Featured Stories for July
Posted by crazydominodragongirl
07/01/11 - 03:54AM
Hello and happy July~ July is sort of like a redux of June, except hotter and with more conventions. The announcements follow a certain parallel, anyway. First off is featured stories. The theme is summer~

But Uh-oh those Summer Nights by StrawChan (Katekyo Hitman Reborn!, 13+)

Congratulations to you. :)

Nominations are now open for Augustís featured stories. The theme shall be music. Nominations go in this thread on the forums.

Lastly, round two of summer fic trade will be running throughout the month of July. The registration thread can be found here. As there are some edits and clarifications to the rules, please make sure to read them. Registration for round two ends July 10. For reference, all stories submitted to the trade are/will be listed under their respective roundsí series on the Fic Trade author page. Most of the round one fics are up, so do check them out!

Questions/comments/spontaneous bursting into song go here.

Edit by Kerrigan Sheehan: There have been several recent reports of someone spamming Luna users with public email addresses. If you make your email address public in a story, author's notes, signature, profile, news comment, or forum thread you might want to type it out like this: NAME[at]SITE[dot]com

This means that a potential spammer can't just click the link or copypaste. An email sent using the "Contact Author" form or sent by a moderator through the queue will always contain a "sent from Lunaescence" footer.

Further edit by DG! We seem to be getting a lot of new users. Hi to all of you! However, this does mean a reiteration of a certain rule that we haven't had to mention in a while. It is against the rules of the archive to submit more than one chapter of the same story to the queue at a time if you are not a validated author. If you have one chapter of a story in the queue, please wait for it to be approved before you submit the next. Thanks!


Only one featured story this month? I'm seriously suprised. Why only one?
- DarkCrucifix on 07/01/11 - 03:57AM
Two were nominated, but one had already been featured before :s It's all in this thread:
- Dragonstar on 07/01/11 - 05:40AM
OOOOOH~ SAY, CAN YOUó*whacked over the head with a frying pan*
- Stygian Pirate on 07/01/11 - 10:55AM
HAPPY CANADA DAY!! <3 Don't forget to hug your Matthews around the world!! :)
- Believer on 07/01/11 - 04:03PM
;w; Aww, thank you! I wouldn't have even looked if Siruru hadn't said anything-- I'm not able to get on the internet much on the summer, except for special circumstances. I'm ridiculously honored that it was nominated. Seriously, I jumped around my kitchen until my mom was like, ":I WTH is wrong with you?" Also, man, I wish I'd been around for the original fic trade BUT IT'S NOT TOO LATE. -goes to sign up-
- StrawChan on 07/02/11 - 01:28PM
Happy Independance Day!!~ <3 All the Brits around the world are sad.
- Starshiningtail on 07/04/11 - 04:20AM
In case you weren't aware, the influx of new users is because of Quizilla's most recent fail. XD
- Penguiduck on 07/22/11 - 12:32AM
@Penguiduck - I kind of figured that from the forum thread. There are also users who are summer-only posters.
- Kerrigan Sheehan on 07/28/11 - 05:28PM