply: "... I just said. I'm teaching music." "Oh so you're not LEARNING music, you're going to be TEACHING it." "... I AM learning music, but..." And then it gets complicated. Better than people mixing up an orchestra and a wind ensemble, though. That always drives me loony lol.
- NuitNoire on 04/27/11 - 12:31AM
@ Isis san: *hugs* Bite away, just did an oatmeal and honey facial and skin rub, so I should taste bloody delicious right now~ XD I'm debating on minoring in English, but that's only because I'd like to teach it as a second language in Japan. My dyslexia has other things in mind, however. -_-;;

@ NyxHarlot: I know, but like I said, I didn't want to be pointing out anyone specific, so I kept it general. I'm glad people are discussing it (even if others don't exactly want it to be discussed), I just think some people are letting emotions get the better of them and taking some things either too personally, or not personally enough (depending on who you're looking at).

@ Momo-Deary: Reno actually posted it in a story - you can look it up under her profile - it should be one of the last thing there.
- Poison Girl on 04/27/11 - 12:32AM
@Momo-Deary: Well, whadya know? I play more games than I watch anime. :) Don't you worry about games not being favoured for validation, hehe. I'll be treating both camps equally.
- Kay on 04/27/11 - 12:33AM
I don't know why mods would only read for one category? I know I was recently thinking, "If I were a mod I'd have to avoid the YGO fics like a plague. I don't CARE if their grammar is perfect, Kaiba is hugging a complete stranger! Can-not-accept." >.>
Okay, yes that might be stretching it, but I mean, you can check grammar/punctuation/spelling even if you have no clue what's actually going on in the fic.
- DragonSilk on 04/27/11 - 12:33AM
I posted before I saw your post, but YAY!
- DragonSilk on 04/27/11 - 12:34AM
@Kay You're going to be my favorite :'3
- Momo-Deary on 04/27/11 - 12:36AM
@Poison Girl
You just reminded me that I need to go wash my face! >.<
Also, I REALLY want to teach English in Japan too. (Well, ANY foreign country really. I just want the experience of living there.) =D One more year until I can start applying though.
- DragonSilk on 04/27/11 - 12:38AM
@Dragonsilk -- That's not the issue...what the issue is is that some mods might skip over reading a fic because it's not a category they like. I'm sure this isn't the case with all but...from some of the things I've read, it happens. For instance my YGO fic got updated within the first two days of being posted, but it took my RE fic maybe a week or more, even though I RELIGIOUSLY checked it for grammar problems. Then it finally got validated. Sigh. I don't know. :(

@Kay -- THANK YOU! :) You are turning out to be wonderful, not that I thought you would be any less. xD I'm sorry you originally walked into this with some hostility directed toward you, but you have taken it in strides and simply continued being helpful and that says a lot. :)
- NyxHarlot on 04/27/11 - 12:38AM
@Noire: Whoops. My bad. Haha. I'm keeping my options open for now. I might do museum curating or research for history. We'll see.

@Poison: Sweet! :noms: Yummy! :tonfa'd: Owie. My crazy dream is to teach English to Italian children on the porch of my villa in the countryside of Italy somwhere. ;D
- Isis san on 04/27/11 - 12:41AM
Maybe? Yeah I really only write for a single category so I dunno but I've had drabbles that I posted AFTER a long chapter get through WAY faster. Maybe it's just a word count thing? Shorter stuff is faster to scour for mistakes so mods short on time'll do them?
Bleh, who knows. *Shrug*
- DragonSilk on 04/27/11 - 12:43AM
=( And we were all having a nice cup of tea (or rather I was).

"Or that we're comparing Luna to freaking FF.Net and"
In the facebook link you posted someone does say something like "Luna is on it's way to becoming the next" or something. (Please don't make me go back and quote them. I can but I hate that thread.)

(So not arguing with you here, because I don't want to. Just pointing out the fact that someone DOES say that. Fact, not argument.)
- DragonSilk on 04/27/11 - 12:51AM
Nice cup of tea? This is why crap never gets settled. People decide to go all ADHD and try to brush problems under the rug.

Fact: People paid to keep the site up.
Fact: Said people who paid to keep it up are getting stepped on and don't feel that their complaints are being taken seriously. It's being seen as 'whining'.
- KitsuneYoukai42490 on 04/27/11 - 12:54AM
I meant in this actual thread. This very one that we're typing in, now. The concern that we're supposed to be addressing is what all has been said and done here. Someone asked for a history and I gave it to them. And in reference, we were talking about the actions of words taken in the facebook thread.
- Xylia on 04/27/11 - 12:54AM
GAH! Enough with the DG stuff. Really, in all honesty, she will have to own up to some of the things she said but lets stop focusing on JUST her and more of the archive as a whole...that's what's important. I agree the mods are an important part of that, but talking about how great of a person DG is in real life has nothing to do with the quality of this archive or whatever.

PERSONALLY, who cares if who got picked is favorites, if they are good mods, why does it matter?! Yes, those that got denied need to be told why...but it should also be up to them to ask if they so desire to know (I'm only saying that because I've seen a few comments where they prefer not to know why they weren't chosen). I'm just tired of seeing DG this, DG're not helping the archive by just complaining about her and her alone, or bringing up the old FB thread AT ALL.

Also, I don't think standards have slacked unless you are wanting every single author to post perfection as far as grammatical ability and plots are concerned, which isn't fair at all. If you want something like that, feel free to start your own archive and whatnot, because I don't think that's what Luna is about or what Sally intended it to be. The mods are already super strict on what they accept, even more so now after that FB thread...and honestly, it's kind of a bit much.

It's not like the stories being submitted look as if they are written by five year olds. If you find any of those, feel free to post the links to them as I'm sure DG and the other mods have been asking for them for quite some time.
- NyxHarlot on 04/27/11 - 12:58AM
Yes but then people referenced that facebook thread. You can't point it out and expect people not to comment on it.

There's was plenty of actual debate going on in this thread. I think it's interesting that you're one of the ones (the only one? Too many posts to check tbh) who resorted to name calling yet you feel like people are calling you 'whiny'.

I might agree with some of your points if you weren't so aggressive about it. I'll be one of the first to say that things can come off differently than they were intended over the internet but aggression and passive aggression are never the way to go and, intentionally or not, you've come off as both.
- DragonSilk on 04/27/11 - 01:00AM
lol point missed, chick. That's YOUR OPINION. *OUR* opinion is that the LUNA PROBLEM IS DG. Once again, telling us to shut up and that our opinion is wrong is why we're getting so pissed off. I don't care how she is in real life. How she is with writers who go to her with a problem, now THAT I care about.
- KitsuneYoukai42490 on 04/27/11 - 01:01AM
To DS: Fair enough. If I had expressed it in a cup-cakey matter like everyone else I would have had my head patted like a good girl and things would, oh! Still be the same.
- KitsuneYoukai42490 on 04/27/11 - 01:02AM
The facebook thread is brought up because even though I, Kelly, who started the facebook thread, went to DG and talked to her about it and apologized for how things went and for what was said, she still drew it out. I put an end to it with DG like she asked, and then she went and threw a fit to everyone else. And then blamed Ri.
- KitsuneYoukai42490 on 04/27/11 - 01:04AM
^ What DragonSilk said, basically. I feel like you're being entirely too hard on this archive and extremely stubborn/rude. Have you ever thought that perhaps that is the reason no one wants to listen to you? No one is asking for a "cup-cakey matter", but some decency and respect is expected and you really aren't showing either of those.

If you dislike this archive THAT much (so much so that you resort to name-calling and such) then please feel free to go elsewhere because you don't actually HELP site when all you do is complain about your "opinion" as far as favoritism is concerned, or DG. Also, I didn't tell you to shut up, so please don't stick words in my mouth. I simply suggested talking about things that would actually help further the archive, not just your opinion about DG because she's not the only mod, you can go to others.
- NyxHarlot on 04/27/11 - 01:06AM
Guys I think we should just let things simmer down. Ranting about it isn't going to change it. DG isnt' the only mod, and she doesn't run everything here, she does a lot, and not matter how you put it, a any mod on any site is ALWAYS going to have enemies.

Talking about DG dragging things out, now we are the ones dragging this out. I can refresh once a minute and there are 10 new posts in this. I think over 100 comments of bitchery are enough.

They got the point, we can stop now.
- Rei on 04/27/11 - 01:12AM
Honestly, I think that you, and the handful of other people complaining just rub DG the wrong way, and she rubs you the wrong way.

I've exchanged an email with DG and a handful of IMs. None of that contained any sort of friendly conversation. Mostly it was DG telling me what I can do better. None of which was bitchy.
She's blunt, to the point, and she doesn't mess around. The kind of attitude I can appreciate because my adviser is the EXACT same.
Most people think my adviser is a bitch. I think they just don't like that she tells them what they need to know and then shoves them out of her office. (True story, but I REALLY like that my adviser has never tried to talk to me about my feelings on my classes or how I'm doing in them. So awkward.)

I think that your personalities just clash. They will always clash.
We DO have other mods that you can talk to if you have problems. SSP has always seemed very sweet and caring. Kay is being especially cordial despite this entire thread.

And if you need a higher power. There's always Sally.
^--- There's a link right there that leads you to a "Contact Sally" box.
- DragonSilk on 04/27/11 - 01:12AM's obvious that some (a lot) of toes have been stepped on here, but a lot of this discussion is sort of going around in a circle. Um, I understand that a lot of users might think that DG is the only one that they can talk to (or the best option), but she is not the only moderator that Lunaescence has. And I'm very sorry that I haven't made myself accessible enough to everyone. >:

Anyway, please remember that DG is only one person and, thus, can only handle so much. She is only human. I became a moderator at the same time she did, and have gotten to know her rather well. She is a really nice person and has put a lot of time and effort into this site. She is the one who stepped up after Lunaescence...ďreopened,Ē I guess you could say. She is the one who suggested we start up ďFeatured StoriesĒ again in an effort to keep things how they used to be. And she is the one who takes care of the monthly announcements, without complaint. We really owe her a lot.

That being said, if you want to talk to another moderator, I am available. My contact information can be found on my profile. Poke me through AIM or e-mail, whichever works best for you. :3
- Hikari_no_Kage on 04/27/11 - 01:14AM
Stubborn? I have no clue how old everyone is here, but as an adult, I feel that I have full right to stand my ground. Especially when I put money into it.

If the name-calling is what you have a problem with, fine. The pig-headed bitch remark is withdrawn, and I replace it with, "I couldn't work beside someone who is so unfair to kids. To someone who smiles and shakes hands and makes peace, only to turn to others and complain about the problem that was supposedly already solved. To someone who uses passive aggression to please others in order to gain fake trust."

There. That is where I have the issue. That we solved a problem with me, and then she went on to attack a kid.
- KitsuneYoukai42490 on 04/27/11 - 01:14AM
^ DS has it to the T. Also, Rei, it's not exactly least it wasn't for awhile. Hopefully it will simmer down. :/
- NyxHarlot on 04/27/11 - 01:15AM
"The facebook thread is brought up because even though I, Kelly, who started the facebook thread, went to DG and talked to her about it and apologized for how things went and for what was said, she still drew it out. I put an end to it with DG like she asked, and then she went and threw a fit to everyone else. And then blamed Ri."

Okay, see now we're getting to the root of the problem.
But um, honestly? I don't think the entire archive needs to be dragged into that. In my experience, the more people who get involved, the messier it becomes and most of the archive was NEVER involved in that.
- DragonSilk on 04/27/11 - 01:16AM
@ Hikari -- I agree with you. Thank you for stepping in. :)
- NyxHarlot on 04/27/11 - 01:16AM
KMZBrown2015 (3:31:33 AM): thought I know some people have been emailing her
HaganeNoFangirl (3:31:46 AM): The queue is ridiculous. I know we brought it down to thirty a few days ago, which believe me, was a REAL accomplishment.
HaganeNoFangirl (3:32:03 AM): won't reach her that way, she has enough unimportant spam to deal with that it's easier to hit up the mods.

She as in 'Sally'. We're unimportant spam, guys. lawl.

And Hikari, you've always been a sweetie. I didn't even realize you were still a mod though. =(
- KitsuneYoukai42490 on 04/27/11 - 01:19AM
Since I'm one of those complaining about the fighting, I won't be adding to it any longer. I have removed all of my stories and would appreciate it if a mod would take the time to delete my account. Also my forum account.
I can say that I'm happy I added to this discussion and posted the e-mail because of the people who say they new nothing about what's going on. People are becoming aware, no matter which side they are on, or neutral even. The doors are open, and now I hope someone is brave enough to offer an olive branch and try to work toward a solution. I also hope that someone else is even braver still to talk and accept that branch.
I love this site, I REALLY do, and I owe it so much, but I'm no longer happy here, and that's all it really boils down to. I don't like what I see, and so I'm leaving. Those of you who made my dream of the top ten come true, all of you who reviewed and stood by me through everything, you will never know how much I appreciate the kindness and support. You have all made my life so much brighter.

From the bottom of my heart:
Thank you. Hope I see you ladies around~
- Renohotness on 04/27/11 - 01:21AM
Amber, we love you.
- KitsuneYoukai42490 on 04/27/11 - 01:23AM
Thanks. I know. xD It's not the people, just the problems not being fixed I have an issue with.
- Renohotness on 04/27/11 - 01:29AM
- KitsuneYoukai42490 on 04/27/11 - 01:33AM
- KitsuneYoukai42490 on 04/27/11 - 01:33AM
- KitsuneYoukai42490 on 04/27/11 - 01:33AM
- KitsuneYoukai42490 on 04/27/11 - 01:34AM
KY is right, Reno-san!

- Poison Girl on 04/27/11 - 01:35AM
*blushes* >> I'm supposed to be gone, but I'm nosey. xD Have a woosaa moment with me, Kelly. Just breathe.
- Renohotness on 04/27/11 - 01:38AM
Firstly, congratulations to the new moderators. It's sort of sad that good news like this is overshadowed by drama.

Secondly, I'm saddened to see that authors are leaving Lunaescence, especially authors like Renohotness that are loved by many. I saw the original discussion on Facebook, and I don't think the quality of stories on here has changed that much over the years (speaking as someone who's been here since, not fosff, but when frigging e-fiction was going through drama *nostalgia*). No matter, good luck to anyone that's left and good luck to the new moderators~
- _Kx on 04/27/11 - 01:41AM
lol oh, e-fiction...
- KitsuneYoukai42490 on 04/27/11 - 01:42AM
Aw, DG's gaia post made me misty eyed :'C

It's k, DG :3 You're a hard-core mofo who wants to be professional when we all want to be wuvvy dovey. (UGUU~) Which is good! You're the strict mommy we all bitch about, but actually respect in some ways or others.
Someone just needs a vacation ;D
(Wooo! Pool boys in Venice~!! I want to join Isis on that trip to Italy~! You can stay and tutor the tots, I want my gondola rides >:l )

How about no more misunderstandings? (And less Katekyo Hitman something-poop being posted >:l That junk fills up the whole new section. lol jk jk jk ♥ I actually want to watch it.... see what all the fuss is you ladies make it up to be)

Glad we're all so mature! :'D (Eventually~)

On a final note, when it comes to the forums, am I the only one who NEVER gets the little captcha code to register?? It's frustrating....
- Momo-Deary on 04/27/11 - 01:50AM
KY? My mind went in the gutter. *snicker*
Thank you, Poison Girl! <3
I didn't do this for attention though, so please let the discussion continue. Instead of throwing stones about this and that, why not discuss what would make the disgruntled happy? Then try to reach common ground? Try not to shoot down ideas (which I'm guilty of) and work from there. ROME WASN'T BUILT IN A DAY! *lame*
- Renohotness on 04/27/11 - 01:54AM
@Momo: I'm going to find the person that created captcha and burn them with matches.

I hate that thing.


Also, I wish authors wouldn't leave. I think if we just tried to be heard maybe things would get better. The site is run by mods, but they are people too, just like we are. Online drama should effect who we are and what we do to such a great extent.

The interwebs is NOT serious business. I think it's timed for some group hugs. Who's with me? D:

It's 3am. Where's my friggin' hug?
- Rei on 04/27/11 - 01:54AM
should not* damn you sleepiness... damn you *dramatic fist shake*
- Rei on 04/27/11 - 01:55AM

BIG UGUU LUV HUGZ!!! ♥ (moslty because it's 12 am, and I just finished a forced essay about racism and gangs and I could also really use a hug ;_; )
- Momo-Deary on 04/27/11 - 01:56AM
I don't really know you, but I'm always up for hugs! *dramatic hugging motion*
- _Kx on 04/27/11 - 01:57AM
Amber, you really set the standard, even when you were just starting out. You'll always be THE Renohotness, even when you don't want it. <3
- KitsuneYoukai42490 on 04/27/11 - 01:58AM
8D I got hugs! *happy*

And to Renohotness, I remember going to your stories and seeing 500+ reviews thinking "Wow..." I'd always try and write better, trying to get that many reviews. It was amazing seeing someone with that many (to me xD)

Sadly with all your stories gone my favorite stories section is going to be a lot smaller. ):
- Rei on 04/27/11 - 02:01AM
Its is two-fortyfour a.m... I have work at Ten-thirty, which means I need to be up in about six hours. When I logged into LunaE I certainly did not expect to see some of my favorite authors leaving...

Now I'm just a lowly reviewer. I read, and leave my two cents every once and a while, in hopes of inspiring, and letting the authors know that someone appriciates their work, and even sometimes counts on the fics to keep me sain. Lets not kid, its the writers and their fics that bring and keep us all coming back.

I never knew about this drama until today, and I've been with LunaE since 07. Thats saying something isn't it?

This is fucking stupid.

I don't know if this Clique stuff is true or not, but If it is, I'm disgusted and disappointed.
Looking through the qoutes and comments makes me think that the site is in the hands of people who really don't care if the site lives or not,somethings wrong with that picture.
At this point I would rather see LunaE close than become a breading pool of hate.

Many people worked hard to keep LunaE alive. I was never able to give much, but I did donate money from my art commissions, during a time when I wasn't sure whether or not I would have a home the next day or not, during a time when I needed to save every penny- And it was because there are people here that are kind, talented and deserved a safe place to post their work, and grow, as not only writers, but as people too.

LunaE holds works from people who probably don't even remember the site anymore, Works that will never be seen else where, and memories of who we all were years ago. Something like this need to be protected and cerished, and if anyone is jepardizing that then I really don't think they need to be part of the site.

I'm just emotionally rambling now, but really. Please everyone, for sanitities sake. No more drama, thats not what LunaE should be.
- Anarnee on 04/27/11 - 02:04AM
I'll always want it, baby~ Which is why I carried it with me. xD There's just a lot of 'don't say this and don't say that', and 'don't say such things about DG'. *finger shaking* DG is at the very heart of the problem, whether she deserves it or not, and so it's logical that she's being discussed. Her actions have been called into question; questions that will hopefully be answered. Like the e-mail she sent me where she stated that she's not really invested in this site...why does hardly anyone find that insulting? The problem is lack of validation, as well as lack of communication, and the main mod isn't really 'invested' in the site where the problems are growing? @@
- Renohotness on 04/27/11 - 02:08AM
@Renohotness, she answered some of the stuff in her gaiaonline journal silver posted up earlier. I think sometimes we take things wrong since, this is the Internet after all, we can't see emotion, sometimes it is hard to tell if a person meant it as an insult or not. Some people are just blunt and to the point, or word something wrong. I know that for a fact because I've had problems with it in the past.

Here's the link again for anyone who missed it. Please read through it so we can try and get this drama past us. D:
- Rei on 04/27/11 - 02:13AM
Yeah, Reno, you were always a standard I looked to to try I'm proving my writing, and as someone that's been to sooo many fanfic sites, and has been on Luna since 2006 (I still can't believe it's been that long), your stuff still motivates me to do better. As a competitive person, I can't be without that inspiration, so looks like there's gonna be another Poison Girl account out there on Jamly~ ^^ Jesus, I feel like I'm gonna take over the world at this point.
- Poison Girl on 04/27/11 - 02:13AM
That's it - fuck my spelling mistakes! >.<
- Poison Girl on 04/27/11 - 02:14AM
You're spelling mistakes are beautiful....just like your foul mouth. Lmao. I tease. Come on over. Everyone is welcome. Today I have had a crap load of my mistakes pointed out to me, so please, don't look to me for anything. Sad thing is, I never knew I had a problem with most of them because I was never told until today. And I've been here for several years. That's a lot of habits to break! xD
- Renohotness on 04/27/11 - 02:19AM
I think I have an account on every fanfic site in existence too Poison. xD

I lurk.
And now I'm going to lurk in my bedroom and pass out on that pillow that is calling my name so sweetly.
- Rei on 04/27/11 - 02:19AM
That's it - fuck my spelling mistakes! >.<
- Poison Girl on 04/27/11 - 02:21AM
I know - I had the same feeling when I went for author validation and they were like "no, you have mistakes everywhere," and all I could think was, "well, why the F*** didn't you tell me when I posted???"
- Poison Girl on 04/27/11 - 02:23AM
@ Rei: Lurking is the way to find the good stuff - I can successfully weed out what is going to be good and what isn't just by looking at something now.

Lmao, I should probably head to bed as well, seeing as it is 3:25 am for me... ^///^;
- Poison Girl on 04/27/11 - 02:25AM
Oh Reno I wish you weren't leaving but I understand your reasons. Also on the note of what dg said about not being invested that made me go if you don't give two shits maybe its time to pass the torch. BUT that was just my opinion and I'm probably about to get flamed to death for speaking against her. On a lighter note Reno I will be on jamly enjoying your fics.
- Aqua4044 on 04/27/11 - 02:31AM
Don't EVER be afraid to speak your mind. Here or anywhere. We all have the right to express how we feel/how we interpret things. And thank you~ That means a great deal more than you know. <3
- Renohotness on 04/27/11 - 02:42AM
Hi, Aqua, Renohotness!

I already posted a link to DG's explanation about, well, everything. So did Rei (thanks for doing that, by the way :3). She did directly address the controversy surrounding that statement. For easier reading, I'll post it here:

"I'm not power-hungry, and when I say I'm not that invested in the site, it simply means that I have no problem walking away from being a mod. I'm still active after so many years, aren't I?"

Basically, she didn't mean to imply that she doesn't care about the site, because she does. It just means that she's not interested in clinging to her position as mod (despite some accusations about "power-hungriness" that have been thrown at her). It's an easy thing to misunderstand, so I just wanted to clear that up directly on Luna.

And, Aqua, if anyone flames you, I will personally eat them alive with my modly powers. :P
- silver_neko_kitsune on 04/27/11 - 02:43AM
I'd like to mention that, although I don't completely support the new moderators YET (although the ones that've commented look totally awesome so far, but respect is earned, not given), the moderators were screened quite strictly, like author validations, to the point where only four filled the original seven positions. Is this too strict? In the context that the queue is quite large, maybe, because Lunaescence wouldn't hurt to have more moderators. But it's also logical, because people have been saying that the quality's declined, and if quality control is a problem, it doesn't make much sense to hire people that miss errors in screening stories, either their own or others'. don't mean to target this towards anyone at all, but I think both sides of the argument hold water.
Except the one about favouritism; Kay and Wanderer have both confirmed they aren't part of the "DG clique." The only way to go about saying that "all the new moderators are friends of DG" would be to accuse them of lying. Not to mention it undermines the fact that they got the position because of their merit.

I saw the "not invested in site *shrug*" thing also, and I do think it's a matter of interpretation. It's not the best thing to say because it can be interpreted as "I don't give a damn about this site," but doesn't anyone else ever go "You know what, I don't care anymore," in real life out of frustration except that you really DID care and it was eating you up inside that it was a futile effort?
...Just me? Dammit!
- _Kx on 04/27/11 - 03:01AM
Is this a bad time to ask about which authors are leaving? Besides Renohotness, 'cause I'm already stalking her.
- Solitudinarian on 04/27/11 - 03:46AM
...someone should make a summary and a timeline of when or how it became evident that this problem was brewing and now escalating.

Because, seriously, I haven't noticed A SINGLE THING about the problems (that I still haven't quite figured out, it has something to do with DG and I like her writings and and the times I chatted with her were quite pleasant as well, so I think I can say I like her, even if I am probably one of 'everyone else' in her book and I really don't care about it since I haven't been having any problems with that yet).

Ignorance is a bliss? It probably started in teh forum? ...well, I am a forum-lazy person, unfortunately.

What makes me incredibly sad is teh fact that apparently now quite a number of wonderful authors are leaving. WHAT?! How can you? *sobs* I have to admit due to my ignorance I was quite, or actually VERY happy with Luna, with all its flaws, because it was filled with people loving to write Reader-Inserts especially, a lot of them very nice (sadly I mostly interact with them via reviews only, so...). So now that a lot are leaving because of the problems I was unaware of, I'll probably be sad whenever I go on Luna... I think I could never leave this site even if I am only a mediocre authoress who's procrastinating and lazy as hell. That's my point of view now, I know practically nothing but knowing that it is bad enough to make people leave Luna is...just sad.

Though there seems to be one major thing people complain about: the social communication and generally communication problems between users and mods. I do think mods have to be open-minded (at the same time strict). I don't know how true it is that one or the other new mod seems less than pleasant while communicating, I do hope that they still do decent communication and do their job, which they probably will, they can't be just chosen because they were favored (I just assume they weren't). And even if they don't qrite fanfiction themselves, as long as they are dedicated to the mod-job or like reading, it's still fine in my opinion.

I'm probably still missing the core of the problem or something, it's just currently impossible for me to read through 150+ comments. But knwo taht I was one fo the ignorant users...who now know bits of what's going on and are still confused but also sad at the development.

Still, congrats I wish the new mods much luck! And I hope Luna can still withstand such problems.
- Celestial Sakura on 04/27/11 - 04:09AM
This has gone out of control,completely.I don't personally know anyone here,but I haven't got anything validated yet,which is most likely due to the fact there's so many other people waiting before me.Honestly,I think the mods are doing just fine and I'm okay with the decision of the new four.I don't,however,agree with the fact only four qualified.I'm a naive person who likes everyone to be great people in my mind,so that's most likely the reason why.

I'm sad that a lot of the writers I love are leaving and even though I find it a bit childish((Dear Lord,how I'm going to get hate for that)),I fully respect their decision.

I don't know Kay or Wanderer that much,but I only read within a small certain genre((and currently trying to fix that problem)).Now I don't know much about Mao either,aside from the fact I like saying Mao,but from a lot of things she says I find her very qualified for a mod position.Just because she's friends with DG doesn't mean she was picked for that very reason.Of course,DG is probably happy she'll get to work with her,but that doesn't have to do with anything.When it comes to picking mods,they pointed out a few things,one being personality.

Now,like I said,I don't know any of the four--or anyone for that matter--mods,but I think Mao,Kay,and Wanderer are rather nice people.It's Keerigan I have a problem with.Frankly,I'm scared of her.True,she's a good writer,but I don't think one of our mods should have fanfiction below them and the such.I understand she doesn't write fanfiction,but that she should think about the way she does--my friends that aren't into fanfics don't,so I don't know why she should.I'm an idiot though,so of course I think this.

No one should really be talking about the quality,what's acceptable passes through and what's not doesn't.I've had plenty
of stuff not accepted before I recently came back,new shiny account and all since I got rid of the old one.Comparing this to FFN should stop now,but I won't go further into the subject.

I also want to say congrats to all the new mods,sorry you have to come in through this,but at least you'll be a happy mod when everything clears up--which is hopefully soon.

Sorry if you're thinking I shouldn't have posted at all or if I came off rude because I like to get the last word...and I fight for what I believe in so I almost always come off rude.
- RedMouse on 04/27/11 - 05:49AM
....I-I hate to beat a dead horse, but, um, I really don't appreciate having my real name posted on a public website, so, Silver_neko_kitsune, or whatever, please edit that. I'm not prone to trigger-happiness, but that really set me on edge. I know you're trying to be modly, very appreciated. Good job so far, yadda yadda. But it's one thing to call me Ri...a whole other shebang to put my last name. I got ATTACKED on facebook by a ton of people, also done via email. I was gonna leave then, but I didn't. (obviously my computer has failed to log me off, yet. :P) It would be one thing if I still had it stated in my profile, but I don't. So please edit? Kthxbai. -logs out-
- ashestoroses018 on 04/27/11 - 06:02AM
If DG doesn't "mean" something by her words, then I think she should closer evaluate what she says, because she is in a mod position and unfortunately that means that she has to be a little closer to perfect than the rest of us (comes with a leadership position).

Second, I do think that some reevaluation needs to go on through here and all the current mods need to discuss what's best for the site, with Sally if Sally deems that possible, because the way it is right now is obviously just unsettling a lot of people. HOWEVER, I do believe that the whippings directed at DG are just too severe and people need to just simmer down if they want to get their point across. Yes, I realize it's been hard to get your point across blahblah, but you've posted it here so rephrasing it with mean words or stabs doesn't make anything better, it only makes you look like an idiot. DG has issues just like the next person, and I think that the fact she is a very blunt person rubs a lot of people the wrong way. She has some things to fix, and I don't think it's below her to try and fix them.

If I were in a mod's position (which I'm not, thankfully), I would take the time to apologize to the community. Although a lot of this hate is directed DG's way, I think that it's the job as the leaders of Lunaescence to make sure the community is happy and, clearly, a lot of it is not while the other half is ignorant to what's going on. Perhaps they can't fix everything, and this is what people have to realize, but they can own up to some things. That's part of the job; sacrificing even when you know you may be right (such as DG is doing right now by not responding here and starting a bigger war--that says lots, as does her allowing the articles about herself to be posted. Also, ashestoroses, that's the reason you haven't been banned, and I don't think it's going to happen).

People have to realize that NOTHING will ever be perfect in a community like this. Not everyone can be pleased, and stirring up trouble because you want "justice" as far as DG is concerned is crap and DOES NOT help the community. There are OTHER MODS to deal with if you don't like her. The most you will have to see her, honestly, is when she makes the announcement on the front page. Other confrontations are strictly up to you unless she contacts you, which would probably be for a very specific reason because it's not beyond DG as a person to see when someone doesn't want to talk to her. She's not a robot, and I think that's what half the people here are expecting her and the other mods to be.

They have lives, they have things to do, and yes they have things to fix. But I think some of you are taking the anger and frustration a little too far and starting unnecessary drama that I think wouldn't even have been here if you hadn't said anything. I understand the desire to speak your mind and say what's wrong with the site (especially since you "paid" for it at one point), because I did the same thing, so all I'm trying to get across is that, sometimes, it's better to let things least for a little while. And if things really aren't THAT up to par here for you, then move somewhere else like the others are doing.

The mods may have some issues, but again they are only humans...and honestly, what makes me stay in a community is not the mods (because God knows I stayed on even with their piss poor mods--THAT ARE NOTHING LIKE THE ONES HERE, I am not comparing) but the people in it, and the people here at Lunaescence are WONDERFUL people who love to read, review and give constructive criticism. You can only go so far complaining about the mods. As long as your stories get through the queue (which they do, regardless of how much some of you publicly state you dislike the mods) and the people are nice, I don't understand the need to just completely up and leave. Go be a part of a different community (that's what I'm doing) and stick around Luna, too. Things will eventually simmer down here and be righted (perhaps not perfectly, but again we can't expect perfection), and I really think the majority of you that left will miss this community and be sad you left.

Again, it's about the people in it more so than the mods. I know they play a big part in the maintinence of the site, but other than that, why do you write? To please all your readers! To evoke joy and sadness and pain and love and all those other wonderful things. Luna does THAT right completely! I don't understand how one couldn't be happy here anymore with the people that thrive in this community. The people here are phenomenal, or at least most are, and so I bid my peace with this uber long message. Feel free to rip me apart... I just wish for once you'd take into consideration the other side of Luna, not just the mods & DG.
- NyxHarlot on 04/27/11 - 10:04AM
@NyxHarlot: Actually, while I was talking to DG last night, I suggested that perhaps they should give people feed back, give them a few weeks and have another evaluation. I also threw in a few other ideas for mod applications that she said they would have to poke Sally again to see her take on it.

She also addressed the commenting thing in her gaiaonline journal. She said if she said anything right now it would probably just bust into another flame war. She wanted to wait until everyone cooled off so she could post without being jumped on and torn to shreds. She works to validate stories to make users happy, I'm pretty sure she doesn't want everyone ripping into her all at once.

Again a lot of stuff was explained in the journal entry.

I honestly thing maybe more people where hurt because of their denial. Stories were judged harshly, and some really good authors were cut. Even DG said there were people she thought would make GREAT mods, but they didn't meat the strict rules they had around this time. (Which is what lead me to asking her about a re evaluation and such).

She's not the only one that judged, she had a say in it, but all in all she's not the only person on this site lol. We can't shun her just because something we don't like happened. We can voice our opinions and hope they are seen. Though I'll say now, there's a big difference between voicing and flaming.

I'm more worried about Sally logging on and seeing all of this and going "WTF?" because seriously, I'm sure she didn't expect this kind of explosion to happen. She's just trying to help the site run a little smoother, and I appreciate that because having more mods with definitely help with it, if they like fan fiction or not.

I gave DG a few similar suggestions last night.
DG isn waiting for people to calm down before posting.
This is all explained in her GAIA journal (which has been posted twice)

Sally is going to WTF when she logs on, lol.
- Rei on 04/27/11 - 10:44AM
Part of the issue is that the ignorant people are making comments without fully studying the situation. They weren't there during the FB thread, they don't know what was exactly said in what order behind the scenes, and they don't seem to know that this has been an ongoing problem for quite a while. Which is fine and dandy, but when things do come to the explosion, they're making comments and accusations that are only half true.

The other part of the problem is that this HAS been ongoing, and has involved too many people to just keep it swept under the rug and people are getting more and more aggravated. Stories are getting tangled.

Honestly, the only thing that really bothers me at this point (now that it's not 4 in the morning), is that people are telling the unhappy ones to quit their complaining, and the ignorant people aren't reading through every single thing before commenting.

If you're going to say something, at least be educated and updated on all situations possible.
- KitsuneYoukai42490 on 04/27/11 - 10:54AM
And before anyone says something, it's been discussed that there was no favoritism going on. You can't blame people for believing that that's what happened, especially when at least one of the new mods WERE there for the facebook thread, and another one doesn't even like fanfiction. For the way it was expressed, maybe, but not for the suspicion itself.
- KitsuneYoukai42490 on 04/27/11 - 10:57AM
Oh I was around for the FB thread, I wasn't in it, but I was here for the lash out against it. And I am very far from being 'uneducated'.

DG also addressed the part of the FB thread you are ranting about, how it was kept on Ri when you wanted it pulled to you. It's in her gaia journal (again).

People get heated and want to scream and yell about stuff. The FB thing happened when? Months ago? If stuff with that is still going on behind the scenes then fine, but don't drag it into the middle of a flame war because you want to open it back up. No one's posted about that for a while (to my knowledge, I don't keep up with FB, I dislike the site.)

Get some ice, sit on it and chill for a bit. This site is for people who love to write, not rant. Go to the forum, put up a suggestion. There's no reason to start a riot.
- Rei on 04/27/11 - 11:04AM
With that said! I'm going to go study for my math exams.

Anyone good at math? Feel free to come take my place ~w~; really wanna be finished with college.
- Rei on 04/27/11 - 11:06AM
Please explain to me what is so aggravating. I am just so lost on what you consider a problem anymore, Kitsune, and I mean this in the nicest way possible. Is it the stories being validated, or DG, or...? Because I can't seem to understand where you're coming from. I'm not telling you to quit your complaining, and I've read through this entire thing because I've been in this discussion from the get-go, and all I keep seeing is you making accusations and being rude. Please explain to those of us that are "ignorant" what exactly YOUR side/stance is as explicitly as possible so we can all be "updated" and understand where you're coming from. I mean this honestly with no sarcasm intended.

Also, Rei, I was sticking up for DG in my post the majority of the time, along with the other mods, and I did read her journal.
- NyxHarlot on 04/27/11 - 11:10AM
@ Rei, that's the point I was trying to get across. Just chill. Starting a war will get no one anywhere...the FB thing is dead and over with, too. Just let it go.

I want to be finished with college, too! (Let's try and make this a happy thread again, lol before all the drama was started).
- NyxHarlot on 04/27/11 - 11:12AM
Uh, I was chill?
- KitsuneYoukai42490 on 04/27/11 - 11:23AM
@NyxHarlot: Yeah I know you were. xD I wasn't saying anything against you. I've been sticking up for her too. I know other people have problems with her, but that's not my problem. I told her last night that no matter what, mods of sites were always going to have one or more people that didn't like them. Its just a common thing.

I need to be good and go study. D;
- Rei on 04/27/11 - 11:34AM
I AGREE, REI! :) Let's all just move on and ignore the drama. If we ignore it, maybe it will finally just give up and go away. >.>
- NyxHarlot on 04/27/11 - 11:39AM
@ashestoroses: Completely understandable. Sorry about the mistake OTL; I assumed that the FB thread was public to everyone. Here's a repost with an edit. Might be good anyway, since it seems like a lot of people missed the link the first couple times around:

DG actually has explanations for everything that has been said here, but doesn't want to post directly on Luna in case another overtly emotional reaction (by which I mean tons of arguing) occurs. So, here:

Her explanation mentions why I was acting as her proxy in that FB thread: she doesn't have an FB account. It also includes the context to that quotation about ashestoroses, as well as elaboration on why she didn't want to make a post in order to protect her.
- silver_neko_kitsune on 04/27/11 - 11:55AM
OMG!!! You guys updated my story :'D PRAISE THE STARS! lol ♥
- Momo-Deary on 04/27/11 - 02:36PM
D: I don't understand when people say it's going downhill. I'm fairly new here, and it always came off as very nice and still seems very nice and well-kept. Except all the negativity...everyone upset should listen to some Corinne Bailey Rae, or some smooth jazz...
- Koneko Mizuki on 04/27/11 - 03:34PM

First things first: congratulations to all the new moderators! [Especially to my author!crush silver_neko_kitsune. ^_^]

And now to business. I've been on this site for five years as both a ghost-reader and a writer, and this entire drama makes me sick to my stomach. I've never had a problem with any of the mods [or anyone else on the site, for the matter], and seeing them getting, ah, attacked for being human really irks me. I'll be upfront before I start pointing out a few things: yes, I have a deep respect for DG. Yes, I squeal in delight every time a story of hers comes out. But I'm not writing this comment just to defend DG [though I would appreciate it if someone could provide a succinct, objective list of reasons of why she's being attacked in the first place].

But in regards to DG, while we're on this topic, I recommend you read her journal entry on Gaia first:

To address a few other points I've read -

~DG and her so-called clique? To quote DG: "I've talked to Kerrigan Sheehan before, but less than once a month, or even every two months, and then always about Luna-related things. I started talking to Kay less than a month ago. I don't know Wanderer. Mao is the only one I've been in contact with for a significant length of time."

~Favoritism. Yes, stories for the current mainstream anime seem to get validated a whole lot faster. But have you ever thought that that might be due to the fact that there are a heck of a lot more mainstream-favorite submissions? More fans of a series means more writers and readers for the series. More writers means more stories for the mods to validate. Just because more stories for KHR! are being validated does not necessarily mean the mods are playing favorites - it means that there are more KHR! fics to begin with.

~Kerrigan Sheehan not writing fanfiction. Uh, did we forget that Luna is not just a fanfiction community? Sure, there's not much of a "market," shall we say, for original fiction and poetry [I'm speaking from experience here], but it's still an important part of Luna. And Kerrigan Sheehan is prolific when it comes to original works. Luna needs writers - and mods - of all kinds because its community is diverse. We can't limit mods to just fanfiction writers. Besides, Kerrigan's decision to not write fanfiction won't affect her ability to critique it - the mods are not looking for fandom-specific things like OOC-ness; they're checking for grammar and mechanics. And grammar is hardly unique to either original fiction or fanfiction. Think of it this way: a mod might not be familiar with a particular anime series, but she still has to check it before validating or rejecting it. Just because she doesn't know that Yusuke's weapon of choice is reigun doesn't mean that she can't pick out the grammatical errors in his dialogue.

~But everyone's so mean! Speaking again from personal experience, what little contact I've had with the mods [DG and Sharp Shiny Pickle], they've always been friendly. If you treat them with respect, then you will get respect in return. If you not only attack their abilities [or lack thereof] but also their personalities on a Facebook thread, do you honestly expect them not to feel even the tiniest bit of hurt or rage? There're much more direct, efficient, and cordial [not to mention, ah, less public] ways of voicing your complaints. The mods are doing the best they can - they're only human, and guess what? They can feel just as angry as you might be feeling right now. And if all you ever get to know is someone's angry side, then I don't think you know him/her very well at all. Just as you might be perfectly nice when you're not flinging insults into DG's face, DG might be perfectly nice when she's not having insults flung into her face.

~Luna's fics may be declining in quality for whatever reason, but they're still among the best out there. With a new influx of members comes a new range of writing ability - it's inevitable. How far will you go to limit what's validated and what's not?

I love Luna, and I'm hurt to see so many people leaving just because of this. Can we stop the attacks already? It's time everyone looked at this much more objectively: state the problem and find a solution. That's all - no emotional strings or personal anecdotes attached.
- WyndiWingfall on 04/27/11 - 04:10PM
Okay. So I've read through every single post on this little discussion thing and I've decided to voice my opinion too. (Since we're all doing it, why not?) I've been a member of Luna since 2006, so I can say that I'm a veteran and I have seen the decline of good stories, but I'm not going to say that they are "trash". It's rude to the other writers who are dedicating their time just like you. I guess you can say that I've been pretty much ignorant of all the fighting and such going on behind the scenes, but is all of this really necessary? I don't mean the sharing of problems and opinions, but all of the pointless fighting. We're supposed to be mature adults (most of us), but the name-calling and throwing around the insults and generalizations is very immature.

I don't know anyone personally on this site, seeing as I'm pretty much invisible and I only throw out a story every once in a blue moon. The only writer I talked to on Luna was Hakkyou and she doesn't write anymore. I don't know DG, I don't know any of the moderators, and I don't know ashestoroses018. She's actually the reason why I noticed all the arguing and complaining. And yes, I'm calling it complaining because that's all I'm seeing around here nowadays.

I can see why both sides are arguing, I was never one for taking sides, but this needs to stop. What happened to the time when everyone got together to help Luna stay up and running? That's what we need to get back to, and I'm sure it's wishful and naive thinking but that's how I feel.

It's sad to see how this is all playing out, it really is. It's also sad to see how the newest moderators are (or were) being treated when they were chosen. I've never had a conversation with Kerrigan, but when I checked out her profile, I can understand why she was chosen. She writes essays, and probably has good grammar and other things that are needed in a moderator. I'm sorry to those who feel like she shouldn't be chosen just because she doesn't write fanfiction. This site doesn't only cater to fanfiction, so she has every reason to be considered. (Even though, apparently, she mocks fanfiction writers.)

I know I'm late on all of this but it's time to grow up. We aren't children anymore, even if some members are underage. Stop placing the blame on one person; she may have said some rude comments but it's not like some of you haven't, so stop being such hypocrites. I'm done venting but I'm done watching as well, I'm going to go back into my dark corner.

Congrats to the new moderators, you've earned it.

P.S. I don't care if my grammar is crappy, I just wanted to vent. I'm not a grammar nazi, hence the reason why I'm a biology major and not an English major. XD
- anime_fan12 on 04/27/11 - 04:14PM
Congratulations new mods! ♥
- LaraWalker on 04/27/11 - 04:26PM
I think I relate the most with you, anime_fan12 (calling people by their usernames is so weird, lol). I think the fighting is pointless, and luckily the MAJORITY of what this whole thread is is people actually just discussing and talking civilly...there are only a select few that have stepped over the bounds and been rude/mean, for whatever I reason I still don't know because they won't tell us their side of the story (funny how that happens). Without their side all I see is pointless drama-starting, almost as if they thrive off the attention. Seriously, if you dislike the place so much, go somewhere else! I don't see why that's so difficult. Your ten dollars you donated, or however much, isn't going to kill you. I know that sounds harsh, but that's really the only REASON I see behind some of these arguments. "I paid for the site so I should get some say"...okay, great. You get say, not angry, harsh words and accusing fingers. I'm just tired of that VERY SMALL group of people that seem to want this all to keep going, that keep stirring up things and just won't let it, or the FB thread (which is pointless) go. No, the mods aren't perfect...but the community is pretty darn close as far as the readers and such are concerned. Luna has GREAT quality to begin with, and SUPERB quality if you even try to hold another site against it comparatively. It's ridiculous that people find the need to whine about it. This isn't a professional job where every piece of writing (or mod) has to be perfect. If the stories don't look like they were written by five year olds, get off the mod's back. THEY AREN'T PERFECT. If you think you can do a better job, go start your own site. -.-

PS: Why does everyone feel the need to validate their grammar? I find that sad that people will attack another user if their grammar is just a wee bit off...does that show you what this has become? This IS NOT a professional, graduate level writing site...get over it. :/
- NyxHarlot on 04/27/11 - 04:34PM
@NyxHarlot: If it's too weird you can call me Brionna, O, Bri, or any nickname you want. I don't mind. Lol.

And I put that because many have said that they are grammar nazis and such, but if they find something wrong in what I posted (grammar-wise) then they can ask my professors why I passed my English courses with A's and B's. :) And I agree wholeheartedly, but I think that with the way things are going right now, people might just start attacking one another BECAUSE of their grammar. Haha. Let's just hope it won't come to that.
- anime_fan12 on 04/27/11 - 05:05PM

Why? Because Italy makes people smile. And we all need to.
- Miktasuki Dice on 04/27/11 - 05:50PM
@Miktasuki Dice: If this was Facebook, I'd like your comment. :D
- anime_fan12 on 04/27/11 - 05:56PM
.......First I'd like to say wow.
After reading all of the posts here and poking around in everything else I honestly had no idea how extensive this has become. In fact, I didnít even know it was happening. One would seriously believe I would because of all the reading I do on this site (Iíve read virtually half of the total amount of the pieces on here Ė no joke). I am not a veteran of this site by any means yet Iíve been on this site for a while (2008) meaning I know that I donít have that much say in anything but as it stands some of the people are leaving. This is obvious, I know, but is really saddens me.
To be honest, I joined this site as a way to read quality writing whether it be fan fiction, original works, or otherwise. Say as you wish but the quality of the writing here is still higher than a lot of other sites Iíve visited. I found this site because of three authors, one being Renohotness because they were moving here from another site because of the quality of that site going downhill drastically.
To one of my main points of this post: I am wondering where or if she (Renohotness) has moved to another site and/or if there is a way to find out if so? I am not meaning this as Iím taking sides itís just that sheís one of the authors who inspired me to take up writing (secretly) even though I havenít really posted any of it and I would still like to follow her if possible. Iíve never actually talked to her or had any major contact with her but I still admire her greatly. If thereís any way that someone could help me in continuing to follow her and her writing I would greatly appreciate it.
Another point: To the moderators who were chosen, I congratulate you on being picked. You have a lot of guts to take on the position and I am sincerely grateful of the time you are willing to put into the site and to take on all of the responsibilities that go along with it.
Final Point: I hope that everything on this site is going to be okay. I understand that there will always be conflicting views and such but I wish for this site to last. Itíd be really disheartening if Iíd have to turn to another site as an alternative to this site.
I hope that I did not offend anyone in any way but if I did I sincerely apologize.
(P.S. My grammar and spelling are horrible I knowÖIf anythingís wrong blame the language for being too complicated *laughs*)
- DreamlessSleeper on 04/27/11 - 06:20PM
I think Reno moved to Jamlyfics. I'm not sure exactly if that's the case, but you can go to her profile and contact her through there if a mod hasn't already deleted her account as she requested.
- KitsuneYoukai42490 on 04/27/11 - 06:41PM
C'mon, fanfiction writing really isn't srs bsns. D: ...okay, maybe it is for some people, but I've been writing for years because it's something I enjoy. Why would you deny something you love to do because of something like this? I look at the stories nowadays, and I still don't see badly Orson Welles might add...tripe. I just see people writing differently, and you can't tell them how to change their skills. Improvements, yes, but I haven't really seen any train wrecks floating around. No one is an enemy here, no one is a can't antagonize anybody. Diversity is what makes a writing site like this worth it! Perhaps I'm not a "veteran" of the site, but I don't see how anything has gone downhill...just changed, as things change. Perhaps I'm not a "veteran," but I have written fanfiction for as long as I've gotten into media such as TV, movies and books...and all the sites I've been on, I don't bash, or refer to them using condescending language. It's all taught me, you know? (.__.)

C'monnn, I don't even know anything. Roll around--dance! Dance in my naivety! 8D Time for hugs!

(>^-^)> <(-__-;<)

(As for my grammar and the words of Ringo Starr, I carn't spel, and I rely on Google Chrome for such things. Huzzah! If you see any mistakes, please realize that nothing in your immediate vicinity has spontaneously combusted)
- Koneko Mizuki on 04/27/11 - 06:48PM
For what it's worth, I'm glad to see everyone banning together in some form or another because that means that they are talking. That's what needs to happen. Just because I choose not to post stories here any longer doesn't mean that I don't love the people here. I'm still poking my nose in, aren't I? People can criticize those of us that left, and our reasons for doing so, it doesn't bother me in the least. It wasn't a decision that came easy. I deleted Turkish, and I felt retarded for crying, but as I said I'm not happy with the site. Nothing to do with the people at all. Should I have stayed simply to make my fans happy? Maybe, maybe not. As sad as I am, I feel like it was the right thing to do. So, I did it. Feel free to contact me and rant or whatever and I will apologize profusely and it will be sincere. Don't ever doubt that. I wouldn't be writing at all if it wasn't for the people here taking the time to share their love with me. I have my reasons for leaving and ask that people respect that, as I would do for them.
And these words aren't directed at anyone in particular.
@DreamlessSleeper: Thank you, love. The website I'm at now is on my profile page. I'd hug you if I could. <3 Post that stuff somewhere and let people enjoy it!
- Renohotness on 04/27/11 - 06:55PM
@Renohotness: Don't worry Renohotness, I'm sure everyone here respects your reasons for leaving. After all, they are YOUR reasons and not anyone else's and if they can't accept that fact then screw them. And I completely respect your decisions for leaving as well. You felt that you were being treated unfairly, and you didn't like how things were going down. If I were in your shoes and I felt that leaving was the right thing to do, I'd leave too. It's sad to see you go, I'm a big fan. (I was a ghost reader all-the-way and I'm apologizing for that XD.)
- anime_fan12 on 04/27/11 - 07:10PM
First off, congrats to the new mods. I'm a bit jealous that I wasn't selected as a new mod--also surprised only four where chosen--but congrats to you anyway!

To everything else, wowzers. I thought I left the drama back in high school. ^^; I come into this as a neutral, unbiased party. I've seen both sides and have my own experiences.

Issue with DG: First off, I'd like to clearly state that the only conversation I've had with her was when I suggested we should do stories of the month differently. If you have a problem with how they are done now, then I am the one to blame. DG took my advice and changed the way we do them. This proves that change CAN be accomplished. As for cliques, I've never seen them actually effect the quality of Luna. We all have our friends, but we should include the other memeber's opinions for they are JUST as important.

Issue with Kerrigan Sheehan: Though many of us are fanfiction writers, not all of us are. I read her profile and do not think her comment about not being into fanfiction was meant as a slap in the face to fanfiction writers. Original works are stories too. I have not talked with her personally, so I do not know how she comes off as. I remain unbias.

Finally, issue with Luna's quality: Honestly, the past few months I have only been posting poetry and checking my reviews, not reading. If the quality of stories HAS decreased, then all I can say to that is, "isn't that one of the reasons why Sally hired new moderators?" I think four is a very small number for new mods (I was expecting at least 5), however, I do think the chosen mods deserve a chance to prove themselves as quality moderators. Because there are so few new mods, the chosen ones MUST be good. Well, at least that's how it SHOULD be. Time will tell.

Ok, that is my piece. I will get off my soapbox now. Peace chicas.
- Kamisori on 04/27/11 - 08:14PM
Hrm. I was wondering if it's at all possible to have my account deleted? I really don't plan on coming back, sad as it is, and if I do, I'd like to be able to start fresh. I mentioned it in my profile, but I don't think anyone will bother touching that anymore. So...would a mod please delete it? It may sound immature, but at this point in time, it really is just a waste of space.

PS: @SNK- thanks for removing my full name /heart. I actually removed all of my posts on the thread on facebook, because I'm tired of having my facebook account attached to that stupid drama. It was a waste of time, and just fueled a fire. :P

- ashestoroses018 on 04/27/11 - 09:01PM
@KitsuneYoukai42490 Ė Thank you for telling me where she went~ :) I really appreciate it!

@Renohotness Ė Thank you for being such an inspiration :) I checked out where you moved to but since all I would be on the site is a ghost reader (I admit to being so greatly) I am not sure if I would be allowed an account sadlyÖ I hope that I will be able to follow your work another way but if not I wish you luck and a lot of reviewers who might gain some inspiration too :) Do virtual hugs work? *laughs*
- DreamlessSleeper on 04/27/11 - 09:31PM
@ashestoroses: You're welcome! :) And the mods are on it.

If anyone else is interested in having their accounts deleted, please contact the mods directly/privately. We'll notice much faster that way, and it'll more clearly tell us that we have full permission to do so. Thanks!

@WyndiWingfall: Aww, thanks! ♥ Your comment made me smile. :D And yeah, the point about favouritism/the queue is spot on.
- silver_neko_kitsune on 04/27/11 - 09:50PM
^ Wow. That shit was crazy.

Does anyone know what site Reno went to? I think her profile's down :( I'm extremely sad to see some of my beloved authors leave this site, but I guess it's really up to them. But anyway,

Congrats to the new mods!
- lazykitsunechan on 04/27/11 - 10:47PM
See, this is why I asked for a list,lol. She's moved to this site:

There are a bunch of other authoresses that have moved there too.
- Solitudinarian on 04/27/11 - 11:23PM
Ugh.. I've been trying to stay out of this, but I just have to toss in my two cents.

It sucks that Luna has so much behind-the-scenes drama; I feel like I'm in high school all over again. But, on the other hand, it's nice to see a large group of people on the same page. This is honestly the first time I've ever seen this, besides when we were all sulking on FB about the site being down.

And though I love Luna, and plan to stick around for as long as I can (or it stays afloat), I have set up an account on Jamly, and I must say.. it does seem like a friendlier atmosphere, simply BECAUSE everyone's on the same page.

And I too, find it odd that a person who does not write fanfiction and who possibly looks down upon it has become a mod. I'm baffled, to tell you the truth. How are you going to validate fanfiction, if you've no interest nor respect for it? Anyone who writes fanfiction started out writing original works. But someone who writes originals, and only originals, more than likely has never dabbled with fanfiction. How are they qualified? That simply doesn't make sense.

It's sad to see a website with quality writers and decent people fall apart. And we do have a right to cry and moan and raise our voices, we donated to keep the site running - we PAID.

Okay, I'm finished. Ciao~ :3
- skid on 04/27/11 - 11:46PM
Hi! I'd just like to throw another two cents back in here if I haven't done enough already.

Out of the five possible candidates that reached the second stage of the moderator application process, I was the only one who was denied. (I'm too lenient, even though I saw a story I commented on slip through the cracks... *ahem*) That's not what I'm here for.

I'm here to say THANKS! A big fat f*cking thanks for rejecting me. Now, before you chalk that up to sarcasm, whatever, etc I'd like you to know why I'm happy.

I like helping people. I want to give back to Lunaescence. I thought being a mod would let me do that in the best way possible. Then this shitbomb exploded when the mods were announced. Had I been on that list, I would be too busy validating/denying/writing letters for stories in that longass queue.

Instead, I decided that Lunaescence is still my home and I'm not leaving (I respect those who did and their reasons for it even though I wish that it hadn't come to that). This place has been a sanctuary to me and I love it. Seeing it being torn apart pushed me over the edge and made me post something to show how supportive a community Lunaescence still is, despite everything else.

Lunaescence Catharsis has turned into more than I could've imagined in such a short time. It proves that no matter what goes on "behind the scenes" or whatever, that we're still the same community as before. With everyone opening up, including big name authors, I've wet my keyboard with tears to the point that it's becoming nonfunctional.

Lunaescence is a community. Our community. And it's supportive and wonderful and amazing and everything I thought it was before this post. I'm not delusional, but I am confident what we've all managed to create. =D

That's my piece, I'm out of here (again, the discussion, not Luna [does that even need to be said? ...w/e])!
- Broken Marionette on 04/28/11 - 12:12AM
@Broken Marionette: Ah, I just want to point out a small correction; there were ten people that made it to the second round, which means you were one of six who were denied. There were twenty-six applicants total. I just wanted to clear that up so no one falsely refers to that number in the future. :O
- Sharp Shiny Pickle on 04/28/11 - 12:19AM
@SSP Oh! Shoot. Sorry. I must've got the wrong impression >.< I didn't mean to quote shitty numbers. I should really do better fact-checking. Ah, please forgive... I mean no disrespect to anyone!
- Broken Marionette on 04/28/11 - 12:27AM
*sigh* Great. No matter what I do, this goes real quick into hell in a handbasket.

I'm really starting to regret letting everyone talk me into keeping this thing going. First facebook and now this... >_<

I give up.
- Sally on 04/28/11 - 09:16AM
Ah, the Leader has spoken. What's gonna happen now? I don't think I have anything to do with the situation. Unless I'm one of the people that is lowering the quality in Luna's fics, but if my 'sorry' means anything, I'm sorry Sally.

Btw, that brings up a question. If the people that don't like the quality of Luna's fics move to another site, and then tell people on Luna about it, wouldn't that just make the other site's quality in fics drop because everyone is moving there? Like, the people who's fics are horrible will just follow everyone else, right?
- Solitudinarian on 04/28/11 - 12:25PM
.......Well I respect Sally's choice, either way, but I personally love this site too much to see it close down. I have made new friends here and my respect for Sally is enormous. I'm not even close to being a great writer, but neither am I horrible.
The drama itself was hard enough to deal with but now this?
This is on a whole new level....
If luna does close down, I'll stay with it to the end.
- lunaticxluuna on 04/28/11 - 01:11PM

I honestly feel for you. I really, really do. To come and walk into the middle of this...this whatever it had become, must be such an awful thing to see/feel as the person who set up this wonderful site. I just want to give you my apologies. I really hope that your thinking leads to a result that will, ultimately, make you happy. I would be lying if I said I would be okay if you shut down Luna, because honestly this community is home to so many people.

I don't want to seem like I'm pushing you in any direction, but please just take into consideration this: The amount of people that commented here were for the mods, and were sticking up against those that said the quality here was awful, that DG is a horrible person, etc...there were, in comparison, only a very few that got upset enough to leave nasty messages, and others that left for whatever personal reasons. Please don't take that to heart. There are way too many of us that treat this place like a home and so few that are taking advantage of the wonderful opportunity Luna gives them.

I know it's hard to just ignore them and the drama they may start, but for those of us here that stick around for the community and do believe in how great it is...please keep us in mind and how we are willing in any way possible to help out with any situation, financial or otherwise.

I have met great people through here in only the past few days, and if it's not too much to ask, taking a look at BrokenMarionette's new story "Luna Catharsis" should prove just how loving this community is and how many of us are bonded together because of it. There really are very few who oppose, and even fewer that oppose rudely.

I am embarrassed for how some people have acted, and perhaps we should have taken the discussion over the site to the forums...the majority of us really were just civilly discussing. Either way, I apologize for my actions, others actions, and anything that happens in the future. In the end, all I can do is thank you so very much for handing us this community on a silver platter...and we will continue to enjoy it for as long as you will let us.

I hope everyone else is as dead set on changing Sally's mind as I am. We all owe her a huge apology.
- NyxHarlot on 04/28/11 - 01:11PM
Aw, dang. I'm really sorry to hear you're thinking about closing Luna down. But it isn't fair to you to have people be rude about such things when you're putting things into it, including your own money (I think).

Either way, I'll support your decision. All I hope is that I'll be given enough time to save some of the fics I no longer have on my hard drive.

Good luck, Sally. And thanks for providing such an amazing place for me to learn for the past year and a half. I'll stick around as long as Luna does. And I support whatever you decide to do.
- StrawChan on 04/28/11 - 01:13PM
wait a minute... you've got to soul search in order to decide whether or not to keep the site up? Pretty sure the fact that people donated to keep this thing going should be enough of a reason. Seems sketchy to me.
- Cordeux on 04/28/11 - 01:19PM
...I'm almost ready to cry. I feel like my parents are getting a divorce or something.

Sally, I'll support whatever you decide. But most of us really, seriously love this site. And we're willing to work to make sure it all comes out okay.
- Wanderer on 04/28/11 - 01:21PM
Sally, I'm really sorry you had to come on here and see all of this. I can say that I honestly don't want to see the site shut down because Luna is like get-away for me and many others. In the end if you do decide to close Luna down I'll support it. I love and care about this site as much as I do everyone on here. I hate that it turned into an all out to be so much drama. Congratz to the new mods as well!
- VietnamSpider on 04/28/11 - 02:06PM
Okay, I haven't been a member to the site as long as others, and I'm not up to date on the drama because I tend to avoid the forums and focus solely on the stories up here, but I just want to say something on behalf of all the people on Luna who have kept themselves out of the drama and only concerned themselves with the stories.

I love this site. It's one of the few places that allows for Reader-insert style fics and, in my opinion, the quality of these stories are much better than the alternative sites that allow for this sort of thing. I love reading other peoples' writings and I check the site daily.

I also want to say that I have no idea how much work it takes to be a mod and, regardless of all the drama that's been going around, the mods are working hard so that we can have this site and are doing their best to make it a good place to be.

The fact that there has been so much drama going on that they would seriously consider closing down the site is shocking to me and quite saddening. Like I said, I haven't followed up on the drama and I have no intentions of doing so, but it's ridiculous that things have come to this point.

I just want to say, to Sally and all the other mods who work so hard to keep this site up and running, no matter how much people complain, no matter how many decide to leave the site due to their opinions on recent events, their are still many people here who appreciate all the hard work you guys go through and would hate to see anything happen to the site. I know one person's words might not mean much in the grand scheme of things, but what I have to say, combined with all the other people who have commented about their love for the site and the people who run it, I hope that it will help you to know that, despite the controversy, you and your work are valued.

Thank you.
- Rockinmuffin on 04/28/11 - 02:06PM
Sally, I can only imagine how sick you feel seeing all of... that. All I can say is if anyone was unhappy about who the mods are or the quality of the fanfiction changing, no one was forcing them to stay, read the "crappy" fics, or to continue posting here on Luna. Those people had the opportunity to leave without fuss and chose not to.

I will hope and pray that you will not close Lunaescence Archives but can't blame you if that is what you decide. I'm incredibly saddened by the fighting I saw on the Facebook page and in the comments above. We are all titled to our opinions but that doesn't mean we have to point fingers and fling insults and get everyone's feathers ruffled (which even with the best intentions does still happen). I love this site very much and have been here for 3 years in mostly quiet support just doing what I joined this site to do - post fanfics in peace.
- Resurii on 04/28/11 - 02:11PM
^...Don't you hate it when you look back on something you have written, see a grammatical error, and then realize you can't go back and edit it?

- Rockinmuffin on 04/28/11 - 02:15PM
Sally, I truly hope that you don't close the site. Many of us would be lost without it. And except for yesterday and the day before, I honestly haven't seen anymore drama. At least not on the site itself, but what people say when they can't be heard by the community at large isn't important to me, if they're even still talking at all.

I second NyxHarlot's suggestion that you take a look at "Lunaescence Catharsis". Now, at this very moment (Thursday, April 28, 2011, 2:25 Eastern Time Zone), there are exactly eighteen stories so far. Eighteen! And there are even more just waiting for Mod approval in the queue. These stories are deeply personal, and never have I known such compassionate, understanding reviewers. I am proud to call them all fellow authors and I consider them an extension of my family, even those that I hardly know.

Drama is drama. It will always pop up here and there when you least expect it. Most of the main instigators that I witnessed have either left or are officially MIA. And that's fine by me, though I will miss some of them. What's done is done, as many have said before me, and the community will likely be stronger for it.

I also believe that everyone here has seriously learned from this, as well as the "Facebook issue". (I can't comment on that. I followed along with it, but I do not regret my decision to remain stubbornly unbiased.) I don't foresee an argument on this scale ever happening again. Tense, yet civil debates? Yes. Epic Flame Wars of Doom? No.

Eheh. But, uhm, I'm not all that important, so you could just completely disregard this rambling, as well xD . I think everyone else has spoken well enough before me.
- Raicho Kurubi on 04/28/11 - 02:37PM
^Crap. I meant to say that when I went to bed last night, there were about five stories up on LunaCar, and then make my point about how many people just suddenly pitched in. (curse you backspace button...)
- Raicho Kurubi on 04/28/11 - 02:39PM
Ah, no! I do hope Luna doesn't end up shutting down. I love this site far too much for such a devastating thing to happen.

Nevertheless, I must agree that this drama is just downright ridiculous! Honestly, DG has been nothing BUT helpful and it takes an extreme amount of time and effort for the mods to go through not only the author validation but for also validating the stories of the authors as well.

Hopefully everything will calm down soon (although there was no reason for it get so out of hand in the first place).

Lunaescence is the best site I've ever had the privilege of being a member of. I do hope it will remain up and running for many years to come.
- GuardianAngel07 on 04/28/11 - 04:58PM
Well, I am going to say congratulations to Kay, Kerrigan Sheehan, silver_neko_kitsune, and Wanderer. I wish you all the best of luck!

And my sympathies to Sally, and you new guys, since my goodness. I do wish you all much better than this.
- Hal on 04/28/11 - 05:08PM
Okay, so after attempting to read all of this before going to work (I failed, by the way), what I have to say is this (though I'm not the best at expressing myself):

What. The. Hell?! All this infighting may cause Sally to take the site down, and to be honest, I don't blame her. After all the crap that's happened to luna I can understand how stressful this must be!
But I would seriously hate for that to happen... This site has been my escape for around 2 years, and I have met some amazing writers... I would be severely disappointed if this were all to disappear. I work in the disability field which is extremely stressful at times, and to come home and read fics by all you wonderful authors takes my mind off of whatever happened during the day. In fact, I've donated my hard earned money to help keep this site alive.
Basically, what I want to say is that I'd hate to see this site disappear because of a select few people.
Come on, guys! Luna is like a home to many of us! Please don't turn it into a bitchfest.
- Yellow Gumboots on 04/28/11 - 05:24PM
I hope the site doesn't end up getting shut down. It's been my home for a while now (ever since mediaminer kicked out RIs, and before that I don't want to be homeless a third time! =O

Especially since I don't know where I'd go... =/

A lot of us love this site, if you count the actual people posting flame-y comments on this thread there's a single digit number. (Most of which I don't think are even staying on the site.) If the site goes away, they win. =( I don't want that.

But... it is your decision. I'm just supplying that my knee jerk reaction is "NOOOOOO!"
- DragonSilk on 04/28/11 - 05:38PM
When I expressed my earlier comments, I was only saying that out of shock. I do, however, have complete faith in the new mods, as well as DG. Like I previously stated, she works very hard at what she does for us. I don't buy into this "clique" and "drama" nonsense.

I never knew Luna had drama. Heck, I didn't even know about the FB thing until a few days after the event had occurred. Anyways, I completely respect Sally's choice if she wants to close the site. However, I love Luna. I've lurked here for a couple years before finally joining and getting my own account. I'd be sad to see it go.

People, you only live once. This drama isn't worth it. We all love Luna, and that's why this entire thing happened. I hope things calm down quickly.
- ElleBelle on 04/28/11 - 06:01PM
Uhhhhh, Sally? Did you read through this WHOLE thread? lol

In a nut-shell:

First 30 or so comments> People yelling, people screaming, hair being pulled, teeth being used (some broken nails)

Next 50 or so> Late jump-ins, people talking about things, the new mods showing off their awesome-ness, people posting links and trying to sort stuff out.

Next 50 or so> Everyone becomes hippie-like and love drunk. Hugs and kisses, DG writes a big post that made us all wuvvy and everything seems to be mending itself.

You don't need to close the site, girl. Trust me. There are plenty of authors on here that have no clue any of this high school garble went down, and they'll be miserable. You have the ONLY good site, right now. If you leave, I'll be forced to throw together some crappy site that makes Quizilla look good. lol

Just stay. It's no biggy. Crap happens, we cry, we laugh, we move on. ;)
Keep the site going, otherwise, you'll be making a HUGE mistake.
- Momo-Deary on 04/28/11 - 06:30PM

I respect your views and I always have because of your own efforts on this site. The coding, the domain, the fact that it's always up every month without failing because of you and you have such a busy life that you could easily just put this aside.

Luna is a lovely site. I'm personally on it every night before bed to read (wish I could be validating more often but I've got such little free time it's ridiculous!) and I'm always at least on the site once every week (I read it every night on my PSP. :P). Every site has it's ups and downs and Luna is going through a downer.

Every time Deviantart updates it's layout or edits a new rule, the entire site is thrown into a tizzy and people complain left and right. Depending on the situation, some people become frustrated and leave while others stay because of their love for the community or a commitment to not leave. If DA was closer to their users as Luna's mods are to their own, DA would not shut down, it would listen and keep going as it's always done.

When FoSFF had the 'new' moderators come around three or four years ago, the entire site was up in arms. They were calling shenanigans and stating that all the moderators were chosen because they were friends with the then mods of the site. Whether true or not, the site owner, Tsula, kept it open and the drama ceased.

From what it seems like, it seems like a lot of the drama so far (what I believe, to be honest) was made up or stated out of a jealous rage, something we're all guilty of at one point in our lives. Some have forgiven others already which is commendable.

Ultimately, it is your decision and we can only try to persuade you. You work so hard and this site is already difficult enough so I can see why it'd be a good idea to close it down. But what about another choice? FoSFF's management was given to someone else after the first owner could no longer take care of it. If you honestly come up with the idea that you should be rid of Luna, then why not hand it off to someone else (might I suggest, someone who is financially capable of keeping the servers up and someone who is an EXPERT at coding seeing as the last two FoSFF admins had a difficult time keeping the site up and keeping the site free from bugs. Now where is it? Down because of an unknown cause).

At the very least, if you do decide to take Luna down, allow us a few months before you take it down in order to build another site as a home base. FoSFF is down for Lord knows how long and another site, Jamly? May not hold up as well as others (this is just a personal opinion. The site just looks like the type that I've seen that have gone up then have fallen within two years of its creation).

In short, personally, I would be happy if Luna stayed up. Regardless of the drama, it's just one of the many things that sites like this has to go through. It was inevitable and bound to happen even though everyone thought Luna was peaceful. But if you take the site down, then all the more power to you since you have dedicated so much to us.

(BTW, the update made me get up from my chair, run into the other room screaming 'SHIT, SHIT, SHIT' for my phone to tell my friend about this. I never do anything like that. It's so silly, thinking about it now but I hope maybe it shows that I love Luna? xD I really do love this site quite a bit. As mentioned before, it's one of the only sites I go to anymore).
- Spirit Archer on 04/28/11 - 07:06PM
Well, I guess it's time I said a little something.

I simply adore this site. I've made so many wonderful friends here and it would be a shame to see it go.

No matter what, it's all up to you, Sally. But, thanks for giving me the chance to meet these amazing people and a place to further my writing.
- animecrazypanda on 04/28/11 - 07:17PM
.... :C ill be so sad to see this place go *hearbreaker*
- siqi on 04/28/11 - 07:27PM
Congrats to the mods (for the 100th time), I don't think I could handle that sort of thing myself, haha. Best of luck to you!

Also, I am heartbroken that many good authors have left Luna. Currently, Luna is my sugar cube and Jamly recently has been joined by me. If Luna does indeed close, Jamly will be my new sugar cube (and my ONLY sugar cube) because FOSFF is still down and I don't know what will happen with it. Ultimately, it's Sally's choice, but we'll hope for the best.

As for the fighting, I only recently became aware of it, so all of it's news to me. I'm uneducated when it somes down to it, but looks like things are cooling down now. Let's keep it that way.

And hopefully my main sugar cube stays intact. <3
- MissingNin on 04/28/11 - 07:32PM
I've been watching this ever since it broke out, opting not to get tangled up in the mess. I just got out of a mess--didn't want to go up into a tizzy all over again. I just HAD to respond to first of all, express my gratitude towards Sally. In all the drama, I failed to consider how she would feel to see her baby being torn apart like this. I appreciate EVERYTHING you do for the site, and I'm sorry you had to see this. Second of all, @ Spirit Archer, I appreciate you coming here with good intentions, but to imply that the site me and my friends worked so hard on will fail is rude. Even if no one else posts at Jamly, we WILL because it's OUR baby. Our success will not be measured by how many members we have or how many people post, but by the amount of effort we put into making sure that whoever decides to post there will have a friendly and open environment to do so. And we aren't here to replace Luna. If you read our about me page, you'll see that the site was initially supposed to be our (I mean the admins) private portfolio of works. We opened it to the public for those wanting to escape the drama that made them feel uncomfortable. We never said "Hey, join us please!" We left ourselves open and people came. Simple as that. It's all we could ever ask for and more.
- petite gateau on 04/28/11 - 07:35PM
@ Spirit Archer - Your post was extremely nice, but your comment about Jamly was rude. I've been apart of that community for a couple days now and I can happily say how nice the mods are and what a nice community it is turning out to be. To imply it looks like a site that's going to fail is just hurtful to the mods that worked so hard to put it together. You are a mod yourself, are you not? Either way, everything else you said was true and nice, I just wanted to stick up for my Jamily that I've made in the past few days. They are working very hard and I am glad they created the site, just as I am glad to have Luna. <3
- NyxHarlot on 04/28/11 - 07:48PM
Wow. It's hard to see an amazing site like this go down. Sally, you have considered passing the site to down to someone...? I mean, some of us are pretty confident that the site will go on just fine, as long as we invest time & dedication and continuously pull through like we are slowly and steadily doing now.

It's a strenuous burden to bear & no one blames you for whatever decision you feel should be carried out. Luna and it's mods ftw. <3
- cigspiring on 04/28/11 - 08:38PM

I'm so so sorry that you had to come back to see this. Even though I didn't get too involved, Im embarrassed and ashamed of what's taken place here.

I'm about ready to cry and I feel like someone has shoved a knife into my gut. Please please please, I'm begging you on my hands and knees to please not shut down Luna. I need Luna. We need Luna and if it goes I'll feel like my world was ripped in half. Please please don't do this. I love Luna with all of my heart and soul and I hate to see it possibly die because of this drama.

If you do decide to close the site, I understand, but I'll still be heartbroken. There are so many writers who NEED Luna like I do in their lives. Please don't take this community away from us.

Again, I'm really sorry and I hope that you'll keep Luna open at least for the sake of the writers who, like you and the mods, love Luna so much.

I'm feeling torn apart by this but hopefully things will turn out for the best.

My greatest respect and best wishes,


P.S. Sorry for any typos.
- Isis san on 04/28/11 - 08:40PM
@cigspiring Actually, someone asked that question back when Luna almost closed for the first time. The site is really personal for Sally because its named after her dog and it's also her portfolio for web design. (That last part, is a maybe. I think I remember reading that.)
- petite gateau on 04/28/11 - 08:41PM
@Nyx: I meant no harm but I stand by my opinion. We all have our ideas on how new fiction sites will stand but there have been so many that have come and go that I'm hesitant about Jamly. Sites dedicated to RI's that are stable and have a good community are hard to come by. Now that I think of it, if Luna were to close, people (who know about it) would flock to Jamly since it's new and functioning. I have no doubt in my mind that the mods there will stick to making the community a wonderful place and that they'll work hard with the users. I am only one person who has doubts about it but regardless, more than likely I'll be joining soon to see the site for myself since I always do that whenever I come onto a new fic site (it's like finding treasure! <3).

@Petite: I would like to briefly state that only /now/ have I read the About Us page (I never do that for any site, so pardon me for lack of information). I understand how you feel about the site. My friend and I once tried getting a fic site together for our friends as well but the coding was incredibly difficult (I know basic HTML and CSS and she knew an intermediate level of script at the time, I think) and we ran into so many bugs and server issues that we ended up throwing it into the air. However, you have created a fully functioning site for archiving peoples work. No doubt, you are bound to get negative responses alongside the positive. Even if no one ever posted on the site, it will stand for what it was created, as you said, a portfolio site for you and your friends. Opening it to the public is a big task though. You might run into many issues that may constantly attempt to bring the site down and I hope that your site will be stronger than others and stand for years. It's based on those future issues that I appear hesitant (and negative) about it. But I'm not a psychic so I hope that I will be proven wrong and that site will eventually flourish for other users.
- Spirit Archer on 04/28/11 - 08:46PM
Just as an update: Sally has decided to keep the site open and will be making an announcement at some point in the future.
- Sharp Shiny Pickle on 04/28/11 - 09:21PM
"I'm embarrassed by what's happening here"? Seriously, guys? I'm not embarrassed in the least. 'Explosions' are healthy because everyone can say what they feel without fear of backlash, and it gets shit off chests.

If Sally had handed someone powers semi-equal to her own so that mods could train other mods, increasing productivity and higher quality control, or even put herself more involved into the site, embarrassing 'explosions' wouldn't happen. Mods have said repeatedly that if there's an issue, go to a mod. We went to mods. They said they wouldn't bite, and then they bit. (By they, I say DG, but apparently people get their panties in a wad when more than one person says they have a problem with her.) This creates trust issues and tension, and then no one wants to say anything because they're afraid of having someone just pretend to listen with care.

Either give up the site, or put more effort into it. 'Real life iz hardz' only goes so far.

Forget communication between the mods and the users, what mods have said themselves was that their communication with SALLY is impossible.

Good luck to the new mods. You're seriously going to need it--not because of the bad meanie-poo users in this thread (since a majority of us will be gone), but because sooner or later, more issues will arise and usually-passive users WILL snap and go so far as to hurt your wittle feelings.
- KitsuneYoukai42490 on 04/28/11 - 09:22PM
In regards to the recent bit of conversation:

I'd like to offer forth my own confidence, as the owner and maintainer (code-wise, at least) of Jamlyfics, in the fact that Jamly will be around for a long, long time. Whether or not others ...will decide to stay with us and make Jamly a permanent home for their writing, I cannot say. That will be entirely up to them. However, it certainly won't be due to any failing, coding or otherwise, on our part.

I have confidence in my friends' dedication to the site and in my own skills with coding. Or, at the very least, in my ability to learn and keep up with any debilitating issues that may arise in the future, if such a thing does occur for us at all. In the time that Jamly has been up, I've gone from knowing next to nothing about php and mySQL to being able to rewrite and modify entire sections of the code by myself. Should anything happen, I'm sure I will be able to find a way to handle it in one way or another without ever having to consider shutting down in any way. Thank you for your concern about us, though, and your insight, as a former archive leader yourself, into hurdles we may have to pass.

If I may ask, why is it that we, in particular, were brought up?
- ryuukari on 04/28/11 - 09:41PM
I've been gone for a long time. And now, I only have to ask... "What the hell is going on?"
- SilvernFalcon on 04/28/11 - 09:56PM
@Sharp Shiny Pickle: THANK GOD.

@Sally: Thank you so much for keeping the site open.

@Silvern: Hey! A lot apparently.
- Isis san on 04/28/11 - 09:59PM
@Ryuu: To be very honest, Jamly was the only one I could think of off the top of my head since I had just visited it the night before I wrote my comment to Sally. I couldn't remember all the old sites for the life of me (I kept having trouble remembering the Pirate Board Fiction the entire time) which is why I used Jamly (also because it was a 'new' site to me and is starting to gather members).


TL;DR: New mods were chosen. Many people were angered. Many people calmed down. Sally is determining the fate of Luna now.
- Spirit Archer on 04/28/11 - 10:02PM
@Kitsune Youki -- No. I know very well what I'm talking about and yes, I am embarrassed by your actions. You are rude and inconsiderate and take advantage of a wonderful site. Something that is just that--a site. Get over it. Sally leads a life, as do the mods. You are not perfect and I'd appreciate it if you'd stop talking with such a condescending attitude like everyone is beneath the very ground you walk on. You make unnecessary sarcastic jabs, insult the woman that put this site together, and expect people to want to listen to you? Pathetic. Please do go elsewhere, honestly because this "tension" that risen was only caused by you and continues because of you. AGAIN I will say if you don't like the site so much or it's quality, please go elsewhere or feel free to start up your own site where you will be the perfect leader that you are. There weren't issues this big before you, and I doubt there will be after. Let Sally run the site. Let the mods do their job. Honestly, when you compare the majority of the archive against you and the small group of others that were unsatisfied, the numbers are overwhelming. Why don't you pay attention to the facts (that the majority of users are happy here and with the mods) and just stop? No, it's not perfect, but Christ, you are blowing something that is small into something huge. I don't care at this point if I'm "fueling the fire", because I am sick of your rude comments. It's not about getting feelings hurt, it's about being respectful, something you have not been. Go on another site and harass their mods, because Luna doesn't need your negativity clouding the atmosphere any longer.
- NyxHarlot on 04/28/11 - 10:06PM
Sally - Please don't close the site - I need this place! D:
- Poison Girl on 04/28/11 - 10:58PM
Lawlz. That's great. You all just may as well post a banner that says, 'Anyone that shows the least bit non-cup-cakey nonLuna-approved attitude should just GTFO, even if your points are indeed valid. The mods can act human, but apparently no one else can, ORZ WE WILL CRUCIFY YOU.'

FYI, I did go to DG and end the facebook thread nonsense. She's the one who re-opened it, and then didn't settle it correctly, and now look--the problem's back again. Because the problem was swept under the rug.

But yeah, okay. Just make sure to announce to the younger ones that they better keep their mouths shut or they'll get the silly GTFO rant too.
- KitsuneYoukai42490 on 04/28/11 - 11:12PM
Sally, i don't want to be silly, but i'll rip my shirt off for you to keep the site open. o.o :/ I feel rather exasperated by all this ya know? I never thought drama would hit Luna this hard...and the FB page is down now too so I'm getting more worried. I know I just sound another dork who can't live without my buzz (Luna) but if drama keeps you down than I guess this wasn't the site I thought it was...A nice homey reading site :3 unless it wasn't that in the first place and I'm on another planet someone should tell me now...XD
- AngelYukiri on 04/28/11 - 11:26PM
@Spirit: Ah, okay. Thank you for responding!

And I probably should have said this from the get go, as it's the most important thing: Thank you for deciding to keep Luna open, Sally, despite the tension that has taken place recently. Luna has been an online home for me since 2006 and I'm so very happy. ♥ Hopefully, as time goes on, things will smooth over and past grievances - regardless of who was in the wrong, who started it, or anything - can be put to rest and solutions be focused on instead.
- ryuukari on 04/28/11 - 11:27PM
"FYI, I did go to DG and end the facebook thread nonsense. She's the one who re-opened it, and then didn't settle it correctly, and now look--the problem's back again. Because the problem was swept under the rug."

You know, you've admitted to being the one who started the facebook thread, AND you happen to be the only one keeping the drama going on this page now. Maybe you should look in the mirror and wonder why drama and nastiness follows you around?

I've said this before, and I'm going to say it again. THIS IS NOT THE PLACE TO DEBATE THE ISSUE. You brought it to Sally's attention. She will deal with it how she sees fit. If you want to bitch it out with DG, take it to a private location. (That's not sweeping it under the rug, that's called involving only those who are actually involved.)

Quite frankly, none of this was any of our (the general Luna population's) issue to deal with in the first place. YOU (and about five other people on this thread) have an issue with DG. Well I don't want to be a part of it and a lot of other people on here keep trying to tell you the same thing.

I can't stress this enough, I am not telling you to STFU, I am telling you to take your problems to a more appropriate venue. (The more people who get involved, the worse it becomes. You've seen this yourself.)
- DragonSilk on 04/29/11 - 12:35AM
..........huh? What in the world? Now, I know I'm not the most active member of this site. I basically post and then go back to my little world, so I'm often behind in lots of things that happen on this site. And I heard whispers that there was drama on Luna... but what is all this? What the heck happened..? o_o;

Sally, my two cents probably isn't worth much, but I'd like to say that I love this site. I'll be extremely sorry to see it go if it goes because it's been a great community that has provided me personally with lots of entertainment. But if this stuff is going on all the time, I really don't blame you for getting discouraged. Luna is a great site and I hope you keep it open. Where there are people there will be drama; I hope we can pull together as a community and work this all out.
- Nobodys Damsel on 04/29/11 - 12:39AM
Erm. Yay for new moderators, assuming that the site stays up. I know Spirit Archer said somewhere in this long string of comments that Sally decided to keep it up, however, like AngelYukiri, I am a bit worried. I'd be very sad if the site went down... it's been my go-to site for fanfiction for six years.
- Dark Ceray on 04/29/11 - 12:43AM
Ugh, I just got attacked by a massive spider the SIZE OF MY FIST.

I suppose that's Karma's way of telling me to stop being such a jerk. So I'm going to rescind all the rude bits of my last post.

Now excuse me while I go hide on the other side of the house...
- DragonSilk on 04/29/11 - 12:50AM
Lawlz. Lol. Cool story bro.

You are so original. Stop acting so immature when you claim to be such an adult. Handle situations appropriately. You have done no such thing. It is you versus the rest of the community of Lunaescence at this point, and frankly I'm wondering when you will quit considering you are the ONLY one at this point keeping this drama going. You don't have a "non cup-cakey attitude" FOR THE LAST TIME. You are RUDE. There is a difference between discussing something civilly and then being disrespectful. You should be grateful this site is even here. If it weren't for Sally and the mods, we wouldn't have this site you've been apart of and claim to "care" about. What is the "problem", anyways? Because honestly, the only problem I see is you. You causing an issue. You getting upset. You starting drama. I see NO ONE ELSE continuing this. Take this to the forums, IM a mod, something actually productive rather than sit here and create this awful negativity. I just don't understand why it is so hard for you to be civil and, perhaps not nice and "cup-cakey", but understanding. We all know you got upset, but continuing at this point does nothing for you or this community.
- NyxHarlot on 04/29/11 - 12:51AM
As a lot of others have said, thank you so much, Sally, for keeping the site open. ♥ It does have to be embarrassing and frusterating to come on here and see this. Feathers will get ruffled and faces will get red and people will moan and cry and shout, but everyone gets over it and moves on. Or at least they should. That's the mature and healthy thing to do, anyway.

I've created an account on Jamly simply because it's one of the few decent sites I've found that's somewhat similar to Luna - in being a moderated website. I like having two sites with my work on them. Maybe I'm weird, but whatever.. my point is, I could never bring myself to actually "leave" Luna - I've simply been here too long. Not to mention there are amazing authors and people here.

So thank you again, Sally. You rock. ;3
- skid on 04/29/11 - 12:52AM
I don't think you were that rude, Dragon Silk. I think you were truthful. Really only one line from that needs to be rescinded. Thank you for sticking up for Luna, too.
- NyxHarlot on 04/29/11 - 12:53AM
Well, I dunno, maybe that one line was like the one last straw and Karma got fed up with me or something (I did do a lot of driving today and I did cut off a lot of slow people...) because the moment I posted it that GIANT THING just popped up from behind my desk and I had to run screaming to the vacuum.
And now my cat is glaring at me all grumpy eyed. Can NOT win. >.<
- DragonSilk on 04/29/11 - 12:56AM
Wait, where did people get from my posts that I said Sally was keeping the site up? I would like to clarify that I did NOT say Sally has decided to keep the site. I'm sorry if my words got misinterpreted. Luna's fate still lies with Sallys ultimate decision which she is probably still thinking about right now.
- Spirit Archer on 04/29/11 - 01:16AM
@Spirit Archer
Sharp Shiny Pickle said that in her post. (It's right below yours, but only one line so you probably just skimmed past it.)

In other news, at least Luna hasn't gained sentience yet?
(Yes I believe that laughing diffuses tension. =D)
- DragonSilk on 04/29/11 - 01:22AM
@Dragon: Oh, good! I was confused as hell when people were saying I said Sally kept it open!
- Spirit Archer on 04/29/11 - 01:31AM
Whoa, back the fuck up. I linger on this site a few times within the past few months due to the immensity of shit I had to do, and everything was running smoothly. Then I heard about the new moderators and figured that this site would start running smoothly again from the times I had to wait a week to get something updated. So now I check up on the results, and I don't know shit about the moderators posted. Only one I know is silver_neko_kitsune, and I approve of her because I have read her work. And judging by what I have read and heard about the others, particularly one that I don't want to point out, does not make the cut. And because of that, my favourite authors are leaving. The future of this site is looking very slim, and it's saddening to say because it means someone's (or several) dreams are dying. Where the hell am I gonna go for my occasional fanfiction indulgence? Also, sorry if this comment conflicts with any resolved arguments. I did not want to go over the 200+ comments.
- Eklipt on 04/29/11 - 01:35AM
UHM, okay. Aside from the fact that there is some kind of 'DG drama' going on that i'm a bit shocked to discover, Congrats to our new mods!!

And Sally, I really hope that this drama doesn't contribute to the closing of Luna. If there is anything I can do to help, ANYTHING, just tell me. I'm willing and able!
- Lenaellie on 04/29/11 - 01:36AM
Ignoring all the drama, here's a list of valid points of concern regarding the site that have been brought up by people:

1. It was going to be closed due to drama. (We luff you Sally! Don't deLuna us please~ *grovel* ;_;)
2. If there was favouritism in choosing the new moderators. (There wasn't.)
3. The quality of stories is declining. (Only grammar is checked, and the rules have been the same since 2007. Story CONTENT is NOT checked, so if you note a decline in quality in terms of content, that's something that the moderators are not responsible for.)

Overkill solutions?

1. I know it's been said that Luna isn't immediately doomed, but... *cue more grovelling*

2. In the future, maybe we should steal the reality TV formula! >:D Let the moderators cut down the number of applicants to a pool around twice the target number of new mods.Then let the remaining applicants vote amongst themselves based on each others' applications that are numbered instead of attached to any particular username. It's fair, and only the ones involved directly influence the outcome. Rigorous blind testing for the win~ (I'm sorry this is so much work -_-)

3. Although the rules have always been the same, there can be a definitive cutoff for exactly how many grammatical errors is TOO many errors? For example, "greater than 5 errors/1000 words." (Not actual number meant to be used.) It might make it easier to pass or reject stories instead of leaving them in limbo.
- _Kx on 04/29/11 - 01:39AM
Yeah, everything is definitely getting a bit jumbled in here.
It's good news though. <3 I'm just SUPER hoping that nothing changes her mind.
- DragonSilk on 04/29/11 - 01:39AM
Damn you refresh button and your results of multiple-post.
- Eklipt on 04/29/11 - 01:46AM
Cleaned that up, Eklipt. :U
- Spirit Archer on 04/29/11 - 01:49AM
Gosh dang it. I am happy I barely registered what drama was going on, but I wasn't that affected (liek I said, Ignorance Is A Bliss).

Now if this site closes down it'll be a little drama for me.

But. Well, I hope Sally sees there are still many supporters that wouldn't suddenly bitch out and make a gigantic fuzz.

Uh, I've gotta reorganize my own thoughts as well now. I wish Sally good luck with that and hope as hell it'll have a happy ending.
- Celestial Sakura on 04/29/11 - 01:51AM
@petite: Huh, I had no idea. :O I'd be pretty f'd up too if a site so personal to me blew itself up. e_e
- cigspiring on 04/29/11 - 03:12AM
I have no idea what is going on. And I'm probably leaving myself very open for just saying that. I normally don't know what is going on, but I would like to say this:


I really don't want to close it down and I know there are tons of others who feel the same. Whether They've been here since the beginning or just recently joined the wagon. We have something good here.

I'm not the best writer on here, I can name a couple off the top of my head. I don't know any of the old mods and none of the new mods. And the only time I ever really talk to people is through reviews, mostly because I'm shy and I have no idea how to keep conversation going and I'll probably be repeating what everyone else already said.

But please guys, stop arguing. I know everyone wants to have themselves heard. And I know I'm not the most active on here. And I know people definitely barely know who I am, but I'm begging.

We all love this site. We all love Sally for the hard work she's done. Those names are just a couple more people who are supposed to look objectively at the stories in the cue. It doesn't really matter.

So I guess that's what I want to say.
- Pepe Le Pew on 04/29/11 - 03:37AM
Minor mistake. I can't close anything besides doors. What I meant was I don't want it to close down. This comes from panicking and speed reading. Maybe I should just breathe...
- Pepe Le Pew on 04/29/11 - 03:42AM
I understand your feelings on this Sally, as drama like this is what caused me to distance myself from FoS for awhile and eventually give it up altogether. I tried to make everyone happy, and ended up depressing myself and being at the center of a lot of hatred when all I had wanted to do was give everyone a place to house their work.

It caused me to hate going to the website at all, because it seemed like there was always someone starting something. I no longer had the energy to try and figure out what was causing problems with the website anymore. Before that, I had loved poking around and leaning php/mySQL to keep things running. But stress and depression just killed it.

So I handed over the website to someone else, wanting to at least insure that it would stay alive. Alas though, it seems that had not been the best of choices. But, it just was not healthy for me to continue suffering for people that did not appreciate it. I know that not everyone was at my throat on there, but it felt like it. Every choice I made to try and make the site better just blew up in my face.

So I certainly can understand that you are feeling fed up with it all. Thankfully here at least, the majority of people aren't causing unrest. I feel like Luna still has a chance, as there are so many kind and amazing people here.

I really hope that things clear up, and that you don't feel pushed into a corner with only the option of shutting down left. I really do love Lunaescence. When all else in my life seems to be going to hell, I have Luna. It would be horrible to lose that.

- Tsula on 04/29/11 - 06:36AM
Luna actually does have an error-limit policy, and it's set at 5 permitted errors (in all, not just those that are grammatically-related) per thousand words.

It doesn't really make things easier (for me, in any case) because while I can count the errors and take the average, I can be a bit uptight and I have to wonder, "Am I being too anal?" Some moderators would accept stories that I wouldn't.

At the same time, when looking over a queue of ~250 stories/chapters... I cringe a little. There are some authors who just haven't proofread before submitting. Then there are the authors who have (a) specific, recognizable error(s) throughout their story that can be easily identified and addressed. These are good, in a manner of speaking.

The stories that make me rub my temples are those that have all sorts of different errors while simultaneously indicating that it's not the work of simply not proofreading. I write a new no-letter (i.e. the chapter-rejection-letter) every single time I reject a submission. This last category makes that very, very difficult because I can't just point out a common type of error with clear instructions on how to fix it. I can't just say, "Look, you'd fare best with a beta-reader." That doesn't cut it. If I just run down a list of all the different types errors that have been made, I might as well fix them myself. These stories aren't necessarily bad; they're on the borderline or just slightly exceeding the error limit while not giving me anything specific to latch onto and suggest for improvement. Then there are other borderline stories where my own snobby tendencies could (unfairly?) push a story from acceptance to rejection... two examples being the overuse of ellipses (........... three is enough, thank you) and improper hyphenation (or lack thereof). Doesn't it make you angry when you see something like the word "motor-cycle" on a page? Some others might find this acceptable... I don't.

Also, there's a special place in my dark, dark little heart for the phrase "should of." A more evil phrase has never passed the lips of man.
- SilvernFalcon on 04/29/11 - 08:29AM
@SilvernFalcon, I know I've gotten WAY off topic, but your post brightened my day because firstly, it demonstrates just how much effort goes into moderating.

But even MORE importantly, you recognize the evil in the "could/would/should of" triplets. Who would've thought I'd ever find someone else with the same pet peeve~ haha
- _Kx on 04/29/11 - 11:54PM
I'm sorry, but I just had to lol a bit ~ .

Who cares who is chosen as moderator, as long as the website operates as it should! :3

I've never really known about any types of drama on this website, but drama is inevitable with people, so get over it soon and just learn from it so that others won't get hurt. You guys keep refering to things in the past, but we should focus on Lunaescence in the future.

Also, everybody shouldn't forget that members are more important than the moderators!

To the people who don't like the new mods; who cares, just have fun with other members.

Moderators can't reject your story because they don't like it! I'm sure every moderator knows their grammar and such :)

I don't really have any friends on the website and my most popular story is one I don't like, but I love going here and just read fanfiction.

I understand a lot of people are mad, but yeah, I think some people are trying to make this more of a community than it should be. What I mean is, with communities, there's always drama drama drama -____-

~this is all just my opinion and since I'm not really anybody here, I guess my opinion doesn't matter much to others. However, do think how much of your energy is worth it to whine about new moderates and fuss about things in the past.
- DrawnCherry on 04/30/11 - 11:31AM
Heylo guys! Yes, so I know I'm late to the party (I've been in Mexico for a whole week, dying of heat) but I just wanted to get my two cents in.

Congrats to the four who were chosen as mods! I'm very happy for all of you and I wish you the best of luck. ;)

I only have one small request, thoughómay I know why I wasn't chosen? Not for righteous anger or anything, of course not, but for the sake of wanting to know what I need improvement upon. I know that it might be that I'm still only 17, or that my grammar/skills aren't up to it, or maybe my answers to the application weren't good enough, but I'd still like to know why. There's a very good chance this won't be answered since I'm so late in the game, but I just wanted to give it a go. Thank you!
- Alastair on 04/30/11 - 06:29PM